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FAQ/Walkthrough for Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines for Playstation Portable Region: NTSC/PAL ============================================================================== FAQ/Walkthrough made by Damage_dealer (Igor Sheludko) E-mail: damagedealer@ukr.net Version: Final This entire document is (C) 2009 Igor Sheludko. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your site, making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own or making reference to any material contained within. Only GameFAQs has permission to post this guide. +++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + TABLE OF CONTENTS + + + +++++++++++++++++++++++

Use Ctrl+F and copy/paste functions for easier navigation. ---------------------------------------------------------01. Introduction..........................................................AC01 02. Controls..............................................................AC02 03. Gameplay Overview/Basic Info..........................................AC03 04. Walkthrough...........................................................AC04 Memory Block 1........................................................WT01 Memory Block 2........................................................WT02 Memory Block 3........................................................WT03

Memory Block 4........................................................WT04 Memory Block 5........................................................WT05 Memory Block 6........................................................WT06 Memory Block 7........................................................WT07 05. Frequently Asked Questions............................................AC05 06. Glitches/Game Bugs....................................................AC06 07. Version History.......................................................AC07 08. Credits/Contact Info..................................................AC08

+++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + INTRODUCTION + + AC01 + +++++++++++++++++++++++ Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines is an action adventure game, made exclusively for the PlayStation Portable and is part of the Assassin's Creed franchise, taking place in between the events of Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed II. It takes place shortly after the events of the first game, but before the events of Assassin's Creed II. Altair, the main character of the original game, has traveled from the Holy Land to island of Cyprus in pursuit of the remaining templar remnants, in order to destroy them once and for all. The game is used to explain the link between the main characters of the series: Altair, his descendant Ezio Auditore da Firenze (main character of AC II) and Desmond Miles, who is considered to be the true protagonist of Assassin's Creed. Here, on the island of Cyprus, Altair will find new friends and enemies, and will help a local resistance force to take down evil Templar commanders of these lands. Some treasures you will find in this game can be transfered to your PS3 to unlock new weapons and other bonuses. +++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + CONTROLS + + AC02 + +++++++++++++++++++++++ _____________________________________________________________ ,' L ,' `. R `. /-----' .-----------------------------------------. `-----\ / / / __ \/ __ __ > < __ /\ __ __ \ .-. \ (/_\) \ .-. `-' .-. ([ ]) ( O ) `-' .-. `-' ( X ) `-'

.--. \ \ ) / `--' '-----------------------------------------' / \-----. [Home] [Select] [Start] ,-----' `.____`.___________________________________________________,'____,' .----------------------------------------------------------------. BUTTON LOW PROFILE ACTION HIGH PROFILE ACTION ---------------------- -------------------- -------------------Analog Stick (AS) Movement Movement AS + X Blend AS + R High Profile Mvmnt AS + R + X Sprint/Climb AS + R + O Tackle D-Pad: Up Hidden Blade Hidden Blade D-Pad: Down Bare Hands Bare Hands D-Pad: Left Throwing Knives Throwing Knives D-Pad: Right Longsword Longsword X Dodge Square Assassinate Assassinate Triangle Target/Synchronize Target/Synchronize O Drop from Ledges Grab/Push Enemies L + Tr./Sq./O/X Camera Control Camera Control L (tapping) Camera Centering Camera Centering R High Profile Trigger Blocking R (hold) + Square Counter Attacking Square + Square Combo Attacking START Pause Pause SELECT Memory Map Memory Map '----------------------------------------------------------------' +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + Gameplay Overview/Basic Info + + AC03 + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Creed --------Altair lives by three fundamental rules (that every assassin must be aware of) and breaking them may lead to unpleasant consequences, such as detection by the enemy, health decrease or even game over. 1. Never hurt an innocent person. 2. Always be discreet. 3. Do not compromise the Clan. Basic Tips/Strategies --------------------1. Don't forget about blending. You may think it's gonna be faster to waltz past the guards and soldiers, but it won't. Blending actually helps to get things done faster, especially in the Limassol/Kyrenia locations. 2. Pay attention to the environment. The guards/soldiers are marked with yellow dots on the map, so if there's no potential enemies near, you can speed (

up the pace. And remember, Kyrenian pirates are enemies of Altair, too. 3. If you're being chased, don't forget about hiding places, like haystacks, for example. Note that if the enemies that are chasing you are too close, you won't be able to hide. If you're fighting too many enemies at once, and they keep sending reinforcements, it may be a good idea to run away, and hide. The haystacks are marked as little circles on your mini map. 4. Use longsword often. This is probably the best weapon to fight multiple enemies or bosses. And don't forget about counter attacking. Counter attacking is vrey important, and is probably the skill that will come in handy the most. 5. Don't get reckless, if you're low on health! It's better to run away, and wait until your health recovers. Some bosses won't leave you such a chance, so stay on your guard all the time. 6. When you're in a new and unfamiliar location, check the map to see if there is a View Point. It is marked with a white bird icon (the icon is red if synchronizing with the VP is essential for completing a main story objective). 7. Remember that you can leave the Memory Block you're currently on to upgrade your skills (or just exit the game), and resume at the last saved point of the Block. Synchronization/Sync Bar/View Points -----------------------------------Synchronization is the result of the process involving the interaction between Altair and the Animus which gives you the ability to see through Altair's eyes and control him. The Synchronization is lost by getting damaged, failing to complete the set objective or killing an innocent person. There's also a Sync Bar, a little status screen that displays Altair's health and the Astergo logo (the blue triangular thingie). Altair's health can be increased by upgrading it (adding one Synchronization bar per level). If Altair gets damaged, he'll lose one Synchronization bar. It will recover after a while, so if you're losing the bars too fast, it may be a good idea to run around a little and wait for your health to replenish. The Astergo logo is another thing. It represents how the people around Altair react/respond to his actions. The Astergo logo blinks in different colours, so here's a quick summary of its "states": White - No one pays attention to Altair/looks at him suspiciously Blue - Altair is returning to the "White" state Blue with red background - The guards have given the alarm to find Altair Blue with yellow eye - The citizens are looking at Altair suspiciously Blue with red eye - The soldiers are looking at Altair suspiciously Yellow - Altair has been detected by the soldiers/guards, but he is out of their line of sight Red - Altair has been detected by the soldiers/guards, and is being chased by them; Altair fights the soldiers/guards. The last thing I'd like to tell you in this paragraph is the Synchronization with the View Points. The View Points (VP's) are the places from where Altair can take a look at the surrounding scenery, so basically they are high towers, cathedrals, and other buildings. The View Point always stands out against the background, so it's easy to spot with toggling your camera or just looking at a Memory map. When you've spotted a VP, climb it carefully, and Synchronize using the Triangle button. Synchronizing gives you a little, but pleasant reward. Synchronizing with a VP also makes Altair know the place better, and marks the Side Mission locations on the map. After looking around, you can jump down to the ground by performing a Leap of Faith with the X button, and land in the nearby haystack. Side Missions -------------

As you travel through the locations of Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, you'll meet many people in the streets who are in need of Altair's help. These people will give you certain tasks that are actually side missions. The people who give you various tasks are often easily recognized by an icon above their head that signifies that they're side mission characters. You can also see the side mission icons on the Memory map, but only after you've synchronized with the view point at a given location. The side missions are divided into 7 types: Theft Mission - the NPC will say that there's a certain item you must steal. This item is usually guarded by a couple of soldiers, and is marked on your map. There are always easy ways to get to it (by jumping across the rooftops, for example). Sometimes you will have to deliver the item to the NPC, and sometimes one of the guards will steal it, and you'll have to chase him and kill him. Interception Mission - the NPC will say that there's a person in town that you must intercept and assassinate. The person usually runs away when he/she sees you from afar, and even blending won't help here. What you have to do is run after this person and assassinate him with a throwing knife or a hidden blade. Note that if the target reaches the gate to another location, your mission will be failed. Assassination Mission - this type of missions is plain and simple. There's a target you need to assassinate, usually guarded by a couple of knights or soldiers. Kill the soldiers, then kill the target. Delivery Mission - in these missions, you have to deliver an item within the time limit. Sometimes the time limit is short, sometimes not. Note that you have to be anonymous when giving the delivery to the target. Interrogation Mission - You need to get to the well guarded target, and follow him for a while, and then beat him with fists to make him talk. Tailing Mission - In this type of missions, you have to follow the target around for a certain amount of time, and then either kill or interrogate him. Combat Mission - the NPC is usually surrounded by three guards who are beating him/her to death. Take one of them out with a hidden blade, then assassinate the other two. Talk to the rescued civilian to obtain your reward. Memory Select Screen -------------------After completing the first Memory Block, you'll find yourself in the Memory Select screen. This screen gives you five options: you can choose "Continue Session" to continue your game; you can spend some earned points on upgrading you skills; you can review the "Accomplishments" list (top right option); you can go to the "Options" menu, where you can tweak the game's settings to your liking; finally, you can choose to replay a Memory Block that you have already completed. As you'll notice, each Memory Block has a set number of "line bar" or whatever you call them. Each line bar represents an objective in the Memory Block (with the exception of Memory Block 7), so if, let's say, Memory Block 1 has one line bar, that means there's only one objective, but there's eight objectives in the Memory Block 2, as you'll see from the Memory Select screen. If a line bar is coloured in red, it means it's a key character assassination objective. Accomplishments --------------Accomplishments. Simple as that. They are awarded to you as you collect more and more Templar Coins, finish Memory Blocks and kill soldiers in different ways. Surprisingly, none of them is really hard, it just takes time to achieve them all through the course of one playthrough. The only difficulty you may

encounter is collecting the Templar Coins, but with this guide, it shouldn't be too hard. One word about Templat Coins: it is believed that they unlock some special bonuses in ACII, but I don't know which for sure. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. Finish Memory Block 1, Captue Maria Finish Memory Block 2, Assassinate Frederick "The Red" Finish Memory Block 3, Assassinate Moloch "The Bull" Finish Memory Block 4, Assassinate The Dark Oracle Finish Memory Block 5, Assassinate Shahar and Shalim Finish Memory Block 6, Get to Limassol Finish Memory Block 7, Assassinate Armand Bouchart Finish Memory Block 1 in under 5 minutes Collect 50 Bronze Templar Coins Collect 100 Bronze Templar Coins Collect 500 Bronze Templar Coins Collect 1 Gold Templar Coin Collect 5 Gold Templar Coins Collect 10 Gold Templar Coins Collect all of the Gold Templar Coins Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Limassol Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Kyrenia Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Kantara Castle Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Buffavento Castle Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in St. Hilarion Castle Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Limassol Port Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Limassol Market Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Limassol Cath. Square Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Limassol Castle Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Kyrenia Harbor Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Kyrenia Merc. District Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Kyrenia Crus. Outpost Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Kyrenia Commons Collect all of the Gold and Silver Templar Coins in Kyrenia Market Square Kill 20 Soldiers Kill 50 Soldiers Kill 100 Soldiers Perform 10 Counter Kills in Fights Perform 50 Counter Kills in Fights Perform 100 Counter Kills in Fights Perform 10 Combo Kills in Fights Perform 50 Combo Kills in Fights Perform 100 Combo Kills in Fights Perform 10 Stealth Kills Perform 50 Stealth Kills

Upgrades -------The upgrades are a handy thing in this game, as they are pretty useful and easy to get. From the Memory Select screen, choose "Upgrades" and you'll be brought to a new menu. You can also watch the total sum of Bronze, Silver and Gold Templar Coins that you've collected. Each upgrade costs a certain amount of points. You get these points from collecting the aforementioned Templar Coins. Here's a list of the upgrades that are available: Hide Speed (Altair becomes anonymous more quickly after hiding) Level 1 - Cost: 50 points

Synchronization Rate (Synchronization Rate Increase) Level 1 - Cost: 200 points Synchronization Strength 5 Synchronization Bars 6 Synchronization Bars 7 Synchronization Bars 8 Synchronization Bars 9 Synchronization Bars Cost: Cost: Cost: Cost: Cost: 25 points 50 points 75 points 100 points 125 points

Throwing Knife Maximum 4 Throwing Knives - Cost: 100 points 5 Throwing Knives - Cost: 100 points Automatic Block: Automatic Block - Cost: 50 points Critical Hits: 5% chance to gritical hit - Cost: 75 points 10% chance to gritical hit - Cost: 75 points 15% chance to gritical hit - Cost: 75 points Upgrade Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Weapon Attack Damage (Altair's weapons do more damage): - Cost: 200 points - Cost: 250 points - Cost: 300 points

Note that after upgrading necessary skills you'll need to hit the "Confirm" option in order to store the changes you have made, and then exit to the Memory Select screen. +++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + WALKTHROUGH + + AC04 + +++++++++++++++++++++++ MEMORY BLOCK 1 (WT01): ---------------------Starting Location: Acre Harbor Fortress --------------------------------------Get over the first few objects and climb the wall. Assassinate the first guard with a stealth kill (use hidden blade for stealth kills). Go northeast to pick up a [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. Go to the stairs leading up, ignore them and proceed further down. Climb the boxes, get on the roof, and get across to the neighbouring building to find a [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN]. Approach the shining gate for a scene. After another tutorial, pick up a [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] in the corner. Go through the gate, and you'll get your first objective. ASSAULT Infiltrate Acre Harbor Fortress and stop the Templar escape Locate the Templar Commander The guards are shown as yellow dots on the map. As you enter, go to the right corner and pick up a [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. Assassinate the two guards in the tunnel and climb the barrels and leap onto the higher level to find another

[SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. Afterwards, approach the last guard in your sight and kill him. Go through another tunnel and approach the talking soldiers so that they can see you. Kill them both and go to the balcony (there's the last [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] in the corner a little further). Ascend the stairs for a scene. Boss: Maria Maria is an enemy that can deal damage through your blocking, so be quick with the counter attacking. A couple of precisely timed attacks should be enough to deplete her health to the needed minimum and trigger another scene. You'll have to go through one more tutorial, from which you will learn the basics of stealth killing and hiding from your enemies. Another scene will take place and you'll travel to Limassol. MEMORY BLOCK 2 (WT02): ---------------------Starting Location: Limassol Port -------------------------------INVESTIGATE Locate the Cypriot Resistance Safe House in the Limassol Marketplace Go to the Limassol Marketplace This is the first major location in the game, it has many sub-areas and places of interest, so take yout time to get used to the game a bit more. Synchronize at the View Point (the white bird icon on your map), and before completing the current objective, let's hunt for some Templar coins. The 5th [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is in the west section of the port, southwest from the View Point. The third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is on top of southernmost building. The second one is in the southern part of the ship, that is docked in the west section of the port. The first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is on the boat in the northwest. The fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is found near the delivery side mission target. Finally, there's a little island between the ship and the boat. Pick up the [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] that lies on it. Go north towards the Limassol Cathedral gate. In the Cathdral area, go north, east, north to find the fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. The second [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is found in the northeastern-most corner of the map. There are some girders between the buildings just in front of the Port entrance. You may find the fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] here. A little west from the Limassol Market gate, there's the third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN], on the building. To get to the View Point, climb the ladder in the northwestern corner of the map, and then keep scaling the buildings, picking up the first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] on your way. The [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] is well hidden in the northwestern-most corner, behind a haystack. Now let us move on to the Limassol Marketplace. The View Point is the thin tower in the center of the map. Once you have located the Safe House, climb up one of the eastern buildings (south of the Safe House) to find the first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. The fourth coin is right next to it, to the west. In the center of the map, there is some kind of monument. You'll find the second [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] just southwest of it. Go west from here, scale the nearest buildings to find the fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] on top of them. Go pick up a [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] in the northeastern corner. Drop down to the lower level to find the third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] a little to the west. Now you can finally enter the Safe House (or should I say, fall through the hole in the rooftop to get there). Pick up the throwing knife if you're low

on them, and proceed through the door for a scene. ASSASSINATION Assassinate the Templar Captain of the guard Locate the Templar Captain of the guard in the Limassol Marketplace This objective is very simple. Climb the building which is closest to the target and stealth-kill the archer on the roof (with a hidden blade). Get down on the ground with the help of a ladder, wait for a nearby soldier to walk away from you, approach the captain and assassinate him. This strategy should remain the same throughout other similar objectives. Return to the Safe House. DELIVERY Deliver Alexander's message to Osman Find Osman in the Cathedral Square Head for the northern gate. Osman is in the northeast corner of the Cathedral Square. Remain anonymous until you reach him. You have three choices: either lure the soldiers out of their positions or go for stealth assassinations. Take them out one by one, but be extremely careful. The easiest way is to kill the archer on the roof and jump to the neighbouring roof shortly after. Wait until there're no soldiers near you and drop down to Osman to trigger a scene. Afterwards, return to the Safe House. ASSAULT Assassinate Frederick "The Red" Infiltrate Limassol Castle The city gate to Limassol Castle Courtyard is on the south edge of the Market area. Climb the wall bricks in the northeast corner to get the first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. Don't drop down, hang on the girder instead and get on the observation wall. Head to the left side of it. Jump on the girder, then cross another wall (to the right side) and pick up the second [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] in the end. Enter the castle itself through the lower gate. Kill the soldiers if necessary, and climb the tall wall all the way to the top. Then you can just run past the guards for a little scene. But keep in mind that there's a third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] on the arch just before the training grounds. If you want to get to the Gold Templar Coin, jump on the ledge, that is to the left from the arch, and start moving left. Then jump on the bricks and drop down to pick up the [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN]. Return to the arch and approach the place of battle. Go south to pick up the fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] in the corner. Then approach the training soldiers. Boss: Frederick "The Red" This fight is similar to the duel with Maria. Get rid of the two knights, and focus on counter attacking Frederick. If you're low on health, run around until you recover some. ESCAPE Escape Limassol Castle Return to the castle entrance to escape Go back, picking up the fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] behind the barrels. You will be automatically brought to the lower grounds of the castle. Return to the Courtyard and run past the guards to the Marketplace exit. As you enter the Marketplace, you'll see that the Safe House is on fire. ASSAULT Stop the attack on the Safe House Defeat the Templars

Climb the Safe House building to see a small cutscene. You'll have to defeat 6 soldiers. After having done that, you'll watch another series of scenes. INTERCEPT Recapture Maria Intercept Maria and her captors Run after Maria to face four Templar soldiers at once. Try to not let them surround you. Counter attacking works fine as always. You'll need to get to Kyrenia now. DELIVERY Find a ship bound for Kyrenia Deliver Alexander's message to the ship's crewman without being discovered The man you're looking for is just straight to the west from the place where you start the mission. Keep a low profile and talk to him afterwards. You'll have to steal the ship's manifest. Get onboard the ship, and descend the ladder. Proceed to the inner room and pick up the manifest. Deliver it to Alexander for the final scene of Memory Block 2. MEMORY BLOCK 3 (WT03): ---------------------Starting Location: Kyrenia Harbor --------------------------------INTERCEPT Find Maria Locate Maria before the pirates find her You'll find the fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] in the pier to the northeast of your starting position. Proceed north for a scene. INVESTIGATE Locate the Cypriot Resistance Safe House in Kyrenia Commons Go to Kyrenia Commons If you're in for some coin hunting, go to the northwestern-most corner of the Harbor and climb the building with the View Point. Drop down and go south to find a [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] on one of the girders sticking out of the water. The 3rd [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is found on the fountain southeast of where the fifth one was. The fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is on top of the building, east of Gold Templar Coin's location. The first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is found south of the ship, on the building. The last (second)[SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is on top of the south gate (to Kyrenia Crusader Outpost). Enter the Kyrenia Commons area. Synchronize at the View Point to find the Safe House. There's a [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] on the roof near the VP. The fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is in the fountain (in the northwestern part of the Commons). The first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is in the northeastern corner, while the fifth is a little southeast from the Harbor gate, on the girders. The 2nd [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is on the building north of the Safe House, in the haystack. The third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is found in the northwest corner, at the top of the building near the Harbor gate. With this out of the way, go into the Safe House for a scene.

INTERROGATION Interrogate Jonas, the Cypriot traitor Find Jonas at the Amphitheatre in Kyrenia Commons without being discovered Go to the Amphitheatre area and Altair will spot three soldiers guarding Jonas. Take them out one by one, as they separate from each other. Chase Jonas and change your weapon to fists. He'll stop in the alley between the two buildings. Beat him down until he speaks. ASSAULT Protect Maria in the Harbor Find Maria in the Kyrenia Harbor When you'll get to the place where Maria is, you'll need to defeat 10 pirates. This will trigger a scene. Return to the Safe House afterwards. ASSAULT Stop the riot at the church in Kyrenia Commons Kill the fanatics attacking the church Go to the church. At first, you'll have to kill 6 fanatics, nothing hard. Then you'll have to take out 4 archers. Climb the building near one of them, kill the first one and then just jump from on roof to another killing them all. Return to the Safe House for a scene. ASSAULT Assassinate Moloch "The Bull" in Kantara Castle Infiltrate Kantara Castle The first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is in the southeast corner of the first area. After you have killed the first soldier, climb the left building to find the second [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. From this building, you'll see another archer. Get to him and assassinate him as well. Climb the tower to the very top. You will find the third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] here. Perform the Leap of Faith and keep giong all the way to the inner chambers. Jump on the girder, then on the chandelier. Make your way around this room, picking up the fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] on your way. You'll get into a little garden. Ascend the staircase and assassinate the soldiers. When you'll reach the top of the staircase, make a sharp turn to the right into a narrow pathway to get the fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. Then climb the roof with the girders, then climb the wall. From the balcony, you'll see a small observation tower near a catapult. There's a [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] in it. Finally, scale the church to meet "The Bull". Boss: Moloch "The Bull" Actually ,this big guy is a tad different from other enemies you've faced so far. He uses a giant meteor hammer, and swings it in all directions (multiple times). He can also charge at Altair at some points of the battle. Other than that, he's slow and clumsy. Dodge his hammer swings and charges, and hit him from the back. He'll go down in no time. ESCAPE Escape Kantara Castle Reach the battlements above the south wall to escape Run past the guards, the climb the rooftop and the wall next to it. Run to the place where the catapult is for a scene. You'll be brought back to Kyrenia Commons. Go back to the Safe House for a scene.

MEMORY BLOCK 4 (WT04): ---------------------Starting Location: Kyrenia Commons ---------------------------------ASSAULT Stop the execution in the Kyrenia Market Find the execution site Get out of the Safe House and enter the Kyrenia Market. The execution site is marked with a red combat icon. Approach the site for a scene, then kill two soldiers, and lastly the third too. The reinforcements arrive, so lay waste to them as well.You'll need to intercept the escaping Templar executioner now. He is running in circles all over the Market area, so just catch up to him and stab him with a blade to end the charade. Now synchronize at the View Point and do some side mission if you want. As for the Templar Coin hunting, the [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] is found on the girders south of Kyrenia Commons gate. The fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is in the southwest corner. The third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is found east of the Crusader Outpost gate. The fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is in the middle of east edge of the map. The second [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] can be found in the northeast corner. The first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is east of the Harbor gate, on the buildings. Return to the Safe House in Kyrenia Commons for a scene. INTERROGATION Interrogate the Prison Guard Find the Prison Guard in Kyrenia Harbor Before going to the Harbor, let's pay a visit to the Crusader's Outpost, shall we? To get there, go through the Market. As you enter, climb the first "staircase" of girders to find a [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] on top of it. From there, get to the View Point. Descend one ladder, cross the wooden bridge, ascend the other ladder to find the second [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. The third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is west of the Buffavento Castle gate, on the tower. The fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is very near to the first one, just east of it, on the girders. The fourth one is not reachable at this moment, so go to the Harbor area. Approach the place where the target is. Start following him, make sure that there are no soldiers near the both of you, then hit him a few times. TREASURE HUNT Steal the Jailor's Keys Find the Jailor's Keys in the Crusader Outpost The area where the keys are is guarded by two knight soldiers. Kill one of them with a hidden blade, then make your way through the rest of the soldiers to the desired item. There's a fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] on the roof just above the Jailor's Keys. ASSAULT Free the Resistance prisoners Find the jail in Kyrenia Harbor Backtrack to the Harbor. Kill the knights and open the cell. You'll have to fight 5 pirates. Go back to the Crusader Outpost to find Markos. ASSAULT Assassinate the Templar "Witch" in Buffavento Castle Infiltrate Buffavento Castle

First off, climb the ladder, assassinate the archer, climb the girders to find the first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. Now move across from one observation point to another using girders. The second [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is near the southwest corner. Approach the wall and start moving on its ledge. Move to the very corner. Now you'll have to perform a back jump to get on the neighbouring girder. It's an ordinary jump (R + X buttons, don't touch the Analog Stick), but may take a few retries. Start climbing the tower. When you'll see a fork in the road, go to the right first. You'll find a [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] in the back. Climb the tower all the way to the View Point, although it's not really synchronizable this time. Drop down to the nearby haystack (the one in the back). Go into the building and make your way into another area. Now you'll have to find the Witch's cell. Get down carefully, take the fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] on your way (just past the bonfire). Approach the cell for a scene, then get on the balcony to find the third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. Keep on jumping further and you'll reach the Witch's cell. First off, go to the newly opened room to pick up the fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN]. Then just keep tailing the Master Interrogator. Wait until he's alone and attack him. Enter the lower prison. Boss: The Witch This battle may seem a little frustrating at first, but it's actually pretty easy.The Witch has one unblockable attack - she throws daggers at Altair and jumps at him quickly. Make sure to dodge this attack. She also summons two minions every now and then. Quickly get rid if them and continue hacking her. Either way, this fight is all about "attack-block" skills. Attack her, then block. Repeat. She'll go down in no time. She may combo you when near death, and take away 3 or 4 life bars, so be careful. ESCAPE Escape Buffavento Castle Find the Balcony to escape Buffavento Castle Run to the right at the fork and you'll eventually get to the lower grounds of the castle. Then just return to the Safe House in Kyrenia Commons. MEMORY BLOCK 5 (WT05): ---------------------Starting Location: Kyrenia Commons ---------------------------------TAIL Learn more about the Templar commander Find the Templar commander in the Merchant District Go to the Kyrenia Merchant District. Pick up the first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] in the fountain and climb the View Point. The second [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is on the eastern edge of the district, a little to the north. The third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is found inside the half-round building in the center of the map (the one with the VP on top). You will find fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] in the northeast corner, on a wooden "stack". The [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] is found on the edge of the building, next to the Tailing mission icon (I hope you haven't done it already). The fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] can be found on the hanging wooden platform a little north from the southwestern-most building. Now let's go back to story missions. Follow Shalim for a short while, then take out his lackeys one by one and tail him again. Assassinate the third one afterwards. Tail Shalim for the last time to trigger a scene.

ASSAULT Stop the duelists from preying on the citizens of Kyrenia Stop the duelist harassment in the Merchant District This is as easy as combat side missions. Defeat all the duelists in Merchant District, then move one to the Market, and finally, to the Commons. Travel back to the Market to meet Markos. INVESTIGATE Learn more about the Templar commander from the scholars Find the leader of the scholars in the Crusader Outpost Go to Crusader Outpost and talk with a scholar. Then proceed to the next scholar for a scene. You'll have a little chase after a mysterious assassin. It's kind of needless to give you directions here, just think of the shortest way possible to get to his position, it's not that hard. Pick up the clues he left and speak with Markos in the Kyrenia Market. ESCORT Find a way into Saint Hilarion Castle Find the consort Palanquinn in Kyrenia Harbor Enter the Harbor. You'll have to escort a palanquinn by killing all enemies that may interrupt its little journey. The second part of this mission may become pretty frustrating, as there is a possibility that you will get game overs for no apparent reason. To prevent this, try to kill the soldiers pretty fast, pay most attention to the archers, and what's even more important try to kill the last two guards before the palanquinn gets stopped for the second time. It travels slowly, so you SHOULD have enough time to assassinate the Templars in the back. ASSAULT Assassinate Shalim at Saint Hilarion Castle Infiltrate Saint Hilarion Castle The first [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is on the girder near the building in the west part of the map. The second [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is inside the central house with civilian crowds. You can find the third [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] behind the statue just in front of the exit to another map of the castle. In the next map, the [GOLD TEMPLAR COIN] can be found on top of the tall observation tower that resembles a VP. Perform a Leap of Faith to get across to the other part of this area. Keep going forward (don't forget to pick up the fourth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] on the balcony). The fifth [SILVER TEMPLAR COIN] is on top of the little building, on the girders. Lastly, proceed to the last chamber to face Shalim... and someone else? Boss: Shahar and Shalim The twin brothers are dangerous if you're too reckless. They do combo attacks all the time, and block very well. Try to hit them from the back, and run around the area if you're low on health. ESCAPE Escape to the Safe House Escape pursuit and return to the Safe House Simply return to the Safe House to watch the scene that concludes this Memory Block. MEMORY BLOCK 6 (WT06):

---------------------Starting Location: Limassol Cathedral ------------------------------------INVESTIGATE Locate the new Cypriot Resistance Safe House in Limassol Marketplace Go to Limassol Marketplace Synchronize at the View Point and enter the Safe House for a scene. ASSASSINATION Assassinate the Duelist Captain in the Limassol Marketplace Find the Duelist Captain in the Marketplace Go to the Marketplace, find the captain, kill him. ASSASSINATION Assassinate the Pirate Captain in the Limassol Port Find the Pirate Captain in the Port Go to the ship, find the captain, kill him. ASSASSINATION Assassinate the Templar Captain in the Limassol Cathedral Square Find the Templar Captain in the Cathedral Square Approach the Cathedral area, get near the captain, kill him. INTERROGATION Interrogate the port watchmen Find the port watchmen in the Limassol Port Approach the place where the three men are talking, and follow the watchman. To avoid getting detected, use the rooftops. When he's finally alone, give him a few punches to trigger a scene. INTERROGATION Interrogate the Patrol Sergeant in the Cathedral Square Find the Patrol Sergeant in the Cathedral Square When you've reached your destination, you'll be ambushed by four soldiers. Lay waste to them and watch the next scene. INTERROGATION Interrogate Demetris, the Cypriot traitor in the Marketplace Infiltrate Demetris' home in the Marketplace The paths to Demetris' house are tightly surrounded by soldiers, so use roofs. Drop down to the ground near the entrance to his house, and enter it. INVESTIGATE Speak with Alexander Return to the Resistance Safe House in the Marketplace Pay a visit to the Safe House, then go to Limassol Castle Courtyard. Get close to Alexander's body in the back part of the Courtyard to trigger a scene. You will now have to defeat 25 soldiers that ambushed you. With that out of the way, approach the hidden door to end this Memory Block.

MEMORY BLOCK 7 (WT07): ---------------------Starting Location: The Templar Archive -------------------------------------ASSAULT Assassinate Armand Bouchart, the Templar Grand Master Infiltrate the Templar Archive There's no coins in this area, so all you have to do here is get down to the lowest level of the Archive, killing Templar soldiers on your way. Soon enough you'll reach the deepest part of the dungeon. Final Boss: Armand Bouchart Bouchart is not that hard for a final boss, except for his triple-hit attack. Dodge it quickly or you'll be suffering major damage. He also throws bombs at you when low on health, but that shouldn't be a problem if you're close to him and avoiding his rapier swings. After assassinating him, you'll have one minute to escape the Archive, as an earthquake started to destroy this whole place. After doing that, you'll watch the final series of scenes. At this point, you have completed Assassin's Creed Bloodlines. Congratulations! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + Frequently Asked Questions + + AC05 + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. When was this game released? - It was released in US on 17th of November, 2009; in Europe, it was released on 20th of November, 2009. 2. Who is the developer of this game? - Griptonite Games. 3. How does this game fit into the Assassin's Creed timeline? - Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles -> Assassin's Creed -> Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines -> Assassin's Creed II. 4. Do I have to play the first two games that go before Bloodlines? - You should definitely play AC1 to understand the story of this game better, as it continues the story of AC1. I haven't played Altair's Chronicles for the Nintendo DS, so I can't tell you for sure if you need to play it. Some say you don't. 5. Is this game hard? - Not really. Apart from a few moments, I would say this game is pretty easy. 6. Is there free-roam? - Yes, similar to AC1. 7. Can I disable the HUD? - Yes, you can. It's in the Options menu, under the Memory Select screen.

8. How long is this game? - 5-6 hours long. Probably more, if you want to collect all of the Templar Coins and complete all of the side missions. 9. Does this game have compatibility with other AC games? - Yes, with AC II. 10. Is there/will there be a multiplayer mode? - The answer is no. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + GLITCHES/GAME BUGS + + AC06 + ++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. Sometimes particular bosses (Maria, for example) keep losing large amounts of HP when you barely touch them. It may be a result of your successful block or even an attack that missed. 2. Sometimes the screen goes black in particular areas (Buffavento Castle, Limassol Castle) for no reason. Or maybe, because Altair climbs some narrow space place where the camera can't be controlled properly. 3. Sometimes Altair may trip over a dead soldier body, although normally it shouldn't be happening. 4. Sometimes you may end up "stuck" into the corner of the building for a short while. This only happens when you sprint, as I've understood. 5. In the escort mission (Memory Block 5) you may encounter sudden game overs if one or two Templar soldiers are left alive. 6. You can safely kill soldiers in front of the other nearby soldiers, and from a certain distance, they won't even notice it. That does not always work, though. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + + VERSION HISTORY + + AC07 + ++++++++++++++++++++++++ November, 14 (2009) - The skeleton section was created. November, 16 (2009) - Major update November, 17 (2009) - Major update 1,2,3 and 4 walkthroughs are done. November, 18 (2009) - Major update 5,6 and 7 walkthroughs are done. of the guide was created. The walkthrough for the Gameplay Overview section. for the Walkthrough section. Memory Block for the Walkthrough section. Memory Block

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