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COMPANY NAME Group N Mid-term English Examination 2011 Student: Date: Teacher: Score: /100

1. READING COMPREHENSION AND VOCABULARY: (Total= 20 points) 1.1 Choose only one of the options to complete each blank: (15 points)

UK Current Account Record

The UK's current account 1) __________, a key 2) __________ indicator, widened to a record level in the three months from July to September, 3) __________ to official data. It was 20bn, or 5.7% of gross 4) __________ product, compared 5) __________ 13.7bn in the 6) __________ three months, the Office for National Statistics reported. Analysts also 7) __________ worries about the record level of government 8) __________. The data is evidence of a "dangerously unbalanced economy", according to one analyst. In its monthly report on government financing, the Office for National Statistics announced that public 9) __________ net borrowing had hit a record 11.21bn in November. The borrowing 10) __________ suggested that the government was 11) __________ track to overshoot its pre-Budget report forecast by at least 5bn this year. "Overall, a pretty ugly picture, supporting our view that the coming economic 12) __________ will be a prolonged period of adjustment rather than a short pause for breath like that seen in 2005," the analyst explained. "What is really shocking about these 13) __________ is that they reveal that the Exchequer was running a large current deficit before the credit crisis 14) __________ home, when the economy was doing very well and it should have been showing a large current 15) __________," said Professor Peter Spencer. Q1 a) b) c) d) Q2 a) b) c) d) Q3 a) b) c) d) deficient deficiency deficit defeat Q4 a) b) c) d) Q5 a) b) c) d) Q6 a) b) c) d) domestic domesticate domestically domesticity Q7 a) b) c) d) Q8 a) b) c) d) Q9 a) b) c) d) spoke told voiced said

economic economical economics economist

by with for from

borrow borrowing lend lending

accordance according reference referring

previous previously next coming

area sector section field

Q10 a) b) c) d)

numerals figures decimals quantities

Q12 a) b) c) d)

downslow slowdown upturn turnup

Q14 a) b) c) d)

got reached hit beat

Q11 a) b) c) d)

in on at by

Q13 a) b) c) d)

numerals figures decimals quantities

Q15 a) b) c) d)

deficit surplus deficits surpluses

1.2 VOCABULARY Match the related words: (5 points) 1) indicator 2) widen 3) reveal 4) slowdown 5) Exchequer disclose sign depression treasury extend

2. GRAMMAR (Total = 20 points) 2.1 Choose the right sentence of each pair. In some cases, both are correct (10 points= 2 points each) 1) a/ They are the best climbers in history. To protect themselves from the blizzards, they built a shelter in an abandoned bear cave. b/ They are the best climbers in history. To protect them from the blizzards, they built a shelter in an abandoned bear cave. 2) a/ Most people find this style of leadership stressful. As for me, I think its stimulating!. b/ Most people find this style of leadership stressful. As for myself, I think its stimulating!. 3) a/ Ewan is thinking of bringing some work with him b/ Ewan is thinking of bringing some work with himself

4) a/ The effects you used on this Power point presentation are great. Did you do them yourself? b/ The effects you used on this Power point presentation are great. Did you do them by yourself? 5) a/ The production manager and I blamed ourselves for the backlog. We have a bad relationship and we both consider we did our job well. b/ The production manager and I blamed each other for the backlog. We have a bad relationship and we both consider we did our job well.

2.2 Use the expressions to complete the sentences using like or as (10 points) a physician an IT analyst a chimney ice a log our competitors hot cakes office maintenance a mule a sheet

1) I slept really soundly last night. I slept like/as ..................................last night 2) Its absolutely freezing in here! Its cold as/like...........................in h ere 3) These mobile phones are selling amazingly well. These mobile phones are selling as/like............................ 4) Shes a heavy smoker. She smokes as/like........................................ 5) Do you feel all right? You look very pale. You are pale as/like............................. 6) In my job as/like ...........................I need to report to the information technology manager. 7) We are planning to outsource some of the services, as/like..................................... 8) Our prices are increasing due to the high inflation rate. They are as/like .............................. at present. 9) Mathew prescribes meds all day long. He works as/like .............................in Sierra View Hospital. 10) Once hes made a decision he never changes it, whatever his team says. Hes stubborn as/like........................

3.WRITING: (20 points) A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. You belong to an environmental awareness group (a NGO) and according to your research and information from reliable sources, you know that this will badly affect the populations health. You were appointed to write a proposal to the government on the NGOs behalf. Explain your position and ask for an interview with the Minister of the Environment. Besides, explain your reason for opposing to the construction, e.g. chemical dumping, air and noise pollution, soil contamination, etc.

4. LISTENING COMPREHENSION: (20 points) 4.1 Say if the following statements are true (T) or false (F) (10 points = 2 points each)
1) 2) 3)

Margaret doesnt always manage to take a break at lunchtime. Twice a week Margaret plays badminton during her lunch hour. Margaret suffers from a repetitive strain injury.

4) 5)

It is important for Margaret to have a good relationship with her boss. Margaret thinks that it is more motivating not to have a clear future but t king the job as an a adventure.

4.2 Complete the text with the expressions you hear (10 points= 2 points each) Its not always easy because sometimes deadlines, deadlines are (1) _____________ and youve got to get something out or somebodys waiting for a report but usually I try to do nine till five and try desperately to make sure that I have a proper lunch break. Its very easy to (2) ____________ through lunch if youve got a box of sandwiches in front of you. You just think, Oh, just five more minutes and Ill go for a walk but sometimes you forget to go for a walk and the afternoon really drags on because youve not had a proper break. We have (an) ergonomic (3) ____________________. Some people suffer from a repetitive strain injury from using the mouse so, again, the guy who comes in to do an ergonomics assessment can look at this to see if our postures right and that were sitting correctly and he also reminds us to take plenty of breaks. Yeah, you can get (4) ____________________, a foot stool, you can do regular exercises, sort of, stretching your wrists so that you dont get repetitive strain injuries there. I think the other things in your working environment, I mean, for me, whats important is to have a good atmosphere in the work place. You need to know not only what your role is about but also where you can go in the future. A company has a certain obligation to (5) ___________________ its employees to make sure that they can develop career-wise as well as personally. They need to know where they can go in the future to feel motivated.

5.ORAL INTERVIEW: (20 points) Prepare a short presentation. You should begin with a suitable introduction, divide the main information into about three main parts and end with a conclusion. You have been asked to present your company to a group of potential investors. Provide a short background to the company, as well as describing its activities, products or services. Say what the benefits of doing business with your company would be. Focus on the financial results, the position of your company in the market and any aspect you consider import to attract the investment. Think that you need to reach the most beneficial terms for both parts in the negotiation.