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Slaves to Darkness All of these are considered Devotees to Chaos:

- Imperial Guard Traitors, Traitor Guard, Cultists.

- Chaos Daemons.

- Chaos Space Marines.

- Cults of Chaos, Slaanesh, Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch aligned forces. If any of these
- Cults of Chaos, Slaanesh, Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch aligned forces.
If any of these forces are used in Apocalypse games then the Ancient enemies’ rules do not apply and limits and caps to do
exist. It is all in the name of Apocalypse.
Ancient Enemies
When designing a Chaos army it is good to keep in mind the story of the Chaos gods and how working together is
something that happens very rarely. Depending on a great war and a necessary alliance between mortals to accomplish a
similar goal a god would lend their blessing on their followers. Some gods would be insulted by this sometimes and that
should their follows show such weakness as to seek other god’s followers help; they would be punished and shunned.
Khorne the god of war, blood, brass and skulls created at the dawn of time with his brothers Nurgle and Tzeentch, an
immensely powerful god due to the warring nature of the universe and Slaanesh the young hedonistic god of excess, both
rivals and enemies within the warp. Khorne jealous and disgusted by his younger sibling, Slaanesh disrespectful and
usurping of his elder brother, forever jostling with each others followers.
Whenever Slaanesh and Khorne models are present together they must be accompanied by models of other cults to quell
their infighting. If the army is led by a Chaos Undivided leader the warring gods factions may unite under one banner of
Using the images below and reading from left to right each symbol represents a god of Chaos. Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch
and Slaanesh. The inward eight pointed star and circle is representative of Chaos as a whole. The diagonal points on the
stars reflect the god in which they rival.
So by that we can see how the god Khorne is the rival of Slaanesh and like-wise Nurgle to Tzeentch. Khorne is neutral to
both Nurgle and Tzeentch as they are directly adjacent.
In game terms you should try to reflect this in the same way.
Any codex related to Chaos may be combined together in one army if the following rules are adhered to:
Armies with rival god’s forces
If you wish to have rival gods troops the most expensive leader is of the Chaos Undivided and fills the minimum force
organisation chart prerequisites. You may have unlimited Undivided units in a mixed force as long as it fit’s the force
organisation chart.
If you wish to add other god’s forces then you may feel free to add them.
Armies with neutral god’s forces
There are little restrictions when creating a force with neutral chaos forces. Things you must adhere to are the force
organisation chart and that if only one HQ is selected that it must be the HQ of the highest points spent on that god’s force.
So if 101 points is spent on Tzeentchian warriors and 100 spent on Slaaneshi warriors then the HQ must be Tzeentchian.