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: Nortel 920-261 Nortel Application Switch Rls.24.x Configuration & Admin Version : R6.1


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1. In order to create a BWM (Bandwidth Management) policy you must assign a policy number, specify limits (reservation limit, soft limit, hard limit), and which of the following? A. Specify a buffer limit. B. Associate a new IP address with the necessary VLAN. C. Map IP addresses in a sufficient range. D. Create a table entry. Answer: A

2. What is an advantage of a bandwidth management policy? A. It creates a health check on the available bandwidth. B. It creates a set of rules that determines the limits and packet precedence. C. It collects rules that assign the traffic specified to a certain port. D. It assigns the total amount of bandwidth that gets through the switch. Answer: B

3. To manage bandwidth, a bandwidth management contract is created. Which two parameters must the contract include? (Choose two.) A. blocking guidelines for unexpected or unwanted users B. a classification policy where frames are grouped together C. a key that allows for emergency expansion of bandwidth limits D. a policy that specifies a set of bandwidth usage limitations to apply to the frames Answer: BD

4. Which three settings help you to determine whether or not you can apply a specific contract to the Nortel Application Switch? (Choose three.) A. Bandwidth management is enabled. B. Healthchecks are monitoring traffic flow. C. A relevant classification is associated with that switch. D. The Application Switch is acting as a "core" Layer 2 device. E. The sum of all your CIRs does not exceed the bandwidth available.

Answer: ACE

5. What does a Virtual Server Router (VSR) provide redundancy for? A. VIR B. VIP C. NAT D. GSLB Answer: B

6. Which two parameters must be configured the same on all switches for a given VIR? A. VRID and Priority for the VIR B. Priority and Interface IP address for the VIR C. IP address and VRID for the VIR D. VRID and Interface IP address for the VIR subnet Answer: C

7. Which is true when sharing is enabled for a Virtual Server Routers (VSR)? A. Client/server processing takes place on both switches. B. Server processing operates in round-robin mode between the switches. C. All client/server processing is forced to the master switch. D. Sessions are synchronized between both switches. Answer: A

8. Which of the following is a valid VRRP tracking parameter? A. Ports B. SNMP C. OSPF D. VRID Answer: A


9. In which circumstance will a backup switch become the primary switch? A. when it ceases to receive advertisements from the primary switch B. after a successful bid to become the primary switch C. when forced via the /oper/vrrp/master command D. after receiving an advertisement with a lower preemption than its own Answer: A

10. After a Virtual Server Routers (VSR) has been created, which action can only be done by the master? A. host a telnet session B. respond to ARP requests C. keep track of available real servers D. process packets destined for the VIP Answer: B

11. In standard FWLB, each switch checks the health of the interfaces of the opposing switch. Which statement is true? A. Each switch automatically selects and adds the required static routes. B. Filters must be specified to allow for periodic access beyond the local firewall. C. The firewall must occasionally be shut down to allow contact with other interfaces. D. Static routes must be added to direct health checks through the proper firewall and to the other side. Answer: D

12. Standard server load balancing uses the source IP address, WCR uses the destination IP address. What does the FWLB use to determine distribution and ensure consistency? A. source IP address only B. source port number only C. source and destination IP address D. source and destination port number Answer: C


13. What happens to a FWLB redir filter if all real servers for the group fail their healthchecks? A. The filter becomes a deny filter. B. The filter becomes an allow filter. C. The filter is ignored and traffic is dealt with by the next matching filter. D. The backup action specified in the advanced filter menu is used, instead of redirection. Answer: A

14. Which statement is true when a session is created by a packet entering an RTS enabled port? A. The session has a default age of 6 minutes. B. The session has a default age of 8 minutes. C. The RTS sessions statistic increments by one. D. The destination IP of the packet is the source IP of the session. Answer: D

15. An advantage of delayed binding is the ability to support Cookie-based persistence, to support SSL session ID persistence, and which of the following? A. to support VRRP persistence B. to support L7 load balancing C. to support load balancing overhead D. to support Layer-2 bridging Answer: B

16. When a Proxy IP (PIP) is used with normal SLB, which two addresses are changed? A. VIP and DIP B. DIP and RIP C. RIP and VIP D. SIP and DIP Answer: D

17. Three types of cookie persistence on the Nortel Application Switch are Passive, Rewrite and which of

the following? A. NAT B. Insert C. Magic D. Translate Answer: B

18. Which two requirements are necessary for an application switch implementation? (Choose two.) A. edge routing B. no clustering C. packet manipulation D. session-based traffic management Answer: CD

19. Which is the minimum platform requirement for a system with 14 simultaneous fast Ethernet connections and a single fiber connection? A. 2208 B. 2216 C. 2424SSL D. 3408 Answer: B

20. What does Virtual Matrix Architecture (VMA) do? A. VMA allows filtering to be configured on all physical ports. B. VMA allows the switch to process TCP traffic from telnet sessions. C. VMA makes use of any unused port resources within a switch by distributing the workload to multiple processors. D. VMA takes individual resources from any back-up switch and utilizes them for load balancing. Answer: C


21. How many syslog servers can be set on the Nortel Application Switch? A. 1 B. 2 C. 5 D. 7 Answer: C

22. The CLI session is timing out too soon. What can you do to resolve this? A. Nothing. The timeout value is not changeable. B. Use the /cfg/sys/idle command to change the timeout value. C. Use the /cfg/sys/time command to change the timeout value. D. Use the /cfg/oper/time command to change the timeout value. Answer: B

23. Which command chooses the active configuration? A. /oper/img/image B. /cfg/boot/active C. /boot/conf active D. /maint/img/active Answer: C

24. Which command disables all SNMP access? A. /cfg/snmp/disable B. /cfg/sys/snmp disable C. /cfg/system/snmp/disable Answer: B

25. Which connection types must be enabled through the Console Port? A. SSH and Telnet B. SSH and SNMP

C. SNMP and Management D. BBI and Telnet Answer: A

26. Which is the correct command to transfer code to the switch via the network? A. /boot/gtimg B. /oper/img/get C. /maint/img/get D. /cfg/boot/gtimg Answer: A

27. Which statement is true for SNMP network management? A. The system name is required. B. The system location is required. C. Only one host is allowed to receive system traps. D. SNMP setup allows read/write community strings. Answer: D

28. Which command enables the Web UI? A. /cfg/webui enable B. /cfg/web/http enable C. /cfg/sys/access/http en D. /cfg/sys/access/webui en Answer: C

29. Which command transfers code from the switch via the network to external storage? A. /boot/ptimg B. /oper/img/put C. /maint/img/put D. /cfg/boot/ptimg

Answer: A

30. Which parameter is required for setting up a syslog? A. host IP address B. community IP addresses C. host MAC address D. list of syslog messages to be used Answer: A

31. Which two methods can you use to transfer code to the application switch? A. TFTP and serial B. serial and SNTP C. SMTP and SNMP D. SNMP and TFTP Answer: A

32. When should flow control be used on the console connection? A. never B. always C. only during peak traffic times D. only if specified in the job requirement Answer: A

33. From which main menu can you upgrade the switch software? A. Maintenance menu B. Boot Options menu C. Configuration menu D. Operations Command menu Answer: B


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