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Software solutions

At NASDIS we work with cutting edge technology and the latest industry leading software. Sometimes it's exactly what we need for the job. However, there are times when we require something a little more special and adaptive to our clients' needs. That's why we are developing our own software in-house, designed to make your project stronger and the design and engineering process quicker. The following applications presented here are just a few examples of the tools developed for some heavy timeconsuming operations, reduced to a couple of mouse-clicks.

Semi-automatic generation of pipe cutting files from IDF Tribon Isogen outputs.

The software is reading the pipe isometric data from the IDF file and is generating, with minimum user intervention, the input files for the cutting machine. It is covering a major gap in the information flow. From the pipe design system (Tribon in this case) through Isogen to the pipe cutting machine. Normally each Iso should have been "read" by a person who afterwards should have programmed the machine to cut all the pipe segments and the holes. With a heavy impact on productivity and data reliability. We have created a software "bridge" that extracts all the info from the Iso and then automatically generates the cutting files. The method allows the processing of large batches of isometrics at once and the quick release of cutting information to the production. The program was successfully tested and implemented in the Aker Braila shipyard for an HGG SPC500 cutting machine.

Profile Cutting Interface & Profile Management

Profiles automatic nesting and generation of cutting files for a plate cutting machine.

The idea of this software came from the necessity to improve the productivity of profiles production in the shipyard and, in the same time, to better utilize the existing plate cutting machines. A special support was conceived for bulb profiles, to hold one profile bar on the cutting machine area and to be cut in the same way as a plate is cut. Starting from the regular output of the hull design system (Tribon), the profiles are nested on bars and the outputs of the program are cutting files and detailed sketches for each bar. The program was successfully tested and implemented in the Aker Braila shipyard on an oxy-gas cutting machine.

Conversion of absolute to relative coordinates in Isogen drawings.

The purpose was to make the drawings obtained from Tribon-Isogen more useful, so that the coordinates shown on them to have a real meaning for the production department. Hence the need to automatically convert the absolute coordinates given by Isogen to relative coordinates, specific for each project. Otherwise, manual intervention (time consuming and unreliable) would have been required for each drawing. The program was successfully tested and implemented in Chantier de l'Atlantique France and is currently used for generating the pipe production data from Tribon projects. You can download the user's guide (pdf - 86 KB) from here. For licensing please contact us.

Automatic generation of CSV material lists from DXF drawings.

This application was targeted to the outputs of PDMS Isogen but it can be used to extract text information from any DXF drawing. We were requested to obtain a material list from each iso and to centralize all these lists for a specific pipe system. Therefore we have created a software to read a given area of the drawing and to extract the text list from that area to a neutral CSV file, which can later be easily imported into Excel format. The program was successfully used to generate PDMS pipe production data for the Scarabeo-8 project (Fincantieri, Italy). The program is freely available for download. Please see the Downloads page.

Automation of the Tribon data conversion process. This is a specific application for the Tribon system. There are 2 types of databanks in Tribon, sequential and indexed, each with its own characteristics and advantages. The program is creating a script which can transfer objects from one type of databank to the other. The program is freely available for download. Please see the Downloads page.

Find / replace strings inside text files.


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The starting point of this program was also Tribon but it can be used for general purposes as well. Its function is very simple. It finds/replaces a given string in a batch of text files. For Tribon hull designers this application is very useful if they need to modify a certain property in a whole block. Instead of modifying interactively in Planar Hull or modify each scheme file by hand, they can use it to modify a batch of scheme files in one step. The program is freely available for download. Please see the Downloads page.

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