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July 17, 2011 MORNING: Christ Supremely Precious to Believers Scripture: 1 Peter 2: 1-12 Text: 1 Peter 2: 7a

Installation Service of Rev. John Koopman on Thursday, August 4, at 7:30pm., D.V. See the bulletin board in the narthex for details. Family Camp registration balances are in your mailboxes. Please make checks payable to "Free Reformed Church" and place them in Andy & Cindy VandenToorn's mailbox by July 24. Thank-you! Family Camp brochures are here! If you are registered to attend, you will find a brochure in your mailbox, which includes directions, a packing list, a schedule of activities and other important things to know. All other members, adherents and friends, we invite you to join us too! A Day Visitor form and brochure is available in the narthex and wing for you to pick up. Please return the Day Visitor forms to Andy & Cindy VandenToorn by July 31. We look forward to seeing you there!

EVENING: Help for a Bankrupt People Scripture: Hosea 13 Text: Hosea 13:9

~ Calendar ~
The Lord willing... James 4:15

SONG SERVICE (5:50 PM) Psalter 27: 1,3,4 & Psalter 7: 1, 2, 3

Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it. Matthew 13: 46

July 20 (Wednesday) 7:30 PM Elders meeting. July 23 (Saturday) 7 PM (YABS) Young Adult Book Study. Game night. PRTS is receiving several new students with their families this summer. We invite you into the joy of serving the Lord and the seminary community by assisting us with setting up their homes. Please call Arleen Boven who is coordinating these projects. She can be reached at 363-8734 or cell 9154310. The PRTS staff and faculty wish to express our gratitude to Mrs. Boven and the many people who have been assisting us with our students. May God continue to provide.

~ From The Consistory ~

Visitors, welcome. We hope you are blessed through worshiping with us this Lords Day. May God be worshipped acceptably under His Word today. Dr. Jerry Bilkes will lead our worship services, today. Pastor L. W. Bilkes will conduct or worship, next Lords Day. The Wednesday evening congregational fellowship meetings will start up again, the Lord wiling October 12. Please plan for the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month accordingly. The 2011 Church Directories are available at the podium in the narthex. With thankfulness to our faithful Lord, the consistory and congregation of Bethel FRC of Monarch invites you to witness the installation of Rev. Eric Moerdyk as our pastor and teacher. This will be held on Friday, July 22, 2011 D.V. at 7:00 p.m. Rev. H. Overduin will conduct this service. We look forward to sharing this joyful occasion with you.

~ Church Family ~
Please Remember in Our Prayers: Dave Huisjen, Howard VandenToorn. Our brother, Rick VanderVeen, had successful sinus surgery last week and, although he is experiencing some discomfort, he is grateful for successful surgery and strength in recovery. Our sister, Elsie Arnoudse, could return home from the heart center where she received successful stint therapy. She is weak but grateful for the Lords mercies. Shut-ins: Mr. Vincent Faasse, Mrs. Dorothy Hitchcock, Mrs. Kay Kwekel, Mrs. Winifred Nordyke and Mrs. Mina Wierenga. Servicemen: Dan Arnoudse, Jacob Hubach and Tyler Prince.

~ Nursery ~
Mother In Charge July: Lisa VanStrien Today: AM A: B: PM A: B: AM A: B: PM A: B: Sonia Wielhouwer, Lydia Karel Cora Beute, Mary Cogbill Heather Engelsma, Hannah Kleyn Renee Langerak, Rachel Mol Liz Prince, Julie Timmer Karen VanderSloot, Annelise Moerdyk Marieke Ude, Annika Mol Betty Elliott, Martha Markwat

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~ Ushers ~
Today Next Week AM Steve Kleyn AM Eric Wielhouwer PM Dave Pronk PM Henry Boven

~ Offerings ~
Today 1 collection: nd 2 collection: Box at Exits: 1 collection: nd 2 collection: Box at Exits:
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General Guatemala Mission CMI (Christian Ministry to Israel) General Building Local Evangelism

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LITURGY July 17, 2011 Morning Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 397: 1- 4 Law Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 2: 1-12 Text: 1 Peter 2: 7a Psalter: 423: 6, 7 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 163 Sermon: Christ Supremely Precious to Believers Prayer Offertory Psalter: 204: 2 - 4 Benediction Doxology: 200: 4

Song Service: Psalter 27: 1, 3, 4 & Psalter 7: 1, 2, 3

LITURGY July 17, 2011 Evening Service Votum & Salutation Psalter: 112 Scripture Reading: Hosea 13 Text: Hosea 13:9 Apostles Creed Psalter: 217 Pastoral Prayer Offertory Psalter: 294 Sermon: Help for a Bankrupt People Prayer Offertory Psalter: 401: 2 - 4 Benediction Doxology: 196