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Inside Job

I read Matt Taibbis book Griftopia, which explains complicated financial processes in a way that even a layman like myself can understand. Taibbi puts it front and center in Griftopia who screwed our financial system and why, and explains how the 2008 Wall Street bubble ruined the economy. Its a well-written book, engaging, educational, and by the end you want to go out and beat the crap out of everyone who works on Wall Street. Greedy pricks. Inside Job is basically a movie version of Taibbis book; they arent affiliated, but they tell similar stories and they both tell them quite well. Inside Job (narrated by Matt Damon) takes us through why banks are allowed to screw us, once again breaking down purposefully complicated banking terms and rendering them simple so that most of us can understand them, which is the last thing Wall Street wants, as those in power often do far better in a climate of ignorance (just ask China). I dont want to spoil any details as the movie is really terrific; but if you wonder why the economy has gone down the crapper, this movie will explain it to you in terms anyone can understand and point out with clarity who the culprits are, why they did it, and why they will do it again and again until they ruin the country, and why the government does nothing to stop them. Itll likely make you angry, but if you live in America these days and youre not in that top one per cent thats crapping on everyone else, well then, goddammit, you should be angry. Anyway, ignore my preaching and do yourself a favor and see this movie. Not since Network have I seen a film that I think we should strap people into chairs and make them watch, a la Clockwork Orange, but this one definitely falls into that category. A brilliant film, start to finish. July 10, 2011