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What is CRMnext?
CRMnext is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, enterprise class customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It is rich in features and functionalities and fast to implement. Using CRMnext, companies can efficiently manage and improve all customer facing operations like sales, marketing & customer services. It enables companies to manage and seamlessly share information across departments by centralizing all customer data. CRMnext offers integrated reporting and analytical capabilities to enable companies discover actionable business intelligence that can lead to better revenues. The solution is powerful, yet simple to use. The unique architecture of CRMnext ensures that companies experience the benefits of a CRM solution without associated operational hassles required to run an enterprise solution.
Mailing List Leads Call Scripts Competitors Contacts Forecast Budgets Partners Opportunities Campaigns Accounts

Self Service Portal Inventory Contracts


Feedback Solutions Training


Marketing Automation

Sales Force Automation

Customer Service & Support

Universal Framework
Document Management System Business Process Automation MultiDimensional Analytics

Why do I need it?

CRMnext enables companies manage growth strategically by CRMnext helps everyone focus on the single version of truth providing a single platform to effectively roll-out processes and by enabling a unified interface. It helps: measure its performance across multiple locations.
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= View complete customer information and documents at one place. = Manage geographically dispersed teams and operations. = Improve pipeline visibility and sales effectiveness. = conversion cycle and improve customer Reduce lead acquisition. = Deliver consistent world class service by providing adequate information at points of interaction. = Adopt profitable ways to do business, including best practices. = insight and analysis using interactive Get real-time dashboard & reporting.

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Features & Benefits

What is Sales Force Automation?
The sales force automation module offers end-to end solution to manage sales team. It helps gain efficiency and Key Features Lead management & contact management Account Opportunity management Competition management & services management Product management Territory team management Multiple & activity management Calendar Email & SMS integration performance management Target & reporting & analytics Custom effectiveness, required to meet the aggressive targets in todays business world.

Key Benefits = Global pipeline visibility = customer information Centralized = Sales process coaching = Shorter/optimized sales-cycle =forecast accuracy Increased = Boost revenues =opportunities Pursue all = Identify market trends

What is Customer Service & Support?

The customer service & support module helps drive customer satisfaction by enabling support teams to handle calls more effectively and provide a consistent customer Key Features Case management Assignment & queue management & notification Escalation Asset management management Knowledge CTI integration Email & SMS integration sales process Service to Self-service portal reporting & analytics Custom experience. It enables companies to handle more customers with a smaller support team, by deploying advance automation features. Key Benefits = Drive customer satisfaction = Identify crucial issues = transfers Reduce call = Enforce service level agreements = Increase productivity & efficiency = Identify revenue opportunities = Communicate consistently = Reduce incoming call volume

What is Document Management System?

CRMnext provides a powerful centralized document management system to ensure that all the sales, service and marketing related documents are available in one Key Features repository Document Access rights management Source versioning search Document Binding management central location for any time access. Disaster recovery and continuity programs ensure that all documents are safe.

Key Benefits = repository Centralized = Anytime, anywhere access = Eliminate communication inaccuracy = Disaster recovery

For more information, visit us at www.crmnext.com

Features & Benefits

What is Marketing Automation?
The marketing automation module offers easy and integrated tool to manage campaigns and measure their effectiveness. It helps achieve uniform customer Key Features management Campaign management Mailing List response tracking Campaign expense management Budget and Lead management Email & SMS marketing marketing repository Centralized reporting & analytics Custom communication across departments. Companies can better manage customer segmentation and ensure targeted communication Key Benefits = campaign ROI Measure = campaign effectiveness Maximize = quality leads Generate = Better your market segmentation = Deliver consistent message = online product content Maintain

What is Business Process Automation?

The business process automation module helps company design customized processes and adopt customer global Key Features process designer Business approval process Multi-step Parallel workflow within a process Enforcement & automation rules & assignment rules Escalation business processes Multiple Sales process coach tasks & alerts Automated best practices. Processes can be easily enforced to gain greater business efficiency and multiply profits.

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Key Benefits processes = Drive business efficiency = Drive quality = inter-departmental coordination Smoothen =value drivers Employ = Standardize measurement

What kind of Reports & Analytics can I get?

CRMnext offers industry leading business analytics. It has integrated multidimensional analysis engine that enables businesses to analyze data on a combination of time, team, Key Features Multi-dimensional analytics reporting Drill-down territory and product axis. An easy to use report designer enables corporate executives to create reports they need, on demand, without requiring them to understand technology.

dashboards Interactive report designer Custom analysis Historical OLAP analysis Relational reporting Clustered Matrix & Template report Tabular,

Key Benefits = business intelligence Actionable = eliminate bottlenecks Identify & = Spot market trends = Chart business performance = decision making ability Pro-active

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Why choose SaaS over On-Premise CRM?

Paying expensive software license fees for On-Premise CRM software is only the beginning. It requires you to also invest in hardware, installation, engineering, and implementation. Over time, costs for ongoing support, Description Hardware Requirements Purchase of servers, related hardware, load balancers, specialized storage, etc. Software Requirements Purchase of licenses for database, operating system, analytical components, application servers, etc. Application Management Day-to-day administrative management of the CRM system, like daily log clearings, database clean-ups, tuning etc. Security Management Real-time monitoring of application, including intrusion detection and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Includes standard security measures like firewall management, RSA Key management, etc. Upgrade Management Purchase of software upgrades, migration of data and reconciliation of existing integration. Backup & Disaster Management Daily onsite back-up, offsite storage of data in a secured location for disaster recovery program. Implementation Management Time to procure & install hardware, software, application, customization and integration even before we see the first screen. Application roll-out On-premise CRM often require complex client side installations. SaaS simply requires a browser to roll-out. Ease of Use Will the users find application difficult to use? Do they need to learn another application? upgrades can also be added to get the real feel of your total cost of ownership. SaaS offers you zero hassle ownership, while sharply reducing your total cost of ownership.








Always On


Fully Secured

Paid & Complex

Free & Seamless


Fully Managed

Complex & Time Taking

Fast Roll-out

Restricted; Machine & environment affinity

Anytime Access

Difficult to Use

Familiar HTML Interface (like yahoo!)

Ease of Application Maintenance How easy is it for IT to change business rules or customization?

Code Change

Codeless Customization

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Frequently Ask Questions

I have an ERP, do I still need CRM? Yes. ERP solution focuses on optimizing resources of a company like inventory, finance, human resource, etc. CRMnext focuses on helping companies manage their customers, related issues, activities and retaining knowledge associated with them, for example pre-sales & pipeline information. Typically, this information is captured on spreadsheets that is lost with time, damaging revenue potential. Can it integrate with my Financial System, ERP or our in-house built applications? CRMnext has been especially designed to ensure easy and fast integration. It provides multiple ways to integrate data and enable organizations to collate information across systems. My company works in multiple countries, can CRMnext manage it? Many companies use CRMnext to manage their global operations. CRMnext supports multiple currencies and is multi-lingual. It also offers one level of financial consolidation to facilitate single currency reporting. Since CRMnext is web based, it enables seamless roll-out across continents. How can CRMnext improve my productivity? To start with, CRMnext streamlines processes & practices. It automates repetitive work, saving considerable time yet enforcing standards. It boosts inter-departmental co-ordination, eliminating waste & increasing organizational efficiency. It ensures effective actions by providing single click access to relevant data. Does CRMnext provides CTI/ACD integration? Yes, CRMnext comes pre-integrated with leading dialer solutions. The agent machines simply needs a plug-in installation to support automatic pop-ups for relevant screens like leads, cases, etc. Integration works both for in-bound & out-bound calls. Softphone controls are available within CRMnext window.

PROVEN ROI A track record of success implement Fast to use Easy to tested results Tried &

GREAT FOR BUSINESS Boost efficiency, cut waste Streamline processes Standardize practices anywhere access Anytime, recovery Disaster change Easy to manage Easy to

EASY ON IT For complete peace of mind free ownership Hassle Rock-solid stability availability Unparallel Zero client footprint upgrades Seamless of ownership Low cost

FAVOURED BY USERS Empowerment to achieve results repeated tasks Automate work effort Organize information access Structure coordination Improve process management Complete

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About Us
CRMnext is a leading global CRM solution. CRMnext has practice leadership in over 11 industry verticals where we work with companies to help them make most of their relationships with the customer. Our key vertical editions include Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Media, Pharmaceutical, Telecom, Entertainment, Energy, Manufacturing etc. CRMnext works closely with its customers, leveraging its extensive domain expertise to enhance their business efficiency by improving processes and practices. This combination of competency and commitment to results are key to the companys success in the global market.

How to buy? To subscribe to CRMnext or to learn more visit us at www.crmnext.com. You can also: SMS CRM DEMO to 56677 Write to us at : sales@crmnext.com Contact any of our global offices Contact Us: To learn more about our offerings, talk to our CRM representative today at any of our locations.

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For more information, visit us at www.crmnext.com