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EVERYTHING that we see daily will end one day but songs, which are words of God, will

never end. . The choral Kingdom shall remain forever with the Father. And so the choristers will remain with me for ever. I have blessed them. I have no regrets. The choristers are number one in this Kingdom. They occupy a unique position. No other pew is as blessed as the choristers. But they do not know this. In terms of character and behaviour they are the worst. Since I am the God of creation who created them, I will also remould them from recalcitrance into better beings (Read Romans 4: 7-1 3 and hear what the Bible says about them). Choristers are the beauty of this Kingdom (Rev. 14: 1-5). They electrify and beautify this KJngdom. They play important parts in this Kingdom. They lead in all activities in the Kingdom of God. The virtues of God are fulfilled in the choristers. STOP NO ONE FROM SINGING FOR GOD Do not debar any choir from singing. Do not debar anyone from singing to God because of what he wears, or because of where he sits, or because he is not baptised. It is serious sin if you debar anyone from singing to God. Recall the visit of the Celestial Church of Christ recently when they called on the Father here at Ambo to sing, They had a revelation. In that revelation, they saw how the Children of God marched very orderly and with absolute reverence, singing melodiously. That was why they visi.tedArnbo to see things for thernselves, and to sing for the rather as they were directed (Luke I 0:49-50). AJld Jesus said t../nto him forbid him not for he that is not against us is us."

SONG IS POWER: MUCH WORK FOR CHORISTERS 10.. chorister is ;-mt supposed to sit idly, Songs and singing 3(Q their maIn assignments. Songs reactivate life, heals the sick, alleviate diverse problem. Song to God is power. If God gives you the talents to sing be very joyful. Don't joke with it. The gift of songs is very great. What happened at Jericho? God had aSKed the choristers to sing for seven days round Jericho City. The result was that that m wall collapsed. What ever is the problem, songs can provide needed succour. (James 5: 1 2-1 3, Ephesian 5: 17; Hebrews 13:1 4-1 5). PURE MIND RADIATES LIGHT
come with two principal gifts to give to anyone according to his needs. These things are spiritual and the earthly. I have come with sufficient rewards for everyone (Matthew 19: 28-30). But everyone should endeavour to purify his mind. The mind is the Kingdom of God. It is the judgement Seat of God. The pure mind radiates love. It also radiates lig I am everywhere, in the water, Abyss, on earth, beneath the earth, in the heavens, anywhere imaginable. I am in your front, in you, at your back, beside you and all arou you. You are in my hands firmly. And so no one is lost save the child of perdition, and there is no child of perdition in out midst (John 1 7: 10 1 2). All that I have are yours, and yours are BY LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU mine .... , . .
I have