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1. Introduction
The HSBC Intern Program (HIP) is designed to attract fresh diploma holders and university graduates who have an interest in, and commitment to, a career in the financial services industry. The objectives of HIP are to develop a pool of trained personnel as ready resources to fill difficult to hire positions, and to facilitate effective control of staffing needs to meet the demands of the business. Additionally, it seeks to encourage fresh degree graduates and diploma holders to consider careers in HSBC, which in turn will serve as its in-house recruiting pipeline for talent.

2. Eligibility:
To be eligible for HIP, candidates are subject to the following conditions:
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Fresh university graduates or diploma holders from reputable institutions. University graduates will be hired into the organisation at Bank Clerk's equivalent level. Minimum prerequisites viz. academic qualifications for the position. Have the ability, aptitude, and right attitude to master the rudiments of the job and complete the related instruction required in the program.

3. Remuneration:
Successful local applicants will be awarded with maximum of VND 3,200,000 gross and oversea applicants receive maximum of USD 300 gross as monthly allowances.

4. Conversion to regular full-time employee

Management reserves the discretion to convert interns with good performance to permanent employees should a relevant position that matches the skills sets of the intern arises, subject to the intern having completed a minimum of 2 months (CL) service on-the-job training.


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Probation is not required for interns who have completed a minimum of 2 months (CL) of service in a similar function except otherwise request from FHs. The Bank will recognize his/her internship service period with the Bank.

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The intern will be eligible for the first service increment on the anniversary date of employment ie. one year from his/her date of hire as a contract employee with the Bank. Benefits calculation for leave entitlement and service award will recognize the service period from his/her first date of contract employment with the Bank New benefits entitlement will be effected from the date of conversion. A new offer letter will be given to the intern to formalize the conversion of his/her status as a permanent staff.

5. Termination of Contract
Either party may terminate the internship by giving one month?s notice.

6. Workflow

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Interested applicants may submit the following documents to HRD for consideration. o An updated resume o A cover letter All HIP applications will be reviewed through application screening, ability test and interviews. Successful applicants will receive Joining Instruction for detailed guidelines. They will sign the Letter of Secrecy of HSBC prior to their start. All interns should undergo structured on-the-job training programmes with established performance expectations and objectives. The hands-on experience will allow the intern to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, supported by internal/external training where necessary. Reviews and feedback will be provided on an on-going basis. When there are permanent vacant positions of the same grade with similar skills requirements available, an intern may be considered for permanent placements. Priority will be given to outstanding interns before considering applications from external candidates. If no permanent positions are available at the end of the contract duration, the intern will be assessed on his/her work performance and will either be considered for alternative permanent position within the Bank, if any, subject to him/her meeting minimum position prerequisites. Alternatively, the internship contracts may be extended.