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Introduction................................ ................................ ................................ ................ 2 Management................................ ................................ ................................ ............... 4 School organisation Chart ................................ ................................ ....................... 4 The Roles of Teachers ................................ ................................ ............................ 5 Staff Development ................................ ................................ ................................ 10 Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) ................................ ................................ ...... 11 Infrastructure................................ ................................ ................................ ............ 13 School Facilities ................................ ................................ ................................ ... 13 Curriculum ................................ ................................ ................................ ............... 15 Implementation of the Curriculum ................................ ................................ ........ 15 Implementation of the Co-Curriculum................................ ................................ ... 15 Teaching Observation ................................ ................................ ........................... 17 Conclusion ................................ ................................ ................................ ............... 19

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The teaching practicum is compulsory components for all B.Ed courses at the Faculty of Education in UiTM. There are several sections for practicum namely pre-practicum, practicum and post-practicum. However, there is one important sub-component under pre-practicum namely School Orientation Program (SOP). SOP is one-week program that requires all trainee teachers to visit respective schools before the beginning of the teaching practicum. After end of our pre-practicum, I, along with the other eight of the UiTMs Faculty of Education students, were assigned to SMK Seksyen 19 Shah Alam to carry out my teaching practices (Practicum) from 18 July 2011 till 21October 201. Then, Out of the nine of us, there were two Science students, two Mathematics students, two TESL students, two PJK students, and one was Music students. The school is located in the heart of a neighbourhood that guarantees peace and away from heavy traffic. It is about 15 minutes ride from the place that I am staying which is Seksyen 17 thus I have no problems travelling back and forth everyday throughout my three months there. My first visit to the school was on the 10 July just to know the location too easily for me to come to school for the next day that is the first day. Next, the management of school was very systematic because the entire trainee teachers get the timetable on the first day. It means that the school open to accept us as trainee teacher there. There were six of us including me duty in morning session and three were in evening session. Nevertheless, my colleague and I got chance to meet the school principal, DatinSuraini Bt. Supardi on first day and we were briefed on our duties as part of the academic staffs, the schools norms and cultures and its main occupants (teachers and students).


Mission SMKS19

Developing Potential of Individuals Through Quality Education 1.2 Vision SMKS19

Sekolah Unggul Penjana Generasi Terbilang 1.3 Motto

Knowledge To Vision 1.4 Customer Charter 1. Establishing a sustainable management system and dynamic leadership. 2. Providing high quality education and strive for excellent performance in curriculum areas. 3. Encourage students to excel in the areas of curriculum. 4. Provide a complete and comfortable facility in addition to the school environment is clean, bright, harmonious and safe. 5. Strengthen the close relationship among the management of teachers, support staff, pupils, parents and local communities.

2.0 2.1

Management School organisation Chart


The Roles of Teachers 2.2.1 Principal

The principal is, Datin Suraini Bt. Supardi. She has important responsibilities to manage this school. As the principal, she is responsible in upgrading the schools curriculum and co-curriculum as well as to ensure the implementation must be consistent with the Ministry of Education base. Besides, the principal is also responsible in schools management and schools financial. Other than that, the principal duties are also divided into several parts such as curriculum management, students self-management & development, personal development, and physical facilities. Being the principal is not an easy task because she has big responsibilities in running the school at its very best. She also has to work hard to maintain the schools management, achievement and also the school reputation at public eyes. 2.2.2 Senior Assistant (GPK) & Senior Assistant of Students Affair (HEM)

En. Kamali Bin Murid is the Senior Assistant (GPK) &Pn. Hjh. TumijahPonimin is the Senior Assistant of Students Affair (HEM) at this school. The duties as GPK & PK HEM are very challenging because they are the two figures who are responsible to ensure that the students development is good, students discipline is in control, counselling program works, physical well-being of the school are in good conditions, etc. They are also responsible to organize and updating the students registration records, students exchange, record books and also preparing the school financial budget. 2.2.3 Senior Assistant of Co-Curriculum (PK Ko)

The Schools Senior Assistnt of Co-Curriculum is Pn.HjhMazniBt.Mohd. Sheriff. She is responsible in all co-curriculum aspects that involve within or outside the school. For examples are the school events, tournaments, sports and others related activities. Her duty is to arrange and organize the co-curriculum activity and all aspects regarding the cocurriculum including the supervision of the physical education, sports development, uniform bodies, clubs and societies. Besides that, she still helps and assists the principal regarding the school administrations. Apart from her position at administration level, she is English teacher. 5

2.2.4 Afternoon Supervisor The schools Afternoon Supervisor is Pn.Hjh. Wahinah Bt.Abd. Wahid. She takes charge of the Principals responsibilities in the afternoon session. She becomes the higher advisor for every aspects; namely administration, financial, curricular, co-curriculum and etc. She has the same right as the Principal in making any decision or consideration in the afternoon session. However, if the issue arises is concerning the whole school, then the Principal has the utmost power in making the decision. Normally, Principal is the absolute body to be referred to in any circumstances. The Afternoon Supervisor also carries major responsibilities in making sure that the schools administration, condition and everything are in good condition. 2.2.5 Heads of Sector

There are four heads of sector or better known as Guru Ketua Bidang (KB) in this school. The 4 main departments are; Language, Science & Mathematics, Technical & Vocational and Art & Humanities. The teachers are in charge of the academic development of their respective subjects in the school. The Heads of sector decide and plan the syllabus of each field for every academic year and also supervise the achievement records of the subject. 2.2.6 Heads of Panel

Heads of Panel are referred as KetuaPanitia in this school. The Heads of Panel work collaboratively with the Heads of Sector. The main duties are to be able to elaborate the syllabus contents and other subject matters, abide all the instructions that are related to any subjects taught in the classroom and able to determine all the aims that are needed to be achieved in all subjects, have an updated teaching record book and to be handed-in to the Principal at a selected time, prepare a detailed planning of lesson plans and to implement those plans accordingly, prepare and give sufficient amount of exercises to the students, check students work as well as to return the already checked and marked books to them immediately and carry out monthly tests for students and to record the tests questions as well as students achievements in the Teaching Record Book.

In addition, they are also obliged to recognize students weaknesses in any subjects, conduct remedial classes, able to use the reference books published by the Education Department, ensure students safety in the lab, KH workshops, ERT room as well as the maintenance of the equipments, attend meetings carried out by the Education Department and share all the information to other teachers, updated with all the latest information related to the teaching techniques in order to increase the development of learning process, report to the Heads of Sector regarding any problems in the learning process, ensure the safety and the maintenance of all study aids, being used appropriately and to assist in the preparation of Questions Bank. 2.2.7 Examination Secretary

In SMKS 19 Shah Alam, Mdm.AlasraBt.Saim is the SPM secretary while Mdm.Asmah Bt.Saad Khairuddin is the PMR secretary. They are both responsible in preparing the examination timetable, assigning respective teachers to prepare exam questions for respective subjects, managing the question papers in terms of security and to ensure that the question papers are kept properly for references. Furthermore, the examination secretary is also responsible to assign teachers to invigilate the examinations. 2.2.8 Sports Secretary

The sport secretary is entirely a different position as compared to the Co-curriculum Supervisor. The sports secretary is the person in charge of overall success of sports activities within the school. In addition, the sport secretary is responsible for planning and developing sport programs that will increase the performance of sports or games in school. Apart from that, sports secretary is also in charge of taking care of the schools sports equipment. 2.2.9 Classroom teachers

a) Class organization and management The classroom teachers are first responsible to assign the classs monitor, the assistant, and classs treasurer. Then, the classroom teacher assigns the students duty roster to tidy the classroom. The duties cover cleaning up the blackboards, sweep the floors, wipe the 7

windows, arrange the tables and chairs and throw rubbish. Besides, students are encouraged to update the announcement board and information board in the classroom with appropriate messages from time to time. b) Attendance record and students attendance Classroom teachers are required to mark the daily attendance record and keep the students attendance registration book at the office. This responsibility needs to be carried out on the daily basis. c) Learning report, school leaving certificate, admission letter and 001 card Classroom teachers need to ensure that each student has this/her report card to key in the students marks, co-curriculum book to keep track on the students participation in the co-curricular activities, and the 001book that contains the students health condition. d)Textbooks, scholarships and aids Classroom teachers are responsible to look after the textbooks scheme process and progress at the beginning of school term. Before the school term ends, again the classroom teachers are responsible to monitor the process of returning the textbooks to the SPBT room. f)Fees collection and donation Classroom teachers may start collecting the school fees once the schooldays begin. Besides, classroom teachers also need to collect the Parents Teachers Association fees as well as any examination fees for the examinations classes. Once, the money has been collected, then the classroom teachers must provide receipts to students. Next, classroom teachers must hand in the school fees collection and examination fees to the Senior Assistant (1) and submit the Parents Teachers Association donation fund to the treasurer of the association.

2.2.10 Teachers Teachers are individuals who are trained and qualified person to educate students in their respective field of studies. They are responsible in teaching the students to fully understand the subject matter. Thus, students should be able to perform in examination and achieve good grades. In general, teachers are considered as the second parents to the students during the school hours. Being good role models and embrace good moral values & behavior are crucial. 2.1.11 Others a) Administration Assistant (Finance Department) The main duties are to prepare the salary claim, scholarships, overtime allowance claim, individual assist claim, bills payment, update with Cash book - Government account, SUWA account and the hostel account. They are also need to manage schools cheques, calculate students special fund and keep bank slips and ordering office needs. b)Administration Assistant (Service Administration Department) The main duties are to manage BKP, Society charity aid and others, students transferring school process, replacement of teachers and support staff, approval of duty, penchant, government general exams and induction courses, letters and teachers leave record/ support staff, blue book / teachers teaching permit and students, teachers and support staff. Their additional duty is to carry out other duties which are instructed by the Principal/ Senior assistants from time to time. c) Typist A typist is to type letters which relates to school matters or which are instructed by the Principal or the Senior Assistants, assist the schools clerk officer, ensure and to take care of the usage of the typing machine and other equipment in good condition, take care of the stocks and update the typing machine stocks, such as stencils, typing papers and etc, type the salary amendment form, vouchers, monthly statement, the meetings minutes concerning teachers management, leaving school certificate and students testimonial, 9

travelling allowance and to carry out duties which are instructed by the Principal or the assistants from time to time. d) Lower General Staff Supervisor Their main duties are to manage staff to carry out their duties well, prepare list of staff duties, make orders for staffs equipment, decides on schools compound in order to be in clean condition, garden and trees and flowers are well taken care of, take action on matters relates on students toilets and collaborate with the canteen committee/ teachers on duty in taking care of the cleanliness of the school compound and canteen. e) Lower General Assistant (Office) They are to type the related letters concerning school matters or instructed by Principal or the Senior Assistants, manage teachers attendance book/ support staff, print exams questions and office channels, assist the administration assistant in bank matters for bill payments and others, takes and minutes the letters, place letters into files and distribute them to teachers/ support staff, post and take letters, records and controls all the office equipments stocks, update file system, tidy the principals room and the printing room and carry out duties that are instructed by Principal from time to time.


Staff Development

The staff development for every teacher in this school can be divided in two namely external and internal staff development activities. In term of external staff developmental activities, it is normally done outside the school. The staff developmental activities are held due to improving teachers professionalism in any teaching area such as classroom management. Basically, teachers are requested by the district education department to go to seminars or workshops to improve their knowledge. This will automatically increase their professionalism. Besides, the knowledge that they gain from the seminars can be used in school and shared with other teachers. As for internal developmental activities, it is normally done in the school. The school will be organizers and the teachers will be the participants.



Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) 2.4.1 The Organisation Chart



The Role of the Association

The Parents-Teacher Association (PTA) of the school is a collaboration network between parents and teachers in this school. All parents are involved in the association as their children attend this school. As for the teachers in the school, they are automatically members of PTA. The main objectives of the association are to assist the school in administering financial aspect, academic matter, co-curriculum achievement, and discussing on the discipline matters for betterment of the students. The association also encourages the bonding between the teachers & parents relationship. This is because, during the PTA meetings, both parents and teachers do mingle around and voice out their issues and opinions together 2.4.3 Activities

PTA has supported in finance for several activities that been involved students, teachers and also parents. The projects are like below: a. b. c. d. e. PTA Annual General Meeting: Improvement of Students Performance Program Principal List Sport Carnival Co-curriculum Day


3.0 3.1

Infrastructure School Facilities 3.1.1 Surau SMK Seksyen 19

Surau SMK Seksyen 19 is the principal of SMK Seksyen 19, Shah Alam. The development is located outside the mosque building blocks to enable the position of the mosque school is directly facing the Qiblah but still in renovation. Surau was only able to accommodate 300 students simultaneously in a given time.Because of these constraints, in 2010 due to the inclusion of more and more students, the school decided to make Foyer Block D as a temporary prayer space for all male students, while Surau Al-Falah was used as a prayer room for female students.


School Cafeteria

Cafeteria School Cafeteria or school canteen is open to the public through such specific criteria including price, quality and hygiene, citizenship status and medical history. However, in addition to buying food and drinks in school canteens, students have alternative including obtaining the cooperation of school at break time.Canteen was able to accommodate the number of students up to 400 people at one time.



A library is a general resource center to access and borrow materials such as books, magazines, reference books and storybooks. Besides that, the library is equipped with AV room in which it enables students to watch any CDs and DVDs under teachers supervision. The library is opened from 8.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m. Any teacher who wants to bring his or her students needs to make reservation first.

3.1.4 Science labs There are four science laboratories in SMK Seksyen 19. Each science laboratory is divided for four different science subjects. They are chemistry, biology, physic and science (for non pure sciences students) laboratories. Each laboratory is equipped with ICT equipments. Therefore, it will be easier for the teachers to do the process of teaching and learning. 13

3.1.5 Computer lab There is one computer lab in between Block A and Block E and it is equipped with 30 fully functional computers. Besides that, there are several computers in SAL (Self-Access Learning) room. Each computer has its own internet connection.

3.1.6 Workshops The workshops that are available in this school are Bengkel Elektronik, Bengkel Logam and Bengkel Kerja. Besides that, there are a sewing room, cooking room and self-management room available. These workshops are located nearby with each other in Block D. These workshops serve the upper form students who take such electives as well as for the lower form students who learn Kemahiran Hidup.

3.1.7 Sports Facilities Sport equipments in this school are kept in a sport room. The sport equipments available are varieties of balls, nets, and racquets. Normally, the sport teachers govern this room. As for the sport facilities, the school has a football field, assembly area, and two halls where the physical education classes can take place.

3.1.8 Teachers Room Teachers room is located on the first floor of block B and it is opposite to the schools office in Block A. It is a spacious room where the teachers table arrangement is according to respective departments. In addition, the teachers room is also equipped with pantry corner that has a refrigerator and sofas to give comfort to the teachers especially during their free time to relax.

3.1.9 Other Facilities Other facilities that can be found in this school are surau, a counseling room that locates the counselors, and a Bilik Pandang Dengar (APD) for the teachers convenience, the school also provides a nursery for the teachers and staffs to send their kids. In addition, Kedai Koperasi and Kedai Buku are available in this school to serve the students needs. 14

4.0 4.1

Curriculum Implementation of the Curriculum 4.1.1 Timetable

The entire schools timetable (for teachers as well as student) is tabulated by the top administrative personnel of the school, namely the principal with the helps from her senior assistants as well as the head of sectors. It is then confirmed and circulated to the teachers and students. Teacher will get their personal timetable which reflects the amount of period that she has per week for each of the subjects that he/she taught. Students on the other hand will get a copy of their own timetable which will reflects the numbers of subjects that they are taking and the amount of period allocated for the subjects. The timetables are then displayed in strategic places namely the classroom and staffroom so that everyone are aware of the activities/lesson that is to take place at a certain period of time. As of the Physics and Science subjects, each class of the subject is accorded with 5 periods per week (1 single period and 2 double periods).



As it is with other public government schools, SMK Seksyen 19 uses the KBSM syllabus that has been handed down by the ministry. The head of panels for each of the subjects, with the help of its member will tabulate the scheme of works which provide the detail on the learning outcomes that is to be achieved in a particular month or week. After that, the scheme of works is then confirmed, produced and is given to the subject teachers. Subject teacher then carries the responsibilities of conducting lesson by adopting the learning outcomes stipulated in the scheme of works as well as in the KBSM curriculum. As such, it is a must that the teacher to have a copy of the schools scheme of work, the KBSM syllabus and Curriculum specification. Teachers are required to cover the lessons accordingly.



Implementation of the Co-Curriculum


Clubs, Societies and uniform unit

Patronized by the Principal, the Senior Assistant of Co-Curriculum, Pn. Hjh. Mazni Bt. Mohd Sheriff heads a committee that will decide the movement of the clubs, societies, and uniform units for the year. The committee will also assign the teachers for respective clubs, societies, and uniform units as well as the time to hold their meeting. The committee will also collect the required information of the clubs, societies, and uniform units after they have done their Annual Grand Meeting. The teachers assigned to clubs, societies, or uniform units must ensure the movements, meetings, and activities of the units are properly held and organized. In addition, the teachers must fill in the cocurriculum record card of the students as proof of the students involvement. The co-curriculum day is on Wednesday. Each student is taking the clubs and uniform unit. Because of this the event for the clubs and society are interlaced each week. The co-curriculum programme start at 3p.m. for the morning session student and for evening session student they will start at 8a.m. 4.2.2 Sports and games

Similarly to the management of clubs, societies, and uniform units, a committee patronized by the Principal and lead by the Senior Assistant of Co-Curriculum is 16

responsible to ensure the flow of sports and games of the school for the year. Firstly, the committee will decide the sports and games that will be offered to the students based on several criteria. The criteria include the facilities in the school and the availability of trainers or coaches. Next, the committee will assign the teachers for the sports or games. The teachers assigned will have to do the same things as the teachers for clubs, societies, and uniform units. In addition, the teacher must also decide on the training as well as the coach for the sports or games.Therefore, the school carnival is one month that is from 1 July 2011 to 31 July 2011. There have many games that will be participate by students. I was assigned to be supervisor of softball and the competition will be held on 20 and 21 July 2011.


Teaching Observation As a trainee teacher, teaching observation is important in order to get a real situation before teaching in the class. Classroom observation important as preparation for trainee teacher starts teaching in the class. There were several aspects that been observed in classroom observation which are content of organization, presentation, teacher-student interactions, teaching aids, content knowledge and relevance. My mentor is a Physicsteacher, Mr.Jasimin Bin Mohd. I was observed his lesson in 4 Putra class on 12 July 2011 at 11.20a.m 12.20 p.m. From my observation in about one hour, I can concluded that Mr.Jasimin Bin Mohd was good and experienced teacher. The content organization of the physicslesson was accomplished very well. He has arranged the content in systematically from the set induction until the conclusion. He has made the content almost achieved the objective. Besides that, the presentation done by the Mr.Jasimin Bin Mohdwas also well because he has a good voice projection like a good teacher. His explanation also was very clear and easy to understand by the students. He also managed to determine the appropriate push line in the lesson.

However, he failed to get all students interest in the lesson especially students who are sitting at the back. This is because; most of the students at the back were very sleepy and bored. Moreover, he has good interaction with the students. He always responds to all students that are asked and having problems or confusion. He always 17

encourages students to participate in discussion and questions. He is also an understanding teacher because he always allows time for the students to take the note at in front. But, they were some students have take advantage with his kind characteristic because not pay attention to his lesson. For teaching aids, he has used OHP projector and traditional method which is white board and marker as major aids. He always makes a supported lesson with useful discussion and exercise. However, I am very sad because there are some students not participate the discussion and not done the exercise. Hence, I am not sure the students understand or not the lesson. He did not given homework to ensure all the students have an additional exercise. Maybe all students can understand his lesson. Overall, I have got so many benefits from this observation especially about classroom management and presentation. I will implement all the good techniques that have been done by my mentor, Mr.Jasimin Bin Mohd




SMK Seksyen 19, Shah Alam is a very good government school. It is one of the school that has implemented One Malaysian concept that has been suggested by the Sixth Prime Minister, Dato Seri MohdNajibTunRazak. This school consists variety of races and religions. With this multicultural community, SMK Seksyen 19 has successfully produced a good and quality students and teachers. SMK Seksyen19 has a very good community member especially the teachers. The relationships between the teachers are very closed and friendly. The implication of this situation, we can see that SMK Seksyen 19 does not have any serious discipline problems. Although the facilities of the school is not very complete, the students still can manage to learn in comfortable and good condition. All these phenomena have made community SMK Seksyen 19 success in curriculum and co-curriculum.

School orientation program (SOP) is a very important component to all trainee teachers. By SOP, the trainee teachers will know the real situation in the school that he/she will teach. Besides, the trainee teachers also manage to know the system of the school like the management, facilities, procedures, curriculums, co-curriculum and many more. The trainee teacher also will notice the roles of all the communities in the school including all the departments and school association. I have a lot of information about the SMK Seksyen 19 and know many staff there. It has helped me to adapt with the situation of the school when teaching in this school. Lastly, I suggest that for the next time, our faculty should always send trainee teacher at this school because it is good school.





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Rabu, 03 Ogos 2011 - Jumaat, 05 Ogos 2011 08:00 - 17:00 UjianSetara 2 :: Kurikulum Isnin, 08 Ogos 2011 - Jumaat, 12 Ogos 2011 08:00 - 17:00 PeperiksaanPercubaan PMR :: Kurikulum Isnin, 15 Ogos 2011 PelancaranBulanMerdeka :: KoKurikulum Rabu, 17 Ogos 2011 08:00 - 17:00 HariNuzul Al-Quran :: CutiUmum Rabu, 24 Ogos 2011 Mesyuarat AJK Kokurikulum :: KoKurikulum Sabtu, 27 Ogos 2011 - Ahad, 04 September 2011 08:00 - 17:00 CutiPertengahanPenggal 2 :: CutiPenggal Selasa, 30 Ogos 2011 - Rabu, 31 Ogos 2011 08:00 - 17:00 Hari Raya AidilFitri :: CutiUmum Rabu, 31 Ogos 2011 08:00 - 17:00 HariKebangsaan :: CutiUmum Isnin, 05 September 2011 PelancaranKarnivalKokurikulum :: KoKurikulum Rabu, 07 September 2011 DemonstrasiKarnivalKokurikulum :: KoKurikulum Khamis, 08 September 2011 - Rabu, 28 September 2011 08:00 17:00 PeperiksaanPercubaan SPM :: Kurikulum Selasa, 13 September 2011 PersembahanKebudayaan :: KoKurikulum Jumaat, 16 September 2011 08:00 - 17:00 Hari Malaysia :: CutiUmum Khamis, 22 September 2011 PersembahanKebudayaan :: KoKurikulum Isnin, 26 September 2011 SerahanmarkahKokukepada guru kelas&penyelaras ... :: KoKurikulum Khamis, 29 September 2011 MesyuaratAgungKoperasi SMK S19 :: KoKurikulum Khamis, 29 September 2011 08:00 - 17:00 MajlisSolatHajat :: Pentadbiran Isnin, 03 Oktober 2011 SerahanmarkahKokukepada S/U :: KoKurikulum Khamis, 06 Oktober 2011 Mesyuarat AJK Kokurikulum :: KoKurikulum Isnin, 10 Oktober 2011 SerahanBukuPenilaianKokukepada PK kokurikulum ... :: KoKurikulum Isnin, 10 Oktober 2011 - Khamis, 20 Oktober 2011 08:00 - 17:00 23

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September 2011

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Oktober 2011

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PeperiksaanAkhirTahun :: Kurikulum Jumaat, 21 Oktober 2011 HariKecemerlanganKokurikulm :: KoKurikulum Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011 08:00 - 17:00 HariDeepavali :: CutiUmum Ahad, 06 November 2011 - Isnin, 07 November 2011 08:00 17:00 Hari Raya AidilAdha :: CutiUmum Jumaat, 11 November 2011 MesyuaratRumahSukan :: KoKurikulum Sabtu, 12 November 2011 JamuanAkhirTahunKoperasi :: KoKurikulum Sabtu, 19 November 2011 - Ahad, 01 Januari 2012 08:00 - 17:00 CutiAkhirTahun 2011 :: CutiAkhirTahun Rabu, 23 November 2011 - Selasa, 20 Disember 2011 08:00 17:00 Peperiksaan SPM :: Kurikulum Ahad, 27 November 2011 08:00 - 17:00 Awal Muharram :: CutiUmum Ahad, 11 Disember 2011 08:00 - 17:00 HariKeputeraan Sultan Selangor :: CutiUmum Ahad, 25 Disember 2011 08:00 - 17:00 HariKrismas :: CutiUmum Khamis, 29 Disember 2011 08:00 - 17:00 Mesyuarat Guru 2012 :: Pentadbiran

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November 2011

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Disember 2011

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Curriculum briefing

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4. Co-curriculum Organization Chart