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How would you advise an organisation to improve employee engagement?

What if
that advice could only be one sentence?

Read these inspired contributions from members of our worldwide network.

You could use these contributions, applying the advice to your organisation.

Imagine how much stronger employee engagement would be in your organization
if you did this every day!

When we started this little project Lucy Morris, who works in Group Operations at
BT, got in touch to suggest:

"Whats the least I can do today to have a positive impact?

Even just saying thank you to someone can make an impact, or holding a door
open. Then we thought what if person came into work and thought 'What is
the least I can do today to make a positive impact?. Wouldn't the company have
a different mindset, just for a day, but what would cascade out of that 1 day?
Think about it, do it, pass it on.

Follow our authors suggestions or create and share a sentence of your own. Use
the sentences to create a strong focus on employee engagement.

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Network Founder and Host

Doug Shaw

Mark Richardson - Critica Program Manager at Netapp

"For me it is all about how much I enjoy my work, if I look forward to coming to
work, if my job is fun and I feel that I am appreciated for my contribution, when
my staff feel the same.

Chris Plush - Senior Pricing Manager at Orange, FT Group

"Being part of a common purpose, working together, enjoying the journey,
celebrating the result and getting the recognition.

Amy Dean - President, Dean Public Relations

"Ditch the top-down, command and control style of leadership and cultivate a
collaborative environment that fosters autonomy, creativity, and respect."

Vandy Massey - Director Engauge UK

"Its being 'in the flow' when you're working. For me that's being completely
absorbed in what I'm doing, creating new ideas, writing about the things we feel
passionate about, and helping people find their 'Aha!' moments.

Ian Livingston - CEO BT Group

"To me, it means REALLY caring about BT, its people and customers.

Are you proud of BT?
Do you take personal responsibility?
Do you help drive change?"

Pete Massey - MD and co-founder, Budd

"You know it when people whinge about work or colleagues down the pub, and
you wonder what they're on about. And you know its gone when you understand
what they mean!"

Ken Brown

"When you can get an answer to a question without it being riddled with

Joy Fletcher - Head of Deployment, Openreach
"I feel that even where I dont have control over what needs to change, I have
ownership of how we change it.
Joseph Bridgstock
"Engagement means I am committed to the companies goals, and the company
is committed to helping me achieve mine.

Tony Mason - Chief Financial Officer, Volvo Italia


Normally occurs when a project is close to the due date, whereby a decision is
taken for a certain course of action, and agreed upon by the group, with everyone
in the team knowing what their contribution requirement is to be successful -
when the failure can be prescribed to everyone.

Pete Massey - MD and co-founder, Budd

"If you race, there's a place you get to, where times goes slowly. You can see
every inch of the track even at 100mph with your backside an inch off the track.
It's effortless to get things right and you're fine tuning every corner every time"
Barry Millar - Senior Resource Manager, BT Design
"It provides the emotional attachment, sense of belonging and shared mission of
Jo Upward - Director Customer Experience, BT Wholesale
"It gets me out of bed with a spring in my step, to come to work to do something
meaningful for our customers and where, at the end of the day, I can say with
pride "I made a difference.
Dr Nicola J. Millard - Customer Experience Futurologist
If I go back to what I know best: Psychology - you need the 5 'C's of motivation
in place. A ulture of openness and sharing, ollaboration that allows individuals
to work together for, not against, the company, ontent that enables people to
do a great job and connect to the right knowledge, uriosity and an appetite to
learn and develop and ontrol over what you do (since a job with high demand
and low control is a recipe for stress). There is a secret 6th 'C' which is Chocolate.
Nik Sargent
"Connected and engaged is about one-ness, passion, desire, energy,
David Zinger
"ENGAGE, to me, means a powerful connection full of gumption, heart,
mindfulness, external focus, and happiness.
Jonathan Harkins
"When theres no them and its all just us, us, us.

Mary Ann Masarech
"Be enthused and in gear (implies not just commitment or working hard. but
focusing on things that matter).
Jon Marsh - Workstyle Transformation Consultant
"Organisations should better understand what really motivates the workforce to
engage with the business in pursuit of its goals and put in place appropriate
incentive scheme(s) to encourage and maintain effective participation -- in the
end it all comes down to motivation.
Andy Langley
"Scared, on the edge, but ready for the challenge to make this company a
success for all of us.

Now take some of our sentences and make them come alive in your organisation.

Would you like to contribute your own sentence on employee engagement?

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