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PERSONAL INFORMATINON Full name: Quach Dang Manh Date of brith: 12/11/1986 Mobile: (+84) 974 990 670 Email: Home phone No: 0241 628 7451 Present address: Tam Tao Phu Lam Tien Du Bac Ninh. CAREER VIEWPOINT Suitable for production staff positions, assistant, management and monitoring of production processes in the manufacturing enterprise. Quality control staff, manage the investigation and offer solutions to problems related to product qualityetc SKILLS Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, easily adapt to new environments. Team-work, individual work. Enthusiastic, responsible, honest, dynamic. Hard to know organize work and high sense of responsibility. Computer skills: MS software (Word, Excel, Power Point), viso, cad. EDUCATION HISTORY 2005 - 2011 Studied in Ha Noi University of Technology Graduated from engineer economic, specialized industrial management, regular with 6/2011 credit 5/2008 Graduated from Electrical Engineering Automation. ACTIVIES Simulating system of petrol Ta Quang Buu (Group Exercise) - Research and survey needs fuel consumption during three weeks. 4/2009 - Observations and data collection, modeling and simulation system for sale. - Combine your team to find solutions to improve system overload. - Participating in volunteer student University. - Tutor math and chemistry for 3 grade student. 2006, 2007 - Join the league by the school and class organization, organized and scheduled class football. EXPERIENCE Practice to learn the situation of production at many companies. 3/2009 Practiced in Thien Phu Joint stock company, production of electric wire and smart Practiced in Export Machinical Tool Stock Company (EMTC), production and export of 6/2010 motorcycle accessories. Practiced in Dap Cau Garment JSC (DAGARCO). Read and follow-up of production on the factory, tracking production situation in line, factory. 4/2011 - Making a report on daily production progress. - Learning the causes of reduced productivity, the amount of the line, the factors affecting the bottleneck.

Joining the IE, find out the cause of waste in production, wasted time, wasted by waiting, wasted due to excessive manipulation and the causes affecting the quality of the production line. - Joining the-line quality control. 5/2011 - Finding the causes of defects. - Collecting data, using seven quality control tools to analyze the causes of product failure. - Improved quality control processes in-line, profit improvements brought after one month is 420,000vn. REFERENCE 1. Mrs.Tran Thi Truc Quynh Position: Production manager in Dap Cau Garment JSC (DAGARCO). Hand number: 0904206966 2. Mr. Pham Quoc Hai Position: Lecturer of the Department of Enterprise Automation in Ha Noi University of Technology Department number: 04 3869 2306

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Full name : Quach Dang Manh Date of birth: 12/11/1986

Sexual: male

Place of birth: Tien Du Bac Ninh Address: Tam tao Phu lam Tien Du Bac Ninh Mobile: (+84) 974 990 670 July 30, 2011 Dear Sir, My name is Manh, Im 24 years and I an an engineer from Ha Noi. It is so nice to contact with you. As the information on the website, I know that you are looking for candidates at Quality control staff, Production Manager. This is very consistent with the ability and experience are summarized in the learning process and my work so far. So I am pleased to enclose my CV to apply to your company. I have just graduated from Hanoi university of technology, my major is Electric autumation and industry management. I'm going to receive qualification in this August. In the process of learning I was going to practice at many different companies, with the knowledge, I have learned to apply well in tasks such as: controling production line, quality management and create fruition, bringing profit to the company. With the skills learned and practical experience with the spirit of inquisitive, honest, dynamic and sociable. In addition, I am active and enthusiastic. I will to learn and do what takes to get a job done well even under pressure or on far mission. If you want to arrange for an interview, please contact with me in the number 0974990670 any time. I am looking forward to an interview at your office. Yours faithfully, Quach Dang Manh

THNG TIN BN THN H v tn: Quch ng Mnh Ngy sinh: 12/11/1986 Di ng: 0974 990 670 Email: a ch: i 6 Tam To - Ph Lm Tin Du Bc Ninh QUAN IM NGH NGHIP Thch hp vi v tr nhn vin sn xut, lp k hoch sn xut, lm tr l, qun l & gim st qu trnh hot ng sn xut trong chuyn, x nghip, qun l cng nhn vin. Nhn vin qun l cht lng, qun l vic iu tra v a ra gii php cho cc vn lin quan n cht lng sn phNm K NNG CHUNG Hc tp v tip thu cc khi nim mi nhanh chng, lm vic tt vi p lc, d dng thch nghi vi mi trng mi. K nng lm vic nhm, hoc c th lm vic c lp. Trung thc, ngay thng, nng ng, ho ng, ham hc hi v rn luyn bn thn. Chm ch bit t chc sp xp cng vic v c tinh thn trch nhim cao. S dng c cc phn mm: Word, Excel, Viso, cad, Power Point. QU TRNH HC TP 2005 - 2011 Hc ti Trng i Hc Bch Khoa H Ni. 6/2011 Tt nghip k s kinh t, chuyn ngnh qun l cng nghip, chnh quy loi kh. 5/2008 Tt nghip c nhn in - t ng ho. 2002 - 2005 Hc ti Trng Trung hc ph thng Tin du s 1. HOT NG NGOI KHA M phng h thng bn xng T Quang Bu ( Bi tp nhm) 4/2009 - Nghin cu v kho st nhu cu tiu th xng trong thi gian ba tun. - Quan st v thu thp s liu, xy dng m hnh v m phng h thng bn. - Tham gia hot ng sinh vin tnh nguyn, ma thi i hc. 2007 - 2008 - Gia s ton ha lp 11, 12 - Tham gia cc gii bng do trng v lp t chc, t chc v ln lch bng cho lp. - Nghin cu v thay th h thng iu khin song song hai ng c servo ca my mi 5/2008 nghin phc v mi thy tinh quang hc ti B mn c kh chnh xc trng i Hc Bch Khoa H Ni.

KINH NGHIM BN THN Thc tp tm hiu tnh hnh sn xut ti nhiu cng ty 3/2009 Thc tp nhn thc ti cng ty thin Ph, sn xut dy cp in v ca cun smart door. Tm hiu tnh hnh sn xut ti cng ty c kh Quang Minh(EMTC), sn xut v xut 6/2010 khNu ph tng xe my. 2011 Tm hiu qu trnh sn xut ti cng ty C phn may p cu. Tm hiu v theo di hot ng sn xut trn chuyn, t 35 Xn III cng ty may p Cu - Thu thp s liu, theo di quan st vit bo co nng xut ra chuyn hng ngy. 4/2011 - Tm hiu cc nguyn nhn gy gim nng xut, s lng hng ra chuyn, cc yu t nh hng ti nt tht c chai. Tham gia Ban IE, tm hiu cc nguyn nhn gy ra lng ph trong sn xut, lng ph thi gian, lng ph do ch i, lng ph do thao tc tha v cc nguyn nhn nh hng ti cht lng sn phNm trong chuyn sn xut - Tham gia qu trnh kim sot cht lng trn chuyn. 5/2011 - Tm hiu v phn tch cc nguyn nhn gy ln cc khuyt tt trong sn phNm. - Thu thp s liu, s dng 7 cng c kim sot cht lng phn tch cc nguyn nhn gy sai hng cho sn phNm. - Ci tin quy trnh kim sot cht lng trn chuyn, li nhun mang li sau khi ci tin trong mt thng l 420.000 vn cho mt t, mt chuyn sn xut. NGI THAM KHO H v tn Chc danh Ni cng tc S in thoi Trn Th Trc Qunh Gim c x nghip III Cng ty C phn May p Cu 0904206966 St B mn: Ging vin ca B mn Trng i Hc Bch Khoa H Phm Quc Hi T ng ha x nghip Ni 04 3869 2306

CNG HO X HI CH NGHA VIT NAM c Lp T Do Hnh Phc .. N XIN VIC Knh gi: Ban lnh o Qu Cng ty Cng Xin gi ti Qu Cng ty li cho trn trng. Tn ti l: Quch ng Mnh Ngy sinh: 12/11/1986. Qua thng tin trn Website, ti c bit qu cng ty ang c nhu cu tuyn dng nhn s v tr nhn vin sn xut, nhn vin qun l cht lng. y l cng vic rt ph hp vi kh nng v kinh nghim c c kt trong qu trnh hc tp v lm vic ca ti t trc ti nay. Ti va tt nghip k s kinh t, chuyn nghnh qun l cng nghip, trng i Hc Bch Khoa H Ni, ti c trang b cc kin thc v t ng ha dy chuyn v kin thc v qun l sn xut. Trong qu trnh hc tp ti c i thc tp ti nhiu cng ty sn xut khc nhau, cng vi cc kin thc hc ti vn dng tt vo cc cng vic nh: s dng cc cng c kim sot cht lng tm hiu v phn tch cc nguyn nhn gy sai hng khuyt tt sn phNm, a ra cc bin php ci tin qu trnh kim sot trong chuyn lm gim thiu cc li, rt ngn thi gian sa li, v to c thnh qu tt, mang li nhun li cho cng ty. Vi nhng k nng c hc v kinh nghim thc t cng vi tinh thn ham hc hi, trung thc, nng ng v ha ng, ti tin rng c th p ng c yu cu ca qu cng ty. Nu c nhn lm vic lu di, ti s ng gp v cng hin ht sc mnh cho cng ty. Mi lin h v lch phng vn hay thng tin lin quan ti h s, xin lin h vi ti qua s in thoi 0974990670. Xin chn thnh cm n ! Knh th H ni, ngy 30 thng 07 nm 2011 Quch ng Mnh