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The Wonders Of Science

Posted Date: 13 May 2009 Author: ARUN N. GAVKAR Rating:

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The Wonders Of Science

Twentieth century is the age of Science. Science has progressed by leaps and bounds rather science has changed the living style of the man. It has transformed the very face of the earth. Science has bestowed upon humanity great and equipment that it is come to be revered by mankind.

The wonders of science is are too many to be enumerated but still, some wonders are worth mentioning. The entire growth and advancement of science is a really vast subject but some of the wonders which science has provided to the human race is decidedly remarkable.

In the field of health and hygiene science has created many wonders. Penicillin and other drugs have proved to be miraculous drugs. Many fatal and chronic diseases have been overcome by Science. It

has conquered death and disease. It has transformed an ugly woman into a beauty queen. X-rays can detect the defects in the bodies of human beings.

In the field of transport and communication the advancement of Science and technology is amazing. The inventions like electric trains, airplanes and ships are known to all and sundry. The marvels of science have converted this massive globe into a beautiful, high technology village that is full of comforts and luxuries. In one day, we can visit many cities of the world .

Distance and time have ceased to hold any barrier in this age of science and technology. Atomic energy is one of the most wonderful blessings of science. This energy not only promises to satisfy the immense needs of hungry civilization but also it can work miracles because it is more powerful than other sources of energy. Atomic energy can run mills, factories and great industrial and technological establishment; further atomic explosions can also be used for leveling mountains.

Science has increased their efficiencies, through this has led to some unemployment and environmental pollution hazards. The usage of tractor, agriculture instruments chemicals and insecticides has increased the average output per annum. By applying scientific methods in agriculture, the yields of farms have been multiplied.

On the whole, the wonders of science are countless. Science has taught us to swim like fish in water and to fly like birds in the air. It has given man comforts and facilities like telephone, television, fans, computers, air-conditions, cars and buildings. In the field of science the difference between summer and winter is negligible. Science can be used to eliminate poverty, clean slums, increase production in the farms as well in factories and for other constructive purpose. All these are as matter of fact, the wonders of science.

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Responses to "The Wonders Of Science"

Author: T.M.Sankaran 14 May 2009 Member Level: Gold Points : 2

Yes,'Science can be used to eliminate poverty, clean slums, increase production in the farms as well in factories and for other constructive purpose. All these are as matter of fact, the wonders of science'.There is no doubt about this. But, please, don't forget about the human side of science. 'It can eliminate poverty', but what is happening? The tendency is that rich become richer by everyday, and the poor become poorer. The percentage of rich is small - only a minority. This minority enmass wealth at the cost of a very big majority, which become poorer. And it is the scientific knowledge which is made use of by this minority for gaining upper hand.By patenting every scientific invention (example, a new medicinal formula),the ordinary man is forced to pay highly, for getting the benefit of this invention. Very often common man, because of his ignorance, buy different products from the market not because he needs it, but because of the misleading advertisements. Different media - of course, contribution of science and technology - are made use of to cheat common man and make money.

In agriculture, we have the example of 'green revolution'. It was claimed as an achievenent of scientific farming. But it was not sustainable. The soil became so useless that farming had to be stopped or crop changed in several places. This was mainly because of the heavy application of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. The use of pesticides in cash crops invited diseases which were unknown earlier in those places. Births of kids with deformities became a regular phenomena there. Pollution, especially due to non- biodegradable solid wastes is becoming a real problem in most of the cities. The products of technological innovations, after use, become a waste. Now there is the familiar term "E-waste". There are several things to think aloud before proceeding with scientific innovations. Social science also must be given due consideration. Disturbing the nature beyond a particular limit will not be a gain, but a loss only