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Enqsires concerning production ‘uted the scope of the hove should been othe ELT Rights Department, (cord Universi Press, atthe aces above ‘You musé not liculate this book in anyother ining or cover snd you must impose thi same condtion on any acquires Any websites refered to inthis publication are ln the public domain and thet aldcesses ave provided by Oxford Univesity Pres for information ony (Oxford University Pres diveains any responsiblity forthe content tsp: 978019 4800297 Printetin Spin ‘The authors in pubs re grat tue who have gen prion 0 rape the lls xtra ond edapaion of pig ater: p17 "Happy ‘herapy: Making sense of humout by John Nash, Timesonine © The Times. 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