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Mosquitoes In The North-East USA Did you know that Eastern Equine Encephalitis can be spread to humans?

It is rar e, but mosquitoes can give humans EEE and at least one resident of Middleborough can confirm it. What is more EEE is worse for humans than West Nile Virus, whic h is spread by the same species of mosquito in the North East of the United Stat es. Eastern Equine Encephalitis attacks the brain and the nervous system and frequen tly either kills of leaves its victim in significant trouble. The one man who is known to have been infected with EEE in NE America in August 2010, is still in an invalid chair a year later and there is no anticipated end to his pain. The health authorities in nearby Plymouth and Bristol counties where there were also plenty of these mosquitoes (Culex pipiens) last year have warned that this could become a bad year for them too. They warned householders to begin on home defence by repairing broken and damage d fly screens now. They have also suggested cleaning up mosquitoes' breeding gro unds. This involves up-turning any containers that could hold water for them to breed in. Do not forget that a mosquito just needs a half inch of water to lay 400 egg s. Drill holes in flower pots and old tyres so that they cannot hold water any l onger. Old tyres are cited as one of the main reasons for the proliferation of mosquito es and the dispersion of new species. The next couple of weeks are the linchpin of how many mosquitoes will be around later in the summer and autumn. The more you exterminate now, the fewer there wi ll be to breed further generations and mosquitoes may breed a new generation app roximately every month. That is 1x400x400x400 mosquitoes every quarter for each mosquito that gets away. A great-grandmother mosquito can become responsible for 64 million offspring ea ch quarter! These mosquitoes (C. pipiens) breed s, so you could spray in there too. g the parks and verges, but you can cro-environment - your garden, shed in water, but hang about in damp, dark bushe Some local authorities have been out sprayin do your bit by taking control of your own mi and garage.

EEE has not been seen this year in the North East yet, but West Nile Virus has b een observed twice already. The weather has been perfect for mosquitoes - rain f ollowed by warm weather. The indications of West Nile and Easter Equine resemble those of flu. The differ ence is that about 1% of those with WNF might die, but far more with EEE will pr obably die. About a third will suffer permanent brain injury People are worried by last year's experience. For example, the authorities in Pl ymouth County have already received almost 10,000 requests to spray against mosq uitoes. This situation can just become worse unless inhabitants help by checking their gardens and nearby rubbish ground for likely breeding sites and destroyin g them. But it is not easy, mosquitoes can breed in a waste potato chip packet, so refuse becomes a big issue too.

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