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Michael Ormsby

24 Dawn Heath Drive Littleton, CO 80127 michael.ormsby@gmail.com 303 946 3678 (cell) Michael's website Michael's LinkedIn profile

Career Objective
A web design and development position offering interesting work utilizing some of the following interests: Web design, web application design, HTML, CSS, Adobe Flex / Flash / AIR Implementing web applications and dynamic HTML Programming in ActionScript, JavaScript, Java, and Ruby User Interface design UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris

Web Programming, Authoring, Admin Skills

Adobe Flex 3 and 4. Adobe AIR. HTML, CSS. XML, XSLT, XPath. ActionScript, JavaScript, Java 5, JSP, Ruby. jQuery mobile. Eclipse,Twitter and Scribd APIs. Apache Velocity and VTL. Apache web server administration.

Web Front End and Media Skills

User Interface design. Drawing wireframes. Adobe CS5 apps: Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator. Adobe Flex 3 / AIR certification (ACE).

Web Application Frameworks and Infrastructure

Cairngorm and Robotlegs frameworks. Rails. Hibernate. Liferay Portal, Oracle (BEA) WebLogic Portal. Servlets, JSR 286 portlets, web services. Apache Struts, WebLogic Server.

Database Skills
SQL, JDBC, Oracle.

Other Technical Skills

C++, C, UNIX shells. GPX XML format. Apple hardware and OS X. Wacom graphics tablet.

Programming Design Methodologies

UML notation. Use Cases. Design Patterns. OOP. Agile.

Recent Experience
May 2010 to present

Flex and Java Developer, Lodo Software, 7350 E. Progress Place, Englewood, Colorado 80111.
Wrote Actionscript, MXML, and Java code to implement OurCashFlow, a financial management application. Participated in Agile development process. Designed sections of the UI, generated wireframes, designed server side services, and implemented server side actions in Struts and Hibernate.

December 2009 to April 2010

Flex Designer and Developer, Relationship Mapping, 2659 Dakota Place, Boulder, Colorado 80304.
Wrote Actionscript and MXML code to implement a collaboration software tool involving mind mapping and visual representation of organizational structures using the Cairngorm framework and RubyAMF. JavaScript coding. Wrote usecases and created wireframes for this product. Rails usage and Ruby coding. Created button icons using Adobe Illustrator. Social Network Interfacing.

June 2009 to December 2009

Application Designer and Web Developer, Advantage Integrated Solutions, 8851 E 29th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80238.
Maintained and enhanced the Advantage SmartRoutes application using Adobe Flex and Kingussie, a Cairngorm variant that works with Intuit's server implementation. Added support for downloading routes to Garmin GPS devices to this app. Reworked portions of the UI. Designed and implemented a new portal project using Liferay, JSR 286 portlets, Java, JSPs and QuickBase as the back-end. Designed and implemented an Adobe AIR application to enable the offline entry of contact and sales opportunity information and subsequent uploading to Intuit QuickBase tables. Inherited and rescued a portal project for Intuit implemented in J2EE, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Had to redesign the creative concept and fix several thousand lines of buggy JSP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Maintenance of Ruby scripts for an inventory management application. Various tasks using Adobe Photoshop to generate banner graphics for inclusion in websites.

March 2009 to present

CoFounder, TwitDoc LLC

Worked with Bob Brinker to start TwitDoc.com Developed the website design and implementation using PHP, Adobe Flex, HTML, and MySQL. Designed and implemented an Adobe AIR client to enable posting of tweets and associated documents, photographs, and movies to Twitter.

February 1998 to March 2009

Web Developer, Qwest Information Technologies, 930 15th St., Denver, CO 80202.
Set architectural direction and used Adobe Flex framework, web services to build prototype of the small business self-service portal. Used Omniture and LivePerson to analyze user experience in Qwest.com. Designed and implemented the bundles section of the Qwest shopping cart using

Javascript, CSS, and jQuery to implement DHTML functionality in Qwest.com. Used Photoshop to generate and modify graphics. Used the Flash authoring tool to modify promotional material in Flash movies. Implemented internal search engine functionality on top of the Ultraseek product using Python. Used the BEA (now Oracle) WebLogic Portal Workshop framework, Java, and J2EE to implement shopping and MyAccount functionality in a WebLogic portal environment. Qwest MyAccount portal (online billing, ordering, and service). Designed the Billing and Payments section of the MyAccount Overview page. Implemented back-end Java / J2EE programming to fetch customer data. Coded an XSLT template to transform XML from the back-end to a layout based on customer data such as payment preferences and whether they have a positive or negative balance. Implemented the front-end HTML and CSS which displays the section of the page. Implemented an XSLT template which dynamically constructs a list of navigation links based on a customer profile for the Bill Details page. Implemented a webservice to retrieve customer account preferences using SOAP, WSDL, Java, and WebLogic Server servicegen. Internal web application for querying a call record database used for billing verification, law enforcement queries, voice network debugging, and auditing. Designed and implemented the web client using dynamically generated HTML, JavaScript, Java servlets, JDBC, and Weblogic server. Designed the call record database using Oracle. The database contains close to a billion rows. Designed, implemented, and administered internal websites which document various applications. Implemented an internal web-based configuration and management utility for the retail store application using Struts, JSP, JavaScript, and Java servlets. Designed and implemented an XML based language called TCML to represent switch billing information. Evangelized this representation to corporate architects and switch vendors. Designed and implemented a browser-based application for correcting switch billing records using PHP and XML. Designed, implemented, tested, and documented a telecommunications mediation application between wireless voice switches and business systems in C++ with STL under Solaris. Authored specifications, use cases, and UML diagrams for this project. Tuned this application to support high volume and high availability on a Sun E4500 multiprocessor machine. This application processed approximately 75 million call records per week in near-realtime. Designed and developed an RPC-based program to fetch call records from remote switches for the above system. This replaced a licensed system which cost Qwest Wireless $500,000 per year.
August 1996 to January 1998

Application Designer and Developer, Xi Graphics Inc., 1801 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202.
Specified, designed, implemented, and documented a graphical configuration application under Linux and BSD. Worked with market analysts, designed the GUI, prototyped and reviewed alternative designs, and implemented the application in C. Designed an email application under Linux and BSD. Implemented the mail viewer portion of this application. Application was coded in C++ with STL. Established direction for graphical desktop product. Analyzed customer

requirements, and conducted a series of meetings to brainstorm and gather feedback from sales force. Wrote proposals describing alternative product offerings, relative costs, and technical considerations.
March 1993 to October 1993 and February 1995 to August 1996

Software Engineer, Lucent Technologies, formerly AT&T Bell Labs, 120th and Pecos, Westminster CO 80234.
Design and implementation of software for a MultiMedia Communications Exchange (MMCX) server using C++ and real-time UNIX. The server and associated client application enabled calls involving voice, video, and shared applications between workstations over IP networks and the public telephone system. Designed a component which provided a high level transport layer interface and which managed the topology of multimedia calls, interworking with the PSTN, and server resource allocation. Created a PBX protocol converter using Rumbaugh OMT methodology and a customizable state machine implemented in C++ under UNIX.

Earlier Experience
November 1993 to February 1995 July 1991 to March 1993 June 1990 to June 1991 September 1987 to June 1990 June 1984 to September 1987

Software Engineer, US West Communications. Software Engineer, Evolving Systems, Inc.. Software Engineer, Cadis, Inc. Software Engineer, McDATA Corporation. Software Engineer, IBM Corporation.

Certificate of Completion, Web Site Design and Development, The Art Institute of Colorado, Denver, Colorado 80203 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, With Honor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 Bachelor of Architecture, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York 11205

Drawing, cartooning, digital photography. Some of my photographs have been included in the Schmap Denver Guide.