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Having effective communication skills is imperative for your success.

Positive communication will certainly increase the opportunities you find in your career and business. Having good communication skills will enable you to get ahead in certain areas where others who are less assertive may not succeed. A few things to keep your eyes on while practicing the fine art of communication are:

Body Language
Do not shy away from the person with whom you are speaking. Be sure to maintain a relaxed, but not slouching posture, regardless whether you are the one speaking or listening. Other things that ensure your body is communicating your attentiveness to the conversation can include: Making eye contact. Nodding occasionally to acknowledge a strong point in the conversation. Standing with hands clasped in front of you, never crossing your arms. Not displaying nervous ticks such as wringing hands, picking at your nails, or anything that the person communicating with you will view as a distraction from their conversation.

Speech and Attentiveness

When speaking, you need to be clear and concise. Speak on important matters directly and do not waste time with long drawn out stories that will cause your listeners mind to wander. Make sure you ask whether they understand, and be willing to further explain any of your points. Do not expect someone to just know what you are saying, even if it is crystal clear in your own mind. In addition, one of the most important aspects of verbal communication is the ability to practice active listening. This is not just actively waiting to talk. Always make mental notes of key points when someone is speaking to you. That way once you are given a chance to speak, you can respond to the most vital issues being dealt with. When others are speaking, try to think about the exact words that they are saying. If you practice this, you will comprehend and contain 75 percent more of the information that you hear.

Communication Consistency
Maybe your weakness is in the quality or quantity with which you communicate to your employees. Communication seems to have dwindled to superficial small talk. Great communicators practice the ability of consistent communication by remaining available. Do not be afraid to be the one who voices any concerns or difficulties. However, ensure that you are practicing open and honest communication with those who may depend on you. Be available and bold with tact. Be sure to leave communication lines open to those who may need to address problems with you. You will find that you prevent the small issues that normally have the habit of becoming large ones by making those in your life aware that you are open to discussing issues at any time.

During your communications with others always give them time to communicate their issues as well. Remaining focused on what they are trying to communicate will show them that you are indeed open to assisting with their issues. Many of peoples communication lines tend to break down on the side where impatience is in a rush to get out of the conversation. Since you cannot

control the other side, do yourself a favor and take a breath. The conversation youre involved in is important. If you are confused as to what someone may be requesting, than repeat back to him or her what you think they said and ask if that is correct. Often this will inspire the speaker to be more indepth about their needs, which will help you to understand them fully.

Practicing Effective Communication Skills

If someone has communicated a need or an issue to you, then your main priority should be to aid him or her in repairing the problem. Following up on an issue is the only way to convince others whom you need to communicate with that you have listened to them and that their problems or issues are important to you as well. Practicing strong follow-up will also leave the impression that you are involved in the bigger picture. When people see this commitment, they will know you are open to future communications. This creates a loyal and discerning surrounding that cultivates positive movement and communication. This will develop a strong sense of confidence in those with whom you communicate.

Since the world is so incredibly diverse and communications come in such a wide variety of forms, it is important to know many appropriate and helpful interpersonal skills. By practicing the few suggestions found here, you will find yourself understanding more of what people say and repeating yourself less to other people. Your co-workers and friends will have the confidence to come to you when they find themselves in need. Remember, great communication skills take practice. Do not give up on Day One. Your ability to express yourself will grow almost daily as long as you apply yourself in improving communication skills.

How to Develop Good Public Speaking Skills We all think about how to develop good public speaking skills at a professional level. People have different concepts in their mind and they always think that they will be overlooked by the audience in general. This is the reason why most of the people do not get themselves involved in the public speaking. Public speaking is a very broad term. Sometimes people get so confused and scared that their tongue gets tied and they meltdown in the public. This is just because of their internal fear. Though they know their topic in depth, because of the internal fear they just break down in public. Some people say that the art of public speaking comes through constant practice and some think that public speakers are born.

How to develop good public speaking skills is a big question for numerous people. There are people who develop public speaking skills in a few months of practice but for some it takes years to develop. But overall it is practice that counts. Some people who think that public speaking skills are not for them but they are for the people who are in marketing or sales. But people should understand that this is not true. No doubt a good public speaker should have good communication and interpersonal skills. But that too comes after years of practice. Good public speaking skills also works at the time of the interview. It is compulsory to face an interview before getting a new job. Interviewer will not only judge your personality but also your communication and fluency in general. In this tech world not only your basic qualification is counted but your presentation skills and public speaking skills are also counted. It is not that we only require public speaking skills to speak in front of audience or to give lectures. Public speaking skills are an asset that is worth millions. Not only public speaking skills are counted in professional life but are also useful when a person is college go-getter. For example a student possessing good presentation skills and public speaking skills can do wonders in his grading criteria. All that matters is clarity of delivery element, which is the base of any public speaking skills. It is important to have clarity of delivery element because unclear speech and words will do any good in general speaking in front of audiences. All the eyes are on you and all the ears are on your words. So, it is imperative to have clarity of delivery. It is common sense that on whatever topic you are speaking, clarity is a must because no one would be able to convey your message or whatever you are trying to speak. Unclear words will only show that you have not prepared the subject or you are scared of speaking. Those people who cannot convey their ideas into words cannot transform their skills in professional life. Some scholars have just passed away with their ideas still left with them just because of the inability to transform ideas. It is true that these scholars were intelligent and conveyed their message through writing. But we all know that written scripts cannot convey the messages effectively compared to speaking. They simply were not able to put their messages in front of the people of what they actually think. They were unable to speak in front of the public. So, do not let go the importance of public speaking skills. People also think that public speaking skills and communication skills are not inter-related. But they should know that they are inter-related to a certain degree of extent. However public speaking is a broader term compared to communication skills because people with good public speaking skills have good communication skills. But this is not the case with the people possessing good communication skills, because people with good communication skills may or may not have good public speaking skills. There are many reasons behind why people with good communication cannot speak in public. The reason behind why people are unable to speak in front of pubic is fear. Most of the people are scared and have fear while speaking in front of the public. They get nervous and their heartbeat gets fast resulting into unclear words and stammering. There are numerous ways to enhance public speaking skills. No doubt apart from the practice you should have a great storage bank of vocabulary in your mind. You can practice public speaking skills speaking in front of your family members, friends and colleagues.

Gradually your fluency will increase along with your vocabulary. Once you are able come out of your fear, you can be a good public speaker. Do not forget that possessing good public speaking skills in a big asset. Public Speaking | Public Speaking Tips | Public Speaking Training Humorous Motivational - Speaker Keynote Speaker Humorous Workplace Speaker Ontario Canada Advanced public speaking course Tips on Public Speaking Book Presentation Skills Tips. Life Coach - Global Telephone and Skype Coaching from My Life Coach. Personal and Business Coaching available. Follow link now to request a free one hour introductory session and your free award winning Life Aligner Goal Setting Software.

Give your full attention on the person who is speaking. Don't look out the window or at what else is going on in the room. Make sure your mind is focused, too. It can be easy to let your mind wander if you think you know what the person is going to say next, but you might be wrong! If you feel your mind wandering, change the position of your body and try to concentrate on the speaker's words. Let the speaker finish before you begin to talk. Speakers appreciate having the chance to say everything they would like to say without being interrupted. When you interrupt, it looks like you aren't listening, even if you really are. Let yourself finish listening before you begin to speak! You can't really listen if you are busy thinking about what you want say next. Listen for main ideas. The main ideas are the most important points the speaker wants to get across. They may be mentioned at the start or end of a talk, and repeated a number of times. Pay special attention to statements that begin with phrases such as "My point is..." or "The thing to remember is..." Ask questions. If you are not sure you understand what the speaker has said, just ask. It is a good idea to repeat in your own words what the speaker said so that you can be sure

your understanding is correct. For example, you might say, "When you said that no two zebras are alike, did you mean that the stripes are different on each one?" Give feedback. Sit up straight and look directly at the speaker. Now and then, nod to show that you understand. At appropriate points you may also smile, frown, laugh, or be silent. These are all ways to let the speaker know that you are really listening. Remember, you listen with your face as well as your ears! Remember: time is on your side! Thoughts move about four times as fast as speech. With practice, while you are listening you will also be able to think about what you are hearing, really understand it, and give feedback to the speaker. Read more: Speaking & Listening Skills http://www.infoplease.com/homework/listeningskills1.html#ixzz1StC63Rrb

Thinking fast

Being a good speaker is certainly a great honor. Successful speakers possess magnetic qualities that draw the masses towards them; they Very often succeed in enthralling their audience. They have interesting things to say and better know how to present their topic. Good speakers get promoted at work since they can express business ideas and social matters eloquently. Today, many conferences, siminars and events are being held worldwide on how people can be good speakers. Every interested person can actually be a good speaker; it is all about learning and practice. Here are some excellent tips on how to become a good speaker: Speaks on a subject that audience needs to know about. Be Sincere with What You Say and use words and body language that shows your passion and authenticity. People pay more attention to what you say. So, try to speak in a more conversationalist tone to strike a chord with your audience. Master the subject matter: content is generally what counts. Good speakers work on cultivating knowledge on the subject matter. They try to greatly expand their insight base and deliver pertinent information. A good speech preparation helps holding speakers in high esteem with their listeners. They often get appreciated when they sound pretty knowledgeable and know more about the subject. Dont make many more points in your speech. Good speakers better understand that their speech needs to be very pointed, they dont feel they have say every thing. Good speech let audience think and feel they are learning something interesting and valuable.

Make great eye contact. Good speakers try to maintain eye contact all through the speech .This makes each person appears to be more attended, heartfelt and really exploit self confidence. Use sense of humor. Many keynote speakers use humor. It is a very valuable tool in speaking. Humor brings attention to the point speakers make; it does help the audience better remember the points and be open to speakers ideas. Becoming a professional speaker is actually in the grasp of all people. It is all about learning and practice. By using the tips above, speakers would undoubtedly be able to give a compelling speech.

Become A Good Speaker Sound Sincere With What You Say Sincerity in your words tops the order among the attributes of a good speaker. People will pay heed to what you are saying, if they feel you are for real. Excellent speakers are those who are not just good orators, but also come across as genuine. The key to appear sincere is to speak in a conversationalist tone, as if you are talking to your audience. Speak in a way you talk to people in your day- to-day life, to strike a chord with your audience. Cultivate Knowledge On The Subject For a good speaker, content is extremely important to stand out as someone who is intently heard by his/her audience. If you already know the subject you have to speak on, try to cultivate an insight into the subject and expand your knowledge base. People appreciate knowledgeable speakers and delivering substantial and interesting information will hold you in high esteem with your listeners. A good speaker, just like a good professor, will always go prepared for the speech. Learn To Modulate Your Voice Every word that one says carries a different emotion and these emotions need to be transmitted to the audience in an expressive way. One of the greatest qualities a good speaker should posses is the ability to modulate his/her voice to for effect. Hitting the nail right on the head is all about being able to convey your thoughts and make the audience feel what you are saying. Voice modulation may call for some practice, but it can be easily mastered over time. Maintain Eye Contact With The Audience The golden rule to be a successful speaker is to maintain eye contact with the audience all through your speech. A lot of people have a tendency to look anywhere, but in the eyes of the

person or the group they are addressing. This habit can be very off-putting for the audience and the speaker will fail to garner enough attention for himself/herself. Exploit your confidence to the limit and maintain constant eye contact with the audience, as you speak. Add Humor To Your Content No matter how great an orator you are, a drab content will soon wither away the interest of the audience. You need to make the session interesting by adding a dash of humor in your content, to keep the audience amused. Holding the interest of the audience for long is a great art that can be perfected over time. An excellent content laced with humor and an equally witty disposition to carry it off will work as icing on the cake, for a good speaker. Read more about : Personality Development Mail SEARCH
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o be a good speaker you have to be first a good listener. If you think, you possess the quality of a good listening. Then this article is for you. If you wonder how some people have so much influence over others that makes people listen to them and you want to be like them, you are at the right place. Read on to acquire the quality of a good speaker to whom people listen. Speak With Authority When you want someone to listen to you, you will have to make sure that you know your subject well. Be authoritative on whatever you are speaking on. A little knowledge and beating around the bush will not attract listeners. Prepare yourself for your subjects, be aware of the current situation, and be a voracious reader. You can even get much knowledge just by keenly watching everything around you. Articulate powerfully and clearly and modulate your sound according to your speech. Dont shout or scream but be audible and confidence. Watch Your Body Language Shaky hands, tense eyes, frown, and parted legs are all the gestures, which give poor impression of a speaker and divert the audience much before you start speaking. Acquire proper body language like alert body, smiling eyes, and confidence and you are bound to attract audience. Have eye contacts with as many people you can and look pleasant. Be Interesting Most of us are very impatient and if you are not able to attract the audience in few minutes from the start, you may lose them altogether. Therefore, be interesting and discuss it too. Add in some jokes and ask questions and you will surely attract peoples attention.

Tell A Story When you tell a story preferably, a personal one, then you make your audience a part of you after sharing your narrative and that interest them. Then they dont remain audiences but become participants. Also, make sure that you listen to people if you think they have some valid points. Most of the people just want others to listen to them but are themselves not ready to do so. That is why its important to be a good listener to be a good speaker. Dress Appropriately Clothes maketh a man and its true in any society. So always, wear powerful clothes according to your society and your audience. If its a casual discussion then wearing a power suit will only make you the odder one. So, dress according to the event and let your clothes reflect your sincerity. Know Your Audience Before speaking, it is very essential to know your audience. If you are speaking in a boardroom and people are interested in numbers, then stating statistics will pull you through. However, for a casual discussion you need not present charts. Make a point and support it with examples. Dont beat around the bush as its an audience repellent. Listen You may be a good listener but being an active listener is very important. What is the use if you dont get anything from all that listening? So, wherever you go try to imbibe some of the good qualities of a speaker. Learn from the greatest speakers of the world, from Mahatma Gandhi to Nelson Mandela and from Steeve Jobs to Barack Obama.