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: HP HP0-J25 : HP StorageWorks AIS 2008 Delta Exam

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1. Which critical events does the Device Specific Module (DSM) impact? (Select three.) A. error handling B. bus initialization C. request handling D. device initialization E. OS kernel interface F. plug and play interface Answer: ACD 2. On an EVA, which event log file is used to log disk shelf events? A. Controller Event log file B. Hardware Event log file C. Storage Cell Event log file D. Management Event log file Answer: A 3. Which controller components of an EVA4400 are customer replaceable? A. only cache batteries B. the entire shelf as one unit C. all components that are available as spare parts D. all components you can replace without opening the shelf Answer: C 4. What can you use to display performance data provided by the EVA? A. SIM B. SSSU.exe C. Command View EVA D. performance monitor of the Microsoft Windows operating system Answer: D 5. Which types of spares are available in an MSA2000? (Select three.) A. vdisk spare B. array spare C. global spare D. default spare E. dynamic spare F. dedicated spare Answer: ACE 6. Which MSA2000 feature disables cache mirroring in active-active mode and might improve the I/O

performance? A. write-back cache mode (WBCM) B. write-through cache mode (WTCM) C. super-sequential cache mode (SSCM) D. independent cache performance mode (ICPM) Answer: D 7. How do you acquire management access to fabric switches? A. through the FCIP link B. by using SmartStart EVA C. by using a Telnet connection D. through Command View EVA Answer: C 8. You are starting Command View EVA by using the SmartStart EVA CD to manage a storage system. Which statement is correct? A. You must enable the Advanced mode in SmartStart EVA and right-click on the storage system icon. B. You must specify the IP address of the management server and select the storage system to manage within Command View EVA. C. You must specify only the name of the storage system; SmartStart EVA will automatically locate and start Command View EVA for this system. D. You must start Command View EVA from the SmartStart EVA CD without installation and select the storage system to manage within Command View EVA. Answer: B 9. When you add disks to a disk group on an EVA4400, what is a best practice to maintain redundancy to multiple disk failures? A. multiples of 2 B. multiples of 6 C. multiples of 8 D. multiples of the number of disk shelves Answer: C 10. On an EVA4400, what is a requirement for a fully allocated snapshot in relation to its source? A. It must be located in the same disk group. B. It must be located in a different disk group. C. It must be assigned to a higher redundancy level. D. It must be assigned to the same redundancy level. Answer: A

11. On an EVA4400, where can you specify the algorithm used to distribute the load across the storage controller host ports? A. MPIO manager B. device manager C. host property page D. MPIO Device Specific Module (DSM) Answer: A 12. What is the status of the battery LED when the HSV300 controller cache is powered by the batteries? A. solid green B. solid amber C. flashing amber D. fast flashing green Answer: C 13. What are ways to access the MSA2000 Event Logs? (Select two.) A. Select Monitor > Status > view Event Log. B. Present and mount the maintenance LUN. C. Click the Event Log icon in the system panel. D. Browse to https://<MSA_name>:2381/EventLog. E. Dump the Event Log through the serial adapter cable. Answer: AC 14. What must be considered when creating virtual disks in an MSA2000? A. the cache settings for the virtual disk B. the desired LUN ID for the virtual disk C. the operating system of the associated hosts D. the availability of enough disk drives of the same type for the desired RAID level Answer: D 15. On an EVA4400, how many mirrorclones of a demand-allocated snapshot can be created? A. 0 B. 1 C. 4 D. 7 Answer: A 16. What are MSA2000 SMU user access levels? (Select two.) A. Monitor B. Manage

C. Operate D. Provision E. Administer Answer: AB 17. What is the default IP address to browse to the OCP of the EVA4400? A. B. C. D. Answer: B 18. Why would Ethernet access be unavailable to the EVA4400 Management Module after a power failure? A. The DHCP server is not available to renew the address. B. After power failure, the IP address is set to the factory default. C. The console password to re-enable the Ethernet port was not entered in Command View EVA. D. The Management Module cannot obtain the IP address from the metadata of the storage system. Answer: D 19. What is the impact of dequarantining a virtual disk in an MSA2000 if not enough of its drives are available to maintain the selected RAID level? A. The virtual disk RAID level is reduced. B. The virtual disk stays in quarantine until disks are added. C. The virtual disk goes critical and the sparing routine is called. D. The virtual disk goes offline and its data cannot be recovered. Answer: D 20. Which statement is true about the EVA4400 virtual OCP default IP address? A. It is static and cannot be changed. B. It can be changed using the OCP buttons. C. It can be changed by using the web-based GUI. D. It can be changed by setting the internal thumbwheel switches. Answer: C 21. What should be done if one of two controller of an EVA4400 fans fails? A. The fan should be removed to enable double speed operation. B. The fan should be left in place until the replacement fan is available. C. The fan should be removed and the other fan should be set to double speed. D. One controller should be shut down if the system must run for an extended period of time with a single fan.

Answer: B 22. How do you access the virtual OCP of an EVA4400? A. You connect an Ethernet cable to the Management Module and use a Web browser. B. You use a serial line cable to connect to the Management Module and use Hyperterminal. C. You use a serial line cable to connect to one of the two controllers and use Hyperterminal. D. You connect an Ethernet cable to the Management Module and use Command View EVA. Answer: A 23. How are the shelf IDs assigned to the EVA4400 M6412 drive shelves? A. manually B. randomly C. from bottom to top D. from top to bottom Answer: B 24. What is the configuration rule regarding FATA disks and high-performance disks in an EVA4400? A. They can be mixed in the same shelf. B. They can be mixed within the same disk group. C. One high-performance disk per shelf is required. D. Bays must be configured to support FATA drives. Answer: A 25. Your customer wants to implement a Microsoft Windows cluster, which needs to access shared storage. The customer does not want to add additional hardware to the servers. Which HP StorageWorks solution best meets the customer requirements? A. HP StorageWorks MSA500 B. HP StorageWorks MSA2000i C. HP StorageWorks MSA1000 D. HP StorageWorks MSA2000fc Answer: B 26. How are the drive bays numbered in an EVA4400? A. randomly B. top to bottom and left to right C. left to right and top to bottom D. in the order in which the drives are plugged Answer: B 27. Your customer has a requirement for fiber-attached block level storage and remote data replication. Which HP StorageWorks product best meets this requirement?

A. HP StorageWorks MSA60 B. HP StorageWorks EVA4400 C. HP StorageWorks MSA2000fc D. HP StorageWorks MSA2000fc with enhanced controllers Answer: B 28. You are installing an MSA2012i array. The customer asks about the data protection features of the new array. Which capabilities does it have? A. 64 snapshots and 64 volume copies B. 64 snapshots and 128 volume copies C. 128 snapshots and 64 volume copies D. 128 snapshots and 128 volume copies Answer: B 29. Which communication path transfers environmental information from the drive shelves to the HSV300 controllers? A. serial link B. cabinet bus C. Ethernet link D. Fibre Channel loop Answer: D 30. What is a function of the Riser Card of an EVA4400? A. links the two controllers B. provides the system name C. connects the Management Module to the mid plane D. connects the Management Module to the master controller Answer: C 31. Which communication link is used to synchronize the write cache of the two EVA4400 controllers? A. host ports B. device loop pair C. internal link (mid plane) D. external link cable (mirror ports) Answer: C 32. What are key features of the MSA2012fc? (Select three.) A. dual-ported SATA drives B. support for up to 64 hosts C. support for up to 64 drives

D. snapshot and clone capability E. controller-based replication capability F. ability to mix SAS and SATA drives within the same drive enclosure Answer: BDF 33. What is the function of an EVA4400 Management Module? A. boots the storage controller B. hosts the web-based OCP for both controllers C. accesses the I/O module for inbound management D. links the system to the remote diagnostic center ISSE Answer: B 34. How are the HSV300 controllers connected to the cache batteries? A. Controllers share the batteries. B. Controllers can be configured to use battery 1 or 2. C. Controller 1 uses battery 1, and controller 2 uses battery 2. D. Controller 1 uses battery 2, and controller 2 uses battery 1. Answer: D 35. Which physical link is used to interconnect the two HSV300 controllers? A. USB port B. PCI Express bus C. 10Gb/s Ethernet link D. Fibre Channel point-to-point link Answer: B 36. Which components are redundant in the controller shelf of an EVA4400? A. Riser Cards B. controller fans C. cache batteries D. Management Modules Answer: B 37. What is the purpose of SmartStart EVA? A. simplify EVA installation B. optimize storage utilization C. manage an EVA without Command View EVA D. provide a wizard-based management tool for Business Copy operations Answer: A 38. You are planning an MSA2012fc on-site installation for a single controller solution. How many hosts can

be directly attached in this configuration? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 4 Answer: C 39. What is a method for upgrading the HSV300 controller firmware? A. replacing the flash card on the controller B. enabling debugging mode on the serial line C. by using the web-based OCP of the Management Module D. using the code load button on the storage system property page Answer: D 40. How many disk groups does SmartStart EVA create during automatic storage initialization? A. none B. only one C. one for any drive shelf D. one per disk type (online, near online) Answer: D 41. On an MSA2012fc, when do you need to manually update the second controller? (Select two.) A. when enhanced controllers are being used B. when partner firmware upgrade is disabled C. when preferred operation mode is set to Availability D. when preferred operation mode is set to Performance E. when independent cache performance mode is enabled Answer: BE 42. What must you do to enable remote support from HP Services? A. You must install and configure ISEE. B. You must configure SNMP notification. C. You must configure email forwarding for EVA events. D. You must have an Internet connection to the Management Module. Answer: A 43. You are preparing for an on-site installation of an MSA2012fc in a Windows environment. Which software must be installed on the host to prevent it from displaying the Found New Hardware Wizard when the storage system is discovered? A. MSA2000 Family Storage Management Utility

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