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Customers Perception towards Equity Trading with Anagram Stock broking Limited
For Partial Fulfillment of Master in Business Administration.
Submitted to:-

Srusti Academy Of Management, Bhubaneswar

Report Submitted by: NIHAR RANJAN MOHARANA

Regd No:0906286092
Under the Supervision of

Asst.Prof.Mr.Jeetendu Satapathy


This is to certify that the project entitled Customers Perception towards Equity Trading with Anagram Stock broking Limited, Bhubaneswar is a genuine Interim report carried out by Nihar Ranjan Moharana at Srusti Academy OF MANAGEMENT, BHUBNESWAR for the partial fulfillment of Master in Business Administration.

Bhubaneswar Date

Asst.Prof:Mr.Jeetendu Satapathy


This is to certify that the project entitled, Customers
Perception towards Equity Trading with Anagram Stock broking Limited,Bhubaneswar is a bonafied work of Nihar Ranjan

Moharana, a student of Srusti Academy Of Management (SAM), Bhubaneswar, bearing Reg. No.0906286092, and was successfully conducted at Anagram stock broking Ltd., Bhubaneswar, for the partial fulfillment of Master in Business Administration.

Trinath Lenka,
Regional Manager,

Date Anagram Stock

broking Ltd., Bhubaneswar

I, Nihar Ranjan Moharana here declare that project entitled Customers Perception towards Equity Trading with Anagram Stock broking Limited, Bhubaneswar is a genuine Interim report carried out by me under the guidance of Mr. Trinatha Lenka, Regional Manager, Anagram Stock broking Ltd., Bhubaneswar Branch and Asst. Prof Mr.Jeetendu Satapathy, of Srusti Academy Of Management, Bhubaneswar. I further declare that it is completely of my own work. It has been submitted to the SRUSTI ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT, BHUBANESWAR for the awarding project marks or any other.

Bhubaneswar Date:


Thi s project has been a great learning experience for me and I would like to express my gratitude to those who guided throughout and without their help and co-operation project would not be possible. At the very outset I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Trinath lenka, Regional Manager, Anagram Stock broking Ltd. Bhubaneswar, who was kind enough for providing me this opportunity to undertake in this organization.

Back to my institution Srusti Academy Of Management, I acknowledged with gratitude the suggestion received from my internal guide Mr.Jeetendu Satapathy, Asst. Professor,Marketing. I express my gratitude to his whom has given me his valuable suggestions in my project.

Nihar Ranjan Moharana Regd No:0906286092


Executive Summary Chapter- 1 Introduction

1.1 Introduction of Anagram Stock broking Co. Chapter- 2 2.1 Review of literature 2.2 Importance of study 2.3 Objective of the study 2.4 Limitation of the study

2.5 Scope of Study

Chapter- 3 3.1 Research Methodology Chapter-4 4.1 Result Chapter-5 5.1 Project Findings & Conclusions Chapter-6 6.1 Recommendation


7.1 Bibliography



Anagram Stock broking Ltd, Anagram Securities limited, Anagram Comtrade Limited and Enagram Online Limited (Collectively referred as 'Anagram') are part of the illustrious Lalbhai Group and are one of India's top corporate broking houses. Anagram Stock broking Limited is a member of The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and a Depository Participant of the NSDL and Anagram Securities limited is a member of National Stock Exchange Limited and Anagram Comtrade Limited is a member of India's 3 premier commodities Exchanges namely MCX, NCDEX, and NMCE. Anagrams are a complete service brokerage house offering the entire spectrum of services that an equity investor would need and offer real time offline and online trading platform on the BSE & NSE both in cash and F & O segment. It also offers his Clients online access their account and information. To cater to the ever mobile trader as well as the net savvy investor It offer state-of the art online trading through website Regular updates during trading hours, and access to information, analysis and research, and a range of monitoring tools on www.anagram.co has made it one of the most favorite sites amongst the investors. Today, Anagram is one of India's leading corporate broking houses with a very strong network of its own Branches and Franchisees across India. With a network of more than 169 odd branches and a clientele of more than 79,000 Retail investors, Anagram is counted among the top 5 brokerages in the retail arena. Anagram Stock Broking Ltd. is amongst the leading retail broking houses in India. It is engaged in offering comprehensive personal finance solutions since 1994. The company is a part of the Rs 25 bn Lalbhai Group. The group companies in the capital and commodities market area include Anagram Stock broking Ltd, Anagram capital Ltd., Moneypore.com and Anagram Comtrade Ltd. Anagram offers a wide range of services for the discerning equity investor, in addition to online account access and real time trading.


Review of Literature
Indian Equity Market
The Indian Equity Market is also the other name for Indian share market or Indian stock market. The forces of the market depend on monsoons, global funding flowing into equities in the market and the performance of various companies. The Indian market of equities is transacted on the basis of two major stock indices, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) and The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the trading being carried on in a dematerialized form. The physical stocks are in liquid form and cannot be sold by the investors in any market. Two types of funds are there in the Indian Equity Market; Venture Capital Funds and Private Equity Funds. The Indian equity market has emerged as third biggest after China and Hong Kong in the emerging Asian region, with a market capitalization of nearly $600 billion, a latest ADB report says. According to the Asian Development Bank's Asia Capital Markets Monitor report, the combined market capitalization of all the equity markets in the Emerging Asia region stood at $5,770 billion (about Rs 290 lakh crore) at end of March 2009. The equity indexes are correlated beyond the boundaries of different countries with their exposure to common calamities like monsoon which would affect both India and Bangladesh or trade integration policies and close connection with the foreign investors. From 1995 onwards, both in terms of trade integration and FIIs India has made an advance. All these have established a close relationship between the stock market indexes of India stock market and those of other countries. The Stock derivatives add up all futures and options on all individual stocks. This stock index derivative was found to have gone up from 12 % of NSE derivatives turnover in 2002 to 35 % in 2004. The Indian Equity Market also comprise of the Debt Market, dominated by primary dealers, banks and wholesale investors. Indian Equity Market at present is a lucrative field for the investors and investing in Indian stocks are profitable for not only the long and medium-term investors, but also the position

traders, short-term swing traders and also very short term intra-day traders. In terms of market capitalization, there are over 2500 companies in the BSE chart list with the Reliance Industries Limited at the top. The SENSEX today has rose from 1000 levels to 8000 levels providing a profitable business to all those who had been investing in the Indian Equity Market. There are about 22 stock exchanges in India which regulates the market trends of different stocks. Generally the bigger companies are listed with the NSE and the BSE, but there is the OTCEI or the Over the Counter Exchange of India, which lists the medium and small sized companies. There is the SEBI or the Securities and Exchange Board of India which supervises the functioning of the stock markets in India. In the Indian market scenario, the large FMCG companies reached the top line with a doubledigit growth, with their shares being attractive for investing in the Indian stock market. Such companies like the Tata Tea, Britannia, to name a few, have been providing a bustling business for the Indian share market. Other leading houses offering equally beneficial stocks for investing in Indian Equity Market, of the SENSEX chart are the two-wheeler and three-wheeler maker Bajaj Auto and second largest software exporter Infosys Technologies. Other than some restricted industries, foreign investment in general enjoys a majority share in the Indian Equity Market. Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) need to register themselves with the SEBI and the RBI for operating in Indian stock exchanges. In fact from the Indian stock market analysis it is known that in some specific industries foreigners can have even 100% shares. In the last few years with the facility of the Online Stock Market Trading in India, it has been very convenient for the FIIs to trade in the Indian stock market. From an analysis on the Indian Equity Market it can be said that the increase in the foreign investments over the years no doubt have accentuated the dynamism of the Indian market of equities. Foreign investors are allowed to buy Indian equity for the purpose of converting the equity into ADR or GDR. three-year period, the investment results will be superior to any market index. The portfolio, however, may fluctuate in the short run, as the investment decisions will be guided by business prospects and not by short-term market movements. They feel that this process will be well suited to the needs of investors.

They see their role as that of an unbiased information provider and advisor attempting to empower individuals to take investment decisions and styles that suit them. There selection of companies reflects this many of the companies that they have recommended for investment are providers of goods and services that touch the every day life of most of us. Anagrams belief is that the comfort level of investing in such companies, therefore, would be very high.

Different Service provided by ANAGRAM COMPANIES


The company has offline infrastructure comprising 12 offices and close to 100 trading terminals in various parts of the country. Launching Moneypore.com, In India online trading is still in its nascent stage (having been cleared by SEBI in January 2000) but had the potential to reach 30-35 per cent of total traded volumes in the next couple of years. He highlighted the fact that the trading portal was only an extension of the broking business and had the potential to increase the size of the market with the addition of new investors with www.moneypore.com. The CEO of the company is Mr. Darshan Mehta. In the coming days, the broking business would change from value-based brokerage to tradebased brokerage as volumes picked up and competition intensified. Competition would come not only from pure online broking foreign firms, but also from "rank outsiders" who had the technology to provide online broking. Moneypore would in due course introduce new products for the benefit of investors including spot payment for sale of demats shares. Moneypore offers two types of accounts, the leveraged or margin trading account and the cash & carry or delivery-based account. As a special introductory offer no brokerage will be charged for the first 3 months (subject to maximum trading turnover of Rs 10 lakh or delivery turnover of Rs 2 lakh, whichever is earlier). For margin trading, the rates range from 5 paise to 10 paise depending on the volume of trade in a given settlement and 50 paise for delivery-based trading.


Anagram Comtrade Ltd, an entity separately floated for the purpose of facilitating its clients in commodity futures trading has acquired the membership of MCX & NCDEX. With its branches in & around the commodity delivery centers, it has started accommodating traders from these centers as their clients. Commodity trading is in the initial phase of its recognition, anagram are targeting a daily turnover of Rs. 100 Crore, which is currently pegged at over Rs. 25 Crore and have already done quite a few delivery-based transactions there by gaining expertise in this area. The commodity market is not all about the commodity traders as even in this new arena the general investors can add to their wealth. The investors can exploit the arbitrage opportunity available and speculators can trade in commodities, on which they can form a fair view as the trade can be squared off at any time before market closes or before the Tender & Delivery Period, that too with a very small margin. Our aim is to spread out the awareness about the Exchange traded commodity futures to prospective customers who know less about this promising concept called commodity derivatives, to the existing commodity traders who have already been trading in an unorganized arrangement with local exchanges who provide these services, imparting knowledge about the latest market events and keeping the investors abreast about the happenings in this commodity market. ANAGRAMS OTHER EDGE Trade from anywhere in India Anagram, with its vast network of branches across the India, has always strived to reach you, no matter where we are. This gives us the facility to trade from anywhere in India. Reliable research Anagram has a dedicated team of research analysts who work round the clock to provide the best research advices and newsletters. We reach your desk daily, weekly and monthly. Personalized Services Anagram, with its wide array of made to order services from stock broking to Depository services takes the pleasure of adding one more service, commodities broking with the same personal feel. State of Infrastructure The strong state of Art Infrastructure of Anagram helps us to provide customized direct services through our back office system, nation-wide connectivity and website. Round the clock operations in commodities trading

Indian commodities market, unlike stock market keeps awake till 12 in the night and Anagram is all poised to offer round the clock services through its dedicated team of professionals. Commodities DP Anagram has been empanelled as Commodities Depository Participant by NCDEX, as a client you will be able to do all the deliverable trades with us in electronic format. Markets and Network Anagram has membership in all the leading stock and commodities exchanges in the country. The firm is a member in NSE (INB 23059760 INF 23059760), BSE (INB010808537 INF 010808537), NCDEX (NCDEX/TCM/CORP/0299) and MCX (MCX/TCM/CORP/0855). It is a depository participant with NSDL. Anagram has its roots in Western India and has established nationwide presence with 169 branches, 1,360 sub-brokers, 2,556 terminals and a professional team of 2,000 plus employees spread across major metros and states in the country. It also provides trading in futures and options through its online portal www.anagram.co.in

Areas of Expertise
Anagram offers real time trading opportunities on the BSE as well as the NSE. It also offers depository and online services to clients for account accessing and information through its online portal catering to the needs of mobile trader as well as the net savvy investor. Anagram offers state-of the art online trading through its website (www.anagram.co.in). Regular updates during trading hours, and access to information, analysis and research, and a range of monitoring tools is available. The company has steadily building up a comprehensive portfolio of products and services apart from conventional broking. High speed anywhere trading through the net, online depository services, commodities trading and retail debt products are increasingly areas of special emphasis for the company.

Anagram is a research driven organization. Daily Call is its morning newsletter that takes a trading call on the market and gives a ringside view of the overnight national and international events. Customers get real time feeds on news, comments and recommendations through instant messaging that are of utmost essence to the serious trader. The Weekly Watch delivered to all the clients every Saturday evening is the most comprehensive reports of its kind. The report summons developments over the past week, major economic talking points, summary on derivatives markets, technical outlook and trading ideas for the forthcoming week and fundamental investments with an exhaustive research report for a medium to long term horizon. On the commodities side, it releases daily and weekly reports providing outlook on international agri-commodities.


Life Insurance Products are absolutely necessary like providing Shelter for our family or education to our children. Life Insurance is the only financial instruments which take care of the standard of living and financial stability to the family in case of eventuality of disability or death. The Main qualities of Insurance are Safety, Protection and Return. Life Insurance is the only product which covers you during all cycles of your life and beyond. It is important to plan while you are earning, to safeguard yourself and your family against all unexpected odds. Our Services available at ZERO Cost through our Pan India Network branches Investments in life insurance provide the dual benefit of saving for your future financial requirements as well as financial security for your dependants in case of your death. Unlike other investment instruments (term deposits, mutual funds and stock market securities etc.), the nature of life insurance products is such that they are designed for the long term (10 years or more) and provide the best results when they are continued for their full term. At Aviva, life insurance plans are created keeping in mind our changing needs and our families. Aviva life insurance plans are designed to provide us with flexible options that meet both protection and savings needs. It offers its customers a full range of transparent, flexible and value for money products that include whole life (LifeLong, Aviva LifeLine), endowment (LifeSaver, SaveGuard, EasyLife Plus, LifeSaver Plus, LifeSaver Super,Aviva Sachin Century) and traditional endowment (Dhan Vriddhi, Aviva Moneyback), child plan (Aviva Little Master) single premium (LifeBond Plus), pension (PensionPlus,Secure Pension), term (LifeShield), fixed term protection cum savings plan (Freedom LifePlan), health plan (Aviva Health Plus),with profits plan (Aviva Money Back) and a short-pay recurring premium investment cum protection plan (LifeBond5). Aviva products are modern and contemporary unitized products that offer unique customer benefits like flexibility to choose cover levels, indexation, partial withdrawals and unique investment options like a Systematic Transfer Plan to get the benefit of systematic investments and an Automatic Asset Allocation Plan which changes the risk structure on your investments as your age increases. It also have 3 rural plans which are a low cost term plan Amar Suraksha and 2 endowments Anmol Suraksha and Jana Suraksha.

Mutual Funds
Anagram provides a host of services for customers investing in mutual funds. It offers wide range of services like, rankings of different mutual fund schemes, list of new schemes issued in the market, interviews with fund managers, Insta NAV a quick search based application that enables customers to get the related information about the desired scheme, Primer a brief description about mutual funds, RBI procedural guidelines and a Risk Profiler which helps the customers in ascertaining ones own profile, thus minimizing risk.

Advisory Services
Apart from broking business, Anagram is also engaged in offering advisory services of investments into mutual funds, primary market, life insurance and other small saving products. The distribution services add up to their broking business and are serviced by experts at each

location. The business is supported by an efficient research and back office team. Anagrams set of diligent advisors helps its customers plan and get more out of ones money. The schemes include, fixed income, bank fixed deposits, and company fixed deposits, small savings schemes, tax saving schemes and NRI deposits. Anagram also provides tax planning services where a list of tax saving schemes and a forum for Q&A where the queries are answered by the tax advisors; and an NRI advisory body, where it provides information for NRIs in helping them makes judicious investment decisions.

Loan Advisory
Anagram also provides advisory services on the loan schemes of certain banks to its customers. The schemes include, home loans, adhoc loans, professional loans, educational loans, consumer loans and auto loans. Its advisory services are classified into four categories namely; Primers giving an overview about all schemes that are available, Calculators where it helps the customers with quick calculators, Jargon Buster a translator and Digital Advisors which help in making decisions easy. It has entered into partnership with many leading banks in providing this facility.

NUMBER OF TERMINALS TOTAL MAJOR CITIES Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Chennai Ahmadabad OTHER CITIES & STATES Jaipur Hyderabad Nagpur Others 158 149 336 189 276 128 124 83 1113 2556


Trading (Equity/ Derivative/ Commodity) IPOs RBI Relief/Tax Saving Bonds Depository Services Arbitrage Margin Financing Sale of Mutual Funds Technology Products Investment Banking Investment Advisory Online Trading Merger & Acquisitions Insurance PMS

Cash Market : NSE, BSE Derivatives : NSE, BSE Debt Market : BSE Commodities : NCDEX, MCX


No. of Employees : 2000 No. of Offices : 169 No. of Sub-brokers : 1360 Terminals with Sub-brokers: 1231

CEO Mr. Myank Shah Directors Mr. V K Sharma Chief Compliance Officer Mr. J. Shah

Major competitors of ANAGRAM STOCK BROKING LTD.

India Bulls UTI securities KARVY securities HDFC securities SBI online trading Sharekhan securities

In these days I have got the knowledge buying habits of the customers at some extent. Now I dont feel any problem to talk with any customer. At last I have sale insurance of rupees16, 000(annual premium) and open an account of demat of rupees 1,000 and collected data

base of those customer who want to take the insurance product and open an account in Anagram stock broking Ltd.

Perception is how customer sees the world around them. It is the process by which an individual selects, organizes and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and coherent manner. But same event is viewed differently by different people. It depends upon sensitivity of different situation. For example when there is a violence ,killing of innocent people in Kashmir it is called terrorism by India but those who do so call it straggle for freedom. Perception is the process by which organisms interpret and organize sensation to produce a meaningful experience of the environment they live in. It is a complex cognitive process and differs from one individual to another depending on the needs, values and expectations of the individual. Perception describes one's ultimate experience of the world and typically involves further processing of sensory input. The perception of two individuals may differ even if they are exposed to the same stimuli, under the same conditions. People working in an organization could differ in many ways. They could differ in physical characteristics such as height, weight and complexion. They could also differ in background characteristics like level of education and training. But the most important difference could be in their perceptions. People respond to situations on the basis of their perception about reality rather than the reality itself. Perceptions may also differ from organization to organizations. Some organizations perceive that aggressive and dominating culture and the maintenance of conformity of all employees to certain beliefs and values is essential for their success. But some organizations perceive that cooperation, team culture and preservation of individual identities are crucial for their success.

Internal factors influencing the perceptions

The internal set factors are as under: a) Habit b) Motivation and interest c) Learning d) Organizational and specialization e) Economic and social background f) Personality

Habit: Habits die hard and therefore individuals perceive objects, situations and conditions differently according to their habits. A Hindu will bow and do Namaskar when he sees a temple while walking on road, because of his well-established habit. These are several instances in life settings where individuals tend to react with the right response to the wrong signals. Thus a retired soldier may throw himself on the ground when he hears a sudden burst of car tyre. Motivation and interest: Two examples of motivational factors are hunger and thirst. Motivational factors increase the individual's sensitivity to those stimuli which he considers as relevant to the satisfaction of his needs in view of his past experience with them. A thirsty individual has a perceptual set to seek a water fountain or a hotel to quench his thirst, which increases for him likelihood of perceiving restaurant signs and decreases the likelihood of visualizing other objects at that moment in time. A worker who has a strong need for affiliation, when walks into the lunchroom, the table where several coworkers are sitting tends to be perceived and the empty table or the table where only one person is sitting will attract no attention. Learning: The state of learning influences and plays a crucial role in the perception process. However, it should be recognized that the role of learning is more pronounced in respect of complex forms of perception where the symbolic content creeps into the process. Although interrelated with motivation and personality, learning may play the single biggest role in developing perceptual set. People perceive as per their levels of learning. it is therefore essential for the organization to make its employees knowledgeable and educated for their effective performance and behavior. The learning of managers and workers is a twin requirement. Organizational role and specialization: The modern organizations value specialization. Consequently the specialty of a person that casts him in a particular organizational role predisposes him to select certain stimuli and to disregard others. Thus in a lengthy report a departmental head will first notice the text relating to his department. Economic and social background: The employee perceptions are based on economic and social backgrounds. Socially and economically developed employees have a more positive attitude towards development rather than less developed employees. Personality: The personalities of the perceiver as well as the stimulator have an impact on the perception process. The age, sex, race, dress, etc of both the persons have a direct influence on the perception process.

External factors influencing the perceptions

The external attention factors are: a) Intensity b) Size c) Contrast

d) Repetition e) Motion f) Novelty and familiarity g) Situations Intensity: The intensity of stimulus implies that the more intense the stimulus audio or visual, the more is the likelihood it will be perceived. A loud noise, strong odour or bright light or bright colours will be more readily perceived than soft sound, weak odour or dim light. It is because of this advantage that advertisers employ intensity to draw the consumers' attention. Size: The size of the object or stimulus has a greater impact on the perception process because the size influences attention and recognition in a more effective manner. A Great Den dog which is tall attracts the attention. At the same time a pocket dog also attracts attention because of its size. However, generally the larger the object the more likely it will be perceived. The amount of attention enhances with the size of the newspaper advertisement exposed to the individuals although the increase in attention may not be directly proportional to the increase in size. Contrast: Contrasting objects have more impact on behavior. The contrast principle states that external stimuli, which stand out against the background or which, are not what the people expect will receive attention. Plant safety signs, which have black lettering on a yellow background or white lettering on a red background, are attentions getting. Any change in the accustomed atmosphere attracts attraction. His if one or more of the machines should come suddenly to a half, the supervisor would immediately notice the difference in noise level. Also a person who has fallen asleep in a bus because of the drone of the engine wakes up immediately the engine stops. Repetition: Repeated stimuli have more impact on performances than a single statement. Repetition has the advantage of being attention catching. Perhaps, it is because of this that supervisors tend to repeat directions regarding job instructions several times for even simple tasks to hold the attention of their workers. Advertisers while putting T.V. or radio advertisements repeat the brand name they are advertising. Motion: The factor of motion implies that the individuals attend to changing objects in their field of vision than to static objects. It is because of this advantage that advertisers involve signs, which include moving objects in their campaigns. At an unconscious level the animals in the jungles make use of this principle. A tiger lying in wait is motionless until his prey is nearer him and then jumps at an appropriate moment. Novelty and familiarity: A novel object in the familiar situation or a familiar object in a novel situation tends to attract attention. Thus a white person or a black person in India catches attention faster. Job rotation is an example of this principle. Recent research indicates that job rotation not only increased attention but also employees' acquisition of new skills.

Situations: Situations have a great influence on people's perceptions. A favourable work environment develops a positive attitude and work culture because the perception process is easily channelized and rightly directed.

Objective of Study
We can fulfill so many objective of the company the main objective of this study is like this:
To find out the customer status of the equity traders of Anagram To find out their perception about Anagram in general and Equity trading in particular To analyze the psychology of the persons involved in equity trading.

To know the drawbacks of Anagram stock broking service

Improve the services of the equity trading.

To know the customers investment pattern To study the different sectors in which they want to invest To know the untouched potential customers.

Limitation of Study
Every work has its own limitation. Limitation are extend to which the process should not exceed. The following limitations for the project are: Duration of the project was not enough to make our conclusion on such a vast subject. Time constraints has been also become a major limitation. The sample size taken for drawing the conclusion was not sizeable. Customer ignorance was faced during discussions with respondents.

Getting accurate response form the respondents due to their inherent problems. They may be partial or refuse to cooperate. People dont aware of Anagram consultant services. People are not filled up the questionnaires correctly as per as requirement

Scope of Study
Every works has some has some of the scope. The scopes are: The scope of this project is that it gives the enough scope to the company to know the need of the customers of Jamshedpur. They can know about the buying behavior of the customer. Living standard of the people of Jamshedpur according to their income. The other scope of this project is it helps the company that which part of why customers surrendering the demat account and not using it due to the drawbacks of this services.


The people have less knowledge of rule & regulation of how to handle equity trading. Generally they dont want to do trading. They think it is a gambling, so they dont want to involve in it. Though it is much beneficial for the customers at some extent so the problems which I get at the time of interaction with respondents. The professional people are not ready to give time for these interactions.

Problem comes in convincing the customers.

Problem comes in searching of person want to involve in equity trading.

Problem comes in getting permission in different business firms to interact with their customers.

Problem comes in getting accurate information regard some questions form the respondents.

Problem comes in getting appointment in some companys branches.


It has been assumed that samples of hundred represents the whole population.

The information given by the customer is unbiased

Data collection was done in two ways: Secondary Data was collected from the websites, news paper, magazine and journals etc regarding the
status of anagram stock broking in Bhubaneswar

Primary Data was collected from the field from the customers who belongs to different professions. For this purpose a questionnaire was designed by taking both open ended and closed ended questions. In order to know the followings:

1. Persons involve in trading in Anagram. 2. Factors influencing customers decision in opening an account. 3. Comparison between the facilities provided by ANAGRAM vis--vis its competitors.
This research is based on primary research done by means of questionnaire targeted to the respondents who primarily using the Demit account and trading with the Anagram stock broking Ltd.

Sample Size & Research Location

The respondents were selected from the BHUBANESWAR. This region is the one of the most densely populated region with the average per capita income and this region hosts a number

of government, corporate and IT offices. Thus, there are huge numbers of people with high disposable income. After getting the knowledge from the executive of Anagram, an idea about the profile of the customers seeking the scope of Demat accounts were identified. According to the executive, Government employees, Business Executives, Business Men, MLA/MP, Bureaucrats, Doctors etc. are the buyers of such products.
For the consumers survey the sample size taken was 100 and the sampling method was quota sampling. The research location assigned for the project was Anagram office, market and our pear &dear.

Composition of sample:
Anagram office Market Relatives 45 39 16

Total Number of Customers:


Occupation of Respondents:
Businessmen: Students: Service holder: Ex-serviceman: 18 05 41 36

Total Number of Customer


Univariate Analysis: Under this category I have used tables, pie charts, Bar charts and column charts.

Execution of the project:

It is very essential in the research process to know the accuracy of the findings which depends on how systematically the study has been carried out so that it can make sense. I have executed the project after prior discussion with my guide and structured two parts in first part the following steps: Preparation of questionnaire. The focal point of the designing the questionnaire was to comprehend the current negative points of trading with particular branch. This questionnaire was primarily aimed to a respondent who belongs to business class and service class and using the trading with Anagram. The discussion of questionnaire is made after the personal interaction. Secondly I go through following steps: a) Collection of data regarding trading from different securities organizations and through the website of the Anagram. b) Then make a comparative study At last I collect all the primary data from the respondents after going through the discussion on the basis of my questionnaire and collected data from the different persons whom are involve in trading with anagram. After this I make an analysis and come on with some findings and I have given some remarks.


Different age groups person involved in equity trading?

A (Beetween18-25)



B (Beetween25-35) C (Beetween35-45) D (Above45)

25 34 27

25 34 27



Interpretation As per the table and graph we can conclude that the major age group involve in the trading isbetween35 to 45 which is approx 34% and there after 27%belong to above 45. The age group between 18 to 25 is very less which is 14%. Mostly these group of people take no interast in trading.So, organization should start some awerness programes.


Educational qualification of the person involve in equity trading?

A (Graduation) B (Professional) C (Post-graduate) D (Technical)

39 19 17 25

39 19 17 25



Interpretation According to the column graph and table we come to analyses that the persons who are doing trading in that most of the persons are graduate (39%) and then technical which is equal to 25%

QUESTION No. -03 Status of the persons involve in purchase & sale of share through Anagram stock broking? VARIABLES FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE (%)

A(Students) B(Businessman) C (Service holder) D (Ex-serviceman)

05 18 41 36

05 18 41 36



Interpretation Among the sample the occupation of the people mainly are businessmen, service Ex sreviceman people and students. We can see from the graph that round about 41% people belongs to the occupationof service holder and 36% persons are those who are retired from the job, and they dont have other job. So, they are involved in trading.

QUESTION No.-04 Monthly income of the persons who are doing trading (in rupees)? VARIABLES FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE (%)

A(Between 5k-10k) B(Between 10k-15k) C(Between 15k-20k) D(Above 20k)

22 23 28 27

22 23 28 27



Interpretation As it can be seen from the chart above that the major income group of the sample is from 15,000 -20,000 i.e. 28% and above 20,000is 27%. All the income group are almost having the equal weightage i.e. Between 22%-28% .

QUESTION-05 Which sector Service of the anagram is the best?

VARIABLES A(Mutual fund) B(Commodity market) C(Equity market) D(Insurance) TOTAL

FREQUENCY 09 14 71 06

PERCENTAGE (%) 09 14 71 06 100

Interpretation As per the research or sample size 71% the person is given the opinion that the service of the anagram is best in equity market then commodity market which is equal to 14%. The service of the anagram is poor in insurance which is 6%. So organization has to improve the service in these sectors.

QUESTION NO.-06 Why are you doing trading with the anagram?

A(Necessary) B(Satisfactory) C(Comfortable)

13 21 66

13 21 66



Interpretation There are so many trading houses in Bhubaneswar, so why you are doing trading with the anagram answer of this question to the responded most of the person is agreed that trading with anagram is comfortable (66%) then some are doing trading because they get satisfaction (21%), so we can say that the trading through anagram is good.

QUESTION NO.-07 Are you satisfied with the service provided by the anagram?

A(Yes) B(No)

96 04

96 04



Interpretation When we ask the question to the people who are doing trading with anagram ,are you satisfied with the service provided by the anagram ,96% people say that they are satisfied with the service provided by the anagram , only 4% people is not satisfied with the service given by the anagram.

QUESTION NO.-08 In which way Performance of the anagram is better in the given options?

A(Speed delivery) B(Transaction accuracy) C(Low service charge)

39 25 36

39 25 36



Interpretation As per data approx 39% people is said that the speed delivery is the reason so that the anagrams performance is best, then they give the reason of low service charges36% then come to transaction accuracy approx.25 %.


Level of sincerity of the employee when they are solves the problem of the customer in anagram?

A(Good ) B(Average) C(Bad)

91 06 03

91 06 03



Interpretation Employee sincerity while dealing with the problem of the customer, 91% customers are said yes, 6% are said it is average and 3% said it is bad.


Service Promtness of the employee of the anagram stock broking towards the customer is satisfactory?

A(Good) B(Average) C(Bad)

88 09 03

88 09 03



As per our research 88% person are said good about the service promtness of the employee of the anagram towards its customer and 9% said it is average like other stock broking house and 3% said it is bad and they have to improve it


Project findings
There is a great opportunity for the Anagram Stock broking Ltd. in trading business because according to the research findings only 45% persons are involve in trading in Jamshedpur and most of the areas are untouched right now. If they fulfill the need of customer then their is a great response from the customers. The prominent drawbacks of the Anagram stock broking Ltd. are:
According to the project anagram is only good in equity market and other product of

the anagram is not up to the mark. so, company should improved the service related to the other product like insurance, mutual fund etc.

Due to non clarified rule and regulation of the Account the customers are facing the

problem of proper handling of the account. Due to that most of the customers are not satisfied with the service provided by the company.

Most of the customers are not aware of the anagram stock broking ltd. Where it is,

and when it is establish. So, company should advertise on the media.

Most of the customers are not getting the account details on the time when they

want it. And withdraw of the money take some time so they are facing the problem of becoming defaulter

Most of the customers are not satisfied with the brokerage rate of the trading &

delivery charged by the anagram and they want some reduction in it.

Company should provide some extra benefit to those customers who are doing large

amount of trading.

CONCLUSION After the large study of all the current situation of the market I come to this conclusion that the Anagram has a great opportunity in the Jamshedpur market because only 45% persons are involve in trading. So the company has to try to remove the some general drawbacks of equity trading by giving better services to the customers. The company has the general drawbacks in

Information Related Problem and they have to change some rule regulation that the works beautifully for the customers. Anagram has to give some attractive offer to the customer to attract the customer. Anagram Ltd. has the maximum branches. It has large customer base so Anagram can do much work for the customers and for their business.



The recommendations which I like to give Anagram Stock broking Ltd. For Jamshedpur branch for trading division is as follows: They have a great opportunity in this city if they consider some facility for the customers:
Anagram has to give all details to the customers on time and they have to give

facility to the customers that they can get the details of their demat account when they want.

Anagram has to clarify all the rule and regulation of proper handling of equity

trading at the time of opening of account to the customers. Company has to keep a consistency in their in rule and regulation in trading division and if they make any change in any rule and regulation. Company has to inform the customers in time.

Anagram has to give a special grace period or less brokerage charge to those

customers who are purchasing the share in good quantity or large lot size and whose daily transaction is large in amount.

The company has to clarify all the charges at time of issuance of the demat account

because many times some charges are unknown to the customers and when the company is charging those fee it comes as hidden cost for the customers and theses hidden cost gives a bad impression of Anagram services to the customers because of this the many customers surrendering their account and its loss for the company.

Company has to give some alternate facility to those customers who have account

but they are using it, so that more and more people will involve in it, by which these customers can pay more attention on their account. Today every customer has the less time and this facility will give enough scope to that customer who have demat account in anagram securities but they are not using trading.

Anagram should reduce their brokerage rate because it is high in comparison to the

other organizations.

Anagram should start and conduct education program with technical analysis. Customers meet with investor camp.

The company has to give an enough way to the customer that they will not become defaulter as a trading user of other securities. Many times the customers become defaulter due to the less information is given by the securities companies to the customers. At that time a negative impression of company will goes to those customers and it hampers the customers loyalty. Anagram should try to make their loyal customers because loyal customer will gives profit to the organization directly or indirectly.



Dissertation Simplified by Mr.Jeetendu Satapathy.

Marketing Management by Philip Kotler ,& Kellar. Research Methodology by C.R. Kothari. Marketing Research By G.C. Berry . Consumer behavior By P.C. Jain &Monika Bhatt.










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06. TRADING THROUGH ANAGRAM STOCK BROKING LIMITED FOR YOU IS A (a) Necessary (b) satisfactory (c) Comfortable



(a) Speed delivery

(b) Transaction accuracy

(c) Low service charge



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