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G8000 Series UPS 150, 225, 300kVA

Critical Load Protection from a Brand Name You Recognize

Advanced Features (Standard on all G8000 UPS Systems)
0.98 Input Power Factor Low Input Current THD Generator Friendly Space Saving Footprint Front Access Design Isolated Redundant Systems 7x24 Monitoring and Service SNMP/HTTP Remote Monitoring User Friendly, Simple Operator Interface Redundant Inputs IGBT Technology Global UPS Toshiba Quality and Reliability

When considering a UPS System numerous features and benefits of each system must be evaluated. Surges, sags, brownout and blackouts are serious concerns facing a computer or telecommunications center. Such power quality issues are a leading cause of equipment failure. The G8000 is an industrial UPS designed to meet all critical application needs.
G8000 Series UPS

Critical Load Protection from a B

Toshiba UPS system protects against power outages in such fields as finance related online systems, communications systems and plant control equipment that must operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Electrical noise and distorted voltage waveforms may cause less than optimal computer performance. The Toshiba UPS utilizes IGBT technology at 16 to 25 kHz to produce the cleanest sinewave output. A clean sinewave is a good measure of the quality and reliability of the UPS.

Input Power Factor (0.98), Low Input Current THD, Generator Friendly
The G8000 Power Module concept by Toshiba reduces reflected input current harmonics, increases Power Factor (pf) to greater than 0.98. Input pf correction enables the current THD to be less than 3%. As a result of lowering the input THD and increasing the input pf, generator sizing can be reduced to a ratio of 1:1. This significantly lowers installation and project costs. Current harmonics reflected back to the utility are load dependent with many UPS vendors. The lower the load the higher the total harmonics distortion (THD). 100% Load is not typical. 50-75% Load is more normal on installed systems. 6 Pulse rectifier with input filters will have an Input THD approximately 18-25%, and 12 Pulse rectifier with input filters will have 10-15%. Toshibas G8000 has a maximum of 6% input current THD.

Secure Operation Interface

The user friendly, secure operator interface offers a graphical LCD, LED mimic display and keypad for navigation. This versatile display allows the user to have TOTAL ACCESS of all the operating information on the UPS. Other functions include: time stamp event log, battery condition, self diagnosis and current UPS status. The user can also monitor: UPS performance, Mode of Operation, Output Voltage and Fault Status. The graphics panel illustrates the basic operation of the UPS system. This feature enables the user immediate status of the UPS. Graphics panel enabling immediate status and operation Easily scanned guidance display Easy-to-read digital metering display Event Display Key Lock for Operations

G8000 Mimic Display

The optional RemotEyeII features a HTTP (Web-based) interface for TOSHIBA UPS. This allows easy access to the TOSHIBA UPS information from any PC/Network with a web browser. At any time, a network workstation or server can open a RemotEyeII website and monitor its operation and status. RemotEyeII provides access to 3 Java applets for monitoring, event logging, and trend analysis. In addition, RemotEyeII can integrate the UPS into an SNMP management system, and the ability to perform multiple server shutdowns. Through both techniques, UPS system Information can be configured remotely. Remote contacts are also available to give the user multiple paths for monitoring the G8000.

Brand Name You Recognize

Memory Card
The memory card stores various digital and analog system data. The data stored in the memory card consists of: analog data with 27 variables, digital data with 19 variables and event history of 10 events (recording time of each event is 500ms). Waveform data stored on the memory card can be regenerated and analyzed by a personal computer. This approach can facilitate diagnosis of faults and reduce down time.

Isolated Redundant
The TOSHIBA G8000 Series is configurable in Isolated Redundant Configurations for extremely critical applications, serviceability and High 9s availability.

G8000 Series UPS System Layout

Inverters Three individual modules for 100% unbalanced load and to reduce service time Contactors: Input, Output, Bypass disconnecting devices Terminals: 3 phase 3 wire input, 3 phase 4 wire bypass, 3 phase 4 wire output, 2 pole DC and Ground. Redundant Fans: Easy access for service on the redundant exhaust fans. DC Inductors: DC Filtering for reduced ripple to battery system. Output Isolation Transformer: Provides additional isolation protection to the load.

Customer Alarm Contacts Standard Remoteye II Option Smart Card Option

3 Year Warranty!!
Toshiba provides the industry with the highest quality UPS product in the world. We backup our statement with our 3 year warranty* Through rigorous testing and careful quality control, Toshiba has set a new standard in reliability and perfor. mance. Toshiba is the only manufacture in the world to offer a standard three year warranty on 150 kVA and above UPS systems. The batteries, if provided by Toshiba, also carry a 2 year full and remaining years prorated warranty. Onsite service is within 4 hours subject to location and country of purchase. See Toshiba warranty terms and conditions for details.
* The Toshiba G8000 UPS 3 year warranty does require a preventative maintenance visit in years 2 and 3 to validate this warranty.


G8000 Series UPS 150, 225, 300 kVA

G8000 Technical Specifications

System Features 0.98 Input Power Factor Low Input Current THD Generator Friendly Space Saving Footprint Front Access Design Isolated Redundant Systems 7x24 Monitoring and Service SNMP/HTTP Remote Monitoring User Friendly, Simple Operator Interface Redundant Inputs IGBT Technology Global UPS Toshiba Quality and Reliability Options & Miscellaneous Equipment SNMP/HTTP Network Adapter Smart Memory Card Input/Output Transformers of All Voltage Configurations Maintenance Bypass Panels Battery Cabinets Battery Racks Battery Disconnects PDUs Battery Monitor Systems

Rated kVA (kw) Capacity

150kVA 225kVA 300kVA (120kw) (180kw) (240kw) 180A 271A 361A 165A 248A 330A 180A 271A 361A 480V, 3 Phase/ 3 Wire 50/60Hz >0.98 <3% at 100% load, <6% at 25% load 360VDC +/- 0.5% 480Y/277V, 3 Phase / 4 Wire 50/60Hz,* 180A 271A 361A +/- 0.5% 125% 10 minutes, 150% 1 minute 1000% for 1 cycle, 125% continuous 65dB(A) at 1 meter 0 to 40 deg. C 30-95% RH 200,000 Hr. >94% 26,150 BTU (150kVA) 39,227 BTU (225kVA) 52,300 BTU (300kVA)
UPS Cabinet
Static Bypass


3-Ph/3-W Maximum AC Input Current 3-Ph/3-W Nominal AC Input Current 3-Ph/4-W Bypass AC Input Current Rated Input Voltage Rated Input Frequency Input Power Factor Input Current THD Nominal Battery Voltage Charger Voltage Regulation Rated Output Voltage Rated Output Rated 3-Phase Output Current Voltage Regulation Inverter Overload Capacity Bypass Overload Capacity

Battery Output

Environment Audible Noise Operating Temperature Operating Humidity MTBF Efficiency Full Load Heat Loss
* Some derating required at 50Hz


Alternate Input 480Y/277V, 3Ph/4W, 50/60 Hz 150kVA Primary Input 480V, 3Ph/3W, 50/60 Hz 150kVA (>0.98 PF)









Output XFMR




Output 480Y/277V 3Ph/4W, 50/60 Hz 150kVA (0.8 PF)

360VDC Nominal


+ Battery System

Single Line Diagram

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