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«Конструкция to be going to для выражения будущности»

1. Павел мечтает о будущем. Напишите о его планах, используя конструкцию to

be going to.
Например:   I … (study) astronomy at university. – I’m going to study astronomy at
university. (Я собираюсь изучать астрономию в университете.)
1. I … (move) to London.
2. I … (fly) to the Moon.
3. I … (marry) at 25.
4. We … (have) three kids.
5. My wife … (become) a famous actress.
6. My wife and children … (travel) all over the world.
7. We … (eat) in restaurants every day.
8. I … (open) a flying school in England.
2. Напишите отрицательные предложения, используя конструкцию to be going
1. We – not – catch – that train.
2. He – not – buy – a new sofa.
3. They – not – watch – a football match tonight.
4. I – not – tell – your secret to anyone.
5. Anna – not – stay – at home.
3. Карла собирается провести отпуск у моря. Задайте ей вопросы с
конструкцией to be going to. Используйте данные словосочетания.
speak Spanish there, play beach volleyball, stay in a good hotel, eat lobsters, go
4. Задайте вопросы к предложениям, начиная со слов в скобках.
1. I am going to phone him tomorrow. (When …?)
2. That tower is going to collapse soon. (Why …?)
3. My friends are going to arrive today. (How many friends …?)
4. We are going to pay for her. (How much …?)
5. Mum is going to see her dentist on Monday. (When…?)
6. I am going to wear a white dress tonight. (Why…?)
1. I am going to move to London. (Я собираюсь переехать в Лондон.)
2. I’m going to fly to the Moon. (Я собираюсь полететь на Луну.)
3. I am going to marry at 25. (Я собираюсь жениться в 25 лет.)
4. We are going to have three kids. (У нас будет трое детей.)
5. My wife is going to become a famous actress. (Моя жена станет актрисой.)
6. My wife and children are going to travel all over the world. (Моя жена и дети
будут путешествовать по всему миру.)
7. We’re going to eat in restaurants every day. (Мы будем ходить в рестораны
каждый день.)
8. I am going to open a flying school in England. (Я собираюсь открыть летную
школу в Англии.)
1. We aren’t going to catch that train. (Мы не успеем на тот поезд.)
2. He isn’t going to buy a new sofa. (Он не собирается покупать новый диван.)
3. They’re not going to watch a football match tonight. (Они не будут смотреть
футбольный матч сегодня вечером.)
4. I’m not going to tell your secret to anyone. (Я не собираюсь рассказывать твой
секрет кому-либо.)
5. Anna isn’t going to stay at home. (Анна не собирается оставаться дома.)
1. Are you going to speak Spanish there? (Ты будешь там разговаривать на
2. Are you going to play beach volleyball? (Ты собираешься играть в пляжный
3. Are you going to stay in a good hotel? (Ты остановишься в хорошем отеле?)
4. Are you going to eat lobsters? (Ты собираешься есть лобстеров?)
5. Are you going windsurfing? (Ты будешь заниматься виндсерфингом?)
1. When are you going to phone him? (Когда ты собираешься позвонить ему?)
2. Why is that tower going to collapse? (Почему та башня собирается рухнуть?)
3. How many friends are going to arrive today? (Сколько друзей приедет сегодня?)
4. How much are you going to pay? (Сколько вы собираетесь заплатить?)
5. When is she going to see her dentist? (Когда она собирается увидеться с
6. Why are you going to wear a white dress tonight? (Почему ты собираешься
надеть белое платье сегодня вечером?)
Упражнение 1. Раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в Present Simple, Future
Simple, Present Continuous или поставьте конструкцию to be going + to inf.

1. When you_____ (know) your examination results?

2. Kathy_____ (travel) to Caracas next month to attend a conference.
3. Do you have any plans for lunch today? — I _____ (meet) Shannon at the Sham
Cafe in an hour. Do you want to join us?
4. I ____ (buy) a bicycle for my son for his birthday next month. Do you know
anything about bikes for kids? — Sure. What do you want to know?
5. How do you like your new job? — I don’t start it until tomorrow. I_____ (give) you
an answer next week.
6. I suppose he_____ (talk) about his new invention.
7. Why are you packing your suitcase? — I_____ (leave) for Los Angeles in a couple
of hours.
8. My regular doctor, Dr. Jordan, _____ (attend) a conference in Las Vegas next week,
so I hope I _____ (meet) her partner, Dr. Peterson, when I _____ (go) for my
appointment next Friday.
9. What time class _____ (begin) tomorrow morning? — It_____ (begin) at eight
o’clock sharp.
10.The coffee shop _____ (open) at seven o’clock tomorrow morning. I’ll meet you
there at 7:15. — Okay. I’ll be there.

Упражнение 2. Раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в Future Continuous, Present

Continuous, Future Simple или поставьте конструкцию to be going + to inf.

1. At 5 o’clock tomorrow he _______ (work).

2. He can’t come at noon tomorrow because he _______ (give) a lesson at that time.
3. She_______ (read) an interesting book the whole evening tomorrow.
4. At 10 o’clock tomorrow morning he_______ (talk) to his friend.
5. You will recognize her when you see her. She_______ (wear) a yellow hat.
6. He_______ (have a party) on Saturday 4th December in London at 10 pm.
7. In the next days you _______ (visit) famous sights.
8. Jeanne and Paul_______ (move) to London next month.
9. Leave the washing up. -I _______ (do) it later.
10.This time tomorrow I _______ (lie) on the beach.
11.Look out! You _______ (spill) your tea!


Упражнение 1.

1 will you know, 2 is travelling, 3 am meeting, 4 am going to buy, 5 will give, 6 is going
to talk, 7 am leaving, 8 is attending / will meet /go, 9 does class begin / begins, 10 opens.

Упражнение 2.

1 will be working, 2 will be giving, 3 will be reading, 4 will be talking, 5 will be wearing,
6 will be having / is having, 7 will visit, 8 are moving, 9 will do, 10 will be lying, 11 will

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