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"7+D+E+F 88 IndIvIduals
"GH+,%+%F!J7 IndIvIduals
I7<G'4+F!J,558 IndIvIduals!
J:<G-'+F!1,669 IndIvIduals!
K4+)<F!2J IndIvIduals
.<6'%'+,+F!886 IndIvIduals**
L<,(+,+F!29 IndIvIduals!
M<G()!N+G<7',+F!J02 IndIvIduals!
O)'<F!J7J IndIvIduals
P<6()!N+G<7',+F!858 IndIvIduals!
Q(+)F 29 IndIvIduals!
R'G-','+F!8J7 IndIvIduals!
*?<E',-F!0 IndIvIduals!
"7+D+E+F!reduced formulary!
"G'V<,+F!reduced formulary
"GH+,%+%F!reduced formulary, lowered fInancIal elIgIbIlIty to 200 FPL
(dIsenrolled 99 clIents In September 2009)
N<7<G+4<F reduced formulary
I7<G'4+F!reduced formulary, transItIoned 5,40J clIents to WelvIsta from 2/15J/J1/11
J:<G-'+F!reduced formulary, Implemented medIcal crIterIa,
partIcIpatIng In the AlternatIve |ethod 0emonstratIon Project (A|0P)
K4+)<F!capped enrollment
K77',<'%F!reduced formulary, InstItuted monthly expendIture cap (S2,000 per clIent per month)
W:,(6TH?F!reduced formulary
.<6'%'+,+F!dIscontInued reImbursement of laboratory assays
M<G()!N+G<7',+F!!reduced formulary!
M<G()!#+H<(+F!capped enrollment, InstItuted annual expendIture cap,
lowered fInancIal elIgIbIlIty to J00 FPL (grandfathered In current clIents above J00FPL)
O)'<F!reduced formulary, lowered fInancIal elIgIbIlIty to J00 FPL (dIsenrolled 257 clIents In July 2010)
$6:G(<!X'T<F!reduced formulary
P<6()!N+G<7',+F!lowered fInancIal elIgIbIlIty to J00 FPL (grandfathered In current clIents above J00 FPL)
Q(+)F!reduced formulary, lowered fInancIal elIgIbIlIty to 250 FPL (dIsenrolled 89 clIents In FY2010)
R'G-','+F reduced formulary, transItIoned 207 clIents onto waItIng lIst and PAPs,
only dIstrIbutIng J0day prescrIptIon refIlls
*+%)',-(<,F!InstItuted clIent cost sharIng, reduced formulary (for unInsured clIents only),
only payIng Insurance premIums for clIents currently on antIretrovIrals
*?<E',-F reduced formulary, InstItuted clIent cost sharIng

As c reslt of A0AP emerency fndn, Hcwc, ldcho, lowc, Kentcky, Soth 0ckotc, cnd 0tch elmncted ther wctn lsts; ldcho rensttted
c wctn lst n Febrcry 2011 cnd 0tch rensttted c wctn lst n Mcy 2011.
Loscnc hcs c ccpped enrollment on ther prorcm. Ths nmber represents ther crrent nmet need.

"7+D+E+F!reduce formulary
N<7<G+4<F InstItute clIent cost sharIng, establIsh waItIng lIst
I7<G'4+F!lower fInancIal elIgIbIlIty
[+&+''F!establIsh waItIng lIst
K77',<'%F!lower fInancIal elIgIbIlIty to J00 FPL
(grandfather In current enrollees from J01 500 FPL), dIsenroll clIents not accessIng A0AP for 90days
W:,(6TH?F reduce formulary
L<,(+,+F!reduce formulary
OG:-<,F!reduce formulary
$6:G(<!X'T<F reduce formulary
P<6()!N+G<7',+F!dIsenroll 200 clIents based on fInancIal elIgIbIlIty
\:,,:%%::F!establIsh waItIng lIst
*+%)',-(<,F cap enrollment, establIsh waItIng lIst, reduce formulary
*?<E',-F reduce formulary


Mcrch J1, 2012 s the end of A0AP FY2011. A0AP fsccl yecrs ben Aprl 1 cnd ends Mcrch J1.

NASTA0 ( Is a nonprofIt natIonal allIance of state health department H7/A0S program dIrectors who have programmatIc
responsIbIlIty for admInIsterIng H7/A0S and vIral hepatItIs health care, preventIon, educatIon, and supportIve servIces programs funded by state
and federal governments. To receIve The A0AP Wctch, please emaIl 8rItten Pund