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ADVENT OF A NATIONAL HERO Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda June 19, 1861 in the lakeshore of Calamba,

Laguna Province, Philippines. Father Pedro Casanas a native of Calamba and close friend of the Rizal family, was the Godfather His mother almost died during the delivery because of his big head. his name Jose was chosen by his mother who was a devoted of the Christian Saint San Jose, (St. Joseph Leutenant General Jose Lemery, a former senator of Spain was the governor general of the Philippines when Rizal was born. first love of rizalLeonora Valenzuela Leon Monroy former classmate of Rizals father, became the boys Tutor

Born in Bian, Laguna on May 11, 1818 Studied in Latin and Philosophy at the College of San Jose in Manila he was a hardly and independent-

minded man, who talked less and worked more, and was strong in body and valiant in spirit.

he died in Manila on January 5, 1898 at the age of 80

Mother Born on November 9, 1827 in Meisik (Chinatown), Tondo, Manila. She was educated at the college of Sta. Rosa, a well-known college for girls in the city She was a remarkable woman, possessing refined culture, literary talent, business, ability and a fortified of Spartan woman. She died in Manila on August16, 1911 at the age of 85

The Surname Rizal Real surname of the Rizal Family wasMercad o which meansmarket. It was adopted in1731 by Domingo Lameo (the paternal great-great grandfather of Jose Rizal), also a fullblooded chinese. Rizals family acquired a second surname R izal which was given by a spanish alkalde mayor of laguna. The Rizal Home The house of Rizal family was one of the distinguished stone houses in Calamba during Spanish time. It was a two storey building, rectangular in shape, built of adobe stones

and hand wood, and roofed with red tiles. Behind the house were the poultry yard full of turkeys and chickens and a big garden of topical fruit trees atis, alimbing, chico, macopa, papaya, santol, etc. A Good Middle-Class Family The Rizal family belonged to thepr incipalia, a aristocracy in Spanish Philippines. It was one of the distinguish families in Calamba. Beneath their roof, all guests irrespective of their color, rank, social position, and economic status, were welcome

Sources of Income: Harvested rice, corns and sugarcane Raised pigs, chickens and turkeys I their backyard Good stores and a small flour-mill and a home-made religious ham press which managed by Doa Teodora. Home Life of Rizal The Rizal family had a simple, contented and happy life. Don Francisco and Doa Teodora loved their children but, they never spoiled them. They were strict parents and they trained their children to love God, to behave well, to be obefient and to respect people especially the old folks. They believed in the maxim: Spare the rod and spoil the child