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Benefits Why learn English? English has become a world-wide language, with numerous countries adopting it as an official language.

English is the dominant international language in science, business, aviation, entertainment, and diplomacy, and also on the Internet. In most fields of work your ability to speak English can help you advance your career, helping you get the job you want and earn more money. No matter what your area of expertise, skill in English will contribute substantially to your success. How can Speak English help? There are a variety of ways to learn English. Schools and books dedicated to the language are common throughout the world. English classes and textbooks will help you learn vocabulary and basic grammar principles, but their use is limited. If you want to become truly proficient at speaking and understanding English, you have to practice with native English-speakers. Unfortunately, such opportunities can be hard to find. Not everyone has the chance to study abroad in the US, UK, or other English-speaking nations. At Speak English, you don't have to travel abroad to practice English. From the convenience of your own home you can converse with Americans. You can practice your English as frequently as you would like. Your speaking and understanding abilities will improve dramatically. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in learning English, Speak English can help you take your English to the next level. And not only will your English improve, it will improve faster than it would any other way. There are many benefits of learning English. English is the Global language now. English is used for communication by people who do not speak the same language around the World. Here, I'm going to tell you some more advantages of learning it: Why Should We Learn English ? * Most professional jobs need a good English speakers or writers. * If you wanna grow in your job you need to know good English. It has become as important as Degrees and Diplomas. * You may need to attend International Business Meetings and Exhibitions either as a visitor or a presenter and the chances are youll have to speak in the English language. * Learning English can also help you to meet new people, if you are traveling places you won't face any problem. * Of the estimated 200 million users of the Internet, some 35% communicate in English. * English is the main language of books, newspapers, airports and air-traffic control, international business and academic conferences, science, technology, diplomacy, sport, international competitions, pop music and advertising. How Many People Speak English Around the World Below given facts have been taken from :

Approximately 375 million people speak English as their first language. English today is probably the third largest language by number of native speakers, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. However, when combining native and non-native speakers it is probably the most commonly spoken language in the world, though possibly second to a combination of the Chinese languages (depending on whether or not distinctions in the latter are classified as "languages" or "dialects"). Estimates that include second language speakers vary greatly from 470 million to over a billion depending on how literacy or mastery is defined and measured. Linguistics professor David Crystal calculates that nonnative speakers now outnumber native speakers by a ratio of 3 to 1. The countries with the highest populations of native English speakers are, in descending order: United States (215 million), United Kingdom (61 million), Canada (18.2 million), Australia (15.5 million), Nigeria (4 million), Ireland (3.8 million), South Africa (3.7 million),and New Zealand (3.6 million) 2006 Census. Countries such as the Philippines, Jamaica and Nigeria also have millions of native speakers of dialect continua ranging from an English-based creole to a more standard version of English. Of those nations where English is spoken as a second language, India has the most such speakers ('Indian English'). Crystal claims that, combining native and non-native speakers, India now has more people who speak or understand English than any other country in the world. == Well, I suppose it allows one to become a better communicator. Coincidently the higher a person's position in an organization, the better that person's language proficiency as well. Also, people who have a strong command of language are witty are great for social events. Hence we can deduce that learning English in an English speaking country gives one an intellectual advantage... somewhat. =)

It is very useful when you travel to any part of the world. English has become a worldwide language; you will be able to speak to foreign people and know new cultures. You will have access to information that other people cant understand. For instance newspapers, books, novels, magazines, etc. You will watch the movies in its original language, avoiding poor translations. It adds a new language to your curriculum vitae. You will be a bilingual person increasing your job opportunities. You will understand your favorite music stars lyrics. == There are numerous benefits to learning English as a foreign language. English is now the language of global business, or the lingua franca. This means that in the international business community, English is used for communication by people who do not speak the same language. English is generally considered to be second only to Mandarin Chinese in the number of people who speak the language. It is, however, impossible to know at any given time how many English speakers there are in the world, or how many people are currently learning English. Estimates are quite high. Learning English can broaden your employment opportunities. People who speak two or more languages are ideal candidates for jobs in travel, international business, or translation. People who work with the general public, such as those who work in hospitals or in law enforcement, are often encouraged to speak a second language to better improve communication when it is most vital. Learning English can also help you to meet new people. You can practice your English with someone who is also learning. Another option is to do a sort of "trade-off" in your language practicing. For example, if you

speak Spanish and are learning English, you might practice speaking with someone who speaks English and wants to learn Spanish. It can be a fun way to get practice and learn to speak in a more natural way. There are also numerous opportunities to teach English as a second language, which can be a great way to travel and see the world. Traveling to a foreign country is another great way to practice your language skills, but it also makes for a less stressful experience when you have some knowledge of the spoken language. Because English is a first language for many countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, among others, many other foreign countries teach English as a requirement in schools. It is estimated that over a billion people in the world speak English on at least a basic level. Learning English presents many new opportunities that you may not have had before, so if you have the time and the motivation, it can be a very rewarding experience. Learning English is a very wise thing to do for several reasons. In general, English is the universal language on the Internet. Many newspapers, books, airports, and advertising use English as the dominant language. The majority of all information that is electronically stored around the world is English. It is the easiest language to use because of its simple alphabet, easy and short words, and easy plurals. You can travel to any English speaking country and not need a translator. Its hard to travel to a different country and not know the language. A lot of educational information is in English. Learning to speak English can be the best thing you can do to improve your life. English is also the key to the science world. In 1997, around 95% of the articles in the Science Citation Index were written in English and only half of them were from English speaking countries. Hey , it is fun to be here. The fundamental question is why English? Not French , not any other language? [ads test_two] Well, lets say that whoever I ask today , any person I ask , everyone replies positively Yes, they would like to learn English. How so? Easy this is like a popular trend right now. Many occupations nowadays state being English proficient is a big plus or just plain necessity. People all over the world speak English. You go abroad and you hear English spoken everywhere. English helps you with your job, career and study. In Vietnam the amount of English language schools is overwhelming. Or Internet. Do you know why our age is called Age of Information? Those who get access to most up-todate information has a big upper hand and we have many tools for that Internet and opened borders of the world (cars, planes, tranes, ships). The world is not closed anymore. And it is not unusual that English has become more widespread as a result. Some language eventually would! [ads test_one] Anyway , just imagine the power you would possess if you could understand and converse with people on English. To be able to listen to lectures on English , watch movies in English and etc. Without EFFORT. Anyway, I think I made myself clear. (and went off-topic as well ) But it was necessary. GoodBye and welcome to my website. The global business is collaborating with the help of English. The world has become a global village where English is the common medium to exchange thoughts & ideas.

A major cause of deterioration in the use of the English language is very simply; the enormous increase in the number of people who are using it. Hence using correct English is speaking impressive English. The secret to success is good inter-personal skills with good command over language. By learning English you become among the top 25% who can be recruited globally. There is huge amount of knowledge in the world & most of it is encrypted in English. By learning English you get access to a huge amount of information online, on television, books & people. By superior English you can be sure not to stagnate your professional growth. Speaking superior English means to speak Smart English. According to a recent McKinsey survey 94% of the global CEOs place smart communication above technical/professional skills. This reduces the chance for growth in your profession. Learning English is important to get admission in top Universities of the world. GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS all have English in the syllabus. Thus helps in getting high quality education. About 1.5 Billion people speak English worldwide. You get a chance to connect with them, share knowledge & learn the culture on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,etc. International Conferences & Documentations are made in English language. English is a highly sophisticated language & you can express yourself clearly with superior English skills. Lack of English can: Limit your professional growth as business is getting global. You will not get access to knowledge to broaden your thinking. You may not be able to communicate with some successful people. You may miss out on superior Hollywood movies & songs. Your scope for education can be limited. You may lose on international business. How to Develop Superior English: Learning a language is a complex process & English is no different. According to educational psychologist an adult mind resists to develop English & can learn only through a subject we are passionate about. English as a Second Language(ESL) is acquired only through Theme Based Learning. Hence reading favorite columns in newspaper & magazines is effective way to learn. Listening to English movies builds your articulation & speaking skills. Content Based Instruction is a latest technique in new language acquisition(ESL). Few softwares like "Espoir Smart English" is among the pioneers in out of class English learning. Because you learn English through intresting subjects viz. Movies or Cricket, Management Ideas, Technology & Science, Wit & Wisdom, Love & Romance, Success Secrets you grasp English automatically & learning becomes automatic. Learning English can improve the quality of your life. It does get you success in Professional, Social & Personal spheres of life. "The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself". - Derek Walcott Nevertheless, learning superior English is an intelligent way to kill Competition.

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English is the primary language of business throughout the world. Flag this photo The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, second only to Mandarin. That English is used almost everywhere is only one of the many advantages of learning the language. 1. Business

English is the primary language of business throughout the world. Most international business transactions, including emails, memos, reports and contracts, are written in English.

Employment Opportunities

The ability to fluently speak the English language in addition to your native language can be beneficial if you're seeking job opportunities with international companies. The ability to speak a language spoken by most business people can place you a step ahead of the competition.


Major Hollywood movies have dialogue in English. The plot of these movies is easier to follow if the person watching the movie speaks English. Subtitles in other languages can sometimes cause the meanings of words to be lost in the translation, and they can be a distraction or even block the action taking place on the screen.


The English language is predominantly spoken throughout the world, so international travelers may find that speaking English can make their travels a little easier. Most hotel and restaurant employees, as well as store merchants, probably speak English to some degree.


Students from other countries who attend school in the United States will benefit greatly if they can know basic English. This knowledge will help them communicate better with both their students and teachers. The students also will have an easier time with any research or readings they are assigned.


The English language is the predominant language of academics all over the world, with a large amount of research conducted, written and presented in English. Knowing English can helpful for scholars who wish to communicate their ideas and research findings to peers in their field.


Most software programs are written in English. Those seeking to expand their computer knowledge can find the ability to read and understand the English language invaluable.