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Genpact is a global leader in business process and technology management, offering a broad portfolio of core enterprise and industry-specific

services. Putting process in the forefrontcoupling deep process knowledge and insights with focused IT capabilities, targeted analytics and pragmatic reengineeringthe Company delivers an integrated solution. Services are seamlessly delivered from a global network of centers to meet a clients business objectives, cultural and language needs and cost reduction strategy.

Company Overview

Genpact is a global leader in business process and technology management. Our entire organization of over 49,000+ employees is focused on process and engaged in improving client processes and driving business impact. We look at process as a science and our proprietary Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) employs a scientific, highly granular approach to managing business processes.

Genpact couples its deep process knowledge, insights and best practices with focused IT capabilities, targeted analytics and pragmatic reengineering to deliver a comprehensive solution. Our broad portfolio consists of both enterprise G&A and industry-specific services. In every area, we go from meeting simple transactional needs to providing process management capabilities, where complex decision making and keen judgment are required. Services are seamlessly delivered from a global network of centers in 13 countries to meet a clients business objectives, cultural and language needs, and cost reduction strategy.

Genpacts culture is uniquely ingrained in Lean Six Sigma, the capability having been driven through the organization and leveraged in all we do in a highly visible manner. Our mindset is 100 percent customer-centric, demonstrated daily through our comfort with destroying our own revenue to deliver greater efficiency, the 100 percent empowerment of our employees to do what is needed for the client, and the fact we dont let a contract get in the way of client success.

The Company enjoys a rich heritage, tracing its beginnings to 1997, when it was an independent business unit of the General Electric Company (GE). Built from the ground up, the organization was charted to provide business process management capabilities that would deliver outstanding efficiencies to all of GEs businesses. The company became independent in January 2005, bringing process strength to

companies outside of GE, and was successfully listed on the NYSE in August 2007 under the trading symbol G. Today, the Company manages over 3,000 processes for more than 400 clients world wide.

The Genpact Values

We Succeed When Our Customers Succeed We Grow When Our People Grow Teams Work, Boundaries Dont Energy and Focus Transform Challenges into Opportunities Outstanding Execution Delivers Impact Innovation Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve

Being an Employer of Choice Genpact is a people-oriented company and we truly believe that happy and energized employees are the key to our success. We are committed towards attracting and retaining talent and follow global best practices to ensure that they build fruitful and rewarding careers with us. We strive to create a vibrant and open work environment that is employee-friendly and socially responsible. We offer a global work culture that provides opportunities for constant learning and growth, based on our culture of performance and meritocracy. From world-class training programs to learning opportunities for building competencies, we encourage and empower our people to acquire new skills and achieve higher education, matching their professional and personal aspirations. We also make significant investments in creating a safe and secure work environment for our employees starting with a strict policy for Environment, Health and Safety. Rewarding is intrinsic to our nature and we ensure that excellence never goes unrecognized. We believe that rewarding provides recognition and motivation to high performers to continue with their winning ways, while also raising the bar higher for mediocre performers to perform better. We have a formal online rewarding system that enables managers to instantly reward deserving employees. A Culture of Transparency Genpact believes that open, transparent and frequent communication with employees on both good and bad news fosters trust and goes a long way in building employee loyalty. We leverage technology as well as the power of face-to-face interaction using multiple channels such as town halls, web chats, employee intranet, one-on-one meetings among others, to regularly connect and communicate with employees. Empowering employees to voice their ideas, concerns and feedback is a key piece to keeping them happy. A key channel for garnering feedback is the Employee Satisfaction Surveythe results of which are driven with rigor and passion throughout the company. A Culture of Giving Caring@Genpact is our global Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) initiative. It involves us as individuals as well as our company wide efforts. Our guiding principles are:

Embedded social & environmental code of conduct into our core operations & functions Leverage our differentiating skills and competencies Design and implement sustainable and scalable solutions

We focus on socially relevant areas that complement our business model and skills/competencies and systematically apply our distinctive strengths to maximize social and environmental value. Towards this goal, we have designed a number of global platforms and programs to make giving a way of life at Genpact and empower us build stronger communities, where we live and work.
A Client-centric Culture Genpacts operations are a seamless extension of our clients operations. Our strong operating culture defines our process effectiveness that aims at delivering real business results and strategic value to our clients. We integrate our capabilities with those of our clients to drive business process effectiveness with the objective to increase efficiencies and improve business outcomes. We see our relationships with clients as strategic, long term, and enduring. Genpact offers the right skills and services for such an approach. Our expanding list of service offerings allows us to assist our clients with a broad range of solutions. We often start work with a client in one domain and end up developing the relationship to encompass others. This proven customer engagement model, where we start small, deliver value, expand business scope, and gradually penetrate other areas, provides us with growth and long-term revenue visibility. We believe that honest and periodic client feedback enriches our relationships. Our feedback sessions are one-on-one or revolve around client forums. Our biannual Executive Roundtable is a client forum that stimulates new thinking and thought leadership. It also enables our clients to share best practices and connect with industry experts and peers. This differentiated Client Advisory Group, consisting of top CXOs, helps us address common client problems, share insights, shape new focus areas and strategies, and strengthen our client relationships. A Best-in-Class Workforce We have more than 49,000 employees including over 10,700 employees with Six Sigma green-belt training and 530 employees with Six Sigma black-belt training, as well as more than 24,000 Lean trained employees. This large number of employees with Six Sigma and Lean training helps infuse our organization with a disciplined, analytical approach to everything we do. In addition, more than 9,000 of our employees hold post-graduate degrees and more than 23,800 are university graduates. Learn more about education programs and career development within Genpact in the Career Development section.

Diversity & Inclusion Our global presence is inclusive of diverse cultures and nationalities. Genpact is committed to complying, in letter and spirit, with all applicable laws driving the

objective of diversity and equal opportunity. We adhere to the proposition that every business decision will be made without regard to race, creed, color, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected from discrimination.

Women @ Genpact Gender diversity is a key focus area in the organization as we believe it makes strong business sense. Approximately 40 percent of Genpacts global headcount constitutes women but we are committed to increasing it at the leadership levels too.

To promote this, we have instituted a number of initiatives, including a global affinity group for womenGenpact Womens International Network (GenWIN) whose mission is to foster the professional development of our women workforce as well as a formal mentoring programWeMentorthat pairs high-potential middlemanagement women with experienced leaders in the company to assist and guide them on various professional fronts. Career development Genpact is committed to enhancing the skills and competencies as well as personal growth and development of its employees. We provide our people with multiple opportunities to enroll for world-class leadership development programs and also encourage cross-functional movement to gain meaningful experience and exposure. Performance management is a critical area for Genpact and we invest in planning each employees career and aligning their goals with larger organizational goals. When every goal an employee is appraised on is linked to a bigger organizational goal, accountability and ownership gets driven on the job every single day. Training & Development It is important to equip our employees with the right tools and skills in order to facilitate continuous improvement and to help them build domain expertise. Genpact has created a robust training mechanism and has over 5,000 learning modules, world-class training facilities, some of the best trainers in the business and strategic partnerships to further bolster our training mechanism.

Learn While You Earn

Our Education@Work program provides employees the option to learn while they earn with professional courses from globally recognized as well as premier educational institutions and get certified in their specific work areas. There is a clear demarcation between generic courses and domain expertise courses under these programs. Classes are held within the office premises and are organized around employee work schedules.

Leadership Development Leadership development is a key priority on our people agenda. It is our belief that with the right platform and encouragement, high-potential employees can be groomed into influential leaders, who will lead us to success in the future.

Our Leadership Curriculum includes several development programs designed to broaden leadership skills and business acumen. These are focused towards developing middle managers for Leadership roles through an 18-month structured program and help cultivate operational and technical depth in our employees and include job rotations across businesses, functions and regions, as well as classroom training and senior leadership interactions.

We also offer executive education programs for employees, focused on strategy, customer focus, leadership, talent management, execution, finance and commercial skills.

Each of these programs is a critical part of our investment in our people to bring out their best. This provides the foundation for building our leadership gene pool.