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The Pyramid of the Moon
The ancient city of Teotihuacan is located 50 kilometers north-east of the center of Mexico city and is well worth
at least one or two days of exploration. There are many restored buildings to explore, as well as artwork and
artifacts recovered from the site, as well as the two enormous structures for which the city is best known, the
Pyramid of the Moon, shown here, and the even larger Pyramid of the Sun. Unlike the pyramids of Egypt, the
pyramids at Teotihuacan aren't build of solid stone, instead they consist of stone and brick rubble covered with
layers of cut stone, however they're still an extraordinary achievement, especially since all this was done
without the benefit of pack animals, metal tools or the wheel
This photo was taken from 2 miles away.

Pyramid of the Sun
The Pyramid of the Sun, with an estimated weight of three million tons, is much larger than the Pyramid of the
Moon, and was also built earlier. Each side is 222 meters long and it's over 70 meters high, making it the third
largest pyramid in the world by volume, after the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt and the unrestored pyramid
at the Mexican city of Cholula. Unfortunately because of the building method a lot of reconstruction was
needed to get it to its current state, and there's considerable uncertainty about its original appearance
The date December 21st, 2012 A.D. ( in the Long Count), represents an extremely close conjunction of the
Winter Solstice Sun with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky Way) and the Ecliptic
(path of the Sun), what that ancient Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree. This is an event that has been coming to
resonance very slowly over thousands and thousands of years. It will come to resolution at exactly 11:11 am GMT.

The Tzolkin is a 260-day calendar based around the period of human gestation. It is composed of 20 day-signs, each
of which has 13 variations, and was (and still is) used to determine character traits and time harmonics, in a similar
way to Western astrology. The Maya also used a 365-day calendar called the Haab, and a Venus calendar, plus
others. They measured long time periods by means of a Long Count, in which one 360-day year (a "Tun"), consists
of 18 x 20-day "months" ("Uinals"). Twenty of these Tuns is a Katun; 20 Katuns is a Baktun (nearly 400 years);
and 13 Baktuns adds up to a "Great Cycle" of 1,872,000 days, ( 5200 Tuns, or about 5125 years).
Mayan scholars have been attempting to correlate the Long Count with our Western Gregorian calendar, since the
beginning of this century. There has been massive variation in the suggested correlations, but as early as 1905,
Goodman suggested a correlation only 3 days from the most popular one today. Known as the GMT correlation, or
"correlation # 584283", this was finalized in 1950, and puts the start of the Great Cycle ( day on 11th
August 3114 BC, and the end-date (known as as 21st December 2012.
Jose Arguelles has pointed out that the Tzolkin is a harmonic of the Great Cycle, and can be used to map history,
as if it is measuring not individual gestation but species gestation, since 5 Great Cycles add to exactly 26,000 Tuns;
the "Grand Year" or precession of the equinoxes - a higher harmonic of 260.
NOTE: The astronomer Philip Plait has stated very clearly that the Mayan calendar does not end in 2012 at all,
that it is like the odometer on your car, as each section of the odometer reaches 9 and then clicks over to 0, the next
number to it starts a new cycle, so that when all the numbers again reach 0 all the way across the odometer - the
last number will change from 1 to 2 and the new cycle starts all over again.

FROM: http://pakalahau.wordpress.com/2009/05/29/the-year-2012-in-maya-numbers/
THE COUNTDOWN TO 12-21-2012 11:11 A.M.
POSTED 6-6-09
major update 10-31-09

See: Mayan Database
Sunspot Cycles; Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, in their book the Mayan Prophecies, say that the end of
the Great Cycle is the culmination of a series of long-term sunspot cycles which will flip the suns magnetic field,
causing earthquakes and flooding on earth. Moreover, the changing magnetic field will alter the endocrine
production of the pineal gland. John Major Jenkins has pointed out that the detailed graphs of the cycles do not
actually show significant termination points at the end of the Great Cycle; click here for Jenkins' full unabridged
review of The Mayan Prophecies.
According to John Major Jenkins, it will take 36 years to precess
through the Galactic equator. The Galactic Alignment "zone" is
1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 to 2016. This is "era 2012"
[So why are we worried?]
2007 = 2012 - proof?
Generally speaking, scientifically accepted records of sunspot activity do seem to be heading for a climax in the
near future.
From: http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/
Note: Real science is predicting the next/current sun cycle to be the worst in 50 years. The first two sunspot's of
2006 are moving in reverse direction.

August 15, 2006: On July 31st, a tiny sunspot was born. It popped up from the sun's interior,
floated around a bit, and vanished again in a few hours. On the sun this sort of thing happens all
the time and, ordinarily, it wouldn't be worth mentioning. But this sunspot was special: It was
"We've been waiting for this," says David Hathaway, a solar physicist at the Marshall Space Flight
in Huntsville, Alabama. "A backward sunspot is a sign that the next solar cycle is beginning."
Right: The tiny, backward sunspot of July 31, 2006. Credit: SOHO. [Larger image]
"Backward" means magnetically backward. Hathaway explains:
Sunspots are planet-sized magnets created by the sun's inner magnetic dynamo. Like all magnets
in the Universe, sunspots have north (N) and south (S) magnetic poles. The sunspot of July 31st
popped up at solar longitude 65
W, latitude 13
S. Sunspots in that area are normally oriented N-S.
The newcomer, however, was S-N, opposite the norm.

This tiny spot of backwardness matters because of what it might foretell: A really big solar cycle.
Solar activity rises and falls in 11-year cycles, swinging back and forth between times of quiet and
storminess. Right now the sun is quiet. "We're near the end of Solar Cycle 23, which peaked way
back in 2001," explains Hathaway. The next cycle, Solar Cycle 24, should begin "any time now,"
returning the sun to a stormy state.
Satellite operators and NASA mission planners are bracing for this next solar cycle because it is
expected to be exceptionally stormy, perhaps the stormiest in decades. Sunspots and solar flares
will return in abundance, producing bright auroras on Earth and dangerous proton storms in space:
full story.
But when will Solar Cycle 24 begin?
"Maybe it already did--on July 31st," says Hathaway. The first
spot of a new solar cycle is always backwards. Solar physicists
have long known that sunspot magnetic fields reverse polarity
from cycle to cycle. N-S becomes S-N and vice versa. "The
backward sunspot may be the first sunspot of Cycle 24."
It sounds exciting, but Hathaway is cautious on several fronts:
First, the sunspot lasted only three hours. Typically, sunspots
last days, weeks or even months. Three hours is fleeting in the extreme. "It came and went so fast,
it was not given an official sunspot number," says Hathaway. The astronomers who number
sunspots didn't think it worthy!
Second, the latitude of the spot is suspicious. New-cycle sunspots almost always pop up at mid-
latitudes, around 30
N or 30
S. The backward sunspot popped up at 13
S. "That's strange."
These odd-isms stop Hathaway short of declaring the onset of a new solar cycle. "But it looks
promising," he says.
Even if Cycle 24 has truly begun, "don't expect any great storms right away." Solar cycles last 11
years and take time to build up to fever pitch. For a while, perhaps one or two years, Cycle 23 and
Cycle 24 will actually share the sun, making it a hodgepodge of backward and forward spots.
Eventually, Cycle 24 will take over completely; then the fireworks will really begin.
Meanwhile, Hathaway plans to keep an eye out for more backward sunspots.

The place where the December solstice sun crosses the Milky Way
is precisely the location of the "dark-rift in the Milky Way
...'xibalba be' - the road to the underworld."
On the winter solstice of 2012, the noonday Sun exactly conjuncts
the crossing point of the sun's ecliptic with the galactic plane,
while also closely conjuncting the exact the center of the galaxy.

This photo was taken in Southern France
by Laurent Laveder on 7-28-08
We're not from Milky Way
omical updates of 2012 are pouring in. We are grateful for the Mayan Calendar for pointing the way.
ap but now, thru science, we are starting to see the actual landscape.
ou ever looked out into the night sky and seen the Milky Way Galaxy? Did you notice the obvious tilt
p angle to the straight line of the horizon. Why?

s out that our solar system appears to belong to another galaxy that is colliding with the Milky Way. T
ly discovered when scientists were trying to figure sources for "dark matter" that would account for f
measure but not see visibly. Using near-infrared (wavelengths of light outside human eye and optic
opes) a huge sister galaxy circling the Milky Way was discovered. It's called the Sagittarius dwarf gala
or short).
ose keen on the 2012 data, this is the reason our entry point to the Rift, center, heart (HunabKu) of the
thru Sagittarius. The two collide at that point. This explains why our solar system is at an angle to th
galaxy and also why we dip above and below that center line every 12,000 yrs or so.

e trail gets hotter - literally. Moon shots from the 1960s revealed glass on the moon. Glass is made fr
e bursts of heat on sand. The event happened within the last 30,000yrs ago. Ancient petrogrpahs of
tive people (archeological carvings) from that era (12,000+y.a.) show the sun causing extreme energy
ing earth atmosphere.
lue - the current 11 year Sun Spot Cycle has passed the minimum (sun spot activity should have begu
ago and has not for the first time ever). This appears to be caused by a gravitation field influencing th

ly field large enough would be from - the center of the galaxy.
oes all this mean? Putting it all together, it implies the 2011-2012 event is a natural cycle of solar ma
which could scorch all or parts of the earth. How is the world preparing?
is building a huge underground city to hold 60,000 people, the YAMANTAU Mt Complex.

y has already built enough facility for their entire population to go under ground. Sweden. working
ATO has created an underground seed bank (a modern day Noah's Ark).
ere in the USA?
sh family has made one of the largest land purchases in history for their own personal private comp
ay (the only inland nation of South America) and told the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Now that is
rty Republican Leadership for ya!
Dresden codex: On page 74, there is an + and X cross in the sky band as well
as the 8 pointed cross.
The zodiac cross rotates during the precession of the equinoxes against the backdrop of the Galactic
Cross with one revolution in 26.000 years (length of a Great Year or Platonic Year). The Galactic
Cross rotates with one revolution in 220 million years (time of the revolution of the Solar System
around the Galactic Centre). Thats why the Galactic Cross is regarded as a fixated cross during a
precession cycle, its rotation can be neglected.
The two crosses (Zodiac Cross and Galactic Cross) form an eight pointed cross and four times during
a precession cycle they overlap. The moments of conjunction are called a Great Celestial Conjunction
(for details see our paper Crucifying the Earth on the Galactic Cross - Smeykavov, Wicherink
2006). Its the cosmic event that is associated with John Major Jenkins Galactic Alignment. The next
one is occurring right now during era-2012 on the winter and summer solstices

The eight pointed cross becoming a four pointed cross during a
Great Celestial Conjunction. The blue cross represents the Earth Cross
while the red cross represents the Galactic Cross. Qs(blue circle) represents plane of the Solar System
and the ecliptic, Es( green circle) represents the plane of the Galaxy.
The points Z and Z in the picture above are the intersections of the ecliptic with the Galactic Plane
and these crossings have been associated by Schele with the Maya Sacred Tree, they are the Gemini-
Taurus (Z) nexus and Sagittarius-Scorpio (Z) nexus. As we will demonstrate later in the Maya
artefacts these points are often depicted as two separate crosses XX. We add to Scheles observations
that the Maya Sacred Tree is also identical to the red cross in the picture above, the intersection of the
Galactic Plane with the Solar Systems plane and its perpendicular axis to this intersection. This
cross is the cross that occurs in the Fejrvry-Mayer Codex with the Sacred Tree symbols on it
The Galactic Cross and the Maya Sacred Tree therefore are interchangeable concepts!

We have found abundant X, XX and 8 pointed crosses in the Maya artefacts and in all cases they are
associated with the Maya Sacred Tree! These examples express the idea of a rotating zodiac cross against
the backdrop of a Galactic Cross. The occurrence of these crosses in the Maya artefacts and their
association with the Maya Sacred Tree in their astronomical context can be explained by the Earth Cross
and the Galactic Cross as proposed in this article.
Earth Cross
One could argue that the Maya couldnt possibly have understood that the Zodiacs equinox and
solstice axis form a cross and that this cross rotates along the ecliptic during a precession cycle. We
have named this cross in our paper Crucifying the Earth on the Galactic Cross the Earth Cross.
The crosses under the armpits of the Maize God depicted at the Lower Temple of the Jaguars at
Chichen Itza represent the crossing places of the ecliptic and the Milky Way (as we will demonstrate
later). But there is one very remarkable detail about this picture. Left and right of the face in the
centre we see two crosses, one vertical aligned, and one slanted. They suggest the rotational movement
of the four pointed cross (the Zodiac Cross).
FROM: http://www.soulsofdistortion.nl/great%20celestial%20conjunction%20crosses.html

The sky on December 21st, 2012 A.D.
showing a rare astronomical alignment -
the winter solstice sun is right in the
"dark rift" in the Milky Way.

y Way Galaxy is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros. Myth refers to a serpent of light residing in the h
y Way is this serpent, and viewed at galactic central point near sagittarius, this serpent eats its own tail.
rop circle has just appeared on 7-27-08 that is similar to the symbols above:

The winter solstice sun will be aligned in the Serpent's mouth
on 21 December 2012, at 11:11 AM Universal Time.
The new formation may also represent the great cosmic Serpent
of the Milky Way galaxy, biting its own tail, sometimes called an Ouroboros --

ky Way galaxy keeps a great time cycle that ends in catastrophic change. The sign of the SUNTELIA AION is the s
out of the mouth of the ouroboros, which will occur on the solstice December 2012.

The Greeks called the End of the Age the SUNTELIA AION

Ancient historians and especially Plato referred to a cycle of catastrophe at the End of the Age.

The AION was symbolized by the Ouroboros.
See: http://www.mt.net/~watcher/

2001 (11 Men (Eagle) / 13 Sotz' (Bat) - - Hill Barn, near Badbury, Wiltshire - Ouroboros encapsulating
June 17, 2001, this Ouroboros cropcircle appeared with a soccer ball pattern inside which is said to be the shape

Stela 11 from Izapa shows Cosmic Father
in the "mouth" of Cosmic Mother, the
"dark rift" or "birth canal" in the
Milky Way. This is an image of
the celestial alignment which
culminates in A.D. 2012.

A Star on the Wiltshire landscape
appeared on 7-3-2010
tar appears next to the mysterious St Martin's Chapel (built in the 13th century) is situated o
f the earthwork defences of an earlier Iron Age hill fort known Chisbury Camp.
ed star has long been connected to Venus, Jesus, Satan, and the Mayan connection to the year 2012. Read article above.


We are from another galaxy in the process of joining with the Milky Way. The Milky Way is actually
not our parent galaxy. The mystery of why the Milky Way has always been sideways in the night sky
has never been answered -- until now.

Dave Romer - Voyager and Galactic Plane on 07 Jul 2003 - DivX 6-5-1.avi. This movie shows the
locations of Voyager 1 and Voyage 2 spacecraft circa 2003 -- above and below the galactic plane
"This first full-sky map of Sagittarius shows its extensive interaction with the Milky Way,"
Majewski said. "Both stars and star clusters now in the outer parts of the Milky Way have been
'stolen' from Sagittarius as the gravitational forces of the Milky Way nibbled away at its dwarf
companion. This one vivid example shows that the Milky Way grows by eating its smaller
The study's map of M giants depicts 2 billion years of Sagittarius stripping by the Milky Way, and
suggests that Sagittarius has reached a critical phase in what had been a slow dance of death.
"After slow, continuous gnawing by the Milky Way, Sagittarius has been whittled down to the point
that it cannot hold itself together much longer," said 2MASS Science Team member and study co-
author Martin Weinberg of the University of Massachusetts. "We are seeing Sagittarius at the very
end of its life as an intact system."
Does this mean we are at a unique moment in the life of our galaxy? Yes and no.
"Whenever possible, astronomers appeal to the principle that we are not at a special time or place in
the universe," Majewski said. "Because over the 14 billion-year history of the Milky Way it is
unlikely that we would just happen to catch a brief event like the death of Sagittarius, we infer that
such events must be common in the life of big spiral galaxies like our own. The Milky Way probably
dined on a number of dwarf galaxy snacks in the past."
On the other hand, Majewski and his colleagues have been surprised by the Earth's proximity to a
portion of the Sagittarius debris.
"For only a few percent of its 240 million-year orbit around the Milky Way galaxy does our Solar
System pass through the path of Sagittarius debris," Majewski said. "Remarkably, stars from
Sagittarius are now raining down onto our present position in the Milky Way. Stars from an alien
galaxy are relatively near us. We have to re-think our assumptions about the Milky Way galaxy to
account for this contamination."
The new findings will help astronomers measure the total mass of the Milky Way and Sagittarius
galaxies, and probe the quantity and distribution of the invisible dark matter in these systems.
MORE: http://www.viewzone.com/milkyway.html

g time the professional scientific community has resisted the thought
ifferent time periods of the Mayan calendar are driving cosmic and human evolution through their influence on consciousness
large number of professional Mayanists have worked with elucidating the structure of the calendar system of the ancient May
en a resistance to acknowledging that there would be a reality behind these energies. Hence, even though it may not have been
hese cosmic energies have often been regarded as some kind of superstitions.
ing of a shift in attitude now however seems to be on its way. At an international conference in Systems Theory at the Universi
m Professor Tadeja Jere Lazanski won the award for best scientific paper in the CASYS'09 (Computing Anticipatory Systems
ems Thinking: Ancient Maya's Evolution of Consciousness and Modern Systems Thinking."
w.upr.si/fileadmin/user_upload/Novice/ CASYS09-Systems_-_Mayan_Evolution_of_Consciousness-Lazanski.pdf
r outlines the nine levels of evolution that are developed according to the Mayan calendar system and places them in the conte
heory. In short Dr Jere Lazanski is driving the thesis that what the ancient Maya saw as a plan driven by divine energies is w
referred to as the big picture.
al breakthrough into mainstream science of the true Mayan calendar system of Nine Underworlds and Thirteen Heavens is ve
t and it opens for the first time a road to discussing not only the Mayan calendar, but also the many evolutionary progressions
in certain scholarly settings.
noteworthy that, in contrast, the urban legend of a "galactic alignment" as the basis for the Mayan Long Count for good reaso
tly been rejected by professional scientists (see for instance Vincent Malmstrm,
onomical Insignificance of Maya date,
breakthrough into established science of the True Mayan calendar system first happened in Systems Theory is understandable
perspective of the whole system that the Mayan calendar can be seen to make sense and any specialized science such as profes
, history, biology or physics would have to undergo so significant changes in its methodology and general approaches in orde
the validity of the Mayan calendar system that this would only happen against a much greater resistance.
ulate Professor Jere Lazanski for her contribution to science and feel this recognition indicates the beginning of an increased
ific community to the deeper meaning of the Mayan calendar.
ugust 12, 2009 (13 Ix)
an Calleman, Ph.D
| Magnolia | Seattle | WA | 98199
PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7
PART 8 - PART 9 - PART 10 - PART 11 - PART 12 - PART 13 - PART 14
The astrological chart for 21 Dec 12:12 Central European Time

We believe the time is 21 Dec 11:11
based on the U.S. Naval Observatory at
Major Jenkins believes the time to be 21 Dec 11:13.
In his book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, he shows an observatory at:

35, he states, "The early Zapotec capital of Monte Alban is located on a mountaintop outside of present day Ozxaca. Most stru
lban are oriented 4 degrees to 8 degrees east of north. Structure 1, a strange arrow-shaped building is different. Archaeoastro
Aveni and David Linsley determined that this building loosely points to the setting positions of the five bright stars of the Sout
is alignment occurred in the precessional era of 250 B.C. when these structures were built. Overall, the loose 3 degree range o
t is not very impressive. However, Aveni noted another alignment that yields more interesting results. The perpendicular to St
hoots through what was an opening or doorway in Structure P points northeast to where the bright star Capella was seen to r
nal era of 275 B.C. During this time Capella made its first reappearance in the predawn sky (its heliacal rise) on May 8, which
ith passage date at the latitude of Monte Alban. Solar zenith passages (when the sun passes through the zenith at high noon) w
t indicators of the zenith center and told the Mesoamerican farmer when the rainy season was about to commence. Solar zenit
y within the Tropics, that is between latitudes 23.5 degrees S and 23.5 degrees N. Amazingly platform Structure B through wh
bservations were sighted, houses Monte Alban's famous zenith tube. This vertical tube leads into an underground chamber w
easurements of the sun and stars could be made. Zenith tubes have been found at other sites, such as Xochicalco in Central M
bably understood that the zenith center was located in 'time' as well as in space, because solar zenith passages occur only twice
e solar year (the haab), the tzolkin and intervals between zenith passages all contributed to the ancient Mesoamerican's develo
cosmology. It was the synchronization in time of key points in these different cycles that would define the center of time and s
, it might be better to say that key alignments in large time cycles open the doorway to the center of spacetime, rather than def
can, the great Toltec metropolis where the Fifth sun was born, also contains evidence of having been constructed according to
ical plan. Several scholars have argued that an alignment with the Pleiades was responsible for the founding orientation of Te
perpendicular to the famous Street of the dead pointed to the setting position of the Pleiades. The two "pecked crosses" that sc
ere used to lay out the city lie along this axis. The pecked cross in the group of structures called the Viking Group is just east o
ad, and the Cerro Colorado pecked cross is some distance to the west.
jor Jenkins tells us this in his introduction:
pse is the path traveled by the sun, moon, and planets through the sky. Twelve constellations lie along the ecliptic, and the sun
ll twelve during the course of one year. The ecliptic cross over the Milky Way at a 60 degree angle near the constellation Sagit
rms a cross with the Milky Way, and this cosmic cross was called the Sacred Tree by the ancient Maya. (The cross form was a
rossroads." Amazingly, the center of this cosmic cross, that is right where the ecliptic crosses over the Milky Way is exactly w
r solstice sun will be in A.D. 2012. This alignment occurs only once every 25,800 years.
ky Way is observed as a bright, wide band of stars arching through the sky. In the clear skies of ancient Mesoamerica, many d
reas could be observed along the Milky Way's length. These are "dark cloud" formations caused by interstellar dust. The mos
t of these is called the "dark-rift" or the "Great Cleft" of the Milky Way. It looks like a dark road running along the Milky W
ht at the cosmic crossing point, the center of the Maya Sacred Tree, right where the sun will be in 2012! The Maya called this
Road, or the Road to the Underworld. They seem to have imagined it as a portal to another world, and the December solstice
nly in A.D. 2012.
a of the sky where all of these symbols and celestial objects converge is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. This was perhaps
g thing I discovered. The par of the Milky Way that the December solstice sun will conjunct is also where the center of our Ga
Center) is located. It is the cosmic womb from which new stars are born, and from which everything in our Galaxy, including
In the cosmos - 1 minute time is not going to make that big a difference
considering the vast amount of space between our sun and the center of the Milky Way
as seen from Earth. The original calendar was based on Mayan information at a
specific temple as yet unidentified as exact position.
A special planetary alignment occurs on Feb. 14, 2009
Annular Eclipse in
SOLAR ECLIPSE: Oh to be in Borneo! On Monday, Jan. 26th, 2009 inhabitants of that heavily forested island will
witness the sunset of a lifetime. Just as the sun descends into the waves of the Indian Ocean, the Moon will pass in
front of the sun--dead center--covering 93% of the solar disk. The ensemble will form a stunning "ring of fire,"
See; http://www.greatdreams.com/solar/2009/space-weather-jan-2009.htm
Similar sunset rings will appear over the nearby islands of Java and Sumatra: map. Astronomers call such an event
an annular eclipse.
click here for larger view

2012: Controversy - the Creation Cycles
do not end December 21, 2012,
Over the decades much discussion has focused on finding the exact correlation
between the Mayan Long Count and the Gregorian calendar. Most researchers i
n the field have now come to agree that the so-called GMT correlation, placing
the beginning of the Long Count 4 Ahau 8 Cumku on the Julian day 584 283,
August 11, 3114 BC, is correct. This means by consequence that it will end on
December 21, 2012 and most, such as Jose Arguelles, John Jenkins and
Terence McKenna, who have taken an interest in the calendar of the Maya,
have endorsed this date as the end of the current cycle.

Arrival of Hindu's avatar of Krishna in 2003
Gaia 2012A Sweden-based site explaining Carl Johan Calleman's "Venus Passage"
discoveries due in 2012. However, Calleman has now decided that the Great Cycle
ends on 28th October 2011 - see the Mayaonics site.
The End of the Mayan Calendar After Dec. 21, 2012
Planetary Alignment Sept. 8, 2040
Will there be an Earth left to have earthquakes?
The End of the Muslim Calendar, 2076

The end of the Jewish Calendar, 2240

End of the Long Count Calendar

11:11 clue indicating the year, hour, and minute of the end of the cycle

2012 month day hour 2012 month day hour minute month day hour
Jan 5 00 Equinoxes Mar 20 05 14 Sept 22 14 49
Aphelion July 5 03 Solstices June 20 23 09 Dec 21 11 11
In the 28 years listed on the page from which the above table was taken, only the
one 11:11 universal time is given. The end of the Mayan calendar falls on
December 21, 2012. That is the famous "End Date" -
The How and Why of the Mayan End Date in 2012 A.D.
NOTE: This page was taken down, but here is the archived copy of it.
http://www.levity.com/eschaton/Why2012.html page gone
replacement archived
The number 26, The Mayan Tzolkin,
and the Grid Crop Circle

Photo by Steve Alexander. etchilhampton97
In "SC" # 68, Michael Glickman interpreted the 1997 Etchilhampton "Grid" crop
formation (above) as a pointer to 2012. The formation was a 30 x 26 checkerboard-like
grid, giving a total of 780 squares. This, Michael theorized, could indicate the thirty 26-
week periods between 1997 and 2012.
Geoff adds that the 780 squares of the grid are exactly divisible by the TZOLKIN, or
Mayan Sacred Calendar, which is a grid of 260 squares with sides of 13 x 20. Three
Tzolkins fit into the crop grid pattern. Two fit straight in and the third after bisection.
The grid seems related to a "map" called "Psi Bank Warp and Holonomic Woof"
mentioned in a book called "Earth Ascending," by Jose Arguelles (page 121). The "map"
consists of eight Tzolkins joined together showing relationships between the Mayan
calendar, the "I Ching" and the 64 DNA codons. Arguelles researched the Mayan calendar,
physics, philosophy, geomancy and the "I Ching," and concluded that mankind is creating
a "noosphere," or mind layer, around the Earth, which is evolving towards the "Omega
Point of Planetary Awakening" in 2012, according to Teillard de Chardin.
The reversal point is thought to be approaching in 2012. According to Geoff
Stray, the sunspots and reversals of its magnetic field. The reversal point is
thought to be approaching in 2012. According to Geoff, the sunspots are thought
to have an effect on the endocrine glands of human beings, which relate to the
chakras ...

Controversially appearing over two consecutive nights at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
on 2-3 August, according to resident 2012 prophecy expert and numerical
conundrum whiz Geoff Stray, this vast wheel of ancient Maya symbols included
the double square spiral - the Maya symbol for jaguar snouts, which indicates
an entrance to the underworld. Given that, as is now widely known, the Maya
calendar indicates an end-of-time point in the year 2012, this gave the UK
newspapers something to get their teeth into, the Daily Mail dubiously
proclaiming it The Doomsday Crop Circle. Much of the speculation about the
2012 connections made in the wake of this formation was highly questionable,
but it made good headlines. Not that the press needed a genuine phenomenon to
fill its columns; indeed the Sunday Express went out of its way to debunk the
Mayan glyph, devoting two pages to doing this, perhaps in an effort to get one
over on its rival newspaper.
Among the many claims and counter-claims made about the symbolism of this
formation, one widely-circulated e-mail article by C Lewis (pseudonym) from
Australia stated the Mayan wheel depicted a Calendar clock, counting down to
Joe Mason explains the Aztec Sun Stone Calendar. The outer ring portion of the
Stone is said to be twin serpents, one light and the other dark. I believe the two
represent the twins, Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl. They relate to Venus,
corresponding to The Morning Star and Evening Star. Quetzalcoatl, of course, is
also known as Kukulkan (or Kukulcan) and the Feathered Serpent. Perhaps the
depiction of two types of feathers in the center of the formation hint at the
feathered twins of the Aztecs. They are positioned in a general Vesica Piscis
arrangement, also suggestive of duality.
See: Mayan Prophecy of the End of the Great Cycle
Quetzalcoatl translates to plumed serpent. The word quetzalli eventually came to
mean "treasure, or precious". The word coatl came to mean "dragon" as well as
"snake" and occasionally "twin", hence it could mean "Precious Twin".
2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon
The Dragon's Breath = Qi - Wind Feng Shui or commonly called Qi (Chi)
energy force
The Dragon's Breath
Wind Feng Shui or commonly called Qi (Chi) energy force
The Dragon is a symbol of Strength, Goodness, Courage and Endurance.
The Dragon is Yang energy which is male. He is the emblem of vigilance and
security, and also the spirit of change. In Chinese mythology the Dragon is
the predestined partner of the Phoenix, which is Yin energy. Feng Shui
endeavours to capture Chi', the Dragon's breath.

We find this interesting parallel in the book of Revelations:
"When the dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman
who had given birth to the male child
"Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman
and sweep her away with the torrent. But the earth helped the woman by opening its
mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth.
(Revelation 12:7)
Joe Mason, contributed this excerpt from Moira Timms' book, "Beyond
Prophecies and Predictions" (p. 256): " "The name Quetzalcoatl is
derived from the quetzal bird of Guatemala and Mexico. The quetzal had
golden-green and scarlet plumage, and was considered the most
beautiful of all birds. "Quetzal" also means precious. "Coatl" is serpent.
In the Maya language, "Kukulcan" means approximately the same thing.
According to Hunbatz Men, "Ku" is sacred, God. "Kul" is coccyx, the
base of the spine, where latent spiritual energy resides. "Can" means
serpent. "Kukulcan" therefore is synonymous with "kundalini" - which is
what the Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl archetype is all about, of course. To be
iconographically correct, however, the god Quetzalcoatl is not himself
the feathered serpent, but the one who emerges from the serpent, just
as the spirit emerges from the body through the top of the head, and the
Morning Star emerges from the horizon."
69 Venus was an important astrological symbol for the Mexica and was called
"Tlauixcalpantecuhtli", which means - Lord of the House of Dawn. The planet
had two aspects and was shown and revered as two gods. One, as Morning Star,
was kind, and was the Precious Twin, Quetzalcoatl. He held the sun in the sky in
the morning. His dark twin Xolotl ruled Venus in the Evening and during the
night. Xolotl pushed the sun into darkness.
Interestingly, ancient myths tell of the Creator Serpent. James Churchward
wrote that this does not represent the Creator, but rather, the way the Creator
creates. Joseph Campbell wrote that the ancients usually used the serpent to
represent change, by the death/rebirth of shedding the old skin. The symbols
seem to tell us that the Creator creates through changes. The Aztec twin serpents
fit well with the same meaning.
The outer ring of the "Aztec" crop circle formation has 20 x 2 = 40 segments. I
believe this may be related to two interlaced five-pointed stars, as displayed in a
number of crop circle formations.
The cropcircleconnector.com people explain: August 4, 2004 Silbury Hill,
Wiltshire, England - Whoever, or whatever, is responsible for the August 2 to 3,
2004, crop formation at Silbury Hill, the design in its border is a mirror image of
a rare statue of the Aztec God, Xochipilli, The Prince of Flowers, Maizes, Love,
Games, Beauty, Song and Dance. Xochi means 'flower,' while pilli means either
prince or child. In the mid-1800's, a 16th century Aztec statue of Xochipilli was
unearthed on the side of the volcano Popocatapetl near Tlamanalco, Mexico. The
statue is of a single figure seated upon a temple-like base.

Xochipilli statue photograph, Mysteries of the Ancient Americas
1986 Pegasus/Reader's Digest.

Both the statue and the base upon which it sits are covered in carvings of sacred
and psychoactive flowers including mushrooms (Psilocybe aztecorum), tobacco
(Nicotiana tabacum), morning glory (Turbina corymbosa), sinicuichi (Heimia
salicifolia), possibly cacahuaxochitl (Quararibea funebris), and one unidentified
flower. The figure itself sits crosslegged on the base, head tilted up, eyes open,
jaw tensed, with his mouth half open. The statue is currently housed in the
Museo Nacional de Anthropologia of Mexico.

The ancient Aztec statue's repeating base design of 90-degree mazes back-to-
back is similar to, but curving in the opposite direction of, the August 3, 2004,
border at Silbury Hill.

Above: Carved base of the 16th century Aztec statue of Xochipilli.
Below: Border in second phase of the Silbury Hill wheat formation reported on August 3,
Blow-up from aerial photograph 2004 by Roiland Beljon.

Historically, the Aztec name for the huge basaltic monolith is Cuauhxicalli Eagle
Bowl, but it is universally known as the Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone. It was
during the reign of the 6th Aztec monarch in 1479 that this stone was carved and
dedicated to the principal Aztec deity: the sun. The stone has both mythological
and astronomical significance. It weighs almost 25 tons, has a diameter of just
under 12 feet, and a thickness of 3 feet.
The Mexicans, as all other Meso-Americans, believed in the periodic destruction
and re-creation of the world. The "Calendar Stone" in the Museo Nacional de
Antropologa (National Museum of Anthropology) in Mexico City depicts in its
central panel the date 4 Ollin (movement), on which they anticipated that their
current world would be destroyed by earthquake, and within it the dates of
previous holocausts: 4 Tiger, 4 Wind, 4 Rain, and 4 Water. .
Every 52 years the tonalpohualli and the xiuhpohualli calendars would align.
This marked what was known as a Mesoamerican "century."
Tonatiuh's Face is the face of the sun, Lord of Heaven, around which takes place
all daily and periodic phenomena.
First ring from Center. Four Ollin representing the Earthquake Epoch or Sun.
The four epochs represented inside the square portions of this symbol
correspond to the four previous epochs also called suns.
Second Ring - The second ring from the center is composed of 20 named days
contained in one month, also used for naming years. Each year starts on one of
four of these 20 days.
The Calendar date '4 Ollin' will be in 2012. Actually I made a mistake, in that
only 19 fine lines show up for each inner clock-hand, not 20 (couldn't see from
early photos)!
Hence the inner calendar actually reads (6 + 6).19.19 = 12.19.19 rather than
12.20.20 = 13.0.0 as for any full Sun of 5200 years. That is like writing "999" just
before "1000", and means (like on the outer dial) that the end of the Fourth
Sun is near: but only one year and not 8.67?
Alternatively, something important might be scheduled to happen next year (at
the end of 2005), then something again in December 2012? A lot of intellectual
content for a fake! Some additional physical or testimonial evidence is perhaps
Excerpted from Cropcircleconnector.com archives of 2004

See: Sacred Numbers to Resuscitate the Dead - Lazarus and
Awakening the Giant
Perhaps the two stars relate to Venus and the Aztec twin serpents as
related to the Morning and Evening stars.
Here are a few interesting English alphanumerics concerning the
Quetzalcoatl 17 21 5 20 26 1 12 3 15 1 20 12 = 153
Xolotl 24 15 12 15 20 12 = 98 (2 x 49, 7 x 14, Lazarus)
Satan = 19 1 20 1 14 = 55
Xolotl Satan 98 + 55 = 153
The Golden Ratio 33 + 57 + 63 = 153
369 - 216 = 153
216 = 6 x 6 x 6
Lucifer 74 (Jesus, penny, harlot)
Kukulkan 11 21 11 21 12 11 1 14 = 102 = 51 x 2
153 = 51 x 3
There are ten ones in the above, three twos, and one four. There are
three elevens, for an 11:11:11 (like KKK).
Morning Star 90 + 58 = 148
Evening Star 76 + 58 = 134 (Simon 70 + Peter 64)
The Morning Star and the Evening Star both refer to Venus.
Venus also makes a star-shaped figure in space as it revolves around
the sun.
Venus 22 5 14 21 19 = 81 Horus, the son, Cardinals, Queens)
Feathered 6 5 1 20 8 5 18 5 4 = 72 (# of Divine Names, Eta Carina, Gog
Serpent 19 5 18 16 5 14 20 = 97 (Fishermen, Rockaway)
Feathered Serpent = 72 + 97 = 169 (13 squared)
The Mayan/Aztec systems used the basic numbers 13, 18, 20, 36, 360,
and others.
Regards and best wishes,
Joseph E. (Joe) Mason

2 August, 2004
at Silbury Hill, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire, with Informative Links
At Lucy Pringle's Site The Aztec Calendar
Legend of the Four Suns
The 4th & 5th Worlds of the Aztecs &
Clear image of Aztec Calendar The Butterfly Effect
The End of the World BBC News Article
Crop Circle Warns of World's End Serpent Glyph from the Sun Stone (timestar)
Mayan Calendar
(explanations of glyphs)
The "Snake" Crop Circle (Kunalini)
The Aztec Calendar: Math and
XOCHIPILLI The Prince of Flowers
Very Large diagram with
Plasma Physics: Meso-American Mythology
Greenish colorful Sun Stone
9x9 Checkerboard, 6 Aug 04,
Hillwood, Aldbourne,Wiltshire
Info: Dreams of Red and Black
Info: Moon Magic Square Info: Collection of Strange Magic Squares
Info: Mecury Magic Square Info: Venus Magic Square
6 & 12 Star of David, 7 Aug 04,
Wilton Windmill, near Wilton,Wiltshire
2 Circle Interference Pattern, 8 Aug 04,
Shalbourne, nr Hungerford, Wiltshire
Crop Circles & Quantum Mechanics


This crop circle is communicating harmomics of the "Time of the Sixth Sun" we are currently
in the Fifth Sun time era.
Compare this Crop circle to the Sixth Sun "DreamStar" tone systems diagram see attached
Link - notice in the crop circle there are 16 small squares that form the large square outside in
the image.
In the Crop circle "Inner circle" there is a Six pointed Star like star of David points=Six and
Star=Sun thus means "Sixth Sun" the time era coming upon the completion of this current
5th Sun. These six points form the 6 suns/worlds/eras:
sun 1 - nahui Ocelotl (jaguars)
sun 2 - nahui Ehecatl (wind)
sun 3 - nahui Quiahuitl (rain)
sun 4 - nahui Atl (water)
sun 5 - nahui Ollin (earth movements - our current age)
sun 6 - nahui Xochitl (sun of flowering)
This "Inner circle" of this crop circle forms the 17th "Never-ending" position in the
"DreamStar" Sixth Sun
Also notice in the crop circle the relationship of the circle (sphere) and the square (cube) and
that these Crop circles are GREEN
Dreamstar 17 day Cycle
by Mark Fussel
You will notice many crop circles have harmonics that appear related.
The Mayan periods/cycles of Time known as SUNS. Some sources cite we are in 4th Sun and
some cite 5th Sun. These are the same depending upon if you start counting at "zero" or
start at Zero: 0 1 2 3 (4) 5
start at One: 1 2 3 4 (5) 6
We are currently in the (4)th or (5)th SUN depending upon where start counting. And we are
moving into either the (5)th or (6)th SUN/world again depending on where you start counting.
Best guess is that we are entering SIXTH SUN according to Maya 2012 date. The image
shows but one of them is a shift or change in the harmonics of creation. Some Crop Circles
are communicating this shift/change.
The current Mayan Tzolkin has 13 tones and the Sixth Sun Tzolkin has 17 tones. These
numbers 13 and 17 can be found in various Crop Circles. As other related numbers like the
"center" number [7] or [9]. Which are the center tones of each tzolkin respectively.
1 2 3 4 5 6 [7] 8 9 10 11 12 13
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 [9] 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Also the "Alpha" , "Center" , and "Omega" tones maybe multiplied to give other frequency
harmonic information:
1 x 7 x 13 = 91
This is the number of steps on each of the 4 sides of some Maya pyramids and thus 4 x 91 =
364 ..... 364 + 1 (top) = 365 (solar year)
1 x 9 x 17 = 153 See: http://www.greatdreams.com/153.htm and
Mark Borcherding

Mayan glyph
In The Mayan Factor by Jos Arguelles, we understand that LAMAT marks the beginning of
the final AHAU cycle which includes all 13 Katuns. This final cycle is a culmination of the
Baktun of the Transformation of Matter and began in the year 1756 to be completed in the
year 2012. The energy of LAMAT is to Seal [the whole mind of the world] with the Star-Seed
Harmony. LAMAT heralds a new way of living on Earth and a new experience and
understanding of material life, including our own bodies. This is certainly reflected in the
beautiful and elegant symmetry of this crop circle.
On top of all that, the particular shape of the formation is also found in a symbol for Mother
Mary, an ancient Goddess figure, as well as a venerated Christian icon.

Marys symbol based on Maltese cross and pagan symbol
In this symbol, we see references to the four solar turning-points of the year, as well as the
lunar aspects (dark and light circles), rendering Her, Lady of All the World. An interesting
point is that LAMAT as a word stands for rabbit which is also a long-standing symbol for the
Michelle Jennings
Arguelles, Jos. The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology. Bear & Co. Rochester. 1996.
Spilsbury, Ariel & Michael Bryner. Donna Kiddie, illus. The Mayan Oracle: Return
Path to the Stars. Bear & Co. Rochester. 1992.
Walker, Barbara. The Womans Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects. Castle Books.
2012 Unlimited. http://www.2012.com.au/Solar_Glyphs.htm
On September 26th, Joe Mason realized that another formation should be included in the

The above is one of the "Checkerboard" Patterns, of the Greene County, Pennsylvania,
formations that appeared around 3 July 2005. See:

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2005
Post subject: Pennsylvania "Checkerboard" Pattern Like Woolstone
It has been pointed out that several U.K. formations contain the eight or nine step spiral of
rectangles, such as those at Boreham Down, Woolstone Hill, and Wayland's Smithy:

Image credit: Viktor Mika,CZ
Joe Mason says the Woolstone Hill formation was, perhaps, the most information-rich

The U.K. formation of 2005, at Ripley, near Bournemouth, Dorset should probably also be
included. It was reported 17 April 2005.
The spiraling numbers of the Ripley crop glyph is similar to the spiraling squares in the
previous glyph.

At least one other person has pointed this out. The 6 pointed star, when looked at from an
angle, looks like 3 blocks. I finally got around to illustrating the idea. Such block designs
are often shown like a wall of blocks. It is sometimes used to illustrate how our perception
can view an image in different ways. The view can appear as looking down at the tops of
the boxes, or as looking up to the bottoms of the boxes:


Earth Star A Mayan Connection!!
The beautiful earth star which fell onto fields at Echilhampton, near Devizes on August 15 is
indeed a delicate formation and merits much appreciation. It is also the shape of the Mayan
star-glyph, LAMAT, Yellow Star and is associated with the planet Venus in that tradition.
Here is a meditation on that glyph as it is presented in the website:
NOTE: THIS PAGE IS GONE: http://www.2012.com.au/Solar_Glyphs.html :
LAMAT. (Star) The Mayan star. This step is basically about learning to love. You develop a
tolerance and a compassion for yourself and others. The ability to love yourself is very
important in attaining wisdom, and it is perfected here. You begin to feel a profound sense of
your own value and a love for yourself exactly as you are. You evolve this self-love into a deep
love for humanity and a love and caring for the planet Earth. Meditating with this glyph will
help you remember and hold the vibration for unconditional love. The solar glyph painting
Lamat portrays with colors our coming forth into being from love when we awake, creating
our bodies out of light, then our return back to love, which we all do each time we fall asleep.
Lamat is the symbolic portrayal that love is what we are.

1992 Donna Kiddie

The crop picture which appeared on August 18, 2006 at Etchilhampton Hill seems to
show (i) the four-fold pointed-symmetry of a gravitational wave field, as well as (ii) certain
grid lines which are commonly used to represent gravity or curved space time:

Four-fold pointed-symmetry of a gravitational wave field from Rep. Prog. Physics 63, 1317-
1427, 2000

Schematic grid lines used to represent curved spacetime from Amer. J. Physics 73, 248-260,

The new Etchilhampton Hill crop picture thus has a concise, logical meaning:
"Space-time may vibrate in two different directions, either 'up-down' or
'left-right', in response to the field energy of a passing gravitational

But why should the crop artists draw that particular picture at the end of
2006, after five other amazing "wormhole" pictures which
illustrated possible technological uses of curved space-time? There could
be two reasons.

First, gravitational wave detectors are being built now all around the
world; some are even planned for space. Those new and highly-sensitive
devices may be used to detect gravity waves from distant astronomical
sources, which could potentially cause severe geological disturbances in
the future, if any of them were to pass through our Solar System at light
speed c.

For example, we learn from a website at Caltech: "Gravitational waves
are ripples in the fabric of space-time. When they enter our LIGO
detector, they will decrease the distance between test masses on one arm,
while increasing it on the other arm. Such changes can be detected by
bouncing laser beams back and forth between the test masses, then by
interfering laser beams from the two arms."
"LIGO" stands for "Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave
Observatory" (www.ligo.caltech.edu/LIGO_web/about/factsheet.html).

The same four-fold pointed-symmetry shown at Etchilhampton Hill appears over
an illustration of their detector:

Secondly, it would not seem impossible that gravitational waves are
now in transit toward Earth. Many previous crop pictures suggest this.
Furthermore, see (below) speculations by Paul LaViolette, a non-
mainstream astronomer, about the Boxing Day 2004 earthquake and its
causes; as well as observations by Lonnie Thompson, the American
glaciologist, concerning the last major sudden-climate-change on Earth
in 3100 BC (end of the Mayan "Fourth Sun").

Now when a powerful gravity wave with pointed four-fold symmetry
passes through Earth, it may produce two different kinds of geological
vibration as either "up-down" or "left-right", just as were shown
schematically at Etchilhampton Hill:

If the whole planet Earth vibrates suddenly like that, there are going to
be plenty of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes Due to the relatively
large size of most gravity waves, nearby stars could be affected as well.
Recall from the Christian and Jewish scriptures various passages where
"the Earth will reel like a drunkard" or "the seas will roar" and
"powers (stars) in the heaven will be shaken". The Koran of Muslim
faith describes a similar event. .

How might gravity waves be produced in far distant parts of our galaxy?
Gravity waves may be produced through several different mechanisms,
the most common of which might be 'collapsing neutron stars' or
'binary black holes'.

Paul LaViolette has argued that a gravity wave from a collapsing
neutron star caused the Boxing Day 2004 earthquake
www.etheric.com/GalacticCenter/GRB.html). It was followed by an x-
ray blast on the next day, consistent with Einstein-Rosen theory.

By contrast, long-term-periodic emission of gravity waves might
be better ascribed to binary black holes, one of which could perhaps be
present at the centre of our Milky Way:

For example, if the two components of some binary system at the centre
of our Milky Way were to orbit once every 5125 Earth years, then they
might strongly emit gravity waves only once during some brief part of
that mutual orbit, when they come close together. If that is the case, then
a twin pulse of gravity waves and x-rays could potentially be emitted
from the centre of our galaxy once every 5125 years. It would then take
another 40,000 years (roughly) to reach Earth and Sun at light speed c.

Could such a binary system of black holes, and long-term-periodic
emission of gravity waves, provide a plausible mechanism for 5100-year
periodicities in the ancient Mayan calendar?

The accuracy of the Mayan calendar was recently validated by American
glaciologist Lonnie Thompson, who found many different lines of
evidence for a sudden, worldwide climate change on Earth 5138 plus or
minus 45 years ago (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
USA 103, 10536-10543, 2006). He has attributed that event to "a sudden
change in the brightness of our Sun". His dates from radio-isotope
analysis agree well with the Mayan calendar value of 5120 years ago for
"end of the Fourth Sun". According to that same calendar, the next
major event will occur six years from now in 2012.

Could that be what the current crop-circle phenomenon is all about?
The crop artists have been warning us about wave-like emissions from
the galactic centre since at least 1994: see for example a lucid
crop picture from that year, which shows a Mayan symbol for the
galactic centre on the left, with curly rays or waves emerging on all sides:

In modern terms, the Mayan symbol for "galactic
centre" might represent the curved in-fall of stars near some black hole,
for example Sgr A*.

Another pair of crop pictures at Etchilhampton in 1997 warned that our
Sun would "flare" in 2012, perhaps due to gravity waves passing
through it.

In 2005, the "mace" showed an explosion from some central source
(galactic?) in six spatial directions +x, -x, +y, -y, +z, -z, where various star
systems affected were seemingly drawn all around:

Isabelle Kingston noted, from supposed psychic contact, that crop
pictures are being given now "at a cataclysmic time in Earth's history"
(see Freddy Silva's book)

Both Wayland's Smithy pictures of August 2005 and July 2006 could
plausibly be interpreted in terms of astronomical rays which will impact
Earth and Sun in mid-August 2007. An alternative explanation for
Wayland's Smithy of July 2005 in terms of "skyscrapers" can
not explain why it shows numerous mathematical codes See also HERE

Finally, regarding to the supposed future predictive ability of our crop
artists, the putative August 2007 event will be a good test to learn
whether they might be truthful and reliable concerning December 2012
Or as John Locke once wrote (Essay Concerning Human Understanding,
1690), "In matters of substance, experiment can be our only guide."

If the crop artists do have wormhole / time-travel technology,
as suggested by five other pictures this year, then their arcane source of
knowledge seems self-evident! By contrast, the Chronology Protection
Postulate of Stephen Hawking asserts that past-transfer of future-
knowledge would not be permitted by "the laws of Nature". But nothing
is more common than for great scientists to disagree.....
Posted from:
(This posting at cropcircleconnector.com will be archived for only paying customers at the
end of 2006.)

Another crop circle appeared on July 15th, 2008 which seems to delineate the orbit and
placement of our solar system planets on or about Dec. 21, 2012. I am only publishing the
original formation which has since been enhanced and many are saying that the
enhancements were hoaxed.
Here is the page:
which will be available to the general public until the end of 2008.

On July 27, 2008, we received the following chart from Edwin Erst who has been studying
diligently the same topic. If someone would like to compare the two charts and write to us
with your interpretation, it would be appreciated. Write to Dee777@aol.com

Here is another example based on the same two crop circles above:
The following is a piece put together by Richard and which includes a channeling
by me. As the Chinese would say, we live in interesting times....
Crop Clrcle predlcts the comlng of the Chrlst chlld
After you huve reud thls, I usk thut you shure thls messuge wlth us muny people
us posslble. A copy of lt ls uvulluble ut
http://www.metutronmlnutes.net/Cropclrclepredlcts.htm und us u downlouduble
pdf from the Artlcles puge ut http://www.metutronmlnutes.com/
I um ubout to shure wlth you u profound chunnellng. It hus to do wlth the
unfoldlng of un event whlch muy or muy not ulreudy be ln your uwureness. Thls
event ls wldely known us Ascenslon. Ascenslon lnvolves u trunsltlon ln
consclousness for the lnhubltunts of plunet Eurth und the plunet ltself.
For muny of you, thls wlll come us u surprlse. For others, lt ls u term wlth whlch
you ure fumlllur; however whut lt meuns muy be u llttle uncleur. For others, you
muy huve u cleur vlew of whut you belleve lt meuns, however most of us huve
been sub|ect to u lot of dlslnformutlon ubout lt und, frunkly, the speclflcs huve not
been uvulluble to fully understund - untll now.
There huve been muny messuges from muny pluces ubout Ascenslon. Whut ls
dlfferent ubout thls one ls thut lt ls dlrectly ussocluted wlth u crop clrcle puttern
thut wus luld down on July 22, 2008 ut Avebury Munor ln Englund.

Tuken from the ubove puge ut www.cropclrcleconnector.com
Those who huve unulysed thls puttern huve reullsed lt ls telllng us somethlng
ubout December 2012, the tlme of the endlng of the Muyun Culendur, lncludlng
the urrlvul of u comet thut, uccordlng to the crop clrcle slte, our ustronomers ure
us yet unuwure of.
For some of you, the ldeu thut crop clrcles ure not munmude und curry messuges
for humunlty wlll come us u surprlse. If so, I suggest you browse
www.cropclrcleconnector.com und see for yourself the extruordlnury putterns thut
ure belng luld down. You wlll qulckly reullse these putterns ure not, for the most
purt, munmude und lf you wunt to exumlne these phenomenu ln more detull, I
hlghly recommend Stur Dreums.
How come these extruordlnury messuges recelve no mulnstreum publlclty? I'll
leuve you to reflect on thut questlon us u threud by whlch you muy begln to pull
your percelved reullty upurt.
If you ure unfumlllur wlth the endlng of the long cycle Muyun Culendur ln
December 2012, here ls u llnk to some puges on thls slte: MAYAN DATA
The urrlvul of comets hus u deep sub-consclous pull for munklnd us they huve
been seen und understood over the mlllennlu us messengers ulertlng us to greut
chunge. And so lt ls wlth thls one.
And now, to the chunnellng.
We huve the explunutlon thut Lord Metutron wus golng to provlde to us ln relutlon
to the Crop Clrcle. The comet comlng ln relutlon to, uround the tlme of, Jeshuu's
I um belng dlrected to Guluctlc Centre.
And of course looklng ut our guluxy, not from the lnslde but from the exterlor, I
see u bulge, whlch looks llke u llne golng through lt. They wunted to show me
thut flrst. And then they're tuklng me lnslde. I um stundlng there ln the bluck hole
whlch ls rlght outslde of Guluctlc Centre. And ln 2012 there's ull thls energy belng
fed lnto Guluctlc Centre through the bluck hole. I'm truclng where lt's comlng
from. There's u whole strlng. Energy ls llke belng... lt's comlng from u
constellutlon of sturs. I don't know how fur lt ls - ln unother dlmenslon.
It ls other llfe thut ls held ln bluck mutter. We've tulked ubout thls, the yln und the
yung, the plus und the mlnus. So bluck mutter ls llfe |ust llke us except lt ls the
opposlte electrlcul fleld.
And so thls energy ls comlng from u very udvunced constellutlon. Actuully lt's
three constellutlons set up ln the puttern thut we ure fumlllur wlth - the trlungle.
And lt ls the cycle. They're sendlng the energy through thls bluck hole lnto
Guluctlc Centre. 2012, December - the dute thut thut energy comes through the
bluck hole ls not the sume dute thut the chlld wlll be born. Even though lt mlght
seem thut lt should be lnstuntuneous lt ls not. There ls u lug perlod from the tlme
thut lt comes through the bluck hole. No. It ls not thut. From the tlme thut lt ls
dlschurged from thls trlungulur conflgurutlon und then moves through the bluck
hole und then lnto Guluctlc Centre. And lt ls thut energy thut comes through ln
December thut trunsforms Eurth. Not only Eurth but lt lmprlnts our entlre solur
system. And so ull the plunets ure shurl ng ln thls energy puttern. The other
plunets ln our solur system, they lmprlnt thls energy ulso. Of course the energy
comes through the sun.
I'm seelng the 28
The chlld to be born on the 28

Energy comes through the sun und |olns thut moment. It wlll repeut whut
huppened eurller when the solur wlnd stopped (1999)
http://sclence.nusu.gov/newhome/heudllnes/ust13dec991.htm. The electrons thut
ure the solur wlnd wlll stop. It wlll stop for three duys, us thut energy whlch cume
through the bluck hole lmprlnts Eurth. And of course lt wlll lmprlnt ull of the other
plunets. The plunets, euch of them lmprlntlng ln some fushlon thelr energy.
Becuuse euch plunet hus u dlfferent energy, you know, und u dlfferent purpose.
And durlng those three duys thls energy wlll completely ulter the purtlcles on
Eurth. They wlll be trunsformed. It wlll be llke un exploslon lnto eve ry purtlcle on
Eurth, und humun belngs even, where the electrons wlll huve more spuce ln
between them. The plunet wlll be re-putterned.
And there wlll be muny who wlll not be uble to wlthstund the chunge ln the energy
puttern becuuse they huve done no prepurutlon. And lf thelr bodles huve not been
cleured und they ure fllled wlth, us you cull lt, stuck energy from the pust, they wlll
perlsh durlng those three duys. It's not u punlshment mlnd you. It's |ust thut they
wlll not - the physlcul - wlll not be uble to be supported wlth the chunge ln the
energy. Just becuuse thls energy hus come does not meun thut every soul who ls
here on thls plunet wlll survlve.
They ull huve the opportunlty to uscend.
But those who huve not worked on thls process wlll not survlve the pressure
ugulnst the physlcul. The chunglng ln the cells wlll be too much for them. Those
who huve prepured or huve been uttemptlng to prepure wlll huve cells thut ure
crystulllne. Those who huve not prepured ut ull, thelr cells wlll be curbon bused
und they wlll not be uble to survlve under thls (he ls showlng me thls greut
pressure thut wlll be exerted upon lt) greut pressure. They wlll dle from lt.
And those who ure of the durk, who huve no lntentlon of movlng towurds the llght,
wlll not be uble to exlst ln these energles elther.
And so the good news ls everyone hus the opportunlty to uscend. And the good
news ls those who perlsh wlll relncurnute ln unother pluce where the energles wlll
be slmllur.
Thls ls the |ustlce of the moment, ln u sense. Those who huve worked wlll recelve
thelr rewurd. Those who huve not wlll recelve ulso whut they dldn't glve. Euch wlll
huve thelr own result.
And so whut the crop clrcle ls telllng you ls thut thls greut chunge hus to do wlth
Guluctlc Centre. The energy comes through becuuse of ull the ullgnments. It ls
slmply the ullgnments thut ullow the energy to come ln on u strulght llne to come
to Eurth. It ls llke u lock, where you need u key to unlock the lock. And thut ls
whut 2012 ls. Thls glunt clockwork ln the cosmos hus llned up ln u certuln fushlon
for the energy to come through. And us thls process unfolds, und us ln so muny
WKLQJs LQ lLIH KXmuQLW\ Kus ulwu\s bHHQ wurQHG.
WurQLQJs urH QRW ulwu\s GLrH WKLQJs. WurQLQJs cuQ sRmHWLmHs bH uQ
2012 uQG WKH cRmHW ZLOO prRcOuLm KLs cRmLQJ. SR \RX mLJKW su\ LQ HssHQcH WKLs Ls
ILrsW RQ JXO\ 15
2008 WKH sHcRQG u ZHHN OuWHr RQ JXO\ 22
. OQ WKH 22
second puttern wus udded und the comet udded to the flrst. The strulght bunds
thut huve uppeured through the flrst I understund ure the hundlwork of the furmer.
Get cleur ubout the truth of thls for yourself. You owe lt to yourself to do so.
So how do I go forwurd?
As I suld eurller, the concept of Ascenslon muy be u complete shock to you. If you
huve no connectlon wlth splrltuullty or metuphyslcs toduy, lf you huve your vlews
of who Jesus/Jeshuu wus und who und whut we ure shuped by rellglon, lf you
huve grown up wlth the verslon of the sclentlflc purudlgm thut hus been fed to us,
us I dld, whlch focuses us on looklng ut the externul world for understundlng your
reullty, or lf the whole concept of chunnellng ls forelgn to you, my e-book "The
Comlng Golden Age und How to Frepure for lt" - www.thecomlnggoldenuge.com
- muy be u good pluce for you to sturt us lt beglns wlth whut modern sclence ls
telllng us ubout the nuture of our reullty und goes from there.
Muterluls ure comlng lnto pluce to expluln und support thls unfoldlng. The detull
behlnd thls messuge cun be found ln "The Soul Journey of Jeshuu" serles -
http://www.metutronmlnutes.com/soul|ourneyof|eshuu.html . Who wus the one
we know us Jeshuu or Jesus reully? Why dld he come? Dld he plun to be
cruclfled? Dld he dle on the cross? Who supported hlm? Whut hus hls llfe und hls
chlldren wlth Mury Mugdulene got to do wlth Ascenslon (yes, they were murrled
und hud chlldren)? Whut role does the legucy of thelr chlldren's DNA leuve
humunlty? And much, much more. Thls muterlul shutters the deceptlon sold to us
by the church ubout thls mun und hls llfe.
There ls free guldunce und support comlng forth ln the Metutron Mlnutes
newsletters - http://www.metutronmlnutes.com/newsletterslgnup.html und u
runge of urtlcles und protocols cun be found ut http://www.metutronmlnutes.com/.
Thls wlll contlnue to expund, so I encouruge you to return to lt regulurly.
Addltlonully, the muterlul belng chunneled from Steve Fossett ln u serles of e-
books - www.SteveFossettLlves.com - provldes further explunutlon und
understundlng ut the detulled level of whut thls trunsltlon meuns. It ls some of the
muterlul comlng forth ln these e-books, whlch exposes the durk pluns of the US
mllltury und others thut the fuked crush slte recently dlscovered wus set up to
dlscredlt. It wlll not be long before the truth of thls comes forth. The energles
currently flowlng to the plunet wlll slmply not ullow lt to remuln hldden. All truths
ure belng reveuled und thls chunnellng ls un exumple.
These ure powerful, powerful tlmes. As I suld eurller, the messuge ubove ls not
one to be feured. Ruther, lt ls one to be understood und embruced. It ls u cull to
uctlon. We ull huve some four yeurs, glve or tuke u few duys, to prepure. Thls ls
more thun umple lf you wlsh to embruce thls opportunlty.
Slmply set your Intentlon to purtlclpute ln thls wondrous unfoldlng und be wllllng
to fuce your feurs und doubts. Be wllllng to usk why certuln events huppen to you.
Stund us the creutor of your own llfe, your own reullty, us you ure thut. There ure
no vlctlms. Be prepured to stund us u Soverelgn belng und brlng ull you need to
be reudy to you - und lt wlll be so.
Whut I huve |ust wrltten wlll come us u shock to muny of you. The ldeu thut we
ure responslble for everythlng thut unfolds ln our llves ls u concept thut muny
struggle to hold. It ls so fur from the plcture of reullty thut ls fed to us. When you
stund ln thls pluce, you wlll be umuzed ut the understundlng thut flows forth. Thls
stund, however, ls the lust thlng some on thls plunet wlsh us to tuke.
We huve ull llved countless llfetlmes on Eurth und ln dolng so huve uccumuluted
putterns of unresolved energy; energy resultlng from truumus und other lssues
occurrlng eurller ln thls llfe und ulso ln pust llves. When u truumu ls repeuted over
three or more llfetlmes, thls forms u puttern thut you wlll llkely need help to cleur.
There ure muny glfted energy workers reudy, wllllng und uble to usslst you wlth
thls. Thls ls the stuck energy referred to ln the chunnellng. These subconsclous
putterns ure mu|or dlctutors of whut ls showlng up ln your current llfe. Thut's how
lt works.
In order to glve you guldunce on how to upprouch thls cleurlng process, un urtlcle
wlll be posted on the Artlcles puge ut http://www.metutronmlnutes.com/ shortly. I
expect lt wlll be ln pluce by eurly December, 2008.
Heed thls wurnlng
So I encouruge you to heed thls wurnlng und begln to prepure. There wlll be
others more powerful thun thls one. I speuk of one ln my e-book. No-one on the
plunet wlll be uble to suy they were not wurned. Thut ls the wuy of splrlt.
I encouruge you to embruce the tools, the knowledge und the protocols comlng
forth on http://www.metutronmlnutes.com/ to support you ln whut ure und wlll
contlnue to be unsettllng tlmes. Unsettllng they muy be, however you cun choose
to wltness them und ullow them to swlrl uround you wlthout touchlng you. Dlfflcult
tlmes do not need to be dlfflcult for you. We ure ull much greuter, more powerful
belngs thun we tuke ourselves to be. Now ls the tlme to begln to understund und
embruce thls.
Some of you reudlng thls wlll ulreudy huve been cuught up ln the flnunclul
unwlndlng occurrlng, or ure struggllng flnunclully for other reusons. Know thut lt
ls purt of the unfoldlng of Ascenslon (see the urtlcle on the webslte ubove from
Lord Metutron on thls sub|ect). Strunge though thls muy sound to muny of you,
you do not huve to purtlclpute ln thls chuos. You do not need to suffer.
In order to help those struggllng wlth ubundunce lssues ln thelr llves, we ure
offerlng u serles of free conference culls on thls to provlde the understundlng und
skllls to muster lt. If thls upplles to you, I suggest you go to
http://www.metutronmlnutes.com/freemunlfestlngculls.html und reglster.
And so lt ls.
Blesslngs, |oy, love und peuce.
Dr. Rlchurd Fresser
November 27, 2008
Aguln, pleuse shure thls messuge us wldely us posslble so us muny us posslble
cun begln to prepure. Or polnt them to
http://www.metutronmlnutes.net/Cropclrclepredlcts.htm or the Artlcles puge ut
http://www.metutronmlnutes.com/ for u downlouduble verslon.
Carolyn Evers is a messenger for the spiritual hierarchy. She has written six
books and a course, Journey To The Other Side. Her work encompasses
information that she has received from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Carolyn believes
that there is a connection between spirituality and science, and she endeavors to
incorporate scientific research along with what she receives from spirit. Her
work can be found at * www.CarolynEvers.com * and her contact address is *
Carolyn@CarolynEvers.com Her latest websites are www.SteveFossettLives.com
* * www.metatronminutes.com/ * She also works with the Cherubim Angels and
reads from the Un iversal Akashic Records. She has two radio shows with BBS
Radio, The Message and The Messenger. Call in for healings and readings from
the Akashic Records * USA Toll Free 1-877-876-5227 * Canada Toll Free 1-888-
815-9756 *
Dr. Rlchurd Fresser works closely wlth Curolyn und ls the uuthor of "The Comlng
Golden Age und How to Frepure for lt" - www.thecomlnggoldenuge.com

Carolyn Evers,
PO Box 1314,
Blackburn North,
VIC 3130

The second part of Avebury Manor shows a more detailed view of our solar system
near Earth in December of 2012
Apart from farmer's damage, the old part of Avebury Manor shows one major
change: a "comet" entering our solar system on the left. Then on the right, its new
part shows a highly expanded view of lunar orbit (a crescent Moon circling the
Earth), close to a dotted oval symbol for "12 lunar months". During month 12 (or
December 2012), our Moon will apparently come close in the sky to a "bright
comet", drawn inside curved tramlines nearby.

Below the new lunar crescent at Avebury Manor, we can see a "double ring"
symbol for Earth's Sun, connected by a long curved line to six other small symbols
yet to be identified. Four bright "stars" appear nearby, close to the old orbit of
Looking next at many small symbols near top centre, we can see the crescent
symbol for Moon, lying in its twelfth month (solar or lunar) next to the same
bright comet just mentioned:

Looking finally at many small symbols near bottom centre, we can see a
double-ring symbol for Sun, connected by a long curved line to another circle
with two small stars enclosed:

By studying our Sun's path through the sky (red dashed line) during December, I
was able to work out that those two small stars lie in the constellation Ophiuchus at
Right Ascension 17 hours, 22 minutes, or close to our Sun on December 13 as 17
hours, 26 minutes. Four other stars (or M8) provide a confirming match between
the star pattern and the crop picture. The crop symbol for M8 is shown correctly as
a circle plus an extended line, because it is an extended star cluster.

One week later on December 21-23, our Sun lies at a slightly larger R.A. value of 18
hours, 2-11 minutes in the constellation Sagittarius. Four nearby symbols (not
shown) as "spiral, snail, serpent, crossed box" remain unidentified, but could
represent the four constellations bordering Ophiuchus in Earth's sky. For example,
the "serpent" could be Serpens, while the "snail" was a constellation in ancient

Twelve years ago on July 13, 1996, we saw a similar astronomical prediction for
December 2012 at West Overton:
Charles Reed and Janet Ossebaard
This new crop picture seems to confirm the original crop picture shown in 1996, of
a bright comet next to a crescent Moon in December 2012. Its importance is that no
such prediction can (or has) currently been made by conventional astronomical

A very similar crop picture appeared at West Overton on July 13, 1996. There next
to a galactic centre symbol for "Hunab Ku", we saw a crescent Moon next to a
bright comet in late 2012.
FROM WIKIPEDIA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunab_Ku
The Hunab ku was invented by Catholic missionaries
according to this article.

There we saw (apparently) the same new Moon of December 13, 2012, lying in
Earth's sky next to the same bright comet. Both objects will lie close to our Sun
during its eclipse of the galactic centre on December 21-23 (which is indicated by
a Mayan spiral symbol called "Hunab Ku").

In summary, both of these crop pictures lead us to think that something
important may happen one week before the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on
December 21-23, 2012. At the very least, we should see a bright comet next to a
new Moon. We might even see curved lines or "rays" emerging from the galactic
center, as shown at West Overton in the diagram above.

Photo credits to Eva-Marie Brekkesto, Lucy Pringle and Stuart Dike.

Harold Stryderight

I think you guys are on the right track with this analysis. But see if your bright
comet is at one of these heliocentric longitudes obtained from T367. Comet Event
1 (The Appearance Of The Comets At The Distance Of The Asteroid Belt:
02/25/07, Other Comets At Heliocentric Longitudes:

2: 103.0 degrees;
3: 139 degrees;
4: 161.5 degrees;
5: 195.0 degrees

This may give a clue as to how to understand the crop circle Avebury Manor
crop circles of 15 and 22 July 2008.
Barry Warmkessel
Avebury manor I and II the relation
I want to share the following notes which I have on the second crop circle from
Avebury Manor.
I want to call the second Avebury circle " The Returning of the Tenth Planet
Niburu " In my opinion this is the first crop circle what actually depicts the
origin of the makers of these symbols. One can easily see that the circles are
related. We can see the planets again in the same position as in circle I

Lets start with the planets and the sun. What is obvious is that the sun, the
central point, is approximately 25% bigger. The sun has even in his power the
planets Mercurius and Venus. We also can see that on the outside four circles are
shown, which are getting bigger in format.
What I see in this picture is that a Big Comet is approaching. The sun reacts on
this Comet and is expanding and so becoming a lot more bigger, but also hotter
and hotter. The planets Mercury and Venus are being burned up. What will
happen with the Earth. That is explained in the picture beside the planets orbits.
Lets start with the big circle and a small circle with a central circle sticking on
this. I understand that this is the missing planet nr. 10 or Niburu. Niburu has its
own orbit outside our solar system, which is shown. I see that Niburu also has a
moon. To the right we see an ellips with 11 tiny circles around it. I think they
mean that they own a huge space ship which is heading to a kind of teardrop
shaped picture. I think they mean the sorrow and grief on planet Earth, because
of the suns explosion. So in popular, I understand that they send this space craft
to mother Earth. But if someone else understands this different, then please
As follows I will explain the symbols at the left of Niburu's orbit.

The diamond shaped symbol can be a space ship, but also can mean a laboratory.
Above that symbol we see the symbol of a sperm. Then follows a turtle and a
swirl. After the swirl I cannot clearly see or understand the next symbol, but the
following bigger symbol is very interesting and between that symbol and the
orbit of Pluto I cannot anymore see clearly the smaller symbols.
What I understand is that they explain that they brought life (Diamond and
sperm symbol), it was a slow process ( the turtle), but finally evolution ( the
swirl) took place. The bigger symbol is at the left planet Earth. They put Earth in
the proper orbit and they will do this again when our sun is changing. I
understand that they will take Earth to a safer place.

Hope You can bring this message to the crop circle community.

Glenn Aoys
EDITORS NOTE: I don't agree that its Nibiru - See:
I think it is Planet X. That is a separate object.

"Those who follow the Hopi path; they hear his (Massau? The Creator?)
commandments. The small circular objects around the path symbol are Kivas.
The Large Circle is from the Anashanabek Peace Shield and means: "The
Creator surrounds all things. The head of the Water Serpent is part of the
symbol for the Pahanna "The Pahanna is coming to imprison something. "The
other circle is a rough date marked by the Major Planets
777... 888... There is information in everything
The Lone Ranger

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Spirals of Time
by Kiara Windrider
The Cosmic Meaning of the Mayan
"The Mayan Calendar is the end of a CYCLE of time, NOT the end
of time. It is the time of a shift in consciousness. On December
21, 2012 the world will be the product of humanity's choices, as
will be the case the day before and the day after." ~~~Sharon

Recent 2012 Books
Sent November 11, 2009

Opening Quotes:

"Humans have always been intrigued by visions of the future.
Everyone, at one time or
another, has wanted to know what was going to happen to them.
Most see this as
impossible today, while others may smile, but in the end we're all
paying attention
because deep down the memory of the future remains. No one
can deny that there have
been great visionaries throughout history; they're not isolated
cases. We believe this is
great knowledge, and whoever is born with this ability has a duty
to develop it. Our
prophets are learned, traditional people." ~~~Dionisio Yacoc,
Q'anjob'al visionary

"To arrive at the truth, once in your life you have to rid yourself of
all the opinions
that you have received and reconstruct anew, from the
foundation, all the systems of
your knowledge." ~~~Rene Descartes

Carlos Barrios
The Book of Destiny: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient
Mayans and the Prophecy of 2012 June 2009 (Mayan quotes in
this post from this book)

Gregg Braden
Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age, 2009

Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan
Cosmology Explain the
Origin and Evolution of Life, October 2009

The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness,

Colin Andrews and Dr. Synthia Andrews
The Compete Idiot's Guide to 2012: An Ancient Look at a Critical
Time, 2008

Geoff Stray
Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Awakening?, 2009 revised edition
The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars, 2007 (A Little Wooden

Susan K. Sanderford
What's Up With 2012, 2008

John Major Jenkins
The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies and Truth Behind the Most
Intriguing Date in History, October 2009

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya
Calendar End-Date, 1998
(with introduction by Terrance McKenna)

2012 Book by Various Authors:
The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities,
January 2009

Featuring essays from 25 renowned experts on the question of
2012, including:
* John Major Jenkins' journey to the source for answers--the
original Mayan calendar * Gregg Braden's examination of the
scientific evidence for a shift in the Earth's magnetic field, and
how it will affect all life * Barbara Marx Hubbard's and Peter
Russell's explorations of the accelerating pace of evolution--why
we may literally be transforming into a new species * Ecologist
Joanna R. Macy's vision of "The Great Turning," and how we can
take part in this shift to a life-sustaining culture * Daniel
Pinchbeck's investigation of the shift of consciousness that will
be necessary for humanity to survive 2012 * Jean Houston's
predictions on the coming "Jump Time," and her practical advice
for dealing with the impact it will have on your life * Corinne
MacLaughlin's discussion of using spirituality and
consciousness to influence business and political trends, and

Three 2012 Videos by Mayan Priest

K'ich Maya Priest & Day Keeper, Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac
speaks to us about the prophesied Mayan calendar date Dec,
21st, 2012, and its impact on mother Earth and humanity.

Part 1 of 3 (10 minutes)

Part 2 od 3 (10 minutes)

Part 3 of 3 (10 minutes)

Hopi Elders' Statement

Closing Quotes

"Reality is the vision we have of what surrounds us, but there are
other much more subtle realities that are more important. As
humans evolved, they lost this ability to perceive and are thus
disconnected from the cosmos, in a state of neglect that they
seek to fill with material goods. This only condems them to self-
destruction and is the reason a return to the Natural Order is
imperative." ~~~Ramon Carbala, Mayan Mam traditionalist and

"It is certainly interesting to know that we come from the stars,
but even more interesting is the realization that we're part of the
cosmos. Although we may only be a speak in the immensity of
the universe, we are the Great Father's children, and our destiny
is linked to that of creation. Every being has a role to play, a
destiny to fulfill, and so every bit of existence is transcendent."
~~~Don Isidro, Mayan Sage

Please feel free to share this with others.

Submitted in the spirit of peace and love for all life,
Sharon 444
*Sharon Pacione*

13-Baktun Cycle Wave Harmonic of History : A splendid colour
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2012, Comet Lee and the Birth of Our New Neighbour : Howard
Middleton Jones says there is a new planet forming near the sun
which will be part of a planetary alignment in 2012. Howard's
alternative site and here
21 December 2012 The Mayan Calendar End-Date :
Information Made Easy for the Everyday Earthling to
A Millennium Prayer For The End Days - Aligning With The
Maya Calendar End date 2012 : Dwayne Rourke's recipe of
preparation is a Mayan rite of the 4 Directions
Alignment 2012: John Major Jenkins on the solstice sun/galactic
centre conjunction in 2012. Jenkins original 4 Ahau Press site
is now encapsulated in this new site, under the title of Old
City. Here you can find essays on the alignment of the solstice
sun with galactic centre, which Jenkins decoded as the meaning
behind the end of the Mayan Great Cycle. There are also 3
unpublished chapters that were cut from his Maya
Cosmogenesis 2012 book, discussion of his earlier works, such as
Tzolkin Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies,
AD 2012 Is Something Big Coming? : Inspired by the Mayan
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Ananda-Emmanuel : A Norwegian contactee is working with
scientists, making incredible 2012 discoveries. Time Gate
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Antville 2012 - News Dept. of Survive 2012
Apollonius - Rogue Planet : The Apollonius site has a host of
interesting essays supporting the claim that Nibiru is about to
return to this solar system in 2012. Venus Birth) and eruption of
Santorini, is EXACTLY 3,600 years before 2012 Velikovsky
explaining why. (3,600 years being the orbit-time of Nibiru
Audrey's Ancient EgyptAudrey Fletcher has decoded the
Egyptian Narmer palette & worked out that the Age of
Aquarius starts in 2012
Awakening to the Omega Point Bob Buck,s essay, The Book of
Revelation mena, includes a spectrum shift in auroras, caused
by a huge magnetic area we are moving into, that he calls a
naked singularity
Blue Honey - The Infinite Mushroom : Mayan calendar & the
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Science, Art and more. A compilation of McKenna quotes and
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Brainmachines.com : A psychedelic, techno-shamanic site, with
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CassiopaeaThe 6 th dimension CassiopeansThe Wave) how
there are a cluster of comets on a 3,600-year orbit, which
appears as a single body. Every time the comets come, the
Annunaki arrive just beforehand, to feed on the soul energy
created by fear.Right behind the comet cluster is a "Realm
Border Wave" which returns every 309,000 years, (12
precessional cycles) and will merge this "3rd density" with the
next one up - the 4th density, by 2012. See Whats New 22
Cerebrex about Neuro-Techno-Shamanism. That is the pursuit
of altered states using mind machines &other technology.
Includes reviews of McKenna & Jenkins' books
Celestial Dynamics "Celestial Dynamics Orbital Calendar
Poster" here, which shows how "the planets come into
alignment in 2012"
Chapel PerilousAn interpretation of The Bible Code, which
implies that Mars will be crumbled by Earth in 2012, NOT
Earth hit by shattered comet.
Chichen Itza in 2012 a selection of Mayan links
Chiron Communications : The website of Steven McFadden,
author of Profiles in Wisdom, and Legend of the Rainbow
Warriors - both books relate to 2012
Cosmic Stargate: Beyond the Millennium : Steven Hanauer's
overview of cataclysm & transformation at the end of the Long
Count calendar
Cosmic Stargate part 2: The second part of Steven Hanauer's
planned series of articles on how to prepare for the coming earth
changes and dimensional shift. Includes evidence of a possible
cover-up concerning the current escalation of solar storms and
flares; the changes these are already causing; and how to
prepare physically and spiritually.
Crawford 2000 A Discussion of the Mayan calendar, 2012, 2011,
pole shift, magnetic field, Schumann resonance, Inca prophecies,
plus illicit copy of the Geoff Stray Aztec Pizza article original
article at Swirled News
Crop Circles, Gods and Secrets: Robert J. Boerman, from
Holland, has deciphered a code in crop formations, which brings
our attention to the 26,000 year precession cycle and its end in
2012, with a possible return of the gods. Here is his article The
12th Planet - a return in 2012?
December 12, 2012
Earthsong 2012 Lightworkers,healing, channeling,
Earth Pole Shift 2012 & Keith Hunter theorises that a
pole shift is coming that will restore the earth's 360-day rotation
period, and eventually restore it to its original spherical state,
raising the consciousness of mankind.
Eclipses & Venus Transit in 2012 : A page on an eclipse site,
with predictions of track & appearance of eclipses & Venus
transit in 2012
Elftrance : McKenna
Elftrance : Downoads
Eclipses in 2012 NASA eclipse site.
2012 - Eschaton
Event 2012 : Video coverage of a Popul Vuh re-enactment
ceremony by contemporary Mayans, as preparation for the
forthcoming end of the Great Cycle. Acalan home page
Evolution DayThe title of this website refers to the end of the 13-
Baktun cycle in 2012. The purpose is to network people in a
global experiment in order to create a positive, spiritual future
by synchronised meditation and other practises, performed at
appropriate times, in places of energetic potency.
Exodus 2006 : A Rastafarian site that links the Book of Enoch,
the Book of Jubilees, Revelation, The Bible Code, The Mayan
calendar and other sources, to predict the end-times between
2006 and 2012. The Whole Book of Enoch is available on line
here! This is an interesting translation of the Ethiopian text e.g.
21.8: This place is terrible NB Church at Rennes Le
Chateau and 65.1: Noah saw the Earth had tilted These are
different from the translation of R. H. Charles.)
Foundation or World Awakening
Fusion Anomaly - 2012 : This is a "node" in an 881-node brain
about trance music - see also Omega Point, Eschaton, McKenna,
Timewave Zero, MC2012
Future Visions 2012 : Aansha Jones had a dream while
pregnant, that someone gave her a baby to hold, and she asked
the baby why he was on Earth at this time. He replied "For The
Event", she asked "When's that?" and he replied "13/14
December 2012." She sees The Event as a 3D-5D transition.
Gaiasphere 2013 : A discussion site set up by the website,
with general topics of noise, details, gaia, data, music,
conspirofact, transmission, all of which departments have
several separate discussions on related topics. "Gaia" seems to
be the one most directly connected to 2012/2013 discussions
Galactic Alignment - The lost Knowledge of the Ancients : John
Major Jenkins' forthcoming book, can be sampled here, where
you can read the introduction, chapter 5 and chapter 17. There
is also a copy of the introduction at the Earthportals site, where
Willard Van De Bogart will soon be posting a review. An essay
by JMJ covering some of the subjects discussed in the book, has
been posted at Graham Hancock's website, along with another
essay, Alignment 2012, covering his book, Maya Cosmogenesis
Galactic solstice 2012 : A page advertising Richard Dannelley's
book about the effects of the 2012 galactic conjunction on Earth
energy grids
Galactic Mandala a huge painting showing the positions of every
planet in every sign from 2000 until 21
December 2012. It is
also overlaid with the Tzolkin, galactic seasons, haab and
thirteen moon calendar.
Galaxy WaveArticles by Raymond Mardyks, Hunbatz Men,
Carl Johann Calleman, and others, on Mayan Calendars and
2012. This is the company who published Raymond Mardyks'
"Maya Daykeeper Calendar", but it apparently only goes up to
January 2001
Genesis 2012 Foundation : From here, you can access a maze of
Tibet-based pages about Maitreya and his plan for a one-world
government (nothing to do with Benjamin Creme)
Hope 2012 : Holistic & parapsychological education to prepare
for the coming shift. Alternative URL
Hope 2012 (b) : A lost piece of the Hope 2012 website
HyperboreaTerence McKenna's site discussing the I Ching
Timewave which terminates in 2012. Here can be found all sorts
of information, on the Timewave, technoshamanism, altered
states, UFOs, drugs, rainforest flora, conferences and talks,
video, audio, CD and books by McKenna. Also Tantric material,
poetry, Quantum Physics, virtual reality, alchemy, magic,
astronomy, cosmology, sacred geometry, fractals, archaeology,
art and more.
Imagidelica : Still under construction, this site, "an on-line
HIVE nodal point of hypercondsensed imagination", discusses
the forthcoming dimensional shift in 2012
Info About Energies - Now to 2012 : How to deal with coming
effects of the Shift; Light Body Activation
Into the Heart of Creation : Dwayne Edward Rourke's page on
"Embodying the Wisdom of the Mayan Sacred Calendar". The
phase of the moon at your moment of birth is the key to coping
with 2012
Kalki, Avatar of the Golden Age : Kalki, last incarnation of
Vishnu is here, and intends to enlighten 60,000 people before
2012, so as to form a critical mass that will cause a chain-
reaction, enlightening all mankind in preparation for the Golden
age in 2012.
More on KalkiNew Kalki links:
Latinola site: Mayan elder, Don Alejandro Cirilo Prez Oxlaj
says "...on Dec. 20, 2012, Mother Earth will pass inside the
center of a magnetic axis..." This will precede earthquakes &
Leading Edge International Research Group: This site has
articles on McKenna's Timewave, Montauk, Drunvalo
Melchizedek,, abduction, and more. If you put "2012" into the
site search engine, 19 pages will be listed.
Lightworkers Tempel: A Dutch New Age site, which includes
Harley Swiftdeer's Rainbow Dream Vision and a Maya/2012
page. A new 2012 page on the same site, sounds like it may have
been written by Golem, "We'll travel true a tunnel who looks
like a navel-string "At precisely 21/12/2012 the calendar stops.
Many cycles are ended on this precise moment"; "we'll not blow
ourself sky high..." etc.
LiquidLightbody.com Laurence Lucas has investigated Mayan,
Egyptian, Tibetan & Chinese mysteries and formulated a
sythesis by which we can prepare our higher dimensional vehicle
for the shift in 2012. The method uses astrology, shamanism,
yoga, movement, sound, and Mayan calendrics (- the True
Lucifer's Hammer
Magic Music Myth a rock opera, cd & live concert by Alchemy
about judgement of the devil in 2012
Maya Calendar and Cosmology : John Major Jenkins on the
solstice sun/galactic centre conjunction in 2012. Jenkins original
4 Ahau Press site is now encapsulated in this new site, under
the title of Old City. Here you can find essays on the
alignment of the solstice sun with galactic centre, which Jenkins
decoded as the meaning behind the end of the Mayan Great
Maya Mystery School : This page concerns the angle of
stairways on Mayan pyramids, plus Carl Sagan's film, Contact;
both connect to 2012
Mayan Calendar Site Tzolkin The 260-day Tzolk'in, or
sacred calendar, is the oldest calendar cycle known in
Mesoamerica, dating back to at least 600 BC. Read more
McKenna's Timewave Examined A mathematical critique of the
original Timewave Zero (wrongly presumes McKenna chose end
to coincide with end of Maya Cal)
Mutation Parlour : An Australian site linking Chaos Magick,
Maat Magick, McKenna, Arguelles & Hopi Prophecies. In 2012,
a group-awakeming of Kundalini will occur for Humanity &
Gaia. Special "Chakra-Piercing" rites are being held at sacred
sites to ease the process.
Network 2012 : A connection for Light Workers , covering their
efforts to raise global consciousness for the Shift in 2012
Nibiruan Council: Jelaila Starr is in contact with the beings
living on Nibiru - the planet on a massive elliptical orbit, due to
return to our solar system in 2012.
Noah's Ark 2012a specialist site for vegetarian astronomers,
includes Jenkins' "Why 2012" essay & great effects
Novelty Theory and the Singularity of Dec. 21 2012 : A very
brief summary of Timewave Zero
On the Brink - A Three-Part Overview of Crop Circles :
Rodney-Carr-Smith explains how Earth energy currents and
crop formations relate to 2012
Orion Prophecy : A new book is due out in 2001 by Patrick
Geryl and Gino Ratinckx, called "The Orion Prophecy -
Prophecies From an Ancient Mayan & Egyptian Civilization for
the Year 2012".
These are the archaeoastronomers who discovered the
In Egypt, following on from Bauval's discoveries. Count down
for the new Sun for a review by Jacques Groenen, who has read
the Dutch edition.
Paradigm Shift 2012 : An interpretation via standard astrology
of 2012, finds Pluto & Uranus connect it to 1776
Paradise 2012 : Ex-NASA graduate Todd Boe makes digital
video linked to psychoactive music to accelerate evolution ready
for 2012
Phantasm 2012 ADSubtitle: The Mormon Mausoleum -
Apocalypse and Hell on Earth, this is about a proposed sequel to
the film Phantasm.
Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program
Predictions For 1999-2012 Rafael Aric Rey finds that the
Biblical prophecies of End-Times were talking about the time up
to 2012, some of this may surprise you
Predictions For 2012
Quetza-Sha: A "Mayan-Aztec Shaman", Quetza-Sha claims to
have deciphered 777 ancient manuscripts, and has some
interesting prophecies
Raising the Djed Moira Timms describes an ancient Egyptian
rite that should be carried out at Winter Solstices to prepare for
the Big One
Second Coming
SiLoam.Net Adventures in Archaeoastronomy :
Solstice Studios
Solstice/Galactic Alignment - Now or 2012?
Sound Photosynthesis :
Sphinx Stargate :

Star Birth Bardo in the Body of Orion
Stardog 2012
Steve Alten:
Surfing the Apocalypse
Survive 2012: Ancient Maya Doomsday
Temple of Sakkara :
Terence Tells : A selection of McKenna material, with an
excellent interactive painting of TM - just pass your cursor over
it & see.
Terence McKenna Bibliography
Terence McKenna Land The Bomb A resource page about
Grant Morrison's cartoon, in which all conspiracies are
controlled by the "Archons of the Outer Church"." The
Invisibles are their enemies: working alone or in cells, they fight
against the Universal Conspiracy as we spiral towards the
Apocalypse (which according to the Mayan calendar will happen
on December 22nd 2012"

The Celestial Clock : Dr. William A. Gaspar has written a book
explaining the Great Cycle of Mayan Long Count as a quarter
of a "warming cycle", which is part of a 23,000-year "dominant
ice volume collapse cycle", leading to a cyclical pole shift with
resultant earthquakes & floods.
The Early 21st Century: 2003-2012
The Early 21st Century: 2003-2012
The End of 2012 - blog
(This is an impressive page - very well worth reading)
True Awakening
True Hallucinations - Terrence McKenna

The New Millennium - Beyond 2012
The How & Why of The Mayan End-Date in 2012 AD : John
Major Jenkins' important essay with colourful painting - also at
Hyperborea, but with summary, notes & refs at that site.
Alternative URL or another
The Mayan Site : Alom Ahau Tze'ec is a Mayan teacher who
tells of the 21 December 2012 as the final moment in the great
cleansing of Mother Earth. we must let go of past patterns that
are stopping our vibrational frequency from increasing.
The Photon Belt : Dr.Noel Huntley gives the case FOR the
photon belt.
The Portal into the Heart of Creation : Willard Van de Bogart
reviews Jenkins' Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. An excellent review
of an excellent book, plus several 2012 and precession links.
The Straight Dope: Is The Earth About to Enter the Photon Belt
Causing the End to All Life As We Know It? : "Cecil"gives the
case AGAINST the Photon Belt (see also article by Dr. Paul
LaViolette on the Sphinx Stargate site).
The Strange Attractor Crop Formation and The End of Time :
Joe Mason comments on an article by Geoff Stray about a
convergence of 2012 Omega Pointers - see here for original
article ( Hieroglyphs of Dimensional Interface).
The Unfolding Technology of Crop Circles : Freddy Silva tells
an amazing story of Chris Hardeman's anti-gravity machine,
based on the Barbury Castle Pictogram, and connects it to the
Timewave of the McKenna brothers - (emphasising the
hologrammatic angle of Timewave theory). Also at The Crop
The Unlimited Dream Company : Site of the people who put
Towards 2012 together, apparently unlinked. A good article by
Gyrus on the Timewave Zero software
Time Travel With the Hyper Dimensional Resonator : Steven
Gibbs has invented a time travel machine, so you can verify
what he says will happen in 2012. Buy the plans here
Timestar Earth : Crop circles and their link to the Mayan
calendar plus the 1991 Mexican UFO wave; accurate earth
change predictions claimed - however, they are linked to the
invented Dreamspell count, which is not a true Mayan count.
Time Wave Zero 2012 : This is a discussion group that was set
up by zyzygyz in order to discuss the Timewave and its
imminent termination point. Messages can be accessed by
guests, but to post a message you have to join -
Towards 2012 : Excerpts from the journal of millennial
mutation. A McKenna interview by Gyrus that was never
published, plus other archived material is being collected at the
brand new Norlonto website.
Transformation 2012 : "Independent Product/Media Source.
Australia products/Books/Videos & Membership on; Natural
Medecine/Issues, Free Energy Technology, The Transformation,
Conspiracies + more..."
VK4VKD-One Man Tower- Radio Antenna Towers An
Australian ham radio enthusiast has discovered a sunspot cycle
ending in 2012, through studying radio interference - the page
has now been transformed into an eBook, called Something is
Wrong With Our Sun
Web of Light : Judith Bluestone Polich's website. She has just
written a book called "Return of the Children of Light - Incan
and Mayan Prophecies for a New World" The site covers the
book, tour schedules, workshops, and related subjects. Sounds
interesting - tieing in the Incan prophecies with the Mayan, like
Joan Parisi Wilcox has, in her recent book, Keepers of the
Ancient Knowledge.
Webtrance : Rare downloadable McKenna video footage shot in
South Africa
What happens in 2012? The Solar Tribe provide a message
from the Cosmic Maya about a leap to the 6th dimension, plus
Mushroom religion, the Annunaki, and more.
Wheels Within Wheels : You must see this moving model that
shows how Mayan calendrical cycles interact!
Why 2012? : This is a good question, since this page doesn't
seem to mention it, but has been given this title in the browser.
However, the subject is images of asteroids from the Near
Asteroid Tracking System. Is this a coded message? For Jenkins'
answer to the question Why 2012?, click here, or see The How &
The Why of The Mayan End-Date in 2012 AD above
Wolflodge: Visions 1993 - 2013 : Harley Swiftdeer's Rainbow
Dream Vision covering the years 1993 to 2013.
World Awakening
X-mas 2012 AD : An attempt to start a desert community for hip
musicians called Disturbia, to experiment with post-apocalyptic
music recording
Zion Nirvana : Rastafarian/Buddhist fusion - Dub sounds to
amuse you while the groovoids load (if you've already got
"beatnick" - if not, get it here). You should arrive at the
Revelation Time page, with 2012 links, (but you may have to go
automatically via the index page).

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The Popol Vuh
The Mayan Prophecies
The Mayan Calendar
The Mayan Connection
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