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GAVINO, Regina B.



18 July 2011

Graduation Plan

Taking up an engineering course was sure the greatest leap I ve gone in my life. I was never the Miss Mathematics or Miss Physics ever since, or perhaps, was never the Miss Insert-A-Subject-I m-Good-At at school. I was more of a literature girl, or chemistry chick, but thought that it would bore the hell out of me studying the same thing for another four years. I made up my mind about taking ECE because I suck big time with Math and Physics. It was another of my paradoxical thinking about choosing something I m having a hard time with. Perhaps, I want to add spice to my life but challenging myself and proving to the world my versatility. It would come upon me being a competent person in the future. Choosing Mapua Institute of Technology was both my parents and mine s choice. Like what I ve said, I was never the brightest and most intelligent girl in class, so might as well pull the strings by choosing the best school instead. My efforts would eventually come along the way. The sole goal was to become competitive. Every year, a lot of graduates compete with the same nonincreasing number of jobs and it had overtime become extra hard to find your limelight along the huge crowd. With good school and good training, all you have to do is take on hold with it and do your part as a student by studying and passing tests, and bam! A competitive and well-prepared leader for the next generation. With a goal and a dream to take hold, it would eventually boils down to real business, which is engineering s hell world. I already briefed myself upon what to expect in engineering, given also, that both my parents were on engineering paths. I immediately understood the fact that the course is like an island with a typhoon throughout called Mathematics. I get it, and I think I can handle the pressure, especially given that my former alma mater has molded us to with many mathematics subjects at the same time. Approximately after four long years or five or so, I visualized a good number, probably increasing, of ECE graduates and aspirants. By the time, I am clearly aware that there would be an intense competition among us. Thanks to the continuous globalization and technological hype around the world, I m pretty confident that there would be new job offers for newly-graduates and the like. The works and studies might include hardships and sacrifices, sleeping and eating deprivations, but what life promises for us is a good reward for those who work hard and wait patiently.