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CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PARAMETER DIMENSION Customer Satisfaction is measured across various parameters.

There are parameters and sub parameters (some enumerated below). Each of these parameters/Sub-parameters can be assigned a satisfaction score through various methods of customer survey, focus group survey, mystry shop etc.

Overall Satisfaction
This covers the overall sense of satisfaction, and in its own should be taken as a separate parameter instead of aggregation of the other parameter, as many a times it is found the the two dont match.

Sales Experience
Level of product Knowledge with Sales staff Timeliness and quality of response to customer queries on product. Level of understanding of customers needs and unique perspective. Availability and quality of brochures, sales material. Presentation, communication and mannerism of sales person. Project of honesty and trustworthiness.

Product Delivery Experience

Timeliness of product delivery Sharing of status while work-in-progress Quality and sophistication of delivery/product pack Behavior and mannerism of delivery staff. Level of congruence between what was sold and what was delivered.

Product Experience
Level of product quality vis--vis expectation. Level of need fulfillment vis--vis expected

Product Servicing
Timeliness of product servicing Quality of product servicing Cost of product servicing Mannerism and conduct of servicing staff

Relationship experience
Frequency and quality of contact Knowledge of company products and customer opportunities Conduct and Communication of relationship person.

Complaint resolution / Grievance Handling

Timeliness of complaint resolution Quality of complaint resolution

Level of iterations till the complaint was resolved. Empathy of the customer servicing staff Knowledge of customer servicing staff

Collection Experience
Communication quality and information for collection Conduct and communication of collection staff Channel and Ease of giving payments.

Date of Customer Satisfaction Survey response

This dimension is used to understand the time-trend of customer satisfaction score. A customer sensitive company may conduct quarterly customer satisfaction suvrey and study the movement of the scores over time.

Customer Satisfaction score band

This dimension is used to segment customers as per the level of satisfaction they have. For example if I want to find how many customers had more than 80% satisfaction score for sales experience in north american region, I will need to refer to 3 dimensionsChannel (region), Customer Satisfaction Parameter and Customer satisfaction Score Band. Example of customer satisfaction score band will be <1/1 to <2/2 to <3/3 to <4/4 to <5/5 The Interscience Institute of Management and Technology is one of the creating learning Institute of Management Education located at Kantabada on Baranga-Khurda Road, Bhubaneswar. It is 15 km away from Bhubaneswar Railway station and Airport and 10 km from Baramunda Bus stand. The Institute has got AICTE approval for PGDM course vide Letter dated 27.11.2007. The Institute has the clear cut objectives as follows: i. To provide quality management educational facilities to younger generation to meet the current globalization syndrome. ii. To create knowledge through research in the field of management and to disseminate research knowledge through lectures, seminars and publications. iii. To help industrial organizations for enhancement of decision making skill and competency levels of their budding managers through short term course, Management Development Programmes (MDP) and seminars. iv. To provide quality consultancy services and training to industries and other organizations on the basis of their requirements. v. To provide liberal educational facilities to down trodden of the state with a view to improve their intellectual standards. vi. To link with other premier institutions in India and abroad in pursuing global standard of education and research. Our Vision To create learning habits of younger generations to think 'Big' and through quality education and training of our dedicated teaching faculty from academic and Industry with emphasis on social values and management ethics. Our Culture We believe "Gurukul" Vedic culture of education with congenial student teacher relationship with emphasis on moral values beyond management teaching and practices. We are committed to imbibe excellent educational values at par with premier management educational Institutions of India. Recognition The Institute offers two year full time PGDM course, recognised by the All India Council of Technical Education, (AICTE), Government of India. Specialisation: Human Resource Management, Accounting &Financial Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Project Management and IT & Knowledge Management. Research and Development Research and development is an integral part of Institute's activities. The Institute's faculty members and post graduate students are encouraged to develop research projects with necessary facilities supported to them. The Institute is tied up with various Industries to spare experienced resource personnel for teaching and training of the students of our Institute. The Institute is linked with other Technical Institutions of India and abroad to build competitive advantage of efficiencies, strategic development of various specialized areas and overall achievement of Institutions intellectual mission. Training & Development

The Institute is committed to achieve excellence in training and development through support services from experienced industry personnel, academicians and training institutions. The Institute has well equipped conference hall for In- House Training, MDPs, & Seminars Class Rooms, Library and Computer Facility

Our Profile

At IIMT our aspiration is to create value, by providing our students learning that transcend pure business and technology implementations. Our approach to delivering learning encompasses working within an environment that drives individuals to deliver knowledge which is precise, updated and relevant. Our faculties are mentors, who will leverage on their past experiences while developing learning solutions that define the future. Our engagements are delivered through collaborative efforts. The Team of Faculties creates value for its students through their commitment to quality and rapid iterative innovation. The objective of the Institute is to "provide real leadership in the educational world" by choosing individuals of "outstanding character, ability and vision" to serve as its officers and faculty members; by carefully selecting students of "character, determination and application" and by pursuing those areas of teaching and scholarship that would help to develop our resources, increase our wisdom, and promote human happiness. To realize these objectives, the mission of the Institute is

To provide a superior liberal education to graduate students, attending not only to their intellectual growth but also to their development as adults committed to high ethical standards and full participation as leaders in their communities. To prepare future members of the learned professions for lives of skilled and ethical service by providing excellent graduate and professional education. To advance the frontiers of knowledge and contribute boldly to the international community of scholarship. To promote an intellectual environment built on a commitment to free and open inquiry. To provide wide ranging educational opportunities. On and beyond our campuses, for traditional students, active professionals and life-long learners using the power of information technologies. To promote a deep appreciation for the range of human difference and potential, a sense of the obligations and rewards of citizenship, and a commitment to learning, freedom and truth.

By pursuing these objectives with vision and integrity, the Institute seeks to engage the mind, elevate the spirit, and stimulate the best effort of all who are associated with it; to contribute in diverse ways to the local community, the state, the nation and the world; and to attain and maintain a place of real leadership in all that we do. Our Vision As a new born institute our strategy will be: Think big, Start small and Gallop fast, in order to reach the destination.

Galloping fast is possible only with a profound strategy when all necessary resources are available in time, bottlenecks are known and taken care of, and project planning and phasing is aligned with the overall vision and objectives.

National Awardees: (CURA 09, NIT, Warangal)

The team won the second best B-Plan award amongst participants of various B-Schools across India.

National Productivity Council (NCP) Award

Prosperity thru Productivity

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