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1. Fontsettings

To changefont





style, size and appearance :

targeted text(highlight _ clickand


Choosefrom font


style,.size, c-ofor,Uofa, ,nlerfine, anditalics by clicking


-- -'


top oi tle screen.

the iconsin your toolbar acrossthe


setyour mouseon the iconswithout .ii.ring, the icondescription wiil


2. Alignment

There.are fourtypes of align,which can be set


leftalion - textlines up



usingthe "'' iconsin the toolbar:

withthe teft margln

withthe ,ighi;irgin

riqhtalign - textlines up

centeraliqn - thecenter point of


thEtext is"equidistant


  • - iultitu - insehs spacins -b;."Ji;;;';;i;n""


right margins of the page

to expandeach rine or

textto spanbetween the page margins

3. SmallCaps

To applysmall caps to tex :



Selectthe targeted rext.

Format - Character _ FontEffects

. UnderEffecrs select SmallCapitals

4. Superscript and


To apply.either superscript or


5etectthe targeted text.

subscript to text:


Format - Character _ position



Choose eithersuperscript (ie _



belowthe baseline.

x2)or subscript(ie



abovethe u"i"rir"lia suusc-ript


  • 5. Adding a Hyperlink

To adda hyperlink to a weblocation :


Insert - Hyperlink



The targetis the webaddress you wantto linkto.

The textis whatyou wantto ,t o* ,p on-yor,. ,ir""n, for the userto click



CfickApplyandthen C/ose.

6. SettingIndents

To setan indentto a paragraph:


Format -





you enter



you enter

  • 7. Line Spacing



  • 8. Tab Stops

Paragraph - Indentsand Spacing

Enterthe amountyou want indented beside the requiredstyle :

firstline indent - fiovs (indents) thefirst line of text in the paragraphby

the enteredamount. from the left

leftindent - indentsthe paragraphfrom the left,according to the amount

riqhtindent - indentsthe paragraphfrom the right,according to the amount

To specifythe amountof spacebetween lines :

. Selectthe targetedtext.

Format - Paragraph

Under "Line Spacing"select the desiredamount of spacingyou want

betweenlines (ie - double)

To haveyour text line up accordingto a givenmeasurement on the rulerat the

topof the screen:

. Selectthe targetedsection of text.


Format - Paragraph - Tabs


Orderis veryimportant - you mustenter specifications from left to right.

Also,even if the settingyou desireis alreadyselected or set,you must

selectit regardless(even if thismeans re-selecting the samechoice) so

thatit registersthe optionwith the given selection of text.




Position -

accordingto the rulerat thetop, where do youwant the

tab to stop?

Tvpe - whichpart of thetext do youwant lined up withthe


Fill Character - oftenreferred to as dottedleader

  • - fillsthe spacebetween tab stopswith a selected







Createthe nexttab stop,pushing Neryafter each one.

Whencompletely done setting all tab stops,click OK.

Whenusing tab stops,you needto typeall informationfirst, then be sureto

hittab once (and onlyonce) before each item in yourtarget text.

9. DropCaps

To createa dropcap (which is anycapital letter to whichyou applyspecial sizing

andformatting to makethat capital stand out from the restof thetext':





Format - Paragraph - DropCaps

Clickon DisplayDrop Caps.

10. PageOrientation

To changethe orientationof yourpage :





Format - Page - Page

Chooseeither portrait or landscape.

Portraitis a tall page(vertical).

Landscapeis a widepage (horizontal).

11. Footers

To inserta footer(a lineof


textthat appears at the bottomof eachprinted page) .

Insert - Footer - Default

. Thiswill place an emptytext box at the bottomof eachpage in


document.The informationyou typewill appear the sameon everypage.

12. AutomaticPage Numbering

To insertautomatic page numberingon everypage of a document:

. Inserta footer.



Insert -

Fields - page Numbering

Thismust be setautomaticaily

because if

you typeit in manuaily,it wirl

showthe same page numberon each page.

. Arabicnumerals are the regular numbers that we use (ie _ 1,2, 3



13. Footnotes

A fogtnoteinserts a small,superscripted

number beside a wordand then

opens a

textbox at the bottomof thatpage only,with the conesponding number and

roomto typethe textyou need. lt is usedto definewords or citations.

To inserta footnote:

. Putyour cursorbehind the


Insert - Footnote -


wordthat you wanta footnoteapplied to.


Go to the bonomof thatpage andtype in the necessaryrext.

14. Insertingthe CurrentDate

To havethe currentdate appear on eachpage :

. lnserta headeror footer(if necessarv).


Insert - Fields - Date

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