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Based on Communicative English 2 assignment, we have been given a task to be carried out in groups of five. The task is to interview a prominent figure. In order to accomplish this assignment, we have discussed and come out with multi choice of prominent person that we feel right and suitable to be our interview, and after much discussion all five of us have agreed to interview Mr. Amirul Bin Abdullah who is a Human Resource Executive at Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad (MAHB).

The reason we choose Mr. Amirul Bin Abdullah is we felt that he is the right figure to be our interview because we have been inspired by his charisma as a person who versatile in various field and his contributions to be society and even to Malaysia. A part from that, we admire his courageous and will power to continue his life as a normal person who always takes his weaknesses as a positive challenge for him to be succeed in life.

Those who assigned among the group member Siti Nur Asiyah Binti Abdullah have appointed to take care of the arrangements of the interview session. She had made a call to Mr. Amirul to make an appointment for the interview. After waiting for few days, Mr. Amirul had confirmed the date and place for this interview session. Later, the interview session was carried on the 17th February 2008.

We took 09.00 am bus from Tanjong Malim to Kuala Lumpur on the 17th march 2008. We arrived there around 10.15 am and we went to Plaza Rakyat LRT Terminal. As we reached there, we looked at the direction map to confirm way to Mid Valley Mega Mall. We knew that we were on the right path regarding to the map and also the direction that have given by friends who used to go to Mid Valley Mega Mall. From there, we took Putra LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan Terminal and then we processed our journey to Mid Valley Mega Mall by Komuter. We then arrived at the place at 11.45 am. We decided to wait for Mr. Amirul first and prepared the interview before we start the session. We were waiting for Mr. Amirul for about one hour. At 12.30pm, Mr. Amirul had arrived to the place that we had confirmed with him, at the third floor at the Mid Valley Mega Mall which is situated at the Food Junction. We had decided to do the session there because the place were quite silent than the other place.


Name Career Office Address

: Mr. Amirul Bin Abdullah : Executive of Human Resource Development at MAHB : Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad (MAHB), Head Office of MAB

Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, 47200 Subang, Selangor. Hometown Date of the Birth Family : Kota Bharu, Kelantan. : 5 th December 1979 : Fathers name : Abdullah Bin Mamat Mothers name : Rekiah Binti Awang


Sekolah Kebangsaan Ismail 2, Kelantan Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Perlis, Perlis Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaa Pengkalan Chepa 1, Kelantan. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Mr. Amirul Bin Abdullah was born in Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu, Kelantan on 5 th December 1979 . She was been raised by his parents, Mr. Abdullah Bin Mamat and Mrs Rekiah Binti Awang who were originally residents of Terengganu, but after couples of years, he and his family moved to Kuala Perlis, Perlis because his father was transferred there for his work. Mr. Amirul is the third child from his siblings. He has 2 eldest brothers, one younger sister and 4 younger brothers.

Mr. Amirul got his early education at Sekolah Kebangsaan Ismail 2, Kelantan for about three years from standard 1 until standard 3. After that, he had transferred to Kuala Perlis and completed his primary at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Perlis for standard 4 until standard 6. Then he moved to secondary school at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pengkalan Chepa 1. He completed his school there from form 1 until form 5 and finished his Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). After sitting for the SPM, he moved to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kota Bharu, Kelantan and sitting for the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) and got an excellent result. After finished her secondary school there, he got an offered to further his study at Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kedah in Degree of Social Work Management.


Before Mr. Amirul work as Executive of Human Resource Development at Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad, he had worked at Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) for about 2 years as Assistant Manager for IPTS education loan. After that, he had changed his position to an Executive for Human Resource Development. He has holds this position since October 2004 until now. She chooses to fulfill this duty because she not suitable with finanancier before at Hong Leong Finance. In other hand, she also have indulged himself in marketing and

accounting as well. Simply it is because of his interest in his profession. Miss Hamimah says, before this she was unemployed from January 1995 until April. And she work at Hong Leong as officer. Actualy for her, she want to try something else and she got fed up with her job before. And then, she jump in kind of interest of Telekom. She is a hardworking person because her job requirement is very hard work. Actually she requires to write paper, analysis and maybe need to get more information from other. So, as a manager at business strategies and planning who holds important positions, he had managed his time equally and in effective way in her career.

Sometimes she like to investigate a new things like CSI and for us, she is a extremely, like a challenge and hardworking in her career. For her, success is different meaning with each other person. As a independent person which is mean single, she think about herself. Although her work is very stuffing, she do her job better as well till she got the commendation from her boss. Beside that, she refer do any work with the grouping work. In a group she can discussion the new things, more experience and can solve problem if we do together.

Mr. Amirul Bin Abdullah is an Executive of Human Resource Developmentor the Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad (MAHB). Mr. Amirul was born in Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu, Kelantan on 5th December 1979. He was been raised by his parents who were originally residents of Kelantan but after couple of years, they moved to Kuala Perlis because his father had transferred there for the work. Mr. Amirul is the third child from his siblings. He has two eldest brothers, one younger sister, and four younger brothers. His first brother is working as Airport Auxiliary Police at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Sepang. While his second brother had opened telecommunication shop at Butterworth. For his fourth brother, he had worked as Airport Auxiliary Police same as his first brother but at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), Sepang. His only sister now is studying at Universiti Pedidikan Sultan Idris and his sixth brother is studying at Universiti Sains

Malaysia, Penang both for the first year. While his seventh brother is studying for the STPM ad his last brother is studying for form four at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pengkalan Chepa 1.

Mr. Amirul now is 29 years old and still single. Right now, he still tries to find the suitable future wife to fulfill his life. He hopes that he will get married for this year. Now, he stay at Pantai Dalam and his work place at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang. The couples have their, three sons but meanwhile, Mr Khoo still feel disappointed of not having a daughter. His first two sons are in Kuala Lumpur while his youngest son, aged 29, is the best Indian classical dancer. He dances Baratham Natyam very well as well as ballet dance. Mr Khoo also has mentioned that his youngest son is still dancing both dances professionally in London.

During his leisure times, he likes to play football but he doesnt like it very much because from his point of view, modern football is not enjoyable. He even doesnt watches football neither. He actually watches lots of Tamil movies. When we question him the reason, he said that, Tamil movies are much better if been compared to Hindi movies as it brings a closer look at the society nowadays. Where as, Hindi movies present a situation which is beyond their level such as very rich lifestyles, over colorful costumes, too many songs, dance and celebrations been carried out throughout the movie.

He touched more on Tamil movies because of the movies theme which are usually based on social poverty, corrupt politicians and so on. He ever admires some of the Tamil actors and actress such as Vikram, Madharan, Vijay, Suria, Vijayakanth, Prasanth and Khartik. While the ladies such as Jothika, Sneha, and Simran. He was proud of knowing a lot of information from Tamil Movies.

The first choice of his favorite drink was coca-cola and followed by pineapple juice and barley without sugar and rice. Even though he knows that coca-cola is not good for health, but it still remains as his first choice. His favorite food is usually Penang Peranakan Food but it finds that the taste of Penang Peranakan food is not quite the same. He says different people cooks differently so his tongue is not use to modern cooking. Regarding on his favorites colors, he likes blue than red because although red brings good luck, it is too bold. Tamil music and songs of Tan Sri P. Ramlee becomes his favorites choices. This is because, he learned how to speak, read and write Malay languages through P. Ramlee songs while he loves the melodies in Tamil songs.

During his school period, Mr. Khoo was also active in sports and activities which link with cultural. Because of his enthusiasm in cultural fields, he attends himself in theatre classes. As a result , he always represent his school in such competition, in other hand he also was involved in language activities such as, coral speaking, debate and also public speaking. He do believes that his achievements recently is because of his triumph before. Among sports, he love football. He player lots of game and because they best player. Most of the time, he player for the school team and also for the club team. He even compared his school team on those days with the school team nowadays and have stated that his previous team was the best and the strong. This is because his teams have beaten the Selangor Indian Association on their ground and also the top Army side of the country in Scotland.

Not just that, he is also interested in traveling, he have been to many places even after admitting that he is not a good traveler. He feels bored staying static in aero planes. He has been to Chennai, Austria, Philipines, Sulawesi, Europe and also to Johor Bahru. The most interesting place he has seen is Chennai which is formally known as Madras in India. For him, Chennai is a very beautiful place where the traffic is very frightening but no accident accursed. He also compared Chennai with Kuala Lumpur. He said that even though Kuala Lumpur is a big city with rules and regulations, but still accidents occurs where as Chennai is a busy town with rules which the people doesnt follow but there are no accidents. He even touched about the hygiene in both places. From his opinion, Chennai seem to be very dirty but people dont found rats but here in Kuala Lumpur, he said, big rats can be found everywhere especially in Bangsar.

In spite if that, he do have sweet and bad life experiences. When we ask him, all off a sudden, he could not remember his sweet experiences but his bad life experiences was still fresh in his mind. That is on Japanese Occupation time, where the war was quite a bad time for him and his family. But fortunately, nothing happened to them. During the war period, the Japanese soldiers nearly chopped his father who was working as a government service. Lots of understanding accurse between the Malays and the Chinese in September 1945. the incidents in may 1969 also his family were alright and not too poor. The survived, in 1950, the communist fired their area because there were soldiers rooming around.

But even after so many incidents have taken place in his life, he really didnt felt suffered because of his young age. During the Japanese Occupation, he wasnt going to school and so he enjoyed playing everyday. At night, his parents will take him on the Ammeseum Park to watch Chinese Opera, and people gambling and he find that his life on those days was very relaxed because he couldnt understand very much. Only the wars have made him very uncomfortable.

When touched on his idols and role modals, he said, Stanly Mathew, a footballer has inspired him very much in his life. This is because; Stanly Mathew was a perfect gentleman and never had player rough. He even compares his idol with David Becham and found that Stanly Mathew was the best footballer.

The motto in his life is more likely about the prime ministers, Cemerlang, Gemilang Terbilang. He follows these principles in the hand of searching excellence in life. He also had advised us on aiming higher in order for us to excel in our life. He told us to keep on trying as the second and third places are not so good. In order to win, he advised us not to cheat but should always plays fairly.

Education Mr. Zainal Ariffin b. Ismail has done his primary education in Anglo Chinese School in Teluk Intan which now know as Horley Methodist. He continued his studies in St. Michael Institution when he and his family moved to Ipoh. Later on, he persuade his studies in University of Malaya in Singapore without taking STPM because on those days, students are supposed to sit for an entrance exam after being one year in form six. If passed the exam, they can enter University automatically without have to finish their form six. That was what Mr. Khoo had done. He had passed the entrance examination in flying colours and had entered University of Malaya in Singapore. For four years. In January 1960, Mr. Khoo finished his studies and went back to Anglo Chinese School in Teluk Intan to teach. Eventhough, his family financial status was not good enough when he was still studying but his parents gave him a good opportunity for him to be succesful in life. During this particular period, he was really active and had get himself to be involved in outdoor and indoor activities. He too admired sport staff and often took part in track competition such as hundred metres and even long distance trock competition like marathon. In indoor activities, he had won with Essay Writting Competition for the whole Kinta District 1954. not only that, he had presented Ipoh with debate and even have took part in drama competitions. Of course he didnt leave football. He didnt actually play in competition but had been in school games until the district level to seek his school team. That was ST. Michaels schools football team. He even complained that school football team nowadays are not strong enough like the one on those days. He suggested that his school football team was the best forever. Finally, he did his MA and PhD in University of Malaya in Malaysia and had remained in University Malaya as a letchurer until now. Regarding on his favourite subject, initially it was English Literature. But in the end of the school certificate exam, his best subject was mathematics. Then, when he was in third year in university, his favourite subject had turned to History because of his inspiring history letchurer. He loves the subject very much because he may give his own ideas and answers and dont have

to force himself in memorising facts in Science subjects. He like to face challenging subjects like history as its not boring where he can contribute his ideas on his own. For him, schooling was really enjoyable. He had lots of activities such as indoor and outdoor as we have mentioned above. A part from that, he played hockey, tennis and badminton with his school teams. They had the menu of the year which is quite interesting. That is hockey and football in the beginning of the year then tennis at the middle of the year while badminton at the end of the year. So, he enjoyed each games in row. He was a good time manager where he had managed his time into studies and sports effectively. He often follows the Americans motto which is work smart and not hard which means one should understand what they had studied and not memorising each and every sentences in the book. He always penned down whatever he wanted to say and this had made him to do well in his language subjects and he was easy going in his communication as well. He too will keep on reading without memorising the subjects that he dont really understand untill he had understood. This was also his success in getting good results in his studies. Mr. Khoo had agreed with the government more to change the medium of instruction for Maths and Science in English. This is because, in his oppinion, if the students are to be teached Maths and Science in Malay, the standard is not high enough if compared with English. He also said that, nowadays, our country is entering globalisation which need more masters who are better in Maths and Science like those in United States. So, eventually those who wants to do PhD in Maths and Science need to have a good interest in the English Language. So far, as a letchurer he had come across so many challenges. One of it is maintaining a good relationship among his students staffs and also with the other letchurers. That was the main-problem in him. He always tries in keeping a good report. Mr. Khoo do believe that our profession to be a teacher can ensure a bright future. This will only happens if teachers stop comparing their profession with the others such as the doctors, lawyers and engineers. He also had emphasized that in being a good teacher one should realise their responsibility towards the students in making them be a good citizen. Teachers should not be too materialistic by having extra tuition classes at home and neglecting their students in school. Their should play fair. If teachers teach properly, he thinks that the reward is to see their students being succeed in their life. To make it a reality, a teacher should have a strategic plan from the day he or she starts to teach. A part from that, on carrying their duties they must always feel responsible to hear their students problems and share each of their knowledge between each other as this can help to concentrate in their studies. Teachers also should always be giving advices and guidelines so that their problematic students would not be jumping into the hot water. Finally, when Mr. Khoo was questioned about the dropping of University Malayas ranking from 89th to 169, his answer was unique. He blames the newspapers report of not giving the actual fact to the public and he himself was not very sure in answering this question. He said that the ranking was done by the Time Higher Education Suppliment from London and was not done by the Shang Hai groups. He also said that these recent ranking was too subjective because the person who did the ranking does not have all the facts. He said that was done by

looking through at the level of dicipline, Science, Biomedical, Art and Humanative, but the previous year, University Malaya had beaten University of Sinapore in Art and Humannative by being in the 45th. Mr. Khoo was seriously saying that they had remained as last years but they were given a place as low as 169 in the recent ranking and he was not happy with it. He feels that University of Malaya had been cheated.

Career Recently, Prof. Dato Dr. Khoo Khay Kim carried out his duty as a English Letchurer in University of Malaya. He holds this position since 1964 until now. He chooses to fulfill this duty because of his tallents and experience in the field of literature and English Language. In other hand, he also have indulged himself in writting and came out with tweenty books also articles especially regarding on motivation aspect. A part from that, he also give motivation talks to students so that they can build up their mind in term of spirit and willing to discover new things in order to achieve their aim in being success. He also often advice students especially those who are disabled to open their mind and try to keep on thinking positive and accept themselves as what they are. He totally believes in the philosophy of There is nothing impossible if you are willing to push yourself to find your own glory. Mr. Khoo even says that, the university doesnt control himself and he is free in doing anything that he likes as a letchurer. in other hand, Mr. Khoo also took part in all the universitys festival of organizing and preparations. Very often he becomes master of ceremony of that particular event because of his ability to communicated in spontaneous way beside his experience in handing such a big event. Simply it is because of his interest in his profession. Besides that, he also holds a post as a Managing Director in University of Malaya. His crew ran business dealings such as producing programs, directing, editting for media broadcasting. So, as a retired letchurer who holds important positions, he had managed his time equally and in effective way between his career and his family. He dont reglect his family as well. He hopes that, he can achieve excellence in both career and indirectly achieve his dreams to be more succeed in future and to proove that although he is old, he can still do and achieve what youngsters aim and it may be even better.


Mr. Khoos main contributions to University of Malaya was producing good citizens. He said that he is very happy that he has students in politics, police unit, Army Forces, Immigration, Transport, Banking and so on. Some are even holding important post such as Menteri Besar, Ministers in Prime Ministers Department, Inspectors and much more. Mr. Khoo was also a member in SUHAKAM and he cant remember what he had contributed in SUHAKAM so far. So far, in university environment he had focused on unity. His aim is to unite all the students from different ethnics to be good malaysians. He urged students not to think on their own but to have feeling for others too, so that they can decrease any his understanding which may accur. In spite of that, Mr. Khoo also do researchers on each ethnics in Malaysia. In the same time, he had written and published so many books. Those books of him wrote is twenty. So far, for his contributions, Mr. Khoo had been rewarded G.S.M. by the State Government and the reward was mostly for his works on reseachers on history of malaysians and also his contribution in Rotary Club which he cant remember.

Conclusion As a conclusion, Mr. Khoo have a lot of future plannings. He wants to keep on doing researches on malaysians history. He said that his interest in researches had begun at year 1960 and it will still be continued as he can. His advice for the students is they should not feel shy in asking questions. Students should be brave to raise their hands on in classes so that they can clear any doubts easily. This attitude will also make the students to love the particular subjects as well as scoring much more better. If any of the students have the shyness in making mistakes if they five questions, they could not achieve anything in future. Shyness in them will block the eagerness to achieve. In Mr. Khoos point of view , there are so many differences between the students during his time and now. The main is nowdays, students are spoon feeded compared with his time where there should find information needed by their own. But students now are more depended on their teachers and letchurers in preparing for examinations. Mr. Khoo also suggested that answers given by students when being questioned by letchurers should not be exactly from what had been found in the book, but the answers should be created by their own ideas. This indirectly will force the students to think creatively. In order to excel in studies, there are many qualities students should have, but Mr. Khoo have suggested patience to be the most important among the other qualities. He said students should not follow exactly what their friends had done previously no matter in choosing courses, minor subjects and so on. But they should consider their interest their future. He also said that, students are more choosy in taking a subject like considering the most easiest one, are the letchurers being linean in giving marks and so on. He had pressed that students should choose a subject which are interesting for them and in order to excel in the particular course they should

do a lot of reading, get to know more information to inquire greater knowledge. Students should also put maximum effort to gain their results in flying colours. Then, they can compete with the others in their working life. Prof. Dato. Dr. Khoo Kay Kim have given many colutions in handing social problems such as gengsterisme, bullying and black metal among adolescents. Firstly, the teachers plays a big role. They should understand each of their students and their problems very well. This is because, the causes which makes the students to get involved in this kind of social problems are environtment genetics problems, third persons character and personality. Some students are active but some are passive. The passive students will be much influenced by their peers and the chances for them to behave negatively are wide compared with those students who are active because active students mostly knows how to make a good decision. So, Mr. Khoo meant to say that, each teachers should study their students in order to bring them to the right path. As a reward, teachers could feel that they had done a good job in producing excellent students whom are highly positive in behaviours, communication, socialisations as well as in their studies too. Lastly, Mr. Khoo had praised all five of us and he also had wished all the best for us in our future in order to become versatile and dedicated teachers.


At last, we felt relief when we have accomplished and finished this task. We knew that it is not easy for us to handle such thing alone by ourselves. There was so much of difficulties and hardness that we have to face in order to complete this task. We have learnt that we should have a good planning and organizing method since beginning to perform a good result. This scenario will help our task to move on smoothly as we have planned and indirectly prevent bad incidents from happening which we did not expect. In time being, we also have realized that effective earlier preparations will just drive us in a right way. This is because we knew and always being alert on what are we suppose to do to achieve our goals and objectives and we too have back ups when certain matters were out of our planning. This will definitely guide us to do our duty systematically.

A part from that, from this assignment, we have learned on how to conduct a matter in group. It means, when we need to do a task in group, the most important is a good bond or relationship between the members. Before this, all of us were not close but through this

group task, we have tried to build up a good relationship and we were always willing to get to know each other. So as a result we have a warm, conducive and comfortable situation especially whenever we conduct any discussions which need an effective communication from each member. At last, everyone spoke up their opinion and gave suggestions when dealing something that need one final discussion. Once when we have these criteria in our group, it becomes very easy for all of us to get along and carry out our duty to accomplish our task. Our task becomes easier.

In spilt of doing this assignment, we also realize that we present a good assignment if all the members in a group contribute hundred present of commitment and willing to give full co-operation among each other. These phenomena will help our task to be easier because any problems which are hard and complicated can be solved effectively if all the member plays their role in a proper way. Apart from that, this positive spirit have push all members to give their best support and willing to struggle harder in order to complete this assignment. As long as we did this task, we have seen each member had performed a good performance in carrying out their duties. From this role, we got to know that all of us really hopping the best in this task, no matter how hard it is to achieve our golden dreams. Simply, we just kept on thinking that where there is a will, there must be a way.


A very good afternoon Hello Dato, how are you? Dato are very good evening. We are student from the Language Faculty Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris and we would like to thank you for spending some of your time with us for this interview session. We are asked to interview a prominent figure and after much discussion. We feel you are the best person to interviewed. Our first question is regarding your background.

Shahrul : Could you tell us about yourself?


: Ya, im also from Perak. I born in Kampar. Where I grew up, first in Batu Gajah, then in Teluk Intan and Teluk Anson. In 1982, I come to Teluk Intan, then I move to Ipoh. And then my primary education was in Teluk Intan, Anglo Chinese School. Now known as Horley Methodist. In Ipoh I studied at ST Mitchels. You studied where?

Renu Dato Renu Dato Renu Dato Renu Dato Renu Dato

: Ya, ST Micheels also : How could you studied in ST mitchels? You are girl. :Ya initially, I were form current school and then ah : Secondary? : I did my STPM : Six form? : Ya : Ohh : I was previously : Oh you in Convent earlier? ST Michael..Ive finished, I didnt finish six form because in those days to enter the university, you would choose to sit an entrance examination. After one and a half years, after one years in the six form, to take the entrance exam. as that the following year. you dont have to finish you six form. You could go to university. I did that. So I did not finish the six form studying for one and a half years. AndI want to the university in 1956 at that time, the university of Malaya was in Singapore. I studied 4 years. Then I finish, January 1960, I went back to Anglo Chinese School, Teluk Anson, to

teach. April 19may 1964. and I began at 6th May 1964.

Shahrul : Dato, how old are you now? Dato : ohh.. my age are not started there. I was born on the 28 of march 1924

Gyen : Could you tell us about your family? Dato : My parents are my idols. My parentsmy parents have past off early. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is a teacher. Then my sister is in Sydney. She married and staying in Sydney. So I have a lot of cousin in Kuala Lumpur. My father brother childrens but otherwise I dont see many of my relatives. Many of them are living in Penang. My parents were born in Penang. Most of them came from Penang to Perak. My wife is a Japna. You know what is Japna? Renu Dato Renu : No : You are a Tamil? : Ya, I am an Indian

Dato : Ohh, Indian. Tamil, Malayalee, Telegu..what. I knowyour people from Tamil Nadu. You been to Chennai? Renu Dato Renu Dato : Not yet : Ohh, so you Tamil, you Tamil speaking isnt? : Exactly : Ohh.. my wife is Tamil speaking but Japna. Japna is one part of Sri Lanka. Where the Tamil Tigers came in Renu Dato : Any daughters? : No daughter. One of my sons is a dancer. He is one of the best baratham natyam dancer in the world. He also dance ballet. He is dancing professionally in

London. Other sons are in Kuala Lumpur. Renu Dato : Are they still studying or working? : All working, my youngest boy, the dancer is already 29 years old. My eldest son is now 36. Renu Dato : what are your hobbies? If so, what is it and why do you like doing it? : I dont have many hobbies left because no time. I spend half of my life, almost half life playing football. Renu Dato : That means, you love watching football? : No, I dont watch football very much because modern football is not enjoyable. The play football like playing. Not enjoyable. I watch a lot of Tamil movies but usually theres no subtitle. I dont know why Vannavil dont provided subtitled. So, I dont really understand the story. Renu Dato : Sir, so far, based on your opinion. : Ya, Tamil movies are better and very good than Hindi movies. The people in Hindi movies usually very rich, every time theres a celebration, theres a big dance inside the house, the custom one very colorful. Renu Dato : Their culture are like that : No, its not. Fact true. That Hindi movies tend to be like that but Tamil movies are very good because Tamil movies gives you a close look at the society. A lot of social.the theme is usually social about poetry, about corrupt politicians. Tamil movies are very good. And I like many of the actor. I know them. Renu Dato : Such as? : wow, so manyVikram, Madhavan, Vijay, Suria. Some of older one,

Vijayakanth, Prasanth, Kartnik. Very few the girls I can remember like Jothika, Simran. See I know Renu : Ya

Asma : What is your favourite food and drink? Dato : Wow, favourite drink..actually I like coca cola but is not good a good drink. So, usually for my health, Ill drink pineapple juice without sugar and ice. Or, Ill drink also without sugar and ice. Food, the food I like is usually Penang Peranakan food because my people came from there. So, I used to eat a lot of grandmother cookings. But now, when I taste Penang Peranakan food, I find that the taste is not quite the same. Suzie : How about your favourite colour? Dato : very hard to tell. I like blue and I like red. But red is a little bit bold. I scart of wearing it because too bold. You know Chinese, Chinese like red. Good luck and all that. Renu Dato Renu : Oong rite? : what is it? : Red represents Oong

Dato : ya, the Chinese represent. They dont like black and white. Blue colour is also very often, I often wear blue for parties. Girls can wear red. But modern batik shirt, I like red, colourful Shahrul : What is your favourite movie and music? Dato : Music? Wow..ahh..Its Very I like classic. I like some of the Music of 50s. Its more growing up end I like Tamil music also. I used to sing a lot of P. Ramlee songs. Thats how I learn Malay. And I though myself Malay. I sing a song, listening to people where you should learn English that way. when you read, dont just read once. Read many times. You dont want to memorized, you just read

many times. And if possible, read loudly. Then..sing song. Dont pick the wrong song, theyre useless because the English is very bad. Pick nice songs with proper English and singing is important because then you get the rhythm. You get the rhythm of the language. Today Im so used English that just listen in what you say and read what you wife, I can test straight away whether theres a mistake. I don,t have to say where theres a mistake. I dont have to say where is there attitude where is the adverb. Just read.


: Do you like sports? If so, what is your favourite sports?

Dato : Well, my favourite sport is football. I know the history of sport in Malaysia. Im the only one in the world to know the history of sports. When you read in the newspaper, they usually tell you form 1960s. Most of the time I played to the school team and the club team. My school team was very strong, not like the school team today. My school team was good. We beat the Selangor Indian Association on their ground, we beat the top Army Side. Renu : Do you like traveling? If so, which place do you like most?

Dato : Traveling? Ive been to many places but Im not a good traveler. I hate and feel bored sitting in the aeroplane. Ive been to Chennai, Austria, Philipines, Sulawesi, have been to Austria, Eroupe and Johor Baharu Renu Dato Renu : How do you find this places? Are they interesting or not? : The most interesting place.so far is Chennai. Chennai Formerly Madras. : Oh Chennai

Dato : Chennai. I dont say properly. Very interesting place. Very interesting. The traffic is frightening but no accidents. Renu : Ya Dato : Hons, very noisy, but no accidents. Kuala Lumpur everyday fifty sixty accident. There they no rules, so you have to be very good attitude. Even there is rules people dont know how to follow. No accident. But is a very interesting place. Seem be very dirty but we dont see rats. Asma : Dato, if you dont mind, can you tell us about you sweet and bad life experience?

Dato : Sweet, suddenly, I dont know how to think. War, was quite a bad time. When a war broke out, my family ran into the kampar jungle. But luckily, nothing happen to us. The Japanese Soldier nearly chopped my father. Then my father dead at the age of 86. when I come down, my father were gone. But, otherwise even during the Japanese Occupation, I didnt feel suffered, I didnt go to school. So I enjoyed playing everyday. Everyday. At night, parents will take to the Ammeseum Park. You dont have Ammeseum Park now. These days there was Ammeseum park. Where you can watch Chinese Opera, people gambling, so life was very relax because its your. We wont understand very much. My father was very thin. He was working on a government service and he continued to be government until the Japanese occupation. We were alright but not to poor. And then, of course we suffered at the end of the occupation. And, Chinese and Malays misunderstanding. It was in September 1945. So, there was may 1969 I was also here. So ,for me it was very uncomfortable when you see September 1945 repeated may 1969. But I was lucky this time was very close. The places where people fighting. I was already in Teluk Anson going to Ipoh for 3 months off the Kampar. Suddenly communist fired the place because there were soldier inside. Suzie : Dato, do you have an idol or role model? If so. Could you tell us why you idolize him or her? Dato : when I was young, my role model was naturally a footballer. He was a wonderful footballer. His name was Stanley Mathew. Stanley Mathew. That time he was Sir Stanley Mathew. Compare with David Beckham and Stanley Mathew, David Beckham is thin. When I first went to school, but still we need to buy things for one cents. You could buy sugarcane for one cent. Within two weeks, not enough. Nowadays you come back anything with five cents. Im sure everyday in school you have to spend about 20 cent. Do you know schoolchildren who get Rm100 or RM 200. Where they get the money? Renu Dato Renu Dato : These days I think people spent within Rm1 per week right. : In your case? : I mean those days : My days? 20 cents. Oh ya, around Rm 1 per week

Shahrul : What is your principle and philosophy in your life? Dato : In searching for excellence you must always, its a bit like the Prime Minister motto Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang. In this year never mind, next year when you came back, no compromise. Second place, third place not good one. Of course, you dont always win, but you must try. Keep at aiming higher. You dont need to feed but you must play fair. You cheat to win, its problem. Then you keep inside, youll know, you are not very good. You like to cheat. Gyen : Dato could you tell us about you education background?

Dato : Hm..ACS, Teluk Anson, St Michaels Ipoh, and Universiti Malya, Singapore. But MA, PHD in Universiti Malaya. Renu : Dato, when you are studying right, what was your favourite subject?

Dato : In school was English literature. But in the end of the school Certificated. Exam, my best subject was Mathematics. Then when I was in 3rd year in the university, because my history lecturer was very inspiring. So, I turned to history. I didnt do history at all. I was science student. I turned to history ready. There where I like history. You can always give your own answer. I like to do research get the information we need then argue. The chance to argue. Dont have to memorized. I dont like science because everything have to memorized. Then nothing is your own. You have nothing to contribute, then its very boring as well as in your study. Then go and sell nasi lemak. Asma : What was schooling was like during your time? Dato : Schooling? Wow, very enjoyable! Weve lots of activities, all the school gave a lot of attention to sports. So you have a lot time for sports to other activity like debates, drama in and out of classroom meaning that, I dont know, do you all have physical activities in school. Suzie : Who was the person ( teacher ) that influence you in your studies? What was special about the teacher? Renu : May be your history teacher?

Dato : No, I didnt do history in school. Not my history teacher. It was my English teacher compare with history lecturer. I thought I was going to do honest in English Literature but the lecturer in English literature was so boring. Shahrul : What was your initial ambition? Dato : Footballer. We have to choose 26 to continue playing football or go to university. Then I realize that in Malaysia, there no real future to go. Gyen : Did you join any activities or competition in your school? Dato : Many, I won with essay writing competition for the whole Kinta district in 1954. I was presented Ipoh with debate. Renu : How did you manage your time during study? Dato : American says, work smart, not hard. Work smart and hard. That means, we understand what we study. To build up my English I always write what I wanted to say. Those whose language is not very good, they try to memorized the sentences in a book. They cannot see. If you can say, what want to say.

Asma : What was your secret in your study? Dato : Same with understand when you study. Thats why now I complain, our student today dont understand what they read. They simply remember. Remembering is not good enough. After the exam you will forget. You must understand. Suzie : In your opinion, do you agree with the government more to change the medium of instruction for math and science to English? Dato : I think, it is better. Ya to teach math and science in English and the non science subject in Bahasa Melayu. If you teach math and science in Bahasa Melayu, The standard is not enough. Shahrul : Could you tell us about your career background? Dato : After finish university, I teach about 4 years, then I graduate, then 1964 I do not, I retired most but I still in my room. So I do my own thing university doesnt control me. Gyen : Dato do you like your job now? Dato : No, no it is normal, its is very good. I got free person, I dont have to time table although I still backup to department any were by have a wrong no body disturb me. Then I go back 4,5,6,7 oclock Renu Dato Renu : So you are relax : Ya I were relax, but today is a bad day : As a lecture, what are some of the Challenges you have to face in carrying your duties?

Dato : Oo, the problem in life is the most difficult problem, as person to choice. When you are growing up, where ever you working, wherever you go, make a relationship to other people, it is should be in life, if you a lucky you have a good friends, you have friend who are jealous, lie, want to harm you, its measurable thing, especially if you are kind person, who one want to harm anothers they will harm you. With jealous then when you grow up you get married, husband and wife, children and parents. Asma : Dato which is your important to you? Career or family? Dato : Both, both, ya because without career and family cant survive. Then when you spend time with family then your career was bad it must balance. Dont try to choose one of their other, try to balance. Suzie : Ok Dato, how you manage you time between your career and family? Dato : Usually I think I spend more time for my career. So it is not always dont spend more time with us.

Shahrul: Are you satisfied with your career achievement so far? Dato : Not bad, not really completely satisfied because it so many thing I wanted to do. One reason it always succeed, achieve what you want, its not bad. Gyen : Do you think our profession to be a teacher can ensure bright future for us? Dato : As a teacher for a future, if you start comparing other people it is very difficult, it that if you want and I. If you choose to be rich as a teacher, you will be lucky may be you can write a books. If you choose to be a teacher, you must realize that you have a responsibility with children that you are teaching. As a teacher you must have children to become as useful will be, good citizen, you must have you children to find your right bears, because every child has his own strength wellness. So you have a child to identify. What are his strength and what his weaknesses. Positive must be develop, negative must be sequester. I cant pretty compares you can only do you best. Now, a lot of teacher this day at home, they make money, give tuition and then do the business part time, is not fair. If you teach properly look after you children. I think the rewards is to see they succeed in life especially if you remember of that you have fall teacher come to life then you feel good. Renu : If you dont mind, can you tell us why UMs rank dropped to 169 from 86?

Dato : That is the Shang Hai ranking, that is not even may be calculated, but this rangking is more difficult to understand this time, because it is very subjective, the people do the ranking dont have all the fact, but people never tell is it, in year 2005 time higher education supplement.gave an overall ranking and we were in 169, overall and then they also did ranking, by discipline, science, biomedical, art and human native, within do very well, the success medical, but belong due hundred. But art and human native we were rank AS in the world and we beat Singapore medical, science we lost from Singapore, but Art and Human native we bit Singapore. Nobody talk about it. Ya it is Malaysian like that every thing in science technology Malaysianif you tell Malaysian you are philosophy we seen do the correct part, what the use that mean you cant make money, the ways they are dont think about that, where if you says when you do philosophy they have an correction for you, that must to think expected in society. You know in Asian society pulley money talk when you are arrange then everybody respect you, India is the big different courses, India have a Brahmin. If you respected. You know Brahmin? Brahmin is still very elegant, they warning you at the house even Brahmin in Malaysia. So..youactually they have a own way of a judging how doing, actually you know, in your own feel, where do you stand, you know, my own feel of Malaysian history. I know that nobody in the world take care in bit and you dont believe me we always have a debate, the thing I know about Malaysian. So nobody come and cross aso in my case I dont worry they try to show schooled as well as they are very good, thay dont believe noHarvard University is very famous but Harvard University is not famous for the Sub decision study Renu : How about the Oxford University?

Dato : Oxford too. The Malaysian society is very unique society. Not easy to any people to understand. Then just now I ask you very specific question, not easy to any people to understand.

Then just now I ask you very specific question. Is it you Indian you said..I Telegu..Malays actually when I ask you where you state of another question might be aRawa, Acheh and Banjar. Asma : What would you consider to be your contribution in UM? Dato : Oo.. I though so many student, so many of them are politician Menteri Besar minister and aany of them have that very well in many area history student, some people think that you do history. You cant have job, actually it is not true, you do history you can fit to many thesis. I have student in the bank, while in police course emigration, transport, EDO, politician, teacher, history. If you do science get all a job. Art students especially history student get all a job. Science very limited choice. Suzie : Dato are you a member of NGO organization? Dato : Not NGO but SUHAKAM.

Shahrul : Dato what would you consider to be contribution to the society? Dato : I try to doing people together, I dont encourage people to emporsize their ethnic think as Malaysia when you born in Chinese you cant change, but you dont have to think daily like the Chinese. Think more like Malaysia. You born in India you dont have to think completely as a India, also must know about Chinese, Malaya. You come with them. It is a very good thing. Sometime we cant make many students were going with group. It is not good. Gyen : Dato, do you write books? If so, how many books have you written? Dato : Almost 20 actually, some bigger, some smaller

Shahrul: what is your famous books? Dato Renu : I think I will go to my computer and print to you I will print to you. : Have you received any award from the government or pirate agencies from your contribution? Dato : Ya, from the government, G.S.M State government to be a Chase mostly for my work on history and rotary club. Suzie : If you dont mind, could you tell us about your future plan? Dato : Future? I still have to a.continue to work on Malaysian history. But I move closer and closer to compression. And I started doing research our routine on 1960. Then for my PHD.. I was working for a period in valve one and valve two. Now, coming close in courser to the government, continue to write to explain Malaysian society.

Shahrul : Ok Dato, do you have any advise for student today? Dato : Yes I always understand for the study. Very simple if you dont understand, ask question, dont keep quit if you dont understand. Malaysian students cant speak because the teacher always stolen them whenever that said sometime wrong. When teachers ask a question hey acai wrong idiot ( all laughs ). So they never speak of that whereas in the most they very good, they ask question. Gyen : What do you think are the differences between College students during your time and now? Dato : Oh.. during my time student good because I think they be patient alike of difficult. So many of them were working. So they are not to school, so the students of that time more patient. The students of today so use to school feeding. They have you to tell them what question for come out on the exam. If you tell them about the question will come out they one you to tell more then are chest out. They not give a correct answer. In the university also same. Now lecturer are ask you listen question that lecturer themselves must ask so fast. Then lecturer answer is compare to the students answer. The students ahardworking students and student read any books, the student may give you answer with are not found in the lecturer answer it is? So the student were fail, it is the wrong way going about that. Lecturer must encourage giving more original answer While in the contact make sense to produce exactly what the teacher has what lecturer has regent. Now education system has gone. Renu : What are the qualities students should have in order to excel?

Dato : You must be have patients for study. Some student chooses the subject because the senior say the lecturer is very good. You can get good grade when you take the subject, not because they like it. And then they do the medium of moldable, les you like a subject, then you do a lot of reading, get more information, and inquire great knowledge. That the lecturer is the person who gives you the high mark when you do the minimum work. The lecturer is doing you a table, the greater when you finish you go up you cant complete. The lecturer whos pushes you study hard read it helping you. Student think the lecturer, play of full give you a high mark is a good lecturer. Lecturer who works very hard and educate of students there is a good lecturer. Lecturer who marks very hard and educate of students here is a good lecturer. Shall the student kill themselves, lecturer who forces you to work hard, read give an original answer it is a good lecturer. Lecturer who makes some plays of full, make thing easy it a good lecturer. Asma: Nowadays, many teenagers are involved in social problem like black metal, gangsters and bullying. In your opinion what is the best solution to solve this problem? Dato : Their problem, you have to understand, that while I said, every teacher must know everyone of their students. Then you try to understand why the child involving in this problem. Sometime is an environment sometime it is not. Sometime it is the gem the personality, the character. It is all children like it. Some student are very active, some student are not, some student talk a lot is not always environment. It is I have 3 sons, some gem, some environment, but they still different, I also dont know what make they different, so you must study your

children very colorfully. My youngest boy still since of eighth, will are Indian physical dancer. That mens no problem whey, so where you are come from while even friends non of friend valley. Joining in Indian physical dancer, but he is so dedicated since the age eight, there is interested anything else. Until today they talk to him but another thing he doesnt know. When you talk to him dance or talk them old man. So you also must know yourself. Those who are study physiology sometimes over simplified. So only if you peoples you guide them you study them. you dont always success. If you teach cleverer 40, may be you manage influence fight you must study every place, help them, if you become teacher. And you have to fell good because you are help them. Shahrul: Ok Dato, we have taken so much of your time and we would like to thank you for this interviewed. Thank you very much for spending time to us. We appreciate your cooperation. Before we take leave, we would like you to accept this token as a sign of our appreciation.




Very good evening. We are students from the Language Faculty, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris and we would like to thank you for spending some of your time with us for this interview session. We are asked to interview a prominent figure and after much discussion we feel you are the best person to be interviewed.


1. Our first question is regarding your background. Could you tell us about yourself?. (name, age, date of birth, place of birth, origin).

2. Could you tell us about your family?.

1. What is your hobby?. If so, what is it and why do you like doing it?.

1. What is your favourite food and drink?.

1. What is your favourite colour?.

1. What is your favourite movie and music?.

1. Do you like sports ?.If so, what is your favourite sports?.

1. Do you like traveling? If so, which place do you like most?.

1. If you dont mind, can you tell us about your sweet and bad life experiences?.

1. Do you have an idol or role model? If so, could you tell us why you idolize him or her?.

1. What is your principle and philosophy in your life?.


1. Could you tell us about your education background?

1. What was your favourite subject?.

1. What Schooling was like during your time?.

1. Who was the person (teacher) that influence you in your studies? What was special about the teacher?.

1. What was your initial ambition?.

1. Did you join any activities or competition in your school?.

1. How did you manage your time during study?.

1. What was your secret to success in your study?.

1. In your opinion, do you agree with the government more to change the medium of instruction for math and science to English?.

Career Background

1. Could you tell us about your career background?.

1. Do you like your job now?

1. As a lecture, what are some of the challenges you have to face in carrying your duties?.

1. Which is your important to you? Career or family?.

1. How you manage your time between your career and family?.

1. Are you satisfied with your career achievement so far?

1. Do you think our profession to be a teacher can ensure bright future for us?.

1. If you dont mind, can you tell us why UMs rangk dropped to 169 from 89th.


1. What would you consider to be your contribution in UM?.

1. Are you a member of any NGO or organization?.

1. What would you consider to be your contribution to the society?.

1. Do you write books?. If so how many books have you written?.

1. Have you received any award from the government or private agencies from your contribution?.

1. Are you satisfied with your achievement so far?.


1. If you dont mind, could you tell us about your future plan?.

1. Do you have any advise for students today?.

1. What do you think are the differences between college students during your time and now?.

1. What are the qualities students should have in order to excel?.

1. Nowadays, many teenagers are involved in social problems like black metal, gangsters, and bullying. In your opinion what is the best solution to solve this problem?.

We have taken so much of your time and we would like to thank you for this interview. Thank you very much for spending time to us. We appreciate your cooperation. Before we take leave, we would like you to accept this token as a sign of our appreciation.


: Now sir we want to ask you about your education background. Could

you tell us about your education background? I mean where you receive early education and secondary education? Mr Zainal : I went to school, I remember I went to a private school in my hometown at Pasir Panjang when I was six years old, rather early but those people in my standard there was any tadika or kindergarten. This we are talking about 1969, there was not tadika yet, one school, the name of school is Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Datok Mustapha, Pasir Panjang, and then my parents decided to send me to An English School at Skinchan situated about four miles about seven kilometers away in a small town at Skinchan. Everyday I wake up early in the morning take bath, I have to wait for the bus by the road side there was only standard two, standard one. I walk 6.30 am in the dark then I walk and I walk to wait to the bus and the name of school is Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Yok Quan, Skinchan. You can still see the school now. Its nice school from the right side from the Bagan Besar from right side. And then I were there until standard six. I went to Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan English Yok Quan, Skinchan. Its only other side by the sawah. I was there until form 3. My brother I considered him a brilliant person, more intelligent then me after we didnt call that UPSR, we call it pernilaian, so he got a good gred. So he went to Sekolah Menengah Sains Cheras, SMS Cheras. During that time, SMS Cheras it is one of the private school on that time. My result wasnt that good but I know I could have performed better. My attitude you know lazy, but I know I could perform better. So my brother went to boy school. So it was like my inspiration. What happen was, after form 3 I wanted to go to asrama. My father send me to asrama not by offer we have to go and apply, so I went to Sekolah Tinggi Kajang, not good hostel, not good school but it has produce a successful person. So I were there, I had a good life. Life of teenager is full of challenges, if you made the long decision, you can early get extream that is the persimpangan the junction where are you going to go wish them be careful. But I think most of you now about what 21 is matured, is about 15 years old. So during that time, my friends are like a naughty, the people who like to go ponteng I was 1st time in that time. What I did was during in the asrama when they went to school I go, I know, I hide under the back, just want listen the music I dont know why. That the kind of people I watch it.


What about your tertiary education? Which university did you attended?

Mr. Zainal : I went to UITM, diploma you remember that I said before that I know I can do, I know that I got brain I know, I believe in my self but the thing that is my attitude, lazy and this be careful, this I dont want my children to repeat because if you miss this opportunity you cant change your life, the junction take most people right, so I was unfortuned and a bit fortuned, so I afraid of lot and I didnt get a good gred in my SPM. So I sekolah swasta we called Sekolah Institute Bakti at Simpang 5 because what, because I get gred 3 ,I get gred 3 you know, but I

know I trust my self I know I got gred 3 because I skip the class, I skip mt attend, I skip my chemistry but I lost that subjek what I repeat because I wanted to skip. Khairiah : What course u take in your SPM?

Sastera you know I was in science stream. I lost frasa prosa I lost I realy cannot understand. Khairiah : So you repeat your SPM?

I wanted to take STPM but I think that is not my life you know. So I stay at kampong so I apply for the first art design, photography, studio graphy, guest what did I got the course diploma in studio graphy in Sabah, UITM, but then I did across the junction , the junction that I have left my choice. So this is the junction that I going to take but Im not to play yet around anymore. I said stop. I have to be serious. So what? Studio graphy, Studio graphy lah, I am the only one in the class. The male among the host in Sabah. And then I had, I have to tell you the reason why I took the studio graphy. I wanted to get way from kampong. I wanted to enter to any tertiary a college, I got to UITM, but I approve to my student, to my classmate that I can do better and I got degree for that and 3 pointer. During that time, I went to our konvo to tell you the story of your question. Ira : When did you graduate with first degree?

Mr. Zainal : My life you see for a male to go and take studio graphy is an embarrassed, and most people will create you different they think you are whatpondan..bapuk.. no doubt they people male said like that lembut, but then but not me, but this is the only opportunity that I have you have to learn this. I write one of the fastest short hand in my class 120 word per minute, if you havent know, sekarang tak da level, now is releven. But during that time and I taip 70 word per minute and you know why, now I can benefit from that study in my job. Ok because of my good gred I apply for JPA, scholarship to go to the state and I said oh.. Alhamdulillah is good so that I was looking for. I went to take this in of business education. So that was the step that I was looking. So I can get way from studio graphy. I dont like studio graphy, I hate studio graphy the embarrassed on the time but this the step. Ira Mr. Zainal Khairiah : When did you graduate with first degree? : 1987 : Life as a student is considered enjoyable, what is your opinion sir?

Mr. Zainal : I agree with you, life as a student, you know you will not be able to has experience the same experience, so consider yourself lucky and enjoy it what you can. Khairiah : Could you tell us about your experience as a student?

Mr. Zainal :As student I going to the state and change my life. Spituarly and I change my set I become a better person. When you go the place far from home, became more because you miss

a lot can to be a better muslim your world might expose you are not some people thing. From here I know that islam is not malay, malay is not islam and islam is not everyone where I jus discover that.

Khairiah Mr. Zainal

: who encouraged you to further your study until now? : My self and my wife