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Local DALAL to LOWER Permanent Locality Residence were Influenced in Various Way to Spread Rumor.

Sarad Chandra Novel


LAST...Letter....After Death Person Responsible for MY Grievance and ACT

Reply Subhojeet Dey to cj, presidentofind. show details Jul 27 (4 days ago)

Petty Case.1st Path of 1 to Crime Way = Society

"My Voice"....After Death Invst & Action If Common Man...The Press Works

...TRP..???LAST Letter...Cops Timely Workout Failure due to Politics

POLICE PIUBLIC PRESS POLITCS = THE YEAR MONTH WEEK TWIST.......EVOLUTION REQUIRE.....PARIVARTAN..Party Fall to Society Because of our//Curse why Not before 2006...Such Scenario of Party Rose but after 2006 / 2007 some Fact With us or Murder fixed Ri

zwan to Lalgarh..Diversification!!!



I Know nor Your Department or You DIDI Mamta Banerjee Will act Timely as like CP case Matter Forwarded to SP to Sonarpur>>>??2008 / 2009 Now 2011.Do Scenario Remains same or Human Nature but Changes with Lizard Character of Environment to Surrounding to Wolf Nature - just to Save Some Penny of Maintenance but on Personal Cause Lakhs Spend as ShowoffCould You Get the Scenario and Workout of Mr Ranjit Dasgupta till March 2011 or Say July 2010 or Mrs Ranjana Dutta ChakraPani Dutta Wife - Ask and Let your SI recall dated 11/10/2006 or other SIs after about Mr Ranjit Dasgupta or others Signed on Witness as heard?? Or On Phone was Conveyed...///then what

about that they did till 2010 using others they didnt left Guard too who were used in various way against us Like Bike failure to Work out to Lift toWhat Will you[we] do Just next day write a Complain to Police Station and after 15 -17 days then they will come but I would be on Leave as was done via Guard dt 11/10/2006 and same the guard did..Police Sis didnt did any things when on their given Mobile no direct Guard Saying was made to heardsame do OC too on calls several[2] after hearing dropped the Phone otherwise if he might had send his team..All matter would be caught and heard that night in 2009 / 2008 but what he can do all were under influence and Workout of CPI[M] Team.

Neither see after my matter to Saferindia March 2008 nor any complain to Police orvia these GROUP+ WHY???///as per Some Police Top Brash to Political Brain = Matter outso they could becopsas after dt incident many investigation all in our favors sothe group should do now work undocumented and used someas like Papyia Acharyia[Dey]kankata Women 1F..And they succeeded other brain but Shoulder 1Fand going on.but After MAY / MARCH 2011 Different Attire / July 2010 / January 2010..

If these matter Was Solved in 2008 / 2007 only I could have tried to Solve NIHT, Infouniv, IGNOU = TIMELY= BUSINESS POLICY and Education Same NOW DAYS matter but Morning to Evening or Police Workout Lost Trust along with humanity to For Rs 2000 What an SI could do same do OC for Rs 8000 and do any one

could proof all..But way investigation was done proofs the Point and every criminal Becomes big Criminal from a Small Pretty Case onlyas Society doesnt allow him to Live Honestly.

My parents nor Support any Wrong Workout or group any one to Act inhuman way but Requested to Solve any matter in Round table not like as was Done to Mr Chatterjee 84+yr old though he is Acting Wrong but What education Says if other says or does wrong do same we / usbut Society and own self Twisted the Cause

I had Seen the Government working person are Bold but Private had No Boldness but oiling to Cunning to Environments Beneficiary with No Backbone but fact revealing description of Reality with Expression to Grouping as thats the Fact within Twist too..the Society

See Money Power Just to Litigate using LAW Loop hole TATA [BUSINESSMAN annual HIRE TOP Lawyers] case against you{State} as they Know matter to go beyond 5yrs and till then any CPI[M] might regain Power as are in watch out to actas they know Power if given to Wreck??? what happens that too who is waiting for many year as madam Might not but most in Her Team wouldand thus Channel is there to Elasticity in COMMON-MAN case why no timely invst to Action GOD KNOWS=TRP!!!

If these the Case of Government of a State then think what about Common man who Earn Day and Night for Monthly income and for their Real Authority to get they had to Run after Advocate Pocket to///Filling..What they will do

Do You Will Print invitations Card for any function of My Family function or Entertainment of Mine from your various way and that too if Earning from Black then YES {Tax Stealing} as like Renter (2D or 1D-Now owner or Previous Renter 2D Mr Karmakar or [1F Never Tax] etc ...If not to oil, to achieve any goal as was done via several Renter to Flat owner and going ON and when we pay as per Our own Desire we Are.//they just to remain Clear ,group and Support in Need ..............CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Details in my Blog

Several Acknowledgement and Investigation assurance but Never Ever and Timely but Opponent were remain Safeguard and Work with Open Eye and Be CAUTIOUS!!

1. kolkata cop :
Date: October 1, 2009 @ 7:02 pm ID-ROV/2009/36 Dear Mr Subhojeet Dey, Sonarpur PS falls under south 24-parganas, under bengal police area. This is outside the jurisdiction of kolkata police. However, we would try to send your letters to SP South 24Pargans. Subho Bijoya, Kolkata Cops

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Your Have Infrastructure and Media to Investigate do I Am Speaking Truth orUse them For Fair WorkSociety Needs You and Yours Support than what CPI[M] had Done for 34+yrs Own self=Society or Cunningnessor DALAL Moral IncreasedTIME KILLING=SAMAY!!THE VALUE

PROOF ...OF Realistic if Says....All Batch mate Lurk...Influenced but Not 2006?? 2007 - 2008 but 2010-2011 Own self
Roll No:- 02070101!download|978l32|438996116|Infouniv_dt_080210.avi|38815!download|604l32|439010575|Infouniv_dt_24-11-2010.avi|315475

Infouniv Notice to me In 2011 When I Email or On Person Direct Interaction Said the Fact in Nov 2010 which Previously as Per Industry version So No Act or Action Just Delay or Time pass or Valuation Given But When Truth Said NOTICE LEGAL / ILLEGAL ?? With many Dreaming Charges from the Fact DIVERSION-Which Says I Joined 2006 December but do any Institute Starts A Course At Booking Fees Rs 500/- ???When 1st As per Policy??? Installment given on 28th January 2007??? Class Started from 8th February 2007after then ////Attendance Sheet of INFOUNIV and My Batch mates Name Included or Not???Will Proof Many Thingsthe happeningits a BTECH unsuccessful Placement DEAN???

Whereas NIHT (Same do ...) through its Money Lurk and Made the Batchmate Moral and Experience which ??To Proof many other thingsOther Policy ??TIME Kill to Hide the Fact