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List of Tables and Figures Preface List of Abbreviations Fractures and Faultlines in the Global Political Economy The

Making of the 'West' and the Contender State Challenge Systemic and Transnational Rivalries Industrial Competition and Capitalist Discipline Integration and Rivalry in Europe and the Middle East Cold War Antecedents of European Integration Anglo-American Redistribution and State Formation in the Middle East The Resurrection of the Strong State in France America's Crusade in Asia and the Euro-Atlantic Rift The Illusion of an Atlantic Europe Asian Killing Fields: Indo-China and Indonesia Gaullist France and the Remaking of the Post-War Atlantic Order The Spectre of Social and Economic Democracy May 1968 and the New Freedom The Middle East and OPEC as New Contenders The Drive for a New International Economic Order Transnational Rivalries and the Neoliberal Turn Contending Forces in the Strategy of Tension Disciplining the Heartland in the Interregnum Neoliberal Civil Society against the State From Pinochet to the Reagan Doctrine Latin America's Contender State Experience and Atlantic Rivalry Oligarchic Privatisation in the Debt Trap Attacking the Weak Links of the 'Third World': Africa and Central America The Rapallo Syndrome and the Demise of the Soviet Union The USSR as a Contender State Atlantic Rivalries in the New Cold War Rival Responses to Gorbachev's New Look America over Europe in the Balkans Crisis Social Forces in the Clinton Globalisation Offensive Rival Responses to the Crisis in Yugoslavia Americanisation of the European Union against the United States? The Rise of China as the New Contender China's Reintegration into the Capitalist World Economy The Asian Crisis and the Disruption of the Japan-centred Order The Asia-Pacific Geopolitical Triangle-The US, Japan and China Energy Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Era From 'Iran-Contra' to the First Gulf War

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Struggles over Caspian Energy Resources and the 'New Silk Road' Afghanistan, 11 September, and the Invasion of Iraq From Human Rights to the Global State of Emergency The Aesthetics of Imperialist Geopolitics Rival Concepts of Human Rights From Humanitarian 'Just Wars' to the Global War on Terror References Index About the Author

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