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The human skeleton is divided into 2 groups of bones. The names given to theses collections of bones are:(Name the bones in each of these groups) i) the skeleton: skeleton: ii) the Bones are classified by shape. Name the 5 varieties and give and example for each! i) iv) ii) v) iii) The skull is made up of two types of bones. These two groups of bones are called____________and bones. ____________. The bones of the skull are connected by The external nose is largely and is therefore, not part of the bony skull. The 5 regions of the vertebral column, in order, from the neck down include: i) ii) ii) iv) v) These 3 bones make up the elbow joint: i) ii) iii) Name the 3 vertebral disorders, what vertebrae are effected and describe the curvature for each: i) ii) iii) , Each pair of individual unfused vertebrae constitutes a ,the basic movable unit of the back. Between each vertebrae you will find an ___ . These discs between the vertebral bodies. With aging, the discs make possible ,resulting in a loss of height (thickness). ______________and The cervical vertebrae and the head and neck. Another name for C1 is the ________ , and C2 is the________. The 12 thoracic vertebrae articulate with _______ bilaterally. The is the skeleton of the chest. It is made up of the following ,the__________and the____________vertebrae, along with the bones: the _____________cartilage. pairs of ribs. The 7 ribs (1-7) articulate directly to the sternum. We have Ribs (8-12) are called ribs, with ribs 8-10 articulating indirectly with the ribs and end in the muscular abdominal wall. The sternum. Ribs 11-12 are called space between ribs is called the______________space. The ribs are attached to the sternum with cartilage.


The pectoral girdle is made up of the following bones: i) ii) The mobility of the upper limbs is dependent upon the pectoral girdle,whose only bony attachment to the axial skeleton is the ___________joint. The 2 bones of the forearm are the and . The___________ is the major stabilizing forearm bone at the elbow joint & the________forms the major joint at the wrist. Explain: i) Supinationii)PronationThe 3 groups of bones that make up the wrist and hand are: i) ii) iii) The most common fractures of the wrist involve the (carpal bone) and the distal . The hip bone (or coxal bone) is made up of 3 fused bones: the_______, ___________, and_______. The 2 hip(coxal)bones make up the __ . The 2 hip (coxal) bones and the sacrum make up the __________. The following bones make up of the thigh and lower leg: i) ii) iii) iv) , , The knee joint is formed by the articulation of the and . Premature wear of the patellar cartilage is called _____________________________. bone which develops in the tendon of the ______________ The patella is a femoris muscle. The ankle joint is formed by the articulation of the , , and the . . The rounded, boney prominence on either side of the ankle is called the These bumps are formed by the distal ends of the and . What does osteo mean? _________________. . The bone that makes up the heel is called the Which bone of the forearm articulates with thumb? . attach bone to bone. A is an injury to a ligament. Osteology is the study of ____. Define : Articulation The two groups of fused bones of the vertebral column are the _________ and ___________. The ________ bone is another name for the Adams apple and is located on the ___________ side of the neck. The small bone of the lower leg is called ____________.

Give the anatomical name for the following bones: Forehead Palm of hand Collar bone Tail bone Knee cap Shoulder Blade Fingers and toes Heel

Cheek bone Shin bone Lower jaw Wrist Thigh Breast bone Upper Jaw -

The shoulder joint is made up of the articulation of the following 3 bones: ______________, _______________, _______________ The displacement of one or more bones of a joint is called a _____________ A separation is an injury to a generally __________-_________ joint (Eg. A-c joint separation) Another name for the breaking of a bone or cartilage is called a ______________. Osgood schlatters is the ____________ of the bone and cartilage of the _________ within the knee. The outgrowth of bony tissue into muscles or skin is called a ___________. ______________ is the partial dislocation of a joint resulting in a 1 or a 2 ligament injury. Exostosis means _____________. Crepitus is the _________ sounds when fragments or fractured bones ___________. A bunionette is a _______ ________ of the latreal side of the head of the 5th metatarsal at the mp joint. It is associated with an overlying _______ _______ and a ________ deviation of the 5th phalange. The articulation of 2 or more bones called a _________. Orthopedic means a _______ problem, disease or _________. Ossification means the replacement of _________ by ________. The coccyx is attached to this bone __________.

The small bone of the lower leg is called the __________. When you land mark during CPR compressions you are trying not to break this bone from the sternum __________. The sternum is made up of 3 parts: The _________, the __________, and the _________. The unique thing about the thoracic vertebrae is that they articulate with the _________, whereas the cervical and the Lumbal vertebrae dont! List 5 functions of the skeletal system: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Bone surfaces have a variety of features (ridge, roughened surfaces and processes). The functions of these are to: 1. 2. 3. What is the purpose of cartilage covering the ends of bones? The knees intra-articular cartilage is called ___________. ____________ _____________ is the formation of bone within a muscle that has suffered a ___________. The upper ridge of the ilium is called the _______ ________. You put your hands on the iliac crest when you are landmarking around to do abdominal thrusts. The ________ crest is the upper ridge of the ilium. A contusion to this area is called a ______________. __________ is the tearing away of a ligament/ tendon attachment from bone. The wearing away or softening of cartilage is called ___________________.

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