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how to Overcome the Gums that Often Bleed

Bleeding gums are often overlooked and underestimated by some people, but that often bleeding gums can cause more serious illness. Soon overcome and treat bleeding gums. Bleeding gums is usually caused by the removal of dental plaque is not correct at the gum line. This can lead to gingivitis or inflamed gums. If plaque is not removed regularly or by brushing, it will harden into tartar, which can ultimately lead to bleeding or even worse causing jaw and gum disease known as periodontitis. Nlm.nih.gov Launched on Wednesday (15/12/2010), here are some ways that can be done to overcome thebleeding gums: 1. Avoid the use of tobacco and smoking that can aggravate bleeding gums 2. Control gum bleeding by applying pressure directly on the gums with gauze soaked in ice water 3. If you have been diagnosed with vitamin deficiency, then immediately inadequatevitamin needs. 4. Limit your sugar intake. Excess sugar in the snack, sweet soda or processed foods can cause tooth decay and exacerbate bleeding. 5. Avoid drugs such as aspirin blood retailer, unless your doctor recommended it. 6. Eat plenty of fruits that contain vitamin C and also foods that contain lots of calcium. Calcium may assist in repairing the damage sustained dental injury gums. Tartar addition, there are several other causes of bleeding gums include: 1. Bacterial infections, fungal or viral infections. 2. The presence of other bleeding gangguang 3. Brushing your teeth too hard 4. Hormonal changes during pregnancy 5. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a blood disease that did not have enough red blood cells. 6. Installation of an ill-fitting dentures 7. Flossing is not appropriate 8. Infections that occur because of the teeth and gums 9. Leukemia 10. Use of blood thinners 11. Lack of vitamin K To avoid bleeding gums, you should visit a doctor at least 6 months to remove plaque, teeth with a soft tie with a soft bristle brush after every meal and avoid drug use mouthwashes that contain alcohol because it can aggravate the problem.

Five Natural Ingredients Relieve Toothache

If there are people who choose toothacherather than hurt, of course he had never felt real pain. In fact, dental pain is a common health disorders and often occur without prior symptoms. The pain that vary from sharp, throbbing, up to a constant. From the pain it caused, of course, will interfere with your daily activities. In addition, if left without proper treatment, tooth decay will worsen and should be revoked. To help you avoid this, here are some natural remedies you can try at home. Garlic Garlic is one of the many effective treatments that claimed to relieve toothache. How, one clove of garlic puree is mixed with a little coarse salt and then place it in the area of pain. This method can be expressed ease the pain, sometimes even can heal. In addition, it is better to chew a clove of garlic every morning. This method can keep the tooth has healed stronger and healthier. Shallots Research shows that onions contain antibacterial component. Eating an onion each day with chewing proven way to protect from various dental disorders. Chewing onion for 3 minutes otherwise sufficient to kill all the germs in the mouth. And you can relieve the ailing tooth by placing a small piece of onion in the area of the teeth or gums are sore. Lime Lime, as a rich source of vitamin C, is very useful in maintaining healthy teeth and bones in the body. Lime expressed can prevent cavities and tooth loss, dental plaque formation, tooth pain, and bleeding of the gums.

Clove Oil Cloves otherwise effectively relieve toothache. In addition, the cloves are also reducing the infection because it contains antiseptic properties. The trick, apply clove oil to the hole damaged tooth. It also can relieve toothache. Pepper powder Mix a little flour pepper with 1 / 4 teaspoon salt otherwise very good for dental hygiene. If used regularly every day can prevent cavities, bad breath, bleeding gums, sore gums, and toothache. It also can overcome the problem of sensitive teeth. To relieve a toothache, you can put a mixture of pepper powder and clove oil into the tooth cavity.

Herbal Medicines for the Treatment of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth often can be a sign of pain you have sensitive teeth. This should not be ignored, can cause tooth sensitivity tooth inflamed, which can not be recovered and eventually death of the tooth. Can some herbs help in overcoming them. Tooth sensitivity is a general term used to refer to the existence of sensitive dentine (AED), and theopening of two ivory because of thinning or drop an e-mail and gums. Could be useful different herbs for the teeth and gums. Herbs that can kill or prevent the harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause plaque on the teeth and formed lead to the development of gum disease, including tooth sensitivity. Here are some herbs that can help reduce tooth sensitivity: 1. Green Tea Green tea can help prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Green tea contains compounds that may help to prevent harmful bacteria in the mouth is responsible for the formation of painting, which causes tooth decay and gum disease or gingivitis.

Green tea contains antioxidants can also protect cells in the mouth from damage from free radicals and vitamin c that protect the gums. mouthwash with green tea before bedtime to reduce plaque and bacteria. 2. Nimba Neem is an Ayurvedic herb that can fight against dental plaque anti-microbial and gum disease when applied to the teeth and gums. According PeaceHealth.org, use 1 gram of neem leaf extract 2 times per day is an effective treatment to prevent and treat teeth and gum disease, which also eliminates the source of sensitive teeth. 3. Echinacea and chamomile Echinacea and chamomile offers anti-inflammatory and microbes that can help in the treatment of inflammation of the gums and sensitive teeth. The clinical trials found that the use of mouthwash containing echinacea, myrrh, chamomile, mint, sage, and ratania more effective than commercial mouth to reduce inflammation of the gums due to gingivitis, as well as help in reducing tooth sensitivity.

How To Whiten Teeth With Fruits

Many people try to whiten your teeth bleaching or use whitening toothpaste containing. Unfortunately, not everyone likes doing so. Some fruits can also help whiten teeth. Anything? Having white teeth and charming smile will make someone look more attractive. But the habit of tea drinking coffee or cola can leave stains on your teeth. Here are some fruits that can make your teeth white and healthy: 1. Strawberries Strawberries are one of the foods that can naturally whiten teeth. Contains malic acid in strawberries act as a substance that will eat and remove a few stains on the tooth surface. Strawberries are blended with half a teaspoon of baking soda can act as a tooth whitener. Apply the mixture on the tooth surface for 5 minutes to achieve satisfactory results. However, this method should not be done in a long time because it could be acid in strawberries can destroy tooth enamel over time. 2. Apple Apples contain both qualities that help in teeth whitening. First, the process of chewing apples are hard and crunchy could disappear dental plaque that can change the color of teeth. In addition, chewing also stimulates saliva production which can naturally fight bacteria in the mouth to change the color of teeth. Second, apples contain malic acid which acts as a natural ingredient to relax and to remove stains on tooth surfaces. 3. Carrots Carrots can function as a natural tooth whitener. Such as apples, carrots are the food that can fade hard dental plaque during chewing. 4. Lemon or lime juice Lemon juice can also be used to whiten teeth. Lemon juice can be combined with salt or baking soda to make a paste, which is then brushed my teeth for several minutes.

But because lemon juice contains citric acid which can cause corrosion of tooth enamel, always rinse and brush your teeth properly after using lemon juice on teeth.

Prevent Cavities, After Drinking Milk Should Child Drink Mineral Water

High sugar content in milk formula can trigger the growth of bacteria that cause cavities, especially in infants and children. After the children finished drink milk, get used to wash her mouth with a glass of water. Milk contains carbohydrates and lactose (another form of sugar), which can be attached to the teeth. So the suggestion is true, it can be done to clean it with mouthwash, gargle and drink water. In the mouth, sugar creates a good environment for the growth of bad bacteria that can damage the email or the outer layer of teeth. As a result a hollow tooth, decay or caries and may even cause the gums were swollen from infection. Besides triggered by milk, cavities are also caused by food or other drinks also contain sugar. Especially for kids who like to snack time, the most preferred type of food is generally sweet foods like candy and cotton candy. Teeth are most susceptible to decay and cavities is usually the molars. In addition to its rearmost position, the most widely molars have grooves and cracks which are sometimes difficult to reach when brushing your teeth.

Although children s teeth is not permanent and will on one day, but if the hole is still going to have an impact on quality of life. For example if there is infection, then the child will have fever and consequently can not play and go to school.

Cayenne Pepper is Very Effective Relieve Toothache

Toothache can interfere with your ability to eat, drink or speak. Although consultation with the doctor is the best choice, but emergency treatment by using cayenne pepper also effectively relieve toothache. Toothache is most often caused by tooth decay, and usually indicate the need for dental care. Apart from medical drugs, ingredients in the kitchen or the herb can also help reduce the discomfort due to dental pain, such as cayenne pepper. When applied to the teeth, the hot substance in chili pepper substance known as capsaicin, canfunction with pain relief.

Capsaicin is a chemical derived from natural vegetable. This material is used by the chili for the defense system itself so as not to be eaten by predators such as animals. How to Use Dissolve cayenne pepper mixed with hot water, then dip the cotton in the solution. Squeeze a little and apply directly on the sore tooth. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly after handling solution. In his book The Health Benefits of Cayenne , John Heinerman also recommends combining 1 teaspoon chili powder with a strong whiskey and mix it for two weeks. Shake the bottle every day, strain the mixture into a dark glass bottle and store in a cool and dark. When you hurt your teeth, use 3 to 4 drops on cotton wool and dab on a soretooth. In addition to chili, there are other herbs that can help relieve toothache, namely: 1. Cloves Cloves are also effectively relieve toothache. A study reported in the Journal of Dentistry in 2006 found that clove oil to relieve tooth pain. To use, apply 2-3 drops of clove oil to a cotton and rub into the sore tooth. Whole cloves produce the same effect, although not as strong as clove oil and should be slightly moistened with saliva before placing it on a sore tooth. 2. Ginger According to James A. Duke in his book The Green Pharmacy ginger can also help reduce the toothache. Ginger works as counterirritant, which means the irritation of the surface can help reduce the pain deeper than a toothache. The trick mix a quarter teaspoon of powdered ginger to one-eighth teaspoon of warm water to form a paste kenatl. Dip cotton balls into a paste and apply on the sore tooth. Do not let the cotton mengentuh gum because it can cause a burning sensation. If the cause discomfort, remove cotton and rinse your mouth with warm water.

Emergency Treatment of Toothache Before Going to the Dentist

Toothache is the most unpopular complaint and can make people emotional. The best way to overcome a toothache is a dental repair problems by coming to the dentist. But there are some natural ways that can be used before you go to the dentist. Toothache can be caused by the resulting cavities, tooth and place that should not be an infection of the gums or teeth. These conditions can only be done skillfully the dentist, because the conditions that must be corrected as before. Drugs deduction only emergency hospital that only cope with the pain temporarily, but if left untreated toothache exhaustive attacks can occur again. Some ways and natural ingredients known to reduce pain and discomfort on your teeth before you had time to the dentist, namely: Garlic Based on the book Jude s Herbal Home Remedies written by Jude C. Todd is known that garlic can cure a toothache or tooth cavities because it contains antiseptic compounds. Way to take one clove of garlic and put it on a sore tooth. Do it for 5 minutes, then remove the garlic and rinse the mouth with warm water.

Tea In the book Prescriptions for Herbal Healing written by Phyllis A Balch said that the tea can be used to treat toothache. Hot tea can help eliminate bacteria in the mouth and reduces pain, while the warm tea bag can be placed digusi toothache to help stop the inflammation. But should not use the sugar in hot tea. Ice cube Using ice cubes are known to reduce pain and swelling in the teeth and gums. Do I put ice cubes in a bag or cloth to the sore area and leave on for 5-10 minutes and remove. Do this as much as 2 times a day, but if his condition does not improve, get medical attention. Clove oil A study reported in the Journal of Dentistry in 2006 found that clove oil can relieve toothache. Way to take 2-3 drops of clove oil to the cotton and then rub into the sore tooth. If using cloves should be moistened with saliva before it is put to a sore tooth. Cayenne pepper Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin compounds that can function with pain relief. How dissolve chili sauce into hot water, dip the cotton, squeeze a little and place it on a sore tooth.

Why Cavities Can be Transmitted

People think cause cavities is because eating candy, sugar or any sweet foods and beverages. But researchers found people who have cavities could pass on to others. How come? Bacteria cause cavities and tooth decay is Streptococcus mutans. This bacteria can spread bacteria like colds or flu that spreads from one person to another. How do I pass it? Of course, through contacts with people who have cavities. Researchers reveal if someone kissing with people who have cavities become infected due to Strep mutans, the bacteria will move and cause cavities on the person. This also could happen to a parent with a child if he is sharing a spoon. According to the researchers to share tools such as toiletries or eating together, and perform other activities that together can move particles of saliva from one mouth to another mouth. Cavities was originally derived from a hollow tooth. Hollow teeth is damage to the teeth that grew into the hole. This condition can be caused by a combination of several factors such as not cleaning your teeth well, frequent snacking, the presence of plaque on teeth and tooth decay terjad continuously.

Dental cavities or hollow is one disease that can be contagious, however you can actually prevent it, said Gigi Meinecke, DDS, spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry, as quoted from Menshealth.com, Wednesday (17/11 / 2010). Brushing your teeth in the morning and just before sleep is not enough to clean the teeth. Because someone still have to brush your teeth after every meal to clean the bacteria in the mouth who also ate. When the bacteria eat the leftovers in the teeth to produce acids, and later this acid that causes tooth hollow. If you do not clean teeth between meals, then the teeth will be in the acidic environment of acid throughout the day and this will undermine the teeth, Meinecke said. Problems cavities generally occur in children, but actually anyone can have, including infants, adults or the elderly. If cavities are not handled properly, it will trigger a more severe decay that can lead to tooth pain, infection, tooth loss or other complication. This is Why Cavities Can be Transmitted.

morning bad breath

The main cause morning bad breath is bacteria that exist naturally in the mouth. The mouth contains many bacteria that start the digestive process. When active, saliva and normal mouth movements to speak and chew, so it can clean up food debris and prevent bacteria from developing. However, during sleep there is a decrease saliva production, so that the mouth becomes dry. It also happens reduction the available oxygen in the mouth. Bacteria in the mouth are anaerobic, meaning can not live without oxygen and unable to grow in dry mouth. Consequently, in order to survive these bacteria will digest the protein left in the mouth from the remnants of food stuck between teeth, saliva, mucus and other cellular materials. Proteins are digested it will produce sulfur gases that cause bad breath odor are not waking. Foulsmelling gas that is produced during sleep this will disappear when saliva production back to normal. According to the Journal of Dental Research, snoring and breathing through the mouth during sleep to increase and aggravate the bad breath after waking up. In addition to increased salivation, bad breath in the morning also will disappear after a person s mouth doing the activities associated with the mouth. Regardless of whether people brush their teeth or use

mouthwash, breakfast or just drink a glass of water is to reduce the amount of sulfur gases and reduce morning bad breath. How to prevent bad breath odor in the morning? Normally, one does not get rid of bad breath odor in the morning because the ham is a normal function of the reduction in saliva and proliferation (breeding), while some types of bacteria. But bad breath in the morning can be reduced by maintaining oral hygiene. Removing plaque through regular cleaning, tooth brushing and flossing can reduce the food for bacteria in the mouth, which ultimately can reduce bad breath waking. Tooth decay and gum disease caused by poor oral hygiene can make the bacteria multiply and add to the problem of bad breath. Alcohol and certain drugs that cause mouth dryness also will aggravate bad breath in the morning.

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