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Mount Poonamallee Road, Manapakkam, Chennai - 600 089; Tel: + 91 44 2252 6000; ISSUE OPENS ON : MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2011 Fax: +91 44 2252 8688; Corporate Office: 3B, Laxmi Towers, C-25, G Block, Bandra-K urla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai - 400 051; Tel: +91 22 4060 5300; Fax: +91 22 4060 5353; Website: ww w.ltinfra.com; ISSUE CLOSES ON : MONDAY, MARCH 7, 2011 Compliance Officer: Mr. Vinay Tripathi; 3A/Laxmi Towers, First Floor, Bandra Kur la Complex, Bandra (East), Application No. 2299 Mumbai 400 051; Tel: +91 22 4060 5411; Fax: +91 22 4060 5353; E-mail: infrabonds 2011A@ltinfra.com PUBLIC ISSUE BY L&T INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED (THE "COMPANY" OR "IS SUER") OF LONG TERM INFRASTRUCTURE BONDS WITH A FACE VALUE OF ` 1,000 EACH, IN T HE NATURE OF SECURED, REDEEMABLE, NON-CONVERTIBLE DEBENTURES, HAVING BENEFITS UNDER SECTION 80 CCF OF THE INCOME T AX ACT, 1961 (THE "DEBENTURES" OR THE "BONDS"), AGGREGATING UP TO ` 1,000 MILLIO N WITH AN OPTION TO RETAIN AN OVERSUBSCRIPTION OF UP TO ` 3,000 MILLION FOR ALLOTMENT OF ADDITIONAL BONDS (THE "ISSUE"). THE ISSUE BEING REFERRED TO AS THE ISSUE OF LONG TERM INFRASTRUCTURE BONDS 2011A SERIES. CREDIT RATING : 'CARE AA+' by CARE, TEAR HERE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSLIP FOR APPLICANT L&T INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED LONG TERM INFRASTRUCTURE BONDS 2011A SERIES To, The Board of Directors, L&T INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED, Register ed Office: Mount Poonamallee Road, Manapakkam, Chennai - 600 089. Broker s Name & Code Bank Branch Stamp Bank Branch Serial No. Date of ReceiptSub-B roker s/ Agent s Code FOR ANY QUERIES REGARDING THE ISSUE, PLEASE CONTACT US ON EITHER OF OUR TOLL FRE E NOS. 1800 102 2131 OR +91 22 4060 5444 OR WRITE TO US AT savetax@ltinfra.com. FOR FURTHER DETAILS, INVESTORS CAN VISIT THE WEBSITE: www.ltinfrabond.com. DIRECT Dear Sirs, Having read, understood and agreed to the contents and terms and conditions of L &T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited s Prospectus dated February 1, 2011, ( Pro spectus ) I/We hereby apply for allotment to me/us; of the under mentioned Bonds o ut of the Issue. The amount payable on application for the below mentioned Bonds LAA+ by ICRA

is remitted herewith. I/We hereby agree to accept the Bonds applied for or such les ser number as may be allotted to me/us in accordance with the contents of the Pr ospectus subject to applicable statutory and/or regulatory requirements. I/We ir revocably give my/our authority and consent to Bank of Maharashtra, to act as my /our trustees and for doing such acts and signing such documents as are necessary to carry out the ir duties in such capacity. I/We confirm that : I am/We are Indian National(s) r esident in India and I am/ we are not applying for the said Bonds Issues as nomi nee(s) of any person resident outside India and/or Foreign National(s). Notwithstanding anything contained in this form and the attachments hereto, I/we confirm that I/we have carefully read and understood the contents, terms and co nditions of the Prospectus, in their entirety and further confirm that in making my/our investment decision, (i)I/We have relied on my/our own examination of th e Company and the terms of the Issue, including the merits and risks involved, (ii) my/our decisio n to make this application is solely based on the disclosures contained in the P rospectus, (iii)my/our application for Bonds under the Issue is subject to the a pplicable statutory and/or regulatory requirements in connection with the subscr iption to Indian securities by me/us, (iv) I am/We are not persons resident outside India and/or foreign nat ionals within the meaning thereof under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 199 9, as amended and rules, regulations, notifications and circulars issued thereun der, and (v) I/We have obtained the necessary statutory and/or regulatory permis sions/consents/ approvals in connection with applying for, subscribing to, or seeking allotment of Bonds pursuant to the Issue. d d / m m / 2011 Please fill in the Form in English using BLOCK letters Date OPTION TO HOLD THE BONDS IN PHYSICAL FORM (If this option is selected, the KYC D ocuments as mentioned in Instruction No. 29 are mandatory) TEAR HERE APPLICANTS DETAILS NAME OF SOLE/FIRST APPLICANT Mr./Mrs./Ms. ADDRESS (of Sole / First Applicant) Please Note : Cheque / DD should be drawn in favour of L&T Infra Bonds 2011A by al l applicants. Cheques should be crossed A/c Payee only . Please write the sole/first Applicant s name, phone no. and Application no. on the reverse of Cheque/DD. Demographic details for purpose of refunds, if any, shall be taken from (i) Bank details as mentioned above for applicants who select the option to hold the Bond s in Physical Form; or (ii) the records of the Depositories otherwise. City PERMANENT ACCOUNT NUMBER (Furnishing of Subscriber s PAN is mandatory. For additional details, refer Instruction no. 23) SOLE/FIRST APPLICANT SECOND APPLICANT THIRD APPLICANT SIGNATURE(S) AGE years PAYMENT DETAILS (See General Instruction no. 27) Total Amount Payable (` in figures) (` in words) Cheque / Demand Draft No. Dated / 2011 Drawn on Bank Branch In terms of Section (8)(1) of the Depositories Act, 1996, I/we wish to hold the

Bonds in physical form. I/We hereby confirm that the information provided in APPLICANTS DETAILS is true and correct. I/We enclose herewi th self attested copies of PAN Card, Proof of Individual ID, Proof of Residence Address as the KYC Documents. The Bonds are classified as "Long Term Infrastructure Bonds" and are being issue d in terms of Section 80CCF of the Income Tax Act and the Notification. In accor dance with Section 80CCF of the Income Tax Act, the amount, not exceeding ` 20,0 00, paid or deposited as subscription to Long Term Infrastructure Bonds during the previous year relevant to the asses sment year beginning April 01, 2011 shall be deducted in computing the taxable i ncome of a resident individual or HUF. For further details, please refer to page 80 of the Prospectus. Nomination (Please see instruction no. 15) Name of the Nominee : In case of Minor, Guardian : Bank Details for payment of Refund / Interest / Maturity Amount Bank Name : Branch : Account No.: IFSC Code : Central Depository Services (India) Limited (16 digit beneficiary A/c. No. to be mentioned above) Depository Name (Please .) Depository Participant Name DP - ID Beneficiary Account Number National Securities Depository Limited I N DEPOSITORY PARTICIPANT DETAILS (These details need not be given if the option to hold the Bonds in Physical Form is selected. Please also refer to instruction n o. 35(e)) INVESTMENT DETAILS Series 1 2 Frequency of Interest Annual, i.e. yearly payment of interest Cumulative, i.e. c umulative interest payment at the end of maturity or buyback, as applicable Face Value and Issue Price (`/Bond) (A) 1,000 1,000 Minimum Application Five (5) Bonds. For the purpose of fulfilling the requiremen t of minimum subscription of five (5) Bonds, an Applicant may choose to apply for five (5) Bonds of the same series or five ( 5) Bonds across different series Buyback Facility Yes Yes Buyback Date First Working Day after 5 years from the Date of Allotment and Firs t Working Day after 5 years from the Date of Allotment and first Working Day after 7 years from the Date of Allotment first Working Day aft er 7 years from the Date of Allotment Interest Rate 8.20% p.a. 8.30% p.a. compounded annually Maturity Date 10 years from the Date of Allotment. 10 years from the Date of All otment. Maturity Amount (`/Bond) 1,000 2,220 Buyback Amount (`/Bond) 1,000 at the end of 5 years / 1,000 at the end of 7 year s 1,490 at the end of 5 years / 1,748 at the end of 7 years Buyback Intimation Period The period commencing from 6 months preceding the corr esponding Buyback Date and ending 3 months prior to the corresponding Buyback Da te Yield of the Bond on Maturity 8.20% p.a. 8.30% p.a. compounded annually Yield of the Bond on Buyback 8.20% p.a. 8.30% p.a. compounded annually No of Bonds applied for (B) Amount Payable (`) (AxB) Total Numbers of Bonds (Series 1+ Series 2) Total Amount Payable (Series 1+ Series 2) (`) Sole/First Applicant Second Applicant Third Applicant THIRD APPLICANT Mr./Mrs./Ms.

SECOND APPLICANT Mr./Mrs./Ms. Resident Indian individuals HUF through the KartaCATEGORY : I/We hereby consent for my/our details being shared with other L&T Group Entitie s for the purpose of receiving future communication on products of L&T Group Entities. E-mail Pin Code (Compulsory) Telephone MobileCOMMON TERMS OF THE ISSUE: Issuer : L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited Security : Exclusive first charge on receivables of the Company, being one time of the issue size. For further details, please refer to page 28 of the Prospectus. Debenture Trustee : Bank of Maharashtra Depositories : NSDL & CDSL Listing : NSE (Designated Stock Exchange) Trading : In demat form after the end of the Lock-in period Lock-in Period : 5 years from the Date of Allotment Interest on Application Money : 6% per annum on amount allotted. For further det ails, please see General Instruction no. 9 Interest on Refund : NIL -For further details, please see General Instruction no . 9 Buyback Date : First Working Day after 5 years from the Date of Allotment and fi rst Working Day after 7 years from the Date of Allotment Option to hold Bonds : The investors have the option to hold the Bonds in demat or physical form. For further details, please see General Instruction no. 3.1.1 Redemption/Maturity Date : 10 years from the Date of Allotment Basis of Allotment : On a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. For further details, ple ase see General Instruction no. 35 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP L&T INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED Date d d / m m / 2011 Registered Office: Mount Poonamallee Road, Manapakkam, Chennai - 600 089; Tel: + 91 44 2252 6000; Fax: +91 44 2252 8688; Corporate Office: 3B, Laxmi Towers, C-25, G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Ban dra (E), Mumbai - 400 051; Tel: +91 22 4060 5300; Fax: +91 22 4060 5353; Website: www.ltinfra.com; Complian ce Officer: Mr. Vinay Tripathi; Application No. 2299 3A/Laxmi Towers, First Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 05 1; Tel: +91 22 4060 5411; Fax: +91 22 4060 5353; E-mail: infrabonds2011A@ltinfra.com FOR ANY QUERIES REGARDING THE ISSUE, PLEASE CONTACT US ON EITHER OF OUR TOLL FRE E NOS. 1800 102 2131 OR +91 22 4060 5444 OR WRITE TO US AT savetax@ltinfra.com. FOR FURTHER DETAILS, INVESTORS CAN VISIT THE WEBSITE: www.ltinfrabond.com. Received From All future communication in connection with this application should be addressed to the Registrar to the Issue Sharepro Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., 13 AB,

Samhita Warehousing Complex, 2nd Floor, Sakinaka Telephone Exchange Lane, Andher i-Kurla Road, Sakinaka, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072. Contact Person: Mr. Prakash Khare, Tel: +91 22 61915419/408/416/402, Fax : +91 2 2 61915444, E-mail: prakashk@shareproservices.com, Investor Grievance E-mail: ltinfra2@shareproservices.com, Compliance Officer: Mr. Prakash Khare, Website: www.shareproservices.com, SEBI Registration Number: INR000001476; quoting full name of Sole/First Applican t, Application No., Series of Bonds applied for, Number of Bonds applied for under each Series, Date, Bank and Branch where the application was s ubmitted and Cheque/Demand Draft Number and Issuing bank. Cheque/Demand Draft No. Dated 2011 Drawn on (Name of the Bank and Branch) Series Face Value No. of Bonds applied for Amount Payable (`) (A) (B) (A x B) 1 ` 1,000 2 ` 1,000 Acknowledgement is subject to realization of Cheque / Demand Draft. Grand Total (1+2) Bank's Stamp & Date This slip is an acknowledgement of an application made for Long Term Infrastructu re Bonds , being issued by L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited in terms of section 80CCF of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and the Notification No. 48/2010/F. No.149/84/2010-SO(TPL) dated July 9, 2010 issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Allotment of the Bonds shall be made within 30 days of the Issue Closing D ate; Credit to dematerialised accounts will be made within two Working Days from the date of Allotment; Dispatch of physical certificates shall be within 15 Working Days from the date of Allotment; While submitting the Application Form, the Applicant should ensure that the date stamp being put on the Application Form by the Bank matches with the date stamp on the Acknowledgement Slip. CK

L&T INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED : APPLICATION FORMS AVAILABLE AT FOLL OWING LOCATIONS L&T INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED : APPLICATION FORMS A VAILABLE AT FOLLOWING LOCATIONS LEAD MANAGERS TO THE ISSUE ICICI Securities Limited AGRA: 13A, 1St Floor, Sadar Bazar, SADAR BAZAR, AGRA-282002, Tel 9219439387, 975 9215721; AHMEDABAD: Shop no 6, Sun complex, C.G. Road, C G ROAD, AHMEDABAD-38000 9, Tel 079-64501668, 9099935130; First Floor Shop No 119, Akshar Commercial Comp lex Nr.Shivranjani Cross Road, Satellite Road, SATELLITE ROAD, AHMEDABAD-380015, Tel 079-40060134; Ground Floor, Shop No 4 & 5, Shilp Corner, Subhash Chowk, Gurukul Road, Memnagar, MEMNAGAR, AHMEDABAD-380052, Tel 0 79-40059883, 9909949567; First Floor, Shop No. 106/107, Krishnabaug Char Rasta, Kesharkunj Complex Maninagar, KESHARKUNJ, MANINAGAR, AHMEDABAD-380008, Tel 079-6 5411235, 8980036526; Ground Floor Shop No 39, 40, 41, 42, Sarjan 2, 100 Feet Roa d, Sarjan 2, New C.G Road, Chandkheda, CHANDKHEDA, AHMEDABAD382424, Tel 079-65445296, 8980006706; Sardar Centre, Grd Floor, Shop no. 31 to 35, Near Vastrapur Lake, Vastrapur, VASTRAPUR, AHMEDABAD-380015, Tel 079-40035920, 898000 6707; Shop No. 1, 2, 3, 4, Suvas Complex, 1St Floor, Above ICICI Bank, Opp. Raja sthan Hospital, Shahibaug., SHAHIBAUG, AHMEDABAD-380004, Tel 079-65411338, 90990 11188; ALLAHABAD: 27/17, 1St Floor, Algin Road, Civil Lines, CIVIL LINES, ALLAHABAD-211001, Tel , 9918200285; AMRITSAR: 3, Lawrence Road, LAW RENCE ROAD, AMRITSAR-143002, Tel 0183-5019992; AURANGABAD: Gr. Floor, Ghai Chamb ers, Jalna Road, JALNA ROAD, AURANGABAD-431001, Tel , 9923201073; BANGALORE: 73/ 1-1, Krishna, Infantry Road, INFANTRY ROAD, BANGALORE-560001, Tel 080-41239413, 9739006838; First Flr, CNN & Yashosha, Complex, No.87, HBCS Layout, Near West Of Chord Road Shankarmath Circle, Opp Chord Hospit al, Basweswar Nagar, BASWESWAR NAGAR, BANGALORE-560079, Tel 080-41288270, 953888 9294; First Floor, No. 9/1, Cambridge Road Layout, First Cross, CAMNRIDGE ROAD, BANGALORE-560008, Tel 080-64526810; First Floor, No.778/A, Chinnaswamy Chambers, off CMH Road, Indira Nagar., INDIRA NAGAR -BGLR, BANGALORE-560038, Tel 080-41261159; Sriranga Complex, No. 77, First Floor, Dr. Modi Road, 2Nd Stag e West of Chord Road, DR. MODI ROAD, BANGALORE-560086, Tel 080-64526798, 9739149 569; First Floor No.50 Little Plaza, Cunningham Road, CUNNINGHAM ROAD, BANGALORE -560052, Tel 080-41231688, 9739149992; First Floor, 135/5, 15Th Cross, 100 Ft Ri ng Road, 3Rd Phase, J P Nagar, J P NAGAR, BANGALORE-560078, Tel 08041208808, 9986489674; First Floor, No 81/B, 22Nd Cross, Jaya Nagar, 3Rd Block, JAYA NAGAR, 3RD BLOCK, BANGALORE-560041, Tel 080-41308445; No:399 , White Gold, 1St Floor, 24Th Cross, Bhanashankari, II Stage, BHANASHANKARI II STAGE, BANGALORE-560070, T el 080-26713969, 9916102953; Second Floor, No:4C-402, HRBR Layout Kamanahalli, I I Block, KAMANAHALLI, BANGALORE-560043, Tel 080-64526802, 9886393727; 1039/B, 2Nd Floor, 2Nd Main, Near Manovana Bus Stand, Vijaynagar, VI JAY NAGAR, BANGALORE-560040, Tel 080 41270890; First floor No. 209, New BEL Road , NEW BEL ROAD, BANGALORE-560054, Tel 080-41675355; #105, A.E.C.S. Layout, 2Nd S tage 5Th Main Post Office road, Sanjay Nagar Main Road, SANJAY NAGAR, BANGALORE560094, Tel 080-64526801, 9739014148; First Floor, No: 430/363, Nh7, Santhey Circle, Ballary Road, Yelalhanka, YELALHANKA, BANGALORE-560063, Tel 08041686223, 9739246181; 6/1, Ghandi Bazar, First Floor, Basavanagudi, Main Road, G andhi Bazar., GANDHI BAZAR, BANGALORE-560004, Tel 080-41692569, 9886534636; No.2 , 100Ft Ring Road, Katriguppa Circle, Bhanashankari III Stage, BHANASHANKARI III STAGE, BANGALORE-560085, Tel 080-41711313, 9739015159; No 72/1-B, Kanakapura, Mani Road, Jarganahalli, KANAKAPURA ROAD, BANGALORE-560078, Tel 080-41461441, 96 20267021; 290/1, 11Th Cross, Wilson Garden, WILSON GARDEN, BANGALORE-560027, Tel 080-64526482, 9739688211; No. 121, Atr Complexe, Airport Road, Murugesh Palaya, AIRPORT ROAD, BANGALORE-560017, Tel 080-64528748, 9742999773; No.20, 1St Main, Gandhinagar, GANDHINAGAR, BANGALORE-560009, Tel , 9916301350; No. 46, 100 Feet Road, First Floor, Koramangala, 6th Block, KORAMANGALA, BANGALO RE-560095, Tel , 9886150793; BHOPAL: 2, Malviya Nagar, Opp. Old Vidhan Sabha, MA

LVIYA NAGAR, BHOPAL, BHOPAL-462001, ; B-16, Indrapuri, INDRAPURI, BHOPAL-462001, Tel , 9584753111; BHUBANESHWAR: Ground Floor, Plot No-99, Janpath, Unit-3, Khar belnagar, JANPATH, BHUBANESHWAR-751001, Tel , 9776733377; BHUJ: Jubilee Circle, Opp. All India Radio, Bhuj, Kutch, BHUJ, BHUJ-370001, Stat e - GUJARAT, Tel , +91-9909949547; BIKANER: Gr. Floor, 44, Panchshati Circle, Sa dulganj,, BIKANER, BIKANER-334001, State - RAJASTHAN, Tel , +91-9783733888; CHAN DIGARH: SCO-181/182, 1st floor, Next to British Library, Sector 9C, SECTOR 9C, C HANDIGARH-160017, Tel 0172-6510232; Sco 62, Sec - 47C, SEC 47C, CHANDIGARH, CHANDIGARH-160047, Tel , 9988297207; CHENNAI: Shop No. 10 & 11 Arihant Vaikunt, No 123, Brick Kiln Road, Purasawalkkam , PURASAWALKKAM, CHENNAI-600007, Tel 044-4 3546139, 9176687856; Ashok Sriranga, No.1, 9Th Street, Nanganallur, NANGANALLUR, CHENNAI-600061, Tel 044 23460211; Ground Floor, Plot No. 1072 Munusamy Salai, N ext to Pondicherry Guest House, West K K Nagar, WEST K K NAGAR, CHENNAI-600078, Tel 044-23460262, 9962590369; 405, Tiruvalluvar Salai, Mogappair , Paneer Nagar, MOGAPPAIR, CHENNAI-600037, Tel 044-24360227, 9176695275; First F loor T-1, Yesesi Supermarket Building, Annanagar, CHENNAI-600040, Tel 044-234602 15, 9176565750; First Floor, New No. 87/2, Old No. 6/17, Annasalai, Mount Road., MOUNT ROAD, CHENNAI-600002, Tel 044-23460220, 9176988238; Flat No 4, 70/27, North Mada Street, Mylapore, MYLAPORE, CHENNAI-600004, Tel 044-23460202, 9176617431; 475, Kilpauk Garden Road, Kilpauk, KILPAUK, CHENNAI-600010, Tel 044 23460234, 9176635422; Pvm Complex, Plot No 1& 2, Vgp Vimala Nagar, Velacherry Ma ni Road, Medavakkam, MEDAVAKKAM, CHENNAI-600100, Tel 044-22772691, 9962563060; 1 , 3Rd Cross Street, Kasturibai Nagar, Adyar, ADYAR, CHENNAI-600020, Tel 044 23460211; Ground Floor, No. 17, Arunachalam Road, Saligramam, SALIGRAMAM , CHENNAI-600093, Tel 044-23460253, 9962542518; Shop No. 2, Century Plaza, 560-5 62, Annasalai, Teynampet, ANNASALAI TEYNAMPET, CHENNAI-600018, Tel , 91-91767210 55; No. 228, Thambu Chetty Street, Parrys, PARRYS, CHENNAI, CHENNAI-600001, Tel , 9176992510; COIMBATORE: 444, X-Cut Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore, GANDHIPURAM, COIMBATORE, COIMBATORE-641012, Tel , 9176690327; FARIDABAD: Ground Floor, SCO 52, HUDA Market, Sector-29., HUDA MARKET, SECTOR 29, FARIDABAD-121008 , Tel 4108033; GHAZIABAD: Office No S-4, 5, 7 & 8, Ground Floor, Girdhar Plaza.P lot No.H-1, Block No.B, Shalimar garden, Sahibabad, SHALIMAR GARDEN, GHAZIABAD-2 01005, Tel 0120-2639752, 9873670373; Ground Floor, Supertech Icon, Nayay Khand-I, Indira Puram, INDIRA PURAM, GHAZIABAD-201010, Tel 9810314264, 9999689290; GUNTUR: H.No. 5-37-57, 417 Line Road, Ground Floor, Bro dipet Main Road, Brodipet,, GUNTUR, GUNTUR-522002, State - ANDHRA PRADESH, Tel , +91-9052442237; GURGAON: A-4, 5, DLF Shopping Mall, Arjun Marg, DLF City-I, DLF CITY-I, GURGAON-122002, Tel 0124-4381240, 9711129820; Sco 4, Sector 14, SCO 4, GURGAON, GURGAON-120001; GUWAHATI: 3rd & 4th Floor, D.R.Bra j Mohan Building, Opp. Abc Bus Stand, G.S.Road, GUWAHATI, GUWAHATI-781005, Tel , 9706024017; HUBLI: 1st Floor, Next to JTK Show Room, Club Road (Bellow VLCC), H UBLI, HUBLI-580029, Tel 0836-4265221; HYDERABAD: D. No. 19-64, 1St Floor, Prasan na Heights Brundavan Colony, Opp. A. S Rao Nagar Colony, A S RAO NAGAR, HYDERABAD-500062, Tel 040-64530409, 9703218716; 1St Floor, Shop N o.1, 2&3, Sreeram Rama Towers, Chaitanyapuri, Dilsukhnagar, DILSUKHNAGAR, HYDERA BAD-500060, Tel 040-64530404; D No. 2-2-1130/25A, Chintala Arcade Sivam Main Roa d, Prasanth Nagar New Nalllakunta, NALLAKUNTA, HYDERABAD-500044, Tel 040-6453041 2, 9642328111; 1St Floor, 3-6-517, Shop No-103, Sai Datta Arcade, Himayatnagar, Main Road, HIMAYATNAGAR, HYDERABAD-500029, Tel 040-64530452, 81423 33533; Ground Floor, 101 & 102, Prashanthi Ram Towers, Behind Saradhi Studio, Ye llareddy Guda., YELLAREDDY GUDA, HYDERABAD-500073, Tel 040-64530456, 8142333502; Ground Floor, 11-4-659, Bhavya Farooqi Splendid Towers, Red Hills, Lakdikapool, LAKDI KA POOL, HYDERABAD-500004, Tel 040-64530474, 9642328177; First Floor, B- 44, Journalist Colony, Film Nagar Road, Jubilee Hills, JUBILEE H ILLS, HYDERABAD-500016, Tel 040-64530463, 7799017034; First Floor, 6-3-111, Amru tha Mall Somajiguda, SOMAJIGUDA, HYDERABAD-500082, Tel 040-64530440, 9160993839; First Floor, D.No.1-10-209, Kamala Towers, Ashoknagar, ASHOKNAGAR, HYDERABAD-50 0020, Tel 040-64530480, 9703216365; Ground Floor, Plot No-03, Kimtee Banjara Heights, Road No-12, Banjara-Hills, BANJARA HILLS RD#12, HYDERABAD-500034, Tel 0 40-64530477, 9642328131; 32/3RT, First Floor, Municipal No.7-1-261/92E, Sanjeeva

Reddy Nagar, Opp Nest Apartment, S R NAGAR, HYDERABAD-500038, Tel 040-64530497; First Floor, Concourse Building, Opp:Meridian Plaza, Green Lands Road, Ameerpet , AMEERPET, HYDERABAD-500016, Tel 040-64530418, 8142045305; Plot No 3 & 4, Sreerama Towers, Opp: Andhra Bank, Miyapur., MIYAPUR, HYDERABAD-500049, Tel 040-64530492, 9642328110; 214 MIG KPHB Colony, Road No.1, Near KPHB Kaman, Kuka tpalli, KUKATAPALLI, HYDERABAD-500072, Tel 040-64530432, 9052220564; Groud Flr, D.No:1-8-138 To 143, Krishna Castle, Besi - Heritage Flights, Penderghast Road, PENDERGHAST ROAD, SECUNDERABAD-500003, Tel 040-64530400, 8142045304; D No. 3-6-100/B, Ground Floor, Opp. Vijaya Bank, West Marredpally, MARREDPALLY, SECUNDERABAD-500026, Tel 040-64530429, 9642328125; Ground Floor, Plot No 29, Opp . Cyber Towers, Hi- Tech City, Madhapur, HI TECH CITY, SECUNDERABAD-500033, Tel 040-64530444, 9642328117; A-G-1 & A-G-2, Conjeevaram House, Padmarao Nagar., PAD MARAO NAGAR, SECUNDERABAD-500025, Tel 040-64530500, 9642328167; Ground Floor, Survey No.19/A, Ward No1 D. No. 4-65/5, Street No, 8 Habsiguda, HA BSIGUDA, SECUNDERABAD-500007, Tel , 9160993822; INDORE: UG 5/6, Royal Road Gold, A.Y.N.Road, AYN ROAD, INDORE-452001, Tel 731-4205430, 9584460466; Ug-6, Ug-7, S hekhar Residency, Opp Hotel Forture Land Mark, Scheme - 54, Sector F, SHEKHAR RE SIDENCY, INDORE-452001, ; 1St Floor, Anjani Plaza, Ashok Nagar, ASHOK NAGAR, INDORE, INDORE-452001, Tel , 9584460467; JABALPUR: 655, Napier Town, Kata nga Gorakhpur Crossing, NAPIER TOWN, JABALPUR-462001, Tel , 7566668222; JAIPUR: G-34, Ganpati Paradise, Central Spine, Vidhyadhar Nagar, VIDHYADHAR NAGAR, JAIPU R-302023, Tel 0141-5119281, 9772201292; Gr.Floor, Opp. G. P. O. M I Road, M I RO AD, JAIPUR-302001, Tel 0141-4027611, 9983311226; Shop No. G-8, G-9, Vaishali Tower II, Vaishali Nagar, Nursery Circle, VAISHALI NAGAR, JAI PUR-302021, Tel 0141-4027601, 9772202012; A-2, Lal Kothi Shopping Center, Near L akshmi Mandir Cinema, Tonk Road, TONK ROAD, JAIPUR-302015, Tel 0141-4027618, 954 9659869; 4Th Floor, A-34, Prabhu Marg, Opp. AC Market, Raja Park, RAJA PARK 4TH FLR, JAIPUR-302001, ; JALANDHAR: 188, Model Town, MODEL TOWN, JALANDHAR144001, Tel , 9988881320; JALGAON: Gr. Floor, City Enclave, Near Royal Palace Hotel, CIT Y ENCLAVE, JALGAON-425002; JAMNAGAR: 3Rd Floor, Cross Road Complex, Opp. D.K.V. College, Bedi Bunder Road, BEDI BUNDER ROAD, JAMNAGAR-361008, Tel , 8980022399; JAMSHEDPUR: Gayatri Enclave, 2nd Floor (Rear Portoin),Bistupur., JAMSHEDPUR, JAM SHEDPUR-831001, Tel 0657 - 6576455, 9570220223; KANPUR: 111/432, 80 Ft Road, Ashok Nagar, ASHOK NAGAR, KANPUR, KANPUR-208001, Te l , 9721458473; KOCHI: First floor, Adonai Towers, S.A.Road, SA ROAD, COCHIN, KO CHI-682016, Tel 0484-4011946, 9846686227; 44/2102-C, Deshabhimani Junction, Kalo or , KALOOR, KOCHI-682017, Tel , 9846755221; 1St Floor, Prabhus Towers, Mg Road, North End, MG ROAD, KOCHI, KOCHI-682035, Tel , 9846365229; KOLKATA: Sriniketan, Howrah AC Market, 20, Dobson Road, DOBSON ROAD, HOWRAH-7111 01, Tel 033-64509810, 8017516149; 30-G, Chowringee Mansion, J L Nehru Road, Park Street., PARK STREET, KOLKATA-700016, Tel 033-22275034, 9830674730; 112A, Third floor, Rash Behari Avenue, RASHBEHARI AVENUE, KOLKATA-700029, Tel 033 ? 6550210 1, 9674725735; Victoria Plaza, 385, Garia Main Road, GARIA MAIN ROAD, KOLKATA-700084, Tel 033-64506571, 9674725734; 339, Canal Street, Lake Town, LAKE TOWN, KOLKATA-700048, Tel , 9051615306; 95, Dumdum Road, DUMDUM ROAD , KOLKATA, KOLKATA-700074, Tel , 9830549993; Gr. And 2Nd Floor, 97/4, B.T. Road, B.T. ROAD, KOLKATA-700090, Tel , 9836003395; KOTTAYAM: 2nd floor, Ashirwad Towe rs, No.3, Block 54, Shastri Road, KOTTAYAM, KOTTAYAM686001, Tel 4816451011, 9745003220; LUCKNOW: Ground Floor, Landmark Arcade2, Badshah Nag ar Crossing, Faizabad Road, BADSHAH NAGAR CROSSING, LUCKNOW-226006, Tel 0522-404 7519, 9918200325; Raj Palace, A1/15, Sector H, Purania Chauraha, Aliganj, ALIGAN J, LUCKNOW-226024, Tel 0522 - 4048855, 9721458460; S/268, E Block Market, Awasth i Complex, Rajajipuram, RAJAJIPURAM, LUCKNOW-226017, Tel 0522-4046306, 9721458474; First And Second Floor, Speed Building, 3, Shahnaj af Road, SHAHNAJAF ROAD, LUCKNOW-226001, Tel , 9721455147; LUDHIANA: Sayal Compl ex, Near Cycle Market, Gill Road, GILL ROAD, LUDHIANA-141001, Tel , 9988881402; MEERUT: P P Plaza, Plot No. 177/1, Mangal Pandey Nagar, MANGAL PANDEY NAGAR, MEE RUT-250005, Tel 0121-4022012, 9759010925; MUMBAI: H T Parekh Marg, Chuhrchgate, Mumbai-400020, Tel 022-66377350; Sawan Knowledge P ark, Groud Floor, Plot No. D-507, TTC Industrial Area, Near Jui Nagar Railway St

ation, Navi Mumbai-400707, Tel 40701089; Shop no 11, Megh Apartment, Junction of factory lanes & LT road, MEGH APT -BORIWALI(W), MUMBAI-400092, Tel , 9930469052 ; Jaya Apartments, R B Mehta road, Near Patel Chowk, Ghatkopar (E), JAYA APT, GHATKOPAR (E), MUMBAI-400075, Tel 022-65972581, 9619661362; Shop no. 9, 10, Meri line Corner, Near Sion Circle, SION (E), SION, MUMBAI-400022, Tel 022 65972877, 9930258038; Shop No. 1 & 2, Dilkush Bungalow, J. P. Road, Andheri West, ANDHERI (W), MUMBAI-400058, Tel 022-65972185; 56/57, Saraf Choudhari Nagar Co. Op. Soc., Thakur Complex, Kandivali East, THAKUR COMPLEX, KANDIVALI (E), MUMBAI400101, Tel 022-65972165; Shop No. 26, 27 & 51, Gr.Floor, Ashoka Shopping Centre, LT Mar g, GT Hospital Compound, Marine Lines, MARINE LINES, MUMBAI-400002, Tel 022-6597 2151, 9619661299; 1A&2, Balaji Arcade, S.V Road Kandivili (W), KANDIVALI(W), MUM BAI-400067, Tel 022-67252026, 9769114518; Ground Floor, Jayshree Plaza, L.B.S. M arg, Bhandup (W), BHANDUP (W), MUMBAI-400078, Tel 022-67252071, 9833774119; Gr Floor, Devraj Mall, Krishna Kunj Hsg Soc., Harishankar Joshi Road , Opp. Madhuram Hall, Dahisar (E)., DAHISAR (E), MUMBAI-400068, Tel 022 65973037 , 9769114725; 1St Floor Sai Kiran, Central Avenue, 11Th Road Junction, Chembur., CHEMBUR, MUMBAI-400074, Tel 022 67706455, 9930262488; Azadnagar, Vile Parle Wes t, VILE PARLE WEST, MUMBAI-400056, Tel 022 66712660; Gr. Floor, Vardhaman Apt., 40, Hanuman Road, Vile Parle (E), VILE PARLE (E), MUMBAI-400028, Tel , 992 0552981; Gr. Floor, Shop No. 2, Grace Chamber, Amrit Nagar, Chakala, Andheri (E) , AMRIT NAGAR, ANDHERI (E), MUMBAI-400093, Tel , 9619130249; Shop No 4, 5, 6, 7, Roop Maya Co-Op Hsg.Soc., Sector 6, Airoli, AIROLI, NAVI MUMBAI-400708, Tel 022 65143243, 9930469001; Shop No.6, 7 & 8, Ground Flr. Vaishnavi Tower, Sector-44, Nerul (W)., NERUL (W)SEC-44, NAVI MUMBAI-400706, Tel 022 65143650, 9619140868; A psara Building, Shop No. 4, Sector - 17, Vashi., VASHI, SECTOR 17, NAVI MUMBAI-4 00702, Tel 022 67124805, 9833774129; Gr. Floor, Tulsi Pooja Shopping Center, New Panvel (E)., NEW PANVEL (E), NAVI MUMBAI-410206, Tel 022 65143687, 9930469073; Ground Floor, Block 1, Shop No 3, Emerald Plaza, Hiranandani Meadows, Glady Alvares Marg, Off Pokhran Road No. 2, Thane (W), EMERALD PLAZA, THANE-400610, Te l 022-67252084, 9930468334; Olympia Bldg, Poonam Sagar, Mira Road (East), MIRA R OAD (E), THANE-401107, Tel 022-65972171; 1St Floor, Office No. 2, Gaurangi Chamb ers, Opp. Damani Estate, L.B.S. Marg., L.B.S. MARG, THANE-400602, Tel 022-659706 65; Ground Floor, Galleria, Talao Pali, TALAO PALI, THANE (WEST), THANE400602; MYSORE: Natraj Aracade, # MIG 35, Urs Road, First floor, HUDCO 1st stage, Kuvemp unagar, Opp. Akshay Bhandar, KUVEMPUNAGAR, MYSORE-570023, ; D. No. 86/3A, Panabv ati Circle, Kalidasa Road, Jayalakshmipuram, KALIDASA ROAD, MYSORE-570012, Tel , 9986098910; NAGPUR: Ground Floor, Plot No.263 &264, BrijBhumi Complex., BRIJBHU MI COMPLEX, NAGPUR-440008, Tel 0712-6631611, 9158882697; Kotwal Nagar, Ring Road, Khamla, KHAMLA, NAGPUR-440015, Tel 0712 - 6452494; Firs t Floor, Shop No. 138 To 140, Shree Ram Shyam Towers, SADAR - HUB, NAGPUR-440001 , Tel 0712-6631608, 9673333724; NASIK: Ground Floor, Plot No. 7, Mahindra Memori al Centre, Near Babu Bunglow, Rathchakra Chowk, Vadala- Pathardi Road, Indira Na gar, INDIRA NAGAR, NASIK-422009, Tel 0253 6572116, 91-9158005613; NEW DELHI: B-1, B-2, Third Floor, Above Hot Spot, Janakpuri, JANAKPURI, NEW DELH I-110058, Tel 011-64546535; Gr. & 1st Floor, Premises No F-3/28, Abadi Krishna N agar, Shahdara, Village Ghondali, KRISHNA NAGAR, NEW DELHI-110051, Tel 011-22097 257, 9999169986; Ground Floor, UG-05, Upper Gr. Floor, Vikas Surya Plaza, 7 Comm unity Centre, Road No. 44, Pitam Pura, Rani Bagh, PITAM PURA, RANI BAGH, NEW DELHI-110034, Tel 011-42644297, 9899103587; Ground Floor, Plot No. 24 , 25, LSC, Mayur Vihar-II, MAYUR VIHAR-II, NEW DELHI-110091, Tel 9810898215, 958221419 7; Ground Floor & Mezzanine, Ab-11, Community Center, Safdarjung Enclave, SAFDAR JUNG ENCLAVE, NEW DELHI-110029, Tel 011-46026136, 9582947952; Ground Floor & Mez zanine, 29, Community Centre, Naraina Industrial Estate, Phase - I, NARAINA, NEW DELHI-110028, Tel 011-45009954, 9582162081; Building No 4, 1St Floor, SMR Ho use, Basant Lok Vasant Vihar, VASANT VIHAR, NEW DELHI-110057, Tel 011-46039807; 1st Floor, Shop No. 39, Pushpa Market, Lajpat nagar II, LAJPAT NAGAR, NEW DELHI110024, Tel 9910692530, 9899235323; Ground Floor Plot no-8A, Block No.E, Hauz Kh as, HAUZ KHAS, NEW DELHI-110016, Tel 011-41654853, 9582947953; Ground Floor & First Floor, Plot No 17, Community Center, Mayapuri, MAYAPURI, NEW DELHI

-110064, Tel 011-45501297, 9999592704; Ground Floor 4435-3/6, Portion 4/7 Ansari Road, Next to Corrporation Bank ATM, Daryaganj, DARYAGANJ, NEW DELHI-110002, Te l 011-43540813, 9582217663; 1St Floor, Plot No-10, LSC Rajdhani Enclave, Vikas M arg, RAJDHANI ENCLAVE, NEAR KARKARDOOMA, RAJDHANI ENCLAVE, NEW DELHI110092, Tel 9971091474; Ground Floor, Rohini Sector-9, Near Kadambri CGHS Ltd, ROHINI SE C 9, NEW DELHI-110085, Tel 9910692511, 9582202002; Ground Floor & Upper, 22, Cen tral Market, Ashok Vihar, ASHOK VIHAR, NEW DELHI-110052, Tel 011-47023584; Unit F-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, Malik Buildcon Plaza-2 Pocket-V, Sec 12, Dwarka, DWARKA, NEW DELHI-110075, Tel 011- 45537264, 9873232440; Gr. Floor 30/5, Nangia Park Circle, Shakti Nagar, NANGIA PARK; SHAKTI NAGAR, NEW DELHI-110 007, Tel 011- 47013716, 9759215706; Ground Floor, 3C/4, New Rohtak Road, NEW ROH TAK ROAD, NEW DELHI-110005, Tel 9910990777, 9999283746; First Floor (Left Side), DDA Shopping Complex, Alaknanda, ALAKNANDA, NEW DELHI-110019, Tel 011 - 4176751 4; Plot No. 13, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, NEW FRIENDS COLONY, NEW DELHI-110065, Tel 011- 41672696; 179 - 182, Dda Office Complex, Rajendra Bha wan, Rajendra Palace, RAJENDRA PLACE, NEW DELHI-110008, Tel , 9999351142; Shop N o. 45 & 46, Tilak Nagar, TILAK NAGAR, NEW DELHI-110018, Tel , 9582947696; Shop N o. 1, I Pocket, Dilshad Garden, DILSHAD GARDEN, NEW DELHI-110095, Tel , 58221418 9; 114/115, 1St Floor, Arunachal Bldg 19, Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place, CONNAUGHT PLACE, NEW DELHI-110001, Tel , 9582158521; J2/21, 1St Floor, Ra jouri Garden, RAJOURI GARDEN, DELHI, NEW DELHI-110027, Tel , 9999035683; NOIDA: 16, 15, 14, & 12-A, Ground Floor, Msx Tower Ii, GREATER NOIDA, GREATER NOIDA-201 306, Tel , 9811482354; B 1/34-35, Central Market, Sector-50, NOIDA SECTOR 50, NO IDA-201301, Tel 9810139014, 9582200473; PATNA: ICICI Bank Premises, Sumitra Sadan, Boring Road Crossing, PATNA, PATNA-800001, Tel 0612 - 2205690, 95 70900596; PUNE: Ground Floor, Abhimanshree Apartments-2, Condominium, Bhuvaneshw ar Society, Aundh, AUNDH, PUNE-411007, Tel 020-64009578; Ground Floor, Sheetal P laza, CTS No. 1125, Final Plot No.499, Model Colony, Shivajinagar, Bhamburda, MO DEL COLONY, PUNE-411016, Tel 020-64009581, 7798981523; RAMA S.No 682/A, CTS No 1048, Plot No 49, Chatrapati Rajaram Co-Op Hou.Soc, Jedhenagar, Bi bwewadi, BIBWEWADI, PUNE-411037, Tel 020-64780045, 9158882629; Office No.3, Tedd ies Apartment, Opp. Gera Junction, Kondhawa, KONDHAWA, PUNE-411048, Tel 020 6478 9996, 7798981535; Gr. Floor & Mezzanine, Krishnakunj, S No.211, Hissa No. 2E, Pl ot No. 17, Kalyaninagar, Yerwada, KALYANINAGAR, PUNE-411006, Tel 020-64000280, 7798981528; Gr. Floor & Basement, Pramila Apt, Plot No. 16, Beside Hotel Kamat, Dahanukar Colony Circle, Kothrud, KOTHRUD, PUNE-411029, Tel 020-64000279; Gr.Flo or, 86A, Survey No.390/1684-1, M.G.Road, Opp. Kohinoor Restaurant, Camp, M.G.ROA D, PUNE-411001, Tel 020 64000284, 9158882700; Groud Floor, Premsagar, H Wing, Ne ar PCMC Auditorium, Chinchwad, CHINCHWAD, PUNE-411033, Tel 020-27463416, 7798981252; Shop No 1 & 2 Gr. Floor, Sneh Bldg, Cts No 1404, Near Jamtani Cross, Pimpri, PIMPRI, PUNE-411017, Tel 020-26451574, 9923201041; Ground Floor, near V ishal Megamart, KPCT B Wing, S No.16, Hisa No.1/1, CTS No.912, Wanawadi, Fatiman agar., FATIMANAGAR, PUNE-411040, Tel 020-64009551, 7798981509; RAJAHMUNDARY: Doo r No: 46-22-11, Karrisu Reddy Plaza, Danavaipeta, East Godavari District,, RAJAHMUNDRY, RAJAHMUNDRY-533103, State - ANDHRA PRADESH, Tel , +91-91 60993820; RAJKOT: 1st Floor, Shantiniketan Complex, 150 Feet Ring Road, Opposite KKV Hall, 150 FEET RING ROAD, RAJKOT, RAJKOT-360007, Tel 0281-6451154, 97277398 40; RANCHI: First Floor, Ranchi Club Complex , Main Road, RANCHI CLUB COMPLEX, R ANCHI-834001, Tel , 7631998820; SURAT: Shop No.35, 36 & 37, 2Nd Floor, Shreeji Arcade Complex, Anand Mahal Road, Adjan Road, SHREEJI COMPLEX , SURAT-395009, Tel 0261-6548419, 8980006745; G/10, 11, 12, Sarthi Complex, Hira Baug, Warachha, HIRA BAUG, SURAT-395006, Tel 0261-6548438, 79-9099935176; 1St F loor, Viishal Chambers, Nr. Athwagate Charrasta, Besides Sardar Bridge, ATHWAGAT E CHARRASTA, SURAT-395001, Tel 0261-6548407, 8980022395; THRISSUR: R.V.Trade Centre, Third Floor,Patturaickal, THRISSUR, THRISSUR-680022, State - K ERALA, Tel 9995429332, +91-9846495206; TIRUPATI: Gr.Flr D/o: 19-3-12/J4, Ramanuj a Circle, Tirchanoor Road,, TIRUPATI, TIRUPATI-517501, State - ANDHRA PRADESH, T el , +91-7799017079; TRIVANDRUM: 2 Nd Floor, Kamala Towers , Vazhuthacaud, TRIVA NDRUM, TRIVANDRUM-695014, Tel , 9846645223; UDAIPUR: Sf, 5C, Madhuvan, Above Kotak Mahindra Bank, UDAIPUR, UDAIPUR-313001, Tel , 9983345015;

VADODARA: Ground Floor, Gardenview Chambers, Opp Kala Ghoda Circle, Sayajiganj, SAYAJIGANJ, VADODARA-390005, Tel 0256-6540546, 8980022367; Amrapali Complex, 1St Floor, Shop No. 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, Water Tank Road, Karelibaug., KARELIBA UG, VADODARA-390018, Tel 0278-2433288, 8980022359; Gr Floor, Shop No 7, 8, 9 Tulsidham Char rasta, Manzalpur, MANZALPUR, VADODARA-390011, Tel 0265 6566911; 1St Floor, Gokulesh Ii, 96 Sampatrao Colony, R.C.Dutta Road, Alka puri., GOKULESH, ALKAPURI, VADODARA-390007, Tel , 9909947855; VAPI: Ground Floor , City Surver No. 1913, Rozy Empire, Opp Govt Yatri Niwas, VAPI, VAPI-396191, Te l , 8980022376; VIJAYAWADA: 29-6-31, 1St Floor, Sai Srinivasa Shopping Complex, Nakkal Road, Suryaraopet, VIJAYAWADA-520001, Tel , 9160993807; VISHAKHA PATNAM: 1-83-43, 1St Floor, Narendra Polyclinic Building, M V P Colony., VISAKHA PATNAM, VISAKHAPATNAM-530017, Tel 0891-6520468, 7799017078; HDFC Bank Limited : LOCATIONS WOULD BE SAME AS GIVEN BELOW FOR HDFC BANK LIMITED AS COLLECTION BANK. Karvy Stock Broking Limited Agra : 17/2/4, 2nd Floor, Deepak Wasan Plaza, Sanjay Place, (Behind Holiday Inn) , 282 002, 0562 2526660 / 61; Shop No 11, Nanak Towers, Opp.Telegraph Office, Be lagunj, 282 004; 0562 3247077; Ahmedbad : 7 - 8, 2nd Floor, 3rd Eye Building, Ne ar Panchvati Circle, C.G.Road, 380 006, 079 26403134 / 2403171; 27, Suman Tower, Near Hotel Haveli, Sector No.11, Gandhinagar, 382 011, 079 23249943, 23249985; 208 H J House, Near Ram Baug Police Station, Opp IOC Petro Pump, Rambaug, Manina gar, 380 008, 079 25466548 / 25466654; 1, Millenium Plaza, Opp. Mansi Towers, Va strapur 380 015, 079 26750401 / 26750434; Ajmer : 12, II Floor, Ajmer Tower, Kut chary Road, 305 001, 0145 2628055, 2628065; Akolaakola : Shop No-30, Ground Floo r, Yamuna Tarang Complex, N.H. No.-06, Murtizapur Road, 444 004, 0724 2451874; Alleppey : First Floor, J P Towers, West Of Zilla Court Bridge, Ne ar Agricultural Office, Mullakkal, 688 011, 0477 2230160; Aligarh : 1st Floor, K umar Plaza, Ramgath Road, Vishnupuri, 202 001, 0571 2509106/07; Allahabad : 2nd Floor, Rsa Towers, Above Sony Showroom, 57, Sardar Patel Marg, Civil Lines, 211 001, 0532 2260291 / 92; 138/13 Nai Bazar (Above Yash Automobiles Hero Honda Agency), Opp Nisc (Udyog Nagar) Naini, 211 007, 0532 22695031; Alwar : 101, Saur abh Towers, Road No # 2, Bhagat Singh Circle, 301 001, 0144 3291200/300; Amaravt hi : Shop No. 13 & 27, First Floor, Gulshan Plaza, Raj Peth, Badnera Road, 444 6 01, 0721 2565617/2573972; Ambala : 6349, Nichoson Road, Adjacent Kos Hospital, A mbala Cantonement ,133 001, 0171 2640668,69; SCF-15, Vikas Vihar ,~ ,134 003, 0171 2551757,58; Amritsar : 72-A Taylor s Road, Opp.Aga Heritage Gand hi Ground, 143 001, 0183 5053802/3; Anand : FF-6, Chitrangana, Opp: Motikaka Cha wl, Vidyanagar Road, Anand 388 120, 02692 248980, 248873; Ankleshwar : Shop No.F -4/5, 1st Floor, Shree Narmada Arcade, Opp. Hdfc Bank, 393 001, 02646 227348 / 2 27349; Asansol : 18 G T Road, 2nd Floor, 713 301, 0341 2214623, 2214624; Bangalore : 156/1, 30th Cross, 6th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, 560 011, 080 26554328/29; No.279, 3rd Floor, 67th Cross, 5th Block, Rajajinagar (Near Bhashyam Cirlce), 560 010, 080 23143559 / 23143560; T K N Complex, No. 51 /2, Vanivilas Road, Opp: National College, Basavanagudi 560 004, 080, 26621192 / 93; Skanda No 59, Putana Road, Basavanagudi, 560 004, 080 26621192 / 93; # 3, Thimmaiah Chambers,1st Cross Road, Opp To Kamat Yatri Nivas, Gandhinagar 56 0 009, 080 22350761/62/63/64; No 746, First Floor, Krishna Temple Road, Indira N agar, First Stage, 560 038, 080 25264344 / 2930; A/8, 1st Floor, Khb Colony, (Op p.Microland, (In Airtel Bldg), 80 Feet Road, Koramangala, 560 095, 080 25527301 / 25501647; No.337, Gf-3, Karuna Complex, Sampige Road, Opp: Vegetable Market, Malleshwaram, 560 003, 080 23314678 / 23314680; No.1714, 14/1, 1st Floor, K S S Chambers (Behind Maruthi Mandir) 21st Main Road, Vijayanagar, 560 040, 080 23119 028 / 9041; 2019/A, 1st Floor, 3rd B Corss, B Sector, Yelahnaka New Town, 560 064, 080 28562726/ 2729; 165 & 166, Manjunatha Chambers, Shankarnagar Main Road, 5600 96, 080 23375292, 23471375; No.628, 8th Main, 3rd Stage, 3rd Block, Basaveshwaranagar 560 079, 080 30982058 / 1794 ; Bareilly : 1st Floor, 165, Civi l Lines, Opp.Hotel Bareilly Palace, Near Rly Station, 243 001, 0581 2310470; Bel

gaum : FK-1, Khimajibhai Complex, Ambedkar Road, Opp: Civil Hospital, 590 001, 0 831 2402544 / 722; Bellary : No.1, 1st Floor, KHB Colony, Gandhinagar, 583 101, 08392 254531 / 32 ; Bharuch : Ff 47/48 Aditya Complex, Opp. Kasak Fuwara, 392 001, 02642 225207 / 08; Bhathinda : 2048, First Floor, Opp.Canara Bank, The Mall Road, 151 001, 0164 5006725/26/27; Bhavnagar : 301, 3rd Floor, Surabhi Mall , Near ICICI Bank Waghawadi Road, 364 001, 0278 2567005, 3001004; Bhilai : Shop No.138, New Civic Centre, 490 006, 0788 2295329 / 37; Bhopal : Kay Kay Business Centre, 133, Zone 1, MP Nagar, 462 011, 0755 4092712, 4092714; Bhubaneshwar : 624, Saheednagar, First Floor, 751 007, 0674 2511011 - 14,; Plot No. 104/105, P Besides Pal Heights Hotel, Jayadev Vihar, 751 310, 0674 2360334/3 35; Bilaspur : Shop No 201/202, V.R.Plaza, Link Road, 495 001, 07752 519598 / 23 6466; Bokaro Steel City : B-1,First Floor, City Centre, Near Sona Chandi, Sector -4, 827004, 06542 233330/31/32; Burdwan : Birhata (Halder Complex), 63, G T Road, 713 101, 0342 2550801 / 0840; Calicut : First Floor, Savithri Buil ding, Opp.Fatima Hospital, Bank Road, 673 001, 0495 2760882 / 2760884; II Floor, Soubhagya Shopping Complex, Mavoor Road, Arayedathypalam, 673 004, 0495 2742105 / 2742107; Chandigarh : Sco 371-372, Above Hdfc Bank, Sector 35-B, 160 036, 017 2 5071726, 5071727, ; Chennai : F-3 Adyar Business, Court, Old No 5, New # 51, Gandhi Nagar First Main Road, Adayar, 600 020, 044 42116586, 421165 87, ; Ac 155, 6th Main Road, Near KHM Hospital, Anna Salai, 600 040, 044 2622448 2, 42103538, ; No 77A, Radha Nagar Main Road, Chromepet, 600 044, 044 22653604, 22653605, ; No. 48, Ist Floor, Ist Main Road, Nanganallur, 600 061, 044 42056266 / 267 / 68; F 22, Prince Towers, Purasawalkam High Road, Purasaiwakkam, 600 010, 044 42042567 / 568; G-1, Swati Court, 22, Vijaya Raghava Road, T Nagar, 600 017, 044 28155967 / 28153658; Sundar Krishnaplaza, 3rd Floor, No.8, Luckmodoss Street, Sowcarpet, 600 003, 044 42051557/ 1471; F-7 & 8, 3rd Floor, Mahbubani To wers, No. 48, Dr. D N Road, T. Nagar, 600 017, 044 42076808 / 09; No. 7, Sripera mbadur Road, Thiruvallur, 602 002, 044 27640552; Doshi Gardens, Shop No.10, 2nd Floor D-Block No. 174 N.S.K Salai, 600 026, 044 42013425 / 27 42013002; Coim batore: Ground Floor, , 29/1, Chinthamani Nagar, N S R Road, Sai Baba Colony, 64 1 011, 0422 2452161 / 162 / 163; Jaya Enclave 1057/1508, Avanashi Road, 641 018, 0 422 4291000 30; Cuttack : Opp.Jaganath Petrol Pump, Arunodya Market, Link Road, 753 012, 0671 2332680 / 81 / ; Dargha Bazar, 1st Floor, 753001, 0671, 2613905, 2613906; Dehradun : 48/49, Patel Market, Opp: Punjab Jewellers, N ear Gandhi Park, Rajpur Road, 248 001, 0135 2713351 / 2714046 ; Kaulagarh Road, Near Sirmour Marg, 248 001, 0135 2754334, 2754336; Durgapur : Old Dutta Automobi le Building, 1st Floor, Benachity, Malancha Road, 713 213, 0343 2586375 To 77; E rode : No.4, Kmy Salai, Veerapan Traders Complex, Opp: Erode Bus Stand, Sathy Road, 638 003, 0424 2225601 / 03; Faridabad : A-2b, 1st Floor, Neel am Bata Road, Nit, 121 001, 0129 4024441to 43; Gandhidham : 14, Komal Complex, P lot No 305, Near Shivaji Park, Sector 12-B, 370 201, 02836 228640 / 30; Ghaziaba d : 1st Floor, C-7, Lohia Nagar, 201 001, 0120 2701886 / 2701891; Gorakpur: Abov e V.I.P. House, Adjacent, A.D. Girls College, Bank Road, Gorakpur, 273 001, 0551 2346519/2333825, Guntur : 6-10-18, II Floor, 10/1, Arundelpet 2nd Floor, 522 002, 0863 2326684 / 2326686; Gurgaon : Shop No 18, Near Huda Office, Ground Floor, Opp. AKD Office, Sec.14, Old Delhi Road, Near Madras Restaurant, 1 22 001, 0124 4086419/ 3243535; Guwahati : 2nd Floor, Ram Kumar Plaza, Chatribari Road, Near Himatshinga Petrol Pump, 781 001, 0361 2608016 / 8102; Gwalior : Near Nadigate Pul, MLB Road, Shinde Ki Chawani, 474 001, 0751 4069001, 4069002, ; 52, Mayur Market, First Floor, Near Petrol Pump, Thatipur, Gandhi Ro ad, 474 001, 0751 2340200/0751-2340201; Haldwani : No.4, Durga City Center, 1st Floor, Near M B College, Naintal Road, 263 139, 5946 282635, 311950; Hanamkonda : Shop No.5 & 6, 1st Floor, Chandra Complex, 5-6-94, Lashkar Bazar, Opp: B.Ed College, 506 001, 0870 2551484, 2553884,; Hassan : St. Anthony s Complex , Ground Floor, Opp: Canara Bank, H N Pura Road, 573 201, 08172 262032, 262051, ; Hissar : SCO 17 Red Square Market, 1st Floor, 125 001, 01662 225868 (D) / 2258 45 / 836; Hoshiarpur : 1st Floor, The Mall, Sutheri Road, 146 001, 01882 503201 - 204; Hubli : Giriraja House, No.451 /B, Ward No.1, Club Road, 580 029, 0836 2353962, 2353974, 2353975; 8 & 9, Upper Ground Floor, C Block, Aks haya Park, Gokul Road, 580 030, 0836 2232773, 2232774; Hyderabad : 15-6-464/470,

1st Floor, Salasar Complex, (Near Fish Market), Begum Bazar, 500 012, 040 23433 100; 1st Floor, Plot No.2, 1-1-128/B, Chanda Nagar, Serilingampally, Near Bhel, 500 050, 040 23030028, 23030029, ; Vijetha Golden Empire, Flat No. 103, First Floor, H No.16-11-762/762b & C, Beside Anadal Nilayam, Moosarambagh, 500 036, 04 0 23433116 / 117; 3-5-890, Paras Chambers, Plot No.14-15, Ground Floor, Himayat Nagar, 500 029, 040 23388771, 23388772; Sai Vikram Towers, 1st Floor, Kukatpally Main Road, Near Kukatpally Bus Stop, Kukatpally, 500 072, 040 23433137/119; Bui lding No.160 (Part), Opp: Mayfair Complex, Rasoolpura, S P Road, 500 003, 040 23433110 To 15; 21, Avenue 4 Street No.1, Banjara Hills, 500 034, 040 23312454 / 23320251; Block No 176, Opp. Chola Residency, Old Vasavi Nagar, Kharkana, 500 0 16, 040 23433166 -169 ; Indore : 105, 106 & 107,D M Towers, 21/1, Race Cource Ro ad, Near Janjeerwala Chowrah, 452 001, 0731 3014200 - 19; Jaipur : S-16/A, Land Mark, 3rd Floor, Opp Jai Club, Mahaveer Marg, C Scheme, 302 001, 0141 2378703 / 604; Jalandhar : Prime Tower, Lower Ground Floor Off.No.3, Plot No 28, G T Road, 144 001, 0181 4634401 - 14; Jalgoan : Laxminarayan Plaza, 148, Navipe th, Opp. Vijaya Bank, 425 001, 0257 2227432 /2223671; Jamnagar : G-12 & 108 Madh av Plaza, Opp: Sbs Bank, Near Lal Bungalow, 361 001, 0288 2556520 /2556260; Jams hedpur : 2nd Floor, Kanchan Towers, 3 Sb Shop Area, Main Road, Bistupur, 831 001, 0657 2487020, 2487045, Jammu : 1st Floor, 29 D/C, Near Services Selection Board, Gandhinagar, 180 004, 0191 9906297556, 9906200000; Jha nsi : 371/01, Narayana Plaza, Jeevan Shah Crossing, Opp Telephone Exchange, Gwal ior Road, Jhansi, 284 003, 0517 2333682 - 85, 2332141; Jodhpur : 203, Modi Arcad e Chopasni Road, 342 001, 0291 5103026 / 5103046; Junagadh : 124 - 125, Punit Shopping Centre, M G Road, Ranavav Chowk, 362 001, 0285 26241 40 / 2624154; Kakinada: 13-1-46, I Floor, Sri Deepthi Towers, ICICI Bank Complex , Main Road, 533 001, 0884 2387382 / 2387383; Kannur : II Floor, Prabhat Road, F ort Road, 670 141, 0460 27681120 / 1130; Kanpur : 15/46, Civil Lines, Near Muir Mills, Stock Exchange Road, 208 001, 0512 2330127, 2331445,; 81/ 4, Block No. 9, Govindnagar, 208 006, 0512 329600; Karelibaug : SB 3, Amrapaali Complex, Near Muktanand, Water Tank Road, 390 018, 0265 3950628, 3951011; Karnal : Sco 26, Kunjpura Road, Nehru Place, 132 001, 0184 2251524 / 525 / 526; Kochi : G 39, Panampilly Nagar, 682 036, 0484 2310884 (D) / 2322152; Room No XIX / 135 (16) 1st Floor, Noor Point Opp. Federal Towers, Bank Junction, 683 101, 0484, 3202627/ 637; 7 / 462, B 5trans Avenue, Near EKM Dist Coop Bank H ead Quarters , Kakanad, 682 030, 0484 2423191 / 3949087; D. No. 6/0290, Opp: Haz i Essa School, Gujarathi Road, 682 002, 0484 2211229 / 2211225; 1st Floor, Pindy s Complex, XX/773, Market Junction, 682 301, 0484 2777330 / 3571041; Kolhapur : Omkar Plaza Shop No. F2 & F4, 1st Floor, Rajaram Road, Near ICICI Bank, 416 008, 0231 2520650, 2520655; Kolkata : 19, R N Mukherjee Road, 2nd Floor, 700 001, 033 22437863 - 69; 493/C/A, G T Road (S), Block G, 1st Floor, 711 101, 033 26382345 / 2535; 22n/1, Block A, New Alipore, 700 053, 033 24576203-05 / 2407 0 992; AD-60, Sector - 1, Salt Lake, 700 064, 033 23210461 - 64 / 0587 / 23344140; 49, Jatin Das Road, Near Deshpriya Park, 700 029, 033 24634787 - 89 / 24647231/ 32 / 4891 / 24650308; P-335, CIT Scheme No. VI M, ~ 700 054, 033 23648927 ; 2362 8486; Kollam : Seemas Centre 2nd Floor, Kadapakkada, 691 008, 0474 2768327 / 8337 / 8347; Kota : 29, Shopping Centre, 1 Floor, Near Lala Lapatrai Circle, 324 007, 0744 2365145 / 146 / 144; Kottayam : 1st Floor, CSI Ascension Square, Collector ate P.O, 686 002, 0481 2302420-21; Kumbakonam : 45, First Floor, City Plaza , Mutt Street, 612 001, 0435 2403436 / 37; Lucknow : K S M Tower , CP 1, Sinder Dump, Alambagh, 226 005, 0522 2453168/158 / 176; Hig 67, Sector E , Aliganj, 226 016, 0522 2329419, 2329938/39; 24, Usha Sadan, Prem Nagar, Ashok Marg, 226 001, 0522 3213183; Tej Krishan Plaza, 313/9, Khun Khunji Road, Chowk, 226 003, 0522 2258454 / 455; Shivani Plaza, Khunkhunji Plaza, 2/54, Vijay Khand, Gomtinagar, 226 010, 0522 2391664/65 / 2391280; 94, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Opp: Governor House, Hazratganj, 226 001, 0522 2236819-28, 3817001 (Rim); Ludhia na : Ground Floor, Sco -3, Feroze Gandhi Market, 141 001, 0161 4680050 To 468006 2; Madurai : 274, Goods Shed Street, ~ 625 001, 0452 2350855 (D) / 2350852 - 854 ; Rakesh Towers, Opp Murugappa Motors, No.30, By Pass Road, 625 010, 0452 2600851 - 855; Plot No 654 - 80 Feet Road, Next To Lakshmi Arasu K

alyana Mandapam, K K Nagar, 625 020, 0452 5391700 / 600; Mangalore : Mahendra Ar cade, Ground Floor, No.4-6-577/21/22, Kodial Bail, 575 003, 0824 2492302, 249633 2, 2492901; Mathura : 3538 / 3540, Infront Of B.S.A. College, Gaushala Road, 281 004, 0565 2463172- 74 , 3202615; Meerut : 1st Floor, Medi Centre, Opp Eves Centre, Hapur Road Near Bachha Park, 250 002, 0121 2520068; Mehsana : U l 47, Apollo Enclave, Opp Simdhear Temple, Modhera Cross Road, 384002, 2762 2429 50; Moga : Near Dharamshala Brat Ghar, Civil Line, Dutt Road, 142 001, 01636 230 792 / 5022400; Moradabad : Om Arcade, First Floor, Parkar Road, Above Syndicate Bank, Taari Khana Chowk, 244 001, 0591 2310470, 2320470; Morbi : 9/10, F F Luvkush Complex, Ravaparroad, 363 641, 02822 220822, 325650; Mumbai : Jeevan Udyog Building, 2nd Floor, D N Road, Fort, 400 001, 022 22062077, 2087, ; 29, Patel Shopping Centre, Wst Floor, Opp. Foodland Restaurant Sainath Road, Malad (West), 400 064, 022 28824241 / 28828281; B-153, Vashi Plaza, Sector 17, V ashi, 400 705, 022 67912087, 67912168,; 7, Andheri Industrial Estate, Off: Veera Desai Road, 400 053, 022 26730799 / 843; 7&8, Eric House, Ground Floor, 16 th Road, Chembur Gymkhana Road, Near Ambedkar Garden, Chembur, 400 071, 022 2520 9335, 25209336, ; 101 Sapna Building, Above Idbi Bank, S K Bhole Marg, Dadar Wes t, 400 028, 022 24329763, 24322158, ; 16/26, 16/22, Transworld, Maharashtra Cham bers Of Commerce Lane, Opp Mcs Bank, Fort, 400 023, 022 22819709 - 11 / 22819721 - 24; 115, Arun Chambers, 1st Floor, Next To A/C Market, Tardeo, 400 034, 022 66607042 / 66607043; 103, 1st Floor, Jeevan Chaya Bldg., Ram Marut i Road, Naupada , 400 602, 022 25446124 / 25446121; Muzaffarnagar : 203/99 C, Sa dar Bazar, Town Hall Road, Opp. Peace Library, Above Bank Of India, 251001, 0131 2437349, 2437359; Muzaffarpur : 1st Floor, Adj. Central Bank Of India, Uma Market, Thana Gumti, Motijheel, 842 001, 0621 2269795/ 2241733; Mysore : L-3 50, Silver Tower, 1st Floor, Ashoka Road, Opp: Clock Tower, 570 001, 0821 252429 2, 2524294; Nirala Bazar : Shop No.214/215, Tapadiya City Centre, 431 001, 0240 2363517 / 23 ; Nadiad : 104-105, City Point, Near Paras Cinema, 387 001, 0268 25 63210 / 2563245; Nagpur : 230-231, 3rd Floor, Shriram Shyam Towers, Next To NIIT Building, Sardar, Kingsway, 440 001, 0712 6614146 / 6614145; Nasik : F1, Suyojit Sankul Sharanpur Road, Near Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, 422 002, 0253 660 2542 / 6602543; Navsari : 1st Floor, Chinmay Arcade, Opp: Sattapir, Sayaji Road, 396 445, 02637 280362, 280363,; New Delhi : 110-112, First Floor, Suneja Tower I, Janak Puri District Centre, 110 058, 011 41588242 / 41511403; 23, Shivaji Marg, Motinagar, 110 015, 011 45436371 /41428630; 301, Vishal Bhavan, 95, Nehru Place, 110 019, 011 26447065 / 26447066; 103, Savithri Sadan - I, 11, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, 110 092, 011 22460978 / 22460952; 402, 4th Floor, Vikrant T ower, Rajendra Place, 110 008, 011 41539961 / 41539962; 104, 1st Floor, Nanda De vi Towers, Prashanth Vihar, Central Market, 110 085, 011 27864193 / 27864281; 103, 1st Floor, C.S.C. Sector-B, Pocket 8&9, Opp G D Goenka Public School, Vasan t Kunj, 110 070, 011 41787159 / 41787160; G-29, Ansal Chambers-1, Bhikaji Cama P lace, 110 066, 011 41659719 / 47659722; 105-108, Arunachal Building, 19, Barakha mba Road, Connaught Place, 110 001, 011 23324401 / 23324409; B 2 Dd A Market, Sh op No 50, First Floor, Paschim Vihar, 110 063, 011 25263901 / 25263903; Noida : 307, Jaipuria Plaza, D-68A, 2nd Floor, (Opp Delhi Public School) Sector 26, 20 1 301, 0120 2539271, 2539272; Palghat : 12/310 (No.20 & 21), Metro Complex, Head Post Office Road, Sultanpet, 678 001, 0491 2547143; Panipath : 1st Floor, Krish na Tower, Above Amertex G T Road, 132 103, 0180 2644308 /2644376; Panjim : No.7 & 8, El. Dorado Plaza, Heliodoro Salgado Road, Panjim, 403 001, 0832 2426870, 2426871,; Patiala : Sco 27 D, Chhoti Baradari, ~ 147 001, 0175 5051726 / 27; Patna : Anand Tower, 2nd Floor, Exhibition Road, Near Republic Hotel, Opp: Mithila Motors, 800 001, 0612 2321354 / 55; Phagwara : 1st Floor, Ohri Tower, G T Road, 144 401, 01824 501533 - 36; Pondicherry : First Floor, No.7, Thiayagara ja Street, 605 001, 0413 2220636 / 2220640; Pune : Off.No.6, 3rd Floor, Rachana Trade Estate, Law College Road, Sndt Circle, Cts No.105, Erandwane, 411 033, 020 66048790 (5 Lines) / 91; Rameera Towers, 130 / 24,Pimprichinchwad, New Township Road, Tilak Road, Nigidi, 411 044, 020 27659116 / 115; Shop No 2, Groun d Floor, Sacred Heart Township, Wanowarie 411 040, 020 56610451/56610452; Raipur : 02& 03, Lower Level, Millennium Plaza, Ground Floor, Behind Indian Coffee

House, G E Road, 492 001, 0771 2236694-96, 6450194; Rajahmundry : D.No.79-1-3/1, Jawahar Lal Nehru Road, 533 102, 0883 2437494,2434470,; Rajkot : 102-103, Siddh i Vinayak Complex, Yagnik Road, 360 001, 0281 3291043, 3291042,; Rajpura : 13 Bl ock A, First Floor, Caliber Market, Chandigarh Patila Road, 140 401, 01762 52349 0 / 491; Ranchi : Commerce Towers , 3rd Floor, Beside Mahabir Towers Main Road, 834 001, 0651 2330386, 2330394, ; Rewa : Ist Floor, Angoori Bu ilding, Besides Allahabad Bank, Trans University Road, Civil Lines, 485 001, 076 62 408522; Rohtak : 1st Floor, Ashok Plaza, Delhi Road, 124 001, 01262 253597, 2 71982,; Ropar : Sco 51-52, Above Kulwant Electronics, Bella Chowk, 140 001, 0188 1 501771 / 772; Rourkela : Plot No. 554, 1st Floor, Sandhu Complex, Kachery Road, Uditnagar, 769 012, 0661 2510770, 2510771,; Sagar : Above Poshak, 5 Civil Lines, Opposite Income Tax Office, 470 001, 07582 402401, 402402, ; Salem : 40, Brindavan Road, Near Perumal Koil, Fair Lands, 636 016, 0427 2335700 / 2335705; First Floor, Old 17, New 49, 50 Fort Main Road, 636 002, 0427 2210835 / 836; Sam balpur : Quality Mansion, 1st Floor, Above Bata Shoe Shop/ Preeti Auto Combine, Nayapara, 768 001, 0663 3091038 / 2230195; Shillong : Mani Bhawan Annex e, Ground Floor, Opp. R K M Elp School, Lower Police Bazar, 739 001, 0364 222417 5 / 4186 / 8172; Shimla : Triveni Building, By Pass Chowk, Khallini, 171 002, 01 77 2624453; Shimoga: LLR Road, Opp: Telecom GM s Office, Durgigudi, Shimoga, 577 2 01 08182, 228795, 228797; Siliguri : Nanak Complex, 2nd Floor, Sevoke Road, 734 001, 0353 2526393, 2526394, ; Surat : Gf-16, Empire State Build ing, Nr.Udhana Darwaja, Ring Road, 395 002, 0261 3017151 - 55; Tanjore : Nalliah Complex , No.70, Srinivasam Pillai Road, 613 001, 04362 279407 / 279408; Thrissur : 2nd Floor, Brothers Complex, Near Dhanalakshmi Bank Ho, Naikkanal Junction, 68 0 001, 0487 2322483 / 484; Tirupati : 12-3-330, 1st Floor, Tilak Road, Near Four Pillar Mantapam, 517 501, 0877 2252756; Tirupur : 244 A, 1st Floor, Ka marj Road, Opp Cotton Market Complex, 641 604, 0421 2214221 / 2214319; Trichy : Sri Krishna Arcade, 1st Floor, No.60, Thennur High Road, Thennur, 621 017, 0431 2791322 / 2798200; Trivandrum : 2nd Floor, Akshaya Towers, Sasthamangalam, 695 0 10, 0471 2725987, 2725989 - 991; Vadodara : FF-4, Shital Plaza, Uday Nagar Soc, Ajwa Road, 390 019, 0265 3240417, 2510318; C-1/2/3, Jalanand Tow nship, Nr. Undera Jakat Naka, Gorwa, 390 016, 0265 3259060, 3240300; FF11-12, Ru tukalash, Tulasidham Char Rasta, Manjalpur, 390 011, 0265 9725055783 / 972501069 5; GF-11/12, Alian Complex, Nr Devdeep Complex, Nizampura, 390 002, 0265 3209888 / 9725395222; T-2, 3rd Floor Savoy Complex, Haribhakti Extn, Opp. ABS Tower, Old Padra Road, 390 007, 0265 6456183 / 6456186; 38, Payal Complex, Near Vadodara Stock Exch, Sayajigunj, 390 005, 0265 2225168 / 169, 2361514; FF4, Chan akya Complex, High Tension Char Rasta, Subhanpura, 390 007, 0265 3259056, 324463 4; Valsad : 2, Phiroza Corner, Next Showroom Cross Road, 396 001, 02632 326901, 326902; Vapi : Shop No.5, Bhikhaji Regency, Opp: DCB Bank, Vapi-Silvassa Road, 396 195, 0260 3206404. 3205955, Varanasi : D 64 / 132, KA, 1st Floor, Anant Complex, Sigra, Varanasi, 221 001, 0542 2225365 / 2223814; Varanasi (Chowk) : S hop N. 2-3, Gyan Mandal, Plaza Maidgin, Varanasi, 221005, 0542 2225365 / 2223814 ; Vijayawada : 39-10-7, Opp: Municipal Water Tank, Labbipet, 520 010, 0866 24952 00 / 400; 11-1-25, GMR Plaza, First Floor,BRP Road, 520 001, 0866 2565536/38; Vishakapatnam : 47-14-4, Eswar Paradise, Dwaraka Nagar Main Road, 53 0 016, 0891 2752915 To 18 ; D.No.180/129, Jhaala Complex, A.V.K.College Bldg., B eside Uti Bank, 530 026, 0891 2511685, 25116862, ; Udaipur : 201-202, Madhav Cha mbers, Opp.Gpo, Madhuban Chetak Circle, 313 001, 0294 5101601 / 602; Udupi : Gro und Floor, Sriram Arcade, Opp: Head Post Office, 576 101, 0820 2530962, 2530963, ; SBICAP Securities Ltd Agra: SBICAP Securities Ltd C/O Sbi Main Branch, Chipitola,282001,2252079.Ahmeda bad: SBICAP Securities Ltd 4, Nishka Avenue, Opp Pizza Hut, Navrangpura,380009,2 6561450. SBICAP Securities Ltd C/O State Bank Of India, 1St Floor, Memnagar Bran ch, 21 New Rajdeep Society, Opp Suryadeep Towers, Memnagar,,380052,9879559050. S BICAP Securities Ltd C/O State Bank Of India, 1St Floor, Modi Arcade, Near Rly Station, Maninagar (West),380008,2546920 5.Amravati: SBICAP Securities Ltd C/O State Bank Of India, 2Nd Floor, Sbi Amrava

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Bajaj Capital Limited Agra : Shop No. 110, Ground Floor, Block No. 27/2/4, Sanjay Palace, Near Hotel P anchrattan, Agra - 282002. Ph : 0562-6457307; Ahmedabad : 2-L, Akik Opp Lions Hall , Mithakhali Six Raod, Near Nalanda Hotel, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad - 380006. Ph: 079-64500171, 72; Ajmer : 26, Ground Floor, Ajmer Tower, Kutchery Road, Ajmer 305001. Ph : 0145-6451231,0145-6451232;Allahabad : Shop No. F-5 , Indira Bhawan, Civil Lines, ALLAHABAD - 211001. Ph : 0532-6452481,0532-6452482; Bangalore : Unit 104107, First Floor, A Wing, Mittal Towers, M.G. Road, Bangalore - 560001. Ph: 080-65 471121, 65471123; 759, Shri Jayalakshmi Nivasa, 100-ft Road, Indira Nagar, (Opp. SBI Personal Bank) Bangalore-38. Ph : 080-65471127 / 26; 4, Lakshmi Mansion, 81 /B, 8th Main Road, Opp. Food World, 3rd Block, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore -11. Ph : 0 80-65471128 / 29; Raheja Arcade, 1st Floor, #122, Koramangala, Bangalore-34. Ph:080-65471130 / 31; 197, Sampige Rd, Near 11th Cross, (Above Karnataka Bank) Malleshwaram, Bangalor e- 3. Ph : 080-65471132 / 33; Rajaji Nagar 293/1, 17th Main Road D , IIIrd Block, R ajaji Nagar, Bangalore-10. Ph : 080-65471139 / 38; Bhopal : Shop No. 6, First Fl oor, Jyoti Cinema Complex, M.P. Nagar, Zone1, Bhopal - 462011. Ph: 0755-6459550; Bhubaneshwar : Plot No. 1/A, Ground Floor, Station Square, Kharvel Nagar, Bhubneswar - 751001. Ph: 0674 - 6451257, 6451269;Chandigardh : SCO 341 - 342, First Floor, Sector 35B , Chandigarh 160036. Ph.:(0172) , 6451612 13 Chennai : Wellington Plaza, 3rd Flo or, 90, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600002. Ph: 044-23451207, 08; K.R. BUILDINGS, No. 12, L.B. Road, Adyar, Chennai - 600 020. Ph : 64588304 / 305 / 306; W.111, First Floor, 3rd Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 40. Ph : 64588309 / 310, 64581539; Shop No. 4, Trinity Com plex, No.110, 4th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 83. Ph : 64588311 / 312; No. 7, R.K. Mutt Road, (Near Indian Bank) Mylapore, Chennai - 4. Ph : 64581540 / 64588 318 / 317; Shop No. 4, Plot No. 3, 29th Street, Nanganallur, Chennai-61. Ph : 64 588320 / 319; Bridge Port, New No. 29, Old No. 12, Burkit Rd, T.Nagar, Chennai-1 7. Ph : 64588321 / 22; Shop No.5, Ground Floor, Vikas Plaza, 37/C, Velachery, Tambaram Road, Chennai - 42. Ph : 64 588326 / 24; Coimbatore : No. 575, D.B. Road, First Floor, (Near Head Post Offic e) R.S. Puram, Coimbatore - 641002. Ph: 6470136, 38; Dehradun : 15, Rohini Plaza , 11-E Rajpur Road, Dehradun - 248001. Ph : 0135-6452648,0135-6452649; Faridabad : 5R/1 Ground Floor, B.K. Chowk, Near HDFC Bank, Faridabad - 121001 Ph: 0129 6466566, Ghaziabad : G-5, Ansals Satyam Building, Raj Nagar, District Centre, Ghaziabad 201002. Ph : 0120-6493211,0120-6494070; Gorakhpur : Ground Floor, A D Towers, B ank Road, Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur - 273001. Ph : 0551-6453025,0551-6453026; Gurgaon : Super Mart B-201, Super Mart - 1, DLF City Phase - IV, Gurgaon - 122002. Ph : 0124-6469991,0124-6468105; Sec 14 102, AKD Tower, U+B6pper Ground Floor, Near L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited

L&T INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED : APPLICATION FORMS AVAILABLE AT FOLL OWING LOCATIONS L&T INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED : APPLICATION FORMS A VAILABLE AT FOLLOWING LOCATIONS CO-MANAGERS TO THE ISSUE Bajaj Capital Limited (Contd .....) HUDA Office, Sector-14, Gurgaon- 122001. Ph. 124- 6468101, 6468102; Guwahati : R oom No.102, 1st Floor, Dunfur Apartment, R G Baruah Road, Guwahati - 781024. Ph: 9207045530, 31; Hyderabad : 3-6-522, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Archies Showroom, Opp. KF C, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad - 500029. Ph: 040 - 44555555, 64631421, 22; Shop No . 4, Ground Floor, Swarnajayanthi Complex (HUDA) Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500 016. Ph : 04064631425 / 24; No.3/MIG-I, Near ICICI Bank, K.P.H.B. Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 072. Ph: 64631427 / 26;Indore : Shop No. 3, City Plaza, M.G. Road near Regal Cin ema, Indore- 452001 Ph.: (0731) 6452014;Jaipur : G-3, Anukampa Tower, Opp. Sanga mTower, Church Road (M. I. Road), Jaipur - 302001. Ph: 0141-6503342, 43;Jalgaon : Beside ICICI Bank, Dhake Corporate Centre, Dhake Colony, Jalgaon - 425101. Ph: 02576451511; Jamnagar : 36 AB, Ground Floor, Indraprashtha Complex, Near Pancheshwar Tower Ro ad, Jamnagar - 361001. Ph : 0288-6450105; Jamshedpur : Shop No. 53, 2nd Floor, K amani Business Centre Bishtupur, Jamshedpur - 831001. Ph: 6457603, 6457627; Kanp ur : 106, Ratan Esquire, 14/144, Chunni Ganj, Kanpur - 208001. Ph:(0512) 6451763 64;Karur : Shop No. 11, Jeyam Towers, No. 1-B, North Pradhakshanam, Road, Near Thinappa Theatre, Karur - 639001. Ph : 645623,645624; Kochi : Rubicon Building, S.A. Road, South Over Bridge, Valanjambalam, Kochi - 682016. KERELA. Ph: 0484-6452566, 65;Kolkata : 5th Floor, Room No. 507, 7/1, Lord Sinha Road, Ko lkata - 700071. Ph: 033 - 22820383; 9, Ezra Street, Kolkata-700001. Ph: 64578545 - 47; Gagananchal Complex, Shop No. 38A, 37, Dr. Abani Dutta Road, Howrah-71110 6. Ph: 64602157 - 58, 64604011; B-9/20 (C. A), P O. Kalyani, Dist. Nadia, Kalyani-741235. Ph: 64 605211, 64605214; No. 507, 7/1, Lord Sinha Road, Kolkata-700071. Ph: 64578532 41 Call Centre: 44400444; 182, Jessore Road (Satgachi Crossing), Dum Dum, Kolkat a-700074. Ph: 64578543; Mezanine Floor, Flat No. 3, P - 24A, C I T Road Scheme V I M, Kolkata-700054. Ph: 64578551 - 52; Martin Burn House, Ground Floor, Room No . 15, 1, R N Mukherjee Road Kolkata- 700001. Ph: 64578553 - 54; Sec-I BF-192, Sec-I, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700064. Ph: 64578627 - 29; Sec-V Plot No. IX-16, Block EP & GP, Sec-V, Salt La ke, Kolkata- 700091. Ph: 64578555 - 56; 1st Floor, 4 Jatin Bagchi Road, Kolkata700029. Ph: , 64578548 - 50; Ground Floor, Shop No. 9, ShreeramNagar, Teghoria, V I P Road, Kolkata-700052. Ph: 64578625; 25/A, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road, Kolkata - 700008. Ph: 64578542; C36, Lakshmi Narayan Colony, Po. Naktala, PS. Jadavpur, Kolkata-700047. Ph: 64578626; Kottayam : Skline Citadel Building, Opp. Plantation Corporation, Ground Floor, Kanjikuzhy, K.K. Road, Kottayam - 686004. Ph : 6452249,6452251; Lucknow : 5, Com merce House, Habibullah Compound, 11, M.G. Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow - 226001. P h : 0522 - 6565568; Ludhiana : M-3, ABC Services, SCO-137, Feroze Gandhi Market, Ludhiana-1 Ph: (0161) 2412287; Madurai : Suriya Towers, No.5, First Floor, 272/2 73, Good Shed Street, Madurai - 625001. Ph : 0452 - 6461023, 6461024, 6461025; M angalore : Essel Towers, BS 4, Bunts Hostel Circle, Mangalore - 575003. Ph: 0824 -6451218, 17; Meerut : G-43, Ganga Plaza, Near Begam Bridge, Meerut cantt. - 250 001. Ph : 0121 - 6451510, 6451511;Mumbai : Agra Bldg, Gr. Floor, 7/9 Oak Lane, F ort, Mumbai - 400023. Ph: 022 - 66376999; 16, Shopper s Point, Behind Motimahal Restaurent, S V Road , Andheri - (W), Mumbai - 400058. Ph 022 - 65210112, 65210116; Rashesh Bu ilding, Shop no 11, 1stFloor, Near Maxus Mall, 150 ft Road, Bhayandar (w), Thane - 401104. Ph 022 - 65991662 - 63; Shop no.1, Shantinath Apt, Opp star Apt, S V R

oad, Borivali(w), Mumbai-400092, Ph. 65991664 - 66; Room No.1, Gr Floor, Sunil S adan Opp Grand Central Restaurant, M.D.S Marg, Chembur (E) Mumbai- 400 071. Ph 022- 65991667 68; Shop No. 5, Abdul Kadar Jilani Building, Gokhale Road, Opp. Portugese Church , Dadar (w), Mumbai- 400 028. Tel: 65991669 - 70; Office No. 8, Nandashish Build ing, R. B. Mehta Marg, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai 400 077 Tel. 022 65991671 / 6521011 5; Shop No 61, Vasant Sagar, Krishna Bldg, Opp Thakur Cinema, Thakur Village, Ka ndivali (E), Mumbai- 400101. Ph 022 - 64507728, 65991672; Shop No 102, Sai Arcade, N.S. Marg, Above Union Bank Of India, Mulund (W), Mumbai - 400080. Ph. 65210113, 65991673+ B91; Shop No 1, Dhara Complex, Plot No.3&4, Sec-No 44, Seawoods, Nerul, Navi Mum bai-400706. Ph: 022- 65991674 - 75; Shop No 11, Gr. Floor, Dheeraj Heritage Bldg , SV Road, Santacruz: (W) ,Mumbai-400054. Ph 022 - 64507727, 65991676; Shop no 3, Chaman House Co-op Hsg Society, plot no - 34 ,Beside IDBI Bank Atm, Sion (E) Mumbai - 4 00022. Ph 022 - 64518004, 65991677; Shop No 3, 5th Floor, Tardeo Airconditioned Market, Mumbai 400 034. Ph 64534950,64534954; R.No 5, Above Khandelwal Sweets, O pp Thane Railway Station, Gokhale Road, Thane (W) Mumbai 400601. Ph 022-25376898 , 65991678 - 79; Nagpur : Shop No. 5, Pushpakunja Commercial Complex, Central Ba zar Road, Ramdas Peth, NAGPUR - 440010. Ph : 0712-6618577; Nashik : G 18 & 19, Suyojit San kul, Tilak Wadi, Sharanpur Road, Nashik - 422002. Ph : 0253 - 6629011, 6629012;N ew Delhi : Bajaj House, 97, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019. Ph: 011 -41693000,2 6410315; N-10, Kalkaji, New Delhi-, 64736914, 64640919; 15, L.G.F. Central Marke t, Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070, Ph: 64736918, 64640940; Shop no. 15 , Ground Floor, Deep Cinema Complex, Phase - 1, Ashok Vihar, Delhi -110052 Ph: 64736944, 64640908; United India Life Building, F-Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 1. P h.: 41790444 (30 Lines) 64640900-07; DDA Shop No. 24, Ground Floor, Rama Krishna Market, No.1, I. P. Extension, Patparganj, Delhi-110092 Ph.: 64736942, 64640931 ; DDA Shop No. 4, FD Market, Near Madhuban Chowk, Pitampura, Delhi-110088, Ph: 6 4736902, 64640933; 5/ 201, Sikka Complex, IInd Floor, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092 Ph: 64736909, 64640935 - 6; 9, Ground Floor, Rajendra Bhawan, Rajendra Place (Opp. R achna Cinema) New Delhi- 110008, ph:, 64736940, 64640938; Shop No. 4, 1st Floor, Lajwanti Plaza, Sector-4, Main Market, Vaishali, Ghaziabad. Ph: 6493212, 649407 2; 112, 1st Floor, Ansal Chamber- 1, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066 Ph: 64 736916, 64640910; F-1, Ist floor, B-87, Defence colony, New Delhi- 110024. Ph: 64736930, 64640912; F-4, HL Square, Plot No. 6, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075 Ph: , 64736925, 6464091 5; Shop No. 11 & 12, 7-A, Janakpuri Dist.Centre (Opp. Janak Puri Transport Autho rity), New Delhi - 110058. Ph: 64736912, 64640917; Shop No. 3, Ground Floor, B-5 , Tagore Market (Next to Post Office), Kirti Nagar-110015, Ph: 64736922; C-50, S hivalik, Main Road, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017. Ph:, 64736907, 64640923; G-8&9, Ground Floor, Bhanot To wer, A-Block Opp. Jawala Heri Market, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063. Ph: 64640 929, 64736947; 19, DDA Market, Commercial Complex, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi-110016 Ph: 64640943 - 44, 64736937; NOIDA : Sector -29 A-2, Brahmputra Commercial Comp lex, Near Rail Reservation Centre, Sec. 29,Noida-201301 Ph: 6494074 - 75, 649321 3; NOIDA : Sec-41 C-20, C Block Market, Sector-41, Noida-201301. Ph: 2570410, 64940 77 - 78; Patna : Flat No. 108, 1st Floor, Ashiana, Plaza, Budha Marg, Patna - 80 0001. Ph: 0612- 6451056 - 59, 61 - 63; Pondicherry : No. 127/A, 100 Ft. Road,Nat esan Tower, 1st Floor, Natesan Nagar, Pondicherry - 605001. Ph : 0413 - 6452334, 6452335; Pune : Shop No 6, Sanas Plaza, 1302, Subhash Nagar, Bazirao Road, Pune - 411002. Ph: 020-65009460, 61; Suyash Plaza, Office No.08, 3rd floor, Opp-Selene Building, Bh andarkar road, Near Kamla nehru Park. Pune 411004 Ph: 020 65009463; Office no. 1 3, A Wing, Kamala Cross Road, Opp. PMPC office, old Mumbai highway,Pimpri, Pune - 411018. Ph : 020 - 46500150-51; Rajkot : Prathibha Complex, Near Jayesh Public

ity, Moti Tanki Chowk, Rajkot 360001. Ph: 0281-6450135, 37; Salem : 22, GF, Omal ur Main Road, SALEM - 636009. Ph : 0427 - 6452565, 6452566; Secunderabad : Shop No.10, First F loor, Minerva Complex, 94, S.D. Road, Secunderabad - 500003. Ph: 040-64631428, 2 9;Surat : L-4, Ground Floor, Vishwakarma Chambers, Majura Gate Crossing Road, Ri ng Road, Surat - 395002. Ph: 0261-6450421, 6450422; Thiruvananthapuram : Edamala Plaza, TC 14/999 Opposite Police Headquarters, Vellayambalam Road, Vazahuthacadu Sasthamangalam Post, Thiruvananthapuram - 695010. Ph: 0491-6450176 ; Thrissur : VIII/78/9, Bharatha Kshemam Building, Next to SBI ATM, College Road , East Fort, Thrissur - 680005. Ph : 0487-6451533, 6451570; Tiruchirapalli : Swa ti Arcade, 73/1 - f 1st Floor Salaia Road, Thillai nagar, Thiruchirapalli - 6200 18. Ph : 0431 - 6452094, 6452095; Vadodara : 129 Siddharth Complex, R C Dutt Roa d, Vadodara 390007. Ph: 0265 3088162; Varanasi : D-58/53-54, 1st Floor, Shiva Complex, Rath Yatra Crossing, Varanasi - 221010. Ph : 0265-6450181; Vijaywada : Kalyan Complex 39-1-89, 1st Floor, Beside OBC Bank, Temple Street, M.G. Road, Labbipet, Vijaya wada - 520010. Ph : 0265 - 6450181; Vishakhapatnam : Door No.10-1-125, 1ST Floor , Asilmetta Junction, Beside Prasad Labs, Visakhapatnam 530003. Ph: 0891-6461773 , 74 Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited Andhra Pradesh : No.5-10-197/A, G4, I Floor, Reliance Krishna Apts, Beside Kalan jali Bhavan, Navad Pahad, Hill Fort Road, Hyderabad - 500 004, 23242375 / 232424 72; 202,Second Floor, Karan Centre Sarojin Devi Road, Secunderabad 500 003, 2784 5605 /27816080; TC-1, 3rd Floor, Dwaraka Plaza, Main Road, Dwaraka Nagar, Vizag - 530 016, 2513606 / 2747020; D No. 29-13-29, IstFloor, Kaleswara Rao Road, Near Dornakal X Roads, Besides Indian Bank, Suryaraopeta, VIJAYAWADA - 520 002, 2472414/2470517; 6-9-15,9/1 Aurndelpet,Guntur - 522002, 2326624 / 2337809; Shop No.27, Co-operat ive Bank Shopping Complex, Trunk Road, Nellore - 524 001, 2326297/ 2332040; 6-14 -7/1, Opp. Pala Varthakula Sangam, Achantavari St, T.Nagar,Rajamundhry - 533101, 2422120/2437533; LIG 7, 2-6-38, AP Housing Board, 100 Building Center, Srinagar ,Kakinada 533 003, 2377258; C-15/16, Green Square Plaza, Vadderaju Complex, Near Petrol Pump, Opp: Public Garden, Hanmakonda, Warrangal Dist - 506 001, 2546421/2546471; D.No. 10-13-490A, 2nd Floor,Reddy & Reddy Colony, Beside Krishna Reddy Hospital,Tirupa thi - 517501, 2224001 / 2224003.Bihar : No.313, Jagat Trade Centre, Fraser Road, Patna 800 001, 2205943; Chennai : Ground Floor, 15, Balaram Road, Chennai - 600 020, 24420776 / 24914178; Plot No.46, No.3A, Pallam Street, (Opp. to Bharat Petrol Bu nk) Secretariat Colony, Ambattur - 600 053, 26582926 / 26581690; AA 150, 3rd Ave nue, Near Vivek and Co, Annanagar, Chennai - 600 040, 26282616/ 26214371; Old No .22, New No.8, II Floor, 10th Avenue, (Above Krishna Sweets), Ashok Nagar, Chenn ai - 600 083, 24895378 / 24718482; No.53 and 55, First Floor, Shop-C, Station Ro ad, Radha Nagar, Chrompet,Chennai - 600 044, 22653171 / 22653172; Old No 111 New No 227, Thambu C hetty Street, First Floor (Near Kalikambal Kovil),George Town, Chennai - 600 001 , 25241041 / 25219488; Old No. 17/2, New No. 18/1, Ground Floor, Balaiah Avenue, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004, 24983748 / 24983502; No 15, 14th Street, 3rd Main Road, Nanganallur, Chennai - 600 061, 22673728 / 22673928; 56, Madhavaram High R oad, First Floor, Opp.SBI, Perambur, Chennai - 600 011, 25521353 / 25521351; APJ Towers, 2nd Floor , No. 398 Arcot Road, Porur, Chennai - 600 116, 24766755 / 24760723; No.15/137, Sakthi Vinayagar Koil Street, Sakthivel Nagar, Peravallur, Chennai 600 082, 2671 3123 / 26713126; 135, (Old No.33) Ayyaswamy Street, West Tambaram, Chennai-600 0 45, 22260557 /22260386; 42/1, Motilal Street, T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017, 243478 30 / 24341642; 1st Floor, Kences Towers, 1, Ramakrishna Street, North Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017, 28140484; 189/2, 100 Feet By-pass Rd, Next to Appasamy Hospital,Vijay anagar,Velachery, Chennai-600 042, 42184538 / 42184970; Block-E, B-1 Giri Apartm

ents,26-A Arcot Road, Virugambakkam, Chennai - 600 092, 23644496 / 23644497; 36, Thambaiah Reddy Road North Extn, West Mambalam, Chennai - 600 033, 23720701 / 2 3720703; Goa : 106, 1st Floor, Durga Chambers, Opp. Kenis Hotel, 18th June Road, Panjim,Goa 403 001, 2426904/2426905. Gujarat : 21, Nirman, Gr.Floor, Behind Navrangpura Bu s Stop, Navrangpura,Ahmedabad - 380 009, 26443289 / 26447825; LG 12/13/14, H.J. House, Opp. IBP Petrol Pump, Rambaugh, Maninagar - 380 008, 25450718 / 2546367; 203, Meghansh, 2nd Flr Opp. Oxford Towers, Gurukul Road,Ahmedabad - 380 052, 290 98883 / 27412129; B/14 Capital Commercial Centre,1st Floor,Near Sanyas Ashram, Ashram Ro ad, Ahmedabad 380009, 4007 1030 / 2657 6671; F- 40/41, National Plaza, 1st Floor , R.C.Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Baroda - 390 007, 2343677 / 2341608; GF-4 Mahavir Com plex, Near G.E.B. Sub Station, Navrang Talkies Road, Raopura, Baroda - 390 001, 2421099/ 6585433; SB-12 Silver Coin, Basement, Opp. Bhavan's School, Teen Rasta, Makarpura Road, Vadodara - 390 009, 6451008 / 2648001; C-18 Belgium Chambers, I Floor, Next to C ity Union Bank Ltd., Main Ring Road, Surat - 395 003, 2410815 / 2454535; 130, St ar Chambers, 1st Floor, Harihar Chowk, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,Rajkot - 360 001 , 3041451 / 2240373. Haryana : Shop No.427, 4th Floor,Shubham Towers, N.I.T Fari dabad - 121 001, 2411230 / 2415644; Cabin No.3, 1st Floor, SCO - 371/372/373, Se ctor - 34/A, Chandigarh 160 022, 4659306 / 4659406; Jharkhand : Shop No.8, Meghdeep Apts, H No.5, Line No.2, Q Road, Bistupur, Jamshedpur, Pincode - 831001, Jharkhand, 2756319 / 2756321; S hri Ram Plaza, 3rd Floor, Shop No.308, Bank More, Dhanbad -Jharkhand - 826001, 2 304331 / 2307635; Karnataka : No 12, Ramanuja Plaza, Ground Floor, 5th Cross, Ma lleswaram,Bangalore - 560 003, 23446386 / 23461470; No A 16 and A 17, Ground Flo or 10th Main Road, 3rd Block, Jayanagar,Bangalore - 560 011, 22441561 /26534659; No. 671 , 17th D Cross, Indiranagar 2nd Stage,Bangalore - 560 038, 25258490 / 25219347; 971, G.K. Towers, 1st Floor, 1st A Main, St.Bed Layout, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560 095, 41217750 / 41217751; 1296 1st Floor, 30th Main Road Banasha nkari 2nd Stage Bangalore - 560 070, 32008338 / 26711389; 133, Shika Towers, Sec ond Floor, Rama Vilas Road, Mysore - 570 024, 2424188/4266682; F-1, 1st Floor, Ram Bhavan Complex, Kodialbai l - 575 003, 2440163 / 2447051. Kerala : RAJ SOUDH', I Floor, 39/3477, M.G.Road, Ernakulam - 682 016, 2358922 /2358923; Aashiana, TC 28/2829-2, 1st Floor, Kuthi 695 001, 2461593/2478225; 18/5/9, 1st Floor, Surumi Pl ravattom Road, Trivandrum aza, East Fort Road Near Fort Maidan, Palakkad 678001, 2535519/3291019; 3rd Floo r Ambika Arcade, M.G. Road, Thrissur - 680 021.Kerala, 3204561/3204562. Madhya Pradesh : R-62, Zo ne II, M.P.Nagar, Bhopal - 462 011, 4266005/4266006; Maharashtra : 7 and 8 Arths hilp, Gr.Floor, 1349, 1350, Shukrawar Peth, Bajirao Road,Pune - 411 002, 2447394 4/24481891; Shop No.23, East Street Gallery, East Street, Camp, Pune - 411 001, 26361633/26361634; Shop No 2, Sai Sayaji Villa 163, Azadwadi , Shastrinagar, Nea r Vivekanand Chowk, Kothrud Road, Pune - 411 038, 25389232/25388667; B Wing, Parshuram Apts, Opp. Times of India Office, College Road,Nasik - 422 005, 2575524 /2316300; Bloc k No.108, Sathyam Towers, (First Floor), (Next to Hotel Sunny International), Pl ot No.8, Wardha Road, Dhantoli, Nagpur 440012, 2420105 / 2420106; Mumbai : Room No. 210, 2nd Floor, Centre Square, S.V. Road, Andheri West 400 058, 4208 7100; S hop no 7, Veena Beena Complex, Opp Bandra Railway Station, Mumbai 50, 26403883 / 26558735; No. 4 , Gora Gandhi Apts, I Floor, Above Hotel Samrat, Chandavarkar Lane,Borivali - 40 0 092, 28912112 / 28907817; 11 and 12, Gr Floor, Neelkanth Commercial Complex, N ext to Hotel Orchids, Govandi Road, Chembur - 400 071, 25210768 /25217660; F - 4 , Ground Floor, F. Kasturchand Building, Gokhale Road South, Opp Portugese Churc h, Dadar West, Mumbai 400 028, 24318356/ 24318496; 107, Triveni Building, 1st Floor, Opp: Nitya nand Hotel, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Dombivli (E), Mumbai - 421 201, 2433471/24335

13; 59, Sonawala Building, Gr.Floor, Bombay Samachar Marg, Fort,Mumbai - 400 023 , 22662825 / 22662728; 101A,1st Foor, Green House, Opp Old Customs House, Green House, Fort ,Mumbai 400 023, 40661600; Shop No. 24, Ground Floor, Odeon Shopping Centre, Vallabhbaug Lane, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai-400 077, 40331501/40331502; No.7 1st fl oor,Abhishek commercial complex,Above Dena Bank,Plotno.104,S V Road Malad (w), M umbai 64, 28802878/28823965; Shop No 15, Old Mahavir Building,Mahavir Market,Bha ndarkar Road,Matunga East,Mumbai - 400 019, 24013163/24013164; S-13-14, Gala Kun j Apartments, Dr.Ambedkar Road, Mulund West,Mumbai - 400 080, 25690700/25927065; 102, 1st Foor,Shree Krishna Complex CHS Ltd.Dada Patil Wadi, (Next to Ganesh Tow ers) Thane West 400 602, 25301256/25301257; 41,Amrapali Arcade, Vasant Vihar, Po khran Road 2, Thane West - 400 610, 21730813/21730814; Shop No.4, Bldg No 14B, G anga Panchavati CHS, Vrindavan Complex, Thane West 400 602, 2544 9281 / 2544 928 2; Shop No 32, Ground Floor, J.K.Chamber Co Op Hsg Society, Sector 17, Vashi, Ne w Mumbai, 27660042/27660043; Shop No.105, 1stfloor, Super Market, Monghibai Raod, Next to Bank of Maharashtra, Vile Parle East, Mumbai 400 057, 26133855/26182137.New Delh i : 1691 / 36, (I Floor), Arya Samaj Road,(Opp. to Satbhrawan School), Naiwala, Karolbagh, New Delhi 110 005, 45170338 to 342; 216, Suneja Towers-1, District Ce ntre, Janakpuri, Newdelhi - 110 058, 45170345 / 45170346; No. 316, 3rd Floor, He mkunt Chambers, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110 019, 46681444 /46681445; 204, Sagar Plaza, Next to Coffee Home, Laxmi Nagar District Centre,New Delhi - 110092, 47587168/47587169; Orissa : 39 F, I Floor,Kalika Jewellery and Sons,Ashok Nagar,Bhubaneswar - 75100 9, 2530613 / 2530614; Rajasthan : 406, 3rd Floor, Shalimar Complex, (opposite to Church), Church Road, M.I. Road, Jaipur 302001, 2378801 / 2378802; Tamil Nadu : Janaki Apts., Ground Floor, 29/176, Ramalingam Road (West), R.S. Puram, Coimbatore - 641 002, 2471944 / 2471505; Shop No.19 / 20 Ground Floor, Aarpee Centre, 320 N NSR Rd, Sa ibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011, 2434358 / 2434391; Mahendra Complex, 7/1, Poi sollameyyar Street, New Town, Karaikudi - 630 001, 238452 / 235174; 43, Padma To wers, 3rd Floor, Covai Road, Karur 639 002, 234128/234129; 36/37, Pachayappa Str eet, Kumbakonam - 612 001, 2431520 / 2422670; 82, 1st Floor, Vakkil New Street, Madur ai - 625 001, 2630305 / 2620560; M K R complex, IInd Floor,152, Easwaran Koil st reet, Annasalai Cutting, Puduchery 605001, 2222155; No.19/2 AB Gandhi Nagar, (1 Flr), Annapuram, Opp. to Raja Thirumana Mahal Salem-636004, 2446727 / 2336746; 1 999, Kamal Towers, West Main Street, Thanjavur - 613009, 230928 / 230929; "Aruna giri Complex" Next To SBI 25b-1/31 and 25b-1/32 I Floor, S.N.High Road, Tirunelveli Junction - 627 001, 2323331; H-1, AJS Towers, Shop No. 29 and 30, 3rd Street, Sakthi Nagar, Kat hur, Trichy - 620019, 2531607; 25-A , Ground Floor, Githanjali Apartment, Sastri road, (Adjacent to Sippy Theatre), Thillai Nagar, Trichy - 620018, 2741468 / 27 42068; Chitra Complex - No.11, Gr. Floor, Near Chatram Bus Stand, Trichy - 620 0 02, 2703670 / 2716387; 1st Floor, Dr. Prabaker Rao Complex, 17-C, Gandhi Road, Srirangam, Trichy - 620 006, 2436211 / 2433512; Uttar Pradesh : 207 - A, 2nd Floor, Saran Chambers II, 5, Park Road, Lu cknow - 226 001, 2235736 / 2236766; West Bengal : Trikut,Flat No.1-B, 4C Lansdow ne Place, Opp. Road of Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, Kolkata - 700 029, 2474600 / 24742705; No. 210, A-Wing,2nd Floor, 24.Hemanta Basu Sarani,Mangalam,Kolkata 700001, 22310556 / 22310557; BA-37, Sector -1, PNB Island, Kolkata- 700 064, 23580900 / 23580890; D/122, Ramgarh, P.O.Naktala, Garia Ganguli Bagan, Kolkata - 700047, 24 290552 / 24290553; RR Equity Brokers Pvt Ltd Agra : 9, SBI COLONY, 1ST FLOOR, OPP. SUBHASH PARK, M.G.ROAD, agra, UP, 93190872 89; Ahmedabad : 401, Abhijit-1, Opp. Bhuj Mercantile Bank, Mithakhali, 6 Road, N avrangpura, Ahmedabad-390009, 079- 40211888;Anand : G-1,SILVER OAKS,OPP. SWAYAMB

AR PARTY PLOT V.V.ROAD ANAND GUJARAT 388001, 9377306968, Bangalore : S-111,Manip al Centre,47,Deckenson Road,Banglore-42, 080-42477177; Bhawnagar : 251 MADHAV DARSHAN,WAGHAWADI ROAD BHAVNAGAR GUJARAT 364001, 0278-252 2120, 9426235681;Bhubaneshwar : 3-4 ANAND PLAZA, LAXMI SAGAR, SQUARE CUTTACK ROA D, BHUBANESHWAR ORISSA 751009, 9861196880, 9861196880; Bokaro : Ga-18,City Cente r Sector-4 Bakaro Steel City, Jharkhand-827004, 9835139765, 9835377584;Chandigar h : SCO-222-223,Gr. Floor,Sector-34A, Chandigarh, 0172-2624896; Chennai : 3rd Flr.,Percision Plaza,New -397, Teynampet, anna Salai , Chennai- 600018, 044-42077370/71; Dehradun : 56, 1st Floor, Rajpur Road,Opp. M adhuban, Dehradun, Uttaranchal- 248001, 0135-3258181; Dhanbad : 218,Sri Ram Plaz a 2nd,Floor Bank More,Dhanbad Jharkhand-826000, 9431721838, 9431159178; Durgapur : BANERJEE HOUSE- DAKSHINAYAN DURGAPUR-713218 WEST BENGAL, 0343-2556908, 9434009475; Faridabad : Shop No. 55, 1st Floor, Near Flyover,Neela m Chowk,NIIT, Faridabad - 121001, Haryana, 0129-02427361; Ghaziabad : 114, Satya m Complex, Raj Nagar DC, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad - 201002, Uttar Pradesh, 0120-2828 090; Gorakhpur : GUPTA METAL STORES, HARBANS GALI, HINDI BAZAR GORAKHPUR U.P 273 005, 0551-2205986, 9936590296; Gurgaon : 101,APNA BAZAAR GURGAON HARYANA 122001, 0124-5108108, 9212048108; Indore : 206 GOLD ARCADE, 1/3 NEW PALA SIA, INDORE M.P- 452001, 9826062666; Jabalpur : SHOP NO. 5, UNIQUE TOWER, SHASHT RI BRIDGE CHOWK,OPP. ICICI BANK. JABALPUR MADHYA PRADESH 482002, 9827066823, 982 7066823;Jaipur : 7,Katewa Bhawan,Opp. Ganapati Plaza, MI Road,Jaipur- 302001, 01 41-3235456; Jodhpur : 77, PREM VIHAR, OPP-CHOPASNI SCHOOL,CHOPASNI ROAD JODHPUR RAJASTHAN 342003, 9928388322; Kolkata: 704,Krishna Bldg.,224,AJC Bose Road, Kolkata- 700017, 033-22802963/22806878; Kanpur : 26 L.G .F. ROLAND TOWER 17/5 THE MALL KANPUR UTTAR PRADESH 208001, 2079930, 9336219040; Lucknow : G-32,Shriram Tower,13- A,Ashok Marg, Lucknow- 226001, 0522- 4057612; Manglore : RR Equity Brokers Pvt Ltd - F - 2 1st Floor Adithi Arcade Karangalpay mangalore - 575003, KARNATAKA, 9845288557; Mumbai : 18 First Floor,105 bombay Samachar Marg., Fort, Mumbai- 400023, 022-40544201/224; 133A, M ittal Tower, A Wing, 13th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400021, 9324804084; New 110055, 011-23636 Delhi: 47, M.M. Road, Rani Jhansi Marg, Jhandewalan, New Delhi 363/62; 105, Anchal Plaza, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070, 011-26891262,26134764; 105, Pratap Bhawan, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 110001, 011- 49505500,41509018; 118, Gagandeep Building, Rajendra Place , New De lhi- 110008, 011- 25764872,41538956 ; 106, Pankaj Chambers, Preet Vihar Communit y Centre, Delhi - 110092, 011-42421238-39, 49504400; Shop No. 24, FD Market, Nea r Madhuban Chowk, Pitampura , Delhi - 110034, 011 - 27311419; N-24 - 25, Connaug ht Place, New Delhi - 110001, 011- 41523306, 46308803, 41523229; 111, Jyotishikhar, 8 Distt. Centre, Janakpuri, New Delhi - 110018, 011- 25617654; Noida : P-5,Sect or - 18,Noida- 201301, Uttar Pradesh, 0120-4336992; Patna : 422-23, 4TH FLOOR,AS HIYANA HARNIWAS COMPLEX,NEW DAK BUNGLOW ROAD PATNA BIHAR 800001, 9334114868, 933 4114868;Rohtak : 103 BALAJI FINANCIAL HOUSE SCF-28 HUDA COMPLEX ROHTAK HARYANA 124001, 9215011706, 9896001705;Surat :9-RAVI RAJ SOCIETY, BEHIND GAYATRI MANDIR,NEW CITY LIGHT ROAD SURAT GUJARAT 395002, 0261-2265818, 9925233692;Vadod ara :RR Equity Brokers Pvt. Ltd. 222 Siddharth Complex,RC Dutta Road.,Vadodra- 3 90007, 0265-3256190/2353195;Varanasi :RR Equity Brokers Pvt. Ltd.Shop no. 38, GR OUND FLOOR KUBER COMPLEX, RATH YATRA, 9415201997; LEAD BROKERS TO THE ISSUE Almondz Global Securities Limited, 33, 6th Floor, Vaswani Mansion, Dinsha Vachha Road, Opp. K.C. College, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020. India Tel : +91 22 2287 05 80 Fax : +91 22 2287 0581 E-mail : surendra.tare@almondz.com, Contact Person: Su rendra N. Tare; Eastern Financiers Limited, Allahabad Bank Building, 14, India E xchange Place, Kolkata 700 001. Tel: +91 33 2231 4743/ 4010 4213, Fax: +91 33 2230 6993, E-mail: dharmesh@easternfin.com Contact Person: Dharmesh Yagnik; Enam Securities Private Limited, Khatau Building, 2nd F loor, 44 Bank Street, Fort, Mumbai 400001 Tel: +91 22 2267 7901, Fax: + 91 22 22 66 5613, E-mail: vinay@enam.com, Contact Person: Ajay Sheth / Vinay Ketkar; HDFC

Securities Limited, Office Floor 8, I Think Bldg, Jolly Board Campus, Opp. Crompton Greaves Factory, Kanjurmarg (East), Mumbai 400 042. Tel: +91 22 3075 3442, Fax: + 91 22 3075 3435, E-mail: sunil.raula@hdfcsec. com / priya.rushi@hdfcsec.com, Contact Person: Sunil Raula; IDBI Capital Market Services Limited, 5th Floor, Mafatlal Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. Tel : + 91 22 4322 1212, Fax: + 91 22 2285 0785, E-mail: info@idbicapital.com, Contact Person: Prasad Chitnis; IFCI Financial Services Limited, 7th Floor, Earn est House, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021. Tel: +91 22 4333 5111 / 181 / 184, Fax: +91 22 4333 5100, E-mail: santanu@ifinltd.in / kamlesh@ifinltd.in , Contact Per son: Santanu Ray / Kamlesh Vishwakarma; India Infoline Limited, IIFL Center, 8th floor, N-Wing, Kamala Mills Compund, Off. Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013. Tel: +91 22 4646 4753, Fax: +91 22 4646 4700, E-mail: abhi nay.chikne@iiflcap.com , Contact Person: Abhinay Chikne; JM Financial Services P rivate Limited, 141, Maker Chambers III, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021. Tel: +9 1 22 3021 3500 / 2266 5577-80, Fax: +91 22 2266 5577-80, E-mail: rohit.singh@jmf inancial.in , Contact Person: Rohit Singh; Kotak Securities Limited, Nirlon House, 1st Floor, Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 025. Tel No. + 91 22 6652 9191, Fax No. + 91 22 6661 7041, E-mail: ipo.redressal@kot ak.com, Contact Person: Sanjeeb Kumar Das; NJ India Invest Private Limited, 901, NJ Centre, Udna Udyog Nagar, Sangh Sahkari Complex, Central Road No. 10, Udna, Surat 394210. Tel: +91 261 3985934, Fax: +91 261 3985880, E-mail: husaini@njindiainvest.com, Contact Person: Husaini Kanchwala; SMC Global Securities Limited, 17, Netaji Subhash Marg, Opp. Golcha Cinema, Delhi. Tel: + 91 11 6110 5999, Fax: + 91 11 2326 1059, E-mail: mkg@smcindiaonline.com, Contact Person: Mahesh Kumar Gupta; Sharekhan Limited, 10th Floor, Beta Building, Lodha iThink Techno Campus, Off JVLR, Opp. Kanjurmarg Railway Station, Kanjurmarg (East), Mumbai 400041. Tel: +91 22 6116 9178, Fax: +91 22 67 48 1891, E-mail: pankajp@sharekhan.com, Contact Person: Pankaj Patel; SHCIL Serv ices Limited, SHCIL House, Plot No. P-51, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC, MHAPE, Navi Mumbai 400 710. Tel No. + 91 22 6177 8650, Fax No. + 91 22 6177 8600, E-mail: r aviranjan@stockholding.com , Contact Person: Veleena Almeida; Standard Chartered Securities (India) Limited, 1st Floor, Standard Chartered Tow er, 201B/1, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400063. Tel: +91 22 6751 5999, Fax: + 91 22 6755 9607, E-mail: sanjay.rajoria@sc.com , Contact Perso n: Sanjay Rajoria L&T INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED : COLLECTION CENTRES FOR APPLICATION FORM AXIS BANK LTD. Ahmedabad: Trishul , Opposite Samartheshwar Temple Law Garden, Ellis Bridge,Ahmedab ad 380006, Gujarat; Bangalore: No. 9, M. G. Road Block A Bangalore 560001; Bhopa l: Star Arcade, Plot No.165 A & 166 Zone - I, M.P.Nagar, Bhopal -462 011; Chandi garh: SCO 343-344, Sector 35-B, Chandigarh 160 022; Chennai: 82, Dr.Radhakrishna n Salai Mylapore Chennai 600 004; Hyderabad: 6-3-879/B, G. Pulla Reddy Bldg. First Floor, Begumpet Road Hyderabad 500 016; In dore: 1 Kamal Palace, Yeshwant Colony, Yeshwant Niwas Road, Indore 452003; Jaipu r: O-15, Green House Ashok Marg, C-Scheme Jaipur 302 001; Jalgaon: Patel Plaza, C S No. 2683, A1/17 M G Road, Jalgaon 425 001, Maharashtra; Jamnagar: Matru Ashi sh Opposite St. Anne S School Pandit Nehru Marg, Jamnagar 361 008, Gujarat; Jodhpur: Showroom No.4 Panchratan Apartments 818, Chopasni Road, J odhpur 342 001; Kolkata: Ground & First Floors 7, Shakespeare Sarani Kolkata 700 071; Lucknow: Halwasiya House 11, M. G. Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow - 226 001; Lu dhiana: Lower Ground Floor, Shop No.AG-01, 02, 03, 3 A, 04, 05,05-A, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11. Unit No. 1 & 2, The Boulevard, Plot No.105, Mall Road, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141001; Mangalore: Essel Towers, Bunts Hostel Circle Mangalore - 575 003; Mumbai : Fort: Universal Insurance Bldg, Ground Floor, Sir P M Road, Fort. Mumbai 400 001; Dadar: Ground and 1st Floor, A to Z Shopping Broadway Pre mises Co-op Society Ltd., Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road Dadar - TT, Dadar (East) Mu mbai 400014; Vashi: No 1, 1A, 101, & 101 A, Vardhaman Chambers

Premises Csl, Plot 84, Sector 17. Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 075; Andheri (W): Laxmi The Mall, Building No 5, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri West M umbai 400 053; BKC: BKC Branch, Fortune 2000,Ground Floor,Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E),Mumbai 400051 Maharashtra India Tel :9167002302/9167002303; Goregaon (E): Dindoshi Branch Onkar, Plot No.17, Shivdham Sankul,Gen. A K Viadya Marg,Opp. Oberoi Mall, Dindoshi,Goregaon (E), Mumbai 400063 Maharashtra , India, Tel 022-28429808/ 8135; Mysore: Haripriya Complex, Temple Road, V V Moh alla, Mysore 570 002; Nagpur: M. G. House Rabindranath Tagore Road Besides Board Office, Civil Lines, Nagpur 440 001; Nashik: Malpani Pride, Behind Raymond Reta il Shop New Pandit Colony, Sharanpur Road Nashik 422 005, Maharashtra; New Delhi: Statesman House 148, Barakhamba Road New Delhi 110 001; Pa njim: Atmaram Commercial Complex, Dr. Atmaram Borkar Road, Opp. Hotel Nova Goa, Panjim- 403 001; Patna: Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Bhawan Dak Bungalow Crossing Patna 800001, Bihar; Port Blair: 5, Middle Point, 1st Floor, Port Blair 744101 Andama n & Nicobar Islands (U T ) India; Pune: Sterling Plaza, Plot No.1262/B Jangli Maharaj Road Near Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411004; Rajkot: Titan , Ne ar K K V Circle Kalawad Road Rajkot - 360 005; Ranchi: No. 4, 5 A, 5B, Ward No. 15, Ground Floor Below Bata Showroom, Main Road, Albert Ekka Chowk Ranchi 834001 , Jharkhand; Surat: Digvijay Towers Opp. St. Xavier S School Ghod Dod Road, Surat - 395 001; Vadodara: Vardhaman Complex Opp GB Circle, Near Pizza Hut Race Course Circle (South), Vadodara 390 015; Vijayawada: Ground Floor , D No. 59A 1-7 Matha Towers, Ring Road Near Benz Circle, Vijayawada 520008; Vis akhapatnam: No.47-10-24/25, Dwaraka Nagar, Visakhapatnam 530 016 Andhra Pradesh. City Union Bank Ahmedabad: G-19 & 20, First Floor, Nirman Complex, Navrangpura area, Off C.G Roa d, Ahmedabad-380 009, Gujarat; Bangalore: Ist floor, CM Complex, No.196/3 & 4, S ultanpet Main Road Bangalore 560 053 Karnataka State; Chennai: 706, Anna Salai, P.B.No.475,Thousand Lights,Chennai-600 006;Coimbatore: Door No. 27 -30, Sarojini Street, Ram Nagar Coimbatore - 641 009; Hyderabad: 36365/A & B ,1st Floor, Sama Towers, Liberty X Road, Himayat nagar - 500 029 . Hyd erabad, Andhra Pradesh; Kolkata: Todi Chambers, 1st Floor, No.2 Lal Bazaar St, K olkata - 700 001, West Bengal; Mumbai: Fort: 24, BD Ground Floor, Rajabahadur Co mpound,Ambalal Doshi Marg, Fort, Mumbai - 400 023, Maharashtra; New Delhi: Keltro n Chambers First Floor, 18/7 WEA Arya Samaj Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110 005; Surat: Belgium Chambers , Silver Plaza Complex, Opp. Linear Bu s Stop. Ring Road, Surat - 395 003. Gujarat;Thiruchirappalli (Trichy): Smt. Indi ra Gandhi College Campus, Kaliammankoil Street Tiruchirapalli - 620 002. DHANLAXMI BANK LIMITED Bangalore: #11, 1st Cross, B. B. Naidu Road, Gandhinagar, 1st Cross, Bangalore 560009; Bhopal: Gr Flr, Vnv Plaza, Plot No. 6, Zone - Ii, Maharana Pratap Nagar , Bhopal, M.P-462 001; Chennai: P. B. No.359, 104 & 107, Om Sakthi Towers, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600 002; Cochin: 32/2383, KMM Builidng, S N Junction, 38 - Palarivattom, Ernakulam Dist, Kerala - 682 025; Gurgaon: Sco - 17, Ground Floor, Sector 14, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001; Hyderabad : 59-14-8, Shilpa Arcade, Rmachandra Nagar, 180-Ring Road, Vijayawada, Krishna D ist, Andhra Pradesh - 520 008; Jalandhar: Ground Floor, 465 - A, New Jawahar Nag ar, Jalandhar, Punjab - 144 001; Kolkata: Ideal Plaza, Ground Floor, 11/1, Sarat Bose Road, 154- Kolkata, West Bengal - 700 020; Lucknow: Ground Floor & Basement,Halwasiya House No:11,M.G.Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow - 22 6001; Madurai: 13, 13 -A, Tpk Road, West Vadambooki Street, 106- Madurai, Tamil Nadu - 625 001; Mangalore: Dhinda Chambers,Ground Floor, No.5-5-301/3, Kodialbai l, M G Road, Opp:S B M Law College, 70- Mangalore, Karnataka - 575 003; Mumbai : Fort: Ground Floor, Janmabhoomi Bhavan, Plot 11-12, Janmabhoomi Marg, 144- Fort, Maharashtra - 400 001; Mysore: Sri Lakshmi Arcade, D No:14, 4Th Main,8Th Cross, Kamakshi Hospital Road, Saraswathypuram, Mysore-570

009; Nellore: 15/345, Brindavanam, Behind Vijaya Dairy, 176- Nellore, Andhra Pra desh - 524 001; New Delhi: 16/15, W.E.A., J.S.Plaza, Arya Samaj Road, 170- Karol Bagh, New Delhi, New Delhi - 110 005; Pune: Ground & 1St Floor, Radiant Arcade, M.G. Road, (East Street), Pune, Maharashtra; Thiruchirappalli (T richy): B 35, Sastri Road, Thillainagar, 105- Thiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu - 620 018; Vadodara: Shine Plaza, Opp.Pasabhai Park, Near Natubhai Circle, Race Cours e Road, Vadodara, Gujarat - 390 007; Varanasi : Ground Floor, Shakti Sikha Compl ex, Sigra, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - 221 010; Vijayawada: 27-1-139, Eluru Road, Opp. Ima Hall, 103- Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh - 520 002; Visakhapat nam: Vip Road, Cbm Compound, 173- Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh - 530 003. Federal Bank Alapuzha: Ist Floor, Sree Rajarajeswari Bldg, Church Road, Mullakkal -688 011, K erala; Bangalore: P B No. 25058, 44 & 45 Residency Road, Museum Road P O, Bangal ore-560 025, Karnataka; Chennai: S V S Club Building, 61, Anna Salai,Mount Road, Chennai -600 002, Tamil Nadu; Cochin: P B No. 1927, Banerji Road, Ernakulam Nor th, Kochi-682 018, Kerala; Hyderabad: Ground Floor, Opp:Surabhi Complex, Bank Street, Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad-500 001, Andhra Prades h; Kannur: Grand Plaza, Fort Road, Kannur-670 001, Kerala; Kollam: Ravi s Arcade, Near Iron Bridge, Kollam -691 013, Kerala; Kolkata: Martin Burn House, 1, R.N. M ukherjee Road, Kolkata-700 001, West Bengal;Kottayam: P B No. 269, Thekumkal Bui ldings, T B Road, Kottayam-686 001, Kerala; Kozhikode: P B No. 1114, Cherootty Road, Beach Road, Kozhikode -673 032, Kerala; Mumbai : Fort: P B No. 251, 32, Bombay Samachar Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001, Maharashtra; New D elhi: M-17, Connaught Circus, Opp. Fire Station, New Delhi-110 001; Palakkad: Sa njo Towers, Opp. Ksrtc Bus Station, Palakkad-678 014, Kerala; Pathanamthitta: P B No. 14, Pathanamthitta- 689 645, Kerala; Thrissur: Anjali Complex, Round North, Thrissur-680 001, Kerala; Thiruvananthapuram: P B No. 2, 1 st Floor, Federal Towers, M G Road, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 001, Kerala. HDFC Bank Limited Ahmedabad: HDFC BANK LTD,Astral Tower, Near Mithakhali Six Raod,Navrnagpura, Ahm edabad - 380 009; Ajmer: HDFC Bank Ltd.,Near Suchna Kendra,Adj.to Swami Complex, Ajmer. (Raj) -305001; Akola: Sethi Heights, 1st Floor , Opp. Zilla Parishad, AK OLA 444 001; Aligarh: HDFC Bank Ltd 3-316 Bhalla Complex Ramghat Road Aligarh 20 2001 (U.P); Alwar: Bhagat Singh Circle,Opp.UIT,Alwar(Raj.); Ambala: 6352/11 NICHOLSON ROAD FIRST FLOOR AMBALA CANTT; Amravati: C/o Rasik Pla za , Morshi Rd , Jaystambh Chowk; Amreli: STREET # 2, MANEKPARA MAIN ROAD; Ankle shwar: HDFC Bank Ltd., Commercial Plot 73/P, GIDC Estate, S.A.Motors Building, O ld Ankleshwar Highway, Ankleshwar - 393001; Asansol: P.C Chatterjee Market, Ramb andhu Talaw, Asansol, Pin - 713303; Aurangabad: HDFC BANK LTD. Divekar Plaza,CTS No 18272, IInd Floor,Railway Station Road,Padam pura; Bangalore: HDFC BANK LTD., Cash Management Services, SALCO CENTRE # 8/24, Ri chmond Road; Bardoli: Shree Ambika Niketan, Station Road,Sardar Baug, Bardoli; B aroda: 1st Floor, Fortune Tower,Vadodara Stock Exchange Building,Opp. Parsi Agiy ari,Sayajigunj; Bhatinda: HDFC BANK LTD 83/1 LIBERTY CHOWK,CIVIL LINES BHATINDA; Bhuj: 101/102 Sunrise Tower, Vijay Nagar, Hospital R oad , Bhuj; Bikaner: HDFC BANK LTD. ROSHAN PLAZA, RANI BAZAR, BIKANER; Bilaspur: A-99 Link Road Near Agresen Chowk, Bilaspur Chhattisgarh; Burdwan: 45 GT ROAD/B URDWAN-713101; Chennai: No. 115, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, 2nd Floor, Opp. to CSI Kalyani Hospital, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004; Cuttack: HDFC Bank Ltd, Holding No 32, 32/A Bajrakabati Road, Cuttack ,Orissa - 753 00; D urgapur: Balai Commercial Complex,3rd Floor. Benachity,Nachan Road; Erode: NO.68 0,Lotus Enclave,Brough Road,Erode; Guwahati: 1st floor,Mishra Complex,Jail Raod, Fancy Bazar,Guwahati-1; Gwalior: J K PLAZA, GAST KA TAZIA, LASHKAR; Haldwani: 8 /6 Bhotia Paraw, Nainital Road, Haldwani; Hoshiarpur: WBO, Ist Floor, opp Maharaja Hotel, Sutheri Road,Hoshiarpur 146001; Jabalpur: HDFC Bank L td, 1st Floor, Kumbhare Mension, 636, Vijay Nagar , MR- 4, Main Road , SBI Chowk

, Jabalpur (MP) - 482002; Junagadh: Ground Floor,Moti palace, opp.Rayji Nagar, M oti baugh road; Kapurthala: THE MALL NEAR MGN PUBLIC SCHOOL; Karad: Besides Hote l Sangam, Kolhapur Naka, Karad; karnal: Basement,Sco 778779, opp. Mahabeer Dal Hospital; Kolhapur: Gemstone, 517/A/2 E ward New shahupuri, Nr Central bus stand Kolhapur; Kolkata: Abhilasha - II, 6 Royd Street (2nd Floor); Kota: 13-14,MAIN JHALAWAR ROAD; Mathura: 169/2 Gaushala Road OPP BSA College Ma thura; Meerut: HDFC BANK LTD 1st Floor 381, Western Kutchery Rd Meerut U.P; Mehs ana: Prabhu Complex Nr Rajkamal Petrol Pump, Highway Road,Mehsana 384002; Moga: GT ROAD OPP D C OFFICE THAMAN SINGH GILL MARKET MOGA 142001; Morvi: Om Shopping Complex, Ravapar Road; Mumbai : Fort: Ground Floor, M aneckji Wadia Building,Nanik Motwani Marg,Near Kala Ghoda,opp Mumbai University, Fort Mumbai- 400 001; Muzaffarnagar: 53/4-A, Bagh Kambal Wala, Jansath Road; Muz affarpur: HDFC BANK LTD, TILAK MAIDAN ROAD, MUZAFFARPUR; Nabha: SCF 14,15 Patiala gate Nabha; Nagpur: 2, Mile Stone Bl ock No 303 & 304, Near Lokmat Square, Wardha Road, Nagpur - 440010, Maharashtra; Nasik: HDFC BANK LTD,3rd Floor , Archit Centre , Opp Sandeep Hotel, Chandak Cir cle Link Road , Near Mahamarg Bus Stand , Nasik 422 002; Patiala: Building NO 11 520, 1st Floor Leela bhawan, Near Gopal Sweets; Phagwara: Kalra Complex G T Road Phagwara; Rajkot: Shivalik - V , 3rd Floor, Gondal Road, Rajkot; Rajpura: # 11-12B, Clibre Market, Rajpura; Rewari: L203, 1st floor, Moda l Town, Old court Road, Rewari, Haryana - 123 401; Rohtak: Jawahar market, Opp D -Park, Model town; Ropar: HDFC Bank Ltd, Raj Hotel Complex, College Road, Ropar ( Punjab) 140001; Rourkela: Dewadi Bhavan; Saharanpur: HDFC BANK LTD ,COURT ROAD,SAHARANPUR(UP); Sambalpur: HDFC BANK LTD NAYAPARA GOLEBAZAR SAMBALPUR; Sangli: 640,Venkatesh senate, Sangli Miraj road, Sangli 416416; Sili guri: 136/115 Hill Cart road; Solapur: HDFC Bank Ltd 8516/11 Murarji Peth,Sun Pl aza Bldg,Lucky Chowk,Solapur - 413007; Surendranagar: Middle Point, A Wing, Nr : Milan Cenama, Main Road, Surendranagar; Trichur: Third Floor, Suharsha Towers,Shornur Road; Udupi: Panduranga Tower/ Diana Circle , Court Road, Udupi 5760101; Valsad: 1st Floor, Ekta Apt, Tithal Road, Valsad; Va pi: 1 st Floor, Kanta Trade Center, GIDC Char Rasta; Veraval: HDFC BANK LTD Amrut Deep , Rajmahal Road, Opp. Public Garden, Veraval. ICICI Bank Limited Amritsar: ICICI Bank Ltd, 361, M.C International The Mall, Amritsar - 143001, Pu njab; Bangalore: ICICI Bank Towers, 1, Commissariat Road, Ground Floor, Bangalor e; Bharuch: Blue Chip Complex, Sevashram Road, Panchbatti,Bharuch; Bhavnagar: Gr ound Floor, Plot No. 2569,Ratnadeep, Opp. Central Salt Research Institute,Waghaw adi Road, Bhavnagar; Bhubaneshwar: OCCF Building, Opp Sriya Talkies, Unit - III, Bhubaneswar; Chennai: 7, Bazullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai; D ehradun: ICICI Bank Ltd., NCR, Plaza,24, New Cantt Road, Hathibarkala, Dehradun, Uttaranchal - 248001; Faridabad: ICICI Bank Ltd., Booth No. 104-105, District C entre, Sector 16, Faridabad- 121007, Haryana; Guntur: ICICI Bank Ltd., 5-82-2, P MG Complex, Lakshmipuram Main Road, Guntur - 522002 (Andra Pradesh); Guwahati: Ground Floor, Shanti Complex, G S Road, Bhangagarh, Guwahati; Hissar: Plot No 57-60, Kamla Palace Road, Red Square Market, Hissar, Haryana; Hyderabad: Door no 74 & 75 vinayak nagar gachbowli main road gachibowli, Hyderabad; Jodhpu r: 637-B, Gr. Floor, Bhansali Complex, Residency Road, Jodhpur; Kanpur: J.S Towe rs; Mumbai : Nariman Pt: 30,Mumbai Samachar Marg; New Delhi: 9A, Phelps Building, Inner Circle,Connaught Place, New Delhi; New Del hi: W-57.Greater Kailash , Part-I, New Delhi; Noida: K-1, Senior Mall, Sector 18 , NOIDA-201301, Uttar Pradesh; Panjim: 65, Sindur Business Centre, Swami Vivekan and Road; Pondicherry: 47, Mission Street, Pondicherry; Ranchi: Main Road (near Ratanlal Petrol Pump), Ranchi, Jharkhand. IDBI Bank Limited Agra: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Hall No . H-2, Gr Floor,Padamdeep Tower,G 10/8,Sanjay place ,Agra-282002,UP; Ahmedabad: IDBI Bank Ltd.,IDBI Complex , Lal Bungalows Off, CG

Road, Ahmedabad Pin : 380006, Gujarat; Allahabad: IDBI Bank Ltd. Jeevan Prakash Building,172A/40, M.G Marg,Civil Lines, Allahabad-211001 ,UP; Bangalore: IDBI Ba nk Ltd.,IDBI House, 58 Mission Road,Bangalore Pin : 560027,Karnataka; Bareilly: IDBI Bank Ltd.,146 Civil Lines,Circuit House,Chourah a.,Bareilly Pin-243001,UP; Belgaum: IDBI Bank Ltd., 3493/1B, College Road,Belgaum Pin : 590001 ,Karnataka; Bhilai: IDBI Bank Ltd.,New Era, 19, Priyadarshni Parisa r,Nehru Nagar Square,Bhilai Pin : 490020,Chhattisgarh; Bokaro: IDBI Bank Ltd.,M/ S Classic,A - 1/2,City Centre,Sec - 4, ,Bokaro Pin : 827004,Jharkhand; Calicut: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Ground Floor & First Floor, City Plaza ,YMCA Cross Road, Kozhikode Pin : 673001,Kerala; Chennai: IDBI Bank Ltd, PM Towers, 37, Greams Ro ad,Chennai Pin : 600006, Tamil Nadu; Dhanbad: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Skylark Complex,Ban k More,Dhanbad Pin : 826001,Bihar; Gandhidham: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Shop No. 6,7,8, Go lden Plaza,Plot No.308, Chowk No. 6,Ward No. 12 B, LIC Road, Gandhidham Pin : 370201,Gujarat; Ghaziabad: IDBI BANK LTD,C-78, Sudesh Plaza,Raj Nagar, District Centre,Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad Pin : 201002,Uttar Pradesh; Himmatn agar: IDBI Bank Ltd.Shreeji Complex,Opp: Civil Hospital,District : Sabarkantha, Himmatnagar, Pin : 383 001, Gujarat; Hosur: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Ground Floor,No.15,Se cond Cross,Kamaraj Colony ,Hosur Pin : 635109,Tamil Nadu; Jammu: IDBI Bank Ltd.,IDBI Ltd ,Office Block No O.B.26,Grid Bhavan 1st Floor, Rail Head Comp lex, Jammu Pin : 180012, Jammu & Kashmir; Jamshedpur: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Shantiniket an,Sakchi Boulevard Road,Bistupur,Jamshedpur Pin : 831001, Jharkhand; Kolkata: I DBI BANK LTD, 44, Shakespeare Sarani ,PB No 16102, Kolkata Pin : 700017,West Ben gal; Moradabad: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Delhi Road, Majhola Chowk,Opp.Dharamkanta,Moradabad Pin : 244001,Uttar Pradesh; Mumbai- Nariman Poin t: IDBI BANK LTD,Mittal Tower, C Wing,Ground Floor,Nariman Point,Mumbai-400021,Mah arashtra; Belapur: IDBI Bank Ltd.,IDBI Building,Plot no:39/40/41,Sector 11, CBDBelapur,Navi Mumbai Pin : 400614,Maharashtra; Borivali: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Kaustub P ark,Next to Bhagawati Hospital,Mandepeshwar Road,Borivili (West),Mumbai Pin : 400103,Maharashtra; Thane: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Vaidya Building,Ve er Sawarkar Road,Jambhali Naka, Charai, Thane ,Thane Pin : 400601,Maharashtra; N adiad: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Shop No 1 & 2, Ground Floor, ISKON ARCADE,College Road, Na diad, Gujarat; Nashik: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Sathye Bagh, C S No.625,M H No.430/C/1,Mah atma Gandhi Road, P B No.46,Nashik Pin : 422001, Maharashtra; Navsari: IDBI Bank Ltd., G-1, Hare Krishna Complex ,Chimnabai Road ,Near Vasant T alkies, Navsari Pin : 396445,Gujarat;New Delhi: IDBI Bank Ltd, Indian Red Cross Society Bldg, 1, Red Cross Road, Post Box Num 231, New Delhi Pin : 110001; Panip at: Khasara NO:3673/3, Gopal Furnishing pvt ltd,opp Hotel mid-town, G.T. Road Ne ar Sanjay chowk, Panipat Pin : 132103, Haryana; Patna: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Kashi Palace Complex,Dak Bungalow Road,Opposite Heera Palace ,Patna Pin : 800001,Bihar ; Salem: IDBI Bank Ltd.,K.T.Towers, Ground Floor, No. 111, Omallur Main Road, Fo ur Road,Salem,Salem Pin : 636007,Tamil Nadu; Satara: IDBI Bank Ltd.,218, Pratapg anj Peth,Veer Sawarkar Marg,Satara City,Satara Pin : 415002,Satara Pin : 415002; Shillong: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Plot No.4,Opposite M.T.C. Building,Jail Road, Police Bazar, Shillong Pin : 793003, Meghalaya; Shimla: IDBI Bank Ltd.,Jeevan Jy oti,Lala Lajpatrai Chowk,The Mall, P B No. 52,Shimla Pin : 171001,Himachal Prade sh;Udaipur: IDBI Bank ltd,Mumal Towers,16 Saheli Marg, Udaipur Pin : 313001,Raja sthan ING Vysya Bank Limited Ahmedabad: P.B.NO.4038 CHANAKYA BUILDING NEAR DINESH HALL OFF ASHRAM ROAD AHMEDA BAD - 380 009; Bangalore: 22 GROUND FLOOR ING VYSYA HOUSE M.G.ROAD BANGALORE - 5 60 001; Chandigarh: SCO 70-71 GROUND FLOOR SECTOR - 8C MADHYA MARG CHANDIGARH 160 018; Chennai: 185 ANNA SALAI NEAR TVS CHENNAI - 600 006; Cuttack: PLOT NO.6, GROUND FLOOR,ARUNODAYA NAGAR,LINK ROAD,BADAMBADI,CUTTACK- 753 012;Hubli: UMACHAGI COMPL EX KOPPIKAR ROAD HUBLI - 580 020; Indore: 7/1 K.K. BAPNA ARCEDA DR. ROSHAN SINGH BHANDARI MARG SAVRKAR CIRCLE NARAYAN KOTHI INDORE - 452 001; Kakinada: 26-1-4/1 OPP. SATYANARAYANA SWAMY TEMPLE STREET KAKINADA - 533 001; Kolkata: 4/1 MIDDLET ON STREET SIKKIM HOUSE

KOLKATA - 700 071; Kumbakonam: 41, GANDHI PARK, NORTH, P.B. NO.6, KUMBAKONAM - 6 12 001; Ludhiana: 630, Gurudev Nagar, Ferozepur Road, Near Park Plaza Hotel, Lud hinana-141001; Mumbai : Dombivli: RIDHI SIDHI BUILDING, MALYIA ROAD, OPP. BODAS, MANGAL KALYALA, DOMBIVILI (E), MUMBAI - 421 201; Malad: Shop No. 1 and 101,Acco rd Nidhi, Mlalad Link Road, Malad (W), MUMBAI- 400 009; Mira Road: FIRST FLOOR, A WING, SHANTI COMMERCIAL COMPLEX, NEAR MI RAROAD RLY.STATION, MIRA ROAD (EAST), THANE - 401 107; Vashi: 58 TO 61, GROUND F LOOR, ARENJA CORNER,PLOT NO. 71, PALM BEACH ROAD, VASHI, NAVI MUMBAI - 400 705;N anded: GURUKRIPA MARKET, NEAR MAHAVIR CHOWK, GURU GOBIND SINGH ROAD, NANDED; Nel lore: 15/320 GROUND FLOOR MY HOME MANOHAR BRINDAVANAM MAIN ROAD NELLORE - 524 001; New Delhi: NARIAN MANZI L GROUND FLOOR SHOP NO. G1 TO G5 I FLOOR SHOP NO.1001 TO 1007 BARAKHAMBA ROAD NE W DELHI -110 001; Pune: 928 MANTRI CENTRE F.C. ROAD PUNE - 411 004; Rajahmundry: 36-8-20 STADIUM ROAD P.B.NO.39 INNISPETA RAJAHMUNDRY - 533 101; Surat: Surya Pl aza, Ground Floor, B/S Gujarat Samachar Bhavan, Near Udhana Darwaja, Ring Road, Surat - 395002; Tanjore: Tanjor e - 1779, MANOJIAPPA STREET, THANJAVUR - 613 009; Tirupati: 138 A, GROUND FLOOR, T.K. STREET, TIRUPATHI - 517 501 ANDHRA PRADESH; Warangal: 8-11-20 R N T ROAD W ARANGAL - 506 002. State Bank of India Ahmedabad: State Bank Of India, Ahmedabad Main Branch(00301), Securities Divisio n, 1st Floor, Bhadra, Ahmedabad-380001; Anand: State Bank Of India(00313), Near D N High School, Kheda, Gujrat; Bhubaneshwar: State Bank Of India, Bhubaneshwar Main Branch (00041), Unit-1, Bhubaneshwar, Khurda, Orissa-751009; Chennai: State Bank Of India, Sme Branch (13241), 84 Rajaji Salai, Chennai; Gandhinagar: State Bank Of India, Gandhinagar Branch (01355), Zonal Off ice Building, Opp New Sachivalay, Sector 1-B, Gandhinagar 382010; Hyderabad: Sta te Bank Of India, Hyderabad Main Branch (00847), Sbi Building, Bank Street; Jaip ur: State Bank Of India, Jaipur Main Branch (00656), Sanganeri Gate, Jaipur 302 001; Kolkata: State Bank Of India, Kolkata Main Branch (0001), 1 1 Strand Road, Kolkata 700001; Mumbai : Fort: State Bank Of India, Capital Market Branch (11777), Videocon Heritage, Klick House, Charanjit Rai Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 023; Thane: State Bank Of India, Thane Main Branch (00489), Mazda Complex, Jambhli Naka, Parsi Agyar, Thane (W) - 400601; New Delhi: State Bank Of India, N ew Delhi Main Branch (00691), 4th Floor, C&I Division, C Block, Parliament Street , New Delhi 110 001; Pune: State Bank Of India, Pune Main Branch (00454), Personal Banking Division, Collector Office Compound, Pune - 411 001; Raipur: S tate Bank Of India(00461), Raipur Main Br, Stambh Chowk, Raipur; Sagar: Sagar ma in branch, Gujrah bazar, Sagar, M.P. 470 002contact person - Dharmendra - 982730 5776, Branch phone - 07582 228132, 240617; Surat: State Bank Of India, Surat Main Branch(488), Chowk Bazar, Surat; Thiruvananthapuram: State Bank Of In dia, Trivandrum Branch (00941), P B No 14, M G RoadTrivandrum, Thiruvananthapura m; Vadodara: State Bank Of India, Vadodara Main Branch (00324), Opp. Jamanabai H ospital, Mandvi, Vadodara-390017; L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited

IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF TH E PROSPECTUS GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF TH E PROSPECTUS GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Applicants are advised to read the Prospectus dated February 1, 2011 ( Prospectus ) filed with Registrar of Companies and the general instructions contained in this appli cation form carefully and to satisfy themselves of the disclosures before making an applicat ion for subscription. Unless otherwise specified, all the terms used in this Application Form have the same meaning as in the Prospectus. For a copy of the Prospectus, the applica nt may request us and/or the Lead Managers. Further investors are advised to retain the copy of the Prospectus/Abridged Prospectus for their future reference. Please fill in the Fo rm in English using BLOCK letters. Investors should carefully choose the Series of Bonds they wish to apply for. Please refer to Terms of the Issue in the Prospectus for details. TERMS OF THE ISSUE : 1. Authority for the Issue : The Board of Directors, at their meeting held on Ja nuary 14, 2011, have approved the issue, of secured, redeemable, non-convertible debentures having be nefits under Section 80CCF of the Income Tax Act of face value of ` 1,000 each, for an amount aggrega ting up to ` 1,000 million with an option to retain an oversubscription of up to ` 3,000 mill ion for allotment of additional Bonds. In terms of the Notification, the aggregate volume of issuance of Long Term Infrastructure Bonds (having benefits under Section 80CCF of the Income Tax Act) by the Company during the fiscal year 2011 shall not exceed 25% of the incremental infrastructu re investment made by the Company during the fiscal year 2010. 2. Issue, Status of Bonds : 2.1. The public Issue of Bonds of the Company for an amount aggregating up to ` 1,000 million with an option to retain an oversubscription of up to ` 3, 000 million for allotment of additional Bonds. 2.2. The Bonds are constituted, and issued pursuant to a Debenture Trust cum Hyp othecation Deed. The Bondholders are entitled to the benefit of the Debenture Trust cum Hypotheca tion Deed and are bound by and are deemed to have notice of all the provisions of the Debenture Tr ust cum Hypothecation Deed. The Company is issuing the Bonds in accordance with and pursuant to the No tification and the Bonds issued by the Company can be classified as Long Term Infrastructure Bon ds for the purposes of Section 80CCF of the Income Tax Act. 2.3. The Bonds are issued in th e form of secured, redeemable, non convertible debentures. The Bonds constitute direct obligations

of the Company and shall rank pari passu inter se and without any preference or priority among themselves. Subject to any obligations preferred by mandatory provisions of the law prevailing from time to time, the Bonds shall also, as regards the principal amount of the Bonds, interest and all other monies in respect of the Bonds, rank equal with all other present and future secured credi tors of the Company. 2.4. The Bonds have been secured by exclusive first charge on specific receivabl es of the Company with an asset cover of 1 time of the total outstanding amount of Bonds, as may b e agreed between the Company and the Trustees for the Debenture holders and first pari-passu mort gage/charge on the leasehold rights on 300 sq.ft. undivided share of vacant land situated at Comman der-in-Chief Road, Egmore, Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu. 3. Form, Face Value, Title and Listing etc : 3.1. Form; 3.1.1; In terms of Regul ation 4(2)(b) of the Debt Regulations the Company will make public issue of the Bonds in the dematerialise d form. However, in terms of Section 8 (1) of the Depositories Act, the Company, at the request o f the Investors who wish to hold the Bonds in physical form will fulfil such request. The Company ha s made depository arrangements with National Securities Depository Limited ( NSDL ) and Central Deposi tory Services (India) Limited ( CDSL , and together with NSDL, the Depositories ) for issue of the Bo nds in a dematerialized form pursuant to the tripartite agreement between: (i). the Compa ny, NSDL and the Registrar dated October 3, 2007; and (ii). the Company, CDSL and the Registrar d ated May 6, 2008 (together the Tripartite Agreements ). The Company shall take necessary steps to cr edit the Depository Participant account of the Bondholders with the number of Bonds allotted. 3.1.2 The Bondholders may rematerialize the Bonds at any time after allotment, in accordance with the provisions of the Depositories Act, 1996 and/or rules as notified by the Depositories from time to time. 3.1.3 In case an investor wished to hold the Bonds in physical form, the Company will issue on e certificate to the Bondholder for the aggregate amount of the Bonds that are held by such Bondholde r (each such certificate a Consolidated Bond Certificate ). In respect of the Consolidated Bond Certificate(s), the Company will, upon receipt of a request from the Bondholder within 30 days of su ch request, split such Consolidated Bond Certificates into smaller denominations in accordance wit h the Articles of Association, subject to a minimum denomination of one Bond. No fees will be char ged for splitting any Consolidated Bond Certificates but, stamp duty, if payable, will be paid by the Bondholder. The request to split a Consolidated Bond Certificate shall be accompanied by the ori ginal Consolidated Bond Certificate which will, upon issuance of the split Consolidated Bond Certif icates, be cancelled

by the Company. 3.2 Face Value : The face value of each Bond is ` 1,000.; 3.3 Ti tle; 3.3.1 : In case of: (i) Bonds held in the dematerialised form, the person for the time being app earing in the register of beneficial owners maintained by the Depository; and (ii) the Bonds held in ph ysical form, the person for the time being appearing in the Register of Bondholders (as defined b elow) as Bondholder, shall be treated for all purposes by the Company, the Debenture Trustee, the Dep ositories and all other persons dealing with such person as the holder thereof and its absolute ow ner for all purposes whether or not it is overdue and regardless of any notice of ownership, trust or any interest in it or any writing on, theft or loss of the Consolidated Bond Certificate issued in res pect of the Bonds and no person will be liable for so treating the Bondholder. 3.3.2 No transfer of ti tle of a Bond will be valid unless and until entered on the Register of Bondholders or the register of beneficial owners maintained by the Depository prior to the Record Date. In the absence of transfe r being registered, interest, Buyback Amount and/or Maturity Amount, as the case may be, will be pai d to the person, whose name appears first in the Register of Bondholders or the register of benef icial owners maintained by the Depositories, as the case may be. In such cases, claims, if any, by the p urchasers of the Bonds will need to be settled with the seller of the Bonds and not with the Company or the Registrar. The provisions relating to transfer and transmission and other related matters in re spect of the Company s shares contained in the Articles of Association of the Company and the Companies Act shall apply, mutatis mutandis (to the extent applicable) to the Bond(s) as well. 3.4 Listing : The Bonds will be listed on NSE. 3.5. Market Lot : 3.5.1 Irrespective of whether the Bonds are hel d in dematerialised or physical form, the trading of the Bonds on the Stock Exchanges shall be in demat erialised form only in multiples of one (1) Bond ( Market Lot ). 3.5.2 For details of allotment refer to chapter entitled Issue Procedure under the section titled Issue Related Information beginning on page 97 of the Prospectus. 3.6. Procedure for Rematerialisation of Bonds : Bondholders who wish to hold the Bonds in physical form may do so by submitting his or her request to his or her Deposi tory Participant in accordance with the applicable procedure stipulated by the Depository Participan t. 4. Transfer of the Bonds, Issue of Consolidated Bond Certificates etc : 4.1. Reg ister of Bondholders : The Company shall maintain at its registered office or such other place as permitted by law a register of Bondholders (the Register of Bondholders ) containing such particulars as required by Section 152 of the Companies Act. In terms of Section 152A of the Companies Act, the registe r of beneficial owners maintained by a Depository for any Bond in dematerialised form under Sect ion 11 of the

Depositories Act shall be deemed to be a Register of Bondholders for this purpos e. 4.2. Lock-in Period : 4.2.1. No Transfer during Lock-in Period : In accordance with the Notif ication, the Bondholders shall not sell or transfer the Bonds in any manner for a period of 5 years from the Date of Allotment (the Lock-in Period ). 4.2.2. Transfer after Lock-in Period : (a) The Bondholders m ay sell or transfer the Bonds after the expiry of the Lock-in Period on the stock exchange where the Bon ds are listed. (b) If a request for transfer of the Bond is not received by the Registrar before th e Record Date for maturity, the Maturity Amount for the Bonds shall be paid to the person whose na me appears as a Bondholder in the Register of Bondholders. In such cases, any claims shall be se ttled inter se between the parties and no claim or action shall lie against the Company. 4.3. T ransfers : 4.3.1 Transfer of Bonds held in dematerialised form: In respect of Bonds held in the d ematerialised form, transfers of the Bonds may be effected only through the Depository(ies) where su ch Bonds are held, in accordance with the provisions of the Depositories Act and/or rules as notifi ed by the Depositories from time to time, subject to the Lock-in period. The Bondholder shall give deli very instructions containing details of the prospective purchaser s Depository Participant s account t o his Depository Participant. If a prospective purchaser does not have a Depository Participant a ccount, the Bondholder may transfer them in physical form in a manner as specified in section 4.3.2 bel ow. 4.3.2.Transfer of Bonds in physical form: Subject to the Lock-in period, the Bonds may be transfer red by way of a duly executed transfer deed or other suitable instrument of transfer as may be prescr ibed by the Company for the registration of transfer of Bonds. For details, please refer page 85 of the Prospectus 5. Debenture Redemption Reserve ( DRR ) : Pursuant to Regulation 16 of the Debt Regu lations and Section 117C of the Companies Act requires any company that intends to issue deb entures to create a DRR to which adequate amounts shall be credited out of the profits of the comp any till the redemption of the debentures. However, the Ministry of Company Affairs (the MCA ) h as, through its circular dated April 18, 2002, specified that NBFCs which are registered wit h the RBI under Section 45-IA of the RBI Act, 1934 shall create DRR to the extent of 50 percent of the value of the debentures issued through public issue. Accordingly, the Company shall create DR R of 50 per cent of the value of Bonds issued and allotted in terms of the Prospectus, for the re demption of the Bonds. The Company shall credit adequate amounts to DRR from its profits every y ear until the Bonds are redeemed. The amounts credited to the DRR shall not be utilized by the Company for any purpose other than for the redemption of the Bonds. 6. Application amount and Tax Savings : For details, please refer page 85 of the

Prospectus. 7. Subscription : 7.1 Period of Subscription : The Issue shall remain open for: ISSUE OPENS ON FEBRUARY 7, 2011 ISSUE CLOSES ON MARCH 7, 2011 L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited The subscription list for the Issue shall remain open for subscription during ba nking hours for the period indicated above, except that the Issue may close on such earlier date as may be decided by the Board/Committee of Directors subject to necessary approvals. In the event of an early closure of subscription list of the Issue, the Company shall ensure that notice of the same is provided to the prospective investors through newspaper advertisements prior to such earlier dat e of Issue closure. 7.2. Underwriting : This Issue is not underwritten.; 7.3. Minimum Subscription : Under the Debt Regulations, the Company is required to stipulate a minimum subscription amount which it seeks to raise. The consequence of minimum subscription amount not being raised is that t he Issue shall not proceed and the application moneys received are refunded to the Applicants. Howe ver, SEBI has, by way of letter no. IMD/DF1/OW/21395/2010 dated September 28, 2010, exempted th e Company from the requirements of prescribing a minimum subscription amount for the Bonds . Therefore, there is no minimum subscription amount for the Issue. 8. Utilization of the proceeds : The proceeds of the Issue shall be utilized tow ards infrastructure lending as defined by the RBI in the regulations issued by it from time to time. For details, please refer page 86 of the Prospectus. 9. Interest : 9.1. Annual Payment of Interest : 9.1.1 For Series 1 Bonds, intere st at the rate of 8.20% per annum will be paid annually commencing from the Date of Allotment, subject t o buyback of the Bonds as specified in the section 10.3 below. 9.2. Cumulative Payment of Interes t : 9.2.1 For Series 2 Bonds, interest shall be compounded annually at the rate of 8.30% per annum co mmencing from the Date of Allotment and shall be payable on the Maturity Date, subject to buyb ack of the Bonds as specified in the section 10.3 below. 9.3. Day Count Convention : Interest sha ll be computed on a 365 days-a-year basis on the principal outstanding on the Bonds. However, wher e the interest period (start date to end date) includes February 29, interest shall be computed on 366 days-a-year basis, on the principal outstanding on the Bonds. 9.4. Interest on Application a nd Refund Money : The Company shall pay interest on the application money on the amount allotted, subj ect to deduction of income tax under the provisions of the I.T. Act or other statutory modificati on or re-enactment thereof, as applicable, if the amount of such interest exceeds the prescribed li mit of ` 5,000/- in any

financial year to any investor from three days from the date of receipt of the A pplication Form or the date of realization of the cheque(s) / demand draft(s) whichever is later up to one day prior to the Date of Allotment, at the rate of 6% per annum ( Application Interest ). In the even t the Company / Registrar is not able to determine the date of realisation of application money, pursuant to application, the interest on application money shall be calculated from the date of applicati on up to one day prior to the Date of Allotment. The Application Interest will be paid along with the A llotment advice. The Company shall not pay interest on refund of application monies on the amount not allotted. 10. Redemption : 10.1 Unless previously redeemed or bought back as provided unde r the Debenture Trust cum Hypothecation Deed, the Company shall redeem the Bonds as follows: (a) by payment of an amount of ` 1,000 for each Series 1 Bond on Maturity Date; and (b) by payment of an amount of ` 2,220 for the Series 2 Bonds on Maturity Date. 10.2 Procedure for Redemptio n by Bondholders : The procedure for redemption is set out below: 10.2.1 Bonds held in electronic form: No action is required on the part of Bondholders at the time of maturity of the Bonds. 10.2.2 Bonds held in physical form: No action will ordinarily be required on the part of the Bondhold er at the time of redemption and the Maturity Amount will be paid to those Bondholders whose names appear in the Register of Bondholders maintained by the Company on the Record Date fixed for t he purpose of redemption. However, the Company may require that the Consolidated Bond Certific ate(s), duly discharged by the sole holder or all the joint-holders (signed on the reverse of the Consolidated Bond Certificate(s)) to be surrendered for redemption on Maturity Date and shall be sent by the Bondholders by registered post with acknowledgment due or by hand delivery to th e Registrar or the Company or to such persons at such addresses as may be notified by the Company f rom time to time. Bondholders may be requested to surrender the Consolidated Bond Certificate(s) i n the manner as stated above, not more than three months and not less than one month prior to th e Maturity Date so as to facilitate timely payment. See the section titled Payment on Redemption or Buyback on page 89 of the Prospectus. 10.3 Buyback of Bonds : 10.3.1 The Buyback facilities shall be available to the Bondholders in accordance with the provisions of this section. In this re gard, Bondholders will have the option to avail of either a 5 year Buyback Facility (as defined below) or a 7 year Buyback Facility (as defined below). 5 year Buyback : 10.3.2 The buyback of the Bonds fr om their respective Bondholders shall be effected by the Company on the 5 Year Buyback Date, subject to the terms set forth herein (the 5 Year Buyback Facility ): The Company or the Regist rar will dispatch the

notice for buyback to the eligible Bondholders (i.e. Series 1 or Series 2 Bondho lders) at least 3 Working Days prior to the start of the 5 Year Buyback Intimation Period. To avai l of the 5 Year Buyback Facility, a Series 1 or a Series 2 Bondholder will be required to fill u p the form attached to such notice, including the number of Bonds being submitted for the Buyback an d the Series, and dispatch the same to the Company or the Registrar to participate in the 5 Year B uyback Facility. Such notice must be sent to the Company or the Registrar on or prior to the last Working Day of the 5 Year Buyback Intimation Period. Bonds held in dematerialised form The Company or the Registrar, upon receipt of the notice from the Bondholders, would undertake appr opriate corporate action to effect the buyback. Bonds held in physical form No action wou ld ordinarily be required on part of the Bondholder on the Buyback Date and the Buyback Amount wo uld be paid to those Bondholders whose names appear first in the Register of Bondholders. Ho wever, the Company may require the Bondholder to duly surrender the Consolidated Bond Certificate t o the Company/ Registrar for the Buyback. 10.3.3 Upon payment of the Buyback Amounts, the Bonds shall be deemed to have been repaid to the Bondholders of the Series 1 Bonds and Series 2 Bonds and all other rights of the Bondholders shall terminate and no interest shall accrue on such B onds. 10.3.4 Subject to the provisions of the Companies Act, where the Company has bought back any Bo nd(s) under the 5 Year Buyback Facility, the Company shall have and shall be deemed always to ha ve had the right to keep such Bonds alive without extinguishment for the purpose of resale and in exercising such right, the Company shall have and be deemed always to have had the power to rese ll such Bonds by reselling the same Bonds. 7 year Buyback : 10.3.5 The buyback of the Bonds (s uch Bonds that have not been bought back by way of the 5 Year Buyback Facility) from their respectiv e Bondholders shall be effected by the Company on the 7 Year Buyback Date, subject to the terms set forth herein (the 7 Year Buyback Facility ): The Company or the Registrar will dispatch the notice for buyback to the eligible Bondholders (i.e. Series 1 or Series 2 Bondholders as of a recor d date fixed by the Company, which date shall be at least 7 Working Days prior to the start of the 7 Year Buyback Intimation Period) at least 3 Working Days prior to the start of the 7 Year Buyb ack Intimation Period. To avail of the 7 Year Buyback Facility, a Series 1 or a Series 2 Bondholder wil l be required to fill up the form attached to such notice including the number of Bonds being submitte d for the Buyback and the Series and dispatch the same to the Company or the Registrar to particip ate in the 7 Year Buyback Facility. Such notice must be sent to the Company or the Registrar on or prior to the last

Working Day of the 7 Year Buyback Intimation Period. Bonds held in dematerialise d form : The Company or the Registrar, upon receipt of the notice from the Bondholders, w ould undertake appropriate corporate action to effect the buyback. Bonds held in physical form : No action would ordinarily be required on part of the Bondholder on the Buyback Date and t he Buyback Amount would be paid to those Bondholders whose names appear first in the Regist er of Bondholders. However, the Company may require the Bondholder to duly surrender the Consolidat ed Bond Certificate to the Company/Registrar for the Buyback. 10.3.6 Upon payment of the Buyback Amo unts, the Bonds shall be deemed to have been repaid to the Bondholders of the Series 1 Bonds and Series 2 Bonds and all other rights of the Bondholders shall terminate and no interest shall ac crue on such bonds. 10.3.7 Subject to the provisions of the Companies Act, where the Company has bou ght back any Bond(s) under the 7 Year Buyback Facility, the Company shall have and shall be d eemed always to have had the right to keep such Bonds alive without extinguishment for the purpo se of resale and in exercising such right, the Company shall have and be deemed always to have ha d the power to resell such Bonds by reselling the same Bonds. 11. Payments : 11.1 Payment of Interest : Payment of interest on the Bonds will be made to those Bondholders of the Bonds, whose name appears first in the Register of Bondholder s maintained by the Depositories and/or the Company and/or the Registrar, as the case may be as, on the Record Date. For details, please refer page 88 of the Prospectus. 11.2 Record Date : Th e record date for the payment of interest or the Buyback Amount or the Maturity Amount shall be 15 day s prior to the date on which such amount is due and payable ( Record Date ) or such other date as may be notified by the Company. 11.3 Effect of holidays on payments : If the date of payment of int erest or principal or any date specified does not fall on a Working Day, then the next Working Day wil l be considered as the effective date. Interest and principal or other amounts, if any, will be pai d on the next Working Day. Payment of interest will be subject to the deduction of tax as per Income T ax Act or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force. In case the Ma turity Date or the date of buyback falls on a holiday, the payment will be made on the next Working Day, without any interest for the period overdue. 11.4 Payment on Redemption or Buyback : The man ner of payment on Maturity or Buyback is set out below: 11.4.1 Bonds held in electronic form: On t he Maturity Date or the Buyback Date as the case may be, the Maturity Amount or the Buyback Amount as th e case may be will be paid in a manner as detailed in Terms of the Issue - Modes of Payment on p age 90. These names will be as per the Depositories records on the Record Date fixed for this p

urpose. The cheque for Maturity Amount or the Buyback Amount as the case may be will be dispatched by courier or hand delivery or registered post to the address provided in the Application Form or t o the address as notified by the Bondholders or to the address as per the Depositories record on t he Record Date. No action is required on part of the Bondholders. 11.4.2 Bonds held in physical form: On the Maturity Date or the Buyback Date as the case may be, the Maturity Amount or the Buyback Amount as the case may be will be paid in a manner as detailed in Terms of the Issue - Modes of Payment on page 90. These names will be as per the Register of Debentureholders on the Reco rd Date fixed for this purpose. However, if the Company so requires, payments on maturity may be made on surrender of the Consolidated Bond Certificate(s). Dispatch of cheques or pay or ders in respect of payments with respect to redemptions will be made on the Maturity Date or Buybac k Date or if the Consolidated Bond Certificate is requested by the Company in this regard, then w ithin a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the duly discharged Consolidated Bond Certif icate. 11.5 The Company s liability to the Bondholders including for payment or otherwise shall st and extinguished from the Maturity Date or upon dispatch of the Maturity Amounts to the Bondholde rs. Further, the Company will not be liable to pay any interest, income or compensation of any ki nd from the Maturity Date. 12. Manner and Modes of Payment : 12.1 Manner of Payment: All payments to be mad e by the Company to the Bondholders shall be made in any of the following manners: 12.1.1 For Bon ds applied or held in electronic form: The bank details will be obtained from the Depositories for payments. Investors who have applied or who are holding the Bond in electronic form are advised to i mmediately update their bank account details as appearing on the record of Depository Participant. Please note that failure to do so could result in delays in credit of the payments to investors a t their sole risk and neither the Lead Managers nor the Company shall have any responsibility and unde rtake any liability for such delays on part of the investors. 12.1.2 For Bonds held in physical form : The bank details will be obtained from the Registrar for effecting payments. 12.2 Modes of Payment: Al l payments to be made by the Company to the Bondholders shall be made through any of the followin g modes: 12.2.1 Cheques or Demand drafts 12.2.2 National Electronic Clearing System ( NECS ) 12.2.3 Direct Credit 12.2.4 NEFT 12.2.5 RTGS. For details, please refer page 90 of the Prospectus. 13. Taxation : 13.1 The Applicants are advised to consider the tax implications of their respective investment in the Bonds. For details, please refer page 91 of the Prospectus. 14. Events of Defaults : 14.1 The Debenture Trustee at its discretion may, and i

f so requested in writing by the Bondholders of not less than 75 percent in principal amount of the Bonds then outstanding or if so directed by a Special Resolution shall, give notice to the Company spec ifying that the Bonds and/or any particular Series of Bonds, in whole but not in part are and have bec ome due and repayable for the early redemption amount on such date as may be specified in su ch notice inter alia if any of the events specified therein occurs. For details, please refer page 92 of the Prospectus. 15. Bondholder s Rights, Nomination Etc. : 15.1 Bondholder Not a Shareholder: The Bondholders will not be entitled to any of the rights and privileges available to the equity and preference shareholders of the Company. For details, please refer page 93 of the Prospectus. 16. Debenture Trustees : 16.1 The Company has appointed Bank of Maharashtra to a ct as the Debenture Trustee for the Bondholders. The Company intends to enter into a Debenture Trust cum Hypothecation Deed with the Debenture Trustee, the terms of which will govern the appointment and functioning of the Debenture Trustee and shall specify the powers, authorities and obligatio ns of the Debenture Trustee. Under the terms of the Debenture Trust cum Hypothecation Deed, the Comp any will covenant with the Debenture Trustee that it will pay the Bondholders the principal amount on the Bonds on the relevant Maturity Date and also that it will pay the interest due on Bonds o n the rate specified under the Debenture Trust cum Hypothecation Deed. 16.2 The Bondholders shall, wi thout further act or deed, be deemed to have irrevocably given their consent to the Debenture Trus tee or any of their agents or authorised officials to do all such acts, deeds, matters and things in respect of or relating to the Bonds as the Debenture Trustee may in their absolute discretion deem nece ssary or require to be done in the interest of the Bondholders. Any payment made by the Company t o the Debenture Trustee on behalf of the Bondholders shall discharge the Company pro tanto to th e Bondholders. All the rights and remedies of the Bondholders shall vest in and shall be exerci sed by the Debenture Trustee without reference to the Bondholders. No Bondholder shall be entitled to proceed directly against the Company unless the Debenture Trustee, having become so bound to proc eed, failed to do so. 16.3 The Debenture Trustee will protect the interest of the Bondholders i n the event of default by the Company in regard to timely payment of interest and repayment of principa l and they will take necessary action at the Company s cost. 17. Miscellaneous : For details, please refer page 95 of the Prospectus. 18. Jurisdiction : The Bonds, the Debenture Trust cum Hypothecation Deed, the Tr ipartite Agreements with the Depositories and other relevant documents shall be governed by and cons trued in accordance with the laws of India. The Company has in the Debenture Trust cum Hypothecation Deed agreed,

for the exclusive benefit of the Debenture Trustee and the Bondholders, that the courts of Mumbai and Chennai (as the case may be) are to have jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with the Debenture Trust cum Hypothecation Deed or the Bonds and that accordingly any suit, action or proceedings (together referred to as Proceedings ) arising out of or in connection with the Debenture Trust cum Hypothecation Deed and the Bonds may be brought in the courts of Mumbai. 19. ISSUE PROCEDURE : This section applies to all Applicants. Please note that a ll Applicants are required to make payment of the full Application Amount along with the Applicati on Form. The Prospectus and the Application Forms together with the Abridged Prospectus may b e obtained from our Corporate Office or from the Lead Managers. In addition, Application Forms w ould also be made available to NSE where listing of the Bonds is sought, and to brokers, being mem bers of NSE, upon their request. 20. Application Form : Applicants are required to submit their applications thro ugh the Bankers to the Issue. Such Applicants shall only use the specified Application Form bearing the stamp of the Banker to the Issue or the Lead Managers for the purpose of making an applicatio n in terms of the Prospectus. While submitting the Application Form the investors should ensure th at the date stamp on their counter foil matches with the date stamp on the part of the Application Form being retained by the Banker to the Issue. 21. WHO CAN APPLY : The following categories of persons are eligible to apply in the Issue: . Indian nationals resident in India who are not minors in single or joint names (not mor e than three); and . Hindu Undivided Families or HUFs, in the individual name of the Karta. The App licant should specify that the application is being made in the name of the HUF in the Applica tion Form as follows: Name of Sole or First Applicant: XYZ Hindu Undivided Family applying thr ough XYZ, where XYZ is the name of the Karta . Applications by HUFs would be considered at par wit h those from individuals. Please note that non-resident investors including NRIs, FIIs and OC Bs are not eligible to participate in the Issue. 22. Application Size : Applications are required to be for a minimum of 5 Bonds and multiples of 1 Bond thereafter. For the purpose of fulfilling the requirement of minimum subscr iption of 5 Bonds, an Applicant may choose to apply for 5 Bonds of the same series or 5 Bonds acros s different series. 23. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE APPLICATION FORM : Applications must be: (a) . Made only in the prescribed Application Form. (b). Completed in block letters in Engl ish as per the instructions contained herein and in the Application Form, and are liable to be rejected if not so

completed. Applicants should note that the Bankers to the Issue will not be liab le for errors in data entry due to incomplete or illegible Application Forms. In single name or in joi nt names (not more than three, and in the same order as their Depository Participant details). Appl ications are required to be for a minimum of 5 Bonds and in multiples of 1 Bond thereafter. For the pu rpose of fulfilling the requirement of minimum subscription of 5 Bonds, an Applicant may choose to a pply for 5 Bonds of the same series or 5 Bonds across different series. Thumb impressions and sig natures other than in English/ Hindi/ Marathi or any of the other languages specified in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India must be attested by a Magistrate or Notary Public or a Spe cial Executive Magistrate under his official seal. No receipt would be issued by our Company fo r the Application money. However, the Bankers to the Issue, on receiving the applications will ack nowledge receipt by stamping and returning the acknowledgment slip to the Applicant. While submittin g the Application Form the investors should ensure that the date stamp on their counter foil match es with the date stamp on the part of the Application Form being retained by the Banker to the Is sue. IN CASE THE DP ID, CLIENT ID AND PAN MENTIONED IN THE APPLICATION FORM DO NOT MATCH WITH THE DP ID, CLIENT ID AND PAN AVAILABLE IN THE RECORDS WITH THE DEPOSITORIES, APPLICATION FORM IS LIABLE TO BE REJECTED. FOR APPLICANTS OPTION TO HOLD DS IN PHYSICAL FORM KYC DOCUMENTS ARE MANDATORILY REQUIRED TO BE SUBMITTED. APPLICANTS NEED NOT PROVIDE ANY DETAILS OF THEIR DEMAT ACCOUNT. HOWEVER, THE THE BON SUCH IF SUCH

DETAILS ARE PROVIDED, THE COMPANY RESERVES THE RIGHT BUT DOES NOT HAVE THE OBLIGATION TO DO THE KYC CHECK FROM THE DEMAT ACCOUNT DETAILS. INSERTION OF DEMAT ACCOUNT DETAILS DOS NOT ALLEVIATE THE APPLICANT FROM PROVIDING THE KYC DOCUMENTS. FOR HOLDERS OF PHYSICAL BONDS, THE ADDRESS TO WHICH SUCH CERTIFICATES MUST BE DISPATCHED MUST BE MENTIONED. The demat accounts for Applicants for whic h PAN details have not been verified shall be suspended for credit and no allotment of B onds pursuant to the Issue shall be made into accounts of such Applicants. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 24. Do s: 1. Check if you are eligible to apply. 2. Read all the instructions care fully and complete the Application Form. 3. Applications are required to be in single or joint names (n ot more than three). 4. Ensure that the details about the Depository Participant and beneficiary acco unt are correct and the demat account is active (if demat option is preferred). 5. In case of an HUF applying through its Karta, the Applicant is required to specify the name of an Applicant in the Appl ication Form as XYZ Hindu Undivided Family applying through PQR , where PQR is the name of the Karta. 6. Applicant s Bank Account details. 7. Applications under Power of Attorney: Unless we specifi cally agree in writing, and subject to such terms and conditions as we may deem fit, in the cas

e of applications made under Power of Attorney, a certified copy of the Power of Attorney is requi red to be lodged separately, along with a copy of the Application Form at the office of the Regis trar to the Issue simultaneously with the submission of the Application Form, indicating the name of the Applicant along with the address, application number, date of submission of the Applicatio n Form, name of

IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF TH E PROSPECTUS IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT F EATURES OF THE PROSPECTUS the bank and branch where it was deposited, Cheque/Demand Draft Number and the b ank and branch on which the Cheque/Demand Draft was drawn. 8. Permanent Account Number: All Applicants should mention their PAN allotted under the Income Tax Act in the Application Fo rm. In case of joint applicants the PAN of the first applicant should be provided and for HUFs, PAN o f the HUF should be provided. The PAN would be the sole identification number for participants tr ansacting in the securities markets, irrespective of the amount of the transaction. Any Applicati on Form without the PAN is liable to be rejected. It is to be specifically noted that Applicants sho uld not submit the GIR Number instead of the PAN as the application is liable to be rejected on this gr ound. 9. Joint Applications: Applications may be made in single or joint names (not exceeding t hree). In the case of joint applications, all payments will be made out in favour of the first Appl icant. All communications will be addressed to the first named Applicant whose name appears in the Applica tion Form at the address mentioned therein. 10. Multiple Applications: An investor shall be allow ed to use a single application to apply for Bonds for multiple options. All additional applications , if any, made by the investor either for one option or multiple options shall be considered valid, ag gregated based on PAN of the first applicant and shall be considered for allotment as per the proc edure detailed under Basis of Allotment. 11. Applicants are requested to write their names and applic ation serial number on the reverse of the instruments by which the payments are made. 12. Tax Deduct ion at Source: Persons (other than companies and firms) resident in India claiming interest on bonds without deduction of tax at source are required to submit Form 15G/Form 15H at the time of submitting the Application Form, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Income Tax Act. Other Applicants can submit a certificate under section 197 of the Income Tax Act. For availing the exemption from deduction of tax at source from interest on Bonds the Applicant i s required to submit Form 15G/ 15H/ certificate under section 197 of the Income Tax Act/ valid proof of exemption, as the case may be along with the name of the sole/ first Applicant, Bondholder number and the distinctive numbers of Bonds held to us on confirmation of Allotment. Applicants are require d to submit Form 15G/ 15H/ certificate under section 197 of the Income Tax Act/ valid proof of ex emption each financial year. 13. Category: All Applicants are requested to tick the relevant column Category of Investor in the Application Form. 14. Ensure that the applications are submitted to the Bankers to

the Issue or collection centre(s)/ agents as may be specified before Issue Closi ng Date; 15. Ensure that the name(s) given in the Application Form is exactly the same as the name(s ) in which the beneficiary account is held with the Depository Participant. In case the Applica tion Form is submitted in joint names, ensure that the beneficiary account is also held in same joint n ames and such names are in the same sequence in which they appear in the Application Form. 16. For h olding the Bonds in physical form: (i) Please select the option for holding the Bonds in physical form in the Application Form; (ii) please provide full details under Applicants Details , the bank account details in the Application Form; and (iii) provide self attested copies of the KYC Documents al ong with the Application Form . 25. Don ts: 1. Do not make an application for lower than the minimum Application s ize. 2. Do not pay the Application Amount in cash, by money order or by postal order or by stockinv est. 3. Do not send Application Forms by post; instead submit the same to a Banker to the Issue only . 4. Do not submit the GIR number instead of the PAN as the Application Form is liable to be reject ed on this ground. 5. Do not submit the Application Forms without the full Application Amount. PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS 26. Escrow Mechanism : Our Company shall open Escrow Account(s) with one or more Escrow Collection Bank(s) in whose favour the Applicants shall make out the cheque or demand draft in respect of his or her application. Cheques or demand drafts received for the Application Amount from Applicants would be deposited in the Escrow Account. The Escrow Collection Banks will act i n terms of the Prospectus and the Escrow Agreement. The Escrow Collection Banks, for and on beh alf of the Applicants, shall maintain the monies in the Escrow Account until closing of the Issue. The Escrow Collection Banks shall not exercise any lien whatsoever over the monies deposite d therein and shall hold the monies therein in trust for the Applicants. The Escrow Collection Banks shall transfer the funds represented by Allotment of the Bonds from the Escrow Account, as per the terms of the Escrow Agreement, into a separate bank account after the creation of security. P ayments of refund to the applicants shall also be made from the Escrow Accounts / refund account(s ) as per the terms of the Escrow Agreement and the Prospectus. The Applicants should note that the escrow mechanism is not prescribed by SEBI or the Stock Exchanges and has been established as an arrangement between our Company, the Lead Managers, the Escrow Collection Banks and the Regi strar to facilitate collection from the Applicants. 27. Payment into Escrow Account : Each Applicant shall draw a cheque or demand d raft or remit the funds electronically through the RTGS mechanism for the Application Amount as pe

r the following terms: a. All Applicants would be required to pay the full Application Amount at the time of the submission of the Application Form. b. The Applicants shall, with the submission of the Application Form, draw a payment instrument for the Application Amount in favour of the Escr ow Account and submit the same to Bankers to the Issue. If the payment is not made favouring th e Escrow Account along with the Application Form, the Application shall be rejected. c. The payme nt instruments for payment into the Escrow Account should be drawn in favour of L&T Infra Bonds 2011 A . d. The monies deposited in the Escrow Account will be held for the benefit of the Appli cants until the Designated Date. e. On the Designated Date, the Escrow Collection Banks shall tr ansfer the funds from the Escrow Account as per the terms of the Escrow Agreement into the Issue Account with the Bankers to the Issue. The Escrow Collection Bank shall also refund all amounts p ayable to Applicants whose applications have been rejected by our Company. f. Payments should be made by cheque, or a demand draft drawn on any bank (including a Co-operative bank), which is si tuated at, and is a member of or sub-member of the bankers clearing house located at the centre whe re the Application Form is submitted. Outstation cheques/bank drafts drawn on banks not participati ng in the clearing process will not be accepted and applications accompanied by such cheques or ban k drafts are liable to be rejected. g. Cash/ stockinvest/ money orders/ postal orders will not be ac cepted. 28. Submission of Application Forms : All Application Forms duly completed and a ccompanied by account payee cheques or drafts shall be submitted to the Bankers to the Issue d uring the Issue period. No separate receipts shall be issued for the money payable on the submis sion of Application Form. However, the collection centre of the Bankers to the Issue will acknowledg e the receipt of the Application Forms by stamping and returning to the Applicants the acknowledgemen t slip. This acknowledgement slip will serve as the duplicate of the Application Form for the records of the Applicant. 29. KYC Documents : Self-attested copies of the following documents are required to be submitted by the Applicants as KYC Documents: 1. Proof of identification for individuals; the following documents are accepted as proof for individuals: . Passport . Voter s ID . Driving Licence . Government ID Card . Defence ID Card . Photo PAN Card . Photo Ration Card. 2. Proof of residen tial address; the following documents are accepted as proof of residential address: . Passport . Voter s ID . Driving Licence . Ration Card . Society Outgoing Bill . Life Insurance Policy . Electricity Bill . Telephone (Land/Mobile) Bill; 3. Copy of the PAN card

30. Online Applications : Our Company may decide to offer an online application facility for the Bonds, as and when permitted by applicable laws, subject to the terms and condit ions prescribed. 31. Bonds in dematerialised form with NSDL or CDSL : (i) The following two tripa rtite agreements have been signed amongst our Company, the respective Depositories and the Registrar: . Tripartite Agreement dated October 3, 2007 between us, the Registrar and NSDL for offering depository option to the Bondholders. . Tripartite Agreement dated May 6, 2008 between us, the Reg istrar and CDSL for offering depository option to the Bondholders. (ii) An Applicant applying fo r the Bonds in dematerialised form must have at least one beneficiary account with either of th e Depository Participants of either NSDL or CDSL prior to making the application. (iii) The A pplicant must necessarily fill in the details (including the Beneficiary Account Number and De pository Participant s identification number) appearing in the Application Form. (iv) Allotment to an A pplicant will be credited in electronic form directly to the beneficiary account (with the Deposi tory Participant) of the Applicant. (v) Names in the Application Form should be identical to those appear ing in the account details in the Depository. In case of joint holders, the names should necessaril y be in the same sequence as they appear in the account details in the Depository. (vi) If incomp lete or incorrect details are given under the heading Applicants Depository Account Details in the A pplication Form, it is liable to be rejected. (vii) The Applicant is responsible for the correctn ess of his or her demographic details given in the Application Form vis--vis those with his or her Depository P articipant. (viii) Bonds in electronic form can be traded only on the stock exchanges having electr onic connectivity with NSDL and CDSL. NSE, where the Bonds are proposed to be listed has electroni c connectivity with CDSL and NSDL. (ix) The trading of the Bonds on the Stock Exchange shall be in dematerialised form only. Allottees will have the option to re-materialise the Bonds so Allotte d as per the provisions of the Companies Act and the Depositories Act. 32. Bonds to be held in physical form : The Company shall dispatch physical cert ificates of Bonds to Applicants who select the option for holding the Bonds in physical form in the A pplication Form. For holding the Bonds in physical form: (i) Please select the option for holding the Bonds in physical form in the Application Form; (ii) please provide full details under Applicants D etails , the bank account details in the Application Form; and (iii) provide self attested copies of the KYC Documents along with the Application Form. The physical certificates will dispatched to the Applicants within 15 Working Da ys from the Date of Allotment. In case of joint holders, the names should be in the proper sequence i.e. the Application

Form should clearly state the first holder and the joint holder. If incomplete o r incorrect details are given under the heading Applicants Details in the Application Form, it is liable t o be rejected. The trading of the Bonds on the Stock Exchange shall be in dematerialised form only and Bondholders holding the Bonds in physical form will be required to dematerialise the Bonds i f they wish to trade in the same. Allottees will have the option to dematerialise the Bonds so Allott ed as per the provisions of the Companies Act and the Depositories Act. 33. Communications : All future communications in connection with applications m ade in the Issue should be addressed to the Registrar to the Issue, quoting all relevant details regarding the Applicant/ application. Applicants may address our Compliance Officer as well as the contac t persons of the Lead Managers and the Registrar to the Issue in case of any post-Issue related p roblems such as non-receipt of letters of Allotment/credit of Bonds in the Depositary s beneficiar y account/refund orders, etc. 34. Rejection of Applications : Our Company reserves its full, unqualified and a bsolute right to accept or reject any application in whole or in part and in either case without assigni ng any reason thereof. Application would be liable to be rejected on one or more technical grounds, inc luding but not restricted to: . Number of Bonds applied for is less than the minimum applicatio n size; . Applications not duly signed by the sole/joint Applicants; . Application amount paid not tall ying with the number of Bonds applied for; . Bank account details not given; . Applications by person s not competent to contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, as amended, including a minor w ithout a guardian name; . In case of applications under Power of Attorney where relevant documents not submitted; . Application by stockinvest; . Address not provided in case of exercise of opti on to hold Bonds in physical form; . Applications accompanied by cash / money order/ postal order; . Applications without PAN; and . DP ID, Client ID and PAN mentioned in the Application Form do not match with the DP ID, Client ID and PAN available in the records with the depositories . . Copy of KYC documents not provided in case of exercise of option to hold Bonds in physical f orm. The collecting bank shall not be responsible for rejection of the application on any of the technical grounds mentioned above. Application form received after the closure of the Issu e shall be rejected. In the event, if any Bond(s) applied for is/are not allotted, the application mo nies of such Bonds will be refunded, as may be permitted under the provisions of applicable laws. 35. Basis of Allotment : Our Company shall finalise the Basis of Allotment in co nsultation with the Designated Stock Exchange. The executive director (or any other senior official nominated by them) of the Designated Stock Exchange along with the Lead Managers and the Registrar

shall be responsible for ensuring that the Basis of Allotment is finalised in a fair and proper manne r. Subject to the provisions contained in the Prospectus, the Articles of Association of our Compa ny and the approval of the Designated Stock Exchange, the Board / committee constituted by the Board of Directors will proceed to Allot the Bonds in the following order of priority: a. Full Allotment of Bonds to the Applicants on a first come first basis up to the Issue Closing Date or the date falling 1 (one) day prior to the Oversubscription Date, whichever is earlier. b. For applications re ceived on the Oversubscription Date, the Bonds shall be Allotted in the following order of pri ority: . All Series 2 Bonds which have been applied for; and . All Series 1 Bonds which have been appl ied for. . On the Oversubscription Date, Allotments, to the maximum extent possible, will be m ade on the basis of the Series of Debentures as mentioned. However, with respect to applications which cannot be distinguished within the same Series, such applicants will be allotted Bonds bas ed in proportion to their respective application size, rounded off to the nearest integer. . If the process of rounding off to the nearest integer results in the actual allocation of Bonds being higher th an the Issue size, not all applicants will be allotted the number of Bonds arrived at after such roundi ng off. Rather, each applicant whose allotment size, prior to rounding off, had the highest decimal p oint would given preference. . In the event, there are more than one applicant whose entitlement remain equal after the manner of distribution referred to above, the Company will ensure that the b asis of allotment is finalised in a fair and equitable manner. If there are multiple applications mad e by an applicant, all such applications will individually be considered for allotment on a first-c ome-first-serve basis within the category. c. All applications received after the Oversubscription Dat e shall be rejected by our Company. d. In case investor does not select any of the series in the Applic ation Form, the Company shall consider the Series 2 for the purposes of the Allotment. e. In cas e the option for holding the Bonds in physical form is selected, the Company will fulfil such req uest to hold the Bonds in physical form irrespective of whether depository participant details ar e also provided by the Applicants. For the purposes of this section, Oversubscription Date shall mean t he date on which the amount of applications exceed ` 4,000 million. Any application received post the Oversubscription Date shall be rejected. 36. Letters of Allotment/ Refund Orders : Our Company reserves, in its absolute and unqualified discretion and without assigning any reason thereof, the right to reject any app lication in whole or in part. The unutilised portion of the application money will be refunded to the

Applicant by an account payee cheque/demand draft. In case the cheque payable at par facility is not available, we reserve the right to adopt any other suitable mode of payment. Our Company shall credit the allotted Bonds to the respective beneficiary accounts/dispatch the Letter(s) of Allotment or Letter(s) of Regret/ Refund Orders in excess of ` 1,500, as the case may be, by registered/speed post at the Applicant s sole risk, within 10 weeks from the date of closure of the Issue. Refund Orders up to ` 1,500 will be sent under certificate of posting. Further, (a) Allotment of the Bonds shall be made within 30 days of the Issue Closing Date; (b) Credit to dematerialised accounts will be made wi thin two Working Days from the date of Allotment; (c) Dispatch of physical certificates shall be within 15 Working Days from the date of Allotment; (d) Our Company shall pay interest at 15% per annum if the Allotment has not been made and/ or the Refund Orders have not been dispatched to the Appl icants within 10 weeks from the date of the closure of the Issue, for any delay beyond 10 week s. Our Company will provide adequate funds to the Registrar to the Issue, for this purpose. 37. Filing of the Prospectus with the ROC : A copy of the Prospectus has been fi led with the Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu, Chennai in terms of Sections 56 and 60 of the Companie s Act. 38. Pre-Issue Advertisement : Subject to Section 66 of the Companies Act, our Co mpany shall, on or before the Issue Opening Date, publish a pre-Issue advertisement, in the form pr escribed by the Debt Regulations, in one national daily newspaper with wide circulation. 39. IMPERSONATION : Attention of the applicants is specifically drawn to the pro visions of sub-section (1) of Section 68 A of the Companies Act, which is reproduced below: Any person w ho: (a) makes in a fictitious name, an application to a company for acquiring or subscribing for, any shares therein, or (b) otherwise induces a company to allot, or register any transfer of shares, therein to him, or any other person in a fictitious name, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a t erm which may extend to five years. 40. Issue of Certificates : Letter(s) of Allotment will be dispatched at the sol e risk of the Applicant, through registered/speed post, within 10 weeks from the date of closure of the I ssue, or such extended time as may be permitted under Applicable Laws. 41. Listing : The Bonds will be listed on the NSE. For details, please refer pag e 105 of the Prospectus. 42. Utilisation of Application Money : The sums received in respect of the Issue will be kept in the Escrow Account and we will have access to such funds after Issue closure as disc losed in the Prospectus. 43. Undertaking by the Issuer : We undertake that: (i). the complaints received in respect of the Issue shall be attended to by us expeditiously and satisfactorily; (ii). we shall take necessary steps for the

purpose of getting the Bonds listed in the concerned stock exchange(s) within th e specified time; (iii). the funds required for dispatch of refund orders/Allotment letters/certificates by registered post shall be made available to the Registrar to the Issue by us; (iv). necessary cooperati on to the credit rating agency(ies) shall be extended in providing true and adequate information till th e debt obligations in respect of the Bonds are outstanding; (v). we shall forward the details of ut ilisation of the funds raised through the Bonds duly certified by our statutory auditors, to the Debent ure Trustee at the end of each half year; (vi). we shall disclose the complete name and address of the Debenture Trustee in our annual report; (vii). we shall provide a compliance certificate to the De benture Holders (on yearly basis) in respect of compliance of with the terms and conditions of Issue of Bonds as contained in the Prospectus, duly certified by the Debenture Trustee; (viii). necessary co nsent for creation of pari passu charge, on our mortgaged property have been obtained. FOR FURTHER DETAILS, PLEASE REFER TO THE PROSPECTUS LEAD MANAGERS TO THE ISSUE REGISTRAR TO THE ISSUE ICICI Securities Limited ICICI Centre H.T. Parekh Marg Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020 Maharashtra, India Tel : +91 22 2288 2460 Fax : +91 22 2282 6580 E-mail : ltinfra.bondissue@icicisecurities.com Investor Grievance Email: customercare@icicisecurities.com Website : www.icicisecurities.com Contact Person: Mr. Manvendra Tiwari Compliance Officer: Mr. Subir Saha SEBI Registration No: INM000011179 HDFC Bank Limited# Investment Banking Division Trade World, A Wing, 1st Floor, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai 400 013, India Tel: +91 22 4080 4108 Fax: +91 22 4080 4114 Email: paresh.soni@hdfcbank.com Investor Grievance Email: investor.redressal@hdfcbank.com Website: www.hdfcbank.com Contact Person: Mr. Paresh Soni Compliance Officer: Mr. Manoj Nadkarni Registration No.: INM000011252 Karvy Investor Services Limited Karvy House 46, Avenue 4, Street No. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500 034 Tel: +91 40 2342 8774 Fax: +91 40 2337 4714

Email: cmg@karvy.com Investor Grievance Email: igmbd@karvy.com Website: www.karvy.com Contact Person: Mr. Omkar Barve Compliance Officer: Mr. Rajnish Rangari SEBI Registration No: INM000008365 SBI Capital Markets Limited* 202, Maker Tower E Cuffe Parade Mumbai 400 005 Tel: +91 22 2217 8300 Fax: +91 22 2218 8332 Email: ltinfra.bondissue@sbicaps.com Investor Grievance Email: investor.relations@sbicaps.com Website: www.sbicaps.com Contact person: Mr. Ashish Sable Compliance Officer: Mr. Bhaskar Chakraborty SEBI Registration No.: INM000003531 Sharepro Services (India) Private Limited 13 AB, Samhita Warehousing Complex, 2nd Floor, Sakinaka Telephone Exchange Lane, Andheri-Kurla Road, Sakinaka, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072. Contact Person: Mr. Prakash Khare Tel: +91 22 61915419/408/416/402 Fax: +91 22 61915444 E-mail: prakashk@shareproservices.com Investor Grievance E-mail: ltinfra2@shareproservices.com Compliance Officer: Mr. Prakash Khare Website: www.shareproservices.com SEBI Registration Number: INR000001476 * In compliance with the proviso to regulation 21A (1) and explanation (iii) to regulation 21A (1) of the SEBI (Merchant Bankers) Regulations, 1992, SBI Capital Markets Limited would be involved only in the marketing of the Issue. # HDFC Bank Limited has filed an application dated November 23, 2010 with the SE BI, in the prescribed manner, for renewal of its certificate of registration whi ch was valid until January 22, 2011. Co-Managers : Bajaj Capital Limited, 5th Floor, 97, Bajaj House, Nehru Place, Ne w Delhi- 110019. India. Tel : +91 22 4009 9999, Fax : +91 22 4009 9911, E-mail : sumitd@bajajcapital.com, Website : www.bajajcapital.com, SEBI Registration No: INM000010544; Integrated Enterprises (India) Limited, 5A, 2nd Floor, Kences Towers, 1 Ramakrishna Street, North Usman Road, T Nagar, C hennai 600 017 Tel: +91 44 2814 0801 Fax: +91 44 2814 2479 Email: mbd@iepindia.c om Website: www.iepindia.com SEBI Registration No.: INM000002640; RR Investors C apital Services Private Limited 133-A, 13th Floor, A-wing, Mittal Tower, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 Tel: +91 22 2288 6627 /28 Fax: +91 22 2285 1925 Email: lntinfra@rrfcl.com Website: www.rrfinance.com / www.rrfcl.com SEBI Registration No.: INM000007508 Debenture Trustee : Bank of Maharashtra, Legal Services Department, Head Office: Lokmangal , 1501, Shivajinagar, Pune - 411 005 Tel: +91 20 2553 6256 Fax: +91 20 2 551 3123 Website: www.bankofmaharashtra.in Email: bomcolaw@mahabank.co.in Compliance Officer : Name : Mr. Vinay Tripathi; Address : 3A/Laxmi Towers, First Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051; Telephone: +91 22 4 060 5411; Fax : +91 22 4060 5353; E-Mail : infrabonds2011A@ltinfra.com. Investor s can contact the Registrar or the Compliance Officer in case of any pre-issue or post-issue related problems such as non-receipt of l etters of allotment, demat credit, refund orders or interest on application mone

y. Statutory Auditors : Deloitte Haskins & Sells, 12, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Opp. S hivSagar Estate, Worli, Mumbai 400 018. Tel: +91 22 6667 9000, Fax: +91 22 6667 9100, Firm registration no: 117366W. Credit Rating Agencies : Credit Analysis & Research Limited, 4th Floor, Godrej C olisium, Somaiya Hospital Road, Off Eastern Express Highway, Sion (East), Mumbai 400 022, India. Tel: +91 22 6754 3456, Fax: +91 22 6754 3457, E-mail: care@care ratings.com ; ICRA Limited : Electric Mansion, 3rd Floor, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025. Tel: +91 22 2433 1046 , Fax: +91 22 2433 1390, E-mail: mumbai@icraindia.com, Website: www.icra.in, Con tact Person: Karthik Srinivasan. Legal Advisor to the Issuer : AZB & Partners, 23rd Floor, Express Towers, Narima n Point, Mumbai - 400 021. Tel: +91 22 6639 6880, Fax: +91 22 6639 6888 Legal Advisor to the Lead Managers : Krishnamurthy & Co. 96, Free Press House, 2 15 Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021 Tel: +91 22 6749 2595 Fax: +91 22 6749 2593 Bankers to the Issue : Axis Bank Limited Universal Insurance Building Sir P.M. R oad, Fort Mumbai - 400 001, India Tel: +91 22 6610 7339, Fax: +91 22 2283 5785, Contact Person: Mr. Roshan Mathias; City Union Bank 24-BD, Raja Bahadur Compound , Ambalal Doshi Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 023, India. Tel: +91 22 2267 7376, Fax: +91 22 6633 8005, Contact Person: Mr. S. Nara yanan; Dhanlaxmi Bank Limited Janmabhoomi Chambers, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumb ai - 400001, India. Tel.: +91 22 6154 1700, Fax : +91 22 6154 1725, Contact Pers on: Mr. Venkataraghavan TA; Federal Bank Corporate Banking Branch,1st Floor, 32, Raj Bahadur Mansion, Mumbai Samachar Mar g, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India. Tel.: +91 22 2268 0251, Fax : +91 22 2268 0254, Contact Person: Mr. Francis Xavier; HDFC Bank Limited FIG- OPS Department Lodha, I Think Techno Campus, O-3 Level, Next To Kanjurmarg Railway Station, Kanjurmarg (East),Mumbai 400 042. Tel.: +91 22 30 75 2928, Fax : +91 22 2579 9801, Contact Person: Mr. Deepak Rane; ICICI Bank Lim ited Capital Markets Division,30, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, In dia. Tel.: +91 22 6631 0322, Fax : +91 22 6631 0350, Contact Person: Mr. Anil Gadoo; IDBI Bank Limited Unit No. 2, Corp orate Park, Near Swastik Chambers, Sion Trombay Road, Chembur, Mumbai 400071, Indi a. Tel.: +91 22 6690 8402, Fax : +91 22 6690 8424, Contact Person: Mr. M. N. Kam at; ING Vysya Bank Limited Plot C No. 12, G Block, 8th floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400 051, India. Tel. : +91 22 330 9 5868, Fax : +91 22 2652 2812, Contact Person: Mr. Amit Kavale; State Bank of I ndia Capital Markets Branch, Videocon Heritage Building, D. N. Road, Fort, Mumba i 400 001, India. Tel.: +91 22 2209 4932, Fax: +91 22 2209 4921; Contact Person: Mr. R. K. Prasad. L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited

IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF TH E PROSPECTUS RISK FACTORS IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF TH E PROSPECTUS RISK FACTORS Prospective investors should carefully consider the risks and uncertainties desc ribed below, in addition to the other information contained in the Prospectus before making any investmen t decision relating to the Issue. If any of the following risks or other risks that are not currentl y known or are deemed immaterial at this time, actually occur, our business, financial condition and r esults of operation could suffer, the trading price of the Bonds could decline and you may lose all or part of your redemption amounts and / or interest amounts. Unless otherwise stated in the rel evant risk factors set forth below, we are not in a position to specify or quantify the financial o r other implications of any of the risks mentioned herein. The order of the risk factors appearing hereu nder is intended to facilitate ease of reading and reference and does not in any manner indicate the importance of one risk factor over another. Unless the context requires otherwise, the risk factor s described below apply to us / our operations only. The Prospectus also contains forward-looking statem ents that involve risks and uncertainties. Our Company s actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of certain factors, including the c onsiderations described below and elsewhere in the Prospectus. You must rely on your own examination of our Company and this Issue, including the risks and uncertainties involved. INTERNAL RISKS 1. As an NBFC, the risk of default and non-payment by borrowers and other counte rparties may materially and adversely affect our profitability and asset quality. Any such defaults and non-payments would result in write-offs and/or provisions in our financial statements which may materially and adversely affect our profitability and asset quality. Any lending or investment activity is exposed t o credit risk arising from the risk of default and non-payment by borrowers and other counterparties. Our t otal loan portfolio was ` 52,729.81 million as at September 30, 2010. The size of our loan portfolio is expected to grow as a result of our expansion strategy in existing as well as new products. This will continue to expose us to an increasing risk of defaults as our portfolio expands. Our gross NPAs as a percentage of total outstanding loans were 1.20%, 1.84%, 0% and 0% as of September 30, 2010 , March 31, 2010, 2009 and 2008, respectively, while the net NPAs as a percentage of net out standing loans were 1.01%, 1.66%, 0.00% and 0.00% as of September 30, 2010, March 31, 2010, 200

9 and 2008 respectively. The borrowers and/or guarantors and/or third parties may default in their repaym ent obligations due to various reasons including insolvency, lack of liquidity, and operational fail ure. We cannot be certain, and cannot assure you, that we will be able to improve our collections and recoveries in relation to the NPAs or otherwise adequately control our level of NPAs in the fu ture. Moreover, as our loan portfolio matures, we may experience greater defaults in principal and/ or interest repayments. Thus, if we are not able to control or reduce our level of NPAs, the overall qua lity of our loan portfolio may deteriorate and our results of operations may be adversely affecte d. Furthermore, our current provisions may not be adequate when compared to the loan portfolios of o ther financial institutions. We have made provisions of ` 104.15 million in respect of gross NP As as of September 30, 2010. In addition, we maintain a provision against standard assets, as a mat ter of policy. As of September 30, 2010 and March 31, 2010, we have made provisions of ` 208.00 milli on and ` 251.60 million respectively in respect of standard assets. There can be no assur ance that there will be no further deterioration in our provisioning coverage as a percentage of NPAs or otherwise, or that the percentage of NPAs that we will be able to recover will be similar to our pa st experience of recoveries of NPAs. In the event of any further deterioration in our NPA portfol io, there could be a more significant and substantial material and adverse impact on our business, fu ture financial performance and results of operations. 2. The private infrastructure development industry in India is still at a relati vely early stage of development and is linked to the continued growth of the Indian economy, the sectors on whic h we focus and stable and experienced regulatory regimes. In the event that central and state governme nt initiatives and regulations in the infrastructure industry do not proceed in the desired direction, or if th ere is any downturn in the macroeconomic environment in India or in specific sectors, our business, future financial performance and results of operations could be materially and adversely affected. We believe tha t the further development of India s infrastructure is dependent on formulation and effective implementation of state and central government programs and policies that facilitate and encourage private s ector investment in infrastructure projects in India. Many of these programs and policies are develo ping and evolving and their success will depend on whether they are properly designed to address the i ssues facing infrastructure development in India and are effectively implemented. Additionall y, these programs will need continued support from stable and experienced regulatory regimes that not only encourage the continued movement of private capital into infrastructure development but al

so lend to increased competition, appropriate allocation of risk, transparency, effective dispute res olution and more efficient and cost effective services to the end consumer. The availability of private cap ital and the continued growth of the infrastructure development industry are also linked to the continu ed growth of the Indian economy. Many specific factors within each industry sector may also influ ence the success of the projects within those sectors, including changes in policies, regulatory fra meworks and market structures. While there has been progress in sectors such as telecommunications, transportation, energy, tourism and industrial and commercial infrastructure, other sectors such as urban infrastructure and healthcare have not progressed to the same degree. Further, since infrastruc ture services in India have historically been provided by the central and state governments without cha rge or at a low charge to consumers, the growth of the infrastructure industry will be impacted by consumers income levels and the extent to which they would be willing to pay or can be induced to pay for infrastructure services. If the central and state governments initiatives and regulations in the infrastructure industry do not proceed in the desired direction, or if there is any downturn in the macr oeconomic environment in India or in specific sectors, our business, future financial performance and results of operations could be materially and adversely affected. 3. We may be exposed to potential losses due to a decline in value of assets sec ured in our favour, and due to delays in the enforcement of such security upon default by our borrowers. Our total loan portfolio is secured by a mix of both movable and immovable assets and/or other collateral s. The value of certain types of assets may decline due to inherent operational risks, the natur e of the asset secured in our favour and adverse market and economic conditions (both global and domest ic). The value of the security or collateral granted in our favor, as the case may be, may also de cline due to delays in insolvency, winding-up and foreclosure proceedings, defects in title, difficu lty in locating movable assets, documentation relevant to the assets and the necessity of obtaining regu latory approvals for the enforcement of our collateral over those assets, and as such, we may not be able to recover the estimated value of the assets which would materially and adversely affect our bu siness, future financial performance and results of operations. In the event of default by our borrowers, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to realize the full value of our collateral, due to, among other things, delays on our part in taking immediate action and in bankruptcy foreclosure proc eedings, stock market downturns, defects in the perfection of collateral and fraudulent transfe rs by borrowers. In the event a specialized regulatory agency gains jurisdiction over the borrower, cred itor actions can be

further delayed. 4. If we are unable to manage our rapid growth effectively, our business, future financial performance and results of operations could be materially and adversely affected. The business o f our Company has grown rapidly since we began our operations. From March 31, 2008 to March 31, 2010, ou r gross loans outstanding increased by a CAGR of 52.95%. We intend to continue to grow our bus inesses, which could place significant demands on our operational, credit, financial and other internal risk controls. It may also exert pressure on the adequacy of our capitalization, making managem ent of asset quality increasingly important. Our future business plan is dependent on our abi lity to borrow to fund our growth. We may have difficulty obtaining funding on attractive terms. Advers e developments in the Indian credit markets, such as the increase in interest rates in March 2010, may significantly increase our debt service costs and the overall cost of our funds. An inability to manage our growth effectively and failure to secure the required funding therefore on favorable te rms, or at all, could have a material and adverse effect on our business, future financial performance and results of operations. 5. Our Company is involved in certain legal and other proceedings. Our Company i s currently involved in a number of legal proceedings in India. These legal proceedings are pending a t different levels of adjudication before various courts and tribunals. If any new developments ari se, for example, a change in Indian law or rulings against us by the appellate courts or tribunals, we may face losses and we may have to make provisions in our financial statements, which could incr ease our expenses and our liabilities. Decisions in such proceedings adverse to our interests may have a material adverse effect on our business, future financial performance and results of oper ations. Details of legal proceedings involving our Company are set out below: (in ` million) Particulars Number of cases filed Amount involved Cases filed against our Company 4 Nil Cases filed by our Company 10 583.40 For further details of these legal proceedings, see the section titled g Litigation and Statutory Defaults on page 106 of the Prospectus. Outstandin

6. Infrastructure projects carry certain risks which, to the extent they materia lize, could adversely affect our business and result in our loans and investments declining in value which could have a material and adverse effect on our business, future financial performance and results of oper ations. Our Company primarily provides debt, equity or hybrid financing, and financial advisory serv ices related to infrastructure projects in India. As at September 30, 2010 our loans and advance

s were ` 52,729.81 million. Infrastructure projects are characterized by project specific risks as well as general risks. These risks are generally beyond our control, and include: . political, regulato ry and legal actions that may adversely affect project viability; . interruptions or disruption in do mestic or international financial markets, whether for equity or debt funds; . changes in government and regulatory policies; . delays in the construction and operation of infrastructure projects; . adverse changes in market demand or prices for the products or services that the project, when completed, is expected to provide; . the unwillingness or inability of consumers to pay for infrastructure services; . shortages of, or adverse price developments for, raw materials and key project inputs such as oil and natural gas; . potential defaults under financing arrangements with lenders and investor s; . failure of third parties to perform on their contractual obligations; . adverse developments in t he overall economic environment in India; . interest rate or currency exchange rate fluctuations or changes in tax regulations; . economic, political and social instability or occurrences such as natural disasters, armed conflict and terrorist attacks, particularly where projects are located or in the markets they are intended to serve; and . the other risks discussed in the sub section External Ri sks Risks Relating to India , on page 17 of the Prospectus. To the extent these or other risks relati ng to the projects we finance materialize, the quality of our asset portfolio and our profitability may decline, which would have a material and adverse effect on our business, future financial perfo rmance and results of operations. 7. Our Company has significant exposure to certain sectors and to certain borrow ers and if these exposures become non performing, such exposure could increase the level of non-performing assets in our portfolio and materially affect our business, future financial performance and results of operations and the quality of our asset portfolio. As at September 30, 2010, our five largest single sector exposures were in the power, telecommunications, roads, oil and gas and ports sectors, which constitut ed 34.99%, 15.70%, 13.59%, 6.55% and 4.52%, (aggregating to total percentage exposure of 75.35% for these five sectors) respectively, of our total exposure of ` 52,729.81 million. For the for eseeable future, we expect to continue to have a significant concentration of loans in these five se ctors and to certain borrowers. Any negative trends or financial difficulties in the power, telecommu nications, roads, oil and gas or ports sectors, particularly among our large borrowers, could increase the level of non performing assets in our portfolio and materially and adversely affect our busin ess, future financial performance and results of operations. As at September 30, 2010, the ten largest borrowers in our Company in the aggreg

ate accounted for 33.26% of our total exposure and the ten largest borrower groups in the aggr egate accounted for 40.79% of our total exposure. As at September 30, 2010, our largest single borro wer and our largest borrower group accounted for 4.74% and 5.22%, respectively, of the total exposur e of our Company. Credit losses on our significant single borrower and group exposures could mater ially and adversely affect our business, future financial performance and results of operations. The customers of our Company may default on their obligations to us as a result of their bankruptcy, lack of liquidity, operational failure, breach of contract, government or other regulatory interven tion and other reasons such as their inability to adapt to changes in the macro business environment. H istorically, borrowers or borrower groups have been adversely affected by economic conditions in varyin g degrees. For example, in Fiscal Year 2009, we have restructured three loans, originally amoun ting to ` 500 million, ` 750 million and ` 750 million, granted to certain companies in the in frastructure real estate sector. At the time of such restructuring, ` 465.61 million, ` 659.09 mil lion and ` 740.00 million were outstanding on these loans, respectively. Such restructuring of loa ns affects our ability to recover the dues from the borrowers and the predictability of cash flows. Cre dit losses due to financial difficulties of these borrowers or borrower groups in the future could materially and adversely affect our business, future financial performance and results of operations. 8. We may experience delays in enforcing collateral when the borrowers who are c ustomers of our Company default on their obligations to us, which may result in failure to recover the e xpected value of collateral and may materially and adversely affect our business and future financial perfor mance. As at September 30, 2010, 100% of the loans of our Company were secured by project assets and/or other collateral: . for debt provided on a senior basis (comprising 50.98% of the value of our out standing loan assets, excluding equity), we have a general first ranking charge on the project assets; and . for loans provided on a mezzanine basis (comprising 49.02% of the value of our outstanding loan assets, excluding equity), we have a general second or subservient charge on assets or o ther collateral securities of companies having established cash flows. Although we seek to maint ain a collateral value to loan ratio of at least 100% for our secured loans, an economic downturn or the other project risks could result in a fall in collateral values. Additionally, the realizable value of our collateral in a liquidation may be lower than its book value. Moreover, foreclosure of such co llateral may require court or tribunal intervention that may involve protracted proceedings and the p rocess of enforcing security interests against collateral can be difficult. Additionally, the realiz able value of our collateral

in liquidation may be lower than its book value, particularly in relation to pro jects which are not completed when default and enforcement of security occurs. Further, as at Septem ber 30, 2010, loans provided on a mezzanine basis (comprising 49.02% of the value of our outst anding loan assets) were made on a non recourse or limited recourse basis. With respect to d isbursements made on a non recourse basis, only the related project assets are available to repay the loan in the event the borrowers are unable to meet their obligations under the loan agreements. Wi th respect to disbursements made on a limited recourse basis, project sponsors generally give undertakings for funding shortfalls and cost overruns. We cannot guarantee that we will be able t o realize the full value of our collateral, due to, among other things, defects in the perfection o f collateral, delays on our part in taking immediate action in bankruptcy foreclosure proceedings, stock market downturns, claims of other lenders, legal or judicial restraint and fraudulent transfers by borrowers. In the event a specialized regulatory agency gains jurisdiction over the borrower, creditor a ctions can be further delayed. 9. Our equity investments in infrastructure projects can be particularly volatil e and may not be recovered. We make direct minority equity investments in infrastructure projects. As at Sep tember 30, 2010, our equity investments accounted for 1.32% of our total infrastructure loans and inv estments. The value of these investments depends on the success and continued viability of these pro jects. In addition to the project specific risks described in the above risk factors, we have limit ed control over the operations or management of these projects. Therefore, our ability to realize ex pected gains as a result of our equity interest in a project is highly dependent on factors outsid e of our control. Write offs or write downs in respect of our equity portfolio may materially and advers ely affect our business, future financial performance and results of operations. 10. As a consequence of being regulated as an NBFC and an IFC, we have to adhere to certain individual and borrower group exposure limits under the RBI regulations. Our Company is reg ulated by the RBI as an NBFC. In terms of the Non Banking Financial (Non Deposit Accepting or Hold ing) Companies Prudential Norms (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2007, as amended (the Prudential Norm s Directions ) our Company is required to comply with the prescribed exposure limits. Further, our Company has been classified as an IFC by the RBI, which classification is subject to certain conditions including a minimum 75% of the total assets of such NBFC being deployed in infrastructure loans (as defined under the Prudential Norms Directions), net owned funds of ` 3,000 million or mo re, a minimum credit rating of A or an equivalent credit rating of CRISIL, FITCH, CARE or ICRA o

r any other accrediting rating agency and a capital to risk weighted asset ratio of 15%. As an IFC, our Company s single borrower limit for lending may exceed the concentration of credit norms a pplicable to an NBFC that is not an IFC by an additional 10% of its owned fund, and its single g roup limit for lending may exceed such credit norms by an additional 15% of its owned fund. In the event that our Company is unable to comply with the exposure norms within the specified time li mit, or at all, our Company may be subject to regulatory actions by the RBI including the levy of fi nes or penalties and/ or the cancellation of registration as an NBFC or IFC. Our Company s inability to continue being classified as an IFC may impact our growth and expansion plans by affecting our competitiveness in relation to our competitors. We cannot assure you that we may not breach the exp osure norms in the future. Any levy of fines or penalties or the cancellation of our registration a s an NBFC or IFC by the RBI due to the breach of exposure norms may adversely affect our business, p rospects, results of operations, financial condition and the trading price of the Bonds. 11. We have entered into certain related party transactions. We have entered int o certain transactions with related parties. Such transactions we have entered into and any future tran sactions with our related parties could potentially involve conflicts of interest. For more inform ation regarding our related party transactions, see the section titled Financial Statements Related P arty Disclosure on page F-27 of the Prospectus. 12. We are controlled by our Promoters. As of September 30, 2010, our Promoters control, directly or indirectly, 100% of our outstanding Equity Shares. In addition, and in the event of any such change of control, merger, consolidation, takeover or other business combination involv ing us, a transfer of shares by our Promoters, or actions such as a preferential allotment to any inve stor or a conversion of any convertible instruments, our ability to leverage the Larsen & Toubro brand may be adversely affected and the benefits of being a Larsen & Toubro group company. 13. Any increase in or realization of our contingent liabilities could adversely affect our financial condition. As at September 30, 2010, our financial statements disclosed and reflected the f ollowing contingent liabilities: (` in million) Particulars As at September 30, 2010 Income tax matters 0.50 Non fund based exposure 3,981.28 If at any time we are compelled to realize all or a material proportion of these contingent liabilities, it would have a material and adverse affect on our business, future financial pe

rformance and results of operations. 14. We require certain statutory and regulatory approvals for conducting our bus iness and our failure to obtain, retain or renew them in a timely manner, or at all, may adversely affect our operations. NBFCs in India are subject to strict regulation and supervision by the RBI. We require ce rtain approvals, licenses, registrations and permissions for operating our business, including re gistration with the RBI as an NBFC-ND. In addition, the RBI has recently classified our Company as an IF C. Such approvals, licenses, registrations and permissions must be maintained/renewed over time, ap plicable requirements may change and we may not be aware of or comply with all requirements all of the time. We are required to obtain and maintain a certificate of registration for carrying on bu siness as an NBFC that is subject to numerous conditions. For further details, see the section titled Re gulations and Policies on page 114 of the Prospectus. Given the extensive regulation of the financial s ervices industry, it is possible that we could be found, by a court, arbitration panel or regulatory authority not to have complied with applicable legal or regulatory requirements. Further, we may be su bject to lawsuits or arbitration claims by customers, employees or other third parties in the differe nt state jurisdictions in India in which we conduct our business. If we fail to obtain or retain any of th ese approvals or licenses, or renewals thereof, in a timely manner, or at all, our business may b e adversely affected. If we fail to comply, or a regulator claims we have not complied, with any of th ese conditions, our certificate of registration may be suspended or cancelled and we shall not be ab le to carry on such activities. We may also incur substantial costs related to litigation if we are subject to significant legal action, which may materially and adversely affect our business, future fin ancial performance and results of operations. 15. We do not own the Larsen & Toubro or L&T trademarks and logos and have not enter ed into any agreement as yet with our parent, L&T, with respect to such trademark or logo. I n addition, we may be unable to adequately protect our intellectual property since a number of our tra demarks, logos and other intellectual property rights may not be registered and therefore do not enjoy an y statutory protection. Further, we may be subject to claims alleging breach of third party intellectual property rights. Third parties may infringe our intellectual property, causing damage to our business p rospects, reputation and goodwill. Our efforts to protect our intellectual property may not be adequa te and any third party claim on any of our unprotected brands may lead to erosion of our business value and our operations could be adversely affected. We may need to litigate in order to determine the v alidity of such claims

and the scope of the proprietary rights of others. Any such litigation could be time consuming and costly and a favorable outcome cannot be guaranteed. We may not be able to detec t any unauthorised use or take appropriate and timely steps to enforce or protect our intellectual property. We cannot assure that any unauthorised use by third parties of the trademarks will not sim ilarly cause damage to our business prospects, reputation and goodwill. Further, the L&T trademark is registered in favour of our Promoter. Pursuant to a trademark license agreement dated December 1, 2010 (the Trademark License Agreement ) with our Promoter, our Company has been granted a glo bal nonexclusive, non-transferrable license to use the L&T trademark and logo for a consi deration of up to 0.15% of the consolidated assets of L&T Finance Holdings Limited or 5% of the co nsolidated PAT of L&T Finance Holdings Limited, whichever is lower plus service tax. The Tradem ark License Agreement can be terminated by the parties thereto upon written notice in accord ance with its terms. Furthermore, the Trademark License Agreement can also be terminated by any party upon change in management control of any of the licensees or upon breach of the terms of the Trademark License Agreement by any of the licensees. In the event that the Trademark License Agree ment is terminated, we may have to discontinue the use of the L&T trademark and logo. 16. Our insurance coverage may not adequately protect us against losses, and suc cessful claims against us that exceed our insurance coverage could harm our results of operations and dimi nish our financial position. We maintain insurance coverage of the type and in the amounts that we believe are commensurate with our operations. Our insurance policies, however, may not provi de adequate coverage in certain circumstances and may be subject to certain deductibles, exc lusions and limits on coverage. In addition, there are various types of risks and losses for which we do not maintain insurance, such as losses due to business interruption and natural disasters, be cause they are either uninsurable or because insurance is not available to us on acceptable terms. A s uccessful assertion of one or more large claims against us that exceeds our available insurance cove rage or results in changes in our insurance policies, including premium increases or the imposition of a larger deductible or co insurance requirement, could adversely affect our business, future financi al performance and results of operations. 17. A failure of our operational systems or infrastructure, or those of third pa rties, could impair our liquidity, disrupt our businesses, cause damage to our reputation and result in losses. Our business is highly dependent on our ability to process a large number of transactions. Our f inancial, accounting, data processing or other operating systems and facilities may fail to operate pr operly or become

disabled as a result of events that are wholly or partially beyond our control, adversely affecting our ability to process these transactions. As we grow our business, the inability of our systems to accommodate an increasing volume of transactions could also constrain our abilit y to expand our businesses. Additionally, shortcomings or failures in our internal processes or systems could lead to an impairment of our financial condition, financial loss, disruption of our busi ness and reputational damage. Our ability to operate and remain competitive will depend in part on our ability to maintain and upgrade our information technology systems on a timely and cost effective ba sis. The information available to, and received by, our management through our existing systems may n ot be timely and sufficient to manage risks or to plan for and respond to changes in market condi tions and other developments in our operations. We may experience difficulties in upgrading, dev eloping and expanding our systems quickly enough to accommodate our growing customer base an d range of products. Our failure to maintain or improve or upgrade our management informati on systems in a timely manner could materially and adversely affect our competitiveness, financi al position and results of operations. We may also be subject to disruptions of our operating sy stems, arising from events that are wholly or partially beyond our control including, for example, c omputer viruses or electrical or telecommunication service disruptions, which may result in a loss or liability to us. 18. Our failure to comply with financial and other restrictions imposed on us un der the terms of our borrowings could adversely affect our ability to conduct our business and operat ions. In connection with our borrowings from lenders, we have agreed to restrictive covenants that requir e, among other things, that we maintain certain levels of debt, capital and asset quality. Thes e restrictive covenants require that we either obtain the prior approval of, or provide notice to, our l enders in connection with certain activities, such as undertaking any merger, amalgamation or restruc turing or making substantial changes in the composition of our management. Our ability to execute expansion plans, including our ability to obtain additional financing on terms and conditions acc eptable to us, could be severely and negatively impacted as a result of these restrictions and limita tions. Our failure to comply with any of these covenants could result in an event of default, which co uld accelerate our need to repay the related borrowings and trigger cross defaults under other borr owings which could materially and adversely affect our liquidity, financial condition and business operations. An event of default would also affect our ability to raise new funds or renew maturing bo rrowings as needed to conduct our operations and pursue our growth initiatives. 19. We may be required to increase our capital ratio or amount of reserve funds,

which may result in changes to our business and accounting practices that may materially and adverse ly affect our business and results of operations. We are subject to the RBI minimum capital to risk weighte d assets ratio regulations. Pursuant to Section 45 -IC of the RBI Act, every NBFC is required t o create a reserve fund and transfer thereto a sum not less than 20.0% of its net profit every year , as disclosed in the profit and loss account and before any dividend is declared. In Fiscal Year 2009 , our Company was subject to the general NBFC capital to risk asset ratio requirement of 10%. This limit was increased to 12% for Fiscal Year 2010. Our Company has been designated an Infrastructure F inance Company as from July 2010, and as such, must maintain a capital to risk asset ratio of 1 5%. As on March 31, 2009 and 2010, our Company s total capital to risk asset ratio was 26.16% and 23.2 7%, respectively. As on September 30, 2010, our Company s total capital to risk asset ratio was 18.0 3%. The RBI may also in the future require compliance with other financial ratios and standards. Compliance with such regulatory requirements in the future may require us to alter our business and a ccounting practices L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited

IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF TH E PROSPECTUS IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT F EATURES OF THE PROSPECTUS or take other actions that could materially and adversely affect our business an d operating results. 20. We are affected by volatility in interest rates for both our lending and tre asury operations, which could cause our net interest income to decline and adversely affect our return on asse ts and profitability. Our business is dependent on interest income from the loans they disburse. According ly, we are affected by volatility in interest rates in our lending operations. Being a non-deposit a ccepting NBFC, we are exposed to greater interest rate risk compared to banks or deposit-accepting NBF Cs. Interest rates are highly sensitive to many factors beyond our control, including the monetary poli cies of the RBI, deregulation of the financial sector in India, domestic and international econom ic and political conditions and other factors. Due to these factors, interest rates in India have historically experienced a relatively high degree of volatility. If interest rates rise we may have great er difficulty in maintaining a low effective cost of funds compared to our competitors which may have access to low-cost deposit funds. Further, in case our borrowings are linked to market rates, we may have t o pay interest at a higher rate as compared to other lenders. Fluctuations in interest rates may als o adversely affect our treasury operations. In a rising interest rate environment, especially if the ri se were sudden or sharp, we could be adversely affected by the decline in the market value of our securit ies portfolio and other fixed income securities. In addition, the value of any interest rate hedging ins truments we may enter into in the future would be affected by changes in interest rates. When interest rates decline, we are subject to greater repricing and prepayment risks as borrowers take advantage of the attractive interest rate environment. When assets are repriced, our spread on our loans, wh ich is the difference between our average yield on loans and our average cost of funds, could be affec ted. During periods of low interest rates and high competition among lenders, borrowers may seek to reduce their borrowing cost by asking lenders to reprice loans. If we reprice loans, our resu lts may be adversely affected in the period in which the repricing occurs. If borrowers prepay loans, the return on our capital may be impaired as any prepayment premium we receive may not fully compe nsate us for the redeployment of such funds elsewhere. Further, a material proportion of the loan s provided by us is long-term in nature and may not have escalation clauses and may be on a fixed ra te basis. Any increase in interest rates over the duration of such loans may result in us losi ng interest income. Our inability to effectively and efficiently manage interest rate variations may adv

ersely affect our business, future financial performance and result of operations. 21. Our business requires substantial capital, and any disruption in funding sou rces would have a material and adverse effect on our liquidity and financial condition. The liquidity and o ngoing profitability of our business are, in large part, dependent upon our timely access to, and the costs associated with, raising capital. Our funding requirements historically have been met from a comb ination of shareholder funding, secured and unsecured loan funds, such as Rupee denominated term loans from banks and financial institutions, the issuance of redeemable non convertible debentures an d commercial paper and inter corporate deposits from L&T. Thus, our business depends and will conti nue to depend on our ability to access diversified funding sources. Our ability to raise funds on acceptable terms and at competitive rates continues to depend on various factors including our credit ratings, the regulatory environment and policy initiatives in India, developments in the international m arkets affecting the Indian economy, investors and/or lenders perception of demand for debt and equity securities of NBFCs, and our current and future results of operations and financial condition. Our funding strategy was adversely affected by the ongoing crisis in the global credit markets since 2008. Through the second half of 2008 and the first half of 2009, capital and lending markets rema ined highly volatile and access to liquidity was adversely affected. These conditions resulted in inc reased borrowing costs and difficulty in accessing funds in a cost effective manner. Changes in economi c and financial conditions or continuing lack of liquidity in the market could make it difficult for us to access funds at competitive rates. As an NBFC, we also face certain restrictions on our abili ty to raise money from international markets which may further constrain our ability to raise funds at attractive rates. Any disruption in our primary funding sources at competitive costs would have a mate rial adverse effect on our liquidity and financial condition. 22. We face asset-liability mismatches which could affect our liquidity, and whi ch may as a consequence have a material and adverse effect on our business, future financial performance and results of operations. We have an asset-liability management policy in place which categorizes all inte rest rate sensitive assets and liabilities into various time period categories according to contract ed residual maturities or anticipated repricing dates, as may be relevant in each case. The difference between the value of assets and liabilities maturing, or being repriced, in any time period catego ry provides the measure to which we are exposed to the risk of potential changes in the margins on new o r repriced assets and liabilities. An analysis of the maturity profile of certain of our Company s i nterest-bearing assets and interest-bearing liabilities across time buckets as at September 30, 2010 an

d March 31, 2010 and 2009 is given on page 15 of the Prospectus. The difference between the value of assets and liabilities maturing, or being repriced, in any time period category provides th e measure to which we are exposed to the risk of potential changes in the margins on new or repriced a ssets and liabilities. Accordingly, we face potential liquidity risks due to varying periods over which our assets and liabilities mature. As is typical for NBFCs, a portion of our funding requirements is met th rough a combination of shareholder funding, secured and unsecured loan funds, such as Rupee denomina ted term loans from banks and financial institutions, the issuance of redeemable non convertibl e debentures and commercial paper and inter corporate deposits. However, a large portion of our l oan assets mature over the medium term. Consequently, our inability to obtain additional credit fa cilities or renew our existing credit facilities, in a timely and cost effective manner or at all, may lead to mismatches between our assets and liabilities, which in turn may adversely affect our busin ess, future financial performance and results of operations. In addition, such funding mismatches betw een our assets and liabilities are aggravated when our customers pre pay any of the financing facil ities we grant to them. 23. Our success depends in large part upon our management team and skilled perso nnel and our ability to attract and retain such persons. Our future performance will be affected by t he continued service of our management team and skilled personnel. We also face a continuing challenge t o recruit and retain a sufficient number of suitably skilled personnel, particularly as we con tinue to grow. There is significant competition for management and other skilled personnel in the var ious segments of the financial services industry in which we operate, and it may be difficult to attr act and retain the personnel we need in the future. The loss of key personnel may have a material a nd adverse effect on our business, future financial performance, results of operations and ability to grow in line with our strategy and future plans. 24. We are exposed to various operational risks, including the risk of fraud and other misconduct by employees or outsiders. As with other financial intermediaries, we are exposed t o various operational risks such as fraud or misconduct by our employees or by an outsider, unauthoriz ed transactions by employees or third parties, misreporting of and non-compliance with various stat utory and legal requirements and operational errors. It may not always be possible to deter empl oyees from or otherwise prevent misconduct or misappropriation of cash collections, and the pr ecautions we take to detect and prevent these activities may not always be effective. Any instance of employee misconduct, fraud or improper use or disclosure of confidential information could result in

regulatory and legal proceedings which if unsuccessfully defended, could materially and adversely aff ect our business, future financial performance and results of operations. 25. Our business is based on the trust and confidence of our customers; any dama ge to that trust and confidence may materially and adversely affect our business, future financial pe rformance and results of operations. We are dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers; and we believe that the good reputation created thereby, and inherent in the Lars en & Toubro brand name is essential to our business. As such, any damage to our reputation, or that of the Larsen & Toubro brand name, could substantially impair our ability to maintain or grow our business. In addition, any action on the part of any of the Larsen & Toubro group companie s that negatively impact the Larsen & Toubro brand could have a material and adverse affect on our b usiness, future financial performance and results of operations. EXTERNAL RISKS Risks Relating to India 1. Governmental and statutory regulations, including the imposition of an intere st rate ceiling, may adversely affect our operating results and financial position. As a non deposit taking NBFC, our Company is subject to regulation by Indian governmental authorities, including the RBI. These laws and regulations impose numerous requirements on us, including asset classifications and prescribed levels of capital adequacy, cash reserves and liquid assets. There may be future changes in the regulatory system or in the enforcement of the laws and regulations that could a dversely affect us. For instance, a number of states in India have enacted laws to regulate money le nding transactions. These state laws establish maximum rates of interest that can be charged by a pe rson lending money. For unsecured loans, these maximum rates typically range from 12.0% to 15 .0% per annum. Currently, the RBI requires that the board of all NBFCs adopt an interest rate m odel taking into account relevant factors such as the cost of funds, margin and risk premium. It is unclear whether NBFCs are required to comply with the provisions of state money lending laws tha t establish ceilings on interest rates. In January 2010, the High Court of Gujarat held that the prov isions of the RBI Act have an overriding effect upon state money lending laws. However, the subject ma tter is pending before the Supreme Court of India in a different case and the final decision has not been passed. In the event that the government of any state in India requires us to comply wit h the provisions of their respective state money lending laws, or imposes any penalty against us, ou r Directors or our officers, including for prior non compliance, our business, future financial per

formance and results of operations may be materially and adversely affected. 2. Political instability or changes in the Government in India or in the Governm ent of the states where we operate could cause us significant adverse effects. We are incorporated in India and all of our operations, assets and personnel are located in India. Consequently, our performance and the market price and liquidity of our Bonds may be affected by changes in exchange rates and controls , interest rates, government policies, taxation, social and ethnic instability and other political and economic developments affecting India. The central government has traditionally exercised , and continues to exercise, a significant influence over many aspects of the economy. Our business is also impacted by regulation and conditions in the various states in India where we operate. Ou r business, and the market price and liquidity of our Bonds may be affected by interest rates, chang es in central government policy, taxation, social and civil unrest and other political, economic or other developments in or affecting India. Since 1991, successive central governments have pursued policie s of economic liberalization and financial sector reforms. However, there can be no assurance that such policies will be continued. A significant change in the central government s policies could adve rsely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations and could cause the pric e of our Bonds to decline. 3. Regional hostilities, terrorist attacks, civil disturbances or social unrest, regional conflicts could adversely affect the financial markets and the trading price of our Bonds could decrease. Certain events that are beyond our control, such as terrorist attacks and other acts of violence or war, may adversely affect worldwide financial markets and could potentially lead to a severe economic rece ssion, which could adversely affect our business, results of operations, financial condition and ca sh flows, and more generally, any of these events could lower confidence in India s economy. India ha s also experienced social unrest in some parts of the country. If such tensions occur in other part s of the country leading to overall political and economic instability, it could have a materially advers e effect on our business, future financial performance, results of operations and the trading price of the Bonds. 4. Any downgrading of India s debt rating by an international rating agency could have a negative impact on the trading price of the Bonds. Any adverse revisions to India s credit ratings for domestic and international debt by international rating agencies may adversely impact our abi lity to raise additional financing, and the interest rates and other commercial terms at which such addit ional financing may be available. This could have an adverse effect on our business and future finan cial performance, its ability to obtain financing for capital expenditures and the trading price o

f the Bonds. 5. Outbreaks of epidemic diseases may adversely affect our operations. Pandemic disease, caused by a virus such as H5N1 (the avian flu virus), or H1N1 (the swine flu virus), could have a severe adverse effect on our business. A new and prolonged outbreak of such diseases may have a material adverse effect on our business and financial conditions and results of operations. Altho ugh the long term effect of such diseases cannot currently be predicted, previous occurrences of a vian flu and swine flu had an adverse effect on the economies of those countries in which they were mos t prevalent. In the case of any of such diseases, should the virus mutate and lead to human to human transmission of the disease, the consequence for our business could be severe. An outbreak of a communicable disease in India or in the particular region in which we conduct business operat ions would adversely affect our business, future financial performance and results of operations. 6. Trading of the Bonds may be limited by temporary exchange closures, broker de faults, settlement delays, strikes by brokerage firm employees and disputes. The Indian Stock Exchanges hav e experienced temporary exchange closures, broker defaults, settlement delays and strikes by brokerage f irm employees. In addition, the governing bodies of the Indian stock exchanges have from time to t ime imposed restrictions on trading in certain securities, limitations on price movements an d margin requirements. Furthermore, from time to time, disputes have occurred between listed companies and stock exchanges and other regulatory bodies, which in some cases may have had a negative effect on market sentiment. Risks Associated with the Bonds 1. The Bonds are classified as Long Term Infrastructure Bonds and eligible for tax benefits under Section 80CCF of the Income Tax Act up to an amount of ` 20,000 per annum. In the event that your investment in Long Term Infrastructure Bonds exceeds ` 20,000 per annum, you shall be eligi ble for benefits under Section 80CCF of the Income Tax Act only for an amount up to ` 20,000 per annum. The Bonds are classified as long term infrastructure bonds and are being issued in terms of Se ction 80CCF of the Income Tax Act and the Notification. In accordance with Section 80CCF of the Inc ome Tax Act, the amount, not exceeding ` 20,000 per annum, paid or deposited as subscription to l ong term infrastructure bonds during the previous year relevant to the assessment year beginning April 0 1, 2011 shall be deducted in computing the taxable income of a Resident Individual or HUF. In the event that any Applicant applies for and is allotted long term infrastructure bonds in excess o f ` 20,000 per annum (including long term infrastructure bonds issued by any other eligible issuer), the aforestated tax benefit shall be available to such Applicant only to the extent of ` 20,000 per annum. Subscription

to additional Bonds will not be eligible for deduction in taxable income. 2. There has been no prior secondary market for Long Term Infrastructure Bonds a nd it may not develop in the future, and the price of the Bonds may be volatile. Long Term Infrastruct ure Bonds have no established trading market. Moreover, the Bonds are subject to statutory lock-in for a period of five years from the date of Allotment and no trading market would exist or be establi shed for the Bonds for the said period despite the Bonds being listed on NSE. Even after the expiry of the Lock-in Period, there can be no assurance that a public market for these Bonds would dev elop. The proposed tax changes to the income tax regime by introduction of the draft Direct Tax Cod e ( DTC ) may result in extinguishment of benefits available under Section 80CCF of the Income Tax Ac t. This may result in no further issuance of the Bonds after DTC is approved by the Government of I ndia. Although an application has been made to list the Bonds on NSE, there can be no assurance th at an active public market for the Bonds will develop, and if such a market were to develop, there is no obligation on us to maintain such a market. The liquidity and market prices of the Bonds ca n be expected to vary with changes in market and economic conditions, our financial condition and prospects and other factors that generally influence market price of Bonds. Such fluctuations may significantly affect the liquidity and market price of the Bonds, which may trade at a discount to th e price at which you purchase the Bonds. Moreover, the price of the Bonds on the Stock Exchanges may fluctuate after this Issue as a result of several other factors. 3. The legal regime in respect of public issue of infrastructure bonds has been recently introduced and its efficiency is yet to be established. The legal regime in relation to public issu e of infrastructure bonds was introduced in the Finance Bill of 2010, along with the tax benefits upon inv estment. Pursuant to a notification dated July 9, 2010, the Ministry of Finance issued terms and c onditions required for issuance of Long Term Infrastructure Bonds. We cannot assure you that any other company would be issuing infrastructure bonds in future and that a market for infrastructure bond s would develop in future. 4. There is no guarantee that the Bonds issued pursuant to this Issue will be li sted on NSE in a timely manner, or at all. In accordance with Indian law and practice, permissions for l isting and trading of the Bonds issued pursuant to this Issue will not be granted until after the Bond s have been issued and allotted. Approval for listing and trading will require all relevant documen ts authorising the issuing of Bonds to be submitted. There could be a failure or delay in listing t he Bonds on the Stock Exchanges. Any failure or delay in obtaining the approval would restrict an inve stor s ability to trade

in the Bonds. 5. You may not be able to recover, on a timely basis or at all, the full value o f the outstanding amounts and/or the interest accrued thereon in connection with the Bonds. Our ability to pay interest accrued on the Bonds and/or the principal amount outstanding from time to time in connectio n therewith would be subject to various factors inter-alia including our financial condition, prof itability and the general economic conditions in India and in the global financial markets. We cannot assu re you that we would be able to repay the principal amount outstanding from time to time on the Bonds and/or the interest accrued thereon in a timely manner, or at all. 6. Debenture Redemption Reserve ( DRR ) would be created up to an extent of 50% for the Bonds. The Department of Company Affairs General Circular No.9/2002 No.6/3/200 1 -CL.V date d April 18, 2002 specifies that NBFCs which are registered with the RBI under Section 45-IA of th e Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 shall create DRR to the extent of 50 per cent of the value of th e debentures issued through public issue. Therefore our Company will be maintaining debenture redemp tion reserve to the extent of 50 per cent of the Bonds issued and the Bondholders may find it di fficult to enforce their interests in the event of or to the extent of a default. In the case we ar e unable to generate adequate profits, we may not be able to provide for the DRR even to the extent o f the stipulated 50 per cent. 7. Any downgrading in credit rating of our Bonds may affect our the trading pric e of the Bonds. The Bonds proposed to be issued under this Issue have been rated CARE AA+ from CARE an d LAA+ by ICRA. We cannot guarantee that these ratings will not be downgraded. The rati ngs provided by CARE and ICRA may be suspended, withdrawn or revised at any time. Any revision o r downgrading in the above credit ratings may lower the value of the Bonds and may also affect our Company s ability to raise further debt. 8. The Bondholders are required to comply with certain lock-in requirements. The Bondholders are required to hold the Bonds for a minimum period of five years before they can se ll the same or utilise the buy-back option offered by our Company. This may lead to a lack of liquidity for the Bondholders during such periods (whether before or after the expiry of the Lock-in Period). 9. Changes in interest rates may affect the price of our Company s Bonds. All secu rities where a fixed rate of interest is offered, such as our Company s Bonds, are subject to price ris k. The price of such securities will vary inversely with changes in prevailing interest rates, i.e. w hen interest rates rise, prices of fixed income securities fall and when interest rates drop, the prices increase. The extent of fall or rise in the prices is a function of the existing coupon, days to maturit y and the increase or decrease in the level of prevailing interest rates. Increased rates of interest,

which frequently accompany inflation and/or a growing economy, are likely to have a negative effect on the price of our Company s Bonds. 10. Payments made on the Bonds is subordinated to certain tax and other liabilit ies preferred by law. The Bonds will be subordinated to certain liabilities preferred by law such as to cl aims of the Government on account of taxes. In particular, in the event of bankruptcy, liquidation or w inding-up, our Company s assets will be available to pay obligations on the Bonds only after all of those liabilities that rank senior to these Bonds have been paid. In the event of bankruptcy, liquidation or winding-up, there may not be sufficient assets remaining, after paying amounts relating to these p roceedings, to pay amounts due on the Bonds. 11. There may be a delay in making refunds to applicants. We cannot assure you t hat the monies refundable to you, on account of (a) withdrawal of your applications, (b) withdr awal of the Issue, or (c) failure to obtain the final approval from the NSE for listing of the Bonds, will be refunded to you in a timely manner. We, however, shall refund such monies, with the interest due and payable thereon, as prescribed under applicable statutory and/or regulatory provisions. GENERAL INFORMATION L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited: Date of Incorporation: April 18, 200 6, A public limited company incorporated under the Act. Registered Office: Mount Poonamallee Road, Manapakkam, Chennai-600 089 Corporate Office: 3B, Laxmi Towers, C-25, G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E ), Mumbai 400 051 Registration: Certification of incorporation dated April 18, 2006 issued by the Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu, Chennai (Corporate Identification Number: U67190TN2006PLC059527). Or iginal certificate of registration no. N-07-00759 dated January 10, 2007, issued by the RBI under s ection 45-IA of the RBI Act, classifying our Company as a non-deposit taking, non-banking financial institution. Fresh certificate of registration dated July 7, 2010, issued by the RBI under section 45-IA of the RBI Act, classifying our Company as an Infrastructure Finance Company. Income-Tax Registration: PAN: AABCL2283L Credit Ratings: CARE: By its letter dated September 28, 2010, CARE has assigned a rating of CARE AA+ to this issue of Bonds by the Issuer to the extent of ` 7,000 million wit h a minimum maturity of 10 years. Instruments with this rating are considered to offer a hig h safety for timely servicing of debt obligations. Such instruments carry very low credit risk. ICRA: By its letter dated January 14, 2011, ICRA has assigned a rating of LAA+ to this issue of Bonds by the Issuer to the extent of ` 7,000 million. Instruments with this rati ng are considered of high credit quality and carries low credit risk. For details in relation to the rationale for the credit ratings of CARE and ICRA , please refer page

26 of the Prospectus. Kindly note that the above ratings are not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold the Bonds and investors should take their own independent decisions. The ratings may be subjec t to revision or withdrawal at any time by the rating agencies and each rating should be evaluate d independently of any other rating. CARE and ICRA have a right to suspend or withdraw the ratin g(s) at any time on the basis of new information, etc. Utilisation of Issue proceeds: Our Board / Committee of Directors, as the case m ay be, certifies that: . all monies received out of the Issue shall be credited/transferred to a separa te bank account other than the bank account referred to in sub-section (3) of Section 73 of the Act; . the funds raised through this Issue will be utilized towards infrastructure lending as defined by t he RBI in the regulations issued by it from time to time, after meeting the expenditures of, a nd related to, the Issue; . details of all monies utilised out of the Issue shall be disclosed unde r an appropriate separate head in our balance sheet indicating the purpose for which such monies have been utilised; and . details of all unutilised monies out of the Issue, if any, shall be disclo sed under an appropriate head in our balance sheet indicating the form in which such unutilised monies ha ve been invested. Issue Programme: The subscription list for this Issue shall remain open for subs cription during banking hours for the period indicated below, except it may close on such earlier date a s may be decided by the Board / Committee of Directors of our Company, as the case may be. In cas e of an earlier closure, our Company shall ensure that notice is given to investors through adve rtisements prior to such earlier closure date. ISSUE OPENS ON FEBRUARY 7, 2011 ISSUE CLOSES ON MARCH 7, 2011 CAPITAL STRUCTURE Details of Share Capital: The share capital of our Company as at date of the Pro spectus is set forth below: Share Capital Amount (in `) Authorised Capital 2,000,000,000 equity shares of ` 10 each 20,000,000,000 Issued, Subscribed and Paid-up Capital 683,400,000 equity shares of ` 10 each 6,834,000,000 For details of changes in the authorised capital, issued and subscribed capital, shareholding pattern as on the date of the Prospectus, list of top 10 debenture holders and commercia l papers holders, please refer to the section titled Capital Structure starting on page 35 of the Pro spectus. Debt Equity Ratio: The debt-equity ratio of our Company prior to this Issue is bas

ed on a total outstanding debt of ` 50,145.30 million and shareholder funds amounting to ` 11, 621.82 million, which was 4.31 times, as on December 31, 2010. The debt-equity ratio post the Is sue (assuming subscription of ` 4,000 million) is 4.66 times, based on a total outstanding deb t of ` 50,145.30 million and shareholders fund of ` 11,621.82 million as on December 31, 2010. The debt-equity ratio post the Issue is indicative on account of the assumed inflow of ` 4,000 m illion from the proposed Issue in the secured debt category as on December 31, 2010. The actual debt-equity ratio post the Issue would depend on the actual position of debt and equity on the Dat e of Allotment. OBJECTS OF THE ISSUE Issue Proceeds: The funds raised through this Issue will be utilized towards infr astructure lending as defined by the RBI in the regulations issued by it from time to time, after meet ing the expenditures of, and related to, the Issue. The Bonds will be in the nature of debt and will be eligible for capital allocation and accordingly will be utilized in accordance with statutory and reg ulatory requirements including requirements of the RBI and the Ministry of Finance. The main objects clause of the Memorandum of Association of the Company permits the Company to undertake its ex isting activities as well as the activities for which the funds are being raised through this Issu e. Further, in accordance with the Debt Regulations, the Company will not utilize the proceeds of the Issu e for providing loans to or acquisition of shares of any person who is a part of the same group as the Company or who is under the same management as the Company or any subsidiary of the Company. Th e Issue proceeds shall not be utilized towards full or part consideration for the purcha se or any other acquisition, inter alia by way of a lease, of any property. Issue Expenses: A portion of the Issue proceeds will be used to meet Issue expen ses. For details, please refer page 38 of the Prospectus. Monitoring of Utilization of Funds: There is no requirement for appointment of a monitoring agency in terms of the Debt Regulations. Our Board of Directors shall monitor the utili sation of the proceeds of the Issue. Our Company will disclose the utilization of the proceeds of the I ssue under a separate head along with details, if any, in relation to all such proceeds of the Issue t hat have not been utilized thereby also indicating investments, if any, of such unutilized proceed s of the Issue, in our Company s financial statements for the relevant financial year. Our Company shall report the use of the proceeds in its annual report and other report submitted by us to any regula tory authority. Our Company shall also file these along with term sheets to the Infrastructure Divis ion, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, within three months from the end of finan

cial year. STATEMENT OF TAX BENEFITS To Resident Bondholders: INCOME TAX Deductions: Under Section 80CCF of the Income Tax Act. Taxability of Interest: Based upon the method of accounting adopted by the resid ent bond holder as mentioned and subject to the provisions of the Income Tax Act. Withholding Tax: Under Section 193, 197(1), 197A (1A), 197A (1B) and 197A (1C) o f the Income Tax Act. L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited

IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT FEATURES OF TH E PROSPECTUS IN THE NATURE OF FORM 2A - ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS CONTAINING SALIENT F EATURES OF THE PROSPECTUS Transfer before maturity: Under Section 2(29A), 2(42A) and 112 of the Income Tax Act. WEALTH TAX: Wealth-tax is not levied on investment in Bonds under section 2(ea) of the Wealth-tax Act, 1957. GIFT TAX: Gift-tax is not levied on gift of Bonds in the hands of the donor as w ell as the donee because the provisions of the Gift-tax Act, 1958 have ceased to apply in respect of gift s made on or after 1st October, 1998. Proposals made in Direct Taxes Code: The Hon ble Finance Minister has presented th e Direct Tax Code Bill, 2010 ( DTC Bill ) on August 30, 2010, which is proposed to be effective from A pril 1, 2012. The DTC Bill is likely to be presented before the Indian Parliament. Accordingly, it is currently unclear what effect the Direct Tax Code would have on the investors. For details, please refer section titled Statement of Tax Benefits starting on pag e 39 of the Prospectus. BUSINESS Overview: Our Company was incorporated in 2006, and is registered with the RBI a s a systemically important non deposit taking NBFC and an IFC. Our business comprises the provisi on of financial products and services for our customers engaged in infrastructure development an d construction, with a focus on the power, roads, telecommunications, oil and gas and ports sectors i n India. Our Company is registered with the RBI as an Infrastructure Finance Company, or IFC and an NBF C-ND-SI, which allows it to optimize its capital structure by diversifying its borrowings and a ccessing long-term funding resources, thereby expanding its financing operations while maintaining its competitive cost of funds. The total income of our Company for the six months ended September 30, 2010 and Fiscal Year 2010 was ` 3,090.85 million and ` 4,504.23 million, respectively. The total loans and advances outstanding of our Company as at September 30, 2010 were ` 52,729.81 million and total disbursements for the six months ended September 30, 2010 and Fiscal Year 2010 w ere ` 17,518.36 million (excluding ` 3,000 million for subscriptions of preference shares and de bentures in the normal course of business activity in non-related companies) and ` 37,955.14 mil lion, respectively. Operations of our Company: The operations of our Company are divided into the fo llowing business segments: Project Finance Segment; Equity Investment Segment; Financial Advisory Services Segment. Our Funding Structure: Our Company is an NBFC-ND-SI. Accordingly, our Company do es not accepts deposits, and as such, we rely on equity (in the form of shareholders funds) and loan funds (in the form of various secured and unsecured borrowings) in order to meet our capital a

nd funding requirements. Of these funding sources, secured loans remain the most significan t source of funding across all three of our core finance business groups. Secured loans represented 54.54%, 64.64%, 69.70% and 54.30% of the total source of funds of our Company as at September 30 , 2010 and as at March 31, 2010, 2009 and 2008, respectively. Our Loan Portfolio and Policies: The principal focus of our Company is the provi sion of loans and advances to our customers. Our loans are mainly to entities involved in infrastr ucture projects or infrastructure related activities. The lending policies that we have in place ar e aimed at ensuring that our loan portfolio remains of a high quality. We also maintain provisioning and write-off policies in respect of our NPAs. Risk Management: In the course of our business operations, we are exposed to a n umber of risks in conducting our core business operations across our Company. Our general risk man agement strategy is to actively manage and hedge our interest rate and maturity positions that ma y create liquidity or market risk to our business. Our core business groups face the following risks i n the course of their operations: (i) Credit Risk; (ii) Liquidity Risk; (iii) Interest Rate Risk; and (iv) Operating and other Risks. Our Company maintains separate credit and interest rate risk management p olicies and principles, and both adhere to the RBI s ALM Guidelines for NBFCs in relation to their managem ent of liquidity risk. Our Business Support Services: The following are the key elements of business su pport to our Company: Credit Analysis & Risk Management; Legal; Internal Audit and Compliance; Treasur y; Corporate Accounts and Operations Department; Information Technology; Sales and Marketing. Competition: We face competition from the full spectrum of public sector banks, private sector banks (including foreign banks), financial institutions and other NBFCs who are active in infrastructure. Litigation: There are legal proceedings and claims pending against us which have arisen in the ordinary course of business. A brief discussion of such litigation is set in the section titled Outstanding Litigation and Statutory Defaults on page 106 of the Prospectus. For further details please refer to the section titled Business starting on page 5 2 of the Prospectus. HISTORY AND MAIN OBJECTS Brief background of our Company: L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited, a 1 00% subsidiary of L&T Finance Holdings Ltd, which is subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T ), was incorporated on April 18, 2006. Our Company s objective is to provide tailor made solutions to its clients in terms of debt, sub-debt, quasi-equity funding, etc. and also strive to offer a One Stop solution for meeting the financial requirements of its clients. Our Company was registered with the R BI under Section 45IA

of the RBI Act as a non-banking financial institution without accepting public d eposits vide certificate of registration no. N-07-00759 dated January 10, 2007. We were class ified under the category Infrastructure Finance Company by the RBI vide fresh certificate of regis tration bearing no. N-07-00759 dated July 7, 2010. For details regarding the Main Objects of our Com pany, please refer to page 67 of the Prospectus. OUR MANAGEMENT Board of Directors: The general superintendence, direction and management of the affairs and business of our Company is vested in the Board of Directors which exercises all powers an d does all acts and things which may be done by us under the Memorandum and Articles of Association of our Company. The details of Board of Directors as on the date of the Prospectus are as follow s (Name; Date of Birth & Age; Address; Directorships in other Indian public companies): Mr. Y. M. Deosthalee; September 6, 1946; 64 years; 1001, Prabhu Kutir, 15, Altam ount Road, Mumbai 400026, Maharashtra, India; 1. Larsen & Toubro Limited; 2. Larsen & Toubro Infot ech Limited; 3. L&T Finance Holdings Limited; 4. L&T Infrastructure Development Projects Limited ; 5. L&T General Insurance Company Limited; 6. L&T Finance Limited; 7. The Dhamra Port Company Li mited; 8. L&T Mutual Fund Trustee Limited; 9. L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited. Mr. B.V Bhar gava; April 16, 1936; 74 years; B/1201, Gulmohar Apartments, Ceaser Road, Amboli, Andheri (West), Mumb ai, Maharashtra, India 400058; 1. L&T Finance Holdings Limited; 2. CRISIL Limited; 3. Excel Corp Care Limited; 4. Grasim Industries Limited; 5. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited; 6 . J.K. Lakshmi Cement Limited; 7. Supreme Industries Limited; 8. Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Limite d; 9. Lakshmi Precision Screws Limited; 10. Maxx Mobile Communications Limited. Dr. R.H. Patil ; September 5, 1937; 73 years; Flat 901, Gloriosa Apartments, N M Kale Marg, Off S. K. Bole Roa d, Dadar (West); 1. The Clearing Corporation of India Limited; 2. Clear Corp Dealing Systems (Ind ia) Limited; 3. National Securities Depositories Limited; 4. NSDL Database Management Limited; 5. Axis Pr ivate Equity Limited; 6. L&T Investment Management Limited; 7. Axis Bank Limited (erstwhile U TI Bank Limited); 8. National Securities Clearing Corporation India Limited; 9. National Stock Exc hange of India Limited; 10. NSE.It Limited; 11. SBI Capital Markets Limited; 12. CorpBank Securities Lim ited; 13. The Tata Power Company Limited. Mr. N. Sivaraman; April 12, 1958; 52 years; Flat no. 43, Kalpataru Residency, Tower A, Near Cine Planet, Sion East, Mumbai, 400022, Maharashtra, India; 1. Ind ia Infrastructure Developers Limited; 2. NAC Infrastructure Equipment Limited; 3. BSCPL Infrastruc ture Limited; 4. L&T Investment Management Limited; 5. L&T Crossroads Private Limited; 6. Feedbac

k Ventures Private Limited; 7. L&T Trustee Company Private Limited; 8. L&T Finance Holdings Limited ; 9. L&T Finance Limited; 10. L&T General Insurance Company Limited. For details of our Directors, please refer to the section titled Our Management st arting on page 69 of the Prospectus. Terms of Appointment of Manager: Mr. Suneet K. Maheshwari was appointed as the C hief Executive and Manager of our Company by a resolution dated September 21, 2006 and an agree ment dated December 1, 2006 to manage the business and affairs of our Company. For further details, please refer page 71 of the Prospectus. Various committees of our Company: Audit Committee, Committee of Directors, Asse t Liability Management Committee, Investment and Credit Committee, Nomination & Compensation Committee, Risk Management Committee. For details, please refer page 72 of the Prospectus. OUR PROMOTERS Our Promoters are Larsen & Toubro Limited and L&T Finance Holdings Limited (a su bsidiary of L&T). Larsen & Toubro Limited: L&T was incorporated on February 7, 1946 and its regist ered office is at L&T House, Ballard Estate, Mumbai - 400 001. Corporate Identification Number : L99999MH1946PLC004768; PAN : AAACL0140P; ROC Registration No. : 11-4768. L&T Finance Holdings Limited: L&TFH was originally incorporated as L&T Capital H oldings Limited on May 1, 2008 as a subsidiary of L&T with its registered office at L&T House, B allard Estate, Mumbai - 400 001. Subsequently the name of L&T Capital Holdings Limited was chan ged to L&T Finance Holdings Limited and fresh certificate of Incorporation dated September 6, 2010 was issued by the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra, Mumbai. Corporate Identification Number: U67120MH2008PLC181833; PAN : AABCL5046R. For fu rther details, please refer to the section titled Our Promoters starting on page 75 of the Prospe ctus. SUMMARY FINANCIAL INFORMATION Statement of Profits, As Audited (` in million) Period from 01.04.2010 to 30.09.2010 Year ended 31.03.2010 Year ended 31.03.2009 Period from 01.07.2007 to 31.03.2008 Period from 18.04.2006 to 30.06.2007

Income Operating Income Other Income Expenditure 3,083.68 7.17 4,487.16 17.07 2,945.45 14.44 1,059.53 43.71 67.63 63.81 3,090.85 4,504.23 2,959.89 1,103.24 131.44 Interest & Other Charges 1,561.13 2,456.44 1,629.72 334.49 Employee Cost 56.78 82.25 62.93 46.26 22.21 Establishment Expenses 24.13 26.43 18.79 13.76 11.81 Other Expenses 24.79 29.84 29.98 21.89 17.71 Provisions and Contingencies (18.45) 253.60 77.00 -Depreciation / Amortisation Profit Before Taxation Provision for taxation 1.13 2.48 1.78 1.25 0.76 1,649.51 2,851.04 1,820.20 417.65 52.49 1,441.34 1,653.19 1,139.69 685.59 78.95 Current Tax 447.50 633.00 407.00 226.20 28.60 Deferred Tax Liability / (Assets) 14.20 (93.50) (32.60) 6.29 0.31 Fringe Benefit Tax -0.04 0.70 1.42 0.20 Income Tax for earlier year Total Tax Expenses Profit after Taxation -5.08 --461.70 544.62 375.10 233.91 29.11 979.64 1,108.57 764.59 451.68 49.84 Statement of Assets and Liabilities, As Audited (` in million) As at 30.09.2010As at 31.03.2010 As at 31.03.2009 As at 31.03.2008As at 30.06.2007 A. Fixed Assets Gross Block Less: Depreciation and amortisation Net Block B . Investments C. Deferred Tax Assets (net) D. Infrastructure Loans E. Current Assets, Loans and Advances Sundry Debtors Cash and Bank Balance Other Current Assets Loans and Advances

F. Loan Funds Secured Loans Unsecured Loans G. Deferred Tax Liability (net) H. Current Liabilities and Provisions Current Liabilities Provisions I. Networth (A+B+C+D+E-F-G-H) Networth Represented by Sources of Funds Shareholders Funds Share Capital Reserves and Surplus Share Application Money Less: Misc. Expenditure to the extent not written off 14.94 7.00 13.86 5.87 10.98 3.78 8.96 2.00 8.17 0.76 7.94 7.99 7.20 6.96 7.41 4,250.00 105.30 52,417.66 0.58 292.37 355.07 250.00 119.50 42,554.39 4.15 50.94 119.36 303.06 1,150.00 26.00 22,583.47 2.20 84.81 244.23 599.07 18,331.81 221.20 27.54 19.66 2,087.39 2,393.12

566.69 22.29 35.40 648.02 477.51 331.24 268.40 624.38 30,724.60 14,500.00 27,467.56 4,900.00 16,712.00 1,000.00 10,400.00 3,250.00 45,224.60 32,367.56 17,712.00 13,650.00 1,090.70 8.30 911.43 4.72 116.57 3.23 6.60 53.59 6.55 0.31 55.09 22.08 1,099.00 916.15 119.80 60.14 77.17 11,105.32 10,125.68 6,266.11 5,489.50 5,034.82 6,834.00 4,271.32 6,834.00 3,291.68 5,000.00 1,266.11 5,000.00 501.52 12.02 2,430.00 49.84 2,570.00 15.02 11,105.32 10,125.68 6,266.11 5,489.50 5,034.82 For further details, please refer to the Prospectus. OUTSTANDING LITIGATION AND STATUTORY DEFAULTS As on the date of the Prospectus, there are no defaults in meeting statutory due

s, institutional dues and towards holders of instruments like debentures, fixed deposits etc., by our Company, the Promoters, or by Indian public companies promoted by the same Promoters and listed on stock exchanges. Except as disclosed in the Prospectus, there are no outstanding litigations pert aining to:-a) matters likely to affect operation and finances of our Company including disputed tax li abilities of any nature; and b) criminal prosecutions launched against our Company and the directors for alleged offences under the enactments specified in paragraph 1 of Part I of Schedule XIII to the Act. For details please refer to section titled Outstanding Litigation and Statutory Defaults start ing on page 106 of the Prospectus. OTHER REGULATORY AND STATUTORY DISCLOSURES Authority for the present Issue: The shareholders of our Company, subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, have passed a resolution under section 293(1)(d) of the Act, at the general meeting held on September 27, 2010, which prescribes the maximum monetary limit for the purpose of borrowing. The aggregate value of the Debentures offered under the Prospectus , together with the existing borrowings of our Company, is within the approved borrowing limits of ` 150,000 million. The Issue of Debentures offered under the Prospectus is being made pursuant to r esolution passed by the Board of Directors of our Company at its Meeting held on January 14, 2011 . Prohibition by SEBI / Eligibility of our Company to come out with the Issue: Our Company and our Promoters have not been restrained, prohibited or debarred by SEBI from accessin g the securities market or dealing in securities and no such order or direction is in force. Furt her, no member of our promoter group has been prohibited or debarred by SEBI from accessing the securi ties market or dealing in securities due to fraud. Disclaimer clause of the NSE: AS REQUIRED, A COPY OF THE PROSPECTUS HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO NSE. NSE HAS GIVEN VIDE ITS LETTER DATED JANUARY 31, 2011, PERMISSION TO THE ISSUER TO USE THE EXCHANGE S NAME IN THE PROSPECTUS AS ONE OF THE STOCK EXCHANGES ON WHICH THIS ISSUER S SECURITIES ARE PROPOSED TO BE LISTED. THE EXCHANGE HAS SCRUTINISED THE DRAFT PROSPECTUS FOR ITS LIMITED INTERNAL PURPOSE OF DECIDING ON THE MATTER OF GRANTING THE AFORESAID PERMISSION TO THIS ISSUER. IT IS TO BE DISTINCTLY UNDERSTOOD THAT THE AFORESAID PERMISSION GIVEN BY NSE SHOULD NOT IN ANY WAY BE DEEMED OR CONSTRUED THAT THE PROSPECTUS HAS BEEN CLEARED OR APPROVED BY NSE; NOR DOES IT IN ANY MANNER WARRANT, CERTIFY OR ENDORSE THE CORRECTNESS OR COMPLETENESS OF ANY OF THE CONTENTS OF THE PROSPECTUS; NOR DOES IT WARRANT THAT THE ISSUER S SECURITIES WILL BE LISTED OR WILL CONTINUE TO BE LISTED ON THE EXCHANGE; NOR DOES IT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THE FINANCIAL OR OTHER SOUNDNESS OF THE ISSUER, ITS PROMOTERS, ITS MANAGEMENT OR ANY SCHEME OR PROJECT OF THE ISSUER. EVERY PERSON WHO DESIRES TO APPLY FOR OR OTHERWISE ACQUIRE ANY SECURITIES OF THE ISSUER MAY DO SO PURSUANT TO INDEPENDENT INQUIRY, INVESTIGATION AND ANALYSIS AND SHALL NOT HAVE ANY CLAIM AGAINST THE EXCHANGE WHATSOEVER BY REASON OF ANY LOSS WHICH MAY BE SUFFERED BY SUCH PERSON CONSEQUENT TO OR IN CONNECTION WITH SUCH SUBSCRIPTION / ACQUISITION WHETHER BY REASON OF ANYTHING

STATED OR OMITTED TO BE STATED HEREIN OR ANY OTHER REASON WHATSOEVER. Disclaimer clause of the RBI: RBI HAS ISSUED CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION DATED J ANUARY 10, 2007 AND A FRESH CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION DATED JULY 7, 2010 RE-CLASSIFYI NG OUR COMPANY UNDER THE CATEGORY INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE COMPANY . IT MUST BE DISTINCTLY UNDERSTOOD THAT THE ISSUING OF THIS CERTIFICATE AND GRANTING A LICENSE AND APPROVAL BY RBI IN ANY OTHER MATTER SHOULD NOT IN ANY WAY, BE DEEMED OR CONSTRUED TO BE AN APPROVAL BY RBI TO THE PROSPECTUS NOR SHOULD IT BE DEEMED THAT RBI HAS APPROVED IT AND THE RBI DOES NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR GUARANTEE THE FINANCIAL SOUNDNESS OF OUR COMPANY OR FOR THE CORRECTNESS OF ANY OF THE STATEMENTS MADE OR OPINIONS EXPRESSED BY OUR COMPANY IN THIS CONNECTION AND FOR REPAYMENT OF DEPOSITS / DISCHARGE OF LIABILITIES BY OUR COMPANY. Listing: The Bonds proposed to be offered in pursuance of the Prospectus will be listed on NSE. We have received the in-principle approval dated January 31, 2011 from the NSE. If permissions to deal in and for an official quotation of our Bonds are not granted by NSE, our Compan y will forthwith repay, without interest, all moneys received from the applicants in pursuance of the Prospectus. Our Company shall ensure that all steps for the completion of the necessary formalit ies for listing and commencement of trading at the Stock Exchange(s) mentioned above are taken withi n 7 working days from the date of allotment. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarif ied that in the event of non subscription to any one or more of the Series of Bonds, such Series of Bo nds shall not be listed. Consents: Consents in writing of: (a) the Directors and Manager, (b) the Complia nce Officer, (c) the Statutory Auditors, (d) Bankers to our Company, (e) Lead Managers and Co-Manager s, (f) Registrar, (g) Legal Advisor to the Issuer, (h) Legal Advisor to the Lead Managers, (i) Cre dit Rating Agencies, (j) the Debenture Trustee, (k) Bankers to the Issue and (l) lead brokers to the Issue, to act in their respective capacities, have been obtained and filed along with a copy of the Pro spectus with the Stock Exchange. Expert Opinion: Except for the reports of CARE and ICRA in respect of the credit rating(s) of this Issue and the letters furnishing their rationale for their respective rating(s), our C ompany has not obtained any expert opinions. Common Form of Transfer: The Issuer undertakes that there shall be a common form of transfer for the Debentures as prescribed under the SCRA / Act and all applicable laws shall be duly complied with in respect of all transfer of Debentures and registration thereof. Filing of the Prospectus with the ROC: A copy of the Prospectus has been filed w ith the Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu, Chennai in terms of Sections 56 and 60 of the Companies A ct. The Debentures are being offered for public issue and the same are being issued at t he face value of

` 1,000 (Rupees One Thousand) each. Issue Related Expenses: The expenses of this Issue include, among others, fees f or the Lead Managers, printing and distribution expenses, legal fees, advertisement expenses and listi ng fees. Underwriting: This Issue has not been underwritten. Details regarding the capital issue during the last three years by our Company a nd other listed companies under the same management within the meaning of section 370 (1B): Our Company ha d made a public issue of long-term infrastructure bonds with a face value of ` 1,000 each, in th e nature of secured, redeemable, non convertible debentures, aggregating up to ` 2,000 million with a n option to retain an oversubscription of up to ` 5,000 million through a prospectus dated October 11, 2010. The issue closed on November 15, 2010 and the debenture certificates / demat credit intima tion were dispatched by December 4, 2010. The amount raised through this issue was ` 2,562.16 million . The proceeds of the issue will be used for infrastructure lending as defined in the regulations issued by the RBI from time to time. Other than as disclosed in this section, neither our Company nor any other listed company under the same management within the meaning of Section 370(1B) of the A ct has made any public or rights or composite issue of capital in the last three years. Public / Rights Issues by our Company and our Promoters: Our Company has not und ertaken any public or rights issue of equity shares in the past. However, L&T Finance Holdin gs Limited, which is our holding company, is proposing an initial public offering of its equity sh ares and has filed a draft red herring prospectus dated September 27, 2010 with the Securities and Ex change Board of India. Previous issues of shares otherwise than for cash: Our Company has not issued sh ares otherwise than for cash. Dividend: Our Company has not paid dividend in the past. Revaluation of assets: Our Company has not revalued its assets in the last five years. Trading of Debentures: Subject to the Lock-in period of five years, the Debentur es shall be traded on the NSE. Debentures or bonds and redeemable preference shares and other instruments issue d by our Company and outstanding: As on December 31, 2010, our Company has issued listed / rated / un rated, secured / unsecured, non-convertible redeemable debentures and commercial papers aggregati ng to ` 24,562.16 million. Apart from the above, there are no outstanding debentures, bonds, redee mable preference shares or other instruments issued by our Company that are outstanding. Mechanism for redressal of investor grievances: Sharepro Services (India) Privat e Limited has been appointed as the Registrar to ensure that investor grievances are handled expedi tiously and satisfactorily and to effectively deal with investor complaints. The MOU between the Registrar and our Company

will provide for retention of records with the Registrar for a period of at leas t three years from the last date of despatch of the letters of allotment, demat credit and refund order s to enable the investors to approach the Registrar for redressal of their grievances. All griev ances relating to the Issue should be addressed to the Registrar giving full details of the applicant, number of Bonds applied for, amount paid on application and the bank branch or collection centre where the application was submitted etc. Sharepro Services (India) Private Limited: Sharepro Services (India) Private Limited: 13 AB, Samhita Warehousing Complex, 2nd Floor, Sakinaka Telephone, Exchange Lane, A ndheriKurla Road, Sakinaka, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072. Contact Person: Mr. Prakash K hare, Tel: +91 22 61915419/408/416/402, Fax: +91 22 61915444, E-mail: prakashk@shareproservices .com, Investor Grievance E-mail: ltinfra2@shareproservices.com, Compliance Officer: Mr. Prakash Khare, Website: www.shareproservices.com, SEBI Registration Number: INR000001476. In addition, o ur Company s Compliance Officer would also handle all investors grievances: Name : Mr. Vinay T ripathi; Address : 3A/Laxmi Towers, First Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051, Telephone: +91 22 4060 5411, Fax : +91 22 4060 5353, E-Mail : infrabonds2011A@ltinfra.com. Change in auditors of our Company during the last three years: The current statu tory auditor of our Company, M/s Deloitte Haskins and Sells, Chartered Accountants, were appointed a s the statutory auditor of our Company pursuant to the resolution passed at the second AGM of ou r Company held on April 23, 2008. M/s Deloitte Haskins and Sells replaced M/s S B Billimoria & Co, Chartered Accountants who were the statutory auditors of our Company from inception till A pril 23, 2008. Caution: Though the provisions of sub-section (1) of section 68-A of the Act, do not apply to an issue of bonds / debentures, the attention of the investors is drawn to the provisions as a matter of abundant caution: Any person who , (a) makes in a fictitious name, an application to a company for acquiring, or subscribing for, any shares therein, or (b) otherwise induces a company to allot, or register any transfer of shares therein to him, or any other person in fictitiou s name, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years . Disclaimer in respect of Jurisdiction: ISSUE OF THE DEBENTURES HAVE BEEN / WILL BE MADE IN INDIA TO INVESTORS AS SPECIFIED UNDER SECTION WHO CAN APPLY ON PAGE 97 OF THE PROSPECTUS. THE DEBENTURES ARE GOVERNED BY AND SHALL BE CONSTRUED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE EXISTING INDIAN LAWS AS APPLICABLE IN THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA. ANY DISPUTE ARISING IN RESPECT THEREOF WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION OF THE COURTS AND TRIBUNALS OF MUMBAI. Disclaimer Statement from the Issuer: THE ISSUER ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR STATEMENTS MADE OTHER THAN IN THE PROSPECTUS ISSUED BY OUR COMPANY IN CONNECTION WITH THE ISSUE OF THE DEBENTURES AND ANYONE PLACING RELIANCE ON ANY OTHER SOURCE OF INFORMATION WOULD BE DOING SO AT HIS / HER OWN RISK. REGULATIONS AND POLICIES : For details please refer to section titled Regulations

and Policies on page 114 of the Prospectus. MATERIAL CONTRACTS AND DOCUMENTS FOR INSPECTION: Copies of the Material Contract s and Documents referred on page 124 of the Prospectus may be inspected at the Registe red Office of our Company at Mount Poonamallee Road, Manapakkam, Chennai - 600 089 from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on any business day from the date of the Prospectus until the date of closu re of the Issue. DECLARATION: We, the Directors and Manager, as the case may be, of L&T Infrastru cture Finance Company Limited, certify that all the relevant guidelines issued by the Governme nt of India, SEBI, applicable provisions under the SCRA, SCRR, the Act and the Debt Regulations hav e been complied with. We further certify that the disclosures made in the Prospectus are true, f air and correct and adequate and in conformity with Schedule II of the Act, Schedule I of the Debt R egulations and the Listing Agreement executed with National Stock Exchange of India Limited, to the extent applicable. Yours faithfully, Mr. Y. M. Deosthalee (Director) Mr. B.V Bhargava (Director) Dr. R.H. Patil (Director) Mr. N. Sivaraman (Director) Mr. Suneet K. Maheshwari (Manager) Place : Mumbai Date : February 1, 2011 FOR FURTHER DETAILS, PLEASE REFER TO THE PROSPECTUS L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Limited