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Company Snapshot of Infosat Corp : The Company's principal activity is to provide business and information technology services.

The Company operates through five segments: Company Services segment provides software and hardware and global outsourcing services. Hardware Product segment comprises of Systems and Technology Group which provides business solutions requiring advanced computing power and storage capabilities. Software segment consists of middleware and operating systems software. The Consulting Group provides Enterprise applications and solutions to Industries and Companies of Repute. H-60,South Ex Part-1, New Delhi-110049, Ph011-41854028 /29 Cell : 9899439529, 9999015809, 9999119953, www.infosatcorporation.com Company Snapshot of SAP GURU - A Doctorate in Comp Sci from USA, is an Expert in SAP industry having more than 8 yrs in SAP line and got thousands placed in MNCs in India and Abroad. SAP GURU is an expert profile evaluator and gives you an appropriate advice. SAP GURU was a SAP Consultant and also served many MNCs as Head Operations and Project Implementation.

SAP GURU achieves World Record for training and placing SAP CRM candidates in British Petroleum for 90,000 Pounds P.A and in Accenture USA for 1.5 lakh U.S $ P.A.

Many in IBM India in Gurgaon , Bangalore,Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai with 7.5 lakhs INR and in HCL with 8.5 Lakhs INR.FICO Consultants with Accenture Mumbai with 8.5 lakhs INR. More then 80% of candidates of last 3 batches are placed in U.S with average package of 60,000 US $ and highest package of 1.5 Lakh US $ P.A. The records are highly authentic and are verifiable at any time. SAP GURU has already placed more than 8,000 candidates in MNCs in India and abroad and is like master blaster of SAP industry. SAP GURUs Challenge get trained for a month and get placed in flat 15 days in MNCs with a package of 7-10 Lakhs INR P.A only in SAP CRM. Breaking News SAP Market is little down MNCs have slowed down on recruitment drive on SAP R/3 modules like ABAP, Basis, FICO, HR, SD, MM, PP , reason is SAP is already been implemented in 90 % Industries in US , UK, Gulf, India, Asia , etc and new projects have dried up. ABAP, Basis , FICO, SD, HR, MM, PP are all dying modules and some are already dead so forget it. Minimum requirement in the market is 3 + ( Means 3 full life cycle implementation projects and out of which one atleast should be form Satyam,/wipro/HCL/ Infosys / etc) If you want we can train you on those as well but we cant get u a job. So if job is all that u want then it has to be only SAP CRM and SAP GURU. CLIENTS GENERATE JOBS : This is a CLIENT driven market where a specific technology should have enough number of CLIENTS through which jobs can be created like SAP R/3 has close to 1 lakh clients so millions of jobs have been created and SAP CRM has 3000 clients and it is targeting upto 30,000 in 5 yrs so there are plenty of jobs under creation and SAP Netweaver has only 4 clients in whole world so its a failure.Hence no enough jobs on Netweaver(BI, XI,EP) except 1 or 2. Since SAP R/3 is saturated you can now move into SAP CRM and get benifitted by its boom.

On other hand there are lot of implementations in SAP CRM as it is a virgin market and is very very very HOT. Net weaver will become hot only after a couple of more years and openings are quite less in India though its hot. Three Successful steps to get a SAP CRM Job 1. Material ( Only 3000 pages Siemens Material as there are no books on SAP CRM available in the market )( Other Institutes provide max 100-200 pages hand made material which is not at all sufficient) Real time Trainer who can train you on the project because in interview only questions pertaining towards project and client are only asked. Documentation Experience letter, Offer letter, Appointment letter, I-card, salary slips, form-16 if reqd, relieving letter, contractual agreement and ref checks from India and US for Projects via telephone and e-mail P.S : Project, client and the company should be genuine in to SAP



Implementation and not Computer Institutes experience. 1+ or 2+ or Full life cycle implementation experience is sought by MNCs 4. Qualifications B.E / MBA / MCA with atleast 2 yrs is more preferred and they get a package of Rs.7-10 Lakhs P.A. Any Graduates with 1 yr or PG with 1 yr can get Rs.6-7 lakhs P.A and Fresh Graduates or pursuing PG can get Rs.5-6 L P.A. Domain Experience can be in BPO, Sales, Marketing, Business Devpt, Client Servicing, Customer care, Operations, CEOs Administration,etc.

What is CRM?? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a process or methodology used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. There are many technological components to CRM, but thinking about CRM in primarily technological terms is a mistake. The more useful way to think about CRM is as a process that will help bring together lots of pieces of information about customers, sales, marketing effectiveness, responsiveness and market trends. CRM helps businesses use technology and human resources to gain insight into the behavior of customers and the value of those customers.

Syllabus for mySAP CRM 7.0 Overview Duration : 1 Month Daily 2 hrs session and 8 hrs Practice Recommended Fee : 2 Lakh + tax as applicable Course Overview The course mySAP CRM 7.0 Overview will introduce the trainee to Customer Relationship Management, and introduce him to the most important features of mySAP CRM 7.0. The trainee will be introduced to the procedure for creating a follow-up activity to an activity in the Customer Interaction Centre.

Learn To CRM and the mySAP CRM System. Customer Relationship Management. Example Scenarios from mySAP CRM. mySAP CRM User Basics. mySAP CRM Architecture. mySAP CRM Applications. Customer Interaction Centre. Sales Component. Service Component. Marketing Management. Further Topics.

Audience The course is intended for those who need to acquire knowledge about Customer Relationship Management, and mySAP CRM 7.0 in particular. It is intended for end-users as well User Support and Project Team members. Participants should have basic knowledge of Windows or other graphical user interfaces (GUI). Objectives Unit 1: CRM and the mySAP CRM System Customer Relationship Management. What is CRM? mySAP CRM. Example Scenarios from mySAP CRM. Personal Contact. Contact by Telephone. Internet / B2C. Internet / B2B. mySAP CRM Navigation. Business Partners. Products and Product Catalogues. mySAP CRM Organisational Model. Business Transactions. Campaign Management. mySAP CRM Architecture. mySAP CRM Architecture: Technical View.

Unit 2: mySAP CRM Applications Customer Interaction Centre. CIC - Overview and Functions. Sales Component. Sales - Overview.

Telesales. Mobile Sales. Internet Sales. Service Component. Service - Overview. Service Interaction Centre. Mobile Service. Internet Customer Self Service. Marketing Management. Marketing Planning and Campaign Management. Segmenting Target Groups. Planning and Performing Campaigns. Lead Management. Personalization. Analysing Campaigns. Further Topics. Internet Pricing and Configurator. CRM Billing. CRM Transaction Tax Engine. Overview and Introduction to CRM

Introduction to CRM General SAP Transactions Foundation & Architecture of mySAP CRM Overview of CRM server Technology and User Interface Business Partners Organizational Model

CRM Base Customizing

Territory Management Product master Business Transaction Processing Activity Management Partner Processing

CRM Base Customizing

Actions Overview of Pricing in CRM CRM Billing Overview CRM Middleware

CRM Interaction Center (Win Client)

Interaction Center Overview Architecture landscape Win Client Profile Configuring Components Action Box and alert molder Interaction center scripting

CRM Sales

Opportunity Management Copy Control Quotation and Order Management Overview Contract Management

CRM Analytics

Introduction to BW Activating CRM Business content Introduction to analytics Data Mining Work Bench Analysis Process Designer (APD) Customer analytics (data mining, CLTV) Marketing analytics (planning, Target group selection, RFM analytics)

Marketing Overview of marketing management in mySAP CRM Marketing and campaign planning - Planning and performing marketing projects - Marketing Calendar Personalized mail forms - Creating personalized e-mails - Business partner-controlled communication Segmenting business partners - Marketing attributes - Segment Builder - Creating profiles and target groups Lead Management Campaign automation External List Management.

Why does Companies/ Industries implement CRM ?? Business Benefits Effective CRM software enables sales reps, service reps, administrative staff, and often, accounting and executive personnel, to do their job better, faster, and with less wasted paper and time Prospects can be followed up quickly, and sales reps have instant access to the exact data needed for effective closing Marketing can be analyzed for workability and improved to create the highest return possible on the marketing dollar In service, customers can be handled rapidly, and the exact nature of a problem can be quickly located and handled The right CRM solution enables data to flow easily and quickly within an organization, and in most cases includes the entire organization The net result is higher sales, happier customers and a much improved bottom line The reduction in costs due to improved personnel productivity, better sales follow up, improved marketing and service, and an overall impressive growth in general organizational efficiency sometimes produces almost immediate economic benefits More Info on SAP CRM


With the most comprehensive and flexible customer relationship management (CRM) offering on the market today, SAP is setting a new standard for the way companies interact with their customers and partners. Addressing the strategic needs for CRM in more than 25 industries, SAP is helping companies like yours make the most of relationships with customers by capitalizing on customer insight; improving front-line efficiency and effectiveness; streamlining critical business processes across and beyond customer touch points; and adapting quickly to changing business and customer needs. CRM Without Compromise: Simple, Flexible, Comprehensive SAPs unique approach to CRM meets organizational needs for rapid adoption and user productivity; quick time to value; and seamless, best-practice operations across both the front and back office. Avoiding typical trade-offs, Compromise combines the speed, flexibility and depth organizations need to be successful in todays marketplace and in the future.

Enable your organization to become truly customer-centric, with the most comprehensive support for end-to-end processes and the most powerful front-office capabilities for all interaction channels across marketing, sales and service. Act immediately and grow strategically as your business needs evolve. You can start fast with easy-to-use, on-demand solutions and then move to an industry-specific, strategic CRM onpremise deployment without the disruption of switching technologies or vendors. Empower your employees to best serve the customer and drive user adoption with a simple, intuitive Web-based interface, specifically designed for business users. Managing Todays Business Challenges In todays market it is increasingly difficult to base your companys success on operational efficiency alone. To successfully protect and grow your business, you need to invest in customer relationships and seek new ways to improve upon your ability to win and keep your most valuable customers. Gaining customer insight and implementing customer-centric business strategies to increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are imperative to secure sustainable growth. Well-designed sales channels and service processes become important sources of differentiation, especially if they are connected to other critical business functions in your organization. Successful companies continuously design and improve entire business processes across and beyond customer touch points to create and deliver superior customer value, providing a consistent and exceptional customer experience across all customer interaction channels. End-To-End Business Value Out of the Box The SAP tradition of leadership in business software continues with a new generation of CRM applications, providing your company with unprecedented capabilities and increasing your bottom line by improving your customer relationships. With preconfigured support for 280 business processes, SAP CRM helps your company manage all customer-related business processes throughout your entSAPrise and across your entire value chain from initial customer contact through shipping and payment. In conjunction with the SAP Business Suite, SAP CRM enables business process integration that is unrivaled in the industry: Get a complete picture of your customer with real-time access to order, return and payment history, profitability analysis and credit information, and turn this insight into frontline action to better identify sales opportunities, reduce business risks, tailor product offerings, target marketing messages and optimize service levels. Synchronize your supply and demand chain, online transactions and fulfillment, service requests and spare parts logistics, promotion planning and inventory management, customer insight and product innovation as well as sales forecasting and financial planning with unique out-of-the box integration. Seamless integration of data and processes is key to operational excellence. But this cannot be achieved if it

is not delivered out of the box. Companies have tried and were forced to realize that they fell far short of their goals after lengthy and costly integration projects. Marketing Align marketing processes and drive customer demand using functionality to improve marketing resource management, segment and list management, campaign management, lead management, trade promotion management and marketing analytics. Sales Maintain focus on productive activities to acquire, grow and retain profitable relationships with functionality for sales planning and forecasting, and the management of territories, accounts, contacts, activities, opportunities, quotations, orders, product configuration, pricing, billing and contracts. Service Drive service revenue and profitability of your call center, field service organization and online selfservices. Manage service orders, contracts, complaints and returns, in-house and depot repairs, warranties and resource planning more effectively and efficiently. Interaction Center Increase customer loyalty and drive revenue by transforming your interaction center into a strategic delivery channel for marketing, sales and service activities across multiple contact channels. Effectively manage your interaction center and improve performance while reducing the cost of operations. Web Channel Turn the Internet into a profitable sales and interaction channel for business customers and consumers. Use the Web to reach out to new customers, increase sales and improve customer convenience while taking advantage of the efficiency of the Web channel. Partner Channel Management Drive indirect revenue and boost channel performance by effectively managing, enabling and incenting your channel partners. Leverage channel insight and streamline critical business processes across your entire partner network to improve partner relationships and increase channel effectiveness while reducing channel support costs.

The Solution That Evolves With Your Business Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, SAP has created a unique approach to CRM that lets you choose the right solution to meet your business needs and that grows with your business as your needs evolve. Only SAP provides an on-demand option that can be transitioned seamlessly to a strategic, onpremise deployment without disruption to your daily business because our on-demand solutions have the

same user interface and share common functionality. With SAP CRM on-demand solutions, your organization can react immediately to changing market conditions with a fast-to-deploy, pay-as-you-go solution. Regardless of what CRM solution you are currently using, you can easily adopt SAP CRM. Its modularity and flexibility allow you to implement additional solutions and enhancements incrementally. Whether you need organizationwide solutions that will grow along with your business, or simply want to standardize your current IT environment, this approach protects your existing IT investments and can result in considerable savings. SAP software for CRM is powered by SAP NetWeaver, a platform that allows you to reduce IT complexity and obtain more business value from your IT investments by aligning IT with your business strategies. SAP NetWeaver provides the best way to integrate all systems running SAP or non-SAP software. As the foundation for entSAPrise serviceoriented architecture (entSAPrise SOA), SAP NetWeaver allows you to compose and enhance business solutions rapidly using entSAPrise services and turn your current IT landscape into a strategic environment that drives business change. For Now and the Future SAP CRM provides the comprehensive functionality you need to support all customer-facing lines of business across marketing, sales and service, and through all customer interaction channels. As an integral component of the SAP Business Suite, it also enables you to access critical back-end data (such as order, credit and profitability information) and take advantage of built-in business process integration. SAP CRM on-demand solutions deliver a fast, Web-based platform that enables quick benefits and supports your evolving business needs. The functionality that SAP CRM solutions provide today is only the beginning. SAP is committed to continual innovation and enhancement of its CRM offerings to ensure that they remain the ideal choices for organizations like yours that must drive new growth, maintain competitive agility and attain operational excellence.

SAP NETWEAVER ENTERPRISE PORTAL Duration : 60 hrs Fee : Rs. 2 lakhs + Taxes as Applicable SAP NetWeaver - Solution Manager Implementation Training Content and Syllabus 1- SAP Fundamentals 2- SAP Web AS Fundamentals 4 - SAP Solution Manager Overview 3 - Introduction to Solution Manager 5 - Implementation Tools in Detail 6- SAP Solution Manager - Use in Operations 7- SAP Solution Manager - Installation 8- Database Overview 9- Case Study and Live Project

SYLLABUS: Overview of Web Application Server (WAS), Starting and Stopping SAP System, Introduction to System Configuration, Technology Components of Internet Communication Manager (ICM), Access to Help, Basics of DBA, System Landscapes and Transport Requests, Support Packages and Industry Solutions, Background Processing, Printing in SAP, Basics of User Administration, Remote Connections, SAP Solution Manager, System Monitoring, Introduction to System Security, Installation of SAP System, BW Overview, BW Architectural Components, Designing/ Building/ Populating a BW Infocube, Designing and Executing BW Queries, APO/SCM Overview and LiveCache Administration

SAP NETWEAVER EXCHANGE INFRASTRUCTURE (XI) Duration : 60 hrs, Fee : Rs. 2 Lakhs + Taxes as Applicable SAP XI Evolution and Overview, Introduction to mySAP Business Suite and SAP Netweaver, System Landscape Directory, Integration Repository, Integration Directory, Runtime Workbench, Asynchronous and Synchronous message processing, Business Process Management (BPM), Adapters (HTTP, IDoc, RFC, JDBC, File), Proxies, Caches, Adapter Framework, Business Scenarios (File to IDoc, File to RDBMS, HTTP to BAPI, Sync/Async bridge using BPM, Proxy to BAPI) Fundamentals of XI Basis Architecture of SAP Web Application Server, ABAP and J2EE engines, Internet Communication Manager (ICM), SAP Web Dispatcher, profile parameters in ABAP and J2EE engine, Integration Engine Configuration, Introduction to Visual Administrator, Performing Transports in XI, Scheduling background jobs, Introduction to CCMS.

SAP NETWEAVER BI / BW 7.0 Duration : 60 Hrs , Fee : Rs 2 Lakhs + Taxes as Applicable !!! SYLLABUS !!! Analysis Authorizations Analysis Process Design BEx Design Tools BEx Reporting Tools Business Planning and Simulation (BW-BPS) Extraction Information Broadcasting Input Enabled Queries Modeling the Enterprise Data Warehouse Data Acquisition Other NW scenarios Reporting Running the Enterprise Data Warehouse SAP BW and SAP XI Integration Warehouse Management:

We make you work on Genuine live ( US & UK ) projects and provide you with documentation and place you in flat 15 days with minimum 5 offers form India and abroad. Guaranteed US Placement with minimum package of 60,000 to 70,000 US $ Per Annum. Maximum Package in USA is 1.5 Lakh US $ PA Guaranteed UK Placement with minimum package of 60,000 to 70,000 PA In India Package of Rs.6-7 Lakhs PA for candidates who have just finished MBA or about to finish MBA Package of Rs.7-10 Lakhs PA for candidates having more than 3 yrs of post qualification (MBA) experience Maximum package in India is Rs 15 lakhs. MBA is absolutely essential and all MNCs now have a HR policy where MBA is a mandate for SAP CRM.

Name of Candidate Ahmed Khan 8LPA,90k PA Javed Ali, 9 LPA Arnav M, 8 LPA Rajesh K, 4.5 LPA Tushar G 7 LPA Paul John Pavithran 7 LPA, 60k$ PA Abhishek 60k PA Perumal k, 10 L PA Kamalnath 9 LPA & 70k Name of the Company where got Placed IBM,Gurgaon,TCS , British Petroleum, UK, Eyou Gas, UK IBM, Gurgaon IBM,Pune, TCS IBM, Kolkata Nokia Siemens Ltd IBM Gurgaon , Now IBM, USA Sapphire UK Capgeminii IBM & Reebok Intl Ltd.Canton,

US$ Nishant Arora, 1Lakh US$ PA Subrato 80k$ PA Karan Goel, 65 k $ PA Roshan 6 LPA Payal Dey, 5 LPA Pankaj Gehani70 K $ PA Srinivas.T 65Ks Juby 5 lpa Rajeev 45k Malay$ Ashita Oberoi, 45k Euros PA Vishwanath, 8 LPA Md.Yakub, 85k PA Rekha 65 K PA Ajay 60 k$ Nidhi Gupta, 65 k Singapore $ Amit 8 LPA Vishwas 60k$ PA Sayed Ali, 60k$ PA Deepak 85k Nandini, 70k PA Ranganathan.R 7 LPA Victor ,6LPA Rakesh ,6.5 LPA Rajeev, 5.5 LPA Paras, 5 LPA Prashant , 4.5 LPA Vikram Sinha, 6LPA Rahul J, 12 LPA Chandrashekar . P, 8 LPA Netra 7 LPA Sonali Mathur 7 LPA Amulya 8LPA Vinodini 7.5 LPA Gunjan S 6LPA Richa Agarwal 6LPA Vertika k 9 LPA Rajshekar 6 LPA BN Srivastav 6 LPA Parul Sachdeva, 9 LPA

Massachusetts ,USA The Shaw Group Inc, Baton Rouge, USA Berkshire Hathaway Inc, USA Honda Motors USA Infosys Videocon, Fortis Prosoftcyberworld USA Silverlink Technologies, UK Videocon R systems Intl Ltd, Malaysia Affarsstrategerna Think Tech Technologies Pvt.Ltd, Sweden, www.a3tl.com IBM, Kolkata Eyou Gas UK MNC, UK Cabot Corporation, USA Futurasoft Inc, Singapore IBM, Bangalore and US MNC Eusinessware solutions Netmatrix solutions USA British Petroleum Carl Zeiss Optics ,UK IBM Kolkata Logica, Pune Bristlecone Siemens Info systems ltd Times Group L&T Infotech Galaxy Solutions Inc Honeywell Toyota Motors Patni Computers HCL, Noida Computer Science Corporation CSC SAPLABS Birlasoft Sapient Nokia Hyundai Satyam Deloitte ,Touche & Tohmatsu

Amarnath.M Sr.Consultant, 14 LPA Pallavi Gupta 9 LPA Subramanium , 8LPA Anand .T , 8.5 LPA Ravi Verma, 9 LPA Gaurav Garg ,7LPA Srikanth Goud, 8 LPA Mrinalini , 7.5 LPA Sarita kumari , 7 LPA Sudhir , 6 LPA Ram mohan, 6 LPA Praveen , 8LPA Prasad , 7 PLA Vivek Singhal, 85k PA Nishant Shetty, 9 LPA Payal Bhatia, 8 LPA Nitin kaushik, 7.5 LPA Manish Mehta , 90k PA Santosh Singh, 6 LPA Jaideep, 5LPA Nikhil Gupta Amitabh Chaturvedi,7LPA Annapurna , 65k Asha latha, 8 LPA Naveen Arora , 70k Euros Vijay Mohan, 1.5 L US$ Shivali Kaushik 6 LPA Paul Wilson 70k PA Supriya P 1.2 Lakh US $ Neha Kapoor , 75 k US$ Sudarshan C 85k U $ Sheetal Bharadwaj , 9 LPA Divya Sharma , 7 LPA Vinod Reddy 85 k PA Ashok Saini, 60 k Euros Rajat Arora , 6 LPA Usman Khan, 2 L PM INR Namrata Singh , 6.5

Yahoo Inc, USA Sony India,Pune Polaris software IBM,Hyd IBM,Hyd Satyam Hyd Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LG Soft Samsung Tech Mahindra Tech Mahindra ERP Solutions Asia Honda Siel Cars Dialmer Chrysler AG Google Inc Reliance Communications Ltd, Navimumbai Dr.Reddy Labs Arcelor Mittal, Uk Cipla Pharma Ltd. Maruti Subros AC Cognizant Technology Services , CTS Intelligroup, Hyd Adidas Solomon , UK Bennett & Coleman Lufthansa AG Bose Corporation , Framingham, USA Nestle India Heinz Ketchup, UK Procter & Gamble, Houston, USA Kimberly Clarke General Motors, USA Xerox Corp Ford motors, Mumbai GE, Uk Shell, Inc, France Keane India Saudi Aramco, SA Colgate Palmolive Ltd

LPA Priyanka Trivedi, 7LPA Syed Abdul Rahman, 9 LPA Pooja Dixit, 5 LPA Divya Vasisht 8 LPA Abhishek Chakraborty 11 LPA Ganesh Pai 6 LPA Niharika Sharma, 8LPA + 1.5LPM onsite Meghna Mathur, 8 LPA Balaji , 70K US$ Shilpa Nair, 60k Malaysian $ Sonali Seth , 8 LPA Mrs.Manjrekar Uma, 12 LPA Sr.Consultant CRM Amit Dahiya, 6 LPA, 70kUS$ Priya sharma 5.5 LPA Anand Desai, 11 LPA P.Sreedhar Package Rs.9L PA Vinilal k 8 LPA NagaSrinivas 5 Lakhs INR PM Sriram shastry Sr.Consultant 12 LPA Amit Bahadur , 6 LPA Sahil Kapoor, 85k PA Deepika Mittal ,9LPA Siddarth Sawhney,14 LPA Niveditha , 8 LPA Ananth BS 7 LPA Rohit , 6 LPA Keerti Saxena, 6LPA Piyali Gupta, 7 LPA Anshul Anurag Mamtha, 70k $ PA Piyush , 60k$ PA Bishamber, 6 LPA

Verizon IT, Hyd Hexaware Technologies Mphasis ltd Religare Technova ltd Robert Bosch Engg Tata Tele Services Ltd Silverlink Technologies , Germany Jet Airways Vensi Technologies Inc,USA R Systems Intl Ltd,Malaysia GE Energy Software Solutions Group, Mumbai Reliance Industries, Mumbai

TCS and later In USA company TCS Fujitsu Consulting Ltd Accenture Polaris software ltd Genx infotech, North korea Intel ,Bangalore TCS Swarovski Crystals , UK IBM. Pune Deutsche Motoren Pvt Ltd Intelligroup , Hyd Hewlett Packard TCS, Blore Newgen Software Technologies Ltd ITC Infotech India Ltd Hexaware Technologies Netmatrix USA Allied Tech Services ,USA Tech Mahindra

Navneet Kaur 7 LPA Debashish R Suman K 6LPA Manoj tiwari 5.5 LPA Niladri M ,8 LPA Madhulika 60k $ PA Atul 5LPA Fawaz 4 LPA Vishal lodha 8LPA Manpreet kaur Gill,10LPA Suryanarayana 5.5 LPA Bishwanath 7LPA Senthil 10LPA Suresh 8LPA Sanjay 6LPA Kunal M 65 k PA Debashish Tezpal 70k $ &65k PA Ashish Srivastav, 9 LPA 66k US$ Ankit Kumar, 8LPA

Spicejet MNC, Blore IBM, Blore Wipro Technologies , Logica Wipro, TCS Netmatrix SISL Accenture Accenture , mumbai Fujitsu Consulting Capgeminii, Mumbai IBM , Kolkata Wipro,Videocon Infosys Birlasoft Msys Inc, UK US MNC, DATAMAN INC, Bristlecone,MSYS UK,IBM, Accenture Gonna Solutions, USA, Pfizer Inc , NY, USA IBM , Accenture

* Conditions Apply :
1. MBA is absolutely essential for SAP CRM and BE ( CS/IT) / MCA /M.Sc( CS/IT) are needed for Netweaver. 2. Practice of 8-10 hours is needed for for 30 days + additional 15 days and till the date of joining in MNC. 3. Should maintain strict discipline and put 100% efforts and show lot of interest in the subject. 4. Should be 100% positive and self confident and even in case of 1% negativity we will not be able to place you in any circumstances. 5. We provide live project and show experience and place you and no fresher jobs are available. 6. Should obey all rules and regulations of the company and shall put genuine efforts. 7. Must understand that you cannot buy jobs by money and its a merit based IT industry. 8. If you put little bit of genuine efforts and practice and maintain positive frame of mind we can get you more than 10 offers.

9. However the Number of offers may vary from time to time and depends entirely on market conditions.However market is extremely Hot for another 8 -10 years. 10. If you are ready to put hardwork then you can be placed in abroad companies and also in IT MNCs and on other hand if your efforts are not up to the mark you end up with Industries. FAQs & Comparison Chart
1.Siemens Material 2.Real time Project 3.Realtime Trainers (SAP Consultants of IBM,Accenture,etc) 4.Genuine Exp and Documentation 5.Blueprint or case study of project 6.Official Email ID of Company 7.SAP Implementing Corporate 8.What are MNCs looking for? 1+ or 2+ of Exp 9.Links with MNCs SAPGURU Available Available Genuine US Projects Available SIEMENS Available Not Available Not Available Only SAP Certified Consultants Not Provided Local Institutes Not at all available Not Available Not Available Not Affordable Provided but Fake and useless which may lead to firing or loosing job Not Available as They dont know what it is Not Provided and not valid if provided Not into SAP implementation Not Provided Even if provided its good for nothing No But will say yes to you in order to take u for a ride 100% Guarantee But never did a single placement in their entire history Always ready to fight as they come from criminal backgrounds what you cant do. Nil

Provided Verifiable in USA Office and with Client Available Provided Yes , into SAP implementation Provided

Not Available Not Provided Not into SAP implementation Not Provided




11.Real Scenario of Placement

12.SAP Fresher jobs in market 13.Modules Offered

100% Assured Backed by genuine strategy We always believe in merit and we give you that and we place you. 100% till date Any body can see the offer letters of IBM,Accenture , Infosys,CapGeminii,etc Nil SAP CRM SAP Netweaver SAP CRM and Netweaver Rest of the modules are dead like IBM, TCS, Wipro, Satyam, CapGemini, Infosys, Deloitte & Touche, Honda,

100% Assistance They will only try and escape after training Even if you go to court you will loose as they always said its only assisatance 0.1 %. Only 1 or 2 toppers in a batch might get placed

14.Which modules are hot in market 15.Placements in which MNCs

Nil Will say yes All Modules ABAP,Basis,Netweaver,CR M,HR,SD,FICO,PP,MM,SCM Wont reveal the secret that rest of the modules are dead IBM.TCS,Wipro ,etc with package of Rs.3-4 Lakhs PA for only batch toppers

Nil Will say yes ALL Modules ABAP,Basis,Netweaver,CRM,HR, SD,FICO,PP,MM,SCM Wont reveal that rest of modules are dead Not even a single placement till date

Cognizant, Intelligroup, Hyundai, Samsung, Dr.Reddy, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Ford, British Petroleum UK, Adidas Soloman , Nike, and many Gaint Industries and Corporates in India or Abroad with a min package of Rs.7 to 10 Lakhs P.A in India and 1.5 Lakh US $ in USA and 90 ,000 Pounds P.A in U.K

16.Fee 17.Discounts Certification

Rs.2 Lakhs No No (Not required) No Yes 80% placed in abroad Offer letters direct form MNCs like IBM,Infosys,Accenture,Ca pgeminii,etc The Best and only place for getting a placement and excellent training

Rs.5.5 lakhs + taxes and Rs25000/- for Certification No Yes Will say its very much required No But will say yes Nil Very few 1 or 2 that too with a package less than Rs.5.Lakhs Good for material and useless for rest of the things and job Time lost is less but money lost is whopping Rs3 to Rs.6 Lakhs Experience and certification is useful if done before 2 yrs of experience All modules are good depends on your background Good future you can get support jobs aslo Background should correlate to Module though getting job is not possible Very much required

Rs.6000 to Rs 40,000 Yes. Always have many reasons to offer you discounts No ( Not required) No But will say yes Nil Nil

18.Fresher jobs 19.US /UK Placements 20.proof of Placements


Totally useless and worst Nothing much to loose as per money wise but time lost is enormous

22.Foreign Companies ask for what

1 or 2 life cycles of real time experience Not certification Definitely good But go for HOT modules and the dead ones 8-10yrs of Excellent future if you go for HOT modules We suggest CRM for them also as getting job is important Required

They dont know all these things except counting your currency notes Any module is good as long as you give them money They will say excellent because your money is excellent for them They dont mind as long as you are paying them well Never mind you can come even in midnight with cash and we always oblige. They wont tell you the truth otherwise they will die If you do SD we give CRM free

23.SAP is it good

24.Future of SAP

25.People from other backgrounds like HR and FICO and MM and PP 26.Advance booking for Fee 27.Why is SAP saturated in R/3 modules 28.Why are SAP CRM and Netweaver booming

World wide 1 lakh clients ( Big Industries ) have already implemented Cleint base is only 5000 now and increasing to 50,000 in next 5 yrs so no

They dont reveal as their product will get battered in market CRM is good if you have SD exp

29.What companies want SD or CRM 30.Practice 31.No. of students 32.Total placements per month 33.Are qualifications important 34.who is genuine and whom to trust 35.Backdoor entries 36.Whether blacklisted in MNCs 37.Why do people get into SAP

worries CRM 1+ or 2+ Not SD 10 hrs per day for 45 days is must 5 per batch 100 Definatley B.E or MBA are must Genuine Not possible No Because you can earn upto 7 to 10 lakhs INR in India and you can go abroad and earn 1 lakh US $ Excellent Decide for yourself. We never follow up anyone as its our policy. We believe in genuine interest if you have and you think we are the best then you can come to us 30 days min 2 offers Though good people get placed in 15 days and often get upto 5 offers SAPGURU is undisputedly No.1 and only 1 who can place you 3+ and 5+

Will mislead you SD2+ and then CRM 30 days full time 20 per batch 1 or 2 Yes We take only good profiles Good but worst in placements Not possible No Good prospects

SD and CRM They dont mind what ever you do after you pay money 100 per batch Nil Doesnt mind any graduate or under grad willing to pay our fee Never trust They will try taking your money and fail Yes Good for us as we get money and you get sleepless nights for 2 yrs until you swear of totally forgetting SAP Worst With us We always follow up offering you discounts

38.Overall rating 39.Where to join

Good because its a brand Siemens

40.Placement time

1 or 2 yrs

Never get placed for atleast next 2-3 yrs

41.Market leaders

No.1 in the world But very poor placements 3+ and 5+


42.Minimum exp reqd in R/3 modules 43.Locations

44.Is it Expensive 45.How is SAP B1

46.Can I get a job if I already have exp in SAP 47.SAP Fresher jobs

New Delhi We dont offer in cities like Chennai,Bangalore and Hyderabad because they are blacklisted by MNCs Quality comes with a price and its worth it Its a flop and pay is very less As its a small and mid segment enterprise Yes you need to have 3+ or 5+ then only we can get you recruited directly Not available anywhere in the world

All metros

They wont tell you otherwise they have to shut their businesses. Every small town and every nook and corner of your city

Brand value Not offered

When service offered is useless even Rs.10,000 is very high Not offered

No faciltiy

No Facility

Will say yes Ask them to show atleast one?

Will say yes for everything

48.Accomodation or Hostel 49.Should I compromise on budget 50.Final comments

Yes provided costs are Rs 3500/- with food Invest wisely After thorough checking Assured returns Thats why we are SAPGURU, The Mentor we have which no one else has

No Very heavy investment With no returns Brand

Yes in some palces Less investment initially but time damn waste No Brand Nonsense Time damn waste