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The Application of the Vibroflotation Process and the High-pressure Sprinkling Grouting Technology in Illconditioned Reservoirs

Posted on February 4, 2010 by China Papers Abstract: In our country there are a great many of iil-conditioned reservoirs with all sorts of problems which can cause incidents or failures of dams. It is very important to summarize, apply ant popularize the new technologis of reinforcing embankment dam in order to elaborate its project benefit and service safely on the basis of design standard. Bath Vibroflotation Process and High-pressure Sprinkling Grouting are new construction technologies, which are good in techniques and cheap in economies, in dealing with illconditioned reservoirs. The Vibroflotation Process can consolidate poor foundation or embankment dam through the uniting function of stone columns and the foundation or the clam, thereby increase the stability of dam. The technology of High-pressure Sprinkling Grouting can form a wall of preventing seepage in the foundation or dam and cut off the way of flowing. Based on the studies of the studies of predecessors, the successful practice of the application of these technologies is of the Xiacouba reservoir project. In the Xiacouba reservoir project, these two constructions methods are used to increase the stability of the dam and control the seepage. In this paper a systematical research have be carried out in several aspects of these technologies,such as the plan of dam reinforcement, the effectiveness of seepage controlling. From the research the main conclusions are as follows:(1) Set forth the research conclusion at present and its development in detail about vibroflotation process and high-pressure sprinkling grouting technology.(2) Carry out a comprehensive research on their technological characteristics and suitabi 1 ity in dealing wi th the Xiacouba reservoir project, The details are as follows:CD In connection with grievous seepage problem and slope stability problem of the foundation overburden and the dam itself, there are two positive plans for dealing the seepage and three for upstream slope stabi 1 ity. All these method have been compared from several aspects, such as technical reliability, work time, costs and site construction, then the High-pressure Sprinkling Grouting technology and the Vibroflatation process are decided as the methods of reinforcing the Xiacouba reservoir.(2) In stability safety analysis the physical and mechanical parameter of the filling materials should adopt the index in natural condition, but after consolidation should adopt the composite physical and mechanical index which is gained with weight method according to the practical dimension of the stone columns and the earth between the stone columns.(3) When the vibroflotation process is used to the foundation and dam which consisted of clay materials, according to construction practice,a continuous filling method isn' t for it,but a discontinuous filling method is possible.(4)One row seepage wall,which is formed by sprinkling grouting method, is used to the Xiacouba reservoir project for cutting off the way of seepage on the basis of the project condition and grouting test. The results

testified that a sound effectiveness of preventing seepage could be attained by the application of the high-pressure sprinkling grouting technology if design paramenter is proper and the construction qualityis controlled strictly.(5)The excavating examination and dynamic sounding examination are used to testify the construction quality of the vibroflotation process. Standard penetration test is also used to test the fill-material between the stone columns.(6) The excavating examination, boring exploration and sampling test are used to testify the construction quality of the high-pressure sprinkling grouting.(3) Results evaluation.(1) The results of the vibroflotation process in the Xiaocuba reservoir project indicate that the diameter of the stone columns is from 82 cm to 92 cm, the numbers of dynamic sounding are from 7 to 45 and 18 on average, to satisfy the requirement of density of the stone columns,and the numbers of standard penetration test of the material between stone columns h Key words: vibroflotation process; high-pressure sprinkling grouting; disposal plan; illconditioned reservoir; application v