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Global Context and Indigenous Perspective on Health Issues

Dear colleagues, It is our pleasure to extend our warmest invitation to International Seminar of Global Context and Indigenous Perspective on Health Issues, on September 21st -24th, 2011 organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences, Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga, Indonesia. This seminar is intended to contribute to the addition of knowledge in the area of health issues and further to boost the quality of health service, policy and education both in local circumstance and global context. It is also designed to be an encounter of superb ideas and schemes from scholars, health experts and practitioners, students, lecturers, from all over Indonesia and abroad to share, reflect and develop their perspectives of health issues. Thus, several general topics related to empowering indigenous wisdom in global context are offered to be elaborated further in the seminars: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Health, illness, wellness on global and indigenous context/local knowledge. Challenges to promote societal health on the age of globalization. Health research on indigenous perspective/local knowledge: principles and methods. Application and contribution of indigenous perspective/local knowledge on health issues. Progress of technology, education system, and government policy on health issues. Political, social, economic, ethical and gender issues on health problems. Cultural issues on health problems. Health services across culture. Medical anthropology.

This seminar is divided into 2 sections which are main seminar by keynote speakers and parallel symposium. Thus you are also cordially invited to join as the presenter of the parallel symposium. Below are some important notes about the symposium.

Abstract Submission: 14 February - 7 May 2011 Abstract selection announced on 23 - 27 May 2011 Paper Submission: 30 May - 6 August 2011 Several keynote speakers has agreed to deliver a topic on their expertise upon health issues. to mention some are: Prof. Betty Cernol McCann, Ph.D - Vice President of United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (Global Challenge in Health Education Policy in Asia)

Prof. Sandra Dunn - School of Nursing, Charles Darwin University (The Significance of Cultural Competencies of Nursing to Improve Patient's Health Quality) Prof. Rose McEldowney - School of Health, Charles Darwin University (Indigenous Australian Perspective on Health) Prof. Dra. Elly Nurachmah, DNSc. RN - Head of the Association of Indonesian Nurse Education Centre (Indonesian Nurse Education in Responding to Globalization)* Ir. Ferry F. Karwur, Ph.D - Faculty of Health Sciences, Satya Wacana Christian University (Maternal Care: Biological Perspectives and Research Priorities) Prof. Pascale Dettwiller - School of Environmental and Life Sciences, Charles Darwin University (The Contribution to Local Knowledge on ethno pharmacological) *Under confirmation The registration for the participant is now open until May 31st, 2011 (Early bird registration) and continued from June 1st August 13rd, 2011 (Late Registration)

For more information please visit us on http://fik2011.seminar.uksw.edu . Phone +62 (298) 7107103
We are delighted to personally invite you to join this seminar and look forward to learning from your presence


Ir. Ferry F Karwur, Ph.D. The Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences