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Marketing Plan Sample for the African Refugee Development Center 2010


+ 0.1 Vision nThe mission of the African Refugee

Development Center is to protect and empower refugees and asylum seekers in Israel

+0.2 Organization Profile

Founded in 2004 by Yohannes Bayu, a refugee from Ethiopia. Has served over 4,000 refugees and asylum Refugee Origin: mostly Eritrea and Sudan Partner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) 650,000 NIS annually in funding Major funders: The Ted Arison Family Foundation, the UNHCR, the U.S. State Department, the New Israel Fund, the Municipality of Tel Aviv and private individuals.

Yohannes Bayu

I. Humanitarian Aid II. Individual Support III. Child IV. Youth and Adult Education V. Community Development and Empowerment VI. Advocacy and Awareness Raising

+ 1.1 Macro Environmental Analysis

+1.2 Market & Industry Analysis


The ARDC operates primarily within the market of African refugee social services in Israel. The organization serves the refugees as well as those who wish to support its cause through volunteering or contributing funds. On a broader scale, the ARDC operates within the non-profit, social services sector in Israel.
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(Photo by Zachary A. Bennett)

+ 1.3 Direct & Indirect Competitors

Direct: Hotline for Migrant Workers, ASSAF, Physicians for Human Rights

1.3.1 Indirect: UNCR, Amnesty International, other charitable causes

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+1.4 Market Segmentation of Donors


By Demographics:
n n n n n n n n n

Young Jewish in Israel Mostly UK and US residents in larger cities Age group: 20s-30s Liberal One-time donors Volunteers Friends/Family of volunteers People with low income Human Rights Activists

By Needs:
Consumers who feel compelled to participate in charitable causes (specifically related to underprivileged populations).
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+ 1.5 Existing Marketing Mix

The ARDCs brand is its offer to participate in an idealistic cause. The service offered is a convenient donation process.

Marketing Communications
Monthly newsletter, Personal connections, Events: twice a year, ARDC Web site, Facebook
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Strengths & Weaknesses Opportunities & Threats

STREGNTHS - Unique refugee services - Abundance of volunteers (120 at a time) - More private donations than other Israeli NGOs OPPORTUNITIES Potential economic resurgence WEAKNESSES - No 46A tax exemption under Israeli law - Online donation system

THREATS - Government hostility towards refugee services agenda. - Growing concern about the numbers of asylum seekers arriving every month.

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1.7 Positioning ~ 2010

Quality of service for donors
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1.8 Sources

Karen Douglas
n n n

Resource Development Coordinator at the ARDC, Tel Aviv, IL J.D. University of Melbourne, Australia The African Refugee Development Center Web site. n www.ardc-israel.org n Information regarding company mission, initiatives and links to donate.

Karen Douglas

Competitor information sources:

Hotline for Migrant Workers www.hotline.org.il Physicians for Human Rights Israel www.pht.org.il ASSAF - Organization Assistance of Refugees and Asylum Seekers www.assaf.org.il

We will create a Passover appeal for donors utilizing a special holiday message. In time for this appeal we will improve on our current offer and expand our already existing promotional tools. With this appeal we will strive to target the predominant and relatively dormant segmentation.

2.1 ~ Marketing Strategy

2.2 Desired Market Segmentation (refer to annex on page 4) By loyalty

Improving and maintaining the ARDC database, and develop new membership program

Q of S

By demographics
We would like to focus on receiving more older generation, Israeli-based donors, and maintain/ BRAND improve US and UK funding

2.3.1 Desired Marketing-mix

We increased the emphasis on Quality of Service in order to make donating easier

2.3.2 Desired Promotional Tools

Monthly Newsletter, More personal connections, Events - Three times a year, Website - add limited Russian, actively updated Facebook page and Twitter

+ 2.4 Marketing Objectives


n n

Unique refugee services can appeal to future donors. The ARDC can utilize its large volunteer base for future networking. Unique refugee services can deplete limited funding. Reliance on volunteers can lead to instability in operations. Absence of 46A-tax exemption places burden on foreign donors. An improved online system may increase donation with limited effort. Poor online donation system may discourage repeat donors Absence of 46A-tax exemption may decrease sympathy for ARDCs cause

n n

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+ 2.6 Yearly Donations (in Shekels) after Passover Appeal

The Passover Appeal itself will generate an extra 10,000 NIS annually, but the financial impact of the Passover Appeal throughout the year and the influx of awareness cannot be calculated.


Private Donors 162,500+Passover Appeal = 172,500

United Nations 325,000 Private Foundations 162,500

+ 3.1 Main Cooperative Bodies



Local night clubs in Downtown Tel Aviv will offer a venue, the ARDC will promote the benefit and each body will get a percentage of the profits. The ARDC may also ask musicians and artists to donate their skills at the event. Local shops may support the ARDC and allow discounts to members: Target venues may be organic grocery stores and apparel stores like American Apparel who have a major interest in human rights issues who will give a small % for every purchase


+ 3.2 Retaining Marketing Activities

Monthly Newsletter Personal connections Events Website Facebook page

+ 3.3 New Offer



n n n

Online donation system- investment in a 3rd party payment system Membership program - investment in membership cards, access to ARDC leadership members, and improved database Guided tours- lead by volunteers- 0 Discounts/Donations of sale- In collaboration with charitable retail outlets0


+3.4 Marketing Promotion

Maintain Direct Marketing strategy with an emphasis on increased loyalty. n Retain former tools and use twitter page as the medium through which to conduct our Passover Appeal. These tools will also be utilized to spread the word about our new membership program and improved Website. n A special Pre-Passover fundraising event will take place at a collaborating venue. n Street Team/Awareness team- Every Friday during month of Passover n Phone banking- starting two weeks before Passover n 2 open-to the public tours a week during month of Passover- invite the community, ask them for optional donations at the end of the tour

+ 3.6 Order of Operations

# Action
Open a Twitter Account



Week 1


Quickly open a twitter account and have several pre-planned tweets for the following week. Book venue in central Tel Aviv, which allows a percentage cut to the ARDC

1 2 3

Schedule Venue

Zachary & Julian

Week 1

1500 NIS Deposit

Alert the Press


Week 2


Send out press releases and invitations to journalists

3.7 Marketing Yearly Budget


Collaborating Venue Collaborating NETAFIM Funds

5% 5% 90%
Newsletter Membership Program Events Web site Maintenance Non-allocated

35% 25% 20% 10% 10%



+ 4.1 Control Bodies


+ 4.3 Important Focus

International Refugee Day n May Day/Labor Day n International Human Rights Day n Passover/Pesach n Possibly Christmas in U.S. and U.K. for future Christian appeal


Karen Douglas, the Resource Development Coordinator, will manage the order of operations and see that they are completely in a timely manner.

+ 4.2 Control Tools

The ARDC should use several Control Tools which will include: n Surveys: n user-friendly Website n how volunteers feel they are treated n comment cards from refugees n Meetings: with major donors to see how they are being fulfilled n In-house quantitative reports n budgets, peer reviews,

+ 4.4 Criteria of Success

The ARDCwill measure its own successes through: n Membership Growth n Return Donors (none to this date) n Organization of New Database n Increase in unique users/ visitors to Website n Continuous influx of volunteers

4.4 Criteria of Success

+ *Potential Passover Appeal Flyer

To save money, 4 hand-outs will be cut from one page of paper


(Photo by Zachary A. Bennett)

This ad will catch the viewers attention, initially by the refugees sign, then interest the viewer by inviting them, then draw out the deep emotion through reading.