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The Only One


Is there anything better than the HEALTH?


Pure natural juice j

New Tech-LSTS Type Tech-

Simple cleaning Silence working Save your hands

Different Diff t
Metdol is not a juicer or a blender. j

It is the only squeezer which makes an undiluted solution an soy juice juice.

Fruits & Vegetables Story

100% Effects on Fruit Juice Concentrate ?
What is fruit juice concentrate?
- Juice concentrate is making juice from original fruits. The concentrate is easy to convey as small volume and has a long keeping period but its original flavor, taste, nutrition will be lost on the process of heat treatment in a long time. Because of those losses additives such as flavoring agents, vitamins, citric acid, spices must be added.

Easy to drink blended fruit juice?

- An association of doctors in the UK says if you drink fruit juice which is made by blender, you have to know that it will be better not to drink the juice because it j doesnt maintain the nutrition in the juice. -Friction and heat caused by high speed rotation destroy the nutrition

6 times higher than that of normal juicer

Type Tomato juice extracted by low speed Tomato juice blended by high speed Tomato Vita-C 17.0 3.0 25.9 UintTomato mg/100g mg/100g g g mg/100g Method s Chemica l Test by Food Code (2005)

Destruction of nutrition

Eat original vegetables and fruits?

Low absorption rate

(resource : Korea Food Research Institute ) Intake by juice Over 65% 10~15 min Intake by original ones Less than 17% 3~5 hours

- If you take the original ones or blended juice, the absorption rate into body is just 17% and it takes 3 ~ 5hours to be digested in body because of fiber wastes which obstruct absorption. - Wastes Separation system from original ones shortens the absorption time, 10~15mins time which takes 10 15mins and raise the absorption rates which is 65% - Persistent Agricultural Chemicals like germicide and herbicide are removed by up to 87% by the Wastes Separation system from a crude liquid

absorption rate Digestion time

Vegetables & Fruits Have to consider not taking how many quantities but how to effectively take in.


Food culture story

Change of menu
Change of food life as raised income (from vegetables primacy to high calorie menu) The change causes such Lifestyle Disease as obesity, diabetes, and cancers di b d

Incidence and death rate of cancers in Korea

The first death cause of Koreans is Cancers

McGovern Report
What is the report? p present diseases in a - A report announced causes of p committee of United States Senate -All will die without change of food culture. - Causes of present diseases are from bad food culture and behavior

The incidence of death by cancers The incidence of cancers(1 out of 4) ( (1 out of 4) )

source: the incindence of cancers(1999~2002), ministry fro health and welfare affairs, 2007

5A Day Campaign
A campaign: lets eat 5 dishes of vegetables a day in 1991 from National Cancer Institute let s day Institute. -> the incidence of cancers is reduced in every year (see the , graph) -> On the other hand, the rate of adult diseases and cancers incidence are raised in Korea because of meat-oriented food culture. (see the graph)

Fresh vegetables and the per capita consumption of Vegetables and fruits (USA) The incidence of death by cancers in the US (out o f a hundred thousand) The incidence of cancers in korea( out of a hundred thousand)

Its not optional but essential!


Enzyme Story
What is Enzyme?
Enzyme is a kind of Protein which not only promotes reaction speed and metabolism in body but also digests food and generates skin and bones. Its also helpful to counteract the poisonous effects. Thus, it is vital element for maintaining our life g

Keeping homeostasis (Well digestion, immune function)

Anti-inflammatory function (healing damaged cells)

To help growth (Promotion of skeletal structure)

Disintegration (Discharging function body wastes)


Purification of Co2 (Removal of Co2 in the lung

When the thermometer stands at 48(118 4) 48(118.4), the enzyme is to start to be destroyed and wholly disappears at 70(158)

Purification of blood

Keeping immune system (Purification of toxin in blood and cell) To Breakdown cells (Promotion of breakdown of cells)

cooked food restorative treated medicine

Impossible to take in Enzyme

<Functions of Enzyme>

The best way to take in vital Enzyme is to eat fresh vegetables & fruits having abundance enzyme h i b d

Which one is the Best choice for me and my family?

Juice from squeezer (Metdol) Ordinary fruit beverage Juice from mixer machine Juice from juicer machine

Do you think the beverage mixed with purified water, concentrated graph liquid, and flavoring agent is healthy for body?

Do you think the juice just blended with many sugars, ice and apples is healthy for body?

Do you think 100% juice having layer which lost layer, the nature taste, nutrition and color by blender, is healthy for body?

Do you think the original juice having nature taste taste, flavors and color by Metdol is healthy for body?


Why is there a lot of change ?

If you use the centrifugal juicer, the natural taste and nutrition can not be maintained.


How isn't there change with Metdol ?

It pushes slowly and extracts the juice with LSTS method of world's first technology. Also it maintains natural taste, flavor, color and nutrition.

Normal Juicer


LSTS method of Keosan,

world's first new technology of patent
It is different from the existing blender and juicer with high speed of grinding and crushing. It pushes slowly and extracts the juice. World's first technology of patent

It maintains natural taste, flavor, color and nutrition. Because it pushes slowly and extracts the juice.


-L Low calorie h lth j i f modern people l i healthy juice for d l Soy juice has abundant nutrition such as live enzyme, vitamins and minerals. minerals It is called beef grown from soil which is healthy food for soil, present people enjoying high calorie foods and prefer meat. . A cup of soy juice having nutrition of vegetables, fruits, and soy!!!

Soy juice is 1. It has effects on skin care and anti-aging as having natural vitamins and minerals anti aging 2. It is helpful for menopause women who need woman hormone as having abundant
3. 4. 4 5.
isoflavone It is proper for diet as having low calorie and high protein juice It i I is possible to replace an ordinary meal as h i ibl l di l having the fi k nutrition h five key ii

abundant nutrition such as live enzyme, vitamins and minerals i it i d i l in vegetables and fruits.

Called ground beef having abundant protein, isoflavone, and unsaturated f t i fl d t t d fat

It has effects on preventing adult diseases as containing specialized nutrition of fresh vegetables, fruits and soy.

Metdol is
1. It is world's first natural squeezer and it world s pushes slowly and extracts the juice without grinding. 2. It is world's first soy juicer and makes an undiluted solution and soybean oil dil t d l ti d b il 3. It is possible to use continually and to clean simply. Because it has automatic clean system 4. It does not make big noise with the AC induction motor and the life of motor is semi-permanent. 5. It is very easy to make the korean traditional food such as soybean curd, jelly and sweet drink made from fermented rice. Because it has grinding stone function function. 6 . It extracts the nutrition of seed and skin and it gets rid of the insoluble dregs which were not digested. 7. We can use easily this machine and

8. It is possible to extract the various kind of undiluted solution from strong pine needles to soft strawberry and aloe.

do not need to push the materials. Because it has spiral structural.

Comparison between Metdol and ordinary blender



Various soy juices by Metdol

Corn with soy C ith

Tomato with T t ith soy

Soy juice with carrot

Soy juice with walut Orange with soy

various food with soy







. g y Have to consider not taking how many quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables but how to effectively take in such foods.

Keep you and your family healthy. Start it with Metdol!!!

Model Name Rated Voltage Power Consumption RPM Motor Fuse Weight Dimension Metdol 110V / 50~60Hz 100W 80RPM Single-phase induction 250V / 5A 5.6kg 173(W) X 250(D) X 402(H)

Cup Housing Screw Drum Packing Juicing screen Rotating Brush Holder Gear Drum Cap p Hopper Food Pusher SAN ABS Ultem PC Silicon PC / Stainless Steel Acetal / Silicon Acetal ABS ABS ABS


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