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An Assignment is submitted for the Partial

Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree In







We all know that the present system of education is based upon the theme loading and unloading, it means load the study material in your mind for exam and forget it as you come out from the examination hall but for fighting the competition that is increasing day by day, we do need to change this trend and should try to come towards the practical aspects .The country like Japan has made progress only because of practical knowledge which they get from different types of technical and managerial institutes and training in different organization. That is why for graduate students training in different organization is of great help to them. I also got an opportunity to have Eight weeks summer training in Kotak Securities Ltd. I undergo my training in the Stock Market by Kotak securities. My topic for the study was Customer Exploration Survey On Stock Market I owe special debt of gratitude to Mr. Rajender Mahakhund of Kotak Securities Ltd. to allow me to undergo this eight weeks summer training in his organization. It was really a wonderful experience to work in Kotak Securities Ltd. I really enjoyed and learned a lot there.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to extend my heartiest thanks to everybody who helped me through the successful completion of my training, which is a great source of learning and experience for me. While working with this esteemed professionally managed organization I have realized the importance of practical experience and also to relate my theoretical knowledge with the practical market place.

I would like to thank KOTAK SECURITIES LTD, CUTTACK for giving me an opportunity of learning and contributing through this project. Let me take the opportunity to thank all those people that made this experience a memorable one.


I hereby declare that this training program entitled Customer Exploration Survey on Stock Market In Kotak Securities is my work, carried out under the guidance of my guide Mr.Rajendra Mahakund. This report neither full nor in part has ever been submitted for award of any other degree of either this university or any other university.
















The Kotak Mahindra Group

Kotak Mahindra is one of India's leading financial institutions, offering complete financial solutions that encompass every sphere of life. From commercial banking, to stock broking, to mutual funds, to life insurance, to investment banking, the group caters to the financial needs of individuals and corporates. The group has a net worth of over Rs. 2,840 crore, emploeeys around 7,800 people in its various businesses and has a distribution network of branches, franchisees, representative offices and satellite offices across 264 cities and towns in India and offices in New York, London, Dubai and Mauritius. The Group services over 1.6 million customer accounts. The Kotak Mahindra Group was born in 1985 as Kotak Capital Management Finance Limited. Uday Kotak, Sidney A. A. Pinto and Kotak & Company promoted this company. Industrialists Harish Mahindra and Anand Mahindra took a stake in 1986, and that's when the company changed its name to Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited. Since then it's been a steady and confident journey to growth and success.

1986 Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited starts the activity of Bill Discounting 1987 Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited enters the Lease and Hire Purchase market 1990 The Auto Finance division is started 1991 The Investment Banking Division is started. Takes over FICOM, one of Indias largest financial retail marketing networks

1992 Enters the Funds Syndication sector

1995 Brokerage and Distribution businesses incorporated into a separate company - Kotak Securities. Investment Banking division incorporated into a separate company - Kotak Mahindra Capital Company 1996 The Auto Finance Business is hived off into a separate company Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited (formerly known as Kotak Mahindra Primus Limited). Kotak Mahindra takes a significant stake in Ford Credit Kotak Mahindra Limited, for financing Ford vehicles. The launch of Matrix Information Services Limited marks the Groups entry into information distribution. 1998 Enters the mutual fund market with the launch of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company. 2000 Kotak Mahindra ties up with Old Mutual plc. for the Life Insurance business.Kotak Securities launches its on-line broking site (now www.kotaksecurities.com). Commencement of private equity activity through setting up of Kotak Mahindra Venture Capital Fund. 2001 Matrix sold to Friday CorporationLaunches Insurance Services 2003 Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. converts to a commercial bank the first Indian company to do so. 2004 Launches India Growth Fund, a private equity fund. 2005 Kotak Group realigns joint venture in Ford Credit; Buys Kotak Mahindra Prime (formerly known as Kotak Mahindra Primus Limited) and sells Ford credit Kotak Mahindra.

The group specializes in offering top class financial services, catering to every segment of the industry. The various group companies include: Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited Kotak Mahindra Securities Limited Kotak Mahindra Inc. Kotak Mahindra (International) Limited Global Investments Opportunities Fund Limited Kotak Mahindra (UK) Limited Kotak Securities Limited Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Company Limited Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited Kotak Mahindra Trustee Company Limited Kotak Mahindra Investments Limited Kotak Forex Brokerage Limited Kotak Mahindra Private-Equity Trustee Limited Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited.

About Kotak Securities Limited

Kotak Securities Limited, a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank, is the stock broking and distribution arm of the Kotak Mahindra Group. The company was set up in 1994. Kotak Securities is a corporate member of both The Bombay Stock Exchange and The National Stock Exchange of India Limited. Its operations include stock broking and distribution of various financial products - including private and secondary placement of debt and equity and mutual funds. Kotak Securities has 195 branches servicing more than 2,20,000 customers and a coverage of 231 Cities. Kotaksecurities.com, the online division of Kotak Securities Limited offers Internet Broking services and also online IPO and Mutual Fund Investments. Kotak Securities Limited manages assets over 2500 crores of Assets Under Management (AUM). Currently, Kotak Securities is one of the largest broking houses in India with wide geographical reach. The company has four main areas of business: (1) Institutional Equities, (2) Retail (equities and other financial products), (3) Portfolio Management and (4) Depository Services.   yInstitutional Business This division primarily covers secondary market broking. It caters to the needs of foreign and Indian institutional investors in Indian equities (both local shares and GDRs). The division also incorporates a comprehensive research cell with sect oral analysts who cover all the major areas of the Indian economy.  yClient Money Management This division provides professional portfolio management services to high net-worth individuals and corporate. Its expertise in research and stock broking gives the company the right perspective from which to provide its clients with investment advisory services.   

 yRetail distribution of financial products Kotak Securities has a comprehensive retail distribution network, comprising approximately 7000 agents, 13 branches and over 20 franchisees across India. This network is used for the distribution and placement of a range of financial products that includes company fixed deposits, mutual funds, Initial Public Offerings, secondary debt and equity and small savings schemes.  yDepository Services Kotak Securities is a depository participant with the National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services (India) Limited for trading and settlement of dematerialized shares. Since it is also in the broking business, investors who use its depository services get a dual benefit. They are able to use its brokerage services to execute transactions and its depository services to settle these. Kotak Securities' width, volume and quality of offerings regularly earn it accolades from industry monitors. In recent times, these have included:

Kotak Institutional Equities

Kotak Institutional Equities, among the top institutional brokers in India. It mainly covers secondary market broking and the marketing of equity offerings, including IPOs, to domestic and foreign institutional investors. Its full-fledged research division comprises 18 analysts engaged in macroeconomic studies, industry- and company-specific equity research. Kotak Institutional Equities has full financial service capability, which includes derivatives, facilitating market access through affiliates and the distinctive offering of corporate access to investors. The division services over 250 clients including FIIs, pension and mutual funds. The division has sales desks in Mumbai, London and New York, with the India desk also servicing clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Awards and Reorganization for Kotak Securities.com

  yFinance Asia Award (2006): Best Broker In India   yEuro money Award (2005): Best Equities House In India   yFinance Asia Award (2005): Best Broker In India   yAsia Money (2004): Best Equity House in India   yFinance Asia Award (2004): India's Best Equity House   yEuro money (2004): Best Equity House in India yPrime Ranking Award (2003-04): Largest Distributor of IPOs

Product Features
Kotaksecurities.com offers you a range of products and services to meet your investing needs. Whether you are a savvy investor or just getting started, you would find our services just right to meet your specific needs. a) Kotak Gateway Account: If you are new to do trading, open a kotak gateway account with kotaksecurities.com. Its a basic account that always you to do trading over the Internet and phone. Offering ease and convenience, Kotak Gateway Account allows you to make smart investments through its research-based assistance. You can activate Kotak Gateway Account with any amount less than Rs 1,00,000/- as margin, by way of cash. With Kotak Gateway account you can avail of the following: 1. 4 times exposure on the margin. 2. Access to K.E.A.T Desktop. 3. Research Reports on companies, industries and sectors for making informed investment decisions. 4. Research Advice via SMS. 5. Call and Trade facility. 6. Free news and updates on the markets. 7. Access to 8 mutual funds. b) Kotak Value Account: The intelligent investor in you has always opted for something smarter. Kotaksecurities.com offers you Kotak Value Account, an easy and convenient account that allows you to trade over the Internet and phone. You can also avail of Research-based reports to make smarter investments.

You can activate Kotak Value Account with any amount between Rs. 1,00,000/- and Rs. 5,00,000/- as margin, by way of cash. With Kotak Value Account you can avail of the following: 1. 5 times exposure on the margin. 2. Access to K.E.AT Desktop. 3. Research Reports on companies, industries and sectors for making informed investment decisions. 4. Research Advice via SMS. 5. Call and Trade facility. 6. Lower delayed payment interest. 7. Margin finance. 8. Free news and updates on the market. c) Kotak Privilege Circle: Why stop at anything when you can potentially do so much more with your money. Open a Kotak Privilege Circle Account make more, make most, with all our premium services readily available for you. You can activate a KPC Account any amount more than Rs. 10,00,000/- as margin, by way of cash or stock. In the Kotak Privilege Circle you can avail of the following: 1. 6 times exposure on the margin. 2. Access to K.E.A.T Premium. 3. Assistance in terms of Research Reports on companies, industries and sectors for making informed investment decisions. 4. Research Advice via SMS. 5. Call & Trade facility. 6. Lowest delayed payment interest. 7. Margin finance at attractive rates. 8. Dedicated KPC customer service desk available for assisting right from opening the account to handling day-today problems. 9. Assistance from Relationship Managers for taking care of all your investment needs. 10. Free news updates from the market. 11. Access to 8 mutual funds.

d) Kotak High Trader Account: Kotak High Trader Account offers you higher exposure. It is an Auto Square Off product where only Intra-Day trading can be done and all open orders will be automatically squared off at 3:10 pm. You can activate Kotak High Trader Account with any amount less than Rs. 5,00,000/- as margin by way of cash or stock. With Kotak High Trader Account you can avail of the following: 1. 6 times exposure on the margin. 2. Access to K.E.A.T Desktop. 3. Assistance in terms of Research Reports on companies, industries and sector for making informed investments. 4. Research advice via SMS. 5. Free news and updates from the market. 6. Access to mutual funds. In this product you get charged the normal brokerage according to the slab you falling. At the start of the month you will get charged at the slab. At the end of the month based on your volumes during the month, your effective slab will be calculated and you will be reversed the brokerage if any.

e) Kotak Freeway Account This product is designed for the Intraday trader .One can pay a flat fee of Rs.999 as brokerage and trade unlimited number of times. You can activate Kotak Freeway Account with any amount less than 1,25,000/-as margin, by way of cash or stock.

With Kotak Free way account you can avail of the following: a. 4 times exposure on the margin. b. Access to K.E.A.T Desktop. c. Assistance in the terms of Research Reports on companies, industries and sectors of making informed investments. d. Research advice via SMS. e. Free news and updates from the market. f. Access to 8 mutual funds. Delivery transactions will be charged according to normal slab rates. Intraday transactions will have a service charge of 0.03% on both sides. Brokerage Structure indicated as KPC account in attached details. Please see the charges for special services also attached below.

Charges for Special Services

Kotak Gateway Account Being a Kotak Gateway account holder, company can avail of the following: yAccess to K.E.A.T. Premium for Rs. 500/- per month. yResearch Advice via SMS for a fee of Rs. 100/- per month. yCall and trade facility fee for first 20 calls onwards charges will be applicable at Rs. 20/-per call. yDelayed payment interest at 18% instead of 24%.

Kotak Value Account Being a kotak Value Account holder, you can avail of following: yAccess to K.E.A.T. Desktop free of cost and K.E.A.T. Premium at Rs. 300/-per month. yResearch Advice via SMS for a fee of Rs. 75/- per month. yCall and Trade facility for the first 20 calls, and 21st call onwards charges will be applicable at Rs. 15/- per call. yDelayed payment interest at 16% instead of 18%. yMargin finance at 16% p.a. yA discount of 25% to 50% on the DP charges. Condition Apply. Kotak Privilege Circle Account Being a Kotak Privilege Account Circle member, you can avail of the following: yAccess to K.E.A.T. Premium free of cost. yResearch Advise via SMS Free of cost yUnlimited Call& Trade

Salient Features Offered by Kotak Securities for its' investors:

K.E.A.T. Kotak E-trading Access Terminal is the live terminal on your desktop. Wherever you go, with you always.With K.E.A.T. you get live tickby-tick updated rates. Research & Advice To assist you in you investment and trading, our team of experts and professionals give you research reports on companies,

industries and sectors for making informed investment decisions research inputs and valu e recommendations.

SMS Alerts Get Free SMS alerts delivered to your mobile phone. This way you can be in touch with market wherever you are. Call and Trade Call and Trade enables you to while or the move. Make a call from where ever you are and get your market on your phone. Portfolio Advice Get Free Portfolio Advice and constantly monitor the value of your portfolio with inputs from our expert advisor.

Margin Trading To help you invest in your dream stocks, we offer you margin Trading Facility. Easy IPOs With you easy IPO service, you can now apply for IPOs at a click of a button. You can even place your bid over the phone. Which means, no more hassles of standing in long queues and dious paperwork. Easy Mutual Funds Easy Mutual Funds is a one stop-shop for multiple mutual funds. All you have to do is log on our website or simple caus and invest in the Mutual Fund of your choice. (Presently 8 Mutual Funds are available for investing) Easy Payment Kotak Securities, in collaboration with HDFC bank, UTI Bank, Citi Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank provides online payment facility. You can make and receive you payment directly to your bank account. Therefore, no hassle of going to the bank and stand in long queues, also

hassle free transaction of your money at any time form anywhere across the globe.

. LEADING THROUGH RESEARCH Kotak Securities has a strong research team that is involved in macroeconomic studies, and industry & company specific equity research. Our research constantly helps investors take informed investment decisions. KOTAK RESEARCH PRODUCTS Market Morning: A daily dose of vital market information with concise technical review of the index along with technical support and resistance of the select stock. Daily Morning Brief: The Daily Morning Brief features economy and corporate news enabling buy/sell calls based on the company fundamentals. It also lists bulk deals, Nifty gainers and losers and forthcoming corporate events.

Stock Ideas: A detailed report based on company fundamentals covering research team analysis of several pick of the companies, which are primarily strong and offer high returns.

Sector Reports: The research team regularly studies various factors, which could impact a particular sector. It provides a list of all stocks / companies which could either be affected positively or negatively and give recommendations on the same.

Weekly Technical Analysis: A definitive tool that besides summarizing the calls for the week.

Monthly Research Reports: A consolidated report of all the research calls give during the month with insights that enable wise financial decisions in a time bound manner.

SMS Alerts: Critical information on the move. Get FREE SMS Alerts delivered to your mobile phone and stay in touch with the market wherever you are.

SHARES At Kotak Securities we enhance every opportunity and stretch every possibility in the equity market for right investment decision based on our in-depth research studies.

DERIVATIVES Constant risks have stimulated market participants to manage their risks through various risk management tools. Derivatives product is one such risk management tool. We will offer you insights into the world of derivatives enabling you to cope with market volatility.

MUTUAL FUNDS Kotak Securities offers wealth of mutual fund choices along with competitive research and advice to help you invest wisely. The investors also have the option of choosing from some of the best mutual fund options available as we have a tie-up with most of the leading mutual fund companies in the country.

IPOs Kotak securities enable you to invest wisely in the potential and lucrative IPOs with air the ease.

MARGIN TRADING Kotak Securities enables not just stock trading but also gaining through it. To help you invest in your dream stock we offer margin-trading facility. We bring up to 50"0 of the margin.

Kotak Securities.com Services

1- Training in Shares Kotak securities.com offers investors various options while trading in shares. Delivery Basis This is a delivery based trading system, which is generally done with the intention of taking delivery of shares. A case position is meant to be settled by delivery, the required cash or security are blocked in full. For example, if a person place an order to buy 100 shares of Kotak Mahindra Bank, he need to have 100% of the order value in his available limit/funds, and in case he wishes to sell 100 shares of Kotak Mahindra Bank, he need to have 100% shares in his Demat balance. Kotak sec. gives the facility of up to 6 times limits against the margin.

Intra Day Trading Through super multiple offer investors can do an intra day trading 15 times against this available funds, where in they take long buy /short sell positions in stocks within the intention of squaring off the position within the same day settlement cycle. Super multiple offer will give a much against their limit.

BNST-G (Buy now sell tomorrow) Buy now sell tomorrow (BNST-G) is a facility that allows investors of sell shares even on 2nd day after the buy order date, within having to wait for the receipt of shares in to the Demat account. It is an intermediate option between cash and margin trading some times people miss huge profits because they have purchased shares one day back and the shares have not been credited to their Demat.. For Example: Assume that a person buys shares of XYZ ltd. at 10:30 am. Today suppose at 3:00 pm. today. The price of this script has risen by Rs. 10.But he want to seel these shares tomorrow because he feels that the script price will rise further. But the shares would not have come into your Demat/Account tomorrow. BNST-G is the solution to this problem. If he uses margin funding, he would gain only to the extent of the price rise that happens today i.e. Rs. 10, However, if he wishes to take advantage of the price rise over a longer times period he would purchased the share today at 10:30 am. and seel it. say tomorrow using BNST-G at 3:00 pm. In short, BNST-G helps non intra day square off trading too profitable. BNST-G gives 2 more trading days, thereby increasing the perfectibility of better returns. So even a cash trader may like to use BNST-G. AMO (After Market Order) In this facility investors buy or sell shares after market hour, for this investors have to give a order to sell or buy after market hour, next day he built found result for example.




It is an undisputed fact that the stock market is unpredictable and yet enjoys a high success rate as a wealth management and wealth accumulation option. The difference between unpredictability and a safety anchor in the market is provided by in-depth knowledge of market functioning and changing trends, planning with foresight and choosing options with care.

KOTAK offer services that are beyond just a medium for buying and selling stocks and shares. Instead we provide services, which are multi dimensional and multifocused in their scope. There are several advantages in utilizing our Stock Broking services, which are the reasons why it is one of the best in the country.

It basically deals with the scripts on the two stock exchanges:1. National Stock Exchange 2. Bombay Stock Exchange


National Stock Exchange:-

The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE), set up in the year 1993, is today the largest stock exchange in India and a preferred exchange for trading in equity, debt and derivatives instruments by investors. NSE has set up a sophisticated electronic trading, clearing and settlement platform and its infrastructure serves as a role model for the security industry.

The standards set by NSE in terms of market practices: products and technology have become industry benchmarks and are being replicated by many other market participants. It provides a screen based automated trading system with a high degree of transparency and equal access to investors irrespective of geographical location.

The high level of information dissemination through the on-line system has helped in integrating retail investors across the nation.The exchange has a network in more than 350 cities and its trading members are connected to the central servers of the exchange in Mumbai through a sophisticated telecommunication network comprising of over 2500 VSATs.

NSE has around 850 trading members and provides trading in over 1000 equity shares and 2500 debt securities. Besides this, NSE provides trading in various derivative products such as index futures, index options, stock futures, stock options and interest rate futures.


The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (formerly, Stock Exchange, Mumbai; popularly called The Bombay Stock Exchange, or BSE) is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. It is located at Dalal Street, Mumbai, India. The Bombay stock exchange was established in 1875. There are around 4,800 Indian companies listed with the stock exchange and has a significant trading volume. As of August 2007, the equity market capitalization of the companies listed on BSE was US $ 1.11 trillion. The BSE SENSEX (Sensitive Index), also called the BSE 30, is a widely used market index in India and Asia. The BSE SENSEX (also known as the BSE 30 index) is a value weighted index composed of thirty scripts, with the base April 1979=100. The set of companies which make up the index has been changed only a few times in the last twenty years. These companies account for around for around one-fifth of the market capitalization of the BSE.

Share Market Trading

Basically, Share Market can be divided into two parts:-

1. Primary Market:It is the market where new issues of securities are offered to the investors. 2. Secondary Market:An investor of a secondary market buys a security from another participant of the same and not from any issuing corporation (as in case of Primary Market).

Important participation of share Market Trading are:-

Buyer: - An investor who buys a script in the belief that the market will rise. If his hinge becomes right then he makes profit otherwise he suffers loss.

Seller: - Seller of a stock sells in the hope that the stock price will go down.

Stock Broker: - Brokers are persons or firms who execute buy/sell order on behalf of the investors and charge a commission for rendering the service.

Share Trading are done in three ways:

(a) Offline Share Trading:- In this form of trading the customer either goes to the share brokers place and sits before the share trading terminal and asks the dealer to place orders in his account or rings the share broker, asks the share quotes and other relevant information, and accordingly places orders over the phone.

(b) Online Share Trading: - The client could avail the share market and could place his order on his own from any place he wants, provided he has a computer with an Internet connection.

(c) Open Outery Trading:- Here, the investors put their orders through the brokers and these share brokers in turn place and execute orders on behalf of them on the floor of the exchange. These brokers gather in a particular place on the trading floor known as Trading Post. There is a person called as the Specialist present in the trading post who does the matching of the buy and sell orders. This type of auction method is called Open Outery Method.

There is nothing more exciting and more rewarding than making the right trade at the right time. Go Trade- online Stock broking platform of Kotak provides you with a unique, completely secure means of online trading- any place, anytime. Trading of shares is now in your hands along with the comfort of sitting at home or in your office. Visits to brokers are a thing of the past. Enjoy the convenience of online trading a fully secure, packed with facilities and a trusted E-Broking platform.

Advantages of Kotak E-Broking

y National Network of over branches. y Member of NSE, BSE y Personalized services y Backed by Research y Facility to put orders through live screen y Alerts y Trading workshops & seminars y Latest Technology Implemented y Powerful Risk-Management system y NSE (Cash & F&O), BSE (Cash) on the same screen y Secure Transaction authentication based model y Online reports and contract notes y Online transfer of cash and stocks

y Tie-up with major banks for account facilities y Competitive brokerage y Any existing Demat Account can be used. No need for opening a new Demat.

The salient features of the offer are mentioned below. It must be noted that all the below mentioned facilities would be in addition to the regular ones as mentioned.

y Kotak would also assist in the financial planning. Kotak being a major player in financial field can handle this responsibility very effectively. y Kotak would provide a dedicated relationship manager to handle the queries. y Kotak would assist in all types of investments. Any employee of Kotak willing to invest in any MF, IPOs, Insurance, etc would just need to give a call to the Relationship Manager and the requirement would be taken care of at the office itself. This would save a lot of time and energy of the employees. y Kotak would assist you in managing your complete investment and financial portfolio.

Various Charges*
y Online Trading Account Charges- Rs. 1200 (One Time Charge)Including software charges y BrokerageIntraday 0.04% Delivery 0.40%

Documents Required:
1) 1 color photograph 2) PAN Card Xerox 3) Residential Proof 4) Cancelled Cheque 5) Recent Bank Statement of the bank of which cancelled Cheque is given 6) Demat holding statement/CML

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is a board (corporate body) appointed by the Government of India in 1992 with its head office at Mumbai. Its one of the functioning is helping the business in stock exchanges and any other securities markets.

For investment in equity a person must have:D-Mat Account:

Demat (short form of Dematerialization) is the process by which an investor can get shares (also called as physical certificates) converted into electronic form maintained in an account with the Depository Participant (DP). DP could be organizations involved in the business of providing financial services like banks, brokers, financial Institutions etc. DPs are like agents of Depository. Depository is an organization responsible to maintain investors securities (securities can be shares or any other form of investments) in the electronic form. In India there are two such organizations called NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd.) and CDSL (Central Depository Services India Ltd.). Investors wishing to open Demat account have to go DP and open the account. Opening the Demat account is as simple as opening the bank account with any bank. All shares what you possess will show in your Demat account, so you dont have to possess any physical certificates. They are all held electronically in your Demat account.

What Kotak Securities.com Services will offer:

Reduction in brokerage. Near-immediate ownership of securities on settlement leading to liquidity. Clarity in the title of ownership of securities at all times. Ready acceptance of securities for pledge and hypothecation. Easy receipt of public issue allotment. Quick receipt of corporate benefits like rights and bonus. increased

What Kotak Securities Ltd. Demat Services will take away:

Bad deliveries caused by signature mismatch. Postal delays and loss of certificates in transit. Risks of forgery, counterfeiting and loss due to fire, theft or mutilation. Stamp duty (as against 0.5 % payable on physical shares). Filling up of transfer deeds.

How to open an Kotak Securities Ltd. Demat account:

Approach your nearest Kotak Securities Ltd. Branch. Fill up the Demat Account Opening Form. If your shares are held in joint names, be sure to open your account in the same order of names. If A, Band C jointly hold 100 shares in the company and have three share certificates all named as ABC, one DP account will suffice. For different combinations of names, open separate accounts for each combination if the three certificates are held as ABC, BAC and CBA, three accounts are required. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can open. You can even open a multiple-sign Depository Participant - Client Agreement, which each investor must sign at the time of account opening. You will receive an account number and a DP ID number with each account. Quote both these in all future correspondence with Kotak Securities Ltd. After opening the account, you can hold shares of any number of companies in your account, provided all such companies have entered the depository system.

Submit a completely filled up Demat Request Form (DRF) in triplicate for each ISIN along with defaced physical securities. Kotak Securities Ltd. provides you with one blank Dematerialization Request Form (DRF). Additional forms are available at any of the Kotak Securities Ltd. branches offering Demat Services.



Reseach is defined as a systematic and a scientific search for pertinent information on a specific topic. It is the pursuit of truth with the help of study, observation, comparision and experiment. The puspose of research is to discover answer to questions through the application of scientific procedure. The main aim of the research is to find out truth which is hidden and which has not discovered yet. The research conducted here by me is an applied one aims at finding solutions for an immediate problem facing by an business orgaisation.


The time duration of the project was 6-8 weeks and the space boundary was limited to cuttack. The research methodology consists of series of action or steps necessary to carry out research and the desire sequences of steps. Under this following steps are taken into consideration; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Formulating there search problem. Extensive literature survey. Development of working hypothesis. Preparing the research design. Determining sample design. Collecting the data. Hypothesis testing. Generalisation and interpretation. Preparation of final report.

The problem of the research is given as Acceptance of Kotak securities Ltd by the customer of cuttack, product of Kotak Securities. For this type of research problem following objectives are taken into consideration: y y y y y To know the awareness of Kotak Securities among the customers. To know how much Kotak Securities is well recognised among customers. Effectiveness of promotion. To find out market potential. To make a comparative analysis of promotional activities undertaken by competitors.

These objectives are taken, as these are the appropriate means for determining the brand awreness and brand recgnition. Following activities have to perform to fulfil these objectives. y A questionnaire have to design which gets maximum information from the customers. y Telephonic interview should be arranged for the customers to know about their satisfaction in the products and services . y Making dummy calls to the agents to get to know how much they are interested in applying Kotak Securities Ltd. to those of the competitors.


An extensive literature survey has been done to know fully the product line and product range of Kotak. This was done with the help of kotak Securities ltd. A help from the official website of Kotak Securities.com also taken which provides a good to fully understand the areas where its product are superior or interior to those of the competitors, about its technology and world & market coverage.


Kotak Securities is having a good awareness & is well recognized among customers and the trade of products are going well than those of competitor. This working hypothesis has arisen as a result of prior-thinking about the subject, examination of the available data and material including related studies and the counsel of experts and related parties.


Research design is needed because it facilitates the smooth sailing of the various research operations,thereby making research as effcient as possible yielding maximal information with minimal expenditure of effort,time and money. In fact the research design is the conceptual structure within which research is conducted; it constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement and analysis of data.

As per this research is condcted it is of both type desciptive as well as diagnostic descriptive, because it is concerned with describing the characteristics of a particular group or poplation of customers.

The research design has been made considering following things.

a) What is the study about?

The study all about knows the customer Relationship of Kotak Securities products and its competitor s activity in promotion of their respective products.


Why is the study being made? The study is made to do a comparisons analysis of market potential of kotak Securities Ltd. And its competitor s, and also to find out its awareness and recognition among customers. To see how much a customers. To see how much a customer relies on a Kotak Securities Ltd. Products.


Where will the study be carried out? The study is carried out in Cuttack,Orissa.


What type of data is required? The data required will consists of trades figure of July month of Kotak Securities and its competitors.It will also consist of data taken by Questionnaries, which has been filled by the customers.


Where can the required data can be found?

The required data can be found by monthly trades report of Kotak Securities Ltd. From its kotaksecurities.com .The queationnaire is found in the receipt itself collEct from the customer location Cuttack.


How much data will be needed? The maximum data will be available the more accurate the result will be, i.e. the entire data will be studied for better result.


What Period of time will the study include? The study will take around 6 to 8 weeks. This period is the taken in making the research and generating the report.


A non-probabilitic way of sampling has been done. It is also know an purposive or nonprobability based sampling. This sampling method involves purposive or deliberate selection of a particular unit of the universe for constituting a sample, which represents the universe. It is a combination of convenience and judgement sampling. Convenience Sampling : As the name indicates. It is based on the researcher, who is to select a sample. It depends up on time and cost availability. Judgemental Sampling : In this type of sampling, experience and judgement of the researcher was taken into account. In my case also, my judgement and experience of my project guide was taken into consideration; while selecting the sample.


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Type of Universe : The first step in developing any sample design is to clearly define the universe to be studied. In my search, the universe was finite as the total no. of agents were known to me. Sampling Unit : A sampling unit is the basic unit that has to study during the research. Here we have selected 16 direct across Bhubaneswar & Cuttack. Sampling Frame : It is also called source list from which sample is to be drawn. It contains names of all items of all items of universe. It is very essential that the source list must be representative of population as far as possible.

The data have been collected by the following steps: 1. By observation 2. Through telephone interview 3. By questionnaire


It is very important step in the research process. Here a survey has been conducted by means of structured questionnaire, hence the data is considered as machine processed. An interview via telephone has also been arranged to the customer and A visit to the customer has been adopted.

After the data have been collected, the next task is to analyse them. The raw data has been classified into some purposeful and



TABLE - 1 Showing the response of the Customer on the basis of Annual Income. ANNUAL INCOME Below 1 Lakh 1 5 Lakh 6 10 Lakh >10 Lakh FREQUENCY 45 25 20 10 PERCENTAGE 45 25 20 10

Below 1 Lakh 1 - 5 Lakh 6 - 10 Lakh >10 Lakh

INTERPRETATION:From the above table it is depicted that most of the respondents have annual income below 1 Lakh i.e.45% , then caries the number of respondent having annual income 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh i.e 25%,and then 6 Lakh to 10 Lakh i.e 20% and above 10 Lakh i.e 10%.

TABLE - 2 Showing the response of the Customer on the basis of Age Range.

AGE RANGE 18 - 25 26 - 35 36 - 45 46 - 55

FREQUENCY 15 25 40 20

PERCENTAGE 15 25 40 20

18 - 25 26 - 35 36 - 45 46 - 55

INTERPRETATION:From the above Frequency it is revealed that most of the respondent who are interested to know about or have already invested in stock market are in between the age group of 36-45,i.e 40%. After that 26-35 i.e 25% age group people than the age group 46-55, i.e 20% and at last the people of age group 18-25, i.e 15%.

TABLE 3 Showing the response of the Customers on the basis of Brokers Firm.

BROKER FIRM ICICI Securities Kotak Securities Karvy Others

FREQUENCY 25 30 25 20

PERCENTAGE 25 30 25 20

ICICI Securities Kotak Securities Karvy Others

INTERPRETATION:From the above table it is depicted that most of the respondents have invested or want to invest in broker firm Kotak Securities i.e 30% than ICICI Securities and Karvy have equal frequency i.e 25%, than others brokers firm i.e 20%.

TABLE - 4 Showing the response of the Customer on the basis of knowing about the company. MEDIUM Television Ad Newspaper Web Ad Others FREQUENCY 10 10 45 35 PERCENTAGE 10 10 45 35

Television Ad Newspaper Web Ad Others

INTERPRETATION:From the above table it is depicted that most of the respondents are knowing about the Company from the Medium of Web Ad. i.e 45%, then Others i.e 35% and at last the Television i.e 10% and Newspaper i.e 10%.

TABLE -5 Showing the response of the Customer on the basis of their experience in the Stock Market.

EXPERIENCE 1 2 Year 3 4 Year 5 6 Year >7 Year

FREQUENCY 10 20 30 40

PERCENTAGE 10 20 30 40

1 - 2 Year 3 - 4 Year 5 - 6 Year >7 Year

INTERPRETATION:From the above Frequency it is revealed that most of the respondent who have maximum experience Year in the stock market are >7yr i.e 40%, then after that 5-6 yr i.e 30% and 3-4yr i.e 20% and at last the lest experience year people have in stock market is 1-2yr i.e 10%.

TABLE - 6 Showing the response of the Customer on the basis of product investment.

PRODUCTS Equity Mutual Insurance Other

FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE 20 20 30 30 30 30 20 20

Equity Mutual Insurance Other

INTERPRETATION:From the above table it is depicted that most of the respondents are maximum invest in the product of Mutual Fund i.e 30%as well as Insurance 30% then Equity i.e 20% and Others Products also i.e 20%.

TABLE - 7 Showing the response of the Customer on the basis of the account they used. ACCOUNT ONLINE OFFLINE FREQUENCY 65 45 PERCENTAGE 65 45

70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 ONLINE OFFLINE ACCOUNT

INTERPRETATION:From the above table it is depicted that most of the respondents are having Online account i.e 65% and rest customers are using Offline account i.e 45%.

TABLE 8 Showing the response of the Customer on the basis of brokerage they used


FREQUENCY 30 50 20




INTERPRETATION:From the above Frequency it is revealed that most of the respondent used the Delivery i.e 50% and others customers used Intraday i.e 30% and at last few customers go for Derivative i.e 20%.

TABLE - 9 Showing the response of the Customer on the basis of choosing Stock Market. CHOICES Company Goodwill Company Brand Name Broker Others FREQUENCY 30 35 20 15 PERCENTAGE 30 35 20 15

Company Goodwill Company Brand Name Broker

INTERPRETATION:From the above Frequency it is revealed that most of the respondents are investing in Stock Market on the basis of Company Brand Name i.e 35%, after that some customers go for Company Goodwill i.e 30%, then some people also go for Broker i.e 20% and at last the Others i.e 15%.

TABLE - 10 Showing the response of the Customer on the basis of there Satisfactory Level of the existing Stock market.

SATISFACTORY LEVEL Very Satisfied Quiet Satisfied Quiet Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied

FREQUENCY 15 20 30 35

PERCENTAGE 15 20 30 35

Very Satisfied Quiet Satisfied Quiet Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied

INTERPRETATION:From the above table it is depicted that most of the respondents are Very Dissatisfied i.e 35% with the existing stock mkt and some are Quiet Dissatisfied i.e 30% and some customers are also Quiet Satisfied i.e 20% with the existing stock mkt and a very few number of people are Very Satisfied i.e 15%.





The following are the suggestions that can be used to convert the prospective customer into permanent customer of the company.

1. The customer should be educated about the stock market to overcome his fear of uncertainty in these markets. 2. The customer must be assured of expert advice in case of market fluctuations. 3. The customer should be educated about the benefits of investment in stock markets over other investment schemes. 4. Regular customer meets should be arranged to know the satisfaction level of the customers.



This project is based on a Customer Exploration Survey On Stock Market. There are many reasons for such investors not to invest in stock market. The main reasons for the customer not to invest in stock markets are 1. High risk 2. High uncertainty 3. Lack of knowledge 4. High rate of fluctuations These are the reasons why investors hesitates to invest in stock markets but there are some suggestions provided in this project through which these hesitations of the customers can be overcome, so that he can easily invest in stock markets by the assistance of experts of these markets. Institutions like Kotak Securities have playing their role by educating customers and giving them services so that investors can manage their money profitably.

Whatever you choose to do, or not do, with your money, you run risks. If you stash it under your pillow, it wont earn interest and you run the risk of losing it to thieves. So not taking risk is also risky.




Primary data
1. Questionnaire 2. Meetings with investors

Secondary data
1. Marketing Management Phillip Kotler 2. Modern Marketing R.S.N.Pillai & Bagavathi

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