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Project Planning Management

Course No.:314 SLC Professional Development Series

Spearheaders Learning Center (SLC) introduces an updated and completely revised course on PROJECT PLANNING MANAGEMENT under its Professional Development series. Demand for Project Managers continues to be strong in India and abroad. It is one of the fastest growing professions with excellent long term career prospects and salaries. Project Planning Management (PPM) has become an essential supplementary qualification in a large range of industries, including Construction, Software, IT & ITES, Services, Consultants, etc. Knowledge of PPM for executives has become imperative as an important tool in achieving an organization's goals. This course is aimed at giving you a detailed introduction to PPM as well as teaches you the basic tools used in PPM. This certification will assist to kick start your job hunting process or to enhance your opportunities at your organisation.

About Spearheaders
Spearheaders Learning Center (SLC) is a leading educational services company offering Corporate training as well as Job-oriented and professional courses to individuals in Chennai. SLC was established by Industry leaders and corporate professionals to provide quality learning that is derived from in-depth research related to industry and management practice. We have translated our research, and our experience of working with management teams of several companies, into a learning experience that can match the best Business Schools in the world. SLC is now offering a certificate course on Project Planning Management.

About The Course

Course highlights This course is ideal for those who are new to PPM or who want formal training. Learn the basics of PPM in a step by step methodology which, you can apply to every project.

Learn practical skills to deliver projects that meet business needs on time and within the stipulated budget. Use Microsoft Project skills to schedule accurately, track actual performance and plan corrective action. Learn to make effective project presentations that build your credibility. Master the tools and techniques of PPM by practicing them with the guidance from expert professional faculty. Learn and practice project methodology through textbooks, lectures and working directly on computer with project tools.

Target candidates This course is designed for Project Managers Senior Software Professionals Project Leaders in IT Planning, Scheduling Engineers Construction Engineers MBAs & MBA Aspirants Maintenance Engineers Event Managers Engineers aspiring to work in Projects Duration The duration of the PPM course is 80 hours, split as under PPM theory MS Project theory Computer Lab work 40 hours 20 hours 20 hours

Working professionals can take up this course on Saturdays & Sundays Syllabus: I. Project Planning Management Theory (Duration 40 hours) 1. Introduction 1.1. Objectives of Project Management 1.2. Types of Project

1.3. Types of Project Delays 1.4. Steps to be Followed During Project Delay 1.5. Benefit of Project Management 2. Project Management Life Cycle 2.1. Introduction 2.2. Project Initiation 2.3. Project Planning 2.4. Project Execution 2.5. Project Closure 3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 4. Estimation of Project Cost 4.1. Introduction 4.2. Cost Estimation 4.3. Capital Cost 4.4. Operation and Maintenance Costs 4.5. Cost Estimation of Sample Project A New Highway Transport System 5. Feasibility Study 5.1. Introduction 5.2. Pre feasibility Study 5.3. Types of Feasibility 5.4. Steps of Feasibility Study 6. Project Network Construction 6.1. Introduction 6.2. Phases of Project Management 6.3. Guideline for Network Construction 6.4. Technique of Project Management 7. Critical Path Method 7.1. Introduction 7.2. Time Chart / Gantt Chart 8. Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) 8.1. Introduction 9. Crashing of Project Network 9.1. Introduction 9.2. General Guideline for Network Crashing 9.3. Type of Crashing 10. Resource Leveling 10.1. Introduction 10.2. Algorithm for Resource Leveling

11. Resource Allocation Technique 11.1. Introduction 11.2. Algorithm for Resource allocation 12. Project Audit 12.1. Introduction 12.2. Common Project Failures and Reasons for Audit 12.3. Phases of Project Audit 12.4. Project Checklist 13. Project Organization Structures 13.1. Introduction 13.2. Project Team 13.3. Essential Qualities of Project Manager 13.4. Organizational Structure for Projects 13.5. Project Management Offices (PMO) 14. Exercises 15. Case Studies 16. Project Management Softwares 16.1. Introduction 16.2. Microsoft Office Project 2007

II. Microsoft Office Project (Duration 20 hours) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. MS Project Software Fundamentals Entering Tasks List Entering and Assigning Resources Viewing the Project Working with Tasks Working with Resources Working with Costs Balancing the Project Updating Project Progress Checking Project Progress Working with Reports Working with Multiple Projects

III. MS Project Lab Exercises & Live Project on PPM (Duration 20 hours)

Assessment and Certification: After completion of the course, Spearheaders will conduct a written examination, when all the concepts and application will be tested. Following this, the candidate will be required to complete a Project Work. The candidate will be assessed based on both the written examination and Project work.

After successful completion of the written examination and Project work the candidate will be given a certificate indicating the level of competency.

The Investment for this course is ` 15,000.

Faculty Profile
A brief note on the Trainers is given below:

K. Venkatasubramanian
B.E. (Industrial Engineering), AIIIE

KVS is an Engineer and an Associate member of the Indian Institute of Industrial Engineers. KVS is a consultant to several companies in the Engineering & Process industries, Confectionery, Leather and Garment units. KVS is also an eminent trainer handling several customised technical training for the industry. KVS has trained more than 100 students in Project Planning Management and MS Project and Primavera Project Planner tools.

Anand Laxman

Anand Laxman completed his Post-Graduate Business Studies from the Warwick Business School, Coventry, UK. He is Chartered Banker (UK) and a Chartered Accountant. Anand has more than 25 years of consulting experience and has conducted several Personality Development programmes around the world.

Spearheaders Learning Center

Campus in T.Nagar, Chennai

For admission and details of the course, please contact: Course Director Mr. K. Venkatasubramanian Mobile: +91 99401 41997.

Laxmathi Towers, 35 (28), Padmanaba Street, T. Nagar, Chennai 600 017 Telephone +91 44 2834 4411(6 lines) Mobile: +91 96 0000 2288 E-Mail: KVS@spearheaders.com www.spearheaders.com