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INDIAN BIOSCIENCES INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 534, Udyog Vihar Phase V, Gurgaon 122016, Haryana, India. Phone: 0124 4256088 Mobile: 09818779747 | Email: inbit@inbdna.com | Website: www.inbit.inbdna.com

Training Programs - 2011 Module 1 Duration: 4 weeks Fee: Rs. 6,000/-

Conceptual Basics & Scope of Biotechnology

Genes, Nucleic Acid, Nucleotides & Nucleosides, DNA Polymerase, Genetic code, Alleles. History Present scenario Ongoing biotech projects

Basic Molecular biology techniques & applications

Isolation & Visualization of Nucleic acid DNA isolation from plant source DNA isolation from buccal mucosa Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (AGE) Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE) SDS-PAGE ELISA RFLP

Introduction to biotech laboratory

Good Laboratory Practices Basic instrument handling Solution preparation

Introduction to Bioinformatics. Application & Research, Present Scenario Basics of C/C++ programming

Module 2
Advanced Concepts of Biotechnology

Duration: 4 weeks
Reagent Preparation

Fee: Rs. 8,000/-

Reagent preparation of different molarities. Reagent preparation of different concentrations.

Blood group estimation

Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques & Applications

Isolation & Separation of Nucleic Acid (DNA) from Various Sources - Plant leaves, Green gram seeds, Saliva, blood etc. Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis of DNA through Gel Electrophoresis Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE) Electrophoresis and Elution of DNA Restriction Digestion of DNA using molecular scissors

PCR and its application

Introduction to PCR Handling & Programming Amplification of nucleic acid (DNA) through PCR Electrophoresis of PCR Products Forensic application of PCR Clinical Application of PCR Relationship Testing through PCR

DNA Fingerprinting
Introduction Application in Human Identification , Relation establishment & Forensics DNA profiling through STR Analysis

Staining Techniques
Silver staining Ethidium Bromide staining

Every Trainee will be provided their 16 Genetic Marker FBI CODIS standard DNA Profile on a plastic card. This DNA profile is unique for every individual on the planet and is the fool proof source of Human Identification. The test costs around Rs. 12,000/- in the market. This will be provided free of cost to all trainees who include Module-2 in their program.

Module 3

Duration: 4 weeks

Fee: Rs. 10,000/-

Introduction to Next Generation DNA Sequencing and its Applications

History of DNA Sequencing and Introduction to Next Generation DNA Sequencing Sequencing by Synthesis - Principle and Detailed Workflow

a.) Need for DNA Sequence Information b.) Principles of early DNA sequencing technologies and its limitations c.) Next Generation DNA Sequencing or Massively Parallel Sequencing
Leading Next Generation DNA Sequencing Technologies

a.) General workflow and Experimental design b.) NGS Library preparation for genomic DNA sequencing c.) Cluster amplification and Sequencing d.) Understanding NGS data and analysis tenets
Application of NGS in Agriculture, Health and Environment Research

a.) Pyrosequencing- Principle, advantages and limitations b.) Sequencing by Oligonucleotide Ligation and Detection (SOLiD)- Principle, advantages and limitations c.) Sequencing by Synthesis (Reversible Dye Termination)- Principle, advantages and limitations

a.) Sequencing of Orphan Genomes b.) Re-sequencing for genetic marker discovery and diagnostics c.) Transcriptome Sequencing for Gene discovery and profiling d.) Epigenome analysis e.) Metagenome analysis from environmental samples

Live demonstration of Next Generation Sequencing Technique using Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx and introduction to practical workflow
Important: Only Module 1 can be done individually. Module-2 and Module-3 have to be paired with minimum one other module (for eg. 1 & 2 OR 1 & 3 OR 2 & 3) Service Tax @ 10.3% applicable on total fee.

Registration Process: 1. Fill up the registration form with complete details. (Form available at http://inbit.inbdna.com/Registration.html) 2. Affix one recent passport sized colour photograph on form. 3. Attach copy of recommendation Letter / University Letter / ID Card / Voter I.D. / Any other valid ID Proof. 4. Prepare and attach Demand Draft for Rs 1,000/- in favour of "Indian Biosciences", payable at New Delhi.
(Registration Fee is non refundable and adjusted in the total fee) 5. Post the documents by reputed courier service to:

Indian Biosciences, G-2 (Ground Floor Rear) Kailash Colony, New Delhi - 110048, India. In case of further queries, please contact us on: 0124 4256088, 09818779747 OR Email: inbit@inbdna.com