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: McDATA MD0-205 mcdata certified storage network designer exam

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1. Which application allows you to export a McDATA SAN Router configuration? A. EFCM Basic B. SANtegrity C. SANavigator D. EFCM E. SANvergence Manager Answer: E

2. Which method is best used to specify which servers can access specific LUNs? A. HBA driver configuration B. LUN masking in the switch C. LUN mapping in the server D. persistent binding in the server E. LUN masking in the storage array Answer: E

3. Which of the following is required to achieve 99.999% availability? A. Dual rack installation B. Separate power circuits C. Router connectivity to DR site D. Dual partitioned Intrepid 10000 Answer: B

4. A customer has significant power considerations. They want to purchase a switch from McDATA that uses the least power while still maintaining power supply redundancy. Which switch is the best choice for them? A. Intrepid 10000 B. Intrepid 6140 C. Sphereon 3232 D. Sphereon 4300

E. Sphereon 4500 Answer: E

5. Which two technologies provide Fibre Channel over IP services? (Choose two.) A. SES B. iFCP C. FCIP D. iSCSI E. FICON F. FC-SB2 Answer: BC

6. Click the Exhibit button. Which technology is illustrated in the exhibit?

A. VPN B. iFCP C. FCIP D. iSCSI Answer: B

7. On the McDATA Intrepid 10000, the upper two or the lower two optical paddles in a Line Module (LIM) cannot both be _____ in a supported configuration. A. 2 Gbps B. 4 Gbps C. 8 Gbps

D. 10 Gbps Answer: D

8. A customer would like to backup an application via the SAN Infrastructure. When the server offloads the backup job to a backup server which performs the backup to SAN attached tape drives, this is a common example of ________________? A. Server-less backup B. Hybrid LAN backup C. Virtual tape backup D. Tape stripping Answer: A

9. Which three features must a switch or director have to support FICON cascading? (Choose three.) A. port binding B. fabric binding C. switch binding D. Open Trunking E. persistent binding F. Insistent Domain IDs Answer: BCF

10. A customer has a requirement that tape backup not interfere with application throughput. Which two options can accomplish this? (Choose two.) A. Install an HBA for tape traffic B. Create a separate tape SAN C. Utilize a LAN-free backup solution D. Increase ISL connectivity between switches Answer: AB

11. Given an environment with a mixture of 1 Gbps and 2 Gbps HBAs connecting to a 2 Gbps switch to a 2

Gbps storage array; which of the following statements is true? A. 1 Gbps and 2 Gbps devices cannot be mixed on a 2 Gbps switch B. 2 Gbps devices will negotiate down to 1 Gbps C. 1 Gbps devices will negotiate up to 2 Gbps D. Devices will communicate at both 1 and 2 Gbps Answer: D

12. Which two characteristics of a customer's infrastructure are relevant to a Storage Area Network design? (Choose two.) A. Type of SCSI connectors B. Number of existing storage ports C. Number of applications per server D. Type of fiber optic cabling installed E. Distance between client workstation and server Answer: BD

13. For security purposes, what is used to prevent Fibre Channel frames from being stored after a switch is powered off or has failed? A. FMS B. OSMS C. Full Volatility D. Open Trunking Answer: C

14. When adding a switch to an existing SAN, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) A. Domain IDs must be unique. B. Port counts should be the same on all switches. C. RA_TOV should be consistent across the switches. D. IP addresses and masks for management must be defined. E. Zoning of the new switch must be done prior to E_port connections.

Answer: AC

15. Which three configuration changes require the McDATA Eclipse 1620 to be reset? (Choose three.) A. SNMP traps B. zoning changes C. firmware upgrade D. SNS configuration E. management parameters Answer: CDE 16. You are planning a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution over iFCP using Eclipse SAN Routers. What should be equal in both connected fabrics? A. Zone ID B. Fabric ID C. Domain ID D. IP address E. storage array port number Answer: A

17. What is the McDATA supported limit of the number of switches in a single fabric? A. 12 B. 16 C. 24 D. 31 E. 239 Answer: C

18. Which configuration offers a customer the highest availability (99.999%)? A. dual switch, dual fabric connectivity B. dual switch, single fabric connectity C. dual director, dual fabric connectivity

D. single director, single fabric connectivity E. single partitioned director, dual fabric connectivity Answer: C

19. A customer has 1u of rack space available and has a requirement for 99.99% availability. What products would you recommend if they plan on implementing a SAN? A. Single Intrepid 6140 Director B. Two Sphereon 4700 Switches C. Two Sphereon 4400 Switches D. Two Eclipse 2640 SAN Routers Answer: C 20. Which function would you recommend to automatically block E_Ports when error thresholds are reached? A. ISL Binding B. Port Fencing C. Open Trunking D. Threshold Alerts Answer: B

21. When documenting a planned fabric security, what information is needed to enable and configure SANtegrity switch binding? (Choose two.) A. IQN B. FC_ID C. ALPA D. WWN E. port type Answer: DE

22. Which protocol allows multiple sessions over distance without merging the fabric? A. FCIP

B. iFCP C. iSCSI D. DWDM Answer: B

23. You have dual fabrics configured but all the hardware is physically located next to each other. Which security feature is designed to prevent fabrics from connecting together? A. zoning B. ISL fencing C. fabric binding D. switch binding E. port type configuration Answer: C

24. Which two steps should a customer initially take to enable fabric binding? (Choose two.) A. enable SANtegrity feature B. enable Rerouting Delay C. disable Rerouting Delay D. enable Insistent Domain ID E. ensure that no port zoning is in use Answer: AD

25. What happens when persistent binding is implemented on a server? A. The server will only see the LUNs assigned to it. B. The SCSI target ID of attached storage will be dynamic. C. The server can only connect to a specific port on the switch. D. The SCSI target ID of attached storage will remain constant for the server. Answer: D

26. Which benefit does the McDATA Sphereon 4000 Series Switch provide for the SAN Designer?

A. hardware-based ISL trunking B. Hot Code Activation Technology (HotCAT) C. native loop support through an internal F_Port D. 99.999% availability through software redundancy Answer: B

27. A customer has a fabric of McDATA switches with nodes that are zoned together using a mixture of port and WWN zoning. Which statement is true about this configuration? A. Loop devices cannot be zoned to fabric devices. B. All zoning on McDATA switches is enforced in hardware. C. Mixing port and WWN zoning in the same zone is allowed in EFCM. D. Port and WWN zoning is supported only in Open Fabric Mode. E. When mixing port and WWN zoning in the same zone, zoning is only enforced in software. Answer: B

28. Which three statements are true about connectivity in a SAN? (Choose three.) A. HBAs connect to E_ports in the fabric. B. A single storage port may support multiple HBAs. C. Multiple HBAs cannot be installed in a single server. D. Dual ported HBAs can be used for higher availability. E. HBAs provide connectivity between the SAN and the host I/O bus. Answer: BDE

29. In a McDATA Intrepid 6000 Series Director, the area section of the Fibre Channel address is derived by _____. A. using the director physical port number B. adding four to the host physical port number C. adding four to the director logical port number D. adding four to the director physical port number Answer: D

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