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GAMES NEWS REVIEWS FEATURES HARDWARE MODDING WALKTHROUGHS CHEATS HOW-TO'S DEMOS PATCHES VIDEOS Breaking News Could This Be Modern Warfare 3s Box... The Dumbest Arguments Surrounding the... Posted on January 21, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Dead Space 2 Walkthrough UPDATE: Our Dead Space 2 Video Walkthrough is now live on YouTube! Check out the Dead Space 2 playlist, along with an entire YouTube channel filled with walkthrough video goodness! The success of Alan Wake proved that the survival horror genre is still going strong, and Dead Space 2 is bursting back on the scene this year with enough scares to make you go prematurely gray. Screenshots make it look like the slick evolution of the original that everyone expected, although there are some clever new touches, like a 4v4 multiplayer mode that will see one team inhabiting the Lovecraftian boots/claws of the Necromorphs. The games levels are sure to be packed with ambushes, audio logs, and tricky boss fights, so taking advantage of some help will definitely augment the experience. You might also be interested in checking out our Cheats page, which acts as a comprehensive Dead Space 2 resource, or viewing lists of Trophies or Achievements. Our unlockables page has information about Modes, Schematics and Equipment you can use to augment your experience. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Triage Room Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Transport Hub Chapter 7 Kill the Mainframe Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 The Bridge Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 The Final Battle The Walkthrough Chapter 1

You wont have long before its time to just start running. Hold down LB or L1 and keep moving. Whenever you see monsters appearing ahead of you or on the sides as you hit junctions, move away from them. The path is fairly simple. A second later, youll hit a door. Follow the prompts to escape danger and youll be in the clear, at least momentarily. Ahead is a save point on the wall, marked by a Camera icon. Save your game and move on. Head through the door. Youll see soldiers ahead, but they wont last. When theyre gone, run forward and right to find the path through the room. Keep moving. Ahead is a door marked Observation Room. Inside, youll find a disarrayed research area with a video playing an interview with another mental patient. You can watch it, as well as check the observation bays below the floor on either side of the room, for a few clues as to whats going on. Then make your way to the far end of the room and take the door on the left. Youll see a man in the next room, one of the doctors who was treating Isaac. Approach him and hell speak with you. After the interaction, you can open a nearby locker inside is a health pack, which you can use to heal yourself with B, and a flashlight that will equip you with a melee attack. Move into the next doorway, into the elevator that leads to the Patient Rec Room. When you come to the top of the elevator, youll enter a darkened room. The Rec Room is to the right, and youll have to navigate the slalom of tables with just your flashlight. Before long, youll snake through to a side area, where you can turn left or right. AUDIO LOG: To the left youll see wheelchairs; instead, stop and go to the right, around a table, to find your first Audio Log on the ground. Finding 100 of these logs will unlock the Librarian Achievement or Trophy not to mention, its the best way to hear the full story of the game. Move on toward the light and youll find another Save Point. Use it if you like, then go through the door across from it. Through the next room, which is some kind of plumbing station, youll find a hatch you can open and crawl inside. After a few moments, youll fall through the bottom of the shaft into a surgical theater. Go to the panel beside the surgery bed and deactivate the console: Isaac will pull out a Kinesis module that you can use to manipulate objects. Grab one of the metal pipes from the bed and shoot it through the glass to cut a way out. As soon as you blow the glass, two necromorphs will bust into the room and attack you. Use Kinesis to grab more metal rods and fire them at the enemies to kill them. If you need to, you can rely on your melee attack, which is pretty useful in the easier difficulties. TIP: Once youve killed the necros, stomp on them with RB or R1 to loot the bodies. Youll likely find credits and health on these two. Heal up and head to the exit of the room. The far end of the surgical theater is marked by an elevator. Inside is another small health pack, which you can use to heal up to full (or close to full). Hit the button and youll exit on the

observation deck of the theater where three necromorphs will drop into the room to attack you. Quickly move to your right and youll find more rods you can use with Kinesis. Grab them and start tagging the necros with them. If you need additional fodder, you can target the necros and pull their spear-like arms off to use as weapons. Harpoon the enemies and smash them with the melee or the stomp to loot them. Head down the ramp and go all the way to the left wall, where youll find a small orange wall compartment. Open it with the action button to reveal some credits you can grab. Head to the opposite side and youll find another compartment with more credits. Once you have them, you can head to the exit door. The next room holds a green loot container and a pair of necromorph bodies. Stomp the container and the body to reveal some loot, and melee the last body for even more. Then head through the door. ACHIEVEMENT: Keep an eye out for those green containers. Smashing 10 of them with your stomp move will unlock the Romper Stomper Achievement or Trophy. Move into the next room and youll find yourself in another big surgery room. There are three surgical bays scattered around the outside of the room, plus a central section with a person inside. Head to the center first and deactivate the surgical laser at the back of the room. Youll get a Plasma Cutter from the machine, which you can then use on the attacking necromorphs. Aim for the limbs and try to cut them loose to kill the enemies. There are two that will attack you as you leave the room. ACHIEVEMENT: If you cut loose 25 limbs from enemies (you may be close to doing so already in your other fights, youll get the Shoot the Limbs! Achievement. Now, quickly check the other surgery bays for ammunition and wall compartments you can open. A few are locked, but you should get some credits from the endeavor. Approach the necro tied to the gurney at the far end of the room and blast it to loot its body (remember to loot the others), then leave the room. Theres nothing in the next room, and youll receive a message from Dana as you move through it. In the next, hit the Save Point and continue on your way through the door. Youll enter a recovery ward, with a fire blocking the way to your left. Move right. As you round the corner, automatic sprayers will kick on and douse the fires, plunging the room into darkness and signaling the attack of three necromorphs. Tear into them with your Plasma Cutter and use Kinesis if you need to there are three, so youll have to act fast. When those guys are dead, loot them and continue around the bend the way you were headed. Youll pass a small room with beds in it on the left check it for ammo and money and advance around to the right to a dead end, where youll be able to pick up ammo near a broken coffee table and money from a wall locker near the locked door to the left. Backtrack and go through the unlocked blue door you passed after the room with the beds. Inside is a crate you can smash and another door. Through it, youll find yourself on the other side of one of the fiery barriers you passed earlier. Hand a left at the junction. AUDIO LOG: Youll hit a burned out dead end beside a small room with beds. Check that room on the counter for a Text Log. Turn back and take the next left into a small waiting room thats actually a dead end. Check the coffee table for ammo, the back right corner for a body with a health kit, and a wall locker to the right for more ammo. Take the last hallway and youll reach a door marked Upper Lobby. Inside, a siren is going off. Youll immediately see a figure across from you hell dart down a ramp. Follow him down to your left. At the bottom of the ramp, grab a health pack from the red machine near you and turn left to see the man slide under a metal grate. Hell speak with you for a second, and then youll be ambushed by enemies. Watch out for them to appear through vents in front of you , and also from the ramp you descend. Take them out and the siren should quit. AUDIO LOG: Before you leave this area, there are a few loose ends to tie up. Head back upstairs and look for an unlocked door on the far side of the room. Open it to find a crate you can smash and a fresh Audio Log.

POWER NODE: Thats it for the upper floor. Head back downstairs and check the rounded reception desk in front of the door youre directed to by your objective marker. You should locate a Power Node there, which you can use to upgrade your equipment or open certain doors. AUDIO LOG: Now step through the door to the left of the reception desk and look immediately right for another Text Log on the counter as you go through. Check behind the reception desk and snag another ammo pack, then move through the door into emergency section of the hospital. Youll locate a Save Point there, which will let you get ready to enter the Triage Room. Triage Room AUDIO LOG: The floor to the right of the entrance to the Triage Room has a Text Log on it. Grab it as you come in. Theres a security gate on the far end of the room barring your progress, and a console that can open it in the center of the room. Ignore both at first and go to the left, where you can hack a large red piece of machinery. Doing so gets you the Stasis Pack, and fires it at an incoming necromorph. Shoot it quickly or it can kill you in one attack you can use Stasis on it again to save yourself. Recharge your Stasis meter at one of the dispensers on either side of the room, then go to the center console and hit the button. Zap the gate with Stasis or itll close as you approach it. Go through and grab ammo from the ground on the left. Through the next door, youll hear coughing. Get in and youll see a doctor writhing as hes burned by some kind of acid. Get to the doorway quick and youll see a new kind of necromorph, the Puker, dousing another doctor with acid. Blast it from a distance. Theres a second enemy in here, approaching you from the big room ahead to the left. Try to take it out from afar to limit the damage it can do to you. POWER NODE: As you enter the room with all the beds, head straight to the lighted area at the back. Check the back left corner of the counter and youll get your Power Node. There are also two wall containers you can open on either side of the counter. Follow the hallway on the left to reach an elevator that will take you up to Patient Care. When you reach the top, the Objective Indicator will direct you to the right, but dont head that way just yet. AUDIO LOG: First, check the reception area right in front of you. Youll find a Text Log on the floor. POWER NODE: Theres also a Power Node on the desk on the right. AUDIO LOG: Now go in the opposite direction from the objective indicator, to a door marked Conduit Room. Open it and youll find an Audio Log on the floor inside. POWER NODE: Theres also a Power Node in here. Now you can backtrack and go where the Objective Marker leads you. Itll lead you around a corner into a room with a sign beside it warning of oxygen being in use and against open flames. Open the next door and youll see fire then the window will blow out. As soon as you get some control, shoot the red triangle above the window to close an emergency hatch and seal the breach. Move through the next door and youll enter a room with a Save Point and a Store. Theres also a dead necromorph body on the ground or is it? Shoot the thing and itll pop up and demonstrate that its very much alive. Finish it and loot it. POWER NODE: See that blue wall panel right in front of you, near where the necromorph body was? Go to the wall and open it to find another node. Hit the Store next. Spend a little money and buy Isaacs Engineering RIG , which gives you the benefit of a little bit of armor against attacks. ACHIEVEMENT: The Patient on the Loose Achievement is yours when you change suits for the first time. When youre ready, head through the door. Youll enter a vacuum area, where youll be dependent on Isaacs suits oxygen supply. Its plenty, so dont worry. POWER NODE: This is an easy one to miss. Face the hole that looks out into space and look for a glowing spot. Hit it with Kinesis and youll retrieve a Power Node. Its slightly to the right.

Continue through the vacuum area and youll reach an open hangar bay. To your left is a Stasis charger fill up, then make your way to the vehicle to the right. Approaching the escape vehicle triggers a boss fight with a big monster that will pursue you relentlessly around the hangar. If you hang still, itll jump at you, and those columns throughout the room make good fodder for it to crash through and fling at you. You dont have to worry about this fight too much, provided you keep moving and keep your strength up. There are loot crates scattered all over the place that you can use to find health and additional ammo, provided you can move fast enough. Keep circling the room until youre ready to make your move. Watch for the boss lunge move, and when you see it coming, quickly cut to the left or right while running to avoid it. If he hits you, youll be knocked down and take considerable damage, so try to avoid getting pounded too much by its attacks. When youre finally ready to put the hurt on the boss, spin around and hit it with Stasis fast. This will freeze it temporarily, allowing you to target the yellow patches on its arms (right around where elbows would be). These are the weak points, and youll need to hammer them hard to kill this guy. Its tough to hit those spots at all when the boss is in regular motion or even unfrozen. Youll get two or three shots before you need to run again as Stasis wears off. Hit the boss a few times, as many as you can manage, then make a wide circle and hit the Stasis recharger. Thats all there is to it. Repeat the process until you hack off both the boss big limbs. Thatll put it down permanently, and you can pick some loot off its body. Afterward, clear out the crates and head through the door the Objective Marker guides you into. Youll descend through a hallway and clear a machining room thats got some money scattered through it. At the far end of that is hatch you can open to let you climb through an access port. Reach the other side, and its the end of the chapter. AUDIO LOG: Snag that Audio Log right where you exit the hatch before you do anything else. Chapter 2 Youre in a safe room, so take a moment to check your supplies. The Store on the right allows you to buy equipment you might need, like an upgraded RIG and ammo. The bench on the left allows you to upgrade your equipment using Power Nodes. Do so if you like, but save a Node or two to open locked doors. NOTE: There are a couple of new weapons to buy in the Store: the Line Gun, which is something of a bigger Plasma Cutter, and the Javelin Gun, which fires spears. Pick one or both up before you leave. Head out the door when youre ready. Watch out for the nearby moving sidewalk itll jet a necromorph slasher right to your face. Kill it before you head forward. Theres a pile of boxes up ahead. Zap some of them out of the way with Kinesis, and look for loot crates hidden beneath. Beyond is a save point for your convenience. AUDIO LOG: Remember those Power Nodes I had you save? Go past the end of the moving sidewalk and youll see a locked door with a blue panel beside it. Plug in a Power Node to open it and youll find a random cache of goods, and a text log on the left. Move on through the door marked Titan Heights Apartments. In the next room, youll see a man under attack by a slasher kill it fast or itll sprint over and attack you. POWER NODE: Once the way is clear, check the left side of the room as you move forward for the node, on the ground. Move up and watch your back. When you open the door to the elevator, another necromorph could drop into the room from the far end. Blast it before stepping into the elevator and moving on. At the top of the elevator, watch for someone to try to signal you from across the walkway and then be careful of the necromorph that climbs up over the railing. Kill it and follow the hallway to the right. Through the door beyond, fight through another enemy and turn to the apartment to your left. Be careful of the crawling puker coming out of the bathroom, and check the apartment for money. When you turn to leave, another slasher will come sprinting toward you. Kneecap it on its way

over, then head to the next blue door. Check the next room for ammo and money as you head to the door. The power goes out right as you reach it put your back to it and raise your gun to deal with whats coming. The power kicks back in a moment later. Open the door and move along the hallway to the next door, where youll find a loot crate and an elevator to take you up. AUDIO LOG: Before you get into the elevator, grab the text log thats at the end of the hallway. Step out of the elevator and stop by the Save Point right in front of you. Follow the hallway to the right and grab some stuff off the ground (theres ammo in the open apartment on the left), then head through the closed door. Theres another moving sidewalk in front of the big screen ahead of you. Its littered with bodies, and if youre guessing that theyre not actually dead, youre right. Shoot them or hit them with Kinesis to wake them up, so you can deal with those two slashers. AUDIO LOG: Continue to the end of the hall, where youll find a door marked Conduit Room. Open it to find an Audio Log inside. SCHEMATIC: If you played Dead Space: Ignition, youll find the Hacker Suit schematic inside this room, which you can cash in at a Store. Leave the Conduit Room to trigger an attack by a few exploding necromorphs. These guys have a big orange pustule on their arms that explodes on impact, or if shot. Tag it and theyll explode. Go through the newly unlocked door and youll enter the tram station. Youll see a train go by, and youll find a few items on the ground as you come up the ramp. Dont head toward the other train just yet, though. SCHEMATIC: First, check the tracks where the flaming train just went by. Look for a glowing blue spot hit that with Kinesis and youll find the Stasis Pack schematic. Head toward the other train and youll see a bat necromorph turning bodies into slashers. A second later, the doors will open, releasing the two necros. Quickly kill the slasher, then try to dispatch the bat before it can create more enemies for you to deal with. Turn around on the other track, another train is about to arrive, carrying another slasher. You should be able to deal with it pretty easily. Board the train. Head to the far end and open the panel in the last car to hack in and activate it. This will trigger some necromorphs to come after you, so stay put and deal with them, then head to the next car. Make your way to the end of the last car and youll find a car missing between this section of the train and the next. Youll go to zero-gee to make your way to the next section: use the Run button (LB or L1) to fly across to the next car. Inside, youll meet more necros, including an explosive necro. Try to deal with it quickly. Continue to the end of the train and itll start to crash. Get your gun ready to address threats by the end, youll be hanging upside-down. Flip to the Line Gun or some stronger weapon than the Plasma Cutter if you have it, as youre about to need it. Start addressing threats quickly as they appear in front of you. Taking out your enemies legs will generally guarantee a kill, so aim for that. Eventually, youll fall free and have the opportunity to check out the room. POWER NODE: Facing the crashed train, move to the back right corner of the room. Check behind the large shipping container there on the left wall to find a panel that you can open to reveal a Power Node. SCHEMATIC: The Pulse Rifle schematic is on a shelf on the back left wall if youre facing the train after flying off of it the same back wall with the Power Node, but the other corner. Check for loot crates on the walls and follow the Objective Indicator to the back of the room. There, youll find a locker you can open marked with a white indicator and a ramp ascending to your left. Climb it and youll hit a Save Point. Chapter 3 Go through the door. Youll see the shadow of a monster on the wall, but as you approach, itll take off out of sight. Ignore it for a second: turn left.

POWER NODE: At the intersection with the shadow, if you turn left, youll find a blue Power Node panel on the wall at the end of the hall. Turn back right. One of the bodies on the ground is alive, so deal with that, then check the wall panel nearby. Climb the ramp and take the door at the end. Get ready for a tough fight. Youre in the Halloran Transport Hub. Turn right and youll find some things on the ground. Pull out a big gun and advance to the left. As you go, necromorph children will start to stream out of the wall at you. These are the Pack, and theyre problematic, to say the least. Try not to get surrounded, be quick on the heal button if you need it, and use your Line Gun (if you have it) to try to take out multiple monsters with one shot. Keep moving if you can, running to get clear, then turn around and take a few out. Use the stopped moving sidewalk to your advantage, as the railing should slow them down. Pick off as many as you can as quickly as you can, then mop up what remains. Right after the fight, youre treated to a Save Point and a Store. At the Store, download all the schematics youve been carrying around to clear them out of your inventory. If you have the Hacker Suit, nows a good time to upgrade, should you be able to afford it. Save your game and call the elevator. AUDIO LOG: At the top of the elevator, step out into the commerce area and turn left. Youll find a text log beside a store called Bold, the one with the beat emanating from it. ACHIEVEMENT: See that big blue rotating statue? Shoot the arm or head off of it to dismember it, unlocking the Lightspeed de Milo Achievement. AUDIO LOG: Check the walkways for some loose money, then advance to the big blue storefront the Unitology church. Check to the right inside the door for a text log. Hack the panel beside the elevator on the other side of the room to open it. Itll take you up into the Unitology recruitment center. AUDIO LOG: Theres a text log on the counter on the right side of the room as you exit the elevator. Move forward and a bunch of necromorphs will drop into the room to take you on. Among them is an explosive necromorph; you can blast its exploding pustule to take out all the enemies, but thatll blow out the nearby station window and start you getting sucked out into space. Quickly shoot the triangular marker above the window to drop a pressure seal and stop yourself from being killed. If you step into the office on the right from here, you can pick up some stuff, but watch out for a bunch of members of the Pack to drop into the hallway just outside. There should only be a few, so try to kill them at a distance. Check the rest of the room for money and ammo, then open the nearby hatch and crawl through. Youll come out in a maintenance area. A body nearby has a video recording that will trigger when you approach it, showing you how to use necromorph blades and Kinesis as weapons. Check the left side of the room for loot boxes (and on top of the crates on the right), then climb the ramp to the compactor control room. Theres a bench in here and a save point, so use both, then deactivate the compactor so you can go through it. When you head back out, the room will be filled with necromorphs, giving you a chance to try the Kinesis impale trick. It shouldnt be too touch a battle. Go down the ramp and use the door to the left to enter the compactor. Look for glowing spots for some ammo and health you can snag with Kinesis, then push LS and youll be able to float. POWER NODE: Turn left from the door you enter from and float over to the door there. Inside youll find a Power Node panel on the wall on the right, plus some other loot. Float through the compactor to the other side, where a closed door waits. Through it is a hallway with a panel activate it, then return to the compactor and float through the newly opened door. Use boost and dodge the debris to get to the end of the tunnel and reach a door on the right side. ACHIEVEMENT: Clearing this zero-gee area nets you the One Small Step Achievement. Through the door, the next room suddenly loses power. Use your flashlight to spot a couple of loot crates in front of you as you turn right, then mount the ramp. At the top are a couple of alcoves on either side check them for money before continuing to the top.

Youll find a Power Node door up here. Open it for some loot, then turn back to the left and use Kinesis to pick up the blue battery and plug it into the wall. With that done, you can head into the newly powered elevator. POWER NODE: Immediately when you come out of the elevator, check the panel on the left wall for your Power Node. Continue through the door into Cassini Towers. Theres an apartment on your left check it carefully, as its filled with tiny little triangular things that will cling to and kill you if youre not careful. AUDIO LOG: Grab a text log off the table to the left as you enter the door. Keep moving and youll see another open apartment ahead. As you approach, a slasher will jump to life kill it and anything else thats moving, then check the apartment for loot. Then move to the apartment to the left. Loot the apartment, then move to the bedroom and through the door beyond, grabbing the little bit of money on the way through. Theres a Stasis pack near the balcony on the right in the next hallway, so take that and then go through the unlocked door. Move across the walkway to the far door. In the east wing, grab the loot crate in front of you and dispatch any necros you stumble across, then make your way to the elevator and take it down. At the top, youll find a Save Point you can use before heading forward. Head around the corner and youll enter the big atrium with a Marker statue on the left. As you enter, youll see necromorphs start to appear in front of you: a puker, a couple of slashers and a bat. The small bat is your priority, because the quicker you kill it, the fewer slashers it can create and send your way. The Line Gun works wonders here, since you have enemies coming from mostly one direction. SCHEMATIC: After youve cleared the enemies, turn left and head up the stairs toward the Marker statue. Theres a table on your left against the wall move the chair on the right side of it (closest to the window) to reveal the Javelin Spear schematic from beneath it. Turn back and head down the stairs on the other side when youve cleared the room of loot. Youll find a door there that you can enter. In the room beyond, the gunship thats been tracking you will open fire into the room. Run through to the door beyond, being careful to avoid the bullets, and youll enter the church proper. Before you advance any further into Chapter 4, turn left and go through the door there. Up the stairs is another door that houses a Store, a bench, and a Save Point. Chapter 4 Leave the Save Point and start exploring the church. Head back through the door you entered through. AUDIO LOG: Head up the stairs and open the door on the right at the end of the walkway. As you enter, youll find a Text Log on the table. Youll also trigger a necromorph attack. POWER NODE: Once youre done with all that, check the end of the hall for a Power Node on the ground AUDIO LOG: Backtrack down the stairs to the bottom of the room you just left. The door on your left lets you into a small reception area in the main lobby of the church. Go into it and check under the chairs on the left wall for a Text Log. AUDIO LOG: Go through the door back to the main lobby of the church, and cross to the door across from you. When you go through, turn left to find another smaller door to a reception area. Youll find an Audio Log behind the desk. Backtrack and climb the stairs in the previous room. Go through the door and continue along the walkway quickly youll find a bat necromorph turning a body into a slasher. Quickly take them both out before more enemies can be created. Head down the stairs theres another bat below you, creating more necromorphs. Kill it if you can, or use the stairs as a choke point to kill the enemies. Youll face another couple of necros, including a third bat, when you hit the bottom floor. Once youve killed everything you can kill, enter the door in the central column and take the lift to the top. Cross the little bridge and youll come out in a hallway that expands to the left and right.

The door on the right can be unlocked by breaking the nearby fuse that leads back down to the main lobby room where you entered the church. Take the other door, in the center. AUDIO LOG: To your right is a doorway that leads to the Indoctrination Room. Enter it and find the Text Log at the back of the room, near the body in the indoctrination chamber. Look at the wall on the right of the furthest indoctrination seat youll see a red panel marked with the blue Kinesis symbol. Yank the panel loose and youll find another symbol beneath it: grab that with Kinesis to pull a fuse from the wall. Carry the fuse back to the door out of this room. Remove the panel from the wall on the right and plug the fuse in to the empty hole to activate the door on the other side of the next room. ACHIEVEMENT: Got your Javelin Gun? Pull it out as you leave the Indoctrination Room. In the next room is a big glass wall, and three necromorphs will blow into the room to battle you. Tag one of them into the glass with a Javelin and cause it to blow out and youll net the Skewered in Space Achievement. Just make sure to hit the emergency seal button on top of the window after you blow it. Fill up your Stasis meter at the panel near the door if you need to, then hit the door with Stasis and go through. Try to catch the door as it rises so you can sneak under it. Around the corner in the next room is a Save Point. SCHEMATIC: Past the Save Point youll enter a utility closet. Look on the left wall from the door for a blue glowing spot it marks a Security Suit Schematic. POWER NODE: Open the hatch on the other side of the room and crawl through. When you come out, check the desk for a Power Node. Leave the room and youll enter a hallway. If you head left, youll find another fuse to cut, and a path that will lead you all the way back to the Store and Bench if you want to use them. If you didnt get the Hacker suit earlier, you can use your Security suit schematic to update your duds. Go through the door on the right that leads to the Basilica. Inside, follow the path to the right. Youll find an elevator that you need to take down, and beyond it, some loot crates to open. Ride to the bottom floor next. Cross the center of the room to the door on the far side. Youll get a transmission from Daina. For the moment, theres nothing you can do, so sit tight. After a second, youll start to see some fast-moving necros in your vicinity: theyre called Stalkers, and theyre scary. Stalkers primarily like to stay out of sight, then charge you when your attention is divided. Get out a big gun like the Line Gun or the Javelin Gun, which will be fairly effective in a one- or two-shot takedown situation. With the Line Gun, aim low to at least slow your enemies down. There are four or five stalkers, and the best way to deal with them is with your back at a wall. Keep your head on a swivel and knock them out fast, and you should do okay. After that, loot the bodies and follow the Objective Marker to a panel that will let you hotwire a nearby elevator. Take it to the top. ACHIEVEMENT: The Clever Girls Achievement is yours for not being brutally murdered by the Stalkers. This time. POWER NODE: At the top of the elevator, turn left and walk to the banister at the end of the walkway. Youll find the node behind a body on the ground. Turn back to the right and advance along the walkway. Theres a door you can go through marked Funerary Wing around the corner. POWER NODE: Just inside the door is a Conduit Room on the left that you can access if you played Dead Space: Ignition. Theres a Power Node inside. AUDIO LOG: Theres also an Audio Log in here. Continue down the hall. On the left is another door that will lead you back to the Gift Shop if you want take the door on the right and youll enter a cathedral, where youll need to be prepped for a necro attack. Watch out for little triangular things that wills tick to you and attack you. Once your through those two enemies, make your way to the elevator behind the casket. At the bottom, youll hit a Save Point through the next door, which marks the start of the next chapter. Chapter 5

Enter the door ahead of you and youll find yourself in a cryogenic storage area. Take the path on the right at the bottom of the ramp, youll find a loot crate stuck in the wall that you can break with a melee attack. Then go through the door. Advance down the ramps on either side of this second room. Youll find a loot crate stuck into the wall in the same place as before, plus on the opposite side of the door in the same spot. Grab both and go through the next door. AUDIO LOG: In the third identical cryogenic freezing room, walk around the railing in front of you as you enter the room and youll find a Text Log on the ground in the center of the room. Take the ramp on the left and youll be attacked by a puker. Take it out quickly with something like the Javelin Gun and advance down to the bottom of the ramp. A loot crate is on the wall to the right. Through the next door, as you start to move through the room, youll be attacked by two pairs of necromorphs (slashers and a puker); first one pair, then the other. They shouldnt be too tough. Keep your wits about you as you descend the right ramp theres another puker there. Kill it and take the loot from the wall. See that pile of bodies in the middle of the room? I bet you can guess what thats about. Kill the hiding necro and take the door into a room filled with major machinery. AUDIO LOG: Right in front of the door, youll find a Text Log in front of a control panel. SCHEMATIC: Go around the machines and take the elevator down. When you hit the bottom, look for a glowing blue light on the right wall, near some crates. Youll find the Ripper schematic. POWER NODE: Continue around to the control panel near the spinning rings. A Power Node rests on the panel. Activate the control panel to lower some arms beside the spinning rings. Stand in front of the lowered arms (theyre above your line of sight), and hit the rings with Stasis, then use Kinesis to pull down first one arm, then run around and get the other. Thatll lock the outer ring in place. Repeat the process twice more, freezing the rings and pulling down the last two sets of arms. Thatll disable the gravity in the chamber. Refill your Stasis and float up toward the fan blade. Freeze it and boost your way through. Fly over and refill your Stasis again, then float toward the hatch above you. Watch what the ceiling does: it rotates, opens, spits out a coffin, and closes. Hit the whole ceiling with Stasis as it releases a coffin, then fly through after the coffin passes out the hatch. SCHEMATIC: As you fly through the hatch, keep an eye out for the Medium Health Pack schematic in the center of the next room. Land on the catwalk above and find the panel to restore gravity. Head through the door into the next room, where youll find a Store. You might want to purchase the Ripper while youre here. In the next room, youll find a Bench. Use it, then do a 180 and face the wall behind it. Youll see three hanging pieces of metal marked with Kinesis, blocking a hatch and a Save Point. Slide the objects out of the way and you can access both. Take the hatch out when youre ready to go. When you exit the tube, turn around and check the room behind you for some loot and ammo. Spin back around and take the door into the next room, where the path spread out in front of you and to the left. SCHEMATIC: First, walk straight forward and look around the corner to the left for the Line Racks schematic. Take the other path and walk toward the far end of the room, then turn back and check beside the lighted statue for more ammo. Theres a loot crate in the corner on the left near the door also. The door is just ahead and leads to another hallway. A new kind of necromorph appears in this hallway the Lurker, which is basically a human infant with three long tentacles sprouting from its back that shoot barbs. Take out the tentacles and youll kill them, but be careful, as they can move on walls and ceilings. With those two dead, keep your eyes peeled for a slasher to come out of a nearby vent ahead of you. Kill it and youre clear to pass through this hallway and out into the cathedral. Youll need to act fast here. Shoot the glowing yellow point and youll be released, but as soon as you get your feet back under you, the Pack shows up. Back up and put your back to the wall. Remember when I told you to bring the Ripper? Nows a good time for it. It suspends a spinning

saw blade directly in front of you, and its great for mulching up attacking children before they can hurt you. Keep the blades coming and youll make short work of all the enemies. The attack is finished off with one last slasher, which you should be able to handle easily. Clear the room of loot, then take to the ramps use the one on the left and round the corner until you reach the top. Pull out your Javelin Gun, because theres an opportunity for an achievement. ACHIEVEMENT: This is a great spot for your Going for Distance Achievement with the Javelin Gun. As you walk up the ramp, youll first see an explosive necromorph out ahead of you. Kill it from far away. When you step forward, another necromorph will leap out to ambush you. Plug it with a javelin to weaken it, then aim carefully and hit it with a javelin in the center mass try to line it up so youll get him to fly all the way to the end of the hall, and at a slightly upward angle so hell hit the wall and stick. If you nail it from far enough back, the enemy will fly the 17 meters you need to unlock the achievement but he has to stick to the wall. Head up the ramp. Youll have more necromorphs to fight as you reach the top, with a few guys appearing on the other side of the walkway and one crawling over the middle. Clear through them all, collect your loot (theres a Medium Health Pack on the balcony in the middle of the room) then move through the door with your Javelin Gun ready. As soon as you enter the next room, youll have to tag out a stalker barreling toward you. A sharp javelin shot will do the trick. Go through the door into the next room, then get into the elevator past that. Stand in the corner of the elevator with your gun ready trust me. SCHEMATIC: Leave the elevator and look around for some loot, then head into the office to the right of the hallway. Inside on the back wall, youll find the schematic for the Detonator. Grab it and save. Head to the end of the hall, where youll get a cutscene of sorts. Youll wind up fighting a creature: aim for its yellow vulnerable spot. When youre tossed loose, turn around and open the Kinesis door behind you, then sprint through as fast as you can manage. A second later, another cutscene. When you see the red tanks, shoot them, and when its all over youll hit the next chapter. Youll need to look for a Save Point. First, look the apartments nearest you the one on the left just has basic items in it, as does the one further down. POWER NODE: Check the bathroom of the second apartment, the one in front of you when you start this chapter, for a node. Head through to the next room. Youll find a Save Point, but theres one more thing you can do before saving and starting the next chapter. SCHEMATIC: Check your Objective Indicator itll advise you to take the door next to the Save Point. Instead, take the other door, to the right of the first. Hang a right when you go through it and youll find the schematic for the Seeker Rifle. Now you should save. Chapter 6 Leave the Save Point and follow your Objective Marker through the door. Youll come into a hallway with some open apartments: check through them for money, then advance down the hallway. After a call from Stross, youll find an elevator. Take it down. Youll exit into another big atrium with a Marker statue on the left. Be careful in here, and get your favorite, well-ammod gun ready youre about to be in a mess of trouble. As you make your way about halfway across this room, youll start to come under attack from a few necromorphs specifically two Pregnants, which have swollen midsections filled with those crawling triangular things, and scorpion-like Crawlers. These ones will use walls and ceilings to come after you, and they have the ability to fling themselves at you at high speeds, so keep moving. Try this: back up toward the door you entered by, giving you some room to operate as the monsters close in on you. This should help at least a little to funnel everything into a single choke point, where you can hit them with Javelins or Line Gun shots altogether. Youre dealing with two pregnants (and a third later) and at least three or four crawlers. Once youve cleared everything out, check the big room for loot and move across to the next

hallway. Another pregnant will appear behind you (the alt-fire setting on the Javelin Gun cooks these guys up without spilling their guts), so deal with that before you hit the Store in the hallway beyond. ACHIEVEMENT: If youve been collecting the Schematics weve marked up to now, this trip to the Store should unlock the Engineer Achievement for your efforts. Take the door to the Public Sector at the far end of the hall. Be careful on the other side, as youll find wall- and floor-mounted enemies called cysts out there. They make those gurgling sound, and look like goo slapped up on the wall. The first one will explode in front of you as you enter. These things are irritating, but they can be dealt with by concentrated fire. Watch out as you approach or shoot them, though, because they spit explosive spores. Shoot the ones on the wall and use bodies to trigger the floor ones, which will destroy themselves. ACHIEVEMENT: Pick one of the floor ones and toss a body at it, with Kinesis at the ready. When the orange bomb shoots out, snag it out of the air, then toss it back at the cyst to destroy it. Thatll earn you the Bouncing Betty Achievement. Advance a little further through this hallway and youll see an injured, crawling necromorph slasher making its way toward you. This is a good chance for another achievement. ACHIEVEMENT: Use Kinesis to rip the blade off of a nearby slashers body, then aim it at the slasher crawling toward you. Hit it with the blade and try to stick it to the wall beyond if the slasher sticks, the Taste of Your Own Medicine Achievement will unlock. Proceed to the end of the hall. Youll find a Save Point, a Bench and a door you can unlock with a Power Node. If you find any semiconductors in there, you can sell them back at the store for some extra cash. Use the Save Point and the Bench and then continue through the door. The next room is a zero-gee area, and youll soon see why a fire has broken out in a big atrium, and youll have to cut the oxygen to put it out and advance. First, unhook your boots from the floor and float around, looking for loot crates. Then go to each of the Oxygen Stations (marked with blue signs). Look on the back or side of each of these stations for a panel you can Kinesis off and throw away. Behind them will be batteries that you can pull out. Once you pull out all three, you can drop back down and pass through where the fire was. Bring a battery along with you and keep it handy. Beyond the fire is a hallway. Go left and youll find two of those baby lurker things, with the tentacles. Kill them fast (preferably with the Line Gun) so you can get out of here before your oxygen runs out. Bring the battery. ACHIEVEMENT: If you can nail a lurker with a Line Gun shot that takes out all three tentacles in one go, youll get the Clean Cut Achievement. Plug the battery in to access the elevator. When the door opens, youll have kill a puker quickly. Once youve done that, step into the elevator and take it to the top, where youll find a Save Point. POWER NODE: Check the wall to the right of the Save Point for a blue node panel. Theres a wall compartment you can open beside the door you need to go through. Get loot from it, then open the door by smashing the fuse on the wall. Thatll allow you to move into a big cargo hold, once you go down a ramp. This room is about to be filled with stalkers, so be on the lookout. There are also lockers all over the place with loot in them you wont encounter enemies until youre nearly to the far side. Also, youll want to fill your Stasis from the terminal on the wall near the ramp as you enter the cargo floor. ACHIEVEMENT: Did you buy the Seeker Rifle last time you were at the Store? If so, you can snag the Peek a boo! Achievement now by killing a hidden Stalker with it while in full zoom. Its difficult to do when there are a lot of Stalkers, so thin out their numbers before attempting it. If a Stalker charges you and misses or hits you and knocks you down, itll retreat and hide again, giving you another shot at it. Clear the room of loot when youre done and cross to the far side. Youll have to hack a panel, but thatll allow you access to the transport hub. Move forward, but keep your head on a swivel around you there are necros about, and the battle going on across from you is distracting. Watch for a scorpion-like crawler and take it out before advancing.

SCHEMATIC: After a brief conversation, youre able to look around for some loot. Check the room marked with the yellow Marker symbol, and nearer to the gate when you approach it. Go past the elevator and check the ground near the dismantled Light Speed Boy statue (the big blue statue rotating in the middle) to find the Pulse Rounds schematic. Take the unlocked elevator. Dont step out in a hurry when you get to the bottom: there are two cysts right in front of you. Use the body on the ground nearby to trigger the one on the floor, and shoot the other before moving into the transport hub. To your left is a Store. Be careful as you move into this room. Theres a Save Point right in front of you, but ahead, a slasher and a pregnant are about to come barreling toward you. Deal with them first, then save. Watch out for cysts theres one on the ceiling right in the middle of the room. Listen for them so you know when youre close. POWER NODE: Check the right side of the room near the center, past the first shop on your right. Its about even with the cyst on the ceiling, lying on the floor in front of a store called Fashion Kid. Cross the room slowly. Youll face a slasher and a puker as you advance, but theyre far off so you should do okay. Theres also a cyst on the left wall, and one higher up on the right. The last is right above the door out of the room. As you near the door, do a 180 and youll be able to address a slasher and puker sneaking up on you. Once theyre dead and youre ready, hit the door in the nursery school. Follow the hallway to the right, stopping at the window to get an idea of what youre up against exploding infants. Yeah, itll be gross. Plasma Cutter out, if you have it. Advance to the end of the hall and open the door. Youre about to face a mess of those little babies. They have a weak center section that explodes from any kind of fire, which means you can detonate them from a distance if you get into trouble. Theyll blow themselves up as they approach you, though, so keep back. ACHIEVEMENT: Theres one big weakness that you can get on these guys without detonating them their heads. Use the sideways Plasma Cutter and you can slice their little baby heads off; kill 30 in this way, without detonating them, and youll get The Nanny Achievement. Clear this room and push through to the next, the one filled with desks. As you push into the door, more babies will appear. Back up and slice them up or blast them. When theyre gone, move forward one last one will drop through the ceiling and get the loot crate behind the teachers desk. The door leads to a hallway outside. AUDIO LOG: Ahead is the nurses station. Go inside and check the reception desk for a Text Log, immediately to your left. Loot the wall panels as you move through here, and use the Save Point before heading out. The gymnasium is next, once you head down the hall. Get your guns ready as you enter, a few members of the Pack will start hopping over tables and coming to kill you. Blast them from a distance as much as possible, then head under the bleachers. At the far end, a puker will ambush you. Take it out fast. Make your way up onto the stage and through the backdrops to the back corner, where theres a panel to be hacked. Clearing the panel starts a mess of horror coming your way, including the Pack and those little babies, plus a bat necromorph that starts going around, turning bodies into monsters. Snap off as many as you can, as fast as you can, before they get close. The babies offer a good opportunity to take out multiple enemies at once, so use it. When you see the bat, if you can manage it, try to kill it fast. Dont worry too much, though the Pack is faster and therefore a more immediate threat. Kill those guys, then deal with the approaching slasher necros using Stasis to give yourself the upper hand. When youre finally all clear, head for the door and go down the hall. Youll see another classroom on your right, through a window theres some cool stuff to get in there, so take a detour. AUDIO LOG: Grab the Text Log off the table right as you enter the room. SCHEMATIC: Move to the back right corner of the room, into a smaller room attached to it. Inside

is the Flamethrower schematic. Leave the school and head into the playground area. The elevator to leave the school is just through the door. POWER NODE: The blue upright rocket to the left of the carousel has a Power Node sitting inside it. Walk up to it or use Kinesis. ACHIEVEMENT: For clearing the school, you get The Graduate Achievement. Transport Hub At the top of the elevator, use the Save Point and collect what loot you can from the area, then take the door out. Youll enter the Transport Hub shortly, where youll meet up with Ellie and Stross. Youll also get a boss fight here a Brute, which is a huge, hard to kill necromorph thats armored up front and weak in its back. The best way to deal with Brutes is with Stasis. They like to charge, so hit them with Stasis and get behind them, then cut up their tiny limbs. You can also cut off the tentacles on their faces, but the best spots to hit are the glowing weak points on their legs and shoulders. Theres not much strategy to this fight, except that you should stay away as much as possible from the brute and try to avoid letting it run you over. Even if you hit it with Stasis, get out from in front of it immediately, as it can still hurt you. Keep slicing away at it until it goes down. ACHIEVEMENT: The Brute Juke Achievement can be yours for killing a brute while not receiving any damage. Its tough, and the best way to do it is with lots and lots of Stasis. Loot the room after youre done (there are a few crates if you need supplies during your fight), then head for the only unlocked door. Inside is more loot to re-outfit you after the big fight. Use Kinesis to get the crates behind the grates. Youll enter a maintenance area with the next door. Check under the table as you approach it for some ammo, and look down the ramp to your left. Youll see a body stuck to the wall using tentacles quickly sever them to kill the monster. The longer you let it live, the more little pods it will spit out. These pods raise a tentacle and shoot spines at you, but you can kill them easily and quickly with one shot. Pass the tentacled monster when its dead and take loot from the wall panel to your right. Hit the elevator to the Solar Array beyond. At the top, kill the scorpion crawler and the puker you find, hit the Store and the Bench, and save your game for Chapter 7. TIP: For an upcoming achievement, youll probably want the Detonator weapon if you dont have it already. Upgrade its reload as well, as itll help you snag an achievement. Chapter 7 Head down the ramp toward the Solar Array. Watch for two little triangular guys along the way, head through the door, and descend the ramps into the zero gee area. Youll enter the elevator shaft next shoot the red thruster pod as prompted to move the debris object from in front of you. There are several things sitting around in this shaft that have pods on them, and they all need to be shot. Take care of all the little things first, moving them out of the way by shooting their thrusters. Once theyre all clear, fly around and grab some loot, then head down below the elevator. SCHEMATIC: Look around just below the elevator for the schematic for Ripper Blades. POWER NODE: The recessed area beneath the elevator cant be reached, but you can use Kinesis to snag a Power Node from way below you. With all that done, face the bottom of the elevator and shoot its thrusters to move it back into place. Then you can double-back to the walkway you just left and board the elevator. Watch out for the scorpion necromorph waiting for you when you leave zero gee. As you ride the elevator, youll be surprised by monsters called Tripods, those big necromorphs with the weak shoulders. Use your weapon of choice and Stasis to dodge their attacks as they encircle the pod and continually reach inside it for you. Theyll be all around you, so move fast. ACHIEVEMENT: Pull out your Detonator and use it to blast the Tripods. Hitting them anywhere in their bodies should knock them off the elevator if you can knock off all of them, the Elevator

Action Achievement is your reward. You dont actually have to kill them, just avoid them. Eventually, theyll get culled by the entry into the Solar Array, but for the time being, do your best not to die. When you hit the Solar Array, youll find some lockers to loot and cysts, so be careful. Use the canisters spread around orange for explosive, blue for Stasis to kill the cysts and loot the lockers. Theres one on the wall and one on the floor near both sets. Check the wall by the door before you try to leave, also. SCHEMATIC: The Force Gun schematic is in one of the lockers, also. AUDIO LOG: In the Solar Array proper, check to the right to find the body of the Watchman in his bed, as well as some loot. Check the beside table for a Text Log. In the other direction is a Save Point for you, and beside that, a room with a Store. Be careful of the cyst on the floor to the right of the Store kill it by throwing an object at it. POWER NODE: The machine beside the Store on the left has a Power Node on it. You cant access the door beside the Save Point without the Watchmans RIG ID, so grab his body and march it in front of the scanner and youll get access. In the next room, a set of yellow tripwire lasers will spread out to stop your progress forward. Stand back and use Kinesis to move objects through them to get rid of them all. POWER NODE: Theres an offshoot hallway on the left side of this one, with its own defenses. Clear them and youll find a blue Power Node panel on the right wall, and another panel at the back of the hall with loot in it. Head to the door at the end of the hall. Halfway through the next room, more security gets tripped. Sit tight the rooms about to fill with necromorphs, and theyll blow the defenses and decompress the room. When that happens, shoot the emergency seal down, then get on your feet and look to the left and right ends of the room for explosive babies. Take out the babies and youll be in the clear for the moment. Head to the room at the end of the hall pick up ammo from the ground while youre there and check the lockers. AUDIO LOG: Theres a Text Log in the locker on the far right. Hack the nearby panel to restore energy to the lift. Wait a few seconds youll be ambushed by necromorphs in succession, but you can use the nearby Stasis canisters (or Stasis of your own, since theres a nearby refill station) to make taking them out easily. Once thats done, look up to the right if youre facing the lift and the door you came in through. Theres a piece of metal you can move into the wall using Kinesis, and a bridge you can pull down with Kinesis as well. Do both, then ride the elevator up to the second level, where youll find a Bench. Be careful as you board the elevator a necromorph will appear just behind you, and after you reach the second level, itll pursue you through a nearby vent. Kill it, ignore the bench, and advance down the walkway slowly until you trigger another set of lasers. Spin back and use the necros body to clear the trap. Ahead on the right is a Save Point, and in a small alcove to the left is a set of lockers. POWER NODE: Walk toward the lockers to trigger another laser; turn around and snag a tool box or similar object to clear the explosives. Check the right locker for the node. Now you can hit the Bench, save and move on. In the next room, get your Stasis and heavy weapons ready youve got two Stalkers to deal with. ANTI, the computer, purges life support as you enter, so youre on the clock, as well. Only one of the two Stalkers has feet, so be careful not to get charged by it. The other crawls kill them both and ignore loot for the moment. Head forward and youll see a panel that can be hacked: once thats done, oxygen will be restored and you can wander around, picking up loot from the bodies and the wall panels in here. Then hit the door to the Computer Mainframe. Kill the Mainframe In order to access the mainframe, youll need to mess with some hardware. Go to the middle of the room and enter the hatch there. Inside the room beyond, remove the panels from the wall and pull out all the fuses in the two left panels. Plug them into the right panel theyll turn green when theyre in the right positions.

Backtrack out and hit the button beside the hatch to rotate it to the other room. Crawl through and repeat the process, but be on your toes, as youll have to fight a necro that comes charging through nearby vent. Once youve killed it, deactivate the mainframe security and head back to the hatch. ACHIEVEMENT: Theres a secret room you can access from here in order to access the Peng treasure and get the Collect Peng Achievement. To get it, plug the fuses into the panel in each room in the following order: the fuse with the plus pattern in the upper left corner; the fuse with what looks like two diamonds or a bowtie pattern in the upper right corner; the square-patterned fuse in the lower left corner; and the fuse with a sort of mushroom-shaped pattern in the lower right corner. In the first room, the fuses will remain red; in the second, theyll turn blue. Once youve set all the fuses correctly, you can access another hatch rerouter button in the left fuse room. Press it and itll take you to a room with Peng on the floor in the back of it, with a bunch of loot as well. POWER NODE: Theres also a Power Node panel in the secret room. Get your gun up when you leave the fuse rooms and deal with the two slashers charging you up the ramp when you come out of the hatch. At the bottom of the ramp, youll see six pods come up that you can break to destroy the computer. Hit two with melee, then turn around youll need to kill a necromorph now, and again after the next two. Finish destroying the circuits and the door to the Array control panel will open. ACHIEVEMENT: You get the Shut Down Achievement for destroying the AI. The hallway you enter next is filled with cysts and little spindly crawling things. Squash the crawlers and use various debris and Kinesis to kill the cysts. Theyre mostly on the floor, except one near the second wall panel in the offshoot hallway on the left, which is on the wall. The next walkway is a hotbed of activity. There are a few Stasis canisters up ahead on the right use them and start killing the slashers that approach you. After them, youll have two lurkers to deal with. Cross to the end of the walkway to a Save Point, and a node-locked door on the left. AUDIO LOG: When you approach the node door, a scorpion necro will climb up and attack you. Slice it up and open the door to find a Text Log on the ground to the right. SCHEMATIC: The Contact Beam schematic is in this room as well, on the shelf on the left. Leave the room, save, and head back to the door you passed that leads to the Array Control Pod. Once there, activate the console and youll be raised up to the array. Head back out the door to enter zero gravity and go fix the mirrors. There are a bunch of platforms out here and two mirrors youll have to move. Theres also a monster thing out here that spits up flying squid-like necros that will come after you and try to kill you. They go down in one shot, but they can be irritating. Also, if you need oxygen, there are stations positioned all around the array. Look for the big O2 markers. Follow your Objective Marker to the first mirror. Fly up to the control panel and activate it, then use the Right Analog Stick to move the sunlight beam into alignment. Just line the control panel up with the mirror youre aiming at to get it in the proper position. Now follow the marker around the outside of the array to the second mirror. Along the way, youll run into the pustule monster that spits up the flying guys get close and use your weapons to shoot its yellow weak points when it opens its mouth to kill it and clear the way forward. TIP: Check all the platforms for loot crates, as there are a ton. Theres also a Ruby Semiconductor that you get as a reward for killing the big gross thing. Align the second mirror and youre done. Fly back down to the pod and enter it, the activate the panel next to the ejection chair to get back down to the Sprawl. When you hit ground, youll have access to a Store and a Save Point. Hit both, gear up, and make your way down the ramp back to the Transport Hub. Yes, the Transport Hub is bad news once again. This time, youll have to make a desperate stand against a ton of necromorphs. Ellie will work open the door to the CEC for you, but you need to hold ground until that happens. Get near the door (theres loot all over for you if you need it) and try to stay close to it, as you wont be winning this fight just surviving it. Stasis is your friend here. Youre going to be dealing with the Pack, slashers, scorpion necros and toward the end, pukers. Theyre all going to be seriously problematic, so keep your guns

loaded and try kill enemies fast and from a distance. ACHIEVEMENT: Theres a good opportunity for an achievement with the Ripper here, which requires you to kill four enemies with one blade. Early on in the fight, several Pack monsters will drop down in roughly the same place. You should be able to fire up a blade and take them all out fast, along with (maybe) another necro if you can group them up. Hit four, and the Lawnmower Man Achievement is yours. When Ellie gets the CEC door open, break through it and the necros will back off leaving you broken and bleeding, but alive to close out the chapter. Take the elevator and catch your breath. Chapter 8 Break the loot crate on the wall to the left as you step out of the big lift youll probably need the health pack likely secreted there. Descend the ramp into the facility entrance. AUDIO LOG: Head to the right and check the ground for an Audio Log thatll detail a little bit of what happened here. Stop by the Save Point and the Store before hitting the road by taking the ramp upward. Turn right as soon as you enter the next room and grab the wall panel to the immediate right of the door. POWER NODE: Theres also a blue Power Node panel on the wall beside the other panel. You probably saw it first retrieve your node before continuing. Head around the corner to the door into the Operator Control Room. Dont do anything just yet if you check the window, youll see a bat necromorph turning bodies into slashers. Then youll see them climb into the floor next stop is next to you. Spin around and get your gun up to deal with the incoming enemies. Youll face probably four necros all told, from near the door and to the right. Stasis is handy to help kill them all, and dont be shy with it. You might want a strong gun for this fight, too, since youre basically backed into a corner. SCHEMATIC: Clear those slashers out and youll be okay for a few minutes. You can now plug a Power Node into the nearby door, where youll find the Vintage Suit schematic on the wall to the left. You can take that back to the store two rooms away and dump the schematic, and upgrade if you choose. POWER NODE: Youre also likely to find a Node in this room, on the shelf. Backtrack out, hit the store if youre so inclined, and then take the door out of the room. Youll enter the Break Room, where youll find a pregnant coming around the corner from you. Watch your back for a slasher that pops out of the wall behind you, though. AUDIO LOG: Once the enemies are dead, round the corner away from the exit door to find an Audio Log on the floor, behind the tables. The next door leads you to the room you saw through the glass in the Operator Control Room. Youll likely see things scampering around ahead, so be on your guard. POWER NODE: As you step into this room, youll see tall shelf cabinets stacked in front of you. Turn left between the stacks and youll find a blue Node Panel. Its easy to miss. Move through here and into another hallway. Youll see a note written in blood near a body that directs you to the Admin Office. Sounds like as good a place as any. Up the ramp, youll meet up with Ellie and Stross, with glass between you. Loot the room and use the Save Point before you move forward. SCHEMATIC: Inside the Pressurization Room, turn left as you enter and youll see the blue blip of a schematic this time, its Detonator Mines. Careful as you go forward, as youre walking into an ambush. Watch for necromorphs moving behind you using the vents. Youll deal with three slashers and a puker before youre done. After that, you can descend the ramps and check the middle of the room for a Bench. The next room is zero-gee. Take off and go to the big yellow valve door, which is only partially open. Grab the red thruster canister floating there and attach it to the door through the hole between it and the wall, so that when it fires, the door comes toward you. Shoot the canister and the thruster will open the valve. Fly through and head right; watch for loot crates.

The facility gets kicked on a second later. Youll need to fly through those turbine shredder things. Use RB or R1 to orient yourself to the ground and look for the gap between the first vertical set of grinders. Hit them with Stasis if you get too close. When youre through, carefully go up, to where theres a gap between the horizontal grinders. Slip through there, then between the last set, into the larger room beyond. Watch for a lurker youll have to kill, and grab the loot from the crates below you. You can also refill your Stasis if need be. Next, youll have to pass through that field of energy beams. Use Stasis on the machine passing between them and fly through the gap it creates. Kill two more lurkers, refill your Stasis, and repeat the process with the turbines you see next. More lurkers and loot in this room. After theyre dealt with, look for another valve to open, and on one of the walls, a thruster pod. Attach it to the door and shoot it to open the way forward. Now you get to go through fire. Collect some more loot and watch the sequence of burners in the path ahead. The timing should be easy, so move up between burns until you reach the last ring. Ahead of you is the same monster you dealt with at the Solar Array. You need to shoot its goofy yellow weak points in the center, and also dodge the flying missiles it shoots at you. The best way to do this is to just equip an accurate weapon like the Plasma Cutter and use boost to dodge sideways for defense. It shouldnt take much to kill this thing. Grab a booster pod from the wall nearby and use it to open the valve door beside the monsters carcass. A little further and youll find some loot and a spot to land. Open the door and pass through the hall and youll reach the room Ellie and Stross were in. Watch out for the crawling stalker when you arrive. POWER NODE: Check the wall on the left beside the door for a Power Node panel. Through the next door, youll finally meet up with your friends. Loot the room after you speak with them. Theres also a Save Point to use. Youll need to remove a barricade to leave the room and start Chapter 9. SCHEMATIC: Facing Stross when you enter, move to the left and youll find the Large Medpack schematic. Chapter 9 Time to head into the Fuel Preparation Tower. Get a reliable gun ready, because as you start down the catwalks, a slasher and three or so scorpions will launch an attack on you. Kill them and get to the elevator ahead. At the top of the elevator, youll get ambushed as you enter another hallway. Go around the corner (skip the Conduit Room for a second) and step out onto the walkway to see a flood of explosive babies coming your way. Take care of them, then backtrack to the Conduit Room. SCHEMATIC: You may find the Hacker Contact Beam schematic inside this Conduit Room. POWER NODE: Among the other loot is a Power Node, right on the ground. AUDIO LOG: And finally theres an Audio Log in the pile of other junk. A second Fuel Pressurization Control Room is just ahead. Inside is a puker and two lurkers, along with a bunch of loot and a Store. AUDIO LOG: Check on the wall left of the exit door for this Audio Log. Around the corner through the next door, youll encounter a Tall Man necromorph. These guys are tough to kill, and when they go down, their limbs split into several smaller little enemies. Squash them best you can. Stasis works well to stop the main body. Up ahead is an elevator to High Pressure Storage. At the top, youll immediately see breakable glass on the left. That means an attack is coming, and you might be able to use the glass to your advantage. If you start to the right, a slasher will drop from the ceiling for you to deal with. Try hitting him with Stasis, getting behind him, then blowing the glass so you have time to seal it again. POWER NODE: On the wall past where the slasher drops down, look for a blue Power Node panel. Youre free to go. In the High Pressure Fuel Tower, youll see two paths ahead of you: left and right. The right one is protected by laser traps, so grab an object from the floor on your left and use it to blow the traps out.

AUDIO LOG: On the right path, to the right when you hit the catwalk, youll find a barricade made of more garbage. Move it to discover an Audio Log on the ground. SCHEMATIC: Theres also a Flame Fuel schematic here. Backtrack and head toward the left path, where youll find an explosive canister. Grab it and step out onto the catwalk youll see one of those wall bodies and three of its small, tentacled minions. Ignore spore-shooters on the ground and whip the canister at the wall body to destroy it, then mop up the little guys. Youll hit an elevator just ahead. At the top, a slasher, with a pregnant around the corner immediately, and another slasher behind him. Once theyre all dead, you can enter the control room beyond, where theres a bench, some loot and a Save Station. Hit the activation button the tram call console and youll find it broken big surprise. Turn back to the three columns behind you. Two have shielded cases that can be lifted with Kinesis, but only one stays put. You need to take parts from those two columns, plus a third part, and plug them all into the center column. First, get the big blue gear from the shelf of parts to the right. Kill the squid-head thing beneath it and plug it into the column on top. The bottom gears is in the left column. Get the center gear from the right column by holding it open with Stasis. When theyre all activated, youre in business hit the console. As you might have guessed, calling the tram triggers an ambush. Kill the two necros any way you can they come from two directions, so you might want to move then head out to the tram car. Hit the console to get down to Ellie and Stross, then open the door so they can get in. Get out of the tram when it stops and grab the loot from the crates nearby. Save and step through the door to a cargo room with a few cysts on the floor ahead. Kill them from a distance. POWER NODE: Turn left and youll see a Power Node panel on the wall. Tread carefully in here. As you might have picked up from Audio Signals, youre being hunted by Stalkers right now. The first wave consists of two runners and a third crawling. Look for a Stasis canister over in the corner near the door you entered by thatll help. The Stalkers in this room really can seriously mess you up. They have lots of hiding places and will jump up on top of crates to set up ambushes on you. Use powerful weapons and Stasis as you go forward, because youll need the strength. AUDIO LOG: After the first batch of Stalkers, hug the left wall as you go forward. Look for a body pressed into a corner as you pass the round thing in the middle of the first section. Theres an Audio Log at his feet. Push forward along the left wall. As you clear the next set of crates, turn to your right and you should glimpse another Stasis canister. Snag it and push forward along the left wall just a little more youll see a Stalker hiding there. Stasis it, then blast it. Youve got two things to do at once now. Immediately to your right, a Stalker is preparing a charge and will pound you. Ahead along the wall, one of those explosive necromorphs has just dropped into the room. Youre probably best off tagging the charger first, then turning back and stopping the exploder. Do what feels natural if you feel the need to run, go with it, because itll probably save your life. With those two down, head all the way to the back left corner. Youll find loot along the way and should get another Stasis canister. You can now move forward into the next section, where youre bound to encounter at least three more stalkers, who will attack as a coordinated group. Use a heavy weapon like the Contact Beam to protect yourself, or try to move back, into a corner, where you can force threats to come at you from a single direction or two. Rely on Stasis. If you come out of that okay, youre golden for a moment. Check the corner of the room nearest you for more loot. Grab a Stasis canister if theres a spare and make your way around the corner toward the door, where youll find a tentacled wall body. Hit that wall thing with the Stasis canister and you may be able to slow its minion production. Immediately look 90 degrees to your left and youll find an explosive canister. Snag it and toss it at the wall body to destroy it in one go.

SCHEMATIC: You should see a tight aisle between the wall and the wall body, just past the exit elevator. Slip through there and youll find some loot and a Seeker Rifle Shell schematic. Time to take the elevator. At the top, youll see a cyst right in front of you on the ground. Kill it, then look for another on the ground around the corner, plus one on the left wall and one on the ceiling. Theres one more at the end of the hall in front of the Store. As you approach, a slasher will ambush you. Use the Store for anything you might need, and save your game. Note that you should prepare for bear bring the Contact Beam if you have it. Enter the next room, where youll be on a balcony of sorts, with a handful of canisters you can use Kinesis to throw at those big open pods. Theres also a machine behind you that will spit out more throw them at the first big pod to destroy it. Youve got to go down on the elevator to get to the next pod. There are two canister dispensers on either side of the room, as well as some loot crates, but as soon as you get down there and go to work, a big Tormentor will attack you. Dont even bother to finesse this thing Stasis it while you charge your Contact Beam, then tag it in its shoulders to slice its arms off. Hit both and the Tormentor should die (watch out for the tongue, its seriously hurt you), allowing you to throw a canister or two at the pod before wait for it another Tormentor shows up. Keep moving, keep healing, and keep your guns and Stasis filled. The Tormentors dont stop coming until youre dead or the pod blows, so just do your best to get the Tormentors out of your way so you can destroy the pod. Itll take roughly five or six canisters or more to destroy it. As soon as the pods start to go, abandon the fight and run for the elevator to the left of the tram car. Hit the button and youll lose the Tormentor (I think it actually flees or gets disintegrated) as you start to ascend. When you hit the top, sprint for the tram car and Ellie will take you out of there for a cutscene. ACHIEVEMENT: The Hornets Nest Achievement gets added to your score after you escape from the CEC plant. Chapter 10 The good ol Ishimura. Head through the plastic tunnels (collecting loot along the way) and youll reach the ships docking bay. Through the door and into the Flight Lounge, youll find a Save Point. AUDIO LOG: Before you go access the computer, clear the objects away from the unlocked door on the left and go through. Youll find a Text Log on the crates in the middle of the intersection. POWER NODE: From the spot where you found the Text Log, turn right and take the door there into the bathroom. Turn right again and youll see a Power Node panel on the wall. AUDIO LOG: Now double back and go to the left. Round the corner into the other side of the bathroom and look on the ground for the Audio Log. Loot the bathroom for anything youve missed, then leave and head back to the Flight Lounge. Go into the control room and hit the console to trigger a systems diagnostic after that, take the newly unlocked door toward Engineering. Follow the hallway, checking the side rooms for loot, to the door at the end. Youll find an elevator beyond. Players of the first Dead Space will recognize this as the room from which Isaac got his first Plasma Cutter. Check for loot and make use of the Bench before exiting. Follow the next hall down the ramp (check for loot to the left) and youll hit a Tram Control Room. Save at the Save Point, check for unlocked lockers, and move on. AUDIO LOG: Through a short hallway and another door, youll come to a hall that spread out left and right in front of you. The Objective Marker says to go right, but go left and follow the hall to the end (you may remember getting jumped by a necromorph here, and possibly a tentacle attack, from the last game) and youll discover an Audio Log on the ground. Backtrack and descend the ramp and go through the door. Youll enter a large, darkened hallway as you progress, youll face a brute. The quarters are tight, so hit him with Stasis. TIP: Heres a nifty trick if you can get around behind the brute and sever one of its big back legs, you can pretty much immobilize it. That will give it occasion to shoot exploding ball as you, but those can be caught in the air and thrown back. Either way, with its legs off, its much easier

to get around behind the brute and finish it off. Move forward, and guess what? Another brute. Try to deal with it quickly and efficiently as possible. Youre going to want all your supplies in a second. Upon killing the brute, youll get a call from Ellie, advising you that more necromorphs are on the way. The bad news is, theyre surrounding you as she speaks. Theres a regular slasher behind you and one of those upgraded black ones in front. Try to handicap the rear one, then whirl around and kill the big black one, or at least push past it. Once youre past the black slasher, you should be able to turn around and back down the hall while firing into the enemies approaching you from the rear. There are at least two more slashers coming your way, plus a pregnant. Pick your shots and try to kill them fast this is also a good place for achievement attempts with various weapons, if you so choose. TIP: This is one of the maintenance areas from the first game the place where you first encountered Stasis on the Ishimura. As such, the Stasis Refill Console is on your right if youre backing up, so if you need more, theres some on-hand. POWER NODE: Once youve killed those guys, youre in the clear for the moment. Run to the far end of the hall, past the elevator thats broken, and look for a blue Power Node panel on the wall. Return to that elevator, pop open the panel beside it, and hack it to get it running. At the top, loot the containers before moving on through the door. Next youll hit a control room. Check it for loot, hit the nearby Store, and use the Save Point. Use the door across from the Save Point when youre ready to go. AUDIO LOG: Inside the elevator, youll find an Audio Log on the floor. Theres a decontamination chamber in the next room. Go around the outside of it first, and check the lockers as well as use the Bench. Head into the decon chamber next (remember this?), and get cleared to go through. On the other side are some more lockers to loot before you leave. Lots of necromorphs in the next hall: turn left and immediately kneecap and kill the puker, then turn right and look for a crawling stalker and a lurker to finish off. Press down the hall to the right and youll fight a slasher and a pregnant along the way. POWER NODE: At the end of the right-side hallway, youll hit a Power Node panel. Grab it fast and spin around immediately, as youve got fighting to do. As soon as you get to the Power Node, youll face another slasher and a crawling stalker. IMMEDIATELY after fighting them, a black puker will start dousing you with acid. This whole encounter can pile up into a big fight with all three, so try to act quickly and decisively as they barrel toward you. Youre not done yet. Head back in the other direction and before long, youll see another lurker. Back around the corner and ignore it instead, kill the slasher sneaking up behind you. Expect an attack from the rear during every encounter from here out. Quickly whirl around again you should see a pregnant coming your way, along with that slasher. Try to take out the pregnant without releasing its babies, then kill the lurker, and youre free to go forward around the corner where a slasher will show up. Kill that one and spin around fast to deal with the much more powerful black slasher approaching you from behind. That should do it for encounters here. The next connection of this hallway contains a Save Point (thankfully). Next is a zero-gee room: check it for loot before doing anything else. SCHEMATIC: From the door where you enter, fly out to the central column and turn right. Look toward the floor for a blue light marking the Force Energy schematic. The pieces floating around the room that have blinking red lights need to be reinstalled into the centrifuge tower in the center of the room. All of the pieces have yellow tubes on them, and they match the tubes that are running on the tower. As you grab them, look for the spot on the tower where they complete the corresponding tube, then install them. Fly over to the control panel when youve got all the pieces back in place, and activate the centrifuge. Backtrack to the Save Point and head back to the hallway you left. Follow it back to the decon room, where youll be attacked by a bunch of enemies (probably as expected). These include the Pack and a few slashers and pukers (in that order, mostly). Be ready.

Leave the room and hit the Bench if need be, then head to the elevator, where a black slasher will jump you. Take the elevator up to the control room with the Store and the Save Point, for your convenience. Objective Marker will take you toward the bridge. The Tram Station is filled with slashers and those little triangle guys. Stand back and shoot at the slashers through the door theyll come one at a time until youve killed three. Head out to the tram and one last slasher will come stalking out from down by the track. Kill that one and youre free to use the train. The Medical Deck: the scene of some pretty heinous stuff in Isaacs last visit to the Ishimura. Open the first door and youll see what youre dealing with a puker, a lurker, two slashers. A distance weapon like the Javelin Gun is well-suited for this fight. POWER NODE: As soon as you enter the next room, the Objective Marker will tell you to use the door to the left. Ignore it and walk forward theres a Node panel on the wall on your right, marked by a big blue light (not the tall light, though). Go through the doors into the area beyond. This is the scene of another huge fight slashers will mostly be your enemies, but also those explody-arm guys. Maneuverability is at a minimum, so use the central column to juke guys and try to blow the little ones up before they can close the gap on you. Youre going to get hit several times by waves of attackers a slasher and exploder first, then a repeat of that dynamic and possibly a third slasher. When youve squashed them all, you can go to the panel and hack the door open but itll trigger another slasher attack, so be at the ready. The good news is, the next room contains a Save Point. Use it before going into the room you can see through windows. The monitors on the right are playing Nicoles message from the original Dead Space. Watch it, but ignore the Power Node across the room for the moment. After the message is competed, a black slasher will drop from the ceiling and attack you. Loot the room once youve killed it. POWER NODE: Snag that Power Node from the Node panel on the back wall after fighting the slasher. Taking the Power Node cuts the power and plunges the room into darkness which is why I told you to hold off. Once you have it, leave the room. Youll reach an elevator next. At the top, use Kinesis to slide over a small bridge piece so you can cross to the other side of the room. Kill the lurker you encounter and be on guard for a scorpion necromorph thats about to ambush you in a moment. Grab loot and move the bridge back so you can cross to the lift. On the ground, youll see a necro run through that coursing electricity and get annihilated. Youre going to want to not do that. Lower the lift and two more scorpions will attack you, one after the other, on the lower floor. POWER NODE: From the lift, follow the wall on your right (not toward the electricity) and youll find a door. Inside is a blue Power Node panel straight in front of the door when you enter. You cant cross the electricity until you pull that battery out from the wall. As soon as you pull the battery, however, two black slashers and a black scorpion will ambush you. So try this: stand in front of the battery, pull it, and then immediately replace it. Thatll kill the electricity back on and may save you the trouble of fighting some or all of the necromorphs. TIP: Check inside the hole generating all the electricity for a Ruby Semiconductor (at least on Normal mode). Once youve killed everything, pull the battery and cross over to the other side of the room. Youll find a Bench there, as well as a Power Node room you can open for some loot. I found a good deal of health packs in there, although I was nearly dead when I opened it, which could have had an effect. The Bridge Leave the room and follow the hall around. You may recognize the next room as the old entrance to the Medical Level from Dead Space. Loot the room and use the Store and the Save Point. Exit the room to the Tram Station, which is zero-gee. Take off and start flying down the track, looking

for loot. POWER NODE: As you go down the track, youll pass a train car on your left. Youll engage a lurker just beyond. After its cleared out, turn back toward the train car and check for a Power Node near the left wall when youre facing toward your objective, down toward the floor. Keep flying and listen for lurkers. As you clear another train car on your left and near the end of the tube, youll find three of them one immediately to your left and two more on the ceiling ahead. Kill them and make your way to the tram station, where you can land and re-enter the halls in regular gravity. Follow them to an offline store, collecting loot from crates along the way. The next door takes you into the bridge, where youll promptly be attacked by a scorpion necro, those crawling triangular things, and a stalker, in that order. Dispatch them in the usual way, but try to nail the stalker in hiding with stasis and itll be a lot easier to handle. AUDIO LOG: After youre done with them and before you get into the main fight on the bridge, you can step to the left of the door you came in through to find a set of two rooms with some loot, an Audio Log and a Bench. ACHIEVEMENT: Im not sure exactly where, but if youve been following this guide, you should have already picked up The Librarian Achievement, which counts audio messages with other characters as logs in addition to the ones you find on the ground. Leave the Bench room and continue to the left with a big gun at the ready, facing toward the center column in the room youre about to encounter two black pukers who are standing at the ready. The Contact Beam or something of similar capabilities will kill them fast. After that, be ready for a couple of stalkers as you move forward. Kill them and you should be in the clear. Follow your Objective Marker down the ramp to the Save Point, and then down to the Captains Nest. Hold down the activate button next to the console to start the gravity tethers, then leave the room and jump in an escape pod. Youll wind up in the Government Sector and Chapter 11. ACHIEVEMENT: The Operation! Achievement is yours for firing the gravity tethers. Chapter 11 When you come to, loot the area immediately around you and listen to Ellie and Stross latest for an update. AUDIO LOG: If you played and registered the Dead Space game on iPhone or iPad, youll have access to this Audio Log. Walk to the corner of the ramp that leads down and then turn around and face toward space. Youll see a floating body and a log beside it, along with some loot, tying the two games stories together. Head down into the larger area below and save your game. Loot the room and use the Bench before proceeding. In the next room, check the area to the left of you for some loot and a clue as to what youre facing stalkers. Through the next door is a big ramp that descends down to another door. Get ready to fight probably a half-dozen stalkers presented in two groups. First youll fight two, then four. In between, right about when you fight the second set, some exploding babies will show up, so be careful. Your best bet is to start down the ramp to trigger the attacks, then backtrack to give yourself room to deal with the enemies youre facing. Use the exploding babies to your advantage if you can. At the bottom of the room, check the left and right alcoves for loot before you proceed into the next room. Here youll find some more loot as you talk with Stross. Hack the panel when youre done. In the next room, youll see some epic destruction on your right and find some cysts down the hall that you have to deal with. POWER NODE: As you enter this room and you see the ruined and flaming gap on your right, face across it and look for a loot box on the wall. Tag it with a gun like the Plasma Cutter and use Kinesis to fish out a Power Node. Head down the hall and destroy the two nodes on the ground in front of you, the one on the wall to your right at the corner, and the last one on the ground near the door. POWER NODE: Across from the exit door, on the wall, is another Power Node panel. Down the next hallway, youll hit a Store and a Save Point. Theres a cyst on the ground in front

of them, but once you take care of that, youre clear all the way to the next room. When you get there, youll find yourself on a walkway, and if you listen carefully, youll hear a distant slasher. Fire up the Contact Beam if youve got it and look for him on the walkway across from you you might be able to put him down with one good shot. In order to make it out of this room, youll need to go down to the lower level and find a battery in a panel. The room is more or less teeming with necromorphs, however youll find exploders on your way down and lurkers later on, plus slashers and pukers and a few of the exploding babies. Clear the top portion, where youll encounter a puker (and find some loot) before heading down the ramp. An exploder pops out of the wall first. Take it down as you hit the bottom of the ramp, then turn to your right and watch the ramp for lurkers and slashers coming from above. Kill them all and then head down toward the far wall, beside the ramp. Youll possibly deal with more lurkers here. Pull the red battery from the wall and then follow the path along the wall to your right if youve got your back to it. Fight off the slasher and puker as you make your way to the far side. Turn back toward the red battery terminal and youll see a panel you can push to gain access to a battery. Take it back to the panel to power the room. There are Stasis canisters on the bottom level that are handy, as are the explosive canisters on the top level. Youll deal with more necros now a slasher, plus crawling babies coming from the direction of the ramp. Kill them all and head back toward the ramp to go back up, where youll see another exploding necro come out of the wall. Kill it and head up. Surprise: Slasher at the top, puker coming up behind you. Stasis them to get them both on the same side of you so you can combine your efforts against them. Finally: head up to the door and leave the room. Theres loot and a Save Point around the corner in the next. Go a little further and youll encounter Stross and Ellie, and beyond that, youll end up outside, fighting one of those flying enemy-slinging goo monsters. You know how to deal with this. Dodge the flying enemies and nail the monsters hanging yellow weakpoints to kill it. After that, you wont be hassled again, at least out here. Youve got another puzzle to solve using thruster pods. POWER NODE: First, orient yourself so youre looking straight on at the monster you just killed, and hit RB or R1 to orient yourself to the ground. Turn left and carefully check the space near the structures nearby theres a very easy-to-miss Power Node floating around near the machinery. Now face 90 degrees left from there and look for the spot where the two mining laser pods are converging on the tunnel you need to use. Youll need to move those pods in order to access the tunnel. Grab oxygen if you need it from near the monster or inside those red-lit holes, then go to work on the pod on the left first. The left pod (left if youre facing into the white tunnel where the lasers are hitting, oriented to the ground) already has a thruster attached. You just need to shoot it. Near that pod is a red-lit room, and inside it, youll find an additional pod and some oxygen. Refill your tanks and grab the pod, then fly it over to the other laser pod and attach it. Shoot it and youre done with the puzzle. SCHEMATIC: Before we go into the white tunnel, fly down to the opening, orient to the ground, and then go around the right side of the white tunnel and fly all the way to where it terminates. Toward the end of the tunnel, placed close to its window on your left, is a schematic for Contact Beam Energy. Now you can head into the tunnel, but be careful, as there are a bunch of cysts in the first section. Destroy them and land on the ground in front of the door. Open it and youll have to kill a few more ceiling-mounted cysts before you can get inside and save your game. Take the lift up to the catwalks above and youll start seeing enemies in the distance. Theres a slasher on the walkway across from you that you can kill from afar with the right weapons, as well as two lurkers on the level beneath you that can be dealt with the same way. Start down the catwalk and a puker will accost you. Head forward a little further and a slasher will drop in front of you, and youll hear one behind you as well. Use Stasis on the threats in front and spin around, using Stasis again on the slasher behind you, and run back. The enemies to the front are actually three-strong, with a puker in tow

as well. By moving backward, youll get them all on one side of you so you can pool your efforts. POWER NODE: Once theyre all dead, make your way around the catwalks corner and look left, where you should see a cargo net strung over the gap between the catwalk and the wall. On it sits a Power Node: grab it with Kinesis. A little further forward and another slasher drops in front of you. Kill it and spin around it has a counterpart on its way from the rear. Continue to the door marked Mining Hall B. Through it, turn right and youll find a Power Node door. Youll really want to unlock this one. SCHEMATIC: Inside this Power Node room, youll discover the schematic for the Advanced Suit on the left, on the floor. ACHIEVEMENT: Grabbing the Advanced Suit here, and putting it on next time you make it to a Store, is enough to earn the Looking Good Achievement. POWER NODE: Theres also a Power Node on the ground among the loot. Clear the mine traps with the bodies and enter the Mining Hall B Access Hallway. Watch out for cysts one on the ceiling on the right as you hit the first gap, then one on the wall on the right, then one in the upper left corner. Get to the panel and hack it to move back into Hall B. Youre up on the second level of the room where you fought all those necromorphs and replaced the battery in the wall. Theres not much to do up here, so take the lift on the left. At the bottom, walk around to the right to find the door you need to go through, and follow that all the way to another door, grabbing loot as you go. Youll hit a spot with a big gap between you and the other side. A slasher will climb up in front of you just as you arrive. Kill it, but wait before hitting the console beside you. AUDIO LOG: If you played Dead Space for iPhone or iPad and registered it, youll get another exclusive Audio Log here. Use Kinesis to grab it from across the gap,a long with some loot. POWER NODE: There may also be a Power Node across the gap on the left. Call the lift and you can get a better look. Hit the console and a lift will show up for you. Step aboard, get a strong weapon out, and stand in the corner after you hit the button. As you rise, slashers will drop onto the platform, mostly in pairs. Youll fight four groups in total, and one group will have three slashers. Use Stasis to get yourself out of corners when you need to and you should be okay. At the top, loot the bodies and head for the door. Youve got a Store and a Bench out ahead of you, as well as a Save Point. Welcome to the end of Chapter 11. Chapter 12 Enter the next big area and youll find Ellie, working on getting a big mining rig restarted. Youll need a power cell and a circuit board to get it running again. Go around the back of the rig to your right to find the power cell inside a panel, which has a bunch of cysts in front of it. POWER NODE: Move between the wall and the drilling rig on the side closest to the cysts and youll find a gap in the wall that hides loot and a Power Node. Plug in the power cell and youll need a circuit board next. Go back to the other side of the rig and climb the ramp. Be sure to check to the left at the top of it for a Diamond Semiconductor. Keep moving along the ramps, collecting your loot as you go. Youll eventually get to a gondola that will take you across to the far side, but when you get there, youll have to fight two slashers. Get the circuit board out of the nearby panel. Your return trip to the rig has you facing a puker when the gondola crosses back. Head down afterward and plug in the circuit board. Next youll have to hack another panel, and doing so triggers a big attack. Watch for slashers coming from the right. The Pack is also falling in all around you. Make your way up the ramp as you fight through them theyll be coming above and below. Find a good spot where you can address all threats, including additional slashers (I liked the top of the ramp), and when youre finished fighting, head down to the side of the rig after Ellie turns it and ride the lift to the top. On top of the drill, youll be fighting off necromorphs pretty much constantly. Slashers will make

their way up to the top of the drill along with a few pukers, and lurkers will stand on the walls and shoot down on you. Watch those walls near the lurkers for spare loot and explosive canisters for your convenience. TIP: If you have the Force Gun or youre just able to put a few shots into enemies chests, you can push them into the drill bits, which will instantly kill them. Theres not much to say here except to encourage you to keep hacking away and to keep your eyes open. The slashers that climb up arent generally the super-dangerous kind, so as long as you address them quickly, you should do all right. The more problematic enemies are the pukers, as they take more work to destroy, and the lurkers, which youll probably struggle to kill at all. After the second wall of lurkers, youre nearing the end. Hold out for a few more seconds and youll reach the end of this chapter. ACHIEVEMENT: The Knock Knock Achievement unlocks just before you hit Chapter 13. Chapter 13 Turn around and head into the hallway. Youll find a Save Point and a wall panel with some loot. In fact, youll find wall panels all over the place in this hallway, including past the door, which is around the corner ahead of you. POWER NODE: When you reach the orange door your Objective Marker directs you to, continue along the hallway until you reach the next corner. Instead of turning right, turn left youll discover a Power Node panel there. Finish looting the area and return to the door. Follow it through until you reach Ellie and the gunship. Past that, theres a Save Point and a Store for you to use. Youll find the elevator just beyond. The next room is teeming with necros, streaming in through the hole you drilled from the mining area. Youll face lurkers, exploding arm guys, lots of slashers and pukers to boot. Theres really no good way to handle it, but if you can deploy some mines with the detonator early, you might be able to thin the enemys advance. Look also for Stasis canisters to use on enemies, and try to put real estate and walls between you and any lurkers, because theyll pummel you while your attention is divided. If you get into trouble, double-back to the elevator and hit the Store for more health. Eventually, youll kill enough bad guys that only some straggling lurkers will remain they keep coming through the hole, so once youve got a lull, youre safe at least for a moment. Run to the big door up the stairs and go to its left side to find a panel to hack open, leading you through. Descend the stairs on the right side and hug the right side wall. As you reach the bottom, Tiedemanns armed guards will be waiting to unload on you. Slip through the door in the right wall to escape. POWER NODE: Look to the sinks on the left side of the bathroom to find a Power Node just waiting for you. Move through the closets and loot the area before climbing through a maintenance hatch. Youll come out into a room beside the military blockade. Head to the right and climb the stairs to the control room above. Save your game there, then pull the battery from the wall. You can watch the carnage through the window. After the dust settles a bit, open the door and start fighting off enemies yourself. There are a bunch, but the door makes a really good bottle neck, perfect for Javelin Gun shocks and Detonator mines. Head out of the room and past the scanners to the right. Loot the next room and follow Nicoles nav marker beyond. Pick up the body you find in the smaller room and use it to get through the security checkpoint. AUDIO LOG: Follow the plastic hallway until you hit the opening to the right, but keep going forward and around the corner to find an Audio Log on the floor. Through the next room, past the tanks where more Markers are being made, youll find a Save Point. Head to the right for some loot, but get ready for a slasher to come barreling at you and a

puker to come past the Marker tanks in the room you just left. Kill both and head the other way, to the door. The next lab you enter is filled with slashers and pukers, with a bat converting more bodies. The bad news is, more or less as soon as you step in, youll be facing enemies from all directions, mostly dropping in through the ceiling. Use your strongest weapons if youve got the Line Gun or the Contact Beam, nows a good time for them. By the end, youll have slain five or six slashers, probably two pukers, the bat and an explosive necromorph as well. Look for a Stasis canister near the big blue energy column for a hand. Move through and youll discover a four-way junction in the next room. Theres a Bench straight ahead the path is to the right, but ignore it for a minute and a Power Node door beside the Bench. Inside the Node door, youll probably find a Semiconductor. Step back out of the Node door at the ready to fight a Tall Man necromorph, the kind that fall apart when you shoot them and turn into a lot of little crawling guys. Try not to let it back you into a corner, as its a dangerous foe. Entering the next big room will let you know immediately that youve got stalkers to fight off, but thats not all there are pukers mixed in, and its going to be a mess in here. Move in slowly and try to pin down where the enemies are going to come from. Once you push to the back wall and move to the left, youll start seeing stalkers entering the room from above. Go with your usual strategy with stalkers try to freeze them and hit them from far away if you can. Theyll be coming from at least two sides, so try to put yourself in a good spot to deal with them. Once you start taking them down and thinning their numbers, youll see a puker or two join the mix. Clear them all out and you can start looking for loot. POWER NODE: If you stand at the door you entered from, with the entrance at your back, and walk forward, youll hit that small corridor we talked about above. It goes to the left, but check the wall to the right and youll find a Power Node panel. AUDIO LOG: Back in the center of the room is a bunch of gooey stuff on the floor and a central column with a battery stuck in it. Go round the side of that column and youll find an Audio Log on the ground. The door on the far end of the room needs power. Pull the red, shorted out cell from the wall and get the one from the central column to replace it. In the next room, look for a Save Point in front of you and a cyst you need to destroy to the left. Get loot from the wall panel, save, and descend. See the big spinning laser thing? Youre going to need to time your runs through that in order to not get sliced up by it. Before that, though, step to the doorway and deal with a few of those exploding babies and crawling necromorphs. When youre all set, step out right after one of the lasers comes by and sprint to the right, where youll find a doorway and a small alcove. Get inside and youll be attacked by slashers immediately, which fall from the ceiling and make their way from a nearby vent. Blast them all, and fast and be careful of the few that are crawling your way from the laser room. POWER NODE: When those guys are dead, the wall just inside the door of this room has a Power Node panel on it. Loot the room and repeat the process. Shoot some babies at the next room and grab loot before you go again. The last room has regular slashers filling it from the right. Deal with the three of them, as well as the one crawling your way from the laser room, and youre safe to use the lift in the back of the room. Check the top level for loot and then hit the panel to stop the lasers. Use Kinesis on the laser arm that stops in front of you to lower it and make a bridge. Do the same on the far side. Loot the wall panels and look out for a slasher that drops from the ceiling. Kill it and the black slasher that climbs up from the lower level as you approach the door, then leave the room and descend the ramp to a room filled with bodies. Use the Save Point and check for ammo on the ground before continuing. If youve got Detonator mines, this is a great room for them. Set them up on the walkways in front of you and to the right to create a bunch of traps for slashers and pukers to run through. As you

step further into the room, youll see an exploding arm guy and a few exploding babies. Right after them, slashers start to attack from both sides, but the left side first. Expect three waves or so, and try to keep yourself clear of attacks from the pukers. Keep blowing guys up and eventually youll wear through the first two waves. An exploding arm guy and pukers and slashers coming from the right are the last of them, except for one slasher that climbs up as you head for the door. A hallway waits in the next room, descending on a ramp. As you go down, two slashers appear in front, then one behind. Kill them and check the lockers at the bottom. Youll exit into the second level of the room you were just in expect it to go pretty much as well as it did on the top floor. Deploy a bunch of mines to the right as you exit the door and get ready. Youll first deal with a couple of pukers and an exploder (shoot him before he triggers your traps to save them for more worrisome enemies), and then a slasher will come through the vent just behind you if you stay to the left of the entry door. Loot and head for the door. Theres more loot in the next descending hallway, and youll come out on the ground floor. Grab the loot boxes from a distance to get everything you need to fight a brute. AUDIO LOG: Check the floor to the right of the door as you enter the bottom floor. As you head toward the hacking panel across the room, a brute will drop in the center of it. Snag that Stasis canister and nail him with it first thing, then circle around and take out its legs. You should be able to do massive damage in a fairly short amount of time, with minimal Stasis. Hack the panel to get out. Youll cross a bridge into a big central section, and if you turn and look to your right, youll see necromorphs headed the same way. Thankfully, the next room has a Store, Bench and Save Point. AUDIO LOG: As you approach the store, check the shelf on the left. AUDIO LOG: Theres also a Text Log on the table on the right. TIP: If you havent upgraded your Stasis, you should really do so now. Youre going to want it soon. Youll be able to see the Marker in the next room. Go to the door to the right and youll find a machine youll have to activate and get inside to close out the chapter. Line up the needle until the light turns blue and carefully lower it with A on Xbox 360, X on Playstation 3. If you do it correctly, youll get a quick cutscene that closes Chapter 13. Chapter 14 You need to hack that door to get out, but theres some bad news on that front the big slasher necromorph that drops into the room is uber-powerful and cant be killed outright. Youll need to slice off its arms and legs, freeze it, and then go hack the door. Its tough, but doable. Injure the monster quickly, hit it with Stasis, and run to the panel. Try to do it in one go if you fail or the monster hits you, youll have to start over. As soon as the door is hacked, freeze the monster again and leave the room. He wont follow through the door hes pursuing you through the vents, instead. POWER NODE: After you go through the door, turn right and youll find a Power Node panel on the wall. Follow the hallway to the left. Grab loot along the way and use the Save Point before heading much further. AUDIO LOG: Theres a log near the door at the end of the hall. Hit the Save Point and make your way around the corner. Two halls later, youll enter a large room with control consoles in front of you, and a puker moving into position to attack you to your right. Grab that explosive canister where the puker is headed and blast him with it, then finish him with your weapon. Theres loot up ahead on your right in some lockers. POWER NODE: Walk from the door to the back wall along your walkway, then turn left. At the back of the room on an interior wall, you should see a Power Node panel. AUDIO LOG: Go to the middle console facing the Marker to find an Audio Log on the floor. Youre going to need the body on that console to get out of this room: the scanner at the door will

only read rigs with proper security. As soon as you touch the body, though, the indestructible necromorph shows up, along with some puker friends. Shoot the body over at the door and you might even get lucky enough for it to get scanned when it lands. Meantime, start hitting the big guy with Stasis. Kill the pukers if you must they come one at a time but get through the door if its already unlocked by that body (itll have a blue symbol on it). If you can avoid fighting here, you should. Get through the door and you can save (quickly) right on the other side. As soon as youre done, though, the indestructible comes through the vent behind you. Stasis it, blow its legs off, and run. Around the next corner youll see a black puker: deal with it as quickly and efficiently as you can and get through the next door. POWER NODE: The next hallway is a dead end, with a junction going to the right that you need to take. Run past it first, though, and check the right wall just past it to find a Power Node panel, as well as a standard loot panel. Backtrack to the junction and take it. Around the corner, youll start getting accosted by slashers. The best thing you can do here is to freeze them as they come down and try to get by them, maybe dropping some mines along the way. Eventually youll have four slashers and the indestructible in this tight hallway with you. Get to the far end by any means necessary, preferably without having to fight all of the enemies at once, and hit the elevator call. Kill and freeze whatever you can and get into the elevator before they all jump and murder you. Hit the top of the elevator, snag those loot boxes ahead of you and reload your weapons. If you hang tight a second, a couple of bats will hopefully come after you rather from around the corner, rather than convert the bodies in the next room into slashers. Regardless, you need to haul ass in here, as the indestructible is about to be right behind you. Head into the room and grab the Kinesis panel off the wall near the door. Freeze the big guy (hes undoubtedly right there) and knee-cap him if you can. Then make for the newly-exposed fuse on the wall. Smash it with a melee attack and get through the door, then grab any loot you think you can stop to nab and get through the door beyond. TIP: If the room is filled with slashers, just go. Freeze them, cut their knees off, do whatever you can to stop them, but dont expect to put up a real winning fight against these odds. Your best bet is just to freeze the indestructible and get the hell out of there as fast as you can. Hit the panel in the next room to switch of gravity (and oxygen). Youll have to fly up some to go forward, where youll need to dodge a couple of huge pistons. Get near where they stop on the far right (oriented to the ground), then boost past them as they retract. Youll come up to some lasers firing across your path next. Ignore them and look beyond youll see those flying necromorphs that get launched from the big monster with the yellow testicle-like weak points. See the hazy yellow spots? Those are said weak points. Pull out a Plasma Cutter or something reliably accurate and tag those three spots out, while dodging the flying things. You should be able to kill it from here, which makes navigating the beams much easier. Just watch for the emitters on the left to glow that means theyre about to fire. The pattern is one beam from each emitter from bottom to top on the first; the center beam and then the top and bottom beams on the second, and the bottom two beams on the third. TIP: After you kill the zero-gee monster, dont forget to check above it for a Ruby Semiconductor. Land and turn gravity and oxygen back on, then hit the door. In the next room, look for loot crates and a Power Node door in the room beyond, on the right. I found very little loot inside it, though. POWER NODE: You may get your Power Node back if you open that Power Node door, though so at least its a one-to-one tradeoff. POWER NODE: When you take the door out of that room, youll enter another hallway that leads you to the right. Turn left to find a Node panel right next to you. Just keep moving and youll hit an antechamber that exits to the Marker. Theres a Store, Bench and Save Point make good use of all of them, dump all your money, use all your Power Nodes, and bring all your best weapons. Youre about to start the final chapter. Chapter 15 As soon as you step into the Marker chamber, youre going to be attacked heavily by three

scorpion necros, so be ready for them. Kill those guys and run to the right, where youll find some loot, before proceeding. At the corner ahead, youre going to run into the indestructible necromorph. Be careful there are others, like a puker above you, that are going to be making your life hell as you advance. Right now, your best bet might just be to run for the next door if you can freeze him. In the next room, two slashers will attack you quickly. Kill them, grab the loot, and get moving, because the indestructible is right on your heels. When you get back outside, look left for a puker you need to kill, and watch for a lurker up on the wall to your left. Keep moving. Into the next room, youll descend a ramp and find a few more slashers and pukers, plus the indestructible right afterward. Nail them them with heavy weapons mines, contact beam, whatever and try to kill them fast before heading through. Youll need to clear some debris from the doorway to get by. Back outside, and a scorpion has your number along with two lurkers ahead of you. Pound through them and get inside again where youll fight a slasher and the indestructible. Injure them, push to the next room, reload and take the lift up. AUDIO LOG: Theres a Text Log from Tiedemann laying on the lift when you get to it. Save when you get to the top of the lift. Head forward and youll encounter the indestructible one last time in this series of rooms. Freeze and kneecap it, then get over to the door and break it down by busting the fuse. On the other side, break a fuse on the same door to seal it. Hit your Objective Marker here: to see which door to use. One will lead you back to the room with the walkway you just left, and thatll mean youll have to face the indestructible again as it gets into the room youre in now. Dont linger, in fact just get outside and sprint for the Marker. Jam on the A or X button when you get hit. Failure to do so fast enough will result in your death. Keep pounding the button as prompted to get through this sequence. Right afterward, youll be launched into the games final fight. The Final Battle This isnt going to be easy. Pull a reliably accurate, fast firing weapon, and expect to run yourself out of ammunition in a hurry. First, use something you dont have a lot of ammo lying around for maybe the Javelin Gun and tag Phantom Nicole with it three times. Pull out your Contact Beam (you brought that, right?) or a suitable other big weapon (or even the Plasma Cutter) and start blasting away at the Markers exposed heart. After two or three clean hits, youll lose the ability to shoot at it again. Back the hell away from the spot where Nicole warps in if she reaches you and grabs hold of Isaac, youre dead. After that first round, Nicole will start sending huge numbers of shady black Pack members at you. You can kill them for ammo and health, but they dont ever stop coming. Your true target is Nicole. Use Stasis if you can to freeze lots of Pack at once, then start blasting Nicole. Youll have to hit her a few times to stop her from coming, and shell faze through rocks and things if you put stuff in between you and her. When you put Nicole down again, youll have another shot at the heart. Hit it as hard as you can and get out of there again. Youll need to repeat the process twice more. Fighting Nicole and the Pack head-on is a losing proposition, especially if your ammo is getting sapped, as it really ought to be after what youve gone through so far. Keep on the move as much as you can, making loops around the platform, to keep the Pack moving and Nicole from closing on you. Tag Nicole again, hit the Marker again, and keep moving and killing the Pack for the last round. Hit Nicole a few more times and shell disappear, allowing you to fire away at the Marker for the final shot. It wont be easy, but itll shut down the necromorph plague on the Sprawl. Sit back and watch the last of the game. If you enjoyed this, consider posting a comment or share this with your friends. Do you like this story? More About: Dead Space 2, Latest Walkthroughs, PC, Playstation 3, Walkthroughs, X-Box 360 17 Comments to Dead Space 2 Walkthrough

by: claus77 On January 28, 2011 at 11:24 pm Chapter 1 Conduit Room Hi Phil, i just read your DS2 walkthrough. Its great for my 2nd run onwards. Now when i replay the game at Chapter 1, i cant enter Conduit Room in the Patient Care area, before the 1st shop. Did you create this walkthrough on Zealot / Hard Core difficulty? by: Phil Hornshaw On January 29, 2011 at 12:04 am @Claus77 Unfortunately, no Im running through on Normal so I can get the walkthrough done more quickly (we had to wait almost until street date to get our copy to work on it). I would bet that the higher difficulty is why the Conduit Room isnt working, since the game purposely providing you less ammunition and supplies. Couldnt tell you for sure, though, until I can mess around on the higher difficulties. by: claus77 On January 30, 2011 at 1:15 am @Phil Hm, thats strange. Because 1st round played on Casual, so i can easily memorize the game, and right now im doing the 2nd run using New Game+. Since you said you did it on Normal, maybe some rooms have different effect on different difficulty. I will test it later on Normal and get back to you with the results. by: Phil Hornshaw On January 30, 2011 at 1:25 am @Claus77 Thatd be my guess. Also, as I understand it, the Conduit Rooms are bonuses that unlock from playing Dead Space Ignition. From your earlier comment, it sounded like you got access to them on your first run, is that right? It might have something to do with the unlockable in the game maybe they come through on your regular playthroughs but not your plus playthroughs. If thats the case, sounds like an issue the game isnt supposed to have that Visceral would have to fix in an update. If you didnt play Ignition, that would be why you cant access the Conduit Rooms theyre bonuses for having bought the other game. As such, those rooms, the Hacker Suit and the Hacker Contact Beam, along with extra Power Nodes, loot and Audio Logs, would be off-limits to you. by: claus77 On January 30, 2011 at 9:56 am @Phil Ah, youre correct. I tried Normal both in New Game & New Game+, and no difference. I didnt play DS: Ignition. Luckily those rooms arent affecting the Xbox360 Achievements. So thats why each time we started DS2 it checks save games. I thought it was only for the DS1 Plasma Cutter. Btw, do you have any plans to create Hard Core difficulty later on? Because 3 save game only its a killer. Thanks again for your complete walkthrough and explanations by: Emmitt On January 31, 2011 at 11:20 am I appreciate the walkthrough, although I mst admit I didint actually use it until I had no option but to use it for the last final fight of the game. I played on Normal and found the game to be rather fun and easy as long as you are not afraid of exploring a little bit, but they seriously made the last

chapter increasingly difficult! I was surprised I even made it to Nicole and then fighting her was a completely different ordeal! Great game though after all, and I appreciate you for giving me methods for bringing Nicole down because I sure needed them after multiple failures on my own! by: Phil Hornshaw On January 31, 2011 at 11:26 am Yeah, Emmitt, she beat my ass a bit too. The game takes a marked upswing in difficulty toward the end. I havent started my Hardcore run yet, but Im not looking forward to how bad Im going to get thrashed. by: amp On February 23, 2011 at 8:34 pm This was a great guide thanks. The first time I beat it I didnt get all the achievements but I have them now by: wow On February 25, 2011 at 5:25 am thank u phil this was the best walkthrough i found. not going to say names but i usually use a bigger site and the walkthough has nothing on yours. I was stuck on the last chapter for 2 days beat killzone 3 in 2 days just too get my mind of DS2 but i found your guide (fist pump for GOOGLE!) i was using my gun with more ammo on nicole not the stronger guns just the plasma cutter bcuz it had more ammo i won the first time i played after reading USE THE JAVELIN ON NICOLE one of my favorite games ever for being a new gamer this is a masterpiece of gore thanks again by: jim On March 5, 2011 at 11:36 am good guide. i have a couple of corrections that i found playing on normal diff. 1. chapter 14 #18. once youve exited the room and your at the zero gravity switch, turn around and go back through the door and kill all the slashers. the big guy is gone so you can backtrack as far as you want and pick up valuable ammo and health packs. 2. chapter 14 #23. instead of hitting the power node door right away, i went past it, grabbed the next power node and saved it. i then backtracked and the door rewarded me with a ruby semiconductor, a large me pack, and two power nodes. by: jim On March 5, 2011 at 11:41 am i almost forgot, at chap 14 #18, once you turn around and go back, the first room has a diamond semiconductor in the corner opposite and to the left of the door to the zero gravity area. by: brandon On March 10, 2011 at 1:42 pm Thank you much man this helped a lot. I would have been lost without it at times and much props for including chances for achievments! by: Timdian3 On March 10, 2011 at 5:48 pm Gotta say, you did a great job on this. I normally dont use walkthoughs but this game called for it thanks for the great job! by: Ben Richardson On March 10, 2011 at 5:54 pm Thanks Tim! Happy gaming! by: Alister Dodd On March 23, 2011 at 9:32 pm

this was really helpful for my second run through because i was playin through on zealot and needed to prepare for battles, so thanks alot, but i think maybe you could have added a bit about where the schematic for the elite suit are are for people going through the second time. by: Nata On May 21, 2011 at 6:04 am strange, i thought the final battle would be difficult, but i did it from the very first attempt without running out of ammunition using only plasma cutter (i love this one) by: Necromorph On May 24, 2011 at 3:24 pm Thanks for such a comprehensive walkthrough. Its hard to find ones that provides such detailed information like the location of logs, power nodes, schematics, achievements, etc. Wish all walkthroughs were as well done. I appreciate your effort and keep up the good work. Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published or shared) (required) Website By submitting a comment here you grant GameFront a perpetual license to reproduce your words and name/web site in attribution. Inappropriate or irrelevant comments will be removed at an admin's discretion. GameFront.com Latest Walkthroughs LA Noire Walkthrough Witcher 2 Walkthrough Brink Game Guide Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Walkthrough Latest Cheats Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Cheats Hunted: The Demons Forge Cheats Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Trophies Hunted: Demons Forge Trophies Latest Reviews The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Review DiRT 3 Review LA Noire: The Naked City Review

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