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From the Background we understand that, the case is about Silica Glass Inc. which is a U.S.

-based manufacturer of glass fiber products. Silica is faced with declining intrafirm sales, and is attempting to secure growth in sales through its primary developing market -- Europe. A small firm in former East Germany is a potential competitor, particularly in the European market, but currently possesses inferior technology and market savvy. Silica believes that if it acquires the German firm it will be able to establish a foothold in the European market and simultaneously acquire a long-term potential competitor. SWOT analysis of this case plays a significant role in Silica Glass Inc. We have discussed about some internal strengths and weaknesses, with some external opportunities and threats. Internal factors can be better controlled than external factor as Silica Glass Inc. do not have any control over it. To survive in the changing environment Silica Glass Inc. needs to know or be aware of what are its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that it can take advantages of its strengths and opportunities to eliminate or decrease its weaknesses and threats. In short, SWOT analysis will help to identify what are the capabilities and capacities of Silica Glass Inc. Human Resource Related Issues has to be the guide for new managers working in international environment also to train and monitoring is there other two important areas. Many challenges will be there for the managers to take effective and prompt actions to minimize the barriers of operating in an international market. Silica Glass Inc.has to focus deeply in this sector to establish its HR department. The gist of Problems suggests that existing management process, dominated by local employees, the organization culture, the benefits of the employees, etc. The aspects of regulatory obstacles, changing technology and its implementation and effect on the financial and economic world are all of vital importance to the strategic managers dealing with determining Silica Glass Inc.s underlying strategy to meet these challenges. Recommendation will show us the picture for justification of possible solutions. And why we have chose that as a solution. The following Implementation section discuses the means having effective implementation of major decisions taken by the management, getting the right time to penetrate into the market with right strategies, also for proper sequences for getting into the right moment in the market also making major efforts successful are also discussed about Silica Glass Inc.