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Death Sentence for a Muslim Girl

by Jamie Glazov, FrontPageMagazine, September 16, 2009

Frontpage Interviews guest today is Dave Gaubatz, the first U.S. civilian (1811) Federal Agent deployed to Iraq in 2003. He is the owner of DG Counter-terrorism Publishing. He is currently conducting a 50 State Counter-terrorism Research Tour (CTRT). He can be contacted at davegaubatz@gmail.com. FP: Dave Gaubatz, welcome to Frontpage Interview. Although there is some media discussion about the 17-year-old Muslim girl, Fathima Rifqa Bary, who left Islam for Christianity and now faces a death sentence from her family, there is an overall silence throughout our culture about her case, and many cases like hers. What are your thoughts? Gaubatz: Thank you Jamie. Apostasy (Riddah) in Islam is a major sin and numerous Islamic references call for the mandatory death of the person involved (regardless of where the crime/sin is committed). This Muslim child is in serious danger of losing her life for leaving Islam and bringing dishonor to her father and other relatives. It is imperative authorities begin taking the word of Islamic scholars and Imams when they advocate killing innocent people for leaving and dishonoring Islam. FP: Some apologists for Islam argue that the religion teaches to follow the laws of the country where Muslims live in. Therefore, a child in these circumstances ion our society is supposedly not in jeopardy. Your thoughts? Gaubatz: This is a misconception that organizations such as CAIR, ISNA, and their supporters would like nave Americans, specifically our elected officials and law enforcement, to believe. Islamic leaders talk out of both sides of their mouth, and when it is convenient or in their best interests they will use deception to mislead you. People need to fully understand that in Islam there is no country, government, or person more important than Allah. There are no man-made laws that come before Allah. One need only review the video by a popular Islamic scholar in the U.S. (Ahmed Sakr) who informs young children to not follow the laws of the U.S., but to instead follow Sharia Law. Sakr informs the children they will all go to hell if they follow laws set by Congressmen. Sakr says the Congressmen will all go to hell. Allegiance to America or our government does not exist if they contradict the teachings of Islam. I have visited over 200 Islamic Centers throughout America. The vast majority teach the worshippers Apostates should be killed because it is a major sign of disrespect to Allah, the family of the Apostate is dishonored, and it may lead others to leave Islam. FP: Tell us about some evidence you have of Islamic leaders in America advocating killing Muslims who leave Islam?

Gaubatz: I have never written or verbally stated anything pertaining to Islam that I do not have first-hand evidence to substantiate. This is why I always challenge any Islamic leader to come forward and not simply spout off that Dave Gaubatz is wrong, but instead to indicate the issue I discussed in a sworn affidavit and say what I have said is inaccurate and they would be willing to again swear under oath in a U.S. court of law my statements are incorrect. Specifically in regards to Apostasy, I request any Islamic scholar or Imam in America to provide a sworn statement under risk of perjury that Rifqa Bary has not committed a major sin and is subject to the death penalty. The scholar should also include in the sworn statement that Rifqa should not have any concerns about other relatives or friends of her father who will seek justice for the father because his daughter dishonored Allah and him. Lastly, I ask any Islamic leader to include in a sworn statement (again under oath and with the penalty of perjury) that they are not aware of any materials used in any U.S. mosques that call for the death of any Muslims who leave Islam. Jamie, there will be no Islamic leader who will take me up on this offer. Why? Because they would be lying. Not that lying and deception is not conducted on a regular basis by CAIR and ISNA executives, but they will hesitate to do so under the risk of perjury and imprisonment. I will be preparing a sworn affidavit with several references I have obtained from numerous mosques across America (to include Ohio) that clearly state Rifqa and any Muslim who leaves Islam is subject to death. FP: What about social workers, law enforcement judicial persons, or elected officials who publically state there is no evidence suggesting Rifqa Bary is at risk? Gaubatz: I will be the first to say the person/persons who state this are very incompetent and do not need to be in a position of authority in regards to protecting the interests of children in America. The person should resign, be fired, and/or be held legally accountable for their clear incompetence that puts a child at risk. FP: Does CAIR or ISNA support the same ideology that advocates killing anyone who leaves, oppresses, or dishonors Islam? Again, do you have evidence supporting this? Gaubatz: Not only do CAIR and ISNA executives condone and support this type action, but leaders from MANA (Siraj Wahhaj), and MSA do as well. Yes, there is an enormous amount of evidence to show these leaders who are supposed to be representative of Islam, do advocate killing Muslim like Rifqa Bary who have ultimately dishonored Islam. Possibly FP readers could respectfully and professionally ask CAIRs Executive Director Nihad Awad if he is aware of any material distributed/used by CAIR or any U.S. Islamic Center that condones killing Rifqa Bary and people like her for their actions. Again he should do so in a sworn affidavit to law enforcement and the public as I will. Jamie, what readers should focus on right now is that there are several Muslim U.S. politicians who are very much aware that Rifqa Bary and numerous other children are also at risk. One should be asking why they are not standing up for this child. Again the reason is because nothing or no one comes before Islam, not even an innocent child if they dishonor the religion. For several years I have informed the public there are Islamic leaders throughout America who advocate the death penalty for Apostates. The Islamic leaders will not stand at the podium during Friday Jummah (prayers/talk) and verbally tell their worshippers to kill their daughters if they leave Islam and convert to Christianity, but they will fill their libraries and bookstores with exactly this insutrction. FP: You mentioned you will be providing on your website, daveg.us, several references from materials you have been provided and recommended to study by Islamic leaders from several

U.S. mosques in regards to apostasy, but can you provide the readers one such reference now, and where you obtained it? Gaubatz: Over the last three years I have conducted extensive research at Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Va. Islamic leaders and some of their worshippers provided me materials to understand Pure Islam. One such manual is The Hudud (Mandatory Punishments for specific crimes). The Arabic word for Apostasy is Riddah. Below are a few quotes from the manual recommended to me to study Islam and how to be a good and pure Muslim. Note: In 2007, I went through a pseudo conversion (revert) to Islam at Dar Al Hijrah in order to obtain more in depth first-hand intelligence. A popular Islamic leader Yusef Estes was visiting Dar Al Hijrah and was my witness to the conversion. My complete discussion with Estes will be made available on my site as well. From the Hudud: [1] Death for hudd punishment for riddah (apostasy). [2] Whoever renounces his religion, kill him. [3] The Muslim who converts his religion, kill him. Nowhere in the manual obtained in Virginia does it inform a Muslim father to not kill their daughter in America if she were to leave Islam (as Rifqa Bary did). No where does it inform the Muslim reader to not seek death for the Islamic sin of apostasy. Contrary, the manual does state there is no obedience due to any state or ruler who contradicts the laws of Allah. FP: So what are we to make of all of this? What does it mean? Gaubatz: What does it mean? I will leave with a few thoughts for the reader to ponder. [1] Why are our elected officials not prosecuting Islamic leaders who advocate death in America for children who decide to change their religion? If a Christian minister were to distribute material calling for the death of an innocent child like Rifqa Bary for leaving Christianity, would not our authorities and liberal media be calling for the arrest and prosecution of the minister? [2] When will non Muslims in America begin to understand Islamic Sharia law is violent and is a serious threat to innocent people and to our country? Note: Sharia law also covers physical Jihad against our country. [3] Why hasnt President Obama stood up for Rifqa Bary as he immediately did for Professor Gates? President Obama made time to prepare a propaganda speech to our young children, why not take a few minutes and address Islamic leaders in America (many trained in Saudi Arabia) with a clear statement there will be no tolerance for Islamic leaders who advocate killing people for leaving Islam? Why doesnt President Obama call for a Special Prosecutor or Committee to investigate the allegations Rifqa Bary has made? Do she and other innocent children not deserve this? In my professional opinion Mr. Obama will not support Rifqa Bary because it would offend thousands of Islamic leaders and could cost him millions of votes from the Muslim community. [4] Why will the mainstream media not strongly support Rifqa Bary or conduct extensive research into the allegations Islamic leaders do indeed threaten their worshippers with death if they leave Islam? The answer is because they do not want the truth to be provided to the American people about Sharia law being carried out in America under the guise of Islam. I will close by asking readers to continue reviewing my site at daveg.us, articles at WorldNetDaily, and here at FrontPage Magazine because more and more evidence of illegal, unethical, and immoral activity by many Islamic leaders in America will soon be forthcoming. Thank you. FP: Dave Gaubatz, thank you for joining us.

Jamie Glazov is Frontpage Magazines editor. He holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the author of Canadian Policy Toward Khrushchevs Soviet Union and is the co-editor (with David Horowitz) of The Hate America Left. He edited and wrote the introduction to David Horowitzs Left Illusions. His new book is United in Hate: The Lefts Romance with Tyranny and Terror. To see his previous symposiums, interviews and articles Click Here. Email him at jglazov@rogers.com.