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Salinas Aquatic Center Honored as a 2011 Dream Design The Salinas Aquatics Center in Salinas, California has received

top honors in Aq uatics Internationals 2011 Dream Designs competition, winning the award for Best Competition Pool. The landmark LEED Gold Certified facility features a beautiful retractable pool enclosure by OpenAire. Oakville, ON, August 04, 2011 -- The Salinas Aquatics Center in Salinas, Califor nia has received top honors in Aquatics Internationals 2011 Dream Designs competi tion, winning the award for Best Competition Pool. The landmark LEED Gold Certif ied facility features a beautiful retractable pool enclosure by OpenAire. Now in its seventh year, the Aquatics International Dream Designs showcase is an annual program that highlights extraordinary aquatic facility design projects. Each year, the industry publication recognizes the most innovative facilities in the world, from fitness centers and schools to community pools and waterparks. They select the 25 most impressive projects and feature them in their popular Dr eam Designs issue, which serves as an inspiration for designers and builders acr oss the globe. Having the Salinas Aquatic Center recognized by Aquatics International is a treme ndous honor, says Mark Albertine, President, OpenAire. Were proud to have been part of the project and to have made a significant contribution of the success of th e Center. The Aquatic Center features a 73 (22.3m) x 75 (22.9m) lap and activity pool that i s protected from the elements by a 100 (30.5m) x 110 (33.5m) retractable enclosure . Designed with OpenAires exclusive maintenance-free thermally broken aluminum fr aming system, the enclosure has an operable roof that can open up to 50%. Transl ucent polycarbonate panels transmit an abundance of natural light, and 15 (4.57m) high vertical walls made of glass and polycarbonate let in even more sunshine a nd provide great views of the landscaped grounds. The Best Competition Pool award winner boasts a number of enviable features that make it a great destination for the entire community. The focal point of a much larger recreation complex, the pool is an appealing space that gets lots of sun light and fresh air, and can be enjoyed by swimmers, spectators and staff alike. In addition to being used as a competition space, the Salinas Aquatic Center al so offers a variety of swim and fitness programs everything from beginner lesson s to exercise classes to team practices are held there. Built with a high level of environmental awareness, the LEED Gold Certified buil ding exceeds Californias Energy Efficiency Standards by a remarkable 25%. Green f eatures include the use of natural daylight throughout the entire facility, fres h-air dehumidification and natural cooling, plus energy efficient heating, elect rical and space conditioning systems, UV water filters, thermal pool covers and more. We worked hand in hand with Glass Architects and the City of Salinas to achieve t heir vision for a great-looking, sustainable structure that residents would trul y love to use, says Albertine. This project shows that building sustainably can re ally pay off not only is the facility striking, it provides significant savings on operational and energy costs. The future holds much more for this community favourite. Designed with expansion in mind, the facility is already planning a multi-flumed water slide, splash-do wn / therapy pool, a splash pad and possibly other water features. Read more about OpenAires involvement in the project at www.openaire.com/salinasaquatic-center.aspx, and learn about their LEED expertise at www.openaire.com/LE

ED.aspx. CONTACT: Mark Albertine, President, 1 800 267 4877, sales@openaire.com, www.open aire.com About OpenAire OpenAire has been designing and manufacturing beautiful, high-quality, environme ntally conscious retractable roof enclosures and skylights for over 20 years. Th eir commercial projects include the Americana Indoor Water Park in Niagara Falls , Canada, Big Splash Island in French Lick, Indiana, the Palms Casino & Resort i n Las Vegas and the worlds largest indoor waterpark with a retractable aluminum d ome in Ukraine. By combining your unique vision with OpenAires expertise, incredi ble venues are a reality. About Glass Architects GLASS ARCHITECTS has offices in Santa Rosa and Grass Valley and has been in cont inuous practice in Santa Rosa for over forty years. The firm specializes in a br oad range of project types with an emphasis on public projects including medical , education, religious, high-tech and office buildings, aquatic centers, police and fire stations, courthouses, community centers, wineries, and custom resident ial. GLASS ARCHITECTS is the continuation of the firm formerly known as Roland/M iller/Associates. Press Contact: Amanda Steeves OpenAire Inc. 2360B Cornwall Road Oakville, ON L6J 7T9, Canada 1-800-267-4877 asteeves@openaire.com http://www.openaire.com