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By, Sujit Das [A Note to the Readers: This Counter-Jihad poetry is dedicated to those half worshipped and half cursed Muslims who take up the Jihad's burden for the cause of Allah as dictated in Quran. They die for others profit and to make others gain without realizing that they are serving an imaginary God. I cannot blame the Muslim terrorists. They are brain-washed by their Prophet. Muhammad was a Psychopath. He and his followers had killed many innocent people, raped their women, reduced their children to slavery and destroyed property. Fanaticism is sprinkled throughout the Qur'an, blood drips from almost every verse and this unholy book has everything to do with hate, death, destruction and terrorism. The continual affirmation of Allah's rejection of other faiths and the people who practice them has encouraged religious intolerance throughout the history of Islam. This is natural. If one takes the Qur'an as sacred scripture; then to emulate God, one must love what Allah loves and hate what Allah hates, and if Allah hates people who believe differently, then it is good for the believers to hate them too. I have humiliated an original Arabic Quran in every possible manner and ultimately burned it down to ashes. I dont fear Allah because I know that this God is an imaginary God created by Muhammad to serve his Narcissistic needs. Muhammad fooled the Muslims by the name of God. No God had written the Quran. Muhammad himself wrote the Quran to serve his selfish purposes. He was an imposter and his God is a scarecrow, a paper tiger. This God is incapable of doing anything, either good or bad neither in this life or the afterlife simply because this God does not exist. Islamic terrorism is not going to end unless Allah and his Quran are sent to grave and this evil religion is destroyed. Through this poetry, I encourage the readers (both Muslims and non-Muslims) to overcome their fear and ridicule this book of hate in every possible way and flood the internet with humiliation pictures. So, unleash your creative genius; find various new ways to ridicule and dishonor this book of hate and lies. Who can say; in the future some of the pictures may be regarded as beautiful masterpiece. Let the whole world appreciate your creative talent. Thank you.]

Part 1: Author takes a firm stand against the Quran P d e

(A Author holds the terroris manual of Allah under his foot) st f r

You hurl thre against my Christia and Jews b Y eats an brethren, You hurl threats against my Hindu, Bud s ddhist and Si brethren, ikh , You hurl th hreats again the Atheis and Hum nst sts manists, You a hurl thre against the apostate also eats es. WHY? Beca ause you are intolerant a unholy!! e and !!

Well the today I st en, tand against you in defe t ense.

In defe ense of all the disbeliever freethink rs, kers In defense of the future g n f generation In defe fense of the fr freedom and Human Righ hts In I defense of the Human itself. f nity

Par 2: Auth does not believe in Q rt hor t Qurans Di ivine claim

(Au uthor uses the Quran as a shoe-rack) e )

You Y claim to have a Divin origin. ne But fa failed misera to show any evidenc ably ce Yet you cl laim repeate to be a D edly Divine revel lation. At the s same time, y dont lik to be deba you ke ated And, dont like a question to be asked about your authenticity , any d y. WHY? Because you are a fa ake!!!

Well then, I am a stau unch disbelie ever of your claim. r

Part 3: Author is d determined t expose Q to Quran

(Toilet is the right place for a nonsen book like Quran) nse e

You are ful of contrad ll dictions You Yo are again Science a Logic. nst and You are also aga ainst ethics a morality and y Bu you dont like to be qu ut t uestioned. WHY? Becaus your false se ehood would be exposed d d!!!

Well then, I w fight yo with the T W will ou TRUTH and LOGIC. d

Part 4: Auth takes th Quran to the Court of Humani for vario crimes a hor he o t ity ous

(Authors toilet is dec s corated with Quranic ve h erses)

You h have ruined m many prospe erous Nation ns. Yo are a cur to the Hu ou rse uman race. You are also a curs to the Mus e se slim themsel lves. You teach hate to th hem. You hav caused a m ve mental ensla avement to th hem Yo make Jiha obligator to them. ou ad ry You had g given a sacre aura to cr ed rime and terr rorism WHY? Be ecause Muha ammad, the a author of Qu uran was a c criminal!!!

Well then, to W oday I will ri idicule you i front of th public in he You produce suicide bom Y mbers, rapists and child m s molesters. You advocate m u mass murder and torture. You Y advocat violence on women te You make a sane person insane. n WHY? Because Muh B hammad, the author of Q e Quran, was insane!!! Well then, today I want to ta revenge l y ake e.

Part 5: Autho takes reve t or enge for cri imes against Humanity t y.

(Auth burns dow Allahs t hor wn terror manua al)

You curse the disbeli ievers While you yourse is a curse to Humanit e elf e ty You p prescribe ete ernal punishment to them m. You destine the disbelievers to Hellfire. u s WHY? Bec cause Muha ammad wante Islam to e ed eliminate the infidels!!! e

Well then, today I m make you the food of the fire. e e Before you eliminate my non-M Muslim breth hren I will eliminate yo ou.

It is far more noble to die than spread death and disease among millions of innocent people
-- Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

So long as there is this book [The Quran] there will be no peace in the world."
--William Ewart Gladstone

(Readers, please chant the following Holy Funeral Prayer with the author)

Oh, the Holy book of misguidance Oh, the Holy terrorist manual of Allah and His Apostle. Oh, the Holy revelations of a clown God Burn thoroughly, Burn thoroughly, the unholy book of Muslims In the hands of an Infidel. Let not a single verse survive Let the Humanity survive.

Part 6: A Author throw an open challenge to Allah ws

(This is ho author mo ow ocks the fake religion of Allah) e f

(Author give two hoots to this hollo threat of M es ow Muslims. He does not fear Allah bec e cause he kno the secre of Islam) ows et

(The Ghost of Holy Quran is p G y praying to A Allah with tears in his ey yes)

On the da of resurre ay ection When you appear bef efore your al ll-powerful A Allah, Just cry at the top o your voice and compla y of e ain: My Lord Sujit Das h ridicule me, raped me and bur d, had ed d rned me to a ashes

Author can be contac at count cted ter.jihad@ya ahoo.co.uk